Coursera: Top online courses

Coursera: Top online courses

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  • Release Date: 2013-12-10
  • Current Version: 2.7.9
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
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Learn on the go with Coursera for iOS. Access free and paid courses, Specializations, and degrees developed by experts from Stanford, Penn, Google, Autodesk, and 150+ others. App features: • Access our full catalog: Choose from 2,600+ courses in 11+ topics • Take control of your downtime: Stream video lectures from anywhere, or download them for offline viewing. • Always pick up where you left off: Your course, assignment, and project progress is saved in the app and on the web. • Be part of a community: Connect with a mentor, interact with other learners, or post questions for your instructor. • Learn in dozens of languages: Courses taught in Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, and more. Subtitles and interactive transcripts help you follow videos. • Earn shareable Certificates: Easily share your achievements with employers, colleagues, and friends. Popular topics: 11+ topics to help you advance your career, get your dream job, master new skills, or explore new hobbies. • Art: Design, Photography, Music, and Creative Writing • Business: Accounting, Marketing and Entrepreneurship • Computer Science: Programming, Mobile and Web Development and Cyber Security • Data Science: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Statistics, Probability and Data • Personal Development: Leadership, Negotiation and Public Speaking • Sciences: Robotics, Chemistry, Nutrition, and Medicine • ...and hundreds more! Earn a Certificate: Coursera offers affordable learning with free and paid options. Free courses include video lectures and reading materials. Paid courses unlock quizzes and projects that test your skills and award you a Certificate. • Single courses from $29–$99 • Multi-course Specialization subscriptions from $39–$79 per month • Degrees from $15,000–$25,000 Recurring payments for multi-course specializations will occur through your iTunes account and will automatically renew unless you cancel your account at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription. You can manage your subscription, cancel anytime, or turn off auto-renewal by accessing your iTunes account. For the full terms of use, visit



  • Please unsubscribe me

    By asdftreuh njiudx
    Unsubscribe me!
  • No longer closed captions!?

    By pakshirajan
    Previous releases of Coursera used to have Closed Captions option which now disappeared, both on iPhone and iPad. There is transcript that is hard to follow. Hope the CC would be reinstated.
  • Science and Religion

    By spiritscholar
    This is an extremely fair minded and informed perspective on the hotly debated issue of Science and religion i.e. Evolution or creation. If you are an atheist or a fundamentalist you will be delightfully challenged. I wish EVERY Christian would take the time to go through this one class. I am familiar with dozens of books written on the subject from a variety of perspectives but this is the singular source that I highly recommend. The Scriptures demand of us that we love the Lord God with ALL of our minds. Taking this course will serve you well in fulfilling this obligation. I think it will help everyone to become more gracious and humble which is a sorely needed attitude in our philosophically divided America.
  • Take advantage of this app!!

    By amazinggreyce
    I have been on this site for years, and I have used the app forever now. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, then you are wasting precious time. There is so much to find on here for every individual, and if you’re not enjoying the course you’re in. You can just change it! At least check it out for a bit, I’m positive you won’t be sorry.
  • Lots of improvements - works great

    By Jmaddy10
    It used to be that lots of content was unavailable on the app. NO MORE! They even let you save videos on your phone so you don’t waste data while out.
  • Many links fail to load

    By TravelHardyLlama
    When viewing courses, clicking the More button does not expand the text so it can be read.
  • No way to reset password using mobile

    By grantjack
    The app offers a reset password option, as well as the mobile site. However, once you submit your email address via the app, you are sent back to the sign in page, and nothing is sent to your email. The mobile site does send you a reset password email with two clickable links, but one link sends you to a blank page in the browser and the other sends you to the app. There should be a working way to reset your password via mobile, not just desktop.
  • Amasing

    By sabarash
    Thanks for designing great UX
  • Awesome classes available. Great app!

    By donutman2727
    Really enjoying taking classes on my iPad.
  • Continuity

    By Believethetruth
    My one complaint (preventing a five-star rating) is that the app doesn’t pick up where we leave off, which means we must look for those green, progress-indicating check marks, lesson by lesson. That’s not ideal. While the app remembers the most recent course, it’s not immediately clear to me if there’s a way for the app to go exactly where we left off, if not down to the second, maybe to the lesson. Thanks!
  • Amazing app allows easy use of a great service

    By Lollie Lulabell
    I love using coursera, and this is a great and easy app to access it. You can download lectures and homework and do it later. Coursera is a great service that I've been using for years and can't recommend enough. It's only gotten easier to use with time, as you can enroll and start a free course on the same day and the app hasn't been glitchy in years. Love love love
  • An amazing function to liberate learning

