PDF Expert by Readdle

PDF Expert by Readdle

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2013-12-03
  • Current Version: 6.6.13
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 148.65 MB
  • Developer: Readdle Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 34 110


PDF Expert 6 is an essential app for anyone who reads, highlights, signs and fills out PDFs on their iPhone and iPad. With an additional in-app purchase PDF Expert 6 acquires the unique superpower to edit existing PDF text, replace images and hide sensitive data. “PDF Expert is one of my must-have iPad apps and a desktop-class PDF reader”. – MacStories.net “I was blown away at how easy the app is to use”. – MakeUseOf “The best app for managing, editing, and reading PDFs on your iPad”. – The Sweet Setup *** WITH PDF EXPERT 6 YOU CAN *** HIGHLIGHT AND REVIEW PDFS • Mark important information in books, journals or documents with the first class annotation tools: highlight, underline, strikethrough and others. • Insert predesigned stamps such as Approved, Not Approved, Confidential and more. • Create diagrams and schemes using shapes such as arrows, circles or rectangles. FILL FORMS • Work with static PDF forms created in Adobe Acrobat. • Fill out any PDF forms with interactive fields such as text fields, checkboxes and radio buttons. SIGN DOCUMENTS • Use e-signatures to sign contracts and agreements on the go. • Sign documents with signatures synchronized across all your devices: Mac, iPhone, iPad. DRAW WITH YOUR FINGER OR APPLE PENCIL • Draw with your finger or Apple Pencil to make handwritten notes or highlight text in scanned books. EDIT OUTLINES • Edit outlines in a few taps to structure your data and for better navigate through the file. PROTECT CONTENT WITH PASSWORD AND ENCRYPTION • Restrict access to PDF Expert with a password. • Protect your files from unauthorized reading with a password. • Enable iOS Data Protection to encrypt everything while your iPad or iPhone is not in use. WORK IN THE CLOUD • Connect to other document storage providers like Dropbox, iCloud Drive, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive etc. Work with files right in the storage and all edits will be saved there without downloading the document. • Enable 2-way sync with storages to provide the continuous work with documents among all devices. CREATE NOTES • Add comments to the texts you read using sticky notes and drawing tools. MAKE BOOKMARKS • Make Bookmarks when it comes to intuitive navigation through PDF files. READ PDFs WITH EASE • Quickly open PDF documents from email, the web, or any app that supports “Open In…” • Enable full text search, scroll, zoom in and out. • Choose Single Page or Continuous scroll mode. • Use Text to Speech feature to hear the selected text read out loud. *** WITH PRO FEATURES OF IN-APP PURCHASE YOU CAN*** With additional in-app purchase you can have the unique superpower that allows you to edit PDFs. New features come as an additional in-app purchase for pros. EDIT PDF TEXT • Edit or modify existing text. The font, size, and opacity of the original text are automatically detected, so you can make edits easily. EDIT PDF IMAGES • Easily add, replace and resize images in your PDFs. Or change a logo or a graph. PDF Expert will handle those edits easily. ADD LINKS • Now linking any part of the text to a different page or even a website is fast. Moreover, links can be added to the images. REDACT SENSITIVE DATA • Using the Redact feature you can permanently erase or hide any sensitive information in your PDFs. PDF Expert is also available in the Mac App Store. It has been voted “App of the Year Runner-up” by Apple.



  • Bad for pdf file > 90 Mb

    By Quoc29
    My pdf file is 90Mb. I usually take note and annotate in this file. After couple days, some pages of my pdf file turn to blank page, some pages don’t show up the note or highlight.
  • Use to be great.. UPDATE

    By Stephmc1227
    UPDATE: For a while, this app was working great again. No freezes, no problems at all. Within the last couple of days, it has started freezing again. It is so frustrating. I have used this app for years and loved it. But if the freezing continues, I will be looking for a different, similar app to use instead. PLEASE FIX... AGAIN Until this most recent update. I have used this app for years.. and have loved it. Probably my most used app. But since the recent update it is now constantly freezing and crashing. Please fix ASAP
  • I need a refund! Or you fix it!

    By mad customer who paid for this
    This app keeps crashing for days. I can’t believe it has so many good reviews. I like the design, and it was good for 2 days, and after that I can’t use it!
  • RIP OFF REPORT (2019)

    By Andi.Ball
    I purchased the PDF Expert app, the PDF Converter (with the Professional PDF editor In-App purchase) and Printer Pro. NONE OF THESE APPS WORK AS DESCRIBED. The PDF Expert does not recognize text to allow for annotating, nor will the converter actually convert anything to or from a PDF. I even bought the expensive in-app purchase, hoping that would ‘unlock’ these functions. Negative. Trying to open or convert a PDF from a web page, word document, or photo, it returns a blank page. You can open a pdf in the expert, but unless the text has already been recognized prior to import, you will not be able to annotate and/or edit the document. You cannot edit the document anyway. Download a free pdf reader and you will have the same features/capabilities that this expensive package will offer you. Finally, the Printer Pro app does nothing more than your native iPhone printing can do. TOTAL RIP OFF!!!! I request a full refund, for the three apps I purchased and the in-app purchase I made. Thank you.
  • Custom colors!

