Envelopes: Budget Manager

Envelopes: Budget Manager

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2016-08-14
  • Current Version: 3.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 5.46 MB
  • Developer: emdentec ltd
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 59


Envelopes is a virtualisation of the envelope budgeting method. It is simple to use and allows you to keep a close eye on where your money is being spent, but without the need to keep paper envelopes filled with cash around. ∙ Create unlimited envelopes and order them to your preference. ∙ Set up a budget with Quick Deposits and distribute your income to all your envelopes at once. ∙ Create withdrawals, deposits, and transfers with custom memos to track your spending. ∙ Secure your data with a passcode, and use Touch ID or Face ID if supported by your device. ∙ Choose from two themes (light or dark) to suit your preferences.



  • 4/5

    By Gjffjgf
    So far I think I’m going to be overall pleased with this app. The only thing is I would like to be able to change the deposit amount since it’s never the same for me. I may be missing it if that is an actual feature already.
  • Love it!

    By shouli666
    I honestly love this app . It’s perfect for keeping track of credit card and loan totals I think they did a excellent job with it.
  • Quick, Simple, Stable

    By QjeffQ
    Works great for quick tracking and staying accountable with an envelope budgeting system. I’ve tried many other apps and this one is the best by far for me. The design is intuitive and it’s quick to use. Super stable. I like the new dark mode in this version.
  • 👌🏼Less is more

    By Gabin123
    Great app. Simple, to the point. Beautiful new dark mode. If you need to keep track of what you spend and what you have, but don’t want to waste hours entering data in overly convoluted apps, then this app is for you. Yes it’s $7. I don’t have a problem with that since it does exactly what it promises to do. I REALLY appreciate that I didn’t have to create an account, and that it’s a one time fee as opposed to a monthly subscription.
  • Great simple app

    By jpropstg
    The only thing I wish the developers would add is some sort of balance feature where I could reconcile against a bank statement to see where I am off.
  • Best Budget App Ever

    By Jcaskey1048
    I could not live without this app! It is the only way I’m able to manage my money easily and effectively. I can pull up the app at any time and know exactly how much I have to spend in any given category. It makes budgeting so easy. I could not recommend it more. I usually don’t ever buy apps—if they aren’t free, I’m not interested. But this? Worth every single penny.
  • Envelopes

    By IamSporkette
    This is my favorite method of tracking my funds and setting up my budget. Envelopes is a very nice implementation. When I moved from android a couple of years ago I was quite disappointed that I could not bring my “budget with envelopes “app with me. I searched for a few hours , tried a few, and was struck with how well envelopes implemented the concept. Two years later and I’m still content with the app. Admittedly I was initially put off by the cost of the app, but I decided to get it anyway and I’ve been satisfied ever since. Don’t be discouraged by the price. If you’re looking for a very nice envelope budget app, you’ve probably found it.
  • Missing most important features

    By RNA_Polymerase
    This app is missing some vital features: SYNCING The most vital ability is for more than one device to have access to view the envelopes. Your data is landlocked to just your phone. I was sitting here trying to make a case for using this between my wife and I, but it is just not there. AUTO-RESET For repeating envelopes per month, it would be nice to be able to reset with a single button or process. This is definitely a high ranking feature that is missing in this version. NOTES Another missing feature that other reviewers have mentioned is the Notes ability. I used this some on the old version of the app, but I can see this is an important one. IMPORT I lost several years of data when I switched over due to the “Developer needs to update” messages. I bought the app hoping this might import the old data since I could not even open the old app to view it. Gone, baby ... gone. Without these and some other improvements, this app does not hold up to its seven (7) dollar price.
  • So easy!

    By 8thgrade teacher
    I love this app because it’s just basic deposit and withdrawal if you’re not interested in typing a bunch of info each time you need to put in a transaction. I just wanted a digital version of the envelope system that was easy and FAST and this is it.
  • Great but need backup

    By Safekids
    Used the old one and love both! Keeps me on track with spending and saving!! I just wish there was a backup option!
  • I LOVE this app, BUT...

    By natalieanneconstable
    I absolutely 100% cannot stand the ugly salmon/red color that the whole app insists on being. I would love if this could be customized, or simply black. I will change my rating to 5 stars if that ever happens because it truly is so helpful for me!!😊 I’m evil I know I’m sorry. I also agree with everything Tindy89 said!
  • Has the basic needs.

    By Justin123456789012345
    The reason I give this two stars is because if it’s very basic capabilities and the fact you’re paying so much money for something you can get for free with other apps. Another huge driver for the low rating is the fact that you can’t press one button and automatically fill your envelopes. You have to individually enter each amount into each envelope. So a person who has a lot of envelopes like say 20 envelopes this task becomes cumbersome. An auto fill or fill all envelopes feature would be nice.
  • Great app. Could use a few tweaks.

