GoodNotes 4

GoodNotes 4

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2013-12-19
  • Current Version: 4.13.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 212.40 MB
  • Developer: Time Base Technology Limited
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.3 or later.
  • Rating Count: 12 421


GoodNotes 5 is now available. A modern GoodNotes version including many new features and improvements, such as: * FLEXIBLE SCROLLING: choose between horizontal and vertical page scrolling * FOLDERS: create infinite levels of folders and subfolders * GLOBAL SEARCH: search and find everything. From handwritten notes, typed text, to document and folder titles. Across your whole library. It is available as a free/discounted upgrade to GoodNotes 4 customers through the “GoodNotes 5 Upgrade Bundle”. ### GoodNotes lets you take beautiful handwritten notes and annotate PDF documents. The handwritten notes are searchable and are created using a pioneering vector ink engine. Thanks to iCloud sync, your documents in GoodNotes will synchronize between your iPad and iPhone automatically. ## Make Your Handwritten Notes Last Forever ## GoodNotes features a state-of-the-art digital ink technology that will look great even with future super-high resolution displays. ## OCR: Search Handwritten Notes ## Just type in the search box what you're looking for and then tap Search. ## Better Than Paper Notebooks ## Type with the keyboard, insert images, or draw perfect shapes easily; mix between any kind of papers or even insert PDF docs inside a notebook; rearrange or delete pages as you like. It is very flexible. ## Annotate PDF Documents; Fill and Sign Forms ## Great for saving time, paper, and the environment. Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files are supported too. ## Large Collection of Beautiful Covers and Papers ## Each template is carefully designed in vector format. There are lined papers, graph papers, music papers, and lots of notebook covers to choose from. Add your own template with an image or a PDF file. ## GoodNotes Does Not Slow You Down ## Thanks to the powerful zoom window feature, you can write quickly with your fingers or with a stylus in a large area, and your handwriting will be shrunk automatically. ## Just Write Them Down and Don’t Worry ## You can correct any mistake any time and it won’t become messy. The lasso tool will let you move things around or even resize them. ## Protect Your Valuable Data ## GoodNotes features a trash function to protect from accidental deletion. It can also backup your data to Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive automatically. ## GoodNotes is Also a Digital Whiteboard ## Your audience will not see the user interface — just the content — and you can choose which part of the page to show them. Many teachers and lecturers are already using GoodNotes to teach. ================ The screenshots use material from Wikipedia articles Photoelectric effect[1] and Internal combustion engine[2], which are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0[3]. [1] [2] [3]



  • Literally the decide to come out with 5 the day after I bought the app

    By Adrienne823
    I don’t usually buy apps and I’m new to the whole note taking scene so although only 7, kind of a big investment for a broke college kid, I’m sad but the app works well, I just wish there was an easier way to view the notes
  • Perfect for School!!

    By Debbie48576
    I got this app when I went back to finish my degree. It’s absolutely ideal. It’s so easy to stay organized with my different notebooks and the quick and easy accessibility all my notes and documents makes studying SO much easier. Definitely recommend this program!
  • this is the best ever.

    By nullabletrue
    i only use this app for note.
  • تطبيق مهم لكل معلم

    By iahmed313
    التطبيق مفيد للمعلمين في شرح الدروس لسهولة استخدامه والخدمات التي يوفرها في الكتابة على ألبي دي أف وربط القلم بالايفون وهذا ما يميزه عن تطبيق iBooks
  • Great Note App Taking

    By Ethelvina79
    I recently started my CPA and this app has been great so far. I really didn't want to take my book anywhere and have ton of papers anywhere either. I think is great that I can import PDF files into it and highlight all the important facts, along with adding pages to write my notes. I am even thinking in taking my iPad to work so i can write my work notes too as i do have a notebook at work. I was sad that GoodNotes 5 was just released as I paid for GoddNotes 4 a week ago. However, looking at The Good Notes blog, it seems a bundle will be released soon to upgrade for free to GoodNotes 5. I can't wait as i watched a review on NotesGood 5 and it seems the way on how we crate the Note books is better structured and more organized. I can't wait to get Good Notes 5. So Apple hurry up and approve the bundle, that way I won't have to pay. :)
  • College Student

    By DeeM2016
    I have been using Goodnotes for 3 semesters now. I am an older student and I was having trouble staying organized and I hated lugging around all that paper. I would always forget something. I have now gone paperless because of Goodnotes! I can even import some of my digital textbooks through PDF! I enjoyed using this app and can’t wait for the bundle package. I am excited to use Goodnotes 5! Great productivity app!
  • Get it.

