Cookie Jam Matching Game

Cookie Jam Matching Game

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2014-02-26
  • Current Version: 8.70.115
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 209.43 MB
  • Developer: Jam City, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 148 898


Over 100 million people are already playing this deliciously sweet match 3 game filled with thousands of fun and challenging levels! Are you tired of matching candy or spreading jelly? Blast through dessert themed islands and help Chef Panda crush cookies before they crumble in Cookie Jam - the SWEETEST match 3 game on mobile! Swap candy colored treats and crush delicious cookies and cakes. Create explosive matches and win sweet rewards. Play through thousands of unique and challenging levels and compete against friends to see who can get the highest score. KEY INGREDIENTS: -Free to play and fun for everyone! -Never-ending fun with THOUSANDS of unique levels with new ones added weekly -Deliciously sweet supply of candy crushing power-ups and combos -Swap, crush, and jam your way through fantastical bakery themed islands -Earn rewards and sweet prizes with limited-time events -Connect to Facebook to seamless sync across multiple devices and challenge friends! Got a sweet tooth? Treat yourself to all the candy, cookies, cake, and candies you want with this calorie free treat! LIKE: FOLLOW: @playcookiejam DEVELOPER INFO: Jam City is the leading developer in truly cross-platform social gaming! Check out our other free match 3 puzzle games! Check back often to see all the new candy, cake, and sweet treats that we've added!



  • Won’t answer questions

    By Ssertunouilxz
    Love this game but it’s to the point it’s just too hard and no fun. The support used to answer emails but don’t anymore.
  • Fun game

    By tamitchell02
    It’s a fun game, easily addictive. However the video playback to give you extra items has not been working
  • Fun game

    By jamteach
    Fun game. BUT the advertisements for a new game freezes any progress or bonuses. It’s pretty annoying. It offers free tries if you watch an ad. Then. Nothing happens after the HOWarts preview

    By Blow houser
  • Video jams

    By 1habibi2
    When u play bonus video, game freezes...very annoying. Too many items to claim just to play.
  • Ads

    By baseball124578
    Love playing this game. I max out every Tuesday and get sent to VIP Rainbow. However the ads have been jamming the game and I have to constantly restart my phone. Not fun
  • Not happy

    By Jebastow
    I’m stuck at a level and the the game freezes
  • Valentine

    By x1234567891
    Ever since the Valentine edition came out it keeps freezing.
  • Something is wrong

    By Suzy itch
    The last couple of days it won’t load after I play a few games.
  • Love the game, very addicting

    By SuzyQue222
    However am having the screen lock up on me and I can’t play it even though I have lives left. The screen turns dark and won’t allow me to continue. I exit out and try to re-enter the game and the screen stays the same. Very disappointing. Tried to go to settings but it isn’t allowing me to do that either. Have played the game several years but have never had this issue before.
  • Cookie jam

    By Jelly nuts
    Game never loads. Bad bad bad
  • arrgh!

    By senddamnit!
    new update keeps taking me to your logo and freezes. very frustrating!
  • Jam City

    By Eednna
    Since I received the last up date the game locks up after I run an ad. I must shut down my I pad and restart it to play the game. Please address this issue and repair the problem.
  • iPhone freezes when restarting a level

    By fdjbttgbjj
    iPhone freezes on jam city logo. Have to shut it down and restart
  • Free boosters from watching movie clips

    By Sunnycapecod
    This part of the game is not working. Every time I watch the movie clip nothing happens. It puts the words Jam City up and then freezes. I have to close out the app EVERY TIME and reopen. It appears to be after the Harry Potter type clip that it happens. Please fix it!!!
  • Takes moves

    By Tbourg
    I love the game BUT, at the end when you have 2-3 moves left, the games steals your moves if you make a move that causes multiple moves. It doesn't do this during play unless it is the last few moves, really pisses you off😡
  • Sorry Updates aren’t working!!

    By Black404
    I got up this morning and the game froze. Waited, Refreshed and Afterwards, I’ve updated. Still same outcome. I’m taking the day off and hoping that you have it fixed by tomorrow. The game doesn’t reload after ads
  • Hog warts Mystery and Cookie Jam Blasts videos

    By Jcclark012
    Have played the game for years and love it. But please remove or tweek the above video adds! Those two videos freeze the game every single time! Please?
  • Buggy

    By Sissorsforhands
    I just downloaded this about a week ago and it is buggy. Can't watch ads or it locks up, it flashes a bunch of screens so quick you don't know what they're for, and I think you should have to click to share not the other way around. I'll let you know when I delete it
  • Crash

    By Uthhturtbhgdwedswsq
    Can’t progress Keeps crashing or stalling
  • WAS (as in Used to be) Good Game

    By pokojojo
    Turning into money-grab for developers/owners/whoever. Have to buy tokens, prizes, money, etc; or buy into(!) facebook or the screen freezes/darkens. Personally getting close to not playing this game at all. Too bad, so sad. Good work!!! Feb 2019 Since late 2018 it freezes after I use up the “freebies” like rainbow cakes, rolling pin, etc. Doing it more and more. On the other hand, it’s good cause I’m not obsessed with it so much.
  • New update makes game crash

    Please fix your game. I have lost 6 hours of free lives because your game keeps crashing. Every time up up date , you have problems and I lose my hours of free lives. Fix or I’ll delete game and go to another web game.
  • Game

    By piccadilky
    Love this game! Loads of fun.
  • Hello!

