Disney Magic Kingdoms

Disney Magic Kingdoms

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-03-16
  • Current Version: 4.0.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 896.81 MB
  • Developer: Gameloft
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 92 744


Create the Disney Park of your dreams, filled with beloved Disney and Pixar characters, exciting attractions and special events! Join over 80 million players worldwide who have embraced their inner child building their own magical place on mobile. COLLECT OVER 150 DISNEY & PIXAR CHARACTERS: ► From The Little Mermaid to Beauty and the Beast, Moana, The Lion King, Toy Story, and more! ► Characters from over 90 years of Disney magic! ► Adventure in over 1,500 whimsical quests! CREATE YOUR DREAM PARK: ► Build 100+ Disney Park attractions like Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, and “it’s a small world”! ► Decorate and customise the Park your way! ► Celebrate with iconic parade floats and fireworks! BATTLE DISNEY VILLAINS: ► Save your Park from Maleficent’s evil curse! ► Battle against Ursula, Gaston, Scar, Jafar and more! REGULAR SPECIAL EVENTS: ► New characters, attractions and other content added regularly! ► Monthly and weekly special events with limited-time rewards! PLAY ANYWHERE, ANYTIME: ► With offline mode, you can take your Park with you on the go! ► Bring the magic home with you! *IMPORTANT* Disney Magic Kingdoms requires an iPad 2 (or newer), iPhone 4s (or newer), or iPod touch (5th Generation). _____________________________________________ You can download and play this game for free. Please be informed that it also allows you to play using virtual currency, which can be acquired as you progress through the game, or by deciding to watch certain advertisements, or by paying with real money. Purchases of virtual currency using real money are performed using a credit card, or other form of payment associated with your account, when you input your iTunes account password. You will not be asked to re-enter your credit card number or PIN. Once your iTunes account password is entered, your account will allow in-app purchases for 15 minutes. To restrict or disable in-app purchases, you can change the settings on your device. This game contains advertising for Gameloft’s products or some third parties which will redirect you to a third-party site. You can disable your device’s ad identifier being used for interest-based advertising in the settings menu of your device. This option can be found in Settings -> Privacy -> Advertising. Certain aspects of this game will require the player to connect to the Internet. Find out more about the game on the official site -- http://www.disney-magic-kingdoms.com/ _____________________________________________ Visit our official site at http://gmlft.co/website_EN Check out the new blog at http://gmlft.co/central Don't forget to follow us on social media: Facebook: http://gmlft.co/SNS_FB_EN Twitter: http://gmlft.co/SNS_TW_EN Instagram: http://gmlft.co/GL_SNS_IG YouTube: http://gmlft.co/GL_SNS_YT Privacy Policy: http://www.gameloft.com/en-gb/privacy-notice Terms of Use: http://www.gameloft.com/en-gb/conditions-of-use End-User License Agreement: http://www.gameloft.com/en-gb/eula



  • So little reward for hard work

    By Dallas bingo
    I’ve been playing this game for about a few days now. And in so little time playing, I’ve noticed that all of the character tasks take an hour or more and you’d only get 15-30 coins for them. With the quests, you can only do two small quests and then your character has to level up. And that can take days. The price of the things you are working for to level up your characters means you’d have to wait weeks just to get all the required things for your characters. The game has gotten boring when all of my characters have to do these 2-6 hour tasks and I’m left with nothing to do in the game. I’m stuck their waiting and aimlessly looking around the kindom and watching the children glitch through the main characters. It’s amusing watching the children walk through Prince Charming. The story line is predictable. All I really want is the character tasks to take less time to complete. Every other game like this has 15 - 30 minute tasks . But this game has 1 hour -6 hour . Can this please change so I actually have something to do in this game other that wait.
  • O jogo é legal, porém está ficando cansativo

    By CarolCeleghin
    DMK é um jogo ótimo, tem lindos gráficos e interações sensacionais, porém as atualizações estão tornando o jogo impossível, demanda muito tempo do jogador e os eventos seguidos minam a dedicação do usuário. A comunidade que joga DMK é enorme e todos estão insatisfeitos com as alterações feitas recentemente pela Gameloft. O jogo está se tornando maçante.
  • Updates make this game a grind. Don’t allow for sleep.

