Coursera: Learn new skills

Coursera: Learn new skills

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2013-12-10
  • Current Version: 2.12.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 132.81 MB
  • Developer: Coursera
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 60 893


Learn on the go with the Coursera app. Access free and paid online courses, Specializations, certificates and degrees developed by experts from the world’s top universities and companies, including: Yale, University of Pennsylvania, Google, IBM and 190+ others. App features: · Access our full catalog: Choose from 3,500+ online courses across 10+ topic areas · Take control of your downtime: Stream video lectures from anywhere, or download them for offline viewing · Always pick up where you left off: Your course, assignment, and project progress is saved on the app and on the web · Be part of a community: Connect with other learners, or post questions for your instructor in discussion forums · Learn in dozens of languages: Courses are taught in Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian and more. Subtitles and interactive transcripts help you follow videos · Earn shareable Certificates: Easily spotlight your achievements with employers, colleagues, and friends on LinkedIn Popular topics: 10+ topics to help you advance your career, get your dream job, master new skills, or explore new hobbies. · Business: Accounting, Marketing, Finance, and Entrepreneurship · Computer Science: Developing self driving cars, Programming in Python, C++, Java, R, and more · Data Science: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Statistics, Probability, and Data · Art: Design, Photography, Music, and Creative Writing · Personal Development: Leadership, Negotiation, and Public Speaking · Sciences: Robotics, Chemistry, Nutrition, and Medicine · …and hundreds more! Earn a Certificate: Coursera offers affordable learning with free and paid options. Free courses include video lectures and reading materials. Paid courses unlock quizzes and projects that test your skills and award you a Certificate. Choose From: Single courses from $39-$99 Multi-course Specialization subscriptions from $39-$79 per month MasterTrack™ Certificates from $2,000-$7,000 Degrees from $15,000-$45,000 Recurring payments for multi-course specializations will occur through your iTunes account and will automatically renew unless you cancel your account at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription. You can manage your subscription, cancel anytime, or turn off auto-renewal by accessing your iTunes account. For the full terms of use, visit



  • Area for lots of improvements here...

    By seao112
    I hope Coursera invests more into making this app more seamless and bug free. There are many issues to iron out, especially related to the video player and download functionality. Also, the UI seems to be all over the place, for example you can browse a course’s content in some parts of the app but there is no easy access to see the actual material (aka you can’t click on the title of the video in those locations to go to that lesson etc...) I use the app mostly on my iPad Pro + iPhone XR and I have lots of issues. But I’ll still use it since it’s less awkward than using my 15” MBP on the bus.
  • Mobile version is meh

    By fieldtripz
    Video doesn't integrate to do "high speed scrubbing". In other words, you tap to start and stop video. When you tap to rewind, the video immediately starts playing again. This requires you to tap twice; once to move the needle and once to stop the video from automatically playing. It would be nice to see the video "rewind" while moving the needle back. I'm guessing video always needs to be downloaded? When in the middle of speaking a sentence, the app opens up questions.
  • Love learning and this app

    By SherryN2013
    It’s an amazing app with courses from top and reputable schools! I have been able to learn so many different topics from it
  • Doesn’t work and bad service

    By ghgfdrtgvbjjytf
    The app would not recognize my subscription, even after online support verified. They blamed it on me subscribing through iTunes which is weird. If that is a problem don’t make it an option. You can’t talk to a live person on the phone. Only email and chat. I had to get a refund via apple. I would stay away considering there are plenty of good competitors.
  • I feel more enlightened

    By TeddiBot
    I am able to access higher education conveniently from my phone. This app offers so much!
  • 👐🏽

    By djnumchucks
  • Does not work

    By ikke irene
    No idea where to find course arterial and help desk does not help. Worthless.
  • تطبيق جدا راقي ومميز

    By googlebule1989**
    لمن يسعى للحصول على تعليم مجاني فهذا التطبيق فعلا روعة حيث يمكنك ان تحصل على بعض الدروس المجانية من دون دفع أي مقابل للناطقين باللغة الإنكليزية طبعا وشكرا لكم
  • Quality life long learning!

    By Stanford grad!
    Best online on demand learning and development offering on the planet!
  • Enjoying it but.....

