• Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2013-11-22
  • Current Version: 9.0.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 66.42 MB
  • Developer: Flipgrid, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 13 337


Flipgrid is a simple, free, and accessible video discussion experience used by millions of PreK to PhD learners, educators and families around the world. Flipgrid amplifies student voice and empowers learners of all ages to engage and share using the power of video. Educators create and share discussion Topics with their learning communities. Learners simply download the app, enter their unique Join Code, and record short videos to share.



  • SOOO FUUUN🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By bobmcdoodle🥳🥳🥳
    Flipgrid is so fun. There is so much to do there are fun filters emojis etc. Flipgrid is super easy all you do is get the app and boom every is there sooooo easy silly fun and a really good app.
  • Your Students Hate This

    By BostonTerrierLover914
    If you are a teacher of any grade above 5th grade, your kids probably absolutely despise FlipGrid. I had to make at least 12 of these in my first week at a new school and I had to take a break between them because I hate them so much that I started crying. Its not fun, it’s stressful and I have never met anyone who likes making them. Nobody wants to make a video of themselves and then take a selfie on their school issued chrome book. Just let us write it on a word document or something. I appreciate the effort to make class more engaging and fun, but this takes way to long and we would rather just take 2 minutes to write our response out.
  • Horrible

    By bruh hygghhu
    I’ve struggled with social anxiety for many years....I was forced in school to use this and my teacher would show our videos and front of the whole class. I’m writing this review here for you to delete this app please. Many kids have suffered with this... thank you
  • Bad design and buggy

    By Shwebby123456
    I’m trying to join all my classes but it keeps getting rid of them and keeps signing me out. I didn’t have this problem last year but this year it’s awful. Fix it before I get yelled at for not being able to check my assignments
  • Amazing

    By tigerdorsal
    This app helps teachers and students cope through 2020
  • flipgrid is the worst

    By grace greening
    it has so many issues and is always glitching it ruined my school year
  • Great

    By ❤️🎶😜🦸‍♂️🦸‍♀️super smart
  • 18+

    By bad bunny 12
    Bro what is this like im a student and my teacher assigned me to do a video on this and how am i supposto do it if we gotta be 18+
  • Only stressful

    By i hate flipgrid its horrid
    This app is the worst thing ever, all it does is make students stressed, especially students who are in middle school and high school, who ever made this app should go to hell because they have no idea what this does to students, and to the teachers who use this, just stop. Tons of students have problems with accepting their looks and this app worsens it.
  • Good app

    By Fifi0826
    Great and it is fun because school is boring and this makes part of school fun!!!!
  • Cannot upload videos from outside

    By Yeqiao Wu
    If this app cannot upload videos from outside and kept me waiting forever, why does it even provide this option???
  • Great for 4th Grade

    By Msv2020
    My students LOVE using Flipgrid! It has made online learning more collaborative, which is hard to do with 4th Graders online sometimes.
  • Good app, needs some changes.

    By RockyMarshMellow
    Would rate it a 4.5. Anyways, I feel like students should get to write responses. I’m a student and some of my friends are pretty insecure and have trouble recording themselves. Otherwise, it’s a great app! I can communicate with my friends and it’s really fun to use. Now if you are reading this and they don’t change it, you can write a response by blocking your camera (wherever it is) and write the answer with the type feature. Good app and I recommend it.
  • fl*pgrid nasty 😹😹😹

    By mei1212
    when i see the word fl*pgrid as one of my assignments i just 🚪🏃‍♀️ this app was made using ancient technology 😐😐 it’s built to be used on a microwave
  • This app is embarrassing

    By embarassed student
    As a student my teacher wanted everyone to comment on 5 people’s videos. These videos are embarrassing enough, and video comments make it even more embarrassing and harder to figure out. I tried to comment, it worked the first time, but then I accidentally posted a whole new response, so that’s extremely embarrassing. I think there should be a feature that will tell you if your posting a response or comment. Now I am too scared to comment or post anything in fear it will upload somewhere else.
  • Unable to open recorder

    By Jenn A23
    This app is being used by teachers for elementary school and is not user friendly at all! Multiple children are having issues with the app giving them an error message that says unable to open recorder.
  • New to Flipgrid

    By MGrey7
    Overall the app seems solid, especially for recording responses. It requires you to go into to record through a webpage, so that’s potentially limiting, but as a way to have students record the app seems great.
  • :(((

    By Epic Fortniter
    i told my teacher my camera doesn’t work so I couldn’t do my video and then this app grabbed me by the hair, dragged me to the floor, and spit on me. they ran away while calling me a dog 😭😭😭😭😭
  • Engagement at an all time high

    By Cool2tchk
    Tried Flipgrid out for the first time this year and I am already seeing the students engagement and creativity at an all time high. I hope to use it for reflections, debates, conversations, and special project presentations. I know it will lend itself to many things!
  • i hate this

    By flipqrid suks 1
    worst app ruins my life bye.
  • Annoying

    By getrekt1212
    I’d give it negative stars if i could
  • Awesome but......