    By bronowyn
    One of the key forces in the game is maintaining your happiness. Happiness will allow you to gain special items and up character levels significantly more quickly. You can do this through granting wishes from “guest” sending characters you have to fulfill them, or opening chests. A few days ago they made an “improvement” which made a player lose happiness super rapidly. I only sleep 5-6 hours, and when I awoke, I was down a tier of happiness. The only way to maintain your happiness is either to pay for magic or work at the game every two hours. The devs stated that they would only give character short tasks to gain happiness. After getting several 4-6 hour tasks, they lie. This game turned from nostalgic joy, building the happiness place on earth to a grind. I’ve been playing for several YEARS, and I use my money from my Apple Pay to order special characters. After this update, and how unhappy I feel playing it, I may stop paying my money towards this game and deleting it. Devs, if you are reading this: People have to sleep, reverse your decision for the happiness meter and maybe I’ll continue paying money into this game.
  • Events

    By Bet ratio low?,!
    I have 110 characters sitting at home with nothing to do....now I see five more needing to be added and they shortly will have nothing to do either? Thanks, but no thanks. I will just keep the same “do nothings” at home....i don’t need anymore. You really should rethink your storylines.
  • Thanks for ruining what could have been a good thing

    By icedanceislyf
    GameLoft is tarnishing the Disney brand and driving their loyal customer base away by locking everything behind a paywall and making it impossible to enjoy the game unless you’re able to sacrifice your sleep, quit your job, and use your trust fund to pay for all the ridiculously overpriced content that is required to progress in the game. Surprised Disney hasn’t revoked your contract yet.
  • Disney Magic Kingdoms app

    By Disney&Matthew
    Wow!! Disney Magic Kingdoms is on my iPhone!! It’s magnificent!! It’s extraordinary!! It’s amazing!!! And it’s the happiest place on earth!!!
  • Zoom Out

    By Alaurenn
    Please make it so we can zoom out more on the map to get a bigger view of the park at once. Would make it quicker to collect magic, easier to place buildings, etc.
  • Do Not Play

    By Shmanda304
    I’ve been playing for two years now. I stayed quiet when you got greedy, I stayed quiet when the breakneck speed of back to back events made this “game” feel like a job. But the Happiness issue is the last straw. And I see you removing my reviews, and I will keep reposting them until you do better.
  • One old problem

    By spring hybrid
    I love this game!!!! But I found one problem I would like to have Oswald The Lucky Rabbit in this, Not even a major character, just like a DLC please?
  • Used to love this game

    By Lex84047272947368393
    Recently, the game made a major change to how you can gain happiness. Before, keeping your Park happiness high rewarded you with XP, “magic,” and increased character token drops. With the new update, they have removed XP and magic boosts, and have drastically increased the rate your happiness meter decreases. It’s the latest in a long line of changes that have been marketed as “demanded by players” that really only encourage more spending by the players. I first pledged not to spend any more money on this game, but that hasn’t changed the developers bad decisions. Unfortunately, I now feel compelled to warn new players away from a game that used to bring me a lot of joy in my downtime. With these new changes, players can no longer get a full 8 hours of sleep without drastically affecting their ability to complete the in-game content. My take away: Stay away from this game
  • Used to be fun but now seems like it’s just a cash grab

    By Jsnor
    I have been playing for about a year and a half and it was so fun in the beginning. They have started to change the game so much that it’s clear that they just want money. They have made so many changes to the game that benefit nothing but their wallets. The newest update regarding the change in happiness is ridiculous, it’s clear they are just trying to force people to spend more money. They have made this game more or a chore than fun. Them doing so many events so close together is stupid, people have lives and can’t constantly be on their phones playing this game. I hope they make a lot of changes soon, a lot Of people have already deleted their game and I feel like I’m close to deleting it too.
  • Cash grab

    By Layala16382
    This game while free to play is a total cash grab. Events are impossible to complete without spending money. And more money on top to speed up timers. It is a joke. They add enhancements that totally nerf game play and causes players to spend more money. Changes need to be made. And game loft does not listen to customers.
  • How greedy can you be?

