WWE SuperCard

WWE SuperCard

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2014-08-14
  • Current Version: 5.4.382465
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 542.61 MB
  • Developer: 2K
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 47 496


Step into the squared circle with rectangular cards. WWE SuperCard is a collectible card battling game featuring your favorite WWE Superstars and in-ring action. Requires iOS 9.0 or newer. Collect and level up thousands of cards featuring WWE Superstars Ronda Rousey, Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, Brock Lesnar, and many other fan favorites like The Rock, Goldberg, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Tommaso Ciampa, and more. Crush your foes in real-time PvP and climb the leaderboards. Earn exclusive rewards in limited time competitions. Form a team and compete against others in tests of strategy. Plus, battle in Monday Night Raw, SmackDown Live, and NXT arenas. Prove your wrestling chops in Open Challenges and compete head-to-head with other WWE fans to become a WWE SuperCard champion. WWE SuperCard has entertained millions (and millions!) of WWE fans across the globe. Introducing Season 5! WWE SuperCard S5 will include 3 new tiers with more than 75 new Superstar cards in each, a new and improved multi-fusion chamber, and more! FEATURES - Collect thousands of cards featuring WWE Superstars, NXT Superstars, WWE Legends, and WWE Hall of Fame Inductees - Compete in Elimination Chamber and Royal Rumble matches and climb the leaderboards for rewards - Capture the briefcase in Money in the Bank - Earn exclusive cards in weekly rotating events - Participate in Open Challenges and earn Tickets towards big rewards - Compete in King of the Ring tournaments to earn top cards - Earn bonuses just from logging in



  • Cool game

    By VLK89
    So much fun
  • Good Game

    By hi151836183
    It’s a good fun game but overall it can be time consuming if you wanna max out one of your cards and the game seems really easy to beat now that they took out all tiers below hardened
  • Love this game

    By jaymtz3
    I love this game but I don’t know why every time i get a fusion it’s not gothic neon or shattered I just get ss17 or like monster and it upsets me because I want a better deck but I can’t cause no season 5 cards are coming out
  • Trade in future

    By 37(:). z
    So me and my friend play WWE SuperCard and I have a lot better cards than him so if you could throw in training or just gifting it would make me A lot happier and give us review five stars and make it easier to get season five cards
  • Pay to win

    By the intro to "crank dat"
    I’ve been playing this game since day one and still get nowhere without buying cards. And even if you buy card packs, 2k won’t publish the % of chance you have of pulling each tier. I just stacked up 265 draft picks and got 0 cards that I hadn’t had before. You’re more likely to be struck by a cow that fell out of a helicopter, than you are to pick a good card in this game without paying for it.
  • Should add throwback in games like war and like all kind of game mounds

    By Cupcake1229
    I would like to get a throw back card but there are o match money so you should put them in games all kind of games like road to glory
  • Trades

    By guty1189
    I think you should add a trading section to this game. Maybe only make it available to teams or everyone I’m not fully sure but that would be awesome.
  • This is rigged

    By Brandons Butt
    This is so rigged I’m on monster tier and I need better cards the best card I’ve got is a elite shamus
  • Please answer

    By airsoft fan 123
    I complained a few years ago about the progress lost when new seasons came out. I realize that it is a way to make money but the way you guys do it without any warning is just obsurd. I would like to know if this was fixed or if this still happens. Thank you
  • Best game ever

    By thatnibbamo
    Best game ever I’m super addicted
  • Its..

    By ThattOneDudette
    Its not the best game. Gameplay is very unfair. It will put you up against people stronger than you. Every round also takes too long to go through. They also seem to really rip you off with card packs. I wouldn't recommend this game.
  • Alex T

    By TheLoneWolfYT
    money hungry game.
  • Awesome

    By xo savage
    This game is really awesome and fun but could you add like a auction house and so you can change your team name and also there’s always maintenance
  • Almost Perfect

    By BroAlex1
    You need to expand the coins because I’ll be wasting a lot of money and it’s not even enough to buy neon or gothic I have to waste over $40. Love the game tho and it will be the best if you do this.
  • The best app

    By The T-Jon
    Hey this is Trael and this game is awesome! You guys who created this app it had helped me out. Bye!
  • It nice

    By kingalexlol744
    When you play for many day it get boring
  • Wwe supercard review

    By lilbrat23
    Love the game as it is but a few bugs need to be addressed. 1. I am continuously getting kicked off with the notification that there is mantaince when there is none. 2. I can’t log in to my second account half the time from my device unless I use another device. This is not responsible. Please help with these.
  • Horrible towards customers

    By MtDewDad
    This game USED to be fair and fun. Now it’s just a company trying to get as much money as possible out of people before it the fad goes away. If you have a lot, and I mean A LOT, of money you can exceed at the game. If not, expect to spend a ton of time and resources. Drop rates are horrible for the good cards, and in order to have any chance to get “special” cards you’ll have to spend in excess of $100+ dollars to do so. Don’t play this and stay away. See ya CatDaddy! Lost another one for good!
  • Make your own SuperCard

    By Game RJ
    I think this game can go to the next level I think you should be able to trade cards with other players to get more people involved in the community
  • Rating

    By Sheirra20Lk
    I don't exactly know what I am doing but it is fun when I lose and win. I like facing other people just for the fun even if I don't win. This game is addicting and fun.
  • What the hell

    By jojoA4078
    How could you guys allow someone to take over my sisters team. That should not be allowed and I can have legal fall back for you guys to steal a team
  • WWE

    By naushana
    Fun and easy
  • Pay2win

    By Carjackjenry
    Would give 5 stars, but its a pay to win game. Can still have fun, just don’t expect to be winning any big events
  • Time Waster And addictive

    By NatGuz
    Amazing great fun time waster game and is super addicting this deserves ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Stars 👍👍
  • woman wwe

    By kaylaweller05
    this game is amazing love this game 100 percent. one thing u need to do is make the women fight more bc the boys fight either once or twice. even three times and the women didn’t even fight. the women should be able to fight more often. thx for reading this
  • Peas of trash

    By pease of fricking trash
    I turned off all mods and it says I had to delete my account
  • Not so short, but it is sweet.

