PDF Expert by Readdle

PDF Expert by Readdle

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2013-12-03
  • Current Version: 6.6.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 148.18 MB
  • Developer: Readdle Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 32 961


PDF Expert 6 is an essential app for anyone who reads, highlights, signs and fills out PDFs on their iPhone and iPad. With an additional in-app purchase PDF Expert 6 acquires the unique superpower to edit existing PDF text, replace images and hide sensitive data. “PDF Expert is one of my must-have iPad apps and a desktop-class PDF reader”. – MacStories.net “I was blown away at how easy the app is to use”. – MakeUseOf “The best app for managing, editing, and reading PDFs on your iPad”. – The Sweet Setup *** WITH PDF EXPERT 6 YOU CAN *** HIGHLIGHT AND REVIEW PDFS • Mark important information in books, journals or documents with the first class annotation tools: highlight, underline, strikethrough and others. • Insert predesigned stamps such as Approved, Not Approved, Confidential and more. • Create diagrams and schemes using shapes such as arrows, circles or rectangles. FILL FORMS • Work with static PDF forms created in Adobe Acrobat. • Fill out any PDF forms with interactive fields such as text fields, checkboxes and radio buttons. SIGN DOCUMENTS • Use e-signatures to sign contracts and agreements on the go. • Sign documents with signatures synchronized across all your devices: Mac, iPhone, iPad. DRAW WITH YOUR FINGER OR APPLE PENCIL • Draw with your finger or Apple Pencil to make handwritten notes or highlight text in scanned books. EDIT OUTLINES • Edit outlines in a few taps to structure your data and for better navigate through the file. PROTECT CONTENT WITH PASSWORD AND ENCRYPTION • Restrict access to PDF Expert with a password. • Protect your files from unauthorized reading with a password. • Enable iOS Data Protection to encrypt everything while your iPad or iPhone is not in use. WORK IN THE CLOUD • Connect to other document storage providers like Dropbox, iCloud Drive, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive etc. Work with files right in the storage and all edits will be saved there without downloading the document. • Enable 2-way sync with storages to provide the continuous work with documents among all devices. CREATE NOTES • Add comments to the texts you read using sticky notes and drawing tools. MAKE BOOKMARKS • Make Bookmarks when it comes to intuitive navigation through PDF files. READ PDFs WITH EASE • Quickly open PDF documents from email, the web, or any app that supports “Open In…” • Enable full text search, scroll, zoom in and out. • Choose Single Page or Continuous scroll mode. • Use Text to Speech feature to hear the selected text read out loud. *** WITH PRO FEATURES OF IN-APP PURCHASE YOU CAN*** With additional in-app purchase you can have the unique superpower that allows you to edit PDFs. New features come as an additional in-app purchase for pros. EDIT PDF TEXT • Edit or modify existing text. The font, size, and opacity of the original text are automatically detected, so you can make edits easily. EDIT PDF IMAGES • Easily add, replace and resize images in your PDFs. Or change a logo or a graph. PDF Expert will handle those edits easily. ADD LINKS • Now linking any part of the text to a different page or even a website is fast. Moreover, links can be added to the images. REDACT SENSITIVE DATA • Using the Redact feature you can permanently erase or hide any sensitive information in your PDFs. PDF Expert is also available in the Mac App Store. It has been voted “App of the Year Runner-up” by Apple.



  • Excelente app

    By Berni1914
    Good job is a excelente app
  • Wants more money after purchase

    By wayne.grw
    Wants another $10 after purchasing the app for $10. Prompted immediately after opening. Missing advertised key features until giving them the extra money.
  • Powerful but buggy

    By Domainman
    A trend across Readdle’s products is that anything involving an internet connection is problematic. This eventually lead to me switching away from Spark as an email client, despite loving its UI. The same holds true for PDF Expert. If you only want to work on local files on your phone, you’ll probably love this feature rich app. If you’re planning on using it with Dropbox or any other cloud service, prepare for death by 1000 paper cuts. Weird syncing behavior, overwriting files with old versions, re-creating files you already deleted — it’s got it all.
  • Best PDF Reader

    By Zoro3979
    Thank you for greate and quick update app
  • Images cannot be seen.

    By rnqs
    Previously this app worked beautifully but in the previous version and in the current version I am experiencing a problem in viewing images in pdfs. And I know it’s the app and not the file because opening the file using another app let’s me see the image. I hope this is fixed soon.
  • What would make this app better

    By fruity_1
    I really like this app so far. It would be perfect if I could view two documents at once on a split screen. I like to read from the PDF and take notes on a separate page.
  • Great, when it works

    By too.much.to.read
    When it works, this is a slick, well functioning app. Easy to read and highlight, syncs with the cloud effortlessly. When it works. It freezes frequently, especially with longer PDFs, and sometimes doesn’t save annotations on them.
  • Never works!

