Cookie Jam Matching Game

Cookie Jam Matching Game

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2014-02-26
  • Current Version: 9.0.114
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 216.27 MB
  • Developer: Jam City, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 160 870


Over 100 million people are already playing this deliciously sweet match 3 game filled with thousands of fun and challenging levels! Are you tired of matching candy or spreading jelly? Blast through dessert themed islands and help Chef Panda crush cookies before they crumble in Cookie Jam - the SWEETEST match 3 game on mobile! Swap candy colored treats and crush delicious cookies and cakes. Create explosive matches and win sweet rewards. Play through thousands of unique and challenging levels and compete against friends to see who can get the highest score. KEY INGREDIENTS: -Free to play and fun for everyone! -Never-ending fun with THOUSANDS of unique levels with new ones added weekly -Deliciously sweet supply of candy crushing power-ups and combos -Swap, crush, and jam your way through fantastical bakery themed islands -Earn rewards and sweet prizes with limited-time events -Connect to Facebook to seamless sync across multiple devices and challenge friends! Got a sweet tooth? Treat yourself to all the candy, cookies, cake, and candies you want with this calorie free treat! LIKE: FOLLOW: @playcookiejam DEVELOPER INFO: Jam City is the leading developer in truly cross-platform social gaming! Check out our other free match 3 puzzle games! Check back often to see all the new candy, cake, and sweet treats that we've added!



  • Problem with level 4789

    By Ma_Hadj
    Level does not produce enough red hearts needed for the recipe. Overall, the game just seems like an algorithm scam to get us to buy boosters. Really repetitive, but at least better designed that Candy Crush Saga.
  • Cookie Jam

    By Mommica
    Love love this game, except when I’m stuck in some rounds that drive me crazy. I don’t know how to use many of the extras we are sometimes given. When I do it often doesn’t help. There should be more ways to be rewarded. With another life. I think I once has some coins, not sure, never seen how to get them and I’m pretty deep in this. I gave it 4 stars b’cuz it doesn’t let you save some of the time when convenient for Me to play. Play it mostly.
  • Rainbow Run Level #507

    By Cookie Lover in NJ
    It appears to be impossible to move the “cookie” from the upper right corner. I’ve played this level too many times to count without moving the “cookie”. Other than this issue, I really enjoy playing this game.
  • Cookie Jam

    By gole749
    Love this game. It more challenging then most I have tried. I have spent hours playing the game.
  • Gamer

    By Beachlover55
    Game crashing since last update
  • Great game love it 👌🏽💕💕

    By marilyn monore
    Have so much fun
  • Level 2291 does not work.

    By ddave777
    I have tried multiple times to restart but level 2291 does not work.
  • Fun & frustrating

    By trysndsee
    Can be fun, but you sometimes have to play the game 20 - 50 or more times to get to the next level. You get a free spin daily with tools that will help you, but frequently it seems that they make that turn harder. I’ve been frustrated lately, but I’m around level 3,500 so it must be pretty good, but I’m getting frustrated enough to quit.
  • Fun

    By problemstar
    It’s fun n and easy
  • Just ok

    By the artic xtremee
    Played this game for years! I was hitting close to 2000 level and somehow lost it all! Started over and now it keeps telling me to spend tickets on x number of unlimited time. I do that. It takes my tickets and never gives me the time.
  • Not fun anymore

    By Lovin Tony
    This used to be a really fun game. Now it crashes all the time. Mainly it’s when I win a level. This causes me to lose any booster I’ve won for the next level. It’s annoying and frustrating! Also like others have mentioned, it will force me to replay levels I have already beat. I don’t enjoy this game anymore. Maybe it’s time to find another one.
  • Freezing! Rainbow level & updates taking longer!