    By jessssiiiieeeee
    No complaints. Worth it. I know, I have a way with words.
  • THis app is amazing

    By AliciaGt1!
    First, the price is amazing. Second, I am a programming major and typing my notes is so much easier, however, i also need the drawing ability (mainly because i am a visual learner. This app allows me to do both at the same time and even add pictures to my notes. Great App! Highly recommend it for any upcoming and future students.
  • Perfect for students

    By 陳智
    Wish there is pencil option to write with!!
  • Way too many problems!

    By BAR112
    GoodNotes 5: Pay $7.99 when your version 4 hardly works? No way! January 2019 Update: Now it refuses to open my Grocery List from the Cloud on my iPhone, rendering the app useless for me! Workaround: take a screenshot of the list on my iPad Pro and take the photo on iPhone with me to the store. Other issues: deletes notebooks and won’t work offline.
  • GoodNotes 4 excellent note taking ap

    By Sofie001
    Been using 3months and it has everything I need to manage my work and home in one App. Multiple notebooks so I can organize notes by subject and still have all with me. Search with my rapid handwriting still finds most of the keywords and if I want to be sure, I can more carefully write subjects or names. Mostly intuitive so quickly got started, and the user manual and emails tell me there are features still to discover.
  • The best note taking app

    By mj|lima
    I love this app so much, the palm rejection with the pen is flawless so you can scroll with your fingers and directly write with the pen , you can export it so easily !
  • Couple more details and it’d be 5 stars

    By lanciple
    As a creative, I use this app for note taking and often times, draw as much as I write. I’ve been seeing many reviews comparing it to notability and the main reason I chose Good Notes over it was for the notebook feature and organization. That being said, there are a couple small nuisances that I’m hoping they could change that don’t seem far and above as they would deemed standard features in other apps. 1) ADD ROTATION - after copying and moving something, often times I need to just rotate the object and it doesn’t allow for it 2) ERASER PRESSURE - being that the pen has the ability to use pressure to vary strokes, isn’t it just intuitive to add the same for the eraser 3) CUSTOMIZATION - allow for more paper types, colored, etc Aside from the above, the app is near perfect. Hoping for these in the new updates! Thanks for what’s out so far!
  • 我已经买了4?新软件是否可以直接升级

    By xFil96bfnfn
    刚刚买了goodnotes4。却出了新款goodnots5 是否可以直接升级.我不想重新购买.. 怎么办呢
  • Feature request

    By Patmiaoy
    We need voice recording!
  • Goodnotes 5 cost??

    By StormPixie
    So I recently paid the money for this app which does work fine, however then you release a version 5 and we have to pay for that one also? Well no thank you. You should of had it clearly stated on here that this was happening so I didn’t waste my money! Don’t waste your money or time!!! Smh
  • Love it!

    By Love2bemommy09
    Thanks for such a great app!
  • Great app for college student

    By Mighty_11
    I’m currently a junior in college and just got the new iPad. This app is really useful for note taking.
  • Best app have purchased!

    By KeahAshton
    This app has all the bells and whistles that you need in a note taking app! GoodNotes allows me to stay organized with the option to have multiple notebooks for different needs! Being an executive assistant to two different people, gets confusing at times and things sort of get mixed up, however with this app, I am able to separate my tasks by person, along with having my own running todo list in my own notebook. It is worth the money.
  • Digital Journaling

    By KS33GodLover
    I wanted to go digital for journaling. And my husband discovered this app. It works wonderfully with iPad and Apple Pencil. I am definitely a fan.
  • It’s ok but not great

    By Freeman Cooper
    Good app but wish it had a background recording function, an in app web search function, and the ability to show different notes side by side . Because of this I’m going to have to stick with notability. Notability allows me to record audio while I’m writing. When you replay you can see where notes were written during the audio. This is helpful when I need to go back over stuff when I missed what my prof said. The in app web search function lets me quickly search information as I’m writing and I don’t have to loose my place by exiting the app and searching online. Having notes side by side will help me when I’m studying and I need to look at multiple documents at the same time, ie a textbook and my class notes
  • Visually always pleasing

    By Katazui
    One of the things I was searching for in the market for Note taking apps was the fact that I can resize my text. I for one have huge handwriting and having the ability to resize the selected text is a game changer when having legible notes. Also, the other thing I love about the app, is the horizontal pages, love the fact you could choose vertical as well! The only thing I would argue is the recording feature that other applications have. I know it’s a key feature in pursing a large share of the market. I hope GoodNotes 5 will add this in the future. As for the organization for my notes, it’s absolutely stunning! However, if you do create a Master Category, there’s no visually representation of that group, you would have to select an icon that opens all the folders for you, what I thought to be very User Inference basic. I hope they would spice things up a little bit~ -Katazui
  • One of the best note taking apps for stylus users