    By Feffy Borth
    The concept of this app is great. It's simple and functional. It's an easy way to digitally separate financial categories "envelopes." It is extremely manageable compared to other apps I have tried. The older version of the app used to have “notes” which I used to track goals, or Christmas lists, etc...but they removed that feature with the update which was a huge disappointment for me. Other than that - I feel that at $6 this app is a bit overpriced - but on the other hand I use it constantly so it’s worth it to me. I wish they would include iCloud syncing so all my devices would see it.
  • Nice and simple for the everyday person

    By DogMaster&Artist
    Nice and simple for the everyday person... but I’d like to see a few options added: -A history of every move the money makes (rather than having to tap on each and every envelope...) -A separate “tag” for each transaction. I’d like to have a tag for cash, checking, savings, PayPal, gift cards... or whatever I wish & be able to see the total of what is in each. It’s hard to put in any money but what’s in my checking for me, because the “total” number throws me off when I add cash into the envelopes. I can’t easily double check my work with my checking account’s amount. For example: I spend a $20 cash bill on groceries but have to use my debit to buy the remaining $2.49 from my checking. I want to know that I didn’t take $22.49 all out of checking. -A search feature would always be nice -A way to upload my data to the cloud/export to pdf... or something. Just in case something happens to my phone. Thanks for the great app! I’d love to see it continue to grow!
  • Needs sharing option

    By Jekkie2121
    Love the app. Would give 5 stars if my husband and I could both have it sync on our phones
  • Great! Just like envelope 2!

    By MS KEY
    I really like this app. It helps me keep track of my savings. I wish I could add a description to each envelope but I can’t on this one.
  • Awesome little app.

    By Maggie3624
    This is a great app I use with my family. I have an envelope for each which I use to keep track of money owed to each other. Deposits are money they owe me. Withdrawals are money they either paid back or I owe them. All I need but I desperately wish I could print out the transactions in each envelope.
  • Did not import data after iOS 11 update

    By MJM 7
    I had balances in my envelopes when I updated to iOS 11 the old envelopes won’t open. Says “developer needs to update” I paid for the new envelopes because they said it would import data. When I clicked to merge I got the message “developer needs to update” and it did not transfer my data.
  • Love this app’s simplicity!!

    By neverblue
    Please don’t ever change with future updates! This was exactly what I was looking for. Very uncomplicated and easy to use. Easy setup. Easy to use! Only thing that would be nice is the ability to sync between devices.
  • Just what I needed

    By iguy_4
    I love working with the app but one feature request would be scheduled reoccurring transfers/transactions.
  • Easy to use

    By kiz2015
    I’ve been using this app for several years. The one thing that did not carry over from the legacy version is the “stickie pad” for each envelope. That was where I kept track of items I’m saving up for and was a big help in curbing impulse spending. I could find another app to do that, but it was handy having it in the same app.
  • Solid App

    By K't
    I had the older version—which was previously free. I feel like these apps (old and current version) are the same. They do have the ability to write a note for each transaction. The color scheme and look is different and the layout looks cleaner. I am putting it at 3/5 stars because it is $7! I tried a tooooon of different apps out there to have another free app, but I wanted something simple like this. So with that said, why is this simple app $7? It does the trick though. Update: I’m putting it at 4/5 because there are some features I like with this version: How to auto fill budgeted amounts (all or just selected envelopes). I like the layout of how the transactions appear in each envelope too.
  • Not as good as Envelopes 2

    By GQ32
    Had to go to this version with iOS 11. I don’t like that Notes are gone, and. I don’t like the color scheme of the app. Also couldn’t import data from prior version. This version just operates clunky and looks like crap. Bring back an iOS compatible version of the old version 2 please! Some apps are good enough from the get go. Do t know why developers always gotta tinker...
  • Solid 3/5

    By Tindy89
    I bought this app because Envelopes 2 finally died. Without warning. I didn’t even know this version existed until I went to the App Store to find an easy, similar envelope budgeter (so uh... thanks for the A+ customer service, guys.) It’s definitely not worth $7, but for it is it’s great. EXCEPT that it’s missing two QUITE IMPORTANT facets that were in Old Faithful: Notes, and Auto-Budget. Yeah yeah, if you put the same amount in, don’t set a budget for it, blah blah blah. But if you don’t know how much you’re getting each pay, it’s SO MUCH EASIER to Auto-Budget and see what’s leftover for saving or spending! Notes alone would be useful, but without both it’s just crippling. For $7 I would expect full functionality and - as a whim- more than 10 envelope colors (two of which are nearly identical??)
  • Helpful

    By LauraB218
    I've only been using this app for one pay period, but I'm seeing an immediate effect on how I spend! I like that I can move money between envelopes, and change amounts any time I want- I freelance, so my budget is different every two weeks. It's very simple, which is good, but I wouldn't mind a more modern aesthetic; I think the $6.99 is a little steep for the app, but am still happy with my purchase. The one thing I would really like to see is a "reset" option. I don't like seeing my last transactions from previous pay periods, or having to fake a withdraw to get it down to zero. Hopefully this could become an option for those who like a fresh start each paycheck!
  • Very easy to upgrade from previous App

