Aceable – Driving School App

Aceable – Driving School App

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2014-04-24
  • Current Version: 1.67
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 107.99 MB
  • Developer: Aceable Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.3 or later.
  • Rating Count: 21 124


Are you ready to get your driver’s license fast? Get your driver’s education anytime, anywhere with Aceable. The Aceable Drivers Ed App completely replaces the traditional in-classroom part of driver’s education. Take interactive drivers ed courses and practice for your learners permit written test right from your phone. This is the ONLY native app that lets you take Drivers Ed! Say goodbye to long, boring lectures and say hello to entertaining memes & video lessons. Aceable has helped over 450,000 students get their drivers permit and license. The app is fully approved by the governments of Texas, Florida, California, Ohio, Illinois, Nevada, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania and is 100% state-legal, so every lesson is legit. We make it simple to get your DMV learners permit and drivers license. Our simple instructions walk you through every step of the process while engaging content keeps you focused and actually learning. Install Aceable now and take the first step towards your drivers license! ACEABLE FEATURES: FULL COURSE DRIVERS ED + Some apps are just study guides – but Aceable is a full state-legal replacement for in-classroom Drivers Ed. + Meet all the educational requirements for your permit and driver license. + Interactive lessons with videos, animations and memes. UNLIMITED PRACTICE TESTS + We provide unlimited study tests and practice questions to help you pass. + Aceable never charges extra for tests or content! ACTUALLY FUNNY + A lot of courses say they’re entertaining, but Aceable takes it to another level. + Witty writing, relevant memes and interactive videos keep even those with shortest attention spans engaged and learning. + Don’t believe us? Just look at the reviews. AFFORDABLE DRIVER EDUCATION + Aceable Drivers Ed is the absolute least-expensive way to get your driver’s license. + Up to 80% more affordable than traditional Drivers Ed. DRIVING SCHOOL ANYTIME + Learn anytime, anywhere, on any device + Your progress syncs automatically across devices. GREAT SUPPORT + Our US-based customer support is available seven days a week to help with any part of the process. + Call, text or email! PARENTAL TOOLS + Our user-friendly Parent Tools allow you to monitor your teen’s progress. + See test results. + Understand the material covered at each level of the course. + Rest assured, your young driver is learning from the best! Make your Drivers Ed fun and convenient with Aceable – download now! Still want more info? Talk to an Aceable team member at Texas TDLR State Provider #116 California DMV Provider #E2017 Florida TLSAE Code #NR2 Ohio Course #1462  Illinois Course #3352 Nevada DMV School License #PRDS00046773 Pennsylvania - Licensed by the Department of Education Aceable is approved by the Florida Department of Highway Safety, California DMV, Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR), and the Texas DPS, Ohio BMV, Illinois Office of the Secretary of State, Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles, and then Pennsylvania Department of Education. In many states the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) may also be called DOL, DOT, MVDL, DPS, DVS, HSMV, Secretary of State, MVS, OMV, BMV, DDS and RMV.  Drivers Ed may be called Drivers Education, TLSAE (Traffic Law & Substance Abuse Education Course), Florida Drug and Alcohol Training and Awareness (DATA), Driver Training, Driver Education, Student Driving, Texas Drivers Ed, California Drivers Ed or Driving Lessons.



  • Super quick and easy

    By Vidangellover
    I finished all my drivers ed in 1 day thanks to aceable.
  • It easier then an actual class

    By jane waston
    You can take your time and take it on your own pace and you can take anywhere
  • Best driving school

    By tl_payne
    This is a great driving school. Yes some of it may be boring but it sure is a lot better than sitting in a classroom.
  • Amazing

    By maddie.the.weird
    This app is an amazing way to get your permit and license quickly and easily while still fully learning the curriculum.
  • recommend

    By 😈😈😘🥖
    is a great app teaches you everything you need know about driving
  • Amazing

    By got my license
    I passed my test the first time written and driving whoever fails with this is really stupid.🤦🏻‍♀️🤣
  • Amazing

    By MJ Snow
    Best way to take the test
  • Best App for License!!!

    By Marcella_Milani
    People are absolutely ABSURD!!! I ACED ALL Everything AND I GOT MY LICENSE!!!!! I LOVEE THIS APP!!! It was extremely helpful. I had barely been driving for less than a year and BAM. Thanks to Ace the Robot, he helped me throughout everything. Screww alll yall that say this app didn’t work. You obviously do NOT know how to drive 😉😌😊
  • Great program!