    By Poplover90
    When I bought the IPad 2017, there were two things I bought immediately, a carbon copy of the Apple Pencil to use on my tablet and GoodNotes. I saw a video on how to write on the app and was hooked from the first usage of it. I am a media creator and illustrator, so I find the app useful for making quick notes like I would on a piece of paper. You can format the paper app to display “papers” to look like the old notepads you used in school. When you use the app and stylus in portrait mode, it gives you the same feeling you get when you use physical paper. I highly recommend it for anyone who likes to take notes with a pencil or do some doodling. Being able to change writing into text that can be imported into other apps is very helpful too.
  • Great at first but now my files are forever downloading

    By JaymeB.
    This app was great when I first purchased and I had no problems. I use it for my personal training clients and it made my life easier and more organized. But for the past month my files are consistently inaccessible because they are always downloading from iCloud or Dropbox. I’ve contacted customer support several times and they just give me the same trouble shooting tactics I’ve already done. They don’t work. Every time I open the app there are files that are downloading which makes me have to go to my phone and open the app if I need it right then with a client, or it causes me to post pone working on client programs until it decides to stop downloading, which is often for hours which means I have to plan to wake up earlier to get it done before work. Such a pain now and so disappointed.
  • Awesome For Note Taking

    By Droid1963
    Good Notes is great for taking hand written notes. Great tutorials. Easy to use once you get the hang of it. The only thing that could be improved is the Convert-to-Text. It is clunky to convert from handwriting to typed text. You have to Convert, Copy, Open Text Box, and Paste. If that’s important, try Nebo...but the Nebo user interface is in the Stone Age compared to GoodNotes 4. I’ve given upon Nebo and just use Good Notes now!!!
  • Love it but,

    By Terri Ly
    I love this app, I really do. I take my class notes on this app, and its so darn compatible with the ipad pro and apple pencil. However, I print out the notes that I take at the end of the day because I like to study from an actual physical copy, and there isn’t a double-sided option to print! Being a student who is allowed only a certain amount of prints, I don't want to be have to print 20 pages of notes a week when it can be reduced to 10 double-sided. Correct me if there is one or implement an update with this option and I’ll happily change my review to a five star
  • Audio Recording?

    By Zachman1228
    Love this app but I believe it would benefit greatly from having an audio recording feature. This is the only thing keeping me from using this app as my full time notebook in college.
  • The best note taking app!

    By analauraley
    This app is amazing. I write all of my reviews and summaries in it. I have also created a recipe notebook because I love to cook. I was a little apprehensive about getting it because I had also heard about Notability, but I decide to buy Good Notes. It was an excellent decision because I truly think this is the best note taking app out there. You can customize your notes in several ways. I personally like to you the app Over, which makes great headings and functions very well with Good Notes. I hope this helped your decision with weather or not to buy Good notes!
  • But I love it

    By sadanddisgruntled student
    A recording function and a split page function would make this app so much better.
  • Amazing just needs a few things

    By JulixnSanchez
    LITERALLY the best editing app but would be better if u could rotate and import multiple images at once
  • Great app but split screen feature pls

    By VivTsai
    It’s a great app and I love all the features and would recommend for all the apple a pencil users, but it would be great to add split screen feature, it would help taking notes even better.
  • Almost a perfect 5

    By almost a perfect 5
    I LOVE this app! I use it for work in the medical field where I need to keep track of literally thousands of ever changing codes and details. It’s also wonderful for personal use- I have specific notebooks for my recipe collection, for home projects and for trip planning. I love that all my devices seamlessly sync and the usability of the app is excellent and very intuitive. I wish that the BOOKMARKS could be displayed ALPHABETICALLY as well as chronologically...for that upgrade I would give it a PERFECT 5 rating!
  • My favorite!

    By b.chapp
    This serves as my budget journal and meal planner!
  • Using this app for 3 years...

    By TNGeek572
    ...and it’s awesome. Searchable handwriting was the key for me for this app. Also, the ability to create forms and templates in MS Word, save them as pdf files and easily import to use in Good Notes is amazing. You’re not stuck with a few canned paper templates like Nebo. I use it every day to log items and events during my shift as an Operations Duty Manager. Each item gets tagged with an incident number from our Remedy system and I use that number to search my notes and go directly to the page containing my handwritten notes. Even the backed up PDF versions of my notes to my OneDrive account are searchable. The *only* thing that’s missing for me which would put my review at 5 stars would be the option to bring up two notes side-by-side on my iPad Pro similar to the way Notability handles that.
  • Good but can be better

    By Thebreaker101
    I hope it adds more features from notability like the audio recorder thing and side by side notes. I really love the app but this would make it better
  • Great app

    By ju34an
    I think its a helpful app to take notes, its very easy to use. You can choose what type of letter you want. The color of the words etc.
  • Worth every penny

