WWE SuperCard

WWE SuperCard

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2014-08-14
  • Current Version: 5.6.404447
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 571.10 MB
  • Developer: 2K
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 50 190


In time for WrestleMania, step into the squared circle with rectangular cards. WWE SuperCard is a collectible card battling wrestling game featuring your favorite WWE Superstars and in-ring WrestleMania action. Requires iOS 9.0 or newer. Collect and level up thousands of cards featuring WWE Superstars Ronda Rousey, Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, Brock Lesnar, and many other fan favorites like The Rock, Goldberg, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Aleister Black, and more. Crush your foes in a real-time PvP fighting game and climb the leaderboards. Earn exclusive rewards in limited time competitions. Form a team and compete against others in tests of strategy. Plus, battle in Monday Night Raw, SmackDown Live, and NXT arenas. Prove your wrestling chops in Open Challenges and compete head-to-head with other WWE fans to become a WWE SuperCard champion. WWE SuperCard has entertained millions (and millions!) of WWE fans across the globe. Introducing Season 5! WWE SuperCard S5 will include 3 new tiers with more than 75 new Superstar cards in each, a new and improved multi-fusion chamber, and more! FEATURES - Collect thousands of cards featuring WWE Superstars, NXT Superstars, WWE Legends, and WWE Hall of Fame Inductees - Compete in Elimination Chamber and Royal Rumble matches and climb the leaderboards for rewards - Capture the briefcase in Money in the Bank - Earn exclusive cards in weekly rotating events - Participate in Open Challenges and earn Tickets towards big rewards - Fight in King of the Ring tournaments to earn top cards - Earn bonuses just from logging in



  • Love the concept but

    By adamlopezzz
    Great idea for a game but some flaws. Earning coins is hard and the reward to spend them is spend a lot of coins for very poor prizes. And earning charge cards is ridiculously hard now. Sad to see this game going in a bad direction. Use to be my favorite mobile app.
  • Great game

    By Yeetus-i-love-Cleetus
    It’s a great game but I noticed that I upgraded my shattered cards and now they are in my top eight and other stuff but since it’s locked in those places I can’t take them out and I cant get some wrestle mania 35 cards so I was wondering if you could fix that and that’s it I haven’t ran into too many other problems yet so it’s a great game
  • Bge

    By djsjfggs
    Love the game I like the new cards got one out of a pack best game I have on my phone
  • Update

    By #savagegod
    Where is update it says it’s out
  • One thing that I’m mad about (not you fault)

    By AutomousLazer
    So, I just finished my shattered fusion and got an Akam and upgraded him fully. He is now LOCKED in my top 8 cards, and now, the wrestlemania 35 fusion came out, and I can’t take my Akam out of all of the decks because of the lock. So, I am just really mad that the wrestlemania 35 fusion came out RIGHT after I got my shattered fusion.
  • Wwe super card

    By briemide123
    This game is so fun and addictive
  • Back Down

    By tgator55
    Game was back up after updates. Now back down.!! Any idea how long this will last??
  • Why 1 star you ask ?

    By Dorkster77
    Before I get started this isn’t some random rant about the game, I’ve been playing this game for 2 season yes might not sound like a lot but I play cause am a wrestling fan. From what I’ve seen and experienced is updates and so aren’t carried out smoothly, just now as i write this iOS users aren’t able to update cause of the game not being ready or developer not doing their jobs. 7am 5/15- now still waiting hear from a fellow player apple support is saying it will be another 24-48 hours before an update is approved or release so count from 7am yesterday until today we will have to wait almost 2 days or so to play.
  • No update and won’t reply to feedback

    By one mad person1993
    I have send multiple emails via feedback option due to an issue I had. They won’t reply and keep saying they never received an email. It’s weird how out of 10 or more emails I have sent they can’t find any of them. Plus now can’t even get the update for the game and have waited over 24 hours.
  • No star rating from me

    By ddjyfffthhjf
    Why are you guys never ready to update this game when it needs the update but google play is always ready as soon as the update drops. Crew apple im going back to google play
  • Visually impaired gamer

    By Twizted2.0
    I have been playing this game for a while and love it despite certain ongoing issues my only “complaint “ is to help make it easier for visually impaired people to play by allowing magnifying features and voiceover I know I would be more willing to invest. I am not asking for the game to change but just by adding magnify ability and voiceover you could bring in a whole new demographic (or make current players happy)
  • Beware of app updates with no explanation.