    By Yoki527
    Loved the course thus far but the only issue I have is with correspondence and some of the labs. Not getting a clear understanding on some issues. Instructions say one thing but the actual lab appears to be different. 😐
  • Stop the manipulation

    By karnaud
    I have noticed that the app hides the courses I am enrolled in and try to force me to enroll in new ones
  • The internet connection appears to be off line

    By birdTY123
    The iPhone app has been having this issue for > a month and still hasn’t been fixed.
  • no streaming is frustrating

    By gogomargo12345
    in this day and age i expect to get my content when i want it—it looks like you have to download material before you can watch it, which feels wildly slow when you can stream from youtube, insta, spotify. and the downloading speed is enough to make me give up on the mobile app altogether. also “oops, something went wrong, check your network connection” is an annoying error message when my network connection is fine and i’m pretty sure the content just won’t play until it’s been downloaded. at the very least, make your error messages more accurate to what’s goin on.
  • M

    By Fido yah
    Content loading is too slow comparing to android version.
  • I hate this so much 😡😠😤😭😟😣

    By vjjxhjhjfg
    My mom forces me to do medical neuroscience and I am in 5th grade and I don’t understand a thing and she says "look it up the answers on google and I can’t and it took me 3 hours to do a test! It’s to hard for me and even if you look up the answers it’s still very very hard because it is multiple choice. Please block me on Coursera😡😤😭
  • Good site, bad app for iPad

    By Tomanow
    Coursera logged me out and now says I can’t log in because I don’t have internet... Well I’m writing this review using internet! The videos are also not in HD on iPad like they are on Android and desktop.
  • Not working

    By samsam1396
    although I have updated to latest version, I receive a massage says you are offline. The app is not working👆🏼
  • Downloads are broken

    By Gramsterix
    Downloads are very flaky. Most of the time now clicking on the download icon does nothing. Used to work fine a few months ago but not in recent versions.
  • Can’t connect

    By B-Soft
    Can’t do anything with the app just the home screen and that’s it. When I click on my profile or search course it kept telling me no internet connect weather using WiFi or cell data. So annoying!
  • Design Flaw

    By Charliewwwu
    There is a big design flaw — once you tap the offline mode in setting, you will never be able to switch back unless you reinstall it.....
  • Slow

    By george vorobiov
    For same reason the app is extremely slow to load on the latest iPad. Checked the download speed, no issues. Moreover, if you exit a course and then click is again, it takes the same time, more than a minute most of the time. Unacceptable.
  • Issues positive vs negative

    By 05031914h
    The course content is superb and the professors are excellent except when professors have issues speaking English. I had difficulty understanding some professors and became frustrated and withdrew from the course. Course variety is very good. My university will not accept my completed courses. I would like to see a definitive understanding between online Coursera and all universities. I’ve had better and more sophisticated classes with Coursera than I have had with my University of Washington. I want to finish my BA or BFA at University of Washington and trying to interface with them and trying to prove that the course I’m enrolled in with Coursera is impossible.
  • A Great Place To Learn & Way To Brush Up

    By Teedy Baabbyy
    For professionals and or almost anyone else, this is a great way and place to learn and to brush or keep up with the subjects of law, in my case. The world will be a better place if we taught the law to youth early. GlobalThiessMarketPlace GlobalThiess
  • Doesn’t work

    By mischifous
    Thinks I have no internet connection but I do... can’t watch lessons. Used to work before updated iOS
  • Supreme education tool

    By drpaulv
    Enjoying so much the educational experience and the great preparation for travel
  • An Incredible Educational Resource

    By RockChalkJNO
    Hello Coursera team and everyone, When I first stumbled upon Coursera, or rather, discovered through searching for just such a program and resource, I had no idea what an invaluable tool it would be for me. Coursera offers many courses on varying topics by some of the best Universities I’ve ever heard of. Coursera gives me the (free) opportunity to conduct private study into topics quite similar to topics I need to know for my future academic credentials. My route towards my educational end goals may be unorthodox; such as conducting private studies followed by CBEs (Credit By Exams) as well as submitted proof of knowledge gained from external sources from my institution (The University of Kansas). I would like to personally thank everyone who helped to program, construct, and make Coursera a valuable resource to anyone in need of knowledge. Sincerely, Jacob Olson
  • Excellent for self learning

    By maha_81
    I used coursera twice thus far (learning how to learn and medical neuroscience), the app is very neat, tracks progress, and simple to maneuver. Loading the course material takes quite sometime, but that's not too bad.
  • No release notes

    By G-Mo
    Of course you update the app regularly, but the release notes tell us *what* you updated, so that we know if we want it on our devices or not. Since you don't provide release notes, we must assume that what you've added this release is something you don't want us to tell about, most likely that you're sending every test we fail to all the college campuses so that they'll know not to let us in. Also, I had to stop using the app as it'll randomly come across something that can only be done "on a computer". Just use the computer instead of the app.
  • Horrible Customer Service

    By Ash268463
    I had purchased a specialization and after two weeks it stopped working with a monthly subscription. Coursera REFUSED to help in anyway to get this resolved. I will never be using Coursera ever again because of this! It is a waste of money!!!!
  • Works

    By nestorledon
    Simple app that's truly a game changer. Go Cousera! Leader of all Mook's!
  • Amazing so far

    By fearfulcharger
    I’ve learned so much so far
  • Stuck on "loading materials..."

