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  • Release Date: 2013-11-01
  • Current Version: 3.1.3
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TSP Tips uses analysis to help you avoid market downturns and keep your retirement safe. We notify you when you should move your money between funds, and where to move it to; it's that simple. • Market analysis to maximize growth and minimize risk • We had positive gains during the 2008 financial crisis, and a 25% gain in 2013 • Backed by professional licensing and 20 years of PhD research, experience, and proven results We'll send you weekly market summaries with a recommendation on whether or not to move your funds (and where to move them to). Notifications are pushed right to your phone and your inbox, and to additional email addresses if you like. Start getting investment tips today with a free trial of up to 3 months, and about $5 a month after that. You can subscribe on an annual or monthly basis: • $59.99 annually (about $5 a month), with a 3 month free trial • $6.99 monthly, with a 1 month free trial All subscriptions are paid through iTunes at the time of purchase, and renew automatically within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period. Auto-renewal will charge $59.99 for annual and $6.99 for monthly subscriptions. If you'd like to disable automatic renewal, you can do so at any time prior to the 24 hour period before the end of the subscription. This can be done by going to Settings -> iTunes and App Store, viewing your Apple ID and then tapping "Manage subscriptions". It is not possible to cancel an active subscription period. We believe good investment guidance should be available to everyone, and shouldn't require a finance degree or deep pockets. Making it to retirement is harder than ever, and we'd love to help you get there. Come visit us at https://www.tsptips.com. View our privacy policy and terms of use at https://www.tsptips.com/privacy.html.



  • Don’t fall for it

    By mahmudgh
    This is basically an attempt to get you signed up for the monthly exorbitant subscription. The monthly subscription $6 might not sound much to you but it really adds up multiplying that by 12. It’s not worth it because their predictions or projections have been below par, it’s laughable. I will not recommend them look else where for a lower fee and better results.
  • Solid App, tip not so much

    By dabier
    I have been following the tips for over a year. There was some gain prior to the year 2018. However, a loss according to my TSP 4th quarter statement which shows a personal rate of return of-0.99%. Not impressed.
  • Buy and hold Wins

    By Duster2027
    I stopped following there advice for two reasons. Their policy of only making changes Monday morning is often too late. Maybe because they do there number crunching on Saturday? Regardless of the market going up or down they always are about a week or two late to the party. I think you are better off with a buy and hold plan or follow the tsptalk website for very good free advice. Most important, maximize your contributions, you can’t afford not to:)
  • Saved me enough on one tips to pay the app for 150yrs

    By The Woodrow
    I started using the app in June 2018, albeit not as assiduously as I did in July. Previously I followed Dave Ramsey’s 60/20/20 for C/S/I. In October I moved my funds per app suggestions and saved 9000$, avoiding the majority(40-85%) of the market volatility. That’s 150yrs of paying for the app.
  • Worth l my subscription fee.

    By JetFuelPerfume
    I started using TSP Tips in March 2018. They correctly anticipated the downturn in October 2918 and twice moved money out of the C Fund to the G fund just in time. Let’s hope they get the switch back at the correct time too.
  • Active participation

    By Lazy Onion
    I've put money into the various accounts without much thought on how my money was being managed. I looked at my account last fall, after listening to a radio personality discussing the in and outs of the funds with a guest caller. I decided I needed to pay more attention and found this app. I spend more money at my kids football games than I paid for this, so why not. Ive gone from 7% safe growth to just over 13% since October. I know the market is booming now, so time will tell. The app provides a means of tracking, that's all. They send you the emails for any recommendations. I wish it would have a notification for a new recommendation. It works... Aug ‘18 update: I was happy with the app until a recent update. I have an iPhone SE (smaller screen), when updating my balance, the sections to enter my percentages in show “What percentage in ...”. This is completely useless as it asks for a number only. Someone didn’t test this on a smaller device, it’s a mandatory field, so I end up entering 100 in the first row to continue. As for the services they provide, I ran 23% up until Twitter January, now I’m seeing a 8.3% this year. I’m overall happy with my investments.
  • Overall satisfied, needs some polish.

    By Iron1mike
    Recent issue with updates, likely a server issue, overall good experience with tsptips. Auto balance updates needs some tweaking. No option to specify traditional or Roth contributions. Allocation changes submitted over the weekend are not fully processed until Tuesday morning by tsp.gov. Would like to see some more robust future planning calculators. These can be found elsewhere, but convenience is important. Been a subscriber for two years and will continue to be. Just hope improvements become a factor of importance in the cuter
  • TSP Tips

    By Jrsips1
    The app keeps crashing and I cannot login.
  • Be smart...buy and hold.