    By jykimo2000
    This game is fun but there are times during the app updates where there are long extended periods (24+ hours) where the app does not work. CatDaddy and Apple Support will not update or explain and players will be left waiting. Just a warning to future players.
  • Doesn’t let me play

    By Donato Corona
    When I got SuperCard it was fun but then when they brought an update it says update required but when I check so I can update it, it just won’t let me update it. This has caused me to no be able to log in for my log in bonus which got me really mad. Please fix this. It won’t let me play and i want to get the team road to glory cards. Please FIX THIS!
  • Great Game But Lots Of Loading/Server Issues

    By Mad at monopoly
    *****as of 5/16/19 the game is unplayable. It loads saying an update is required but there is no update available***** I really like this game, my family all plays. It can be unbalanced while you’re getting cards that’s are a high enough level to compete with others but that’s ok too. What frustrates me the most is the ongoing “Waiting On Network”, white screens when trying to load the bonus picks and “Server Down For Maintenance” errors that keep coming up during draft picks that are losing me draft picks. *****As of 6/4/18 still getting waiting in network every time I try to do something and almost every other time I’m getting ready to pick from the draft board I get servers down for maintenance and Lise my picks. Really frustrating with no fixes even attempted from what can tell.*****
  • New update?

    By becca ridlon
    Yesterday it went down for maintenance now it requires an update that I can’t find and it won’t let me play it. Please fix it
  • Satisfied

    By jameslydia1987
    All in al a fantastic game. No complaints just waiting on the update and when will it happen
  • Servers Are Always Down

    By TheRealJoJo2018
    The servers are always down, goes out in the middle of long fought games and instead of rewarding, you lose all progress including cards. Servers go out during Daily Card Logins and you lose those. When are the servers ever online and working?
  • Nice game, but updates take much longer on IOS

    By Scotty.417.@
    Great game, spent hundreds of dollars playing but Game Support to me is one of the worst in the business. I also wouldn’t recommend playing on an Apple Device, large game updates take up to a day later than if you were using Android ( I don’t own an Android, so I have to wait) I understand long waits with zero explanation if you played for free, but I am far from a free player as are most of the longtime players. Long story short, great game and recommend but be prepared for what I stated. ( maybe all the bad stuff just happens to me, but doubt it). Happy Gaming.
  • I love it, but...

    By machete6969
    Great game but for the last 16hrs it’s not letting me play, saying update required but there’s no update.
  • Downtime is ridiculous

    By A ripped off consumer
    I don’t mind waiting for network maintenance but when that maintenance lasts over 24 hours and the company doesn’t bother to reach out to its customers to let them know what is going on then it’s time to start looking for another game to spend my money on.
  • Update may 16th 2019

    By Phorta1987
    So when are we getting it?
  • Game down?

    By Giant895
    Game is stating it needs an update and won’t open...this happening for animal rights else?
  • Where's the update?

    By JRiggs0219
    I go to sign in to play and get a notice Down for maintenance. Update required. So where is the update button?
  • Worst Programmers/Support Ever

    By Rater4738
    This is a cash grab money game which would be fine except, every time any kind of update or maintenance need be done - which is frequent, the game is down for anywhere from 24 to 72 hours (current one at over 24). The programmers are simply under qualified and the whole team needs to be removed and replaced with competent people. Worse yet, this has been an ongoing problem for years now and they have done nothing. HORRIBLE.
  • Still no iOS update

    By DCIX5
    The most recent review is 5 hours before mine and they have the issue. That is ridiculous. Don’t try to blame apple for your seeming incompetency
  • Still No Update for IOS 🤦🏽‍♂️

    By TapouT Fiend
    Over 20 hrs. Still no IOS update for WWE Supercard. This is the second time, that Supercard had this issue. I guess that they didn’t learn from the first time. Way to go CatDaddy the new meme’s is drop the Apple & get a Droid..

