RoosterMoney Allowance Manager

RoosterMoney Allowance Manager

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2014-01-28
  • Current Version: 4.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 40.17 MB
  • Developer: World Learning Ltd
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.3 or later.
  • Rating Count: 250


The RoosterMoney Allowance & Chores Tracker for parents and children helps families manage allowances, chores and rewards and teaches children the value of money. Available in any currency. RoosterMoney Allowance & Chores Tracker gets allowance sorted. It transforms the way you give pocket money and your child's allowance, by making it simple for parents and fun for kids. Parents remain the Bank of Mom and Dad and no deposits are required to start using RoosterMoney. For those parents who need extra features like a more advanced chore tracker, adding extra family members, or even setting interest rates, there’s the option to upgrade to RoosterPLUS. Parents sign up to record the pocket money comings and goings for their children. Each child has an account too and can check their statement and savings, create saving goals and choose what they want to save for. Key Features for Parents: - Set up a pocket money routine for your kids; issuing allowances automatically each week or on an ad hoc basis in your preferred currency (£, $, € and more). - If your children aren't ready for real money, you can also award stars, we act as an online Reward Chart or Star Chart! - View current balances and statements, so you can track kids money. - Boost extra money for jobs, achievements or gifts. - Remove money from the app and hand it to your kids so they can spend it at the shops. - Take pictures of things at the shops and set these as savings targets for your kids to save up for. - Lock their allowance in an instant - A great way for teaching children money. Key Features for Kids: - Take control of your allowance. - Know how much money you have and how it has been saved and spent by checking your statement. - Create goals to save for, and you can upload your own photos! - Save money to add to a Savings Account using our Safe function. - Customise your Dashboard theme and make your account your own. - Get a head-start learning about money! What is RoosterMoney? Our mission is a simple one. We provide easy and engaging tools that help parents to raise money-wise kids. We set out to sort a specific problem: Allowances are a great idea in principle. But finding a system that works for your family is hard, particularly when you’re juggling the weekly shop, work emails and soccer practice. And everything else for that matter. We believe in the power of allowances to transform children’s understandings of money – whether you give them 20¢ a week or $10. And we think these lessons are best learned by keeping things simple for parents and fun for kids. Importantly we think the best things are learned together. What Parents think: “Pocket money issues used to stress me out no end and now it is all just FUN! I tried so many times writing things in cash books & various money boxes but nothing really worked until I found RoosterMoney.” Annabel, mom of 3. “Perfect for parents like me who do not deal in cash.” Wendy, mom of 1. “They used to receive ad-hoc amounts from friends and family and store it all over the place. Now they know exactly how much they have and how long they've been saving for.” Lucinda, mom of 3. PLUS PRICING & TERMS RoosterMoney offers 2 auto-renewing subscription options for Extra PLUS Features: $2.49 per month $18.99 per year Prices are for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless turned off at least 24-hours before the current subscription period. Your iTunes account will be charged for renewal 24-hours before the current period ends at the same cost as initial purchase. You can manage your subscription, change plan and turn auto-renewal off by going to your phone’s Account Settings. Terms & Conditions: Privacy Policy:



  • Bugs!?

    By objectmaster
    Despite setting the app to Eastern Time zone, it still shows some jobs as “due today” 5 hours at 8pm the day before they’re actually due! Not sure if this due to the time zone or if 8pm is a cut off? If the latter, why not move it to midnight? Also, it would be nice to undo an approved job. I was told this feature was coming, but 8 month on and nothing has moved. Is it that difficult to implement this rather simple feature? Otherwise, it’s the best app for allowances out there and $2 seems fair enough (not everyone mines information for profit to make it “free”).
  • Excellent App

    This app is a quick and easy way for my children to track their earnings and spending habit. It helps to teach them about saving, goals, and giving. We love it and have found many teaching opportunities. Highly recommend!
  • Great money tracker

    By Wootaddict123
    I love this app for tracking my kids’ allowances and any other money they spend. I particularly like that I can set it to “pay” them every 2 weeks and a percentage goes into save and give. The goals that they can set up have helped them learn to save, and the spending notes have helped them realise that all those little purchases they make really add up and leave them with less money when they want something important. Overall, a great app.
  • Great app for families

    By Fun Family Frugal Funds
    Super helpful for consistent tracking of allowance and teaching kids principle of depositing money to save. Allocating to specific categories with goals is terrific.
  • Great Allowance App

    By EllieSoule
    My kids love this app and i love that they are more interested in managing their allowance!
  • $20 a year? Really?

