Cricut Design Space

Cricut Design Space

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2014-06-04
  • Current Version: 3.15.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 207.05 MB
  • Developer: Provo Craft & Novelty
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 19 337


Cricut Design Space™ is a companion app that lets you design and wirelessly cut with Cricut Explore and Cricut Maker machines. Create a project from scratch or browse thousands of images, predesigned Make It Now™ projects, and fonts in the Cricut® Image Library. The app is cloud-based and synced across your devices, so you can access your projects and images whenever you’re inspired. Use your built-in camera to visualize your project on a real-life background. Then connect wirelessly to your Cricut Explore or Cricut Maker machine and cut your projects! Features: • Design and cut DIY projects with Cricut Explore and Cricut Maker cutting machines • Choose from over 50,000 images, fonts, and projects in the Cricut Image Library—or use your own images and fonts for FREE • Upload and clean up your own images • Design and cut without an Internet connection using fonts and images downloaded to your device • Cut quick and easy predesigned Make It Now projects • Make home and party décor, cards, and invitations, scrapbooking, fashion, jewelry, kids’ crafts, and more • Cut a wide variety of materials including paper, vinyl, iron-on, cardstock, poster board, fabric—even thicker materials like leather • Use the built-in camera on your device to position, and visualize your projects on a real-life background • Sign in with your Cricut ID to access your images and projects and for easy checkout when making purchases on or in Design Space • Bluetooth® wireless capability (wireless Bluetooth adapter may be required, sold separately)



  • Very user friendly

    By Art is life Jenkins
    This is an excellent app. Very easy to use. Much simpler then trying to use adobe illustrator for those whom are not trained graphic artists. I even use it as a creative design tool outside of Cricut projects. Just really wished they had more features for the iPad that are available on desktop versions. Especially the curved text feature. All in all highly recommended.
  • Amazing!!

    By Wovirtue
    I’m a lover of crafts! Fairly novice in this field yet the app is very helpful and straightforward. Easy to follow and create.
  • Works better on iPad than PC

    By mthomasdfg
    I can design, create and cut projects fasted when using my iPad vs my PC. The search feature works more intuitively and it’s easier to make edits. This is interesting because I’m more used to my PC.
  • Design Space needs serious fixing

    By kpeters92
    For me to pay $120 a year and literally have to spend hours editing just ONE photo or project because design space keeps glitching, freezing, or crashing is absolutely ridiculous. Don’t want to leave the cricut community after so long but it’s getting to be too much. Not worth stressing over.
  • Love my machine

    By Luvyall18
    My good friend purchased the cricut maker and I fell in love with it. I purchased the cricut explore air 2 and I am still in love. I know design space is new, but I wish that it had more options on your apps. I have an iPhone and an iPad which i use the app for and then I also use my laptop (which is ancient). I can totally understand having limitations on my phone I just wish I could use everything on my iPad as well. I find it much easier to use then my laptop that I basically only use for my cricut. Other then that though everything is amazing. Lots of learning but it really is great
  • Amateur

    By Busia M
    Still getting used to it!
  • So annoyed

    By mad9977
    Every time I try to make something or get onto my app, it’s “preparing” it doesn’t stop. I can barely use it, so I’ve stopped making things for the longest and it STILL does it.
  • App works better than computer program

    By GinababeMomof2
    I was ready to go back to my original Cricut with the cartridges when I was so frustrated with the computer program. Then a friend of mine showed me the Cricut App, and my world was changed. It is so much easier to use than the computer program. This app is user friendly and easy to set up with your Cricut machine.
  • My new machine

    By Craftyjo66
    This is my third machine I started with no tech then low tech now I’m at high tech and having a ball learning all the new things I can do Woo Hoo🥰🥰🥰🥰
  • IPad app is absolutely horrible

    By ivenelly
    With the ever increased use of IPads and IPhones as a use of primary devises, this app is really horrible for IPads. We pay top dollar for these machines and they're worth is, but this app makes me want to return it all, I’m honestly so disappointed in this company for not being able to fix and handle the simple issues on the app and I should not have to also buy a brand new computer just to use this machine properly.
  • App Freezes Edit Mat For Snap Mat

    By ottersln
    Without fail, every time I use snap Mat this app freezes. It would so nice if I could complete an entire project using this app.
  • Cricut

    By Lady6060
    It's great. So many fonts and images to choose from. The projects give you so many ideas.
  • Best Machine Ever

    By parmarmya
    I totally live my Cricut Explorer Air 2 . This machine has opened up so many possibilities for crafters. I no longer have to shop for hours for that special Tee shirt or home decor. I can just make it myself to my liking. Revolutionary
  • Way worse they to use on a laptop or desk top!!!