    By SookieMoore
    I started playing this game when it first came out and I can tell you I’ve spent hundreds in it because I don’t mind purchasing a character here and there plus game loft needs to be paid somehow. Recently the game is getting ridiculous especially with the new update. I’ve never thought about quitting because I put so much effort into this game but I guess it’s time.
  • Very expensive

    By scskye
    I like this game and I have no issues spending money on games but it’s frustrating when you basically have to or you’re not really going to get anywhere. Most of the characters you will have to pay for and you’ll receive tasks that require certain characters regardless if you have them or not. So unless you pay you’re not able to do a lot of tasks, and the tasks will sit there until the game decides to remove it, typically to replace it with more tasks from another set of characters you can only get through paying. This wouldn’t be bad if it were just a character or two but it’s constant and it’s whole sets. Also to get the characters you have to buy a chest, then it’s a lottery for what you get. You could very buy a chest and not even get the character you want. If you buy the cheaper chest you may not get a character at all. I like the idea of building a theme park, but I wish they would revamp their model.
  • Wish I could give it negative stars

    By Alice Valkyrie
    Stay away from this. The monetization method (randomized chests) for this DISNEY game is truly disgusting and greedy. Also, somehow this dev is able to remove my reviews. I thought only Apple could do that. I’ve never put anything inappropriate in my reviews-I’ve simply stated that the ads you’ve implemented have ruined your games for me because they always cause them to crash. I’m about done even attempting to play any of your games since they all have poorly implemented ads and most have implemented terrible monetization practices.
  • It will cost new players hundreds of dollars to catch up!

    By Nixiem1
    This game has turned into a complete cash grab! Don’t start playing this game unless you’re willing to invest a lot of money to get characters and attractions from previous events. I’ve played this game since the beginning and have been able to participate in almost every event. I can’t imagine having to start now. The only way new players get content from previous events (such as The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Lion King) is to spend spend cash on chests where you *might* get lucky and get something of value. As of this review there are over 100 characters that can only be obtained this way! There are mini events every other month where they offer 3 previous event characters that can be earned with event currency, but they continue to make it more difficult to get the resources to do so. Even new events have become almost impossible to complete unless you buy all the premium content and check in every hour! This game is supposed to be fun, not a chore to keep up with. Gameloft, you need to start paying attention to this community. A lot of players are getting fed up with all the changes that only benefit your bottom line.
  • Fix Happiness

    By Gmdor4
    Fix the happiness scale! The change spoiled the game for me!
  • Getting worse

    By Lizzie Lizz
    I hate how they keep changing the game. Now in order to qualify for the most happiness you have to constantly be on. I mean I feel like they just keep on making it harder and harder.
  • Game gets worse with every update

    By kc5grw
    I’ve been playing this game since it was released. Every update so far has done nothing but to increase the amount you need to spend to complete events or that you have to spend every minute playing the game in order to collect all characters in events. I will no longer be playing this game. It’s just a pain the grinding that now needs to be done to level up characters, they don’t provide enough space for all the available attractions. The DMK team is working to alienate everyone from ever playing the game again. Maybe that’s their goal.
  • Loved this game, once upon a time, then it turned evil...

    By JenJulian
    I have been playing this game every day for the past 1,090 days (over three years) and it was awesome. But unnecessary updates and constant back to back events have made a fun, relaxing Disney game tedious and draining. The final straw was the latest update on the Happiness system - there was nothing wrong with it before, and yet the developers decided to “fix” it and now it is a pain in the butt to get your happiness up to level and keep it there. This is clearly one more way for the game to cost people money. And I know I have spent way more than I should have on this game over the years! This game is cute, and the dialogue written for the characters is really well done, but I think it is time for me to take my time and money elsewhere. This is no longer an idle time occupier, it now needs to be babysat more than a child, and I just don’t have the time or energy (or phone battery) to deal with it anymore. To the developers - fix the issues, or no one will play anymore. To the folks out there looking for a new game - don’t waste your time - at this point you will only become frustrated and spend lots of real money trying to get all of the characters you missed in past events over the years.
  • Expensive and Exhausting