    By I <3 King J
    This is a great program but the stuff that they are forced to say by the State of Ohio is honestly very boring. However, Aceable does a great job of making the learning experience as fun as possible.
  • Aceable

    By wickedwizard1
    Awesome app love it
  • Aceable is awesome

    By gabbylove2204
    I’m so grateful for this app because it helped me get my permit quick and easy.
  • Use something else

    By IcyFlame2121
    It was very easy to use and presented it in a fun way but I still wouldn’t recommend it. It focused too much on the drugs and alcohol when the final test at the DMV focuses more on the driving part. I passed but only by common sense. Only a few questions I knew the answers because of Aceable. The rest I had to guess on. I focused when I was taking the course and still learned more from the test than from Aceable. Trust me. There has to be something else that teaches it better than Aceable. They need to put more about the road laws in there and less on the alcohol. There were only two questions on alcohol and drugs.
  • Great app with a few flaws

    By Jack mcmuffin
    This app is an amazing tool for completing drivers ed; you can do it anywhere! The app was very engaging and the developers did a great job at making sure I stayed focused. However, there are a few downsides that forced me to give this app a three star rating rather than a five. I am a huge procrastinator when it comes to completing anything, so I still had more than half of my drivers ed to do within a ten day timeframe. Simply adding a feature that tells you how much you should do on a given day would help out tons! Secondly, I began to feel uneasy while watching the videos of the burn victim and had to look away for the entirety of the videos. If there was a warning or a way to opt out of seeing gruesome videos it would help out with queasy students. Lastly, there was a typo on the Ohio version at Level 8: Chapter 2: Page 40, top of the second paragraph. Thank you for helping me complete drivers ed!
  • Taking my Adult driving class

    By Sofia299
    I love it ! I can easily get onto Aceable anywhere with the app

    By Og bill bye 420
    This course was actually extremely helpful it presented all the information I need to pass and they asked questions that were actually on the permit test.. because of them I passed the test on my first attempt with a perfect score.
  • Best app ever like omg

    By Mega RareFraction 23456777
    This app is so neat and funny!!!! I’m gonna get my drivers license I can feel it! I feel confident I’ll learn all of the information I’ll ever need to know about driving!
  • Sounds Problem

    By doesitreallywvenmatter
    I can’t seem to hear none of the videos and when they ask me a question I can’t answer it for the 6 chapter
  • Great App!

    By Jose_Gonzales
    Easy although time consuming it is rather easy and quicker than the usual route! Recommended!
  • Affordable, Convenient, and Easy

    By Ben C. Bryant
    We used Aceable with our oldest son. He was prepared for the tests and passed on the first try. The customer support is incredible. Any time I had a problem or question, all I had to do was get onto the chat and had an immediate response. They literally walked us through every step. Our twins will be starting drivers ed with Aceable this month. We never considered any other program.
  • yeet

    By heyitschief
    good app. begins too many sentences with my name, it makes me uncomfortable. other than that it is good.
  • It’s honestly amazing

    By Awesome austin 123
    This app made drivers ed less of a chore. It’s completely on your time, and it’s available whenever and wherever you go. I couldn’t be more impressed and satisfied with this app. Truly made getting my license and permit a cakewalk
  • Totally worth it !!!

    By Rko 43
    I got my drivers license about 3 weeks ago, and I did it all with this app. Yes you have to buy the course which is $100, plus the TDLR book which is $20, but that’s a great deal because you get to work on it wherever you want and you don’t have to spend around $400 in a in class driving school. I got my permit first, then completed all the courses, or chapters. They tell you all the paperwork you need for when you show up to the DPS. I’m recommending this app to my little brother!!
  • TERRIBLE!!!!!

    By Discocat1217
    The course was good and easy to understand but when you try to take the knowledge exam at the end most of the questions are based off of information that was NOT COVERED in the course!!! I would NOT recommend this to ANYONE!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
  • Can’t Continue

    By ...........................11
    I got the app and was able to complete it 25% of the way for free but then it said I had to pay to continue and I can’t pay $50 so my progress is gone and I’m gonna have to restart on another app.

    By As2S2
    The app does not save your work. Save the time and do it from a computer.
  • 2/5

    By ernesto2lit
    for the price... it’s not worth it. most pages aren’t helpful when it comes to taking the test!
  • Awesome.