    UPDATE 05/12/19: FREEZING!!! Must shut down/restart!!! Now will have to try 50 more times to pass that level!! Really thought it could not get any worse but not the case!!! UPDATE 03/20/19: It is getting Ridiculous! I did not think it could get any worse! The freezing and games within levels that are just not beatable! Weeks to finally beat because they have been designed that way, only when played 100’s of times and then miraculously boosters appear to win to move to the next. The Rainbow level is another issue! UPDATE: Now when completing a level the play continues on Rainbow level but even though I was in 700 or 800 level it is returning me to level one! What’s up guys! Seems like not much is working! This game keeps digressing!! Now it continually freezes after each play attempt! Time to move on!
  • Won’t connect to Facebook

    By Renee' T
    Been playing for couple of years with no major issues. Until a couple of months ago, my game wouldn’t connect to Facebook. And still won’t. Now with this latest update the game won’t even open. I’ve been emailing with Tech support for the past 2 months and they can’t come up with a solution to the Facebook connection issue. Really disappointed at this point.
  • Loved it until a freaking bouncing puppy was added

    By Poopy2theMax
    If I wanted to play a cute pet game, I would have selected one. Hate the bouncing pet stuff added. Need to be able to opt out of that. Otherwise, time for a new game.
  • Dogs?

    By Master of the Jam
    I love cookie jam! I play a lot, evenings, weekends. It’s my favorite game. The only one I play. It’s my jam! But who thought adding dogs was a good idea? I know they’re in the game to help, and they do, but they’re driving me crazy. They are very distracting. So, what do you say? Lets kennel the pups and play some COOKIE JAM!
  • Restart

    By Takcop8
    I took the update 5-10-19, and the game reset to one from level 162. This is the third time the game reset following an update. Redo can be good, but moving along and up IS better. Today’s 5-10-19 also left a message where the game should be “ The application lost the device context”
  • Not 4 Stars Anymore

    By Now Know Better
    The “pet friends” are of little benefit and childishly annoying. Please make mandatory use go away.
  • Cookie Jam

    By lula ee
    Very good can’t stop playing it
  • Stingy game

    By teresajustina0000000
    Granted you do give rewards however example one of the daily rewards you get by beating 20 oh words the game gives you three cents and they charge $.25 just to be able to keep playing five extra moves in the event you die!! If you ever want to be like the bigger games candy crush etc. you need to beef up your reward program.
  • Awesome

    By ccaaakkkiiiiv
    This game is good
  • Great game, but....

    By Dojemi
    Every once in a while, like now, it freezes. Very annoying!
  • Good game

    By elburns2k25
    I love this game it calms me down
  • Great way to pass time

    By Familycirillo
    Great game with different plots
  • MLM/6

    By MLM/6
    Haven’t been able to play this game since the update a few days ago. It allows me to make two moves on level 1713 and then it immediately goes back to replay. I have lost lives, free time and other things. I have done all of the things suggested and made two reports. I get an email telling me you will get back to me but that hasn’t happened. It is a fun game but maybe it is time to move on. Thank you.
  • Love it

    By AbrahamAsYouKnowIt
    I do
  • What happened to the time?

    By nicknmtakn
    Every time reward in this game is either not given or only partially given. When contacting the makers of this game about any issue with it, they neither contacted me back nor did they fix the problems.
  • Works great.

    By whodus?
    You get lots of continuous playtime with this game. The ads are there but not the worst and not so long you give up waiting between .
  • Game

    By JD.Higgens
    Great game. Love the bonuses.
  • Keeps me going

    By Redd1011
    Realized a little while ago that Rainbow Run was because I had completed all levels. I like that there’s bonus levels to me going until game is updated with new levels. I only wish that there were more ways to her coins...
  • If you’re looking to make money...

    By Buffylovesfood
    You’re going about it way wrong. I’m not going to play your game if the ads come blaring on with no way to silence them. Just plain dumb. Wouldn’t it be better for people to see your ridiculous ads rather than delete game altogether? What if I was sitting at work playing your game at break and suddenly this loud music all of a sudden just booms out? See how I can’t play your game anymore? I personally don’t want to look like an idiot...
  • How can you put us back together

    By delete your game asap
    Where is my friend Tammy Allen we always play together please replace her back we enjoy playing and sharing or I may need to delete cookie jam. 5/4/2019 game is froze can you fix this asI am unable to even close this play and sometime no cookies or chocolate will come on game until you use and spend all your power ups. Sincerely contemplating deleting this game even though I enjoy the challenge it seem to not be an honest game .
  • Level 1754