    By LCD ***
    I have had several issues with cricut mobile app!! From little bugs to buying and it being down a lot just not a very good quality app need some fixing. I love cricut but not this app so much.
  • Needs chrome update

    By Big T Dadda
    Please update to work with chrome
  • Sooo pleased with the maker!

    By qhac
    My husband bought me the maker for advertising. I started out using heat transfers sheets but once I made a shirt with the maker, my ideas became endless! I now have made professional shirts, advertisement signs, window Decals, and my next challenge will be a quilt. I am more than happy with my husbands “upgrade” and it’s almost became an addiction! Lol the only downside I can find is I can’t use the maker off line. Other than that it’s great!
  • Great app

    By Active player
    I love this app, not only can I continue where I left off (from my computer) but I can create new projects as well. Editing (lining and centering) is easier through this app, than on the computer. I love that I can work on projects anywhere and it literally takes seconds to connect to my machine. This is definitely my go-to app; when I’m feeling inspired, when I’m in need of a one-of-a-kind gift, and/or when I’m bored.
  • Last update

    By Shamox-taki
    What happened!!! Preparing.... preparing... every 15 seconds!! Please fix this!!! Also I would like a feature to fix borders (when I edit a image sometimes the letters look terrible)... thank you
  • Took my money

    By LydiaAwesome
    When I first got cricut, I didn’t have to pay for much, then an update came and I literally had to pay for everything. I then got iTunes money so I could buy designs. I tried to buy a birthday card design today and it said payment was unsuccessful, so I checked how much money I had then tried again. It, once again said unsuccessful. I checked my money once more and IT TOOK MY MONEY! But I did not have the design.
  • Love it!

    By Gmail02
    Can cricut get anymore amazing! Love the app best thing ever :)
  • Great

    By craft fun stuff
    It didn’t work on my iPad mini but works great on my tablet, I am still learning to use the canvas and have created a few things already.
  • Please help

    By MommyJovy
    The app keeps crashing
  • Love Cricut!

    By HeidiLyn77
    I got my very first Cricut in March 2019, I got the Cricut Maker... I love using the app on my iPad, just wish that the iPad could use the knife blade... I have unlimited data on my iPad so that wouldn’t be a problem... were my laptop is restricted. If I could use the knife blade I would give 5 stars...
  • Must Have! 5 Star!!!

    By MAM411
    I absolutely love this app. It’s super easy to navigate and very user friendly. I upgraded my old Cricut to a newer model, and I couldn’t be happier, it’s fantastic to be able to see your creation on screen before cutting, and the snapmat feature is GREAT! I definitely recommend this app!!
  • Need access to all features

    By Rolltide2
    The only reason I’m not giving this five stars is because I don’t have access to all the features such as making curved words and fonts don’t import from the app to the website, even as an image.
  • Great Product

    By ibnamir
    Amazing. App needs some work but overall good product
  • Love it

    By Maarimi
    Easy to use, works lovely
  • Templates.

    By Keekeebaby
    You have templates on the website but not on the app. I use my phone more than my computer. Should think about including templates in the app! & also making your website compatible with chromebooks
  • Issues with editing

    By Trecallisto
    First off I love my cricut and this review is solely for the app. The app has been working better lately on both my pc and iPad thankfully. Though when I upload images and have to edit them to do so I always use the iPad. It’s so much easier to do with a pencil than a mouse. Recently the focused view of what you’re editing is sideways, not right side up and that makes it difficult to cleanup. Please fix this!
  • Cricut air 2

    By Trouble4020
    I love the Cricut app I can work on a project anywhere the access app is great too.
  • No longer able to save iMessage offline

    By Cricut Explore owner
    After recent update to the app I am not able to download images or projects to my iPad for offline use.
  • No issues using iPad

    By JeannieB1955
    I have used my cricut Air with both my iPhone and my iPad with no issues.
  • App is Really Nice Could Use More Guidance

    By 81645
    This app is pretty nice. With much practice and YouTube video watching you can slowly figure things out. It allows me to create and edit projects right from my phone or iPad. It can be a bit frustrating at times with the lack of instructions but overall I like it. There are plenty of free things to make great projects.
  • I love it!