    By Lizzie0Hair
    This used to be a fun game. This used to be my escape when I was stressed out and needed to escape to Disneyland for a few minutes. However, the game developers have gotten greedy. They keep setting side events and challenges that become increasingly difficult and time consuming...unless you’re willing to pay $10 at a time for an essential item, or a character. These items and characters usually come in chests, which work on a roulette system. This means that, even after you have paid real money (not game currency,) you most likely end up with multiples of one, useless item, and no new characters or attractions. Furthermore, each update and challenge requires constant (usually about every two hours) game play. This means that if you have a job, school, or are some sort of carbon-based being that requires sleep, you will fail the challenges, or, with the new happiness update, fall behind on the normal game play. Don’t bother. Find a game you don’t have to babysit, or spend hundreds of dollars in order to succeed. Games should be for fun.
  • Pay to play game just got worse 😡

    By Krissy M C
    I came to update my review because the new update is crap. 😡 I can’t play the new event because I don’t have the characters for it. (I would HAVE TO SPEND MONEY) in order to even play the event. The happiness meter completely changed it no longer has benefits of more magic and you have to use gems (hard to come by unless you SPEND MONEY) to keep it up. They took the ability to buy concessions and decorations that you need to use in Merlin’s shop in order to get certain tokens and attractions. Now you need to SPEND MONEY in order to get more chest to help you get the things in Merlin’s shop or wait most likely a month to get all the things you need. Unlocking characters was hard enough because tokens don’t always drop but you at least had your happiness to give you a better chance now with them taking the happiness away unless you use gems (get them by SPENDING MONEY) good luck on ever getting enough token since it already take a month to get some characters. Unless you have time to go on this game every hour including at night or HUNDREDS of dollars to spend don’t bother with it.
  • Pay to play

    By HackerDan
    This game used to be fun but with every update you can see it’s turned into how can we get players to spend more money. You can play a while without spending money but with the special events and such even if you pay money if you aren’t playing on the hour 24 hours a day you won’t succeed. It’s a shame. It used to be a fun game.
  • Money Hungry Mongrels

    By JenShah
    I’ve been playing since nearly the beginning of the game (over 3 years) and everything has become ridiculously challenging and money driven. Even as someone who has played every event and earned almost every character. Every new update makes it harder to play for free and enjoy the game. I’m over playing on a consistent basis like I used too.

    By Lysistrata62
    Misleading game description. Ignore reviews from a year or two ago; that game no longer exists and are frequently written by people just starting, who haven’t run into the severe pay wall. Developers don’t even know how to fix their own flawed design to permit unlocking of seen-but-not-accessible parts of the park. But it doesn’t matter because it’s all a ruse to hammer you to routinely lay out money for a game they don’t know how to fix. Instead, efforts have all been on tweaking game mechanics (such as they are-mostly timer based) to steer you toward purchases, until everything now seems to exist only for that purpose. Typical purchases used to be $3, $5...now new characters routinely cost $10. Mobile game greed has taken what enjoyment initially existed in the false premise of decorating/designing your own Disney park. You will not feel you’re playing a game, only that you’re getting played. For those who enjoy feeling like a lab rat in a psych experiment, this is your 5-star game: enjoy. Everyone else should run like hell.
  • Used to be fun

    By Jodee9999
    With the newest update they have made enjoying the game really hard. Too many events too close together and to complete them I spend a fair amount because of bad drop rates. With new update its practically impossible to keep the kingdom “happy” enough to increase the drop rates “supposedly” without being up 24/7 and paying money. I’m a long time player and usually don’t do reviews but I’m truly disappointed and will not be playing anymore.
  • In response to the most recent updates...

    By mediaddiction
    I can no longer recommend this game, even to big Disney fans. Every aspect is so aggressively monetized that even for those players willing to pay occasionally can end up excluded from the best content unless they’re willing to pay more and more to keep up.
  • Money grab

    By Gravija01
    To preface this, the game is beautiful and if you have a ton of money, it’s also potentially fun. But I’m not here to promote the game for being amazing. If it were, I would’ve left five stars and said nothing. So here’s my comment also left on their Facebook page. How on earth can this game be so pay to win? To succeed in this tower event, to do anything in it at all, you have to pay for chests to unlock characters. I’m sorry, but there’s no chance in hell I’m letting my kid spend $10 for the legendary chests that y’all keep churning out. This is THE greediest company I’ve come across in a long while. I was cautiously excited for the event, but should’ve known better as soon as I saw that to do a major part of it you need Abu unlocked and to get him, you have to pay money because gems are so difficult to acquire without spending cash. This is absurd on so many levels. My Little Pony isn’t even this bad.
  • Cash Grab

