Daily Budget Original Pro

Daily Budget Original Pro

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2013-11-19
  • Current Version: 5.2.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 28.19 MB
  • Developer: C Ruttinger
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 167


Rated 5 stars and loved by thousands of users! Unlike traditional complicated budgeting apps, Daily Budget Original focuses on being simple, easy and actually fun to use. This PRO version includes all paid features of the free version (yellow icon). -- SAFE & PRIVATE –- The app does not connect to bank accounts, so there is no need to enter your online banking log in data. Also, we do not sell user data. The data stays on your device only. If you want to sync your data, you can encrypt it before uploading it to the cloud. -- KEY FEATURES ARE FREE, FOREVER -- Many users are happy and saving a lot of money with the free version, without any additional paid features. Free features: Daily Budget calculation, planning & saving for big spending, basic categories for expenses, backup. Paid features: More and customizable categories, data encryption, PIN protection, Multi users via Dropbox, Remove ads, CSV file export, analysis graphs. -- USER REVIEWS –- Beyond spectacular! - This app is so fantastic- as with many other reviewers, I've tried other budgeting apps like Mint. But this is the only app that actually works. It incentives me to spend less money on some days, have extra to spend on the weekends. Thank you for not adding too many bells and whistles! Life Changing - I am the WORST with finances and I've tried other apps, including Mint, which I used for a week and quit. But this app?? It's amazing. I can't speak highly enough of how much this app is getting my life together. I'm aggressively saving, paying off all of my bills and I know exactly what I get to spend a day. I will never NOT use this. I hope it's here forever. Helps you be Accountable - This app turns my financial life into a game that I feel I can win. Daily Budget really works and it's core design sets it apart from other apps. -- IN MEDIA –- “Take the blah out of budgeting” – Seventeen Magazine “An utterly fantastic approach to saving” – Apppicker “Super-quick, easy way to show how well we're doing” - Appadvice -- HOW IT WORKS -- 1. Enter your regular income, like salary or monthly allowance. 2. Enter your recurring expenses, like rent or gym. 3. Enter your saving goal, like 10%. 4. Watch your Daily Budget gets calculated and know how much you can spend every day! *Daily Budget is calculated simply as: (Income – Expenses – Saving)/Number of days in a month. Watch your budget grow as you stay below your daily budget. Now, saving money is suddenly a fun game!



  • I love this app

    By mr5.0
    I wish I had found this sooner. Easy to use and very convenient!
  • My go-to budget app for years

    By FCMusician
    I’ve been using this app for years, and I love it - I’d literally be lost without it. I always know where I stand in my budgeting for the month, what big purchases I’m saving for, and how my regular monthly expenses are impacting my cash flow. I love the simplicity of the app. With the sync features, my partner and I use this app everyday to manage our shared expenses and plan our household budget.
  • Great!

    By Tweengalinga
    Good way to give you some sort of guide line as to what to spend safely!
  • Daily budget

    By adamseathru
    Useful friendly. Responsive team.
  • Simple & effettive

    By SDB52
    It simple effective with an elegant interface. Has everything one needs to track expenses and be encouraged to save regularly. I love to use it.
  • Great

    By Mateen YT
    The best helpful app for those who want to control their budgets
  • Great app!

    By sharoncrooks
    This is what I needed!
  • Pretty good

    By Igor Ibragimov
    Works good
  • Great app!

    By marcasb
    This is what I really needed, as it gives me a goal to shoot for daily!
  • Don’t like concept or layout of app

    By Zac and Joy
    I am not excited about this app. Should have tried the free version first.
  • Love this app!

    By SarahYW7
    We’ve tried so many different money tracking apps & methods over the years (ynab, mint, mvelopes, pen & paper budgeting, cash only with physical envelopes etc)...none have worked as well for us as this one. Love the simplicity of it! There is something about having a bottom line number of how much we can spend (and a commitment to not spend more than that amount)...this app is making us think about our money in a totally different way. This app is not for someone who wants to micromanage their money (in theory you could with the app if you set it up that way though), but is definitely for you if you want an easy way to know how much you do or don’t have to spend. My husband & I have found a happy medium with this app (he’s the spreadsheet guy, I’m the one who struggles to track much of anything), he tracks our big bills with a written list, this tracks all else.
  • Great app!

    By Good app, worth the money
    Exactly what I needed to watch my expenses.
  • 😍😍😍

    By their 4th biggest fan
    Perfect simple way to track your expenses. I like that it isn't automatic like Mint or Personal Capital, even though I use PC - it doesn't let you get out of feeling every purchase.
  • The best $2 I have spent in a long time

    By JR Winn
    I don’t think I have ever written a review much less a lengthy one but this is an app I believe in and one that more people need to be using. This is the best, most effective budgeting app for me because it’s so easy to use. You simply enter your fixed income, fixed expenses, % of income you want to save and it tells how how much you can spend per day and still meet your savings goal. The bells and whistles of Moneywiz and Banktivity are nice for more detailed analysis but for daily use to simply track your spending this is what you need. Say you make $5000/month, have monthly bills of $2000/month and you want to save $500/month. This app subtracts your expenses and savings from your income and divides whatever is left by 30 to give you your daily budget (5000-2000-500 = 2500/30 days = $83.33/day). Whenever you spend money you just open the app, hit the minus sign and enter it. If you spend $50 on groceries today then you have $33.33 left which carries over to your daily budget for the next day and so on. Hope this review helps but if not do yourself a favor and buy the app anyway. If you’re smart enough to look for something like this then you’re smart enough to use and benefit from this app.
  • Can’t live without it!