    By RSP1990RSP
    When i want to continue my course stuck on "loading materials..."
  • Latest update completely freezes

    By assfghjklqwertyuytreeq
    UI completely freezes up after a few minutes navigating classes. Before that, links to "read more" don't do anything. It seems like the first two (or more?) letters of every class description are missing. And now, I'm finding I can't load the course materials page at all. Snowballs, freezes, then app finally crashes. You guys messed something up in this latest version. Maybe send your engineers to the reactive courses you offer...not on the iphone app at least.
  • Top notch

    By Reidric
    I love this app/program honestly it’s amazing! I can do my classes on the go online and off it keeps me up to date with calendars and best of all if I have not need the experience I can test these classes out for free to see if it’s a match. Any field you’re in I recommend taking look it could give you the upper hand in the long run. To the creators, thank you for having this available!!!!
  • Labs

    By juan santacruz
    I love it. But some times, I’m having hard time with labs.
  • Good classes, somewhat buggy app with strange animations

    By Antonimat
    I really enjoy classes. They give away really quality stuff for free. However app needs some improvements and additions. 1. Quizzes sometimes have significant issues with layout, especially if options include formulas or just long text. They also don’t handle orientation change well. And after processing answer show exploding animations 2. [solved in 2019] Video player is a bit out of date. No easy way to fast forward for 10/15 seconds. changing playback speed is iterative, with no option to quickly switch back to slower rate. Please take a look at modern iOS 11 player or at YouTube player. They have all these issues solved. 3. Video’s audio stream bitrate sometimes is so low so it is impossible to understand anything. With bad network you still have to wait to precache to get better quality. So this option of super low bitrate doesn’t give much to end users, except frustration (many forum topics talk about this audio quality, but moderators provide useless suggestions to tune equalizer) 4. Lots of information is no longer visible in the app and it tries to kick you out to the browser, but even this functionality appears to be broken and you are presented with blank screen instead of content occasionally. Solution suggested by support is to use web browser... on desktop... 🤦‍♂️
  • Tough getting someone to update

    By gi.
    Waiting weeks for someone to update and issue my certificate
  • My favorite App

    By Shebashevsj
    It’s very convenient. I can listen to courses while I’m working out, eating, or waiting for the train.
  • Needs Playback Rate on Apple TV

    By J_shua
    This is a great app, I use the website for the most part, but I am trying to use the Apple TV app more. I can’t however because the TV app lacks the ability to increase/decrease the Playback Rate (playing the video at 0.5x speed, 1.5x speed etc.) Please add this feature as soon as you all can.
  • Amazing

    By rachelde1
    This website is simply amazing. Nothing satisfies my curious soul more than coursera. Take advantage of the opportunity to take a class on any topic you wish- taught by the best professors in the world- at your own pace- for FREE!
  • Loving this app and the opportunities it provides

    By Perseverance of the Human Soul
    Update: this service and my courses continue to be awesome. Thank you so much! Awesome selection in terms of courses/departments/universities; the classes are accessible and not too difficult for everyone to take something from it. Of course it depends on what courses you pursue... the data science courses (i.e. ibm certificate program) are not anything to take lightly. These courses offer awesome certificates I will be using to better market myself on LinkedIn.
  • Awesome app

    By jonathanm91
    I love it very easy to use.
  • Not optimized for iOS

    By SammyWorld
    Some of the course work like quiz and others don’t work.
  • Amazing Class- Screen Casts are Super Helpful

    By Poodledaddy
    I am auditing this class so some of the material is not available to me but the screen casts and the order of the lesson material are exemplary. If you have ever tried to learn something about excel off of You Tube you know that teachers run through something way too fast and you spend a lot of time rewatching and pausing. These screencasts are perfectly paced and easy to follow. The end of lesson post tests are challenging but fair. Great experience and next time I won’t be a cheapskate and actually pay for the class.
  • Great for resume building

    By IES.caveman
    I love this app. I tell everyone about it. I’m a very highly trained electrician with electrical understanding down to the subatomic level. But my education is very limited. So jobs that I can do better then someone with a degree does I can’t get because I have no degree. But with this app I can get certifications and specialities in my field showing I know how to do the jobs I want. Plus I love that I can get courses from all over the world.
  • Annoying

    By Batman11111111111114
    I audited a course and did a quiz that was supposed to count towards a grade and only when I was completely finished with the quiz did it inform me that I had to pay to get a grade. Thanks for wasting my time.
  • Great platform to get new skill but need some improvement

    By Adikshita
    Its a get platform to learn about new things but i would loved to give it 5 star if there is a way to maintain a wishlist or queue of interested courses
  • Great!

    By bri22500
    Love it! I’m learning more with Coursera than I learned in college
  • Updates are Nice

    By Jessamuhca
    The app is good, but something I love that I don’t see from other apps is their update transparency. They list the changes, and I appreciate that. Most apps just say “bug fixes and enhancements” every single time, even for big interface changes. Thanks.