    By GoofyCD
    This game has turned into a cash grab with the latest changes. No way to get certain characters without spending real money. No way to complete certain tasks without waking up every 2 hours or spending money. This “free” game is not free.
  • Pay to play and pay more

    By The Only Nickname Not Taken
    Awful recent updates. Events are becoming impossible even if you spend money on all premium content during the event. Free to play is no longer possible, and each update is more money hungry than the last. Absolutely disgusting way to treat the players.
  • Complaints about progress in game

    By twilightfan24748
    I have been playing this game for years but I have some complaints. When are you going to expand the land again? Takes FOREVER I have ALOT of buildings in storage and 120 characters with nothing to do! Why can’t we use more of the characters, especially in the timed events. Why can’t we get more PLATINUM chests for free instead of the bronze or silver. Also, If you are asking almost $8 for a platinum chest it should be guaranteed you will get an LEGENDARY level item, not wasting money on an Epic item.
  • Becoming expensively pay-to-play

    By Quats5
    I’ve been playing for over a year and sink a decent bit of cash in the game for bundles and extras. Lately it’s becoming frustrating and expensive to play. The trend in this game is becoming, not even play to win, but pay to play: each event now requires you to buy ALL the premiums, which are each becoming more expensive, as well as having most if not all past content, to even have a chance at finishing the event. Even with those, you feel stressed and pressured and many still can’t complete events. I can’t imagine how painful either starting new or trying to play f2p or with a limited budget are now. New content is simply new characters and objects, or “balancing” that makes it harder to play to encourage more purchases. While the characters are well done, it’s hard to imagine that requires all the money now required to play. There have been no real new features or gameplay in months, just more collections. While I have enjoyed this game I can’t recommend anyone start it now, unless you don’t mind dropping several hundred dollars on an ongoing basis ($15-$20 an event and events at least every month, plus gambling on loot boxes to buy old content) and have time to check in frequently to maximize your chances. Even then, I’d say save the money and go to Disney World with it instead.
  • Irritating pay to win, happiness is painful

    By AnthonyGomes
    You can’t expect people to play your game if you have paywalls everywhere, and yet still charge absurd amounts of money for loot boxes, and give us character quests that you can’t even start unless you pay for a small chance to get the character you want us to have. No. Fix this. I’m not letting my kids gamble. Also, fix the happiness!! Jesus, man, you can’t have it drop so sharply; I have a life outside of your greedy game.
  • Absolute horrible updates

    By Code0701
    There are too many updates and they cause too many issues. I would not download even if you are an avid Disney fan.. guess they chose to become more like the actual park and charge obscene amounts of money.. and yes, I adore all things Disney and go there frequently but I also am realistic that it’s stupid expensive.
  • Money pit

    By hjgbkohn
    Unfortunately Magic Kingdoms was once fun. Now its a Money Pit and I do not approve.
  • Problems and suggestions