    By Taylor5678910111213
    How is this a feature on the Mac version but not the iPad version?! Love this app in every other way but please give us more color options
  • Crippled App which wants more money than what you paid.

    By rat sandwich
    $9 dollard for what? so I can have the opportunity to pay ANOTHER $9 to actually edit the PDF? Seriously, the App requires you buy an additional "Pro Upgrade" to "unlock" the "extra features" .... Which I "though" I was "Buying" from the beginning... I am PI55ED.
  • Not stable when using Apple Pencil

    By aiswidjwdjsddfj
    May close automatically when using Apple Pencil With the new iPad Pro
  • No subscription requirement

    By PathMax
    Im a big fan because they dont force you into a subscription for pdf editing
  • PDF covert

    By Nick163837262
    Can you not use this app to convert word to pdf?
  • Was perfect, now unusable.

    By -Clubguy
    The reviews are accurate - this does everything you need it to do. Indispensable and nothing even close. Unfortunately, over the past month a bug has popped up that randomly drops my comments from an entire document. It’s unpredictable and there seems to be no way to resolve. It happens about 30% of the time, which means it’s enough that I can’t depend on it. PLEASE FIX.
  • Don’t waste your time.

    By Dr Marshall21
    I spent $20 to edit one PDF and when I went to edit the text, it wouldn’t allow me to edit all the text. It left behind all the m’s and p’s. There was no way around it. Very frustrating.
  • Do Not Buy

    By Ralf:
    Readdle is a scammer. I purchased the PDF for $9.99, but I changed phone. When I try restoring purchase, it says that I didn’t purchase anything. I contacted Readdle several times and provided a receipt, but they said that I didn’t purchase it, even when the receipt shows prove.
  • Needs one feature.

    By Marzoan
    The only thing missing is the ability to rotate images and text boxes.
  • update

    By ermgawd88123
    Still buggy as heck, the most annoying one? IT FORGETS thats Apple pencil is connected, so sometimes when you’re using one finger scrolling, you end up drawing a huge line down your notes.......
  • Can't crop PDFs

    By VersaMax
    With all the great features that this app offers you would think that simple cropping would be one of them. But I still recommend this app and will continue to use it until they adopt a subscription model.
  • Crashes while switching apps

    By Ajooba1982
    Yup, will be using other apps for now.
  • Go to PDF app!

    By Tsnewt
    I’ve used PDF Expert for years. I’ve tried numerous other PDF apps but always come back to this one. Great for organizing, storing and editing PDFs just as it says it does.
  • Perfect for Graduate students

    By Wudkayaker
    This is probably one of the absolute best apps for students available. If you need to read, annotate, and organize PDFs this one’s for you. Near perfection.
  • Great program but needs OCR!

    By thomp81
    Overall it’s a great program and has lots of functionality. However it really needs OCR to recognize text in PDF format so that users may edit and highlight the documents.
  • Love it but...

    By nkmong
    I love love love this app. One thing I feel is missing, as a grad student, is when I use the pens as a highlighter for PDFs that aren’t recognizable text the lines are too hon. Such a small thing that would really improve my user experience
  • Furious that I wasted my time

    By corby76
    I’m sorry to even give it a star. After scanning 59 pages and then have them disappear, I’m furious.
  • Love it!

    By X-Man Fire
    This is the best pdf app that I have used. Awesome! Love it!
  • Please fix this

    By Hazazi hazazi
    Definitely the most useful app on my iPad. Love this app and it’s my daily basics but one side it’s really lacking behind is annotation, poor wrist detection, writings sometimes just stops(I really hate when this happens and it happens a looot), very limited choices of pen colors and horrible handwriting. All features that I get from other cheap annotation apps! It’s shame such a great app doesn’t have good features for writing. Since many use Apple Pencil lately this feature need to be priority. Please you guys need to fix this issues.
  • No support, broken OneDrive connectivity.

    By sshahram
    Absolutely no support if you run into problems. What a huge waste of money this app has been. There are better options out there for much less money.
  • Can’t go wrong with any of the Readdle product

    By JD Comm
    Been using PDF Expert for years. Now I also use the PDF Editor and Converter. Excellent products and a necessity for conducting business on the road.
  • Rip Off

    By refionce
    I paid $9.99 for the app I open the app and it’s asking me to upgrade to pro so I paid for nothing email support no response what a rip off. UPDATE...The app developer is a crook DON’T BUY...So I paid for the basic when I thought I was paying for the PRO version and he sends me stupid response. Whatever happened to customer service....I paid for the pro version. I am not paying twice for PRO!
  • Subscription model again!

    By Hacteck
    I paid $10 years ago, now I have to pay a subscription of another $10 a year to keep the same features.
  • Privacy? Spyware.