    By Yesx....q
    Deeply appreciate the availability of these courses. Hard to know how to say thanks
  • Great purse app

    By newj1
    This is just like being in class
  • Great Platform, but concerns about

    By portmanteaux544
    Coursera General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), our Partners, third party vendors, Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy, and Terms of Use Policy for end users and coursera employees.
  • Modern and Performant

    By Sean Zhang
    Thanks for building such useful app. It helps me learning everyday and advancing my career. Really love that I can download the course and watch it during the commute in the subway. The design is modern and color theme is really clean.
  • Positive psychology

    By #6CC
    The courses in the positive psychology specialization were fantastic. If I had the money I would enroll in the program at Penn. Each professor enhanced my understanding of the subject matter and increased my enthusiasm for learning. Thanks to all for a job well done.
  • The course needs to be in English

    By dandeal
    I signed up thinking the course was going to be in English. I don’t understand Chinese and it is very hard to follow the explanations.
  • Love Coursera

    By TiTiTea
    Coursera is an amazing platform that also has financial aid assistance. The courses are challenging but I love them!
  • Excellent work!

    By pedrito el guaro
    Michael Roth’s the Modern and the Postmodern is a mind-expanding foray into the great thinkers of the past few centuries. Roth puts it all into the appropriate context for us.
  • Amazing app

    By سـامي عـزام
    The best online platform I have ever seen so far
  • I love Coursera

    By jkd00028
    I've done five or six Coursera courses - several songwriting - and they have all been excellent. Like anything, you get out of it what you put into it, but there is no pressure with Coursera. Do as little as you like or as much as you can. Be prepared for a more enlightening experience than you expected.
  • One of the best ways to learn

    By OgKofB
    Classes are really well done and adapted for desktop or mobile, it is all broken down to small sections so a quick moment of study on the go is made easy
  • Strange UI language :(

    By MichaelFliorko
    I live in Ukraine. I speak Ukrainian. And I never set Russian as my language. Moreover, I configured my Cousera account to English as the main and only user interface language. Why the iOS mobile app automatically uses Russian? And I see no way to change it... And “Feedback” function does not work in the app. When I press “Отправить» (Send) button, nothing happens. The web platform (so the app) are amazingly useful.
  • Lessons

    By mrae2333
    I put 4 out of 5 because I hoped for more ability to dialog with participants concerning the topic of poetry. The discussion section seems to have folks pretty confused. May need less options. The lecture part is great, and the assignments for one’s own practices. If you’re looking for some creative dialog, not so much. I’m only half-way through. So, we see. I have very much enjoyed thinking about the topics the lectures present.
  • Buggy app

    By HarryNoStyles
    It’s unbelievable that a modern day tech company’s iOS app can be so buggy. I guess prof Ng is a great creator, but not a manager. Website is similarly buggy. Course materials are outdated compared to rivals like edX and udacity. RIP Coursera.
  • Subscription Fees

    By Geefter
    Be very wary of subscription based fees via iPhone. I signed up for one class that was a part of a specialization and when I cancelled the single course it did not cancel the entire specialization which automatically billed me. I had no idea I had signed up for a specialization. Additionally, I was able to cancel the one course yet this did not cancel the specialization? Very sneaky deliberate or not. Also, another specialization was somehow restarted - one that I stopped over a year prior. And there is. O way to prove this. Now I’m stuck trying to get refunds and cancel subscriptions via iPhone that Coursera is saying is out of their hands. Rubbish!
  • Good app but need improving

    By Vicky_Liiiiiiiiiii
    The app on my iPhone is much better than the one on my iPad. There are bugs when running on iPad and it freezes sometimes.
  • Cannot download videos for offline mode anymore

    By ProductDude101
    I used to love Coursera until they stopped letting you download videos for offline studying. The download button just rejects you now. What a failure of the app!
  • Gratitude

    By 厚圆
  • Login very poor design

    By Sghcgh
    There is not enough characters allowed to enter my email at the app login. This just changed recently as I have logged in prior without problems. My email is not that long. I tried deleting the app and it reinstalled with the same problem. Who put the limit on characters allowed for your email address?Quite disappointed cause I wanted to listen to a course during a flight tomorrow. Useless app if you can’t even sign in.
  • Instructor engagement

    By JasperAnderle
    Wish there was more direct engagement with the instructor, even if just once throughout the course. Would be great to get feedback on my writing from an experienced writer rather than just my peers.
  • Finished courses in Learn

    By TheTop4884
    Enjoying learning on Coursera so far and the app is great. But I finished the course, why is it on my learn section?
  • There are bugs somewhere