    By pajpfhlc
    Problems you have had 1) Recovery of missed days 2) too many gems and elixirs needed 3) Non ordered calendars (fixed) 4) Missing storyline characters and things including Bambi’s love, Edna Mode, the omnidroids, Bomb Voyage, Belle’s Father, the magician in Beauty and the Beast, Incredibles civilian and golden age forms, Violet’s love, Nani’s love, the experiments, Hamsterville, Mr Smee, Blackbeard, Syrena (Mermaid), Syrena (Human), Phillipe, Mr. Gibbs, Jack Sparrow’s Crew, Bill Turner, Angelica, Crew of the Flying Dutchman, the eels, the Little Mermaid chef, Ariel (formal dress), Melody, Melody (Mermaid), Morgana, the Hyenas, Marshmallow, Pabbie, the trolls, the Snowgies, Dr. Finkelstein, Anna’s and Elsa’s parents, Elsa (Crowned), some of the Darlings, the lost boys, Cinderella King, Kaa, the human girl, Snow White’s Prince, Pascal, Rapunzel’s parents, Duke of Weselton, the Bishop, Mayor Lionheart, Bellwether, Waternoose, the diggers in Winnie the Pooh, Hiro (unarmored), Owl, the heffalumps, the mice, the birds, the forest animals, Bruno, Lucifer, Mulan (Lunar), the kakamora, Queen (Old lady disguise), Jafar (Genie), slinky dog, Jasmine (disguise), Buzz’s Partners, Zurg’s army, and Sword in the Stone Float 5) Bad storyline based collections based on relationships and storyline 6) Lack of Maleficent and Maleficent (Dragon) as characters 7) Too much gambleing 8) Name problems (costumes, tokens) including having modern without classic, classic used in place of classic dress, and other classic use problems 9) Most tokens cannot be collected after the most for a level up is gotten 10) Not updating your pictures often with different versions 11) Missing Sword In the Stone, Monsters, Inc., Wall-E, Tangled, and Toy Story content, update 6, and Beauty and the Beast part 2 in credits as well as Mickey and Friends classic content and Aladdin part 2 content 12) Making some characters, floats, and attractions really hard to get More later Suggestions: 1) Disney Hyperion events (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Heroes of Olympus, Kane Chronicles, Trials of Apollo, Magnus Chase Series) 2) More Disney and Disney Pixar events including Nemo and Friends and Bugs Life 3) Comfy costumes for Anna, Elsa, Snow White, Aurora, Rapunzel, and Charlotte La Bouff 4) Dress for Vanelope 5) Tasks with other series characters More later These could be used: Percy Jackson, Mrs. Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Grover, Charon, Chiron, Hades, Zeus, Poseidon, Medusa, Hera, Mr. D, Apollo, Hestia, Aphrodite, Oceanus, Kronos, Rhea, Hyperion, Gaia, Ouranos, Thalia Grace, Jason Grace, Mrs Grace, Reyna, Artemis, Hermes, Tyson, Nico, Bianca, Frank, Hazel, Ares, Hephaestus, Atlas, Calypso, Silena Beauregard, Osiris, Isis, Anubis, Nephytis, Walt Stone, Zia Rashid, Ra, Sadie Kane, Carter Kane, Julius Kane, Ruby Faust, Tarawet, Set, Horus, Jaz, Cleo, Bast, Muffin, Bes, Thoth, Sobek, Khufu, Khonsu, Shu, Geb, Nut, Desjardins, Vladimir Menshikov, Ethan Nakumura, Nemesis, Iris, Coach Hedge, the fates, Juniper, Mrs Hedge, Magret, Mr. Maclean, Demeter, and Persephone, Loki, Thor, Mr Chase, Charlie Beckendorf, Luke Castellian, Clarisse La Rue, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Delphi, the Drakons, the Chases, Athena, the Minatour, and others of current Disney including Marinette, Miraculous Ladybug, Adrien, Cat Noir, Marinette’s helper, and Adrien’s helper.
  • Waste of Time

    By Snkrs App User
    Used to be the best game out there when it first started. Now they’re just making it difficult to enjoy for their own gains. Don’t download if you want days upon days of being upset.
  • Rapid happiness decrease

    By PokemongostillhAsproblems
    Well MY personal happiness is also rapidly decreasing with this game since the last update! I’ve spent so much $$$ on this game & they’ve become $$ pigs! Way to ruin a once fun, great game! I’m out!
  • Game declining fast

    By VGabbyM
    I have been playing this game since right after its release and it has always been fun and relaxing. However, lately it has just become a money hungry scam. The events are outrageous. There is no chance to get any past characters without spending money and even then, the characters aren’t always guaranteed. After this newest update, I am pretty much over it. I have seen nothing but complaints on their social media pages from their loyal players and it doesn’t seem like the Disney crew is bothering to listen or to care. I am the biggest Disney fan, visit the park at least once a year. This game was kind of my substitute until my next vacation and now it is just a huge disappointment. Don’t waste your time, honestly.
  • Unhappy changes

    By Omglolmonica
    I’ve been playing for close to two years but the latest update really killed any joy, no pun intended. Even worse the explanation for the change in happiness is a lie considering that I still have activities over an hour to grant wish. I hope they’ll go back to what it was.
  • Been playing since day one

    By TeeDeenie
    And I have loved this game. Stuck through with all the changes and increase in events. Spent money increasingly because I enjoyed it so much. But with the latest update I’m questioning whether I’ll keep the game any longer. I definitely will not be spending ANY real money until there is a fix to the happiness update. It’s very frustrating to feel like I have to be chained to the game in order to just keep up. Not sure how much longer I’ll continue playing.
  • Great unpaid second job!

