PDF Expert by Readdle

PDF Expert by Readdle

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2013-12-03
  • Current Version: 6.6.16
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 114.09 MB
  • Developer: Readdle Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 35 490


PDF Expert 6 is an essential app for anyone who reads, highlights, signs and fills out PDFs on their iPhone and iPad. With an additional in-app purchase PDF Expert 6 acquires the unique superpower to edit existing PDF text, replace images and hide sensitive data. “PDF Expert is one of my must-have iPad apps and a desktop-class PDF reader”. – MacStories.net “I was blown away at how easy the app is to use”. – MakeUseOf “The best app for managing, editing, and reading PDFs on your iPad”. – The Sweet Setup *** WITH PDF EXPERT 6 YOU CAN *** HIGHLIGHT AND REVIEW PDFS • Mark important information in books, journals or documents with the first class annotation tools: highlight, underline, strikethrough and others. • Insert predesigned stamps such as Approved, Not Approved, Confidential and more. • Create diagrams and schemes using shapes such as arrows, circles or rectangles. FILL FORMS • Work with static PDF forms created in Adobe Acrobat. • Fill out any PDF forms with interactive fields such as text fields, checkboxes and radio buttons. SIGN DOCUMENTS • Use e-signatures to sign contracts and agreements on the go. • Sign documents with signatures synchronized across all your devices: Mac, iPhone, iPad. DRAW WITH YOUR FINGER OR APPLE PENCIL • Draw with your finger or Apple Pencil to make handwritten notes or highlight text in scanned books. EDIT OUTLINES • Edit outlines in a few taps to structure your data and for better navigate through the file. PROTECT CONTENT WITH PASSWORD AND ENCRYPTION • Restrict access to PDF Expert with a password. • Protect your files from unauthorized reading with a password. • Enable iOS Data Protection to encrypt everything while your iPad or iPhone is not in use. WORK IN THE CLOUD • Connect to other document storage providers like Dropbox, iCloud Drive, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive etc. Work with files right in the storage and all edits will be saved there without downloading the document. • Enable 2-way sync with storages to provide the continuous work with documents among all devices. CREATE NOTES • Add comments to the texts you read using sticky notes and drawing tools. MAKE BOOKMARKS • Make Bookmarks when it comes to intuitive navigation through PDF files. READ PDFs WITH EASE • Quickly open PDF documents from email, the web, or any app that supports “Open In…” • Enable full text search, scroll, zoom in and out. • Choose Single Page or Continuous scroll mode. • Use Text to Speech feature to hear the selected text read out loud. *** WITH PRO FEATURES OF IN-APP PURCHASE YOU CAN*** With additional in-app purchase you can have the unique superpower that allows you to edit PDFs. New features come as an additional in-app purchase for pros. EDIT PDF TEXT • Edit or modify existing text. The font, size, and opacity of the original text are automatically detected, so you can make edits easily. EDIT PDF IMAGES • Easily add, replace and resize images in your PDFs. Or change a logo or a graph. PDF Expert will handle those edits easily. ADD LINKS • Now linking any part of the text to a different page or even a website is fast. Moreover, links can be added to the images. REDACT SENSITIVE DATA • Using the Redact feature you can permanently erase or hide any sensitive information in your PDFs. PDF Expert is also available in the Mac App Store. It has been voted “App of the Year Runner-up” by Apple.



  • Rip off

    By D@h@v@l0n
    I purchased the pro a few months ago, I could edit write and sign, tried to do that today and it wants me to purchase the same thing again....... I want my money back or give me what I paid for........
  • Why should I pay twice to use the full tools

    By Banditos3
    when I purchased the App. I thought I had total tool usage inside the program - why is it that you sectioned the program tools into 2 packages of the same price? to tell you the truth I would not have purchased the App. if I had known of the half handed gimmick you dealt to me under the table. The question now : will I tell every body of what you did to me of charging me twice in order to use the full tools of the program ? My answer is: I will warn every body of your hacking procedure of making the user pay twice for usage of the program. My advice to you is put one price for the App. and do not cheat the users. You should know better than that!!!
  • Crashes frequently or produces blurry text

    By N12C21
    This app crashes every time I annotate my pdf files. It renders the first few pages with sharp text but after getting to page three or four, it only produces blurry text. At that point you cannot highlight the text anymore (the App doesn’t let you to select the text) and it crashes. After restarting the app, the first two or three pages are rendered properly (those that didn’t render correctly before the crash) and the same thing happens again!
  • Cloud Syncing Will cause the app to crash