    By JW12Ace
    It's better than leaving your money in G, but that said I found I get way better results being a Buy and Hold investor. You can't constantly time the market....you’ll hit the same as you miss. Stick with your stocks and you'll make money (buy and hold). I’ve tracked my B&H approach for 2 years against these recommendations and average 18% more than this app. Do your research and buy and hold on index funds.
  • Reset password

    By adtrfcryjct
    I forgot my password and every time I click “forgot password” it kicks me out of the app and won’t let me in. Find this extremely useless
  • Baloney!!!

    By BustTheCrap
    Just read the post by AlasCat posted Dec 20th 2017. Why do you think there are LifeCycle funds??
  • Simple, Easy, Safe

    By Engineer_wv
    When I started this app they had almost the same figures I had, plus or minus 10% investment [which apparently is a lot] but I'm no stock analyst. It's simple and easy and safe, you still manage the account, they just advise. I'm happy. Update: Looking back four years later, I'm still happy. Granted the market worm has turned but I went from 2-5% on my PIP doing it myself to 12-17% under their advice. Gangbusters! It's worth every cent to have this app. It's no guarantee as nothing in stocks ever is, but they know what they are doing, far better than me.
  • What a bunch of baloney!

    By AlasCat
    This app is nothing more than a means to get you to sign up for their monthly fees. Don't be fooled. And when they claimed that they made money in 2008 when the economy tanked, let's see some proof. Was this service even in business then? And then there's the reviews. Several different (4&5 star) reviews mention the "nominal" fees. Odd word to have pop up in several different reviews. Sound suspicious to you? Me too. If you don't know enough about timing the markets to shift your investments around, what makes you think that these guys know any more? Because of their undocumented claims and some ginned up reviews on their app? Put your money in the lifecycle funds and go about your life. That's what they're there for.
  • Working great for me!

    By YorkR&K
    It eliminates the guess work for me. I get a push notification telling me where to move my money. The nominal fee is irrelevant to me, I am busy and don't have time to keep up with the market.
  • Must-have

    By rayner07
    From a skeptic, this app has done nothing but impress me. Great developers, great results--as long as you understand downloading the app won't materialize money for you.
  • Waste of money

    By Cesarddiaz
    The data they provide is literally available all over the Internet for free. Even the TSP website offers education. Educate yourself on your money and future, don’t pay someone else to do the thinking for you.
  • Love Money!

    By amandajo8629
    Takes guess work out of investing and takes the stress for you.
  • Best, greatest!!!

    By Watch it everyday
    Been followed for almost two years now, average 15% gain!
  • Annual returns and iPad Version

    By bparg11
    Would like to be able to see past annual performance/returns maybe quarterly updates. Then be able to compare those returns to S&P over time. I only have iPad so I would like to see iPad version. There is some clunkyness using iPhone version on pad. I like the weekly updates. Update: I'm still liking the weekly updates. I would like to see the performance of the TIPs though. Yearly and quarterly would be nice. How did TIPs perform in 2016 and how is it performing in 2017? I don't always follow and would like to compare my performance to TIPs
  • It's the way to make great returns

    By worldtravelerusa
    Solid forecasts with excellent forecast models. I have tried others and lost money when they showed profits. This is the real deal! Thanks for the service and advice.
  • So far so good

    By 10%ormore
    I have mostly played it safe in the G fund my whole career. Now that I have found this AP I've been playing around with my funds. Haven't been on very long but will be very happy if I can make just 10%.
  • What's the deal

    By King22spade
    This app is nice to have just got it so can't really say much as to how well it works. One issue I have is the graph so if I tap say the F fund on the pie chart it will highlight the G fund to right rather than the F fund. This concerns me. Am I allocating my money into the proper fund? Which one is right? The fact that you pay for this app and use it to invest a significant amount of money for your future and it has a issue like that I'm not sure how much I trust it.
  • Awesome app

    By self made hundredaire
    I tend to forget about the TSP, but thanks to tsp tips I have made 17% over the past year. I have been using TSP tips for two years and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.
  • Gaining Confidence

    By arbncwgrl
    While I am still learning to invest in the market this app has allowed me to spread my wings but at this point I am not ready to invest full at ur recommendations. Would appreciate strategies for the learning investor!
  • Just get it & 👀 your 💲grow!!!