    By CLR0109
    In fact, you will probably PAY THEM so you can work! And who can really blame Gameloft? They made over $142 MILLION DOLLARS off this game alone last year. How were they going to top that without making the game impossible to play without your wallet close by? In all seriousness, no app is truly free. You watch ads or maybe do a few micro transactions. It’s cool. But Gameloft has taken this app to new heights of ridiculousness. By all estimates, there is now more premium (read: you gotta pony up the cash) content in the game than free. Most characters and buildings are locked up in loot chests. You pay and hope for a CHANCE of getting a character. Let’s be realistic. You’re getting a bench. Or a flag of corona. The developers constantly bait the players with promises of exciting changes, but every change only seems to make game play LESS fun and MORE costly. The game tokens are earned through RNG(random number generator) but there is no transparency into those settings and these rates can DRASTICALLY affect your ability to move forward in the game. The constant onslaught of limited time events with terrible RNG rates is a grind, but don’t worry ... you’ll have plenty of time to pony up that sweet, sweet cash to get those characters before they get locked into loot chests! In short, unless you started playing within the first three months of the game? Don’t bother. Unless of course you need a second job that you pay the business owner to work.
  • Pay to Play

    By MsgdB
    I’ve been playing for two years and up until the latest change had enjoyed it. I could see the changes being made to make players spend more money for characters or prizes but this latest change is too much. Can’t keep happiness up and I’m done.
  • The Happiness Problem

    By Eeeee18
    I used to love this game, but the recent happiness change has really deterred me from playing. My advice is do not play or buy anything in this game until you hear the happiness problem is fixed. GameLoft has severely overvalued this game if it thinks that people will either log on every 10 minutes or pay hundreds of dollars to keep happiness up.
  • Greedy!!

    By MelB0926
    The developers don’t listen to their customers!! Not only is it impossible to get old characters without spending money or gems but you aren’t even guaranteed to get a character. Land is so expensive!! Completing events is nearly impossible. You have to play all day long and spend money. It is not a good game for people with jobs or a life. 🙄

    By StuPitt
    For any new player forget it. You will be required to have characters that are only available for cash. Myself I played since the beginning and am hanging up my cleats. They constantly have events and events require you to play around the clock and buy characters to complete the event. Because if you do not complete the event you will not get characters like Moana, Ariel, Baymax and Winnie the Pooh. And by the way the events for those movies are over....you won’t get them unless you buy them. The events became I Possible. Very frustrating ‘game’. And to call it a game? All it is is click things all day long. It’s cute not fun. Please trust me.
  • So bummed

    By DesertDesigned
    I basically never wrote reviews, but I am so disappointed in the makers of this game, I needed to put one out there. They have made it practically impossible to make this game successful with casual game play and without dropping tons of $$ just to get characters, gems, etc. now, with the recent change to the “happiness algorithm”, any fun that was still in the game has been sucked dry.
  • Game USED to be fun

    By pieceofB
    Game loft... FIX THIS. I’ve been playing this game for 3 years and I used to love it, but this latest update is a disgusting attempt to take more money from valued players!! This game used to be fun, but they’ve increasingly made updates to make it more and more “challenging” meaning you have to spend more and more time (and more money!) on the game to maintain the levels of happiness of your guests and to complete timed events. Essentially you have to play every 2 hours (or pay) for the timed events in order to unlock the special characters featured in the timed events. Now the latest update drastically speeds up how quickly guest happiness falls which affects how well you do in the game. I used to be able to get happiness up to ecstatic 99% before bed time and wake up at maybe ecstatic 50%. Now I go from ecstatic 99% to joyous 95% in the same time frame. Dropping down to this level means it takes you even longer to get back up to the top tier unless you’re willing to pay for it.

    By ashleighkerr
    Every event is harder and harder to collect all of the characters without spending a fortune on gems. The new happiness system was said to be “easier” but so far it has been so much worse. I used to love this game but now I’m just fed up with it.