    By terminatoret
    Everything is super smooth until cloud syncing is enabled. It always caused the app the freeze and then crash.
  • Find something else if you need google drive sync

    By gzhang8
    The google drive sync is not fully functional. It deletes my files when facing file conflicts. Technical support cannot find a fix after requesting multiple logs. I am a dev as well. To me, it’s just because they don’t care too much and don’t want to spend much efforts on it.
  • Updated version doesn’t recognize my previous purchase

    By Bobby249
    I purchased the pro version and used it frequently. The updated version is trying to sell me the ability to edit documents and doesn’t recognize that I have bought this before. This does not make me happy as I need to edit documents right now.
  • Wait....What???

    By Stormrider770
    So I have been using this app for years and it has always been there for me. I purchased the pro version and all was well for a long time. Today I opened the app to fill out a contract and it informed me that I have to purchase it again. Really??? Not happy with this!
  • Ripoff

    By hjazzi
    I paid $10 to download it and then when it downloaded i have to pay another $10 for pro. Total ripoff!
  • Really good app

    By Smokie Budding
    I’ve been using this for about a month now and I’m loving the flexibility of the features. They all work well and are easy to get a grasp of relatively quickly. The one thing I’d like to see in a future upgrade is for it to recognize (and add) form fields. (If it can add form fields for text already I apologize. I haven’t found it) I think that would make it perfect.
  • Great app!

    By abc_1111
    Organize, annotate, highlight, make notes, merge. Everything I need! It is a “pay once and own it for life app”, not a subscription service so really good deal. I did not purchase nor need the premium features. Still a very good app. Tried other free and paid pdf apps but I always come back to this. People leaving poor reviews can not grasp the idea that additional features requires additional payment.
  • What?????

    By Kiki3366547
    I just paid 10 bucks for this app and it doesn’t do anything unless I upgrade again? What a scam.
  • Great

    By Dawoud sulaiman
    Perfect appp
  • Great app, but unstable lately

    By danis77
    I have been a big fan of this app for years, but in recent months it has become unstable. It freezes frequently, and sometimes my Apple Pencil annotations would disappear.
  • App is good, but it’s hard to stomach another $9.99 after buying the app for $9.99

    By Derek M
    I got in the app and saw there was a $9.99 “upgrade” to edit PDFs. I thought it must be a mistake, as certainly I got the “full app” for my original $9.99. Turns out you don’t get the ability to edit PDFs for that price. Sours me on the app at large as this feels a bit like being nickel-and-dimed.
  • Great app and company’s support

    By MyCoffeeHouse
    Download this app a while back and use it quite a bit on my iPad and iPhone. So I was looking on my computer - where I have Adobe acrobat pro - inadvertently purchased for $80 including tax PDF expert. Apple wouldn’t refund my money; they said my reason wasn’t good enough. So I contacted the developers and they refunded my money the next day. If it was that easy for them, why couldn’t Apple have done the same? Greed is the name of the game for the big companies anymore but I am heartened to see that some people do the right thing even when it costs. In the long run they benefit. Thank you Readdle!
  • Best PDF ready

    By Rikukev
    Best PDF reader I have used. However, my only gripe is that it crashes from time to time.
  • Best PDF app on IOS

    By Angelic_anuria
    I've been using it for three years. It is a great app for both viewing and marking up PDFs. My favorite two features is being able to make notes/bookmarks and being able search many PDFs that aren't made to be search able.
  • Need some features

    By drjojo212
    More color option for pen and highlighting would be a good thing
  • Didn’t know I needed it...

    By Damon_Williams
    Until I needed it. Had a mission-critical assignment to quickly edit and distribute a baked-in PDF. This app helped me pull it off rather seamlessly. At first, I thought ten bucks was a little steep for this ‘superpower,’ but it absolutely worked when I needed it to absolutely work. To put another way: ten bucks is a steal, considering what the resulting drama would have been from not having that PDF ready.