    By Jenet1
    These current levels force us to play with the dog that doesn’t give us any real benefits. The dog is actually very annoying!!! Please make it an option, not a requirement.
  • Cookie Jan

    By Jpmats
    Love it!
  • Boosters

    By Tidioute
    We need more boosters and less free hours, I have lots of time but can not just spend all day, and I wonder why the game is different on 2 different iPads one is an air and one a pro , the levels are the same but not the same features.
  • Glitches

    By nana cheryl 2
    I like this game, but stuck on level 1234 because I win and it goes crazy. Never gives me the win. So far today I’ve won 3 times and haven’t been able to move on. It just keeps adding points and never shuts off. How about fixing this.
  • Excelente Brain Training

    By SUPERTATA23456
    Cookie Jam is one of the best , for all ages, brain and fun game. I would call it an extreme upgrade of Candy Crush. I dropped Candy Crush at the highest level, and even though I dropped it more than two months ago I was still leading the group that I was involved with as of today. Current level 4220. I am. A very active individual, 63 years old and I enjoy the game with my grand children as you have no idea. It is not an easy game and the challenges are so much fun. Very few, if none, negative comments about the game. I love the constant new challenges because you can decide where to spend your FUN TIME. Between my daily activities as President of two oil related companies, racquetball at A/B level and complicated games and outdoor like fishing I keep an integral interesting life. Again this is one of the BEST games I have played. Relaxing. Appealing Colors. Very creative. Only problem? Makes your mouth watering from time to time. Best Regards Freddy J Flores.
  • My favorite

    By mimiof3
    It is on of my favorite games to play. But I wish you would bring back some of the other offers that you use to give us. And the prize wheel use to be better. Better then C.C.
  • No free turn after watching ads

    By Lexie's Mom415
    I’ve played this game a long time. Now when I watch a video to get five extra moves, the screen freezes. I have to close and re-open the game. And guess what, lo and behold, my game is gone, no extra free five moves and just a waste of thirty seconds of my life gone that I will never get back watching a useless video for games I am not remotely interested in buying. Sometimes the game freezes and you lose your progress. I see the developer also added more time to the daily wheel so instead of spinning every eighteen hours, you must wait twenty one hours to get access to the prizes. Or it lands on those useless rainbow cakes, never on the ninety nine coins.
  • Great game but newest update keeps making game freeze and crash

    By bulletformymj
    I’ve been playing for a while and the past few days the game has been freezing and crashing on me. This has been since the last update. It’s getting very frustrating
  • Problems with freezing and losing levels

    By b1tes
    This game is constantly losing levels. Yesterday I mysteriously lost 10 levels. 2 days ago I lost 2 levels and then lost 8 more. I use my boosters to get past the hard level and then suddenly I’m back 10 levels. It doesn’t matter if I’m connected to Facebook or not. Speaking of Facebook, it asks over and over to connect to Facebook and share things on Facebook. I do not want to share on Facebook! Additionally the get freezes often especially when moving to a new island. When that happens you lose 6 or 8 levels.
  • No support accessibility

    By No Support Available
    I pay for extras and am charged in app, but don’t receive the extra hours of play or boosters. Neither the Support button in the game or through the app actually work or connect. So, I’m losing money over and over when it freezes and doesn’t deliver the purchased items, but takes the funds!!! Have not been able to get support.
  • Fun game but can be frustrating

    By asegymv
    I enjoy playing Cookie Jam. It is relaxing except when I have to play the same game again and again because I am one or two moves short. I have even deleted the app from a device for a period of time due to this. It shouldn’t be that difficult! This sounds like I wrote it! My thoughts exactly!!
  • Love the game

    By Sharon1414
    It is relaxing yet enjoyable in finding the key move to get to the next level❣️
  • Love this game

    By HeatherGeff
    I really love playing this game . It is very challenging on me . Only thing is I wish the extended play and items were a little more reasonable with price. I would play a lot more.
  • My addition

    By Skoo2r
    I love this game I play every chance I get
  • Love the game

    By Juannyx
    Excelente game
  • Cookie jam

    By mdjddud
    Amazing game
  • As

    By Hjhccjnbx
  • Have to beg

    By got to beg
    How many more frighten times do I have to play this FU——-d up game?????? You people are sick!!!!!