    By clccc23
    I remember years ago when I first both this app to help me take notes on the massive number of academic articles I had to annotate while working towards my doctorate. It was GREAT at first. However, it eventually became very unreliable (constantly freezing or failing to sync to my Dropbox). I gave up on it years ago but always try it out every few months to see if it’s back to where it used to be. It never is. It behooves me how it continues to get such rave reviews. So maybe it’s just me, but this app hasn’t been reliable for years.
  • Great!

    By ALDiCross
    Better than a desktop version which will start at 70$-140$, this has all of the same powerful features and you can use the app on multiple devices for 20$! This is the best deal: can use on other apps like documents also, with the best features, at the best price anywhere, whether it’s desktop, tablet or phone.
  • Ask you for more money

    By TeX King
    I bought this app long time ago. The developer should keep this app working well. Instead, the developer makes this one to have glitches so that it keeps asking you to upgrade to a Pro version, which requires you to add another $10. I will stay entirely away from this kind of developer.
  • Best PDF Reader Ever!

    By DesertRat47
    I read a lot of long PDF’s and most readers are weak for such reading. They all seem to have something I don’t like or wanting something I would like to have.... This reader has it all, stop looking, just buy it!
  • Super Helpful!!!!

    By MarcoYMCMB
    Over the years this App has been Super Helpful organizing and storimg all my documents not only that also working, marking and adding note to them thank you PDF Expert!
  • Frank loffredo

    I suggest pdf expert offer more symbols and the ability to draw on angles. Symbols should be able to rotate
  • PDF Expert

    By Bernmeister354
    Best pdf reader. Way better than Adobe pdf reader
  • Problems

    By Cloudprincessruth
    In the middle of underlining or highlighting text it suddenly extends the underlining or highlighting into the next column of print. It won’t erase or right itself, so I shut the iPad off and start again. Still I have no control over where those lines go!
  • Great app overall

    By Hell0drs0ul
    Nice app. Better than the Acrobat at handling large files. Just a few suggestions. May we please get the option to hide “Recently deleted” folder from the home screen of the app? Also if we get the option to specify the number of folders displayed in one row of the grid view of the app, it will be nice I think. Currently the app has no option and by default it displays 4 folders/files in one row of the grid view. This makes it difficult to see the whole name of the folder/files if it has a lengthy name. Best of luck. Great work!
  • Has AirPrint Defect

    By SwankPeRFection
    When printing a modified PDF (one or more pages) to an OfficeJet Pro 8710, one of the pages comes out extremely blurry on the printout. This only happens with this app.
  • Ios version is good but Mac version is buggy

    By heavy note user
    When editing the text box the mouse got very slow, can barely move when the index is on the text box.
  • Unable to edit many PDFs

    By MarsCook
    I like a lot of things the app can do, but the pdf editing isn’t very good for what I need it for.
  • Great app

    By Sullivan723
    PDF Expert has always been a solid app, but it’s been getting more unstable over the past year. Experienced on multiple iPad and iPhone models.
  • App Crashes

    By kfpa123
    It used to work FLAWLESSLY. Now, it’s useless. It’ll crash constantly.
  • Great, but not perfect.

    By Obravenewworld
    This is by far my favorite reasonably-priced alternate to Adobe Acrobat. I hope the text and shape annotation tools get better, they’re the weak link in an otherwise awesome app.
  • superb

    By Barabossz
    If you want to do anything you need with your any PDF file this app is the solution. Nicely done, perfect, very very useful for those who work with PDF documents like myself.Simple to use, straight to the point, i am not a geek, this app does everything i need.Love it. Recommend to anyone, don't look further, get it.
  • False advertising

    By aterkik
    The app is really $20. Most of the features they list are only available after you make an additional in-app purchase of $10. Very misleading.
  • Get it

    By Gus2259
    I’m frugal when it comes to buying apps. Ok, I’m a cheapskate. Why should I pay for a pdf editor with so many free ones out there? Well, if all you do is open and email pdfs’s then you don’t need this app. If you do more than that, anything more, then this is well worth it. This apps features are already listed so I won’t repeat them. I didn’t see the page combining and removal feature listed which is exactly what I needed. This app has that. So for that alone I bought it. I do historical research and use a lot of PDFs. This apps organizational abilities for not just combining pages but copying, pasting, removing or adding photos and text is outstanding. Of course it has the features like the other editors have but none of the others have all the features this app has. It’s intuitiveness is excellent. It makes what I do so much better and easier that I’m honestly happy I paid for it. And that’s coming from a Scrooge😳
  • Excellent app

    By Scrap77777
    Love it....use it extensively everyday. My only issue is that I can't type in a search within Dropbox when searching for a file or uploading a file. If someone can tell me how to, or they include that in an update, this is easily a 5 star app for me!
  • عالی و کاربردی

    By mohammad heydari n
    سلام برنامه خوبی هست و کلیه امکانات ویرایش رو در اختیار میگذاره .
  • Crashes where other PDF readers don’t