    By SBassler
    What happened to PDFOffice?! Please I am begging you to add into Expert, the ability to add/edit forms like office had! It separated readdle’s apps from all others
  • Disappointing

    By Junebaby25000
    I use to love this app. But now it keeps crashing, even when doing a simple task as filling out a pdf file.
  • Waste of money

    By Austin’s Daddy
    Doesn’t work correctly on iPad Pro and can’t connect to cloud storage. Save your money and keep looking for a new app
  • برنامج رائع

    By AL.Grey
    يساعد في حفظ الملفات و كذلك التغيير و الاضافه عليها بكل بساطه ما واجهة اي صعوبه في التعامل و اعطاني اكثر مما توقعت تمنيت لو كان هذا البرنامجمتوفر في الاندرويد عشان اقدر افتح ملفاتي ع الايباد و على تليفوني هواوي لو احتجت
  • App bugged and deleted important file from cloud

    By sabdaccamax
    Worked 6 hours on a document and this app bugged and deleted the file. Such working tools should never bugg like this or at least have a recovery system. This makes this app useless as it is unreliable.
  • bait and switch

    By Ksulli81345
    I have no issue ever buying apps. I actually prefer to pay for my apps and get features and no ads. However I was a previous user of this software and needed to add it to a new Apple ID and paid happily. On top of this I have been using Documents and love it so it made the purchase even easier the ability to gain a new level of control over my pdfs. Then the kicker the second i spend money I’m greeted again by another purchase telling me if i want the features in the app i just spent money on I have to spend more money. I don’t mind spending 10-20-100 dollars but don’t tell me i’m getting something and then try to charge me again.
  • PDF Review

    By BigWillieRollin
    Excellent app. Very easy to use.
  • Hello Readdle Please fix

    By Phansindia1
    I am just upset with Readdle Inc. Because Their apps are they play a vital role in freezing iPads time to time and sticky onscreen keyboard with missing keys. I own iPad Pro 12.9 WiFi and LTE 256gb model. The first app I install is Readdle paid apps and free DOCUMENTS. After that, I installed many other apps, but they are freezing my iPad time to time and onscreen keyboard missing keys while I type. I was thinking it is a hardware problem, so I tried every single thing possible that mentioned on the internet nothing worked well for me. I reinstalled iOS using iTunes several times and installing back all the apps the same thing continued, but I didn’t realize until yesterday day, I reinstalled iOS again because I was frustrated with iPad performance. After all, I reinstalled and setup as new IPad as usual, but this time I didn’t install Readdle apps so I checked if the screen freezes and onscreen keyboard will function well or not. GUYS BELIEVE ME THIS TIME EVERYTHING WORKING WELL AS IT SUPPOSE TO BE, but I want to install Readdle apps again just after 5 min installation screen started to freeze and onscreen keyboard started to stick. All I want to say is if u have any problem with iPad reinstall the iOS with iTunes and use without installing any apps use the stock apps and see if the problem reproduce if not means these apps are the ones making our iPads basically useless. I HOPE Readdle will fix this issue. I will post a video on YouTube as well so that others will know what documents and it’s sibling apps doing to their iPad. I read many online communities having this issue; I guess most of them using Readdle apps.
  • Love the features but how the $%^&& do I export

    By Bill13131312579
    Send button does not light up on emails. I’d give the a 5 star if emailing or help features easy.
  • Fantastic App

    By Matt_993
    Filled out medical paperwork and encrypted it using this app. In my opinion this app is well worth the money!
  • Good, mostly.

    By Foolio
    Pretty good pdf editor overall, but some issues. Big one for me - for date fields it only allows their custom date-picker keyboard UI, but the output doesn’t seem to be compatible with that space in the pdf I’m trying to fill, and it doesn’t let you over-ride the date-picker keyboard for a standard keyboard....incredibly frustrating, please fix! Furthermore, it seems there’s an issue in both this app and documents app while editing a pdf field that if it says ‘only enter spaces, letters, etc’, and the modal dialog for this pops up, you can’t then dismiss it without force quitting the app. Incredibly annoying and frustrating. Also, the file structure of the various readdle apps with relation to your device and iCloud is frustrating, not very convenient to use them together even bough I’ve paid for every single in app purchase and every one of their apps.
  • The update ruined it. Keeps crashing.

    By Artichoke27
    Hi- I love this app. It just updated and it keeps freezing, my pages just got blurry and it seems to have a lot of bugs. Worked perfectly before. Please fix.
  • Por favor!!