    By Fan of rolblox
    I just love this app!
  • Nice app for creating on my Explore Air 2

    By ApplegeekNV
    This app seems to work well.i haven’t noticed any major issues with creating projects. It’s usually quick, and I’ve started and finished fairly complex projects using only the design space app. My only issue is with the user interface and controls. In my opinion, things like the layers panel needs to be a little more clear when it comes to switching things from cut to draw or score. I think if the control layout was a little more polished, it would be perfect. Also having the app auto-pair on Bluetooth instead of making the user go into the settings app and manually reconnect would make the app perfect.
  • App does not look like the Cricut design online

    By cmcaninch
    Maybe I am doing something wrong but the APP space looks nothing like Cricut design space online so the tutorials are useless. I am fairly computer savvy but this APP takes me hours sometimes to change setting or use something new.
  • I just love this app.

    By Mucho bueno amigos
    So easy to use but Im not to familiar with all that Cricut app is capable of, but I am loving what I use frequently.. ❤️ all that is Cricut.
  • Every device is different ...cricut maker

    By MomOfABoy33
    I love my Cricut Maker and am so pleased with what It can do.! The app on my cell or iPad Air does not have all the edit options as the desktop view like curve, switch mat and just over all quickness of app, so I use the desktop most with the app. The images and fonts are great and cricut is always coming out with new and improved items on the app. It’s easy to use for new beginners and even great for not so new beginners.
  • Design Space

    By Gschottler
    It’s great to have this ap, but it would be better to have a tutorial on how to use it. There are lots of YouTube videos made by other people, but one that explains all the features would be great.
  • Cricut Community Issues

    By New to RA
    Love the posted projects that can be used and adapted. However, those I saved to My Favorites are “duplicated” into infinity. And items that I saved months ago can no longer be located. Would be great if those duplications could be erased; maybe then there’d be enough room for those “lost” items to show up?
  • Works when it wants to

    By Boxmon
    This thing blows. It keeps shutting down when I try to open projects. Sometimes I spend an hour trying to open or project. Most of the time I just give up and use my laptop. Wish we didn’t need this program to run Cricut. Fix this waste of space.
  • Love it

    By Tabbyhaas
    It is so easy and simple, and I can always work on a project, unless it needs curved font.. which I hope will be updated soon, but other than that, I would still give this app 5/5 stars.
  • Cricut Design App

    By Teachistory
    I use my iPad because it is portable And fits on my Circuit Maker, but the layering portion is very frustrating and then my size changes, and I have to continually go back and shrink to my original size.
  • Help

    By Deetumli
    I use my iPad 99%of the time for my projects. Recently I’ve had an issue, when my iPad is turned upright when I’m removing the picture is upright, but when I turn it sideways the circle shows the pic or whatever I’m removing sideways,and it’s very frustrating. It just started this, I even restarted my iPad,signed out of design space and it still does this. Was there a recent update that caused this?
  • Love this app!!

    By VikkiTX
    I use my iPad with Design Space about 99% of the time. I love this application!!! I’m still learning little tricks here and there and I love that they keep making more and more improvements to the functionality. One suggestion......please make it so you can do “the knockout” method on the iPad and I’ll be a happy camper! If I want to make a split name/knockout, I have to move over to my Mac. Otherwise, I can do most everything else on this! I can even create designs while I’m watching TV in bed!!!
  • THUMBS UP 👍👍

    By jejdnfjocndhuejcnchdis
    I was in love with this app when my Cricut machine was cutting my first design. I realized that the Cricut can do absolutely ANYTHING!! And a year has passed and my app kept on asking me to create a new Cricut ID. And I got into the app after I typed in the password and my name, and then I open my app again the next day, and it shows me that I need to type in my Cricut ID, name, and my password. I do not know what is wrong with the app, but I do know it keeps on asking me to create a Cricut ID over, and over, and over again. Plz fix🤞
  • Won’t open!!!!

    By kikkis77
    I can’t sign in on my phone or iPad!!!! The last update made the app worse not better
  • Love Crafting on the Go!

    By Denslove
    I have always loved this app and the fact that I can create with Cricut Design Space anywhere I go. If I have a few minutes while waiting for appointments, I can open the app and create. BUT....the new update has been a nightmare for me. It is super glitchy and continuously closes out in the middle of a project. It is horrible!!!!
  • Can’t add shapes

    By Dilcie
    Shapes button is grayed out making me unable to add shapes to my design. All the other buttons on that panel work except “shapes.”