    By thegirlwithalltheopinions
    I don’t EVER write reviews so just know that I mean it when I say I LOVE this game. I used to play Candy Crush but once I got up into the level 30’s it was impossible to move forward without paying money. In Cookie Jam there are opportunity’s EVERY DAY to win boosters and unlimited lives and I think that is just WONDERFUL. I recently tried downloading Cookie Jam Blast and although it is cute I will be sticking to just regular Cookie Jam because it’s not as overly stimulating. Thank you for a great game that helps me pass the time. ❤️👌🏽
  • Crashes

    By O2SinnR
    Would be nice if you could fix it to stop crashing after every stinking level!
  • Love it......when it doesn’t freeze

    By joyg4
    Newest upgrade and game freezes more often. I’ve done all the things you do to refresh and restart. I don’t want to delete and have to go through 2000 plus levels again!
  • Not Now

    By Shewhoismany
    I loved the game until about level 340. I hate those sticky things that come back every turn. They have made a fun and relaxing game too stressful for me. I can’t play it anymore. If they don’t bother you it is a game worth playing.
  • Audrey

    By Katimper
    More and more glitches in this app. Play an Ad for free moves and it doesn’t give them to you. Middle of a game and it boots back to having to open the game as new. Used to be reliable and fun. Getting more and more frustrating. Seeing a lot of ‘used to be’ comments. 2019 now clicking on free +5 moves and get a Video Playback Error and when I click OK it just goes back to the end of the game. Don’t ask if you can’t deliver.
  • Let me have 99 coins

    By gmeade29
    Okay seriously? I’ve been playing this game for a while! I keep trying to guess where to hit spin so I can get the 99 cent prize... and I keep missing it. So it makes me believe it’s done on purpose? C’mon developers! Give me an effing break.
  • 5
    By 张裔艳姐姐
  • Disappointing I lost all that I have reached until level 1000 more

    By ackfc
    I’ve been playing this game until high level until more than level 1000 then suddenly it’s gone and I have to start all over from level 1, then I started again, then when I reached level more than level 100, it happened again, it’s gone and I have to start all over again from level 1. Very disappointing. I’m actually really love this game it’s just disappointing if every time I already at the high level then I have to start all over from the beginning again :(
  • Cookie jam

    By 4emz2
    My fav game along with blast cookie jam. Play all the time. But, the last several mths I’ll play games, get stars on my level after played and when pulls up for new game, it goes back to some I’ve already played and beat. Have to replay to get to new one. I keep the games updated when tells me there is a new one. Probably shud of marked 2 for the headache it creates me
  • Gifts

    By hmlee2127
    The gift box that pops open when you complete a level used to contain the spoon, roller, well all of your treats that help you. Now anytime you open a gift or earn a reward it’s ALWAYS extended time. At one point I received 6 hours of free time as a reward. I don’t need that. It’s annoying and honestly I don’t even play as much because of that.
  • WHAT THE ?

    By GiataMilan
    I tried to like this stupid game but the ridiculous French accent of the guy who ruins the game sounds like he’s choking on a chicken bone. I’d rather cut my throat than to have to listen to it play this idiotic game. Pffff
  • Need more chances to get boosters or if stuck on a level!

    By sluphead
    Give us some help. I find I move to a different game cuz I get bored!
  • Not fair

    By shirlgirl35
    The game is controlled!
  • Need more helpers.

    By Sandy in northern Michigan.
    I enjoy I playing Cookie Jam, but the games r to hard for the amount of helpers u can get.
  • good game.

    By asvp rocky.
    i just wish it didn't bombard me with a bunch of pop ups as soon as i open the app. that's annoying.
  • Cookie Jam

    By Katgirl🙀
    I absolutely love this game! It’s challenging,fun,exciting and addicting! Once you start you will see the achievements and different levels that this game will take you. As you play you will find that you can gain different objects you can use to help you master each level. This is definitely my favorite game yet. I give this challenging game 👍 and a 5 star ***** rate. Once you play this game, you will see the fun and enjoyment it has and you will be amazed at where it takes you and the different items you gain and will need to take you further to another level of fun and excitement! 🐻 Cookie Jam 🍪🥛🍰🍭🍬🍧🍪🎂🍨🍬🧁🥧🥛🍭🍦🥮🍩🥛🍫🐻 Katina Cline🌈🍪🥛🍭👍🍬🍨🥧🍰🍩🍬
  • coins

    By CincereMh
    never give coins
  • Cookie Jam

    By Cape Cod Player
    While I enjoy the game very much, lately the game has a Very Long Wait to continue the game. Why? And this has been done many times in the past year. Their idea of soon ISN'T mine. Otherwise I would have rated it higher. Cape Cod Player
  • Love the game

    By mooomy1
    Love playing game! Sometimes levels can on for days or weeks. Makes you loose interest in game for while

    By Buffylovesfood
    Hey! You’ve made it so I can’t turn off sound during your incessant ads. This means I won’t play your games anymore, because everyone around me can hear your ads. Pretty dumb marketing. Instead of people playing your game, they’ll play another that gives them respect in the form of being able to make choices. Your company is also VERY cowardly in not offering a customer service contact. Just another sign of your disrespect. Might look into finding an actual mature adult who knows how the real world works.
  • I so awesome app!!!!

    By blkpearl52
    I hate that if you don’t play the game within the time then you have to start all over for the bonus even if you miss it by one minute.
  • Keeps freezing up

    By Lillypads Mom
    Not happy. Love the game but then it keeps freezing up. Have to uninstall then reinstall. Getting fed up.
  • Be careful

    By bookworm1948
    While the game is good be careful if you purchase packages.
  • Just enjoy the games. Also the diversified games.

    By lewkorn
    As listed above.
  • Screen Freezes

    By arlwonder
    This game used to be great. Now the game constantly freezes after I purchase more time so that I lose the game and have to start over! Big waste of money! Done with this!
  • No Good Rewards

    By kw545
    The rewards you used to be able to earn were boosters to help you. Now all you get is extra time. Feels like a rip off, and I’ve never once landed on the coin reward on the wheel, it feels very rigged to me.