    By Hidekel7
    A ver si podían incrementar OCR....
  • Double payment

    By ykyoo13
    I was purchased the app on Feb 19, 2019. but can't update it. So I uninstalled it and installed again on May 31, 2019. But they charged the fee again. Very disappointed.
  • So how you combine files to make one pdf?

    By Jay Devit
    It seems that you cannot do that anymore.The combine icon is there but it is like in off mode. Why? Infringement of other company intellectual property ? Is there a way to go around this? The readdle scanner or other of your other programs?
  • Perfect

    By Vahidka
    Really perfect and usefully
  • If you buy pro, you will eventually have to pay again

    By user03938290
    When they release a new version, the users who have already paid for pro don’t get to keep it. It’s a scam, you are better off throwing your money out the window. They will release version 7 soon and my in app purchase for pro will be voided .
  • Need help

    By alejandroooooooooo
    I can’t find the way to undo anything I did, I cannot find the way, it should be easier , I need some help
  • Very Disappointing

    By Ubergeek321
    The reviews looked great so I ponied up the $10 to buy it. I think the free preview tool is less of a pain than this app. It’s a pain to load documents in the iPad app & far from intuitive. The worst part is them immediately trying to upsell another $10 upgrade, immediately after downloading the app. Why not just charge $20 from the get go and be done with it? I have no idea how this app has garnered so many positive reviews.
  • Not good

    By Wendala Alistar
    I don’t like the changes! I can’t find my files!!!
  • Super Tool for Editing/Merging PDF documents

    By tunesmith
    I have owned PDF Expert for some time, but recently purchased the editor add-in so I could edit/merge PDF documents for a Medicare Appeal. The app far surpassed my expectations and did everything that I used to perform with Adobe Acrobat DC at a fraction of the cost. Great job to the developers. Highly recommended.
  • Great App - Pro Upgrade isn’t working

    By runyonski
    If you’re wondering why nobody is upgrading...it may be because the upgrade option is non responsive.
  • Holy cow, this app rules!

    By tpf1952
    I don’t usually take the time to praise an app; I just expect it to work. But PDF Expert is really a terrific app. I frequently have to share PDF documents with clients or vendors. Sometimes other IOS apps that generate PDF documents leave little or no room for making quick revisions or plugging in a signature. PDF Expert changes all that. What a time saver! This app is simply awesome. I bow my head in thanks. Get this app!
  • Uninstalled!

    By dp0123
    Apparently, it was too hard for the devs to remove that persistent black bar at the page bottom on the latest iphones. Oh well! Time to vote with my feet!
  • Poor technical support

    By CrashyAppy
    The tech support staff is horrible. They won’t even answer simple questions and rather demand that you release private information in order for them to “diagnose” a problem — rather than answering a question or simply outlining the procedure. They are lazy or retarded, and just want to check the box saying they’ve closed a ticket (if they can’t get and sell your private information).
  • Does not work with large PDFs

    By hungrycookie
    I bought this application to work with large PDFs, but it continually crashes. If that’s what you’re looking for (as a student, opening textbooks), this application is not the right one for you.
  • Problems

    By Cloudprincessruth
    In the middle of underlining or highlighting text it suddenly extends the underlining or highlighting into the next column of print. It won’t erase or right itself, so I shut the iPad off and start again. Still I have no control over where those lines go! This was badly spent money for an app. I might as well work from a hard copy because the time spent juggling the annotating is the same as if I hand wrote the material I am working on!
  • Bought months ago, can’t use

    By cactushackedus
    I paid for this app many months ago, and now it seems to be unusable unless I pay again? Not cool. I understand that maintaining an app takes time and money but that’s not how the App Store is supposed to work.
  • Best PDF app ever made

    By MichaelJayBills
    Thank you
  • Great App - Problem with current Version

    By Boubouzerz
    Recently Updated Version: I’m having difficulty importing PDF’s from Microsoft Outlook into PDF expert since yesterday. I’m using iPad iOS for both apps. I get an error noting a missing plug-in. Not sure if this relates to MOutlook or PDF Expert. I’m unable to edit or delete imported pdf files, which appear blank in my main “Documents” folder. For the past 3 years, PDF Expert has been a great standby, with fully functional integration to DropBox and Google Drive. Better than any other app available. I’m sure this hiccup will be fixed soon. It’s a great app and, even with the current 2-day old issue, deserves my 5 Star Rating! Thanks guys.