    By Hdudujebd
    This is like a really cool app. The memes are a little old and cheesy yes but they make me feel like I’m on reddit or something instead of learning how to drive lol.
  • Pretty solid

    By Someone who actually played
    Although the memes and stuff they put into the course to try to relate are cringy at best, It at least gives it a sort of personality, I’d rather look at cringy 2012 memes and get a chuckle than take a boring, straightforward course anywhere else.
  • Wonderful

    By xavier 🤩
    Great program
  • Not finished yet

    By cedtatum
    DE Aceable is very informative and I would advise you to take your course through they site. Very thankful of the site.
  • I love this app

    By Delta33582
    This is great way for me to get my license, never would I have imagined me understanding the rules of the road or anything like that if it wasn’t for this app, thank God I’m learning it from here
  • Wonderful

    By robinson.tiaera
    This is great!
  • Useless

    By Yanhie Vera
    Just use the book, this thing literally talks about history, how is that supposed to help you pass the writing test, it doesn’t
  • Amazing

    By Natezgreat38
    Simple, convenient, easy to use, and essential.
  • Great and easy to use

    By thebert72
    A great way to educate young people’s
  • bad

    By Don't know me sorryyyyy
    good course but kept sending to wrong address and never got my certificate
  • Great

    By kind nany
    Aceable is a very reliable way of taking drivers ed everywhere you go. At school,in the car,on the bus. If you really want to get done with it you can finish within 2 weeks but I took 2 months. Altogether it’s a very good app for drivers ed.
  • Aceable

    By NayNaynywjsjhs
    Very well organized, entertains, and informful. Thank you !
  • Love it!

    By gabss4
    Absolutely the best way to get your license
  • App won’t open

    By MinniMCMiner
    My friend got her drivers license with this so I was really excited to download it. However it tells me something went wrong with the connection and to try again with WiFi. I am hooked up to WiFi and it still won’t work. I have emailed to support team and I hope to get a response. When I get the app working I will change my rating and review.
  • Help!

    By KKBFF
    I used to use this app before. It was downloaded with my dads apple id, so i couldn’t update it or anything. So i deleted the app hoping that i could download it again with all of my data already. I did so with my apple id so i could update it myself whenever i needed too. Idk if it doesn’t have my data and thats why my email/password isn’t working, or if I'm putting in the wrong passwords(I've tried lots of different ones just to be sure). I just really hope that my deleting it didn’t delete my data and to continue the course, i have to pay all of the money again, i can’t do that. Plz get back to me soon! I need your help!
  • Perfect!

    By EquineEm
    I’m an extremely busy high school student, and all my friends were getting their permits and soon they were working toward getting a license. Just about every person at my school used Aceable, so I have it a try. It’s a lot more effective than what either of my siblings did, and it’s so easy to understand. Aceable even lets you take the permit test in the app!! They also tell you exactly what you need to bring to the DMV so you aren’t taking multiple trips. I highly recommend this for anyone in need of driver’s ed!
  • worth it!!

    By nataliariveraz23
    aceble is inexpensive and is much less boring than a traditional 8hr course
  • Get this Drivers ed course

    By D!_€^^^/*$
    I like it
  • Great to avoid the DPS in Houston

    By @gets@
    I did the adult Texas ED course. This was well explained, though a bit too long sometimes (because the law requires it to be 6h long from what I understand, then you are forced to stay a minimum amount of time on each slide). Final test is ultra simple, I mean you could pass it without having watched the course. This is just common sense questions. Then I watched the ITYD, printed both the ITYD and ED certificate and went to the DPS to get my learner license.
  • Amazing Course

    By Billy Keeling
    This course was thorough, informative, and enjoyable. I loved this course. The content that I learned helped me pass the permit test with a very high score. It’s also very interesting, and the jokes that are thrown in make the course a lot better. Not only do you learn information that will be on the test, you learn skills like how to change s tire, what you should look for when buying a car, and so much more. I highly recommend this course. Money well spent. Thank you Aceable.
  • This should’ve been for 16 years and older not 6

    By hated it 😔😔😔😔
    I felt not only did it not properly educate you in the 30 hour course but it was often silly, messing around and a waste of time. When I looked at the book it was much easier and helped more.
  • Got my drivers license!

    By Pancho506
    Great course, learned allot and it’s self paced so that makes it even better! Recommended it to some of my buddy’s and they all got their licenses as well. I never gave anything a review but I had to for this app, thank you Aceable!
  • great

    By Spongebobcatsaresmilingatyou
    good app