    By Zimm79
    I made the mistake of not really investing in TSP until 1/2 way through my career. This app (subscription) has more than paid for itself. I love that any questions/feedback given to the developers is responded to within 24/48 hrs - by the developers/owners themselves!!! I really wish I would have found this app earlier.
  • Pays for itself

    By Wlkng dead
    In my 6 months of following their recommendations, my PIP has increased from essentially negligible to about 13%. Paying for these recommendations easily pays for itself. My only criticism is with the app itself. The graphs have sudden drop-offs for some times when I didn't update my balance. Sometimes. Other gaps in my balance updating are smoothed. It'd be nice if the graphs smoothed out the missing data instead of dropping it to zero.
  • Excellent!

    By AWB607
    I was guessing and foundering before taking the advise of TSP Tips. My account has grown tremendously with the distribution percentages I'm happy to see my TSP grow. This application works great, the advise has been producing results, and the one time I had need to contact the developers they promptly responded. If you're not doing anything with your TSP, then what do you have to lose except to try their advise?? I recommend TSP Tips to all my coworkers.
  • Information

    By Stigalbc
    It gives me the information I need to access the best fund at the time. I would love to see annual and monthly trends of best funds!!
  • Horrible returns!!

    By starmont36
    Since this app launched here are the annual returns that it has given you: 2014=0.45%, 2015=(-3.90%), 2016=5.67%. Plus they post more IFT's per month than what is allowed by the TSP. With these horrible returns you'd be better off buying and holding any of the funds because they all beat it.
  • Great App

    By Johnny Gambit
    Investing in TSP can be annoying with only being able to move your funds twice a month and each fund being part of a broader index. This app makes it extremely easy to manage and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to make money in their TSP account.
  • Great Returns so far!

    By AirForce Capt
    Before I got this app I was averaging about 6-8% return on my TSP. I've had TSP tips for about a year and a half and am averaging 13.49% return since following TSP Tips. The cost was very inexpensive for the returns I've had so far. Definitely recommend!
  • Outstanding app!

    By Saettelbags
    While using TSP Tips, I've averaged a 12% return on my TSP account the past 2 years - pretty remarkable! I would recommend this app to anyone.
  • Simply wonderful!

    By imyou
    I have been looking for a more aggressive investment opinion then the tsp lifecycle funds, and this is it. If you like aggressive growth advice this is your app.
  • Happy

    By Rtsgguf345
    Happy with the results so far.
  • Great app!

    By Jlewy76
    So far so good! Thanks for the assistance!
  • Great

    By Jcdevil1
    Awesome info
  • Not worth paying for.

    By Tpcoxjr82
    Not worth paying for.
  • So far so good.

    By ElFamosoRafo
    I've seen a good, steady gain in my numbers. Will keep posting.
  • It works

    By td0798
    Sells itself
  • Right Data at the Right Time

    By eltzroth77
    Simple explanations with sound data delivered at the right time.
  • ❤️watching money making money

    By RNLucille
    I wish I would have found this app sooner. The secret of rich people is that they make money off of their money. This app helps you do that. Just login and make the changes that they suggest and watch your money grow. This year I have seen my account grow by over $500 in five months. I paid for the whole year by buying gift card. So many people are clueless as to what to do with their TSP and their money so sedentary not making money. Check out their website for yearly return rates on their suggested changes within the TSP funds. You will be amazed.
  • The Best

    By Jon1022
    If you are trying to get the most out of your TSP investment this is a must. Always above the normal rate of return.
  • I like it so far...

    By wildbillfitch
    It's hard to tell, I had everything split between S and I, pretty crazy I know but I figured it would average out. I think this will be better than lifecycle...time will tell, I think after a year I can give better insight! Fingers crossed!
  • Like it

    By Reddrumsc
    I haven't been with them long enough to make a performance decision. That said, I really like the way that it keeps me involved and checking the markets and my retirement savings weekly. Of course, I don't just listen to one source and my gut is telling me this advice is conservative. Time will tell, but I'll gladly remain a member and I appreciate the effort these fellas put into this app.
  • I like it

    By Doc Debakey
    I like this app. I don't know much about investing especially in the TSP so this helps me place my money where it should be.
  • Great App

    By CMoore101
    I wish I had found it sooner.
  • Great App

    By Lindainmo
    Love the App...quick,easy,and simple to understand... following recommendations has improved my ROI, thank you! Agree affordable cost is a bonus!
  • Great App!

    By Slickric25
    I was lost before when I came to moving my tsp funds. Based on their track records. I'm trusting tap funds to move my money/stocks around and it's working! Everyone should give it a try!
  • Solid.

    By TheGibson
    The app works, I like the user interface. I enjoy the weekly updates. So far no complaints.