    By KingMeliodas
    I love this game. I play it every single day. Multiple times a day I see myself playing it. If there was one thing I didn't like, or if there was something I could change; it would have to be earning coins. If you are f2p(free to play), it's extremely hard to earn coins when you've just about every challenge that you can do. And while the 2 free coins in the daily packs are appreciated, it just makes it hard to get anywhere without being able to buy any packs in the store. Like the boosters or daily deals. Still love the game!
  • Great game

    By Gohan ssgs
    Thai game has changed a lot.They way it changed is they realized people never had good cards/deck but they changed it to where your rank starts at hardened which was hard to get before the update.
  • It is so fun and I really enjoy it l love it it is so fun

    By Justkinggood
  • It

    By cloudjay231
    It to good
  • Videos

    By Lukey022504
    I want to be able to be able to watch videos to get tokens about 20 per video
  • AWESOME!!!!!but one issue

    By Sniperexpert50
    I’ve played this game for a while and I play it every day but I have one issue with this game, please find a fix so that it doesn’t always stop and say “waiting on network” it’s very annoying and it does it when I’m at home connected to WiFi so please 2k see this review and consider a fix please
  • Not worth your time energy or effort

    By unwrittenmiller
    I was playing this game for about 2 months until I realized I was being screwed out of the log in bonuses. I logged in one day at 4:47pm and was dented the log in bonus for that day. I tried explaining it to their customer service, but they are as helpful as a bag of rocks. Like the title says, play at your own risk...
  • Where are my credits

    By maddenhauldonther
    I paid for credits and they are not there, fix you stupid game
  • Wwe SuperCard

    By tfueeee
    If you don’t get this game you Are so dumb
  • Extremely fun app!

    By dave the wolf
    This is one of the few times I’ve gone out of my way to review an app without it asking me. I stumbled upon this app while looking for the regular WWE app. Saw the high star rating and figured I’d give it a shot. Within a couple hours I was hooked. The deck building is very fun and easy to pick up. It’s kind of a upgrade your better cards with weaker ones set up, with you upgrading each modes deck to its full potential. The post game draft pick rewards are a fun system , with it being very rewarding being able to watch ads after every single match for extra picks. And with the free packs every few hours, I feel like I keep getting chances to upgrade. Also the energy systems are very generous with it feeling like I can keep playing the app without a time limit, especially with Wild mode. The only reason I can’t give this app a 5/5 though is I feel the pricing for stubs doesn’t quite go with the rewards for packs. I spent around 20$ after a couple days just to try for an old school wrestler (as I used to watch more back in the day). I got 3 guys, one ring a really good card (Razor Ramon) and two being the same card (Chris Jericho). So 20 came down 1 great card and two goods. 20$ should give you 3 great cards at least if not an ultimate and 2-3 greats. Especially considering I got similar stated cards to the Chris Jericho ones in packs were on sale for 99stubs. Unfortunately it just doesn’t seem to add up. If anything I’d say wait for any kind of sale if you are eager to try for an old time cards, which you can do with stubs you make in game for free. Also I’m not saying it’s necessary to buy packs at all but it’s how you can at least get one ace card , as I noticed a lot of decks even at the beginning have at least one card that can pack a punch. But overall , I highly recommend trying this app out.
  • Good game

    My favorite wwe game of all time 10/10
  • Wwe

    By weefan
    I like this game
  • Perfect

    By TheNewDay36
    I love it it gives you that I’m ready for raw or smack down vibe💕💕
  • Make a balance update

    By Andrew31847
    Every time I play there’s a player that it’s strongest card is summerslame 18 pro and my best card is a wreselmane 34 sometimes a pro to that’s not balanced
  • No longer opens

    By Smart_apple
    I wish I could enjoy the new update, but the app does not open
  • Wwesupercard

    By jujuthejuiceman
    Great game been playing for 3 or 2 years season 2
  • Thank you wwe

    By jacobdean ambros
    Thank you for this wonder full game because it has all my favorite superstars even dean Ambrose
  • Best game

    By pffoffmjdid
    Love the game Addicting and fun
  • Best game

    By malcolm_beast
    Best game ever not better than fortnite bu a good game play it I am the best player ever I am serious so play
  • Little issue

    By Zomb1ek1ller907
    Little issue I am gonna say about this game is that when I’m in a tag match with two neon cards vs the enemy team let’s say has a gothic pro and a Harden card, you would say I win right? Wrong, some reason tag matches aren’t tag matches more like depends on one strong card
  • Great game but......

    By Furyfighter34
    It is a great game love playing it 24/7 just wish the rewards system would be tweaked because when I’m playing money in the bank something that stays not changed out for a new type of battle i just wish it would spit out more points not just 10 at a time max when the rewards are 2000-10000 points a piece would love to see either the reward price actually be practical or the points earned be practical so some people can actually get rewards before they reset
  • The Wwe Champion

    By GriffinHasGoneCrazy
    I really love this game I love the events the cards and the fact that you make sales and different seasons pretty often.After all this is my favorite game and I hope you keep up the good work
  • Got scammed

    By BossBoy98765
    I tried purchasing the 20$ pack that was on sale for New Years and the purchase didn’t go through but my money was taken. This has happened to me before but I was expecting them to have fixed this but of course not.