    By Yurayurateikoku
    I wish they would remember not to leave out the auto fill feature for almost every update, but it’s still a fantastic app that is easy to use, looks good and can even make you feel rich 🤑
  • Best budget app

    By sarahconley
    So simple - no fluff. Just works!
  • Can’t enter expenses if the date is not today

    By Jhishan
    Please fix
  • Awesome app

    By swannlake22
    Easily helps you stay on financial track and reach your goals!
  • So close to perfect

    By hollunia
    I love the simplicity of this app. I’d give it 5 stars except that in the last version my Savings amount kept automatically resetting to $0 every few days which really messed up my daily amount. I’m hoping this version won’t do that but I don’t know yet.
  • Favorite budgeting app for over a year

    By Bud101
    I spent a long time looking for an app that was right for me, mainly something that tracked all my spending in one budget in a simple and intuitive way. Daily Budget was the only app that worked for me. It’s become essential for me to keep track of my spending and make sure I’m saving as much as I need to each month. There are also helpful graphs that I like to use to see how my spending has changed. Recent updates have also made the app run way smoother. Coming from apps like Mint that connect to your bank accounts, I wasn’t sure if Daily Budget would work for me since I’d have to input transactions. I quickly got used doing it, and I think it makes the app even more useful because whenever I make a purchase I see how my budget is affected. If you’re looking for a simple, intuitive budgeting app to generally track your spending, I cannot recommend Daily Budget enough.
  • Nice app for saving!!

    By Natalyaukolova
    Very helpful if you want to save money !
  • For The Clueless Spenders

    By lizrose1219
    It’s really easy to use and I finally feel on top of my daily spending!!
  • So far it’s great!

    By TMajor1
    I purchased the full version and I am very pleased with it!
  • Amazing first 2 days

    By alterese
    My habits are already changing! Spending feels like walking in high heels for the first time— awkward but a good change.
  • Was my favorite budget app

    By Mike T!!
    Let me start out by saying I thought this was the best budget app ever created. I would argue against anybody that would say otherwise. However, I’ve run into the same issue over and over again. Every once in awhile the amount on my daily budget would jump tremendously to a negative amount or to some insane positive amount. I’ve contacted customer support for this many times. And they say it’s because of the cloud syncing and that I need to make sure my cycles are all there. I’ve got use to fixing it even though I wasn’t too happy about it, but now when it just changes for no reason even though all my cycles are there, I just don’t want to deal with it anymore. I hope this doesn’t happen to your app, and maybe my phone is just malfunctioning. I’ve paid for the full version of this app and I’m sad to let it go. I’ll be trying other apps in the meantime until there are improvements or when I get a newer iPhone (currently using iPhone 7). I appreciate the services that I’ve received up to this point. Thanks.
  • Everything you’d want in a budgeting app

    By Jth97a
    Enough said.
  • Love!!!!!!

    By aliwirthmor
    I’m such a visual person and this app does an amazing job helping you see the small and big picture of your budget. So quick and easy to use. I have my 10 year old enter expenses so she can start to see how money comes and goes and that unfortunately it doesn’t just appear whenever you need it.
  • I really like this app, but...

    By dukern73
    This app is great at helping me stay within my budget as it is easy to use and having a daily “allowance” with an forecast of where I will be 1 and 2 days later really helps me know exactly what I have to spend and what it will take to get back on track if I spend more than your allowance on any given day. I love that! What would make it even better would be if you were able to keep track of your exact recurring expenses in the app - for example, I added to my recurring expenses an average monthly amount for babysitting so I am less likely to get surprises in my daily allowance, but this amount does vary from month to month and it would be helpful if I could keep track of my babysitting expenses somehow in the app without the app deducting it twice from my budget. Right now I do that in a separate excel spreadsheet and that gets cumbersome and time consuming. One more thing that would make this app even better is if you had the option to add a transaction in the “transactions” tab. When I go through my credit card statement to make sure I have added everything into my app, it is really annoying and very time consuming to have to get out of the transaction tab, go into the main page, add the transaction, get out of the main page, go back into the transaction tab, then scroll down to where I left off. After several times doing this, I don’t want to continue keeping my budget up because it is such a pain! It would be so great if I could just add the transaction in the transaction tab, then continue where I left off.
  • Ready to Retire! This app helps so much!