    By Onne1
    This is a simple app - but for adding chores they are asking for $20 a year - compared to other apps this is robbery. It’s nice of them to have a free version so you don’t get robbed in advance.
  • Easy to use. Finally keep track of Mum or Dad bank

    By Sinead2000
    I pay my kids an allowance. And then I couldn’t remember how much they spent or how much I had given for extra chores this app helped all of that. Super easy to use. Very reinforcing for great follow up and behavior from my kids. 10 stars if I could.
  • Everything I was looking for!

    By zach rawlyk
    I was looking for a well-designed app that would allow me to keep track of my children’s allowances into three buckets, spend, save, give. It is so user-friendly and provides all of the features that I have been looking for! Absolutely love this app!
  • Best Allowance App!

    By Nikstan
    I’ve tried several popular allowance and chore apps out there, but haven’t quite found exactly what I wanted until now! Rooster Money is perfect and so user friendly! I love this app!!
  • Great App

    By Mcpmom
    Thus app is easy to use and I like that you can set a percentage of allowance - teaches kids you get paid for what you do. Also like you can take away some at a time - my child wanted something from store - cost her 1.50 of her rooster money - she got to choose to spend money and see her balance go down. My other child choose to save it. Good lessons learned.
  • has promise but flawed

    By Doodaddy
    This app shows some promise, but doesn't understand how kids chores actually work. You can't create a chore, for example, to "put your laundry away today" -- you'd have to say "every Wednesday" or "once, with no due date." So -- it's not yet flexible enough for real life use. Still, the developers are semi-responsive, so maybe this will turn into something usable eventually.
  • Great app for families

    Great keeping track of money for the kids. Kids loved it
  • Overall good so far - need some modifications

    By Jamie xxxxxx
    It would be great if when we boost money to our kids account it would automatically split it into our desired ratio of 80% spend, 10% save and 10% tithe. Instead you have to manually do that and enter 3 separate transactions with explanations. When making a withdrawal it would be nice if you could see what is in all 3 accounts while choosing the amount. We were previously using kidsbank and I was very disappointed when that app was shut down. We have 5 kids so you can imagine that managing their money and chores is not easy. We are liking this app so far but modifying the features I mentioned would make this fantastic! Also it is a little glitchy when adding chores manually. If google can’t come up with a picture and you try to go back and edit, it wants to make you put in a deadline date instead of leaving it open ended so you have to delete the chore and re-enter it with a different name so that google can find a picture. For example, I entered straighten craft area and Game Center and all I could get was pictures of hair straighteners. I look forward to providing further feedback as we begin to use the app.
  • Looking good so far

    By juliaea_011
    Though I do not use this for allowances it seems to be great. I wanted an app where I could track savings without it actually taking money out of my account. It has a bar and percentage so I can visualize just how far I have to go. I can create goals, which is exactly what I wanted, and I can add to the give section so I know exactly how much to tithe each week! I can break down my paycheck each week instead of just putting it in my account. So far it’s great. I haven’t had it long so hopefully it keeps working good. Though I’m using it for something different than its original design, I’m really liking it!
  • Life changing!

    By Michele Lynn 35
    This has made allowance so much easier. So practical.
  • Great app for getting family involvement

    By zamkids
    Everyone loves this app. And it makes chores and allowance so easy! I want to give a better review, but I want time to really explain why this app is so awesome. Thanks Roaster Money! I love how it engages my children, and the entire family. And it’s not always about the $$. We use the star/point system, we call them Truempernickles (the e is silent). We are able to teach budgeting while keeping it flexible for kids of different ages. A+, now just include a debit card option. Then we don’t have to use two apps!
  • Very easy to use

    By elizgood09
    Dealing with allowance and kids’ money has been a challenge for us, but this has been an easy, low maintenance tool.
  • Perfect money management tool

    By Yelnad
    My kids are 9 & 11 and this is the perfect free tool. The only paid piece I might consider is interest, but other than that the free version does everything we need.
  • Great App!