    By Shufei
    The app works. It’s a bit bare bones on functionality; the document reader lacks customization of colour and style. As such, it’s useless for many of us as a reader. But the PDF annotations are fluid. And the file transfer works well. But it loses 4 stars because it’s admitted spyware. The app syphons off your IP address and reports on “events within the app”. This all goes to a third party data analytics cartel. There is no way to turn this telemetry off. Apparently all Readdle apps are subject to this meddling. As such they are unfit to be used for any serious or private purpose. Take care, and read the fine print.
  • These guys are so ON IT!

    By puffy h
    I recently emailed with a unique issue regarding text selection and annotation and within 2 WEEKS they put out an update that fixes it. Mind blown. Oh, and amazing app too.
  • crashing crashing crashing

    By TheSliz
    I rely on this app for grading and all kinds of note taking. After the latest update, it constantly crashes and I have lost tons of work. I’m about to abandon ship because it is so frustrating. Please fix this issue!!
  • Create PDF Extension

    By RS454SS
    What happen to the handy Create PDF Extension ? No longer exists after current update
  • Good App but...

    By USPilot
    I love this app, but I feel that the company is coasting forward on their reputation instead of pushing the app forward in terms of features and usability. Readdle constantly promises great new features coming, but lately all of the updates have been the normal vague “bug fixes and stability enhancements” that’s every app developer pushes when they need to reset the review ratings. Many companies that have been in the envious position of being the leaders in their field never saw the competition sneaking up on them, and then overtaking them. I fear that this will happen to Readdle unless they stop making promises and delivering on those promises.
  • App shuts down periodically

    By Dgtor
    I have been using this app for almost 3 years taking notes on pdf. Recently, it’s been freezing and shutting down at least couple times a day and I ended up losing several annotated files as a result. I learned my lesson and purchased notability today. If you are looking for a app to read and edit pdf, get any app other than this one unless you are looking to throw away $10.
  • Works well, but would be nice if annotation could be one tap

    By dc2001
    Currently takes two taps or a finger slide then tap - not great if taking nots in real-time
  • Costly

    By Yzd8
    Why I should pay for the app and then pay $10 more to edit on a PDF file!
  • Please fix edge detection

    By msaif41
    App fails to detect Apple pencil or finger at the edges of screen/paper PDF. I do not have this issue with Apple Notes, for example. This is my one major peeve. Otherwise, fabulous app.
  • The best PDF viewer for me

    By PУ
    Big thank to developers for creating the app! No adds, fast performance. Keep it up!
  • Can’t rotate a pdf? Seriously?

    By bitkahuna
    This app just feels very simplistic.
  • Misleading

    By RM2988
    It’s a good app. It does what it says. My review is based on how the developer markets this app. After you buy it for $10 which is steep for a PDF app when there are so many free versions, you then learn it’s not the full version. Of course you already paid $10 and it’s nearly impossible to get refunds for app purchases. So it will cost you ANOTHER $10. This means the app actually cost $20. It’s misleading and unnecessary.
  • Limited capture ability

    By afvg123#$&tyi
    I cannot download a complete, long article into the app. I will not update with this limitation.
  • Stagnant sometimes

    By Phuongbot
    Sometimes the app stops working and erases all of my work. Please fix that bug!!!
  • Apple Pencil?

    By InSearchOf
    I just assumed this would support Apple Pencil. I logged in and even paid additional funds for other functionality. Pencil did not work and then it did - after a delay. I had already moved on to another app. Perhaps the learning curve someone referred to.
  • Apple Pencil Conversion Issues

    By Life Adventures
    Frustrating that oftentimes after writing with Apple Pencil onto a document: either PDF Expert fails to show what I wrote or sometimes PDF Expert doesn’t save what was written or signed at all. If I write something on a PDF document, I have to back out of the document, reopen it and make a slight markup with the Apple Pencil, the back out again to see my original Apple Pencil markups. Really frustrating when PDF Expert doesn’t save signatures. Other then that PDF Expert has been useful.
  • Endless spamming to upgrade

    By DoctahDave
    Annoying pop ups to upgrade to new version. I said no, go away.
  • Scam

    By Faflora
    Bought it for 9.99€ and can’t use any function it ask fo another 9.99€ so I can edit PDFs
  • Fix the rendering bug

    By Kwaleed2323
    How have you not fixed rendering bugs in iOS 12 now
  • Wasted $20 :(

    By lrserv
    I purchased this app in the hopes of being able to search PDFs for text, something that this app advertises being able to do. I have tried content searches on multiple files and the search results keep coming up with nothing even for words I can see on the page in front of me. So bummed that I wasted my money. :(
  • Super functional!

    By rbcarson2039
    I’ve tried several other PDF editor’s ... this one takes the cake. I love how smooth and easy it is to use. It’s super functional and professionally done. They release frequent updates as well. This is the only PDF tool I recommend to anyone wanting to know how to manage and annotate PDF files.
  • Disdroyed my books

    By ivxs.
    I have my books pdf , once all of sudden the pdf files hided all the photos and there’s no way to get them back. Now all my notes are like rubbish since I can’t benefit from them!