    By ljwinkler
    Taking a second course, I’ve discovered a need which seems missing. There doesn’t seem to be a way to edit one’s forum entry. ————— prior review ———- I've only taken one course on Coursera so I have only narrow experience. The experience I have though is somewhat negative, but I don't know if the problems lie with the app, or the setup and programming on the back end. First experience and consequences. As I watched course videos, many times the system did not recognize that I had watched the video, though I had, and had done so many times in hope that a check mark would appear indicating I had completed this step in the course. The result was assignments were marked as overdue. Second experience. Mini-tests were given, but some items required free form input, but app did not display the iPad keyboard, which meant the question was not answered. Third experience. Multi-choice items sometimes were rendered as radio button rather than checkboxes, allowing only one choice instead of multiple.
  • Latest update broke the app

    By s.i.x.o.
    The latest update crashes every time I launch Coursera. Can’t watch my lectures on the train anymore!! I tried deleting and reinstalling and that didn’t work!
  • Audio

    By 76yms19
    Audio is low .. should be more clear and loud
  • Syncing is a pain!

    By A Coursera fan
    I like the app in some ways, but I am leaving a one star review, hoping they look into this problem and fix it! Syncing should be a trivial feature, not a painful as it is! I often use the app offline. I want my advancement in a course material to be transfered to my account when I go online, but that doesn't happen. There is no button to use to sync after connecting to internet. It is suppsed to happen automatically, but in my case it does NOT happen! I could figure out how to enforce it in an earlier version, but that doesn't work now. There are other problems with this app. I can see a chekmark next to quiz that I completed on a computer. So the app has received the info from the cloud. It even shows my passing grade in the grade tab area, and still shows the quiz is overdue!!!
  • Too many bugs and inconsistencies

    By PodcastAfficionado917
    Hard to reconcile online data with app. App doesn’t keep track on where you were before when you come back after some time. Asks for verification lots of times when setting up. There is a feeling that data can disappear - and does - at any time. All that said, when it works, it is nice. It’s just too buggy and inconsistent.
  • Rip off

    By RAlb1234
    I registered for one Coursera specialization. Even though I no longer use it, and have cancelled it, I am still paying for it. I am glad at least the specialization I bought is the least expensive specialization. This is a terrific service but the payment model is gimmicky. I should not have to pay three months when I am not even going to log on for two months.
  • Thanks!

    By Light(Yagami)
    I really am grateful for this app; I’ve taken 2 courses, seen one to completion. It works if you work it, right ? Really good place to start.
  • Awesome Operations Management Course

    By ViberDude
    This course is a comprehensive operations management course, even for experienced managers.
  • Love the app

    By Ramhigh
    The resources are professional, organized, and a step above any other education site.
  • Java Programming

    By MaceKelly
    I have some experience in programming, 20 years. My first experience with Java was around 1998 or 200, when it was in its first releases, when I was using object Pascal, so I avoided Java, as I did not need the write once play anywhere (that has the run time Java). I tried it again this week, 2018, nearly 20 years later, and immediately droped the course. I had to skip ahead several lessons to get into packages and source code management. For me, Java is still a mess. A principle I learned long ago is that the package that promises everything, doesn't. Simple, efficient and direct is best for robust software engineering. I am going back to Ada.
  • We can really learn something!

    By Jesse TT
    Coursera online courses have given me many chances to acquire new skills in different areas. Perhaps they are not very deep enough, but the well organized content could guide your way into a new area and give you necessary foundation to dig into it. Really recommend for everyone!
  • Needs to be more synced with website

    By Pinkypie008
    I’ve turned in assignments and done what is on my week. However there are times assignments will not show graded even though it’s already graded on the official site. It causes more concern to turn in assignments. If not fixed I’ll be more focused on doing Coursera at my pc rather than its intended use of anytime anywhere.
  • Coursera the best of the best

    By EarthPerson9
    10-13-2018 Hi, Coursera, with global reach, is the best thing in the 5,000 years of human history. We all work together with common goals throughout the planet. Alpha-Centauri, we’ll be there within a few centuries, educated and peacefully, too. Best wishes, Paul Shapshak, PhD
  • Access to education

    By MWA6
    If access to education is a basic human right, Coursera has made it possible for people across the globe to enjoy this right, indiscriminately and conveniently.
  • Can’t sign in to the app or create new login

    By Heylittlemama
    It won’t let me sign in or even create a new account. I really enjoyed this app, so I hope they fix whatever is wrong very soon!
  • Bummer

    By Lorac625
    Apparently hardly anyone in the 3D printing class could submit their assignment, so we’re all screwed. Thank you SO much
  • Perfect

    By Zalmalki
    Easy to use and well explained by instructors.