    By duftydownunder
    Great app that the kids love and encourages great use of allowance between saving spending and charity , our 8 year old loved it
  • One flaw upon set up

    By HJC Jedigirl
    As I’m assigning chores to my kids I’m trying to alter days of the week for certain chores so one unloading the dishwasher on the same day the other is loading or having different laundry days so there’s no fighting over the machines. However, there’s no complete chore summary dashboard where I can easily view everything that’s been assigned thus far to each kid. I’m having to toggle back and forth through multiple screens to see what I’ve assigned. It’s making set up take longer than it should. This is with the Plus version. Again, this is only a set up gripe. Haven’t begun using this with the kids yet. All other set up features are simple and pretty straightforward.
  • Great Tool

    By One Hot Maven
    Great App solves so many problems in our household. I gave it 4 stars because I only have the free version, so there are lots of features that I haven’t used. I like everything I’ve used so far and think it’s worth trying.
  • A private bank for your family

    By BuckeyeMomOfThree
    I love this app. There’s no more running to the bank to pay for chores or withdrawing. The memos are proof of payment- absolutely necessary for that fifteen year old who questions whether he got paid and forgets what he bought. Perfect app to create a personal family bank.
  • Perfect for what I wanted

    By SandraNicoleG
    This is an easy way for me to track my kids earned allowance without having to keep cash on hand all of the time. They like that they can see their “banks” when they want.
  • Best chore/ allowance app out there

    By Akreditor
    Keeps track of kids allowance and spending , 3 of us share it. Love!
  • Superb Allowance Account Management

    By Mickeee
    An excellent way for the tech savvy family to hold everyone accountable for chores and allowance intake and to encourage excellent money management! Streamlined and improving on a regular basis! A great support team and awesome financial goal availability.
  • Too complicated

    By SheedaSweeta
  • Just what I was looking for!

    By dlharmon79
    This is a great way to encourage independence in your child to keep track of chores and allowance. It is very user friendly and easy to set up and manage.
  • Love this app

    By thatonethan
    It works great with my high schoolers and middle schooler. I love it!!
  • Just what I was looking for

    By Susanshaus
    In a world where one simply may not have cash to give allowance each week- this is a we’ll done app allowing you to teach your kids how to divide and track their money;)
  • Outstanding finance app for parents and their kids

    By Drcomp
    5 stars! Absolutely love the free version and it is well worth the small payment for the enhanced features on the subscription. I started a search for an easy way to keep a virtual piggy bank for my daughter but ended up finding a great finance app. RM teaches her about charitable giving (with automated donation feature), general saving (with interest!), odd jobs around the house for extra cash, and saving for goals. Highly recommend RoosterMoney.
  • Great App

    By EJ Wheel
    This app has helped our family keep track of allowance and spending so much better that our traditional allowance method. The kids have the app on their iPods so they can see what chores need to be done each day and how much money they have to spend.
  • Easy money manager!

    By kev2bec
    Rooster Money is intuitive and has everything we need to keep track of spending, saving, and giving.
  • Super nice app to manage the kids money

    By asgd djdndd
    This app has been great for allowing me and the wife to manage the kids money balances. Highly recommended if you’re needing something to keep track of your kids money in and money out.
  • Great interface, needs some features

    By Laurasuzy
    We have just started using this app with our family and we love the look of it. However, already we have found that we wish it had some features that we need: the ability for siblings to give/transfer money from one account to the other (sibling boost); and the ability to automatically save a predetermined percentage of any deposit; the ability to simply delete a transaction added in error, rather than removing a boost.
  • A good teaching app

    By salmon wisperer
    This app was exactly what we were looking for. We are trying to teach our kids how to manage money and that “mom and dad are not made of it”. Our kids are 11 and after three weeks of using Rooster we have overcome arguments in the store about things they want because if they don’t have the money, they can’t afford it! We are also learning about giving and saving. Roster is a good tool for parents and very easy for both parents and kids to interact with.
  • Allowance is a breeze

    By Kalynp
    I love this app. We just started doing allowance as I never had cash on me for my 4 kids. Now they get their allowance, are charged money to use the computer and when we go to the store, I just subtract out their money from their account. It also lets you set an automatic dispersal of funds into giving, saving and spending! We live this app!
  • Great tool