    By 2Womyn
    Getting ready to retire and worrying about money. Wondering if I’ll have enough to live on. This app was recommended by a friend. It is so comforting to know that I can see where every penny is going. Charts, and Graphs allow me to know where every penny is spent. Helps me determine where I need to cut back spending. Keeps track of every penny I earn and spend. Wonderful app, well worth the money.
  • Intuitive and simple budgeting app with glitches

    By Jtk27
    Not a ton of features, just a streamlined budgeting app which is what we wanted. Edit: The app has seemingly gotten more and more glitchy. Previously, there were syncing issues on multiple occasions which seems to have been fixed. Now, I often have to “repair” my monthly cycle using a built in button or else all detailed transactions are hidden. This has caused us to use the app less regularly, thereby lessening its benefit to us.
  • Best budgeting I’ve had.

    By Adam-01230123
    Works well in a new creative way. Tip: for family collaborative use with dropbox sync, the dropbox app must be installed.
  • Good app for watching what you spend

    By Antacids
    Good app for watching what you spend
  • Life changing

    By Snatch falcon
    Simple and elegant, this app is the best budget app on earth. Hands down.
  • Great app, but need better data

    By Shuk0000
    Overall the app is great and helps me budget. However only a few charts in the analysis feature is helpful. It would be better if there could be more details and if the chart remain in the horizontal format. UPDATE: Would love to see a way to group big spending expenses together. For instance if I were trying to save up for a road trip under big spending, I could only log one dollar amount to complete my spending... however throughout my trip I will be incurring multiple transactions (gas, food, lodging, etc.).
  • Best budget app ever!

    By Nate Lindstrom
    I love this app so much. It makes managing my budget both easy and visually pleasing. And I appreciate that it doesn’t want to tie into my bank or credit card accounts, an activity that makes me feel competing apps such as Mint are insecure and high risk. This app is highly recommended!
  • Game changer

    By kylamedina
    Love the simplicity and watching the money grow. I wish I could connect my bank but I’d still have to choose which purchases should be logged and counted against my discretionary funds 🤔
  • Great reward system

    By Sabewena
    I love that this app sees each day as a positive cash flow day. It takes my yearly income and breaks it down into how much I make per day (minus fixed expenses). So, if I make $50 per day, I work hard to keep it in budget. Days where you just can't (like cutting a check to the IRS), it helps me to look at my long term savings graphics. They show you that every little bit helps. It works well as a budgeting system for me.
  • Best expense tracking tool

    By kishoredbn
    This app has exceeded my expectations. This is more than perfect. What I would suggest developer is have a custom years projection of saving. Example: I would like to see how much I will save after 15 years with current rates of my savings.
  • Truly fantastic app. Very user friendly

    By EdBres1
    Download it
  • Great app for saving money

    By NikolGia1123
    Great app for saving money! I know that with every dollar I spend that's one less dollar I save. This app has been an eye opener on how all this little purchased really add up! Staying in the blue and watching my daily savings go up is very motivational!
  • Wonderful App

    By mark.a47
    I have tried numerous budgeting apps but never found one as intuitive as this. Everything is laid out and keeps it so simple. Inputting everything you spend and seeing how it fits into your budget makes it a lot easier to put things back and not buy things that you don't need. The app is also beautiful and easy to read. The added graphs in the pro feature is great which makes it easy to see trends especially if you're the type of person that likes to look at graphs for actual statistics like me. The only thing I feel that would help me is if there was an option where it shows me what my daily budget would be a week ahead instead two days ahead.
  • It works

    By michilinman
    It works
  • Awesome!

    By RelRR
    I was a Mint user previously but like this one much more. The user interface and functionality are great and my bills get paid faster than they did with Mint.
  • Easy to use, pretty and handy for every day, quick track of your expenses.

    By Lenaglt
    Great way to keep a track of what you spend and help you start saving money. Five stars here!! Thanks!!
  • Halved my credit card bill!!!!

    By L-Dogski
    Need I say more?
  • It Truly Helps...

    By wolfeyekidd
    Okay, so I wasn't all that great with money at one time. I was always ending up short at the end of the month, yet when I ran my expenses through other programs they spat out the same stuff I was able to create with Excel. This is different... This app tells you how much you can spend everyday so long as you enter your expenses in. I simply save all my receipts then enter them in afterwords on a daily basis. Simply put, use this app. It will help you. Trust it, try it for a month and stick to it. It truly helps.
  • Fav iOS App

    By Scoo-ba (916)
    I'm an android user. But I have to own an iPad cuz I love this app so much. I can't wait for it to come to android. I been waiting for a very long time. As soon as it is released for android I'll probably sell my iPad. That's how great this app is to me. I bought an iPad jus for this app. Please come to android already!!!!!!!
  • Simple and clean

    By Mardigras2014
    Easy to use!
  • Great app!

    By EvilKarrot
    This app is beautiful and the simplest way to keep myself on budget. I wish they had a Apple Watch add on! But other than that, great job!