    By Paul J.R.
    PDF Expert crashes with PDFs that contain a large amount of graphics, which other apps like Dropbox, Files, and Adobe Reader have no trouble viewing and editing. This is a problem with many published journal articles, making the app unusable for the purpose of reading and marking up papers for scientific research.
  • Super slow

    By JonDia9183
    App has been crashing a lot lately. Doesn’t upload document in a quick manner. It does take a little longer than before and I’d like this to be fixed pleas. I also am not able to edit some of my documents For example, I cannot highly a specific word...for some reason it will highlight the entire line when I’m only focusing on one word in that line/sentence. Please fix! It’s a paid application!
  • Meh with Apple Pencil

    By ermgawd88123
    -it’s either way too sensitive or something is off with the calibration. My name writing is terrible on this app -also it forgets that I’m connected a lot, so when i use my finger to scroll, it’ll actual just annotate instead -stick notes still can’t move them? I used to be able to unless that’s not actually an issue (any comments from developers on this?)
  • I love it

    By wstbln
    Reliable pdf app but how do you crop a file?
  • Doesn’t work

    By pab5482
    It takes an existing pdf from google drive, messes up the formatting, loses every page except the one you annotate, and then fails to place the annotated page back in google drive. I would like my money back please.
  • Doesn’t work

    Can’t email
  • Great app.

    By Zenask
    I work in construction and this app is great for keeping my paperwork and plans in one location with easy editing. I just wish there was a windows compatible version for my laptop.
  • Not Displaying Annotations

    By JVC420
    Used to be my go to app for filling out forms and emailing them to other people, lately after filling out any scanned forms and emailing them, the typed annotations do not display on the emailed document. Was working fine, don’t know what happened, the typed annotations appear on my screen but after Emailing document, they do not on the receiving end, if I print out the form, all annotations print out, just not the emailed version. Really not good to me anymore, I did purchase the pro version upgrade.
  • iCloud Sync Please!

    By Johnnybaseball1969
    This would be a 5 Star App if the Developers would add iCloud Sync. The current syncing method is tedious. Review Update: 12-20-2017: Absolutely Ridiculous! I could care less about the iOS 11 Update. The stubbornness of the Developers not to incorporate iCloud Sync has now reduced this to a 1 Star App for me. Review Update: 12-17-2018: Still no iCloud Sync and still a 1 Star App. I would reduce this App to zero if that choice were available.
  • Hate the recent update

    By Darshandev
    I hate how the file names are centrally-aligned. I seriously hate it. I want the previous left-aligned type or at least include the options for it, under the settings. Kindly don’t change things just for the heck of it. Wish the changes were more meaningful. - Your long time customer.
  • Great App

    I would have given this a 5 star review if it wasn’t lacking drag & drop & more color options. Besides those two I absolutely love PDF expert.
  • Great

    By Negarti1
    Always helpful, but recently I have troubles switching pages. Hope they’ll fix it.
  • It just works!

    By jdaaph
    Well what can I say? The app saved me many hassles and integration with google drive is simply the best .
  • I wish

    By Young1274
    There is some function to change only background color.
  • This is a scam

    By reikun7
    Paying $10 to download an app just to find out that you have to keep paying them more money to unlock the advertised features? This is such a scam, Apple needs to take a look at how they are advertising their product.
  • This app is amazing!!!

    By TopWarmachine
    For many years I used the Good Reader app, but since the app has been abandoned with no update in sight, I made the switch to PDF Expert. I do not regret this switch in the least. While PDF Expert does crash sometimes, the development team has put out numerous updates in an effort to increase overall stability. The ability to truly edit PDFs is an awesome feature as well, something that GoodReader never implemented. The customer service and communication with this company has been great as well. This is a great change from the lies and empty promises from the GoodReader development team in the rare event they actually will respond to any emails. From now on, I will be recommending PDF Expert to everyone I know instead of GoodReader. For those of you still on the fence about which app to purchase you will not regret getting PDF Expert.
  • Please fix the highlighting problem

    By spheniscidae21
    It’s a great app. However, sometimes the highlighter could not recognize the right text when highlighting. It was really annoying!!!
  • Recording lecture like notability pleeeeas

    By Ddgehdjx
    The app is marvelous but i wish if it has recording same as notability did it, unfortunately i wll switch to notability for this small reson
  • No Crop function

    By Doxakypie
    Manual Crop features are not available on iPAD. GoodReader has it and in spades! And get this, it’s half the price. Totally dissatisfied and wasted $10! You just bought yourselves a one-star review. Why would anyone spend $10 on this basic, I repeat, *basic* pdf reader? This is in no way a powerhouse.
  • Nice, but no cropping

    By Salll
    Allows annotations, highlighting, drawing. But doesn’t let you crop a pdf, which is a basic and important function.
  • Highlight cannot be erased

    By DrFord666
    Why can’t I use the eraser tool to erase the highlighter? I’ll change to 5 stars if this bug is fixed.
  • Missing PDF cropping tool

    By Ken Ng
    If the app includes a PDF cropping tool, i would have purchased the full version in a heartbeat.