    By Fun1234509876
    Great resource for kids and parents to manage pocket money
  • Great app

    By Paujs
    I’ve been using it for the kids and we all love it. It makes it easer to keep track of their money and they are learning how to spend it and how to save!
  • Great for Allowance Tracking

    By CarolineSLewis
    I never have cash so Rooster Money allows us to track allowance and not constantly issue IOUs. The interface is great and simple for my children to understand what they are earning and saving and helps them plan for purchases. Love it!
  • Best chore and allowance app

    By rgilmer26
    This is the best chore and allowance app I have found. My kids are taking responsibility not only for doing their chores but for checking them off on the app as well. I love helping them manage their money in different pots and when we go to the store there is no more “I left my money at home”. I always know Exactly how much they have in their Rooster bank and I can easily subtract money when they want to buy something. This app is amazing.
  • Handy

    By Bemorva
    Very easy to keep track of how much money the kids have, and to put money into it when they do an extra job. Helpful to keep track of special toys they are saving up for, and setting aside money for charitable giving.
  • Chores for screen time...?

    By bdow718
    Not all chores are done for money. I’d like a way to log minutes/hours earned for extra screen time.
  • So far... I love it!

    By EKGmom
    I love this app... so far!! My 10 and 12 year old do also! Finally, something we can stick to and everyone is accountable! I’m amazed at how things are actually getting done! We are also a split family so this works SOO well with both parents on board in each of our houses!! You asked for suggestions... (Thru the app and I lost the area for suggestions ... so I’ll do it here.) - perhaps age related chores to choose from as opposed to just chores - (more extensive/creative pre-list) - kids can create a chore on their device and ask a parent if can be added to their list (gets them involved!) - educate the KIDS on saving, interest etc. - fun short videos they can LEARN from - show examples of interest and how it works - multiple goals? (Maybe thats already an option I forgot ... and I’m only a week into it) ... if they want to save for multiple items - kids might get a kick out of sounds for different actions - I agree on just a one time fee!!!!!! .... I probably could go on - only cause I love this idea and want to improve on the great app you already have going. I decided I would give this a two week trial (I’m a PLUS customer) and if I’m still as happy as I am ... I will be blasting this out to all my friends, acquaintances and FB groups (which may include a “few” Mom groups)!
  • 5 stars from our family!

    By dettmerteam
    We have been looking for a way to keep track of our kiddos’ spending money in a more on-the-go, fun, user-friendly way. We recently found the RoosterMoney app. It’s all about managing pocket money with kids and teaching them about the value of money. When we set it up, we had them bring us the amount of cash that he wanted to deposit in their RoosterMoney “bank”. We can both have access to the same account so he can deposit and withdraw money from his phone and I can from mine. We can make notes for each transaction and we can also deposit/withdraw the same amount from multiple kids at the same time. When adding their “weekly commission” we can also sort it by “give”, “save”, and “spend” so we are teaching budgeting principles. It’s fun for them to see their money going up (or down) and helping them track how much money they have to work with in each of those 3 categories. It’s also free to join with the option of upgrades to add chores and several other features. We are loving it so far!
  • Easy way of tracking and managing allowances!

    By Jeff from Oregon
    I’d totally recommend this to my friends with kids.
  • Great tool

    By rgregg10
    I had been looking for a digital way to manage chore money for my daughters who are 8 and 9. This app is great. It’s intuitive, flexible and works well.
  • Can’t go negative...

    By MatthewisMathis
    I like the app overall, but it really needs to allow the kids money to go into the negative. I need to be able to know when they go negative so that they can do chores to zero out. This teaches them the pain of going into debt and allows me to remember when they do so.
  • Yippee! No more hassle!

    By Mom Harper
    This is just what I needed to track my kids allowance. So happy to find this app!
  • Love!

    By LEPuckett
    I have 4 kids and keeping up with their money is a challenge. They never have their money with them when they see something they want to buy, nor do I want them walking around with a $100 they got from grandma for their birthday. With this I can keep their money in my bank account and use this app to keep track of their balance. So glad I discovered this useful app!