    By downlstreet
    I may not need it for high level situations like others have, but I absolutely love using GoodNotes and look for any excuse to open it. I was using Penultimate before so obviously I’m wowed, but regardless, it has made note taking and planning so easy. Being able to import third party files was incredibly impressive, as I purchased a digital planner off Etsy and imported it with no lag or problems. I could write a novel, but I won’t. Thank you GoodNotes!
  • Great notes app

    By Andrew.Fant
    Perfect for digitizing and preserving notes and sketches that pop into my head throughout the day. Seamlessly replaced the trust old Moleskine notebooks that I’ve carried for years, and now I won’t have to store notebooks in case I need to reference them in the future.
  • Great app but room for improvement

    By JCarr22
    Coming from someone who never pays for apps I am glad I paid for this one! I love that I can download my pdf textbooks and make notes on them. That can be accomplished with other apps but what I have found useful is that I can take screen clippings of my texts. I tried the pdf in a couple other apps and it hasn’t let me do that. A few things I really want: 1) the option for continuous scrolling 2) side by side viewing. (I want to have my text open and be able to view the page while I’m taking notes rather than flipping between tabs) 3) a palm rest feature that comes from the top of the page for us lefties. I find myself switching tabs by accident and when using the zoom feature I switch pen colors.
  • Needs audio record feature to get 5 stars

    By perryreviewer
    Overall, excellent note taking app, but it lacks a recording feature essential to busy students and teachers.
  • It’s great tbh

    By bby74
    I love the ability to customize the pages, being able to arrange the pages, and chose which paper you wanna use. I wish they had more ability to change the writing/drawing options. Like different brushes, fonts etc.
  • Great app

    By JimB50
    I find it very useful, on an a iPad Pro detailing Blue prints and photos
  • Sstraight forward with good functionality

    By goldensunflakes
    I’m using an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil 2 and GoodNotes has been everything I was hoping for. I’m a professor and have wanted to redo my handwritten 10 yr old lecture notes with 10 years of scribbles and post it note updates...and goodnotes has been a fantastic tool. I already had notability, but it just doesnt work as well for me. I use ZoomNotes also, which is really nice for some things, but goodnotes has been the best for this project. I can read some good suggestions for developers in other reviews so I won’t enumerate more, except that more levels of nesting in the file hierarchy would be nice. Great value. I have stopped looking at other solutions; no need to!
  • Great note taking app

    By Rabbitt419
    This app is the best paperless notebook I could find I love the ability to search handwritten notes
  • This app is amazing

    By carolyn_66
    As a person who loves to write with paper and pen I was not sure how I was going to adjust to using using my iPad Pro. I’ve adjusted very well 🦋
  • Really like it however

    By Angelbluz
    I really LOVE this app, and it really got me excited when I could get Babanana with it. Awesome! The only thing I do not like is that you can’t do is record or import Audio. If this were possible it would be the only thing that I need to use. Other than that, It’s my go to for about 75% of things.
  • Best App, but...

    By Bee_19
    I love almost everything about this app. I literally use this app for ALL my writing needs, be it work, school or personal journaling. I wish there was a way to lock notes for privacy. I like journaling a lot, and though the ipad is in my possession 95% of the time, there are times when I share it with others. Please, maybe, look into introducing some type of note locking feature.
  • Need better drawing tools, brighter highlighters and vertical scrolling

    By jssga
    Need more options
  • Very limited compared to Samsung Notes (Free)

    By LisSwaggin
    First time with apple iPad Pro 2018 and I am quite frustrated with how many features are missing in a paid app compared the free Samsung Notes which is standard on all Galaxy Devices mine was a 2015 Tab A with S Pen. And all of these “great features “ that people are raving about have been around for over 4yrs now. 1. Switching between pens is annoying and takes to many steps, especially when taking lecture notes. On my Samsung notes they kept a customizable pens/with colors which allows you to quickly switch colors so you can organize quickly as you write. I’ve only seen this option with the zoom write feature only and that thing is annoying to me . 2. You can’t move images behind text , Samsung notes allows you to send an image back , behind text you already wrote here you’re screwed If at the last minute you want to add pics. 3. You only have ballpoint and fountain pens to choose from ,are you kidding me !? 4.No customizable drawings or sketches can be saved for later use. In Samsung notes i drew out a few symbols for my notes like a lightbulb, check mark, Tombstone ,etc that you can add like clip arts to notes. 5.Horrible scrolling capabilities and using an apple pen doesn’t stop the notebook from picking up your finger has caused me to accidentally erase many notes. When using a stylus there should be an option for complete hand/finger rejection. 6. Object Drawing is horrible, I’ve never had to be so precise for a system to recognize I want to draw a box. I’m going to stop here because There are just so many deficits in this app it’s ridiculous I paid money for it.