    By Kalamazoomom
    I love this game but can u add that u can back to recording after u hit next because that is quite annoying and can u go back to having different clips and u can edit them thank you
  • Can’t log in

    By Veee1682
    My students and I can’t get into the app. It asks for the join code, then once given, asks to log in with google, then goes back to asking for join code again every time. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app twice and it’s still not working. Please fix!
  • Nice

    By Bear1979!
    Great use for educational tool...user friendly
  • Our class is together

    By Mrs.Beaucaire
    Love this app!!
  • Super Easy to use! 👏

    By Nothanks220011
    Love this program and the iPhone app! 💞
  • Great!

    By xifj
    During quarantine my students submitted videos to me to say how much they wanted to be in school. And I also used it to teach, they would do book reports on it! They said they loved Flipgrid and it helped them. I recommend this even if you are teaching in school, it really helps.
  • Love this app!

    By Ms.brown47
    This app has been such a blessing during distance learning! It’s such a fun way to hear from my students and they love it!
  • Good but suggestions ⬇️

    By That.One.Slytherin
    This app is really fun and easy to use. I made one for my friends and I to mess with but we all agreed there could be improvements. The biggest problem we had was music. We can’t add it over the video. So, we have to have another source of music playing and it’s hard to clip the video like that. Please add the option to put music over it! Now, all in all, it’s a really fun app to interact with others and let your creativity go wild. Would definitely recommend if you want to make fun little videos with or for your friends. Sincerely, Anonymous :3 Edit: dude people giving one star reviews saying “no ur forcing me to show my face smh omg ughhh” Flipgrid isn’t making you do videos it’s your teachers ❤️ (No offense but this is coming from a CHILD who’s saying this...)
  • Pretty good

    By RawBacon
    Full functionality would be helpful so i wouldn’t need to use app AND website.
  • 🙄😬🙄🙄😬😬🙄

    By jghhgiyggig
    FIRST OF ALL....HOW DO YA JUST GET A FREE COURSE?!?! IM SUPA ANGRY CHANGE IT OR ELSE.... But otherwise it was ok...I guess
  • Why i wish my teachers would make me use flipgrid

    By abigailsamantha210
    Flipgrid is very hard to use. You may think it is easy because there are not very many places to click on but half the time i cant find what I’m looking for. And i wanted to be able to create my own for other people but accidentally chose student when first downloading the app and now cant change it. I have to use it for some of my classes but also still want to create my own category’s and it isn’t possible. If anyone else knows what i mean please help!!
  • No thank you

    By joelart
    Too complicated and confusing for a classroom setting. I would vote this 0 stars if I could.
  • No

    By Nightstar335
    No. Just stop. Please.
  • from the students perspective...

    By student172737
    I can see how this app is supposed to be helpful in learning but from a students perspective it’s more stressful than helpful. From reading these reviews most teachers love this app while the students dislike it. This is probably because it’s very nerve-racking to have to post a video of yourself for your entire class to see. It makes students very uncomfortable and anxious. I think that if there was an option as to who is allowed to view your video it would make this app 10x better. I’m hoping someone will listen to this suggestion and make it so that you can choose to have only your teacher be allowed to watch your videos. This way, both the students and teachers can enjoy using this app and the students won’t have to deal with the huge amount of stress and anxiety that comes with making these videos:)
  • c'mon

    By an.insane.army
    light the worst app ever 🤼
  • No

    By AVeryAnti-SocialStudent
    Sometimes I wish this app didn’t exist now teachers are asking for introduction videos

    By I only comment to complain
    so my teachers have ensured me that there no password to their class but when I tried to use the code to get in it tells me to put a password in it like wth. I’m so irritated bc I have to use a third party to get to their class and it only temporary as if I cancel the app then I have to go through this again. YOU GUYS BETTER FIX THIS ITS HIGHLY IRRITATING.
  • Literally what

    By ophiuchus.jpg
    literally what is the comment mechanic??? why do we have to record a video to comment on our peers videos i'm so confused. that's stupid and should be changed.
  • Thank you!

    By Monte math
    Thank you for the tutorials an ease of using this app in TEAMS.
  • tubbo

    By goblin671
  • Ew

    By Iryss:)
    Just no I don’t like it
  • HELP!!

    By 🌹🔥🎈🎉🥺⛸👁👄👁🎁😁
    Why is it showing I am getting views and likes when it is supposed to be a private topic?? But the video editing is good.
  • Useless

    By Sandydang12
    Why doesn’t it have just a login place for students, like username and password
  • A redo

    I still don’t like it that much, but I was able to get in. For me, it was pretty easy to get the assignment done. But that’s because the video was about 10 seconds long. I can see a 2 hour long video not uploading. Also, even though I was able to get in, that’s because I looked for alternate solutions, mostly because I’m semi-tech savvy. I can see people struggling to get in. It for some reason asked for a password. This may be because it didn’t know what my login information was, therefore it was not letting me in. So please, make us login to flipgrid before adding classes.
  • 😭

    By K**st*y *a*
    It’s a discrimination to people with anxiety, stress, and shy people. It’s a discrimination to nerds. This is very bias.
  • Perfect!

    By Alexandria Eblaghie
    I just got this and it is the best! It is everything I’ve ever wanted, and it’s free! The best thing is that I don’t have to download anything onto my computer and then to Google Classroom because the assignment is right there!
  • Just NOT OKAY!!!!

    The most awkward thing ever invented for students in terms of ways to study :(( As a student I really don’t appreciate the existence of this app, it’s really unfriendly to camera shy people
  • no❤️

    By i hate this get me out of here
    ✨its the being forced to do this for me✨