    By thedemonsqueen
    So apparently there’s a new update that was released yesterday and I STILL can’t update my game. When I try and launch the game all I get is a “update required” message, but yet it says my app is up to date....please fix this ASAP it’s annoying
  • Update Required

    By abdcecdjwc09-(
    I can’t update it cause when I go to the AppStore on my phone it doesn’t need and update but when I go to the game it says update required.
  • The game Updates

    By Sovverbot25
    I have been playing wwe supercard for a while and I had no problem updating the game and the game says to update the game and I go in to the AppStore and go to updates and the game is not there and how am I going to keep playing the game if I can’t get in
  • Fix

    By Zdog12345678910
    I didn’t get my update for wwe SuperCard
  • Help me

    By upstrem
    It does not show in the App Store to update it but I need to because it shows it in the game
  • Update

    By matthewpaul!!
    Why can’t I do my update !
  • Great game but buggy

    By Jorjorhutt
    Game won’t update
  • WWE Supercard update

    By DemonicSnoop
    When I try and get on it says update required so then I go here and it shows no update. Please fix soon
  • Unfair

    By Cuban4533
    It’s unfair that a long time iOS user has to wait for apple to drop the update to this game when android user have excess to the game since yesterday around 6pm it’s not right or fair
  • Issues logging in!

    By Elchavalo
    The game is not letting me update it! Please help me !
  • Blind girl?

    By Shadowheart1321
    For someone who is blind, you sure have a lot to say. Doesn’t even seem like you are blind, you even placed the accent in Pokémon correctly. There really is no point in having that feature in the game, it is fine how it is currently. Sure there is bugs every once in a while, but what game doesn’t? It is what it is.
  • 🙄

    By SGD_Eternal
    Terrible. SuperCard and Apple cant seem to come to an agreement where they actually release updates at a decent time. #GoToAndroid
  • Blame game

    By Spruske
    Today they had a major update that lasted all day. When they rolled out the update they allowed all android platforms to play and have not done an iOS update so they get a 6 hours head start And from what is being said on Twitter is they are allowing Apple to take the blame by not approving the update. People pump in good money into this game and there tech support give advantages to others
  • Hi

    By Dori456
    I can’t update the game
  • Update needed

    By Bubblehead25
    I need to update my game please fix this
  • Frustrating updates

    By T.Starks from BK
    The game itself is good for the most part. The problems lie when there’s an update for iOS, and it takes almost a full 24 hours. It is frustrating. For example, today the update was up and running for everyone that isn’t using iOS. Puts us behind the 8 ball.
  • Smurfing’s an issue

    By HyperZen20
    Overall the game is good with customization but a large problem in wild at my tier (Neon) is people who will will have higher level cards, but will have a hardened to lower their tier, getting easier wins
  • Why

    By treygray9977
    Won’t let me update
  • Provides update to Android while IOS has to wait

    By crains
    Provides update to Android while IOS has to wait and then tried to blame Apple.
  • When is the update getting released

    By Myager92
    I haven’t been able to play all day saying update required how long and am I going to loose my log in bonus for this
  • Best game ever

    By Lesliecubbage
    This game is so addictive to me I highly recommend it
  • Would love to be able to play

    By Flatline1914
    This is the second update in a row that you (iOS) have not accepted in a timely manner. I would like to be able to play my favorite game when I’m not having to spend my whole day at work. Come on, apple. Do better
  • Where the update

    By Kyo005
    Omg why the update is so annoying late ??????