    By vtspoon
    I love this app. I have used the previous app for years now. Just one complaint, I loved being able to mark my deposits as weekly, monthly, annually or just being able to make my own titles. Very minor, but I can get use to the newer version.
  • Easy way to track spending

    By 555thom
    I've used this app for a little over a month now and it has helped keep me from over spending. It has a clean appearance and is easy to use. When I make a purchase with my debit card or checking account I add the expense in the app right then in a couple seconds. Much easier than having real cash envelopes and dealing with that mess. First set up a budget and at the beginning of each month fill your envelopes with the categories you determine then record each transaction. I made it 26 days before running out of money, without the help of this app it would have been a lot less.
  • Great app, easy to use

    By Team CapOne
    I love this app, it is has a very simple design and is easy to use. It doesn't get in the way of keeping track of your money.
  • Great app but …

    By Doug & Ange
    This is a really terrific app for keeping track of money that is in your bank account that is earmarked for specific categories to keep you from spending it. I love the simplicity of the app, it's not complicated. I think the colors of the envelopes are a little funky but that's just a personal note. The one issue that seems to me could easily be resolved that I really wish they would take seriously, is "iCloud syncing". I would like to be able to pick up my iPad and see exactly where I left off on my iPhone. Or to allow my wife to be able to pick up her iPhone and see what is in the Envelopes simultaneously. This would give the app five stars.
  • Great app missing only one thing

    By Sictabity
    This app is much better than the last envelope app I used. The only downside it's not being able to have multiple users use the same instance. My husband has to text me each transaction so I'll know to enter it. Otherwise I think the app is perfect.
  • Love it

    By meganlashea
    I love this app. Of all budget apps I can find, this is the simplest one and that's what makes it my favorite. It's pretty much like having physical envelopes with cash. My only complaint is that I wish it could be shared between two devices so that me and my husband both can see the updated balances as soon they happen.
  • Best way to manage money!

    By Amstene
    Using the envelope system completely changed the way we look at our finances. Instead of one balance in our account, we now have as many as we want, allocated for all our needs. Real envelopes are good, but this App lets me do the same thing with ALL the money in my bank account. Thanks guys, keep up the great work!
  • Love!!

    By Imweblvr
    I love this app! This app is much safer than carrying around large amounts of cash around. It helps me stay on track and it is VERY easy to use. I love the colored envelopes, the ease of depositing, withdrawing money, and the initial set up are all user friendly. Thanks ENVELOPES!!!
  • So far so good

    By TMedellin
    I really like this app. I love the total/balance at the top which should match our bank account at all times if we are using the envelopes as we should. I love that I can transfer between envelopes which is important to me. I wish there were more colors for the envelops and the ones that are current are so close in shade to each other. And the big one is I wish my husband could have the app on his phone as well.
  • Helpful...but PLEASE..

    By BSF747
    I just had to restore my phone and go back to an iTunes restore...my other financial apps synced back to CURRENT with iCloud syncing...please enable that for this one too...having to reenter a bunch of entries. Thanks.
  • Helps making financial decision better

    By Oneinamelian
    I am a waitress and I don't get a consistent paycheck. So I fill the envelopes as I go through the month. As I fill the envelopes, if I get ahead in my envelopes, then money goes to savings or things I want to purchase. Having a big picture on where my money is going and telling my money what to do and not letting my money dictate what I'm going to do is a goal for this year and this app is already helping with that.
  • Great app

    By Stix2037
    This a great app would make it a five star app is if it had iCloud syncing and a way to email your envelope reports to yourself
  • Too expensive for what it offers and questionably Developer Tatics

    By zacandjacki
    That app works for extremely simple budgeting using envelope-style but you get no extra features that would make this app worth $7. Key things that are missing that other envelope budgeting apps already have: • iCloud syncing - so spouses and partners can share the budget • Ability to make different budgets with their own envelopes (example: business vs. personal) • Ability to do a quick "payday" budget that pre-fills the envelopes The other thing that bothers me is that this same developer used to offer an app called "Envelopes 2" that the developer has since killed from the App Store. It was also a paid app and offered almost exactly the same features. So now the developer makes a new app that costs more, has practically the same functionality, and the original supporters of the old app are left with having to buy this app. The developer should have done the right thing and updated the original app that people already paid for.
  • Love this app!!!!

    By Odinace
    This is the best budget app out there. It's simple and easy to use. It's everything you need to do your budget.
  • super easy to use!

    By Bethie__marie
    this is really useful for me because i just got my first job and i'm learning how to budget. this really really helps!!
  • Well designed and simple budgeting

    By tomreece88
    I have used Envelopes every day since the original. Envelopes 2 got a lot prettier and user friendly. I choose this app over alternatives due to its sheer simplicity. I don't want charts, graphs, or syncing with my bank account. This is perfect and simple.
  • Bring real envelope background back

    By Ivan Aguilera
    I thought developer had quit the app, I'm glad they are back. I do miss the real envelope image background. Overall great app. I also love the touch ID access.
  • Extremely helpful

    By Budgeted challenged
    The most successful budgeting tool I used was the envelope system. It was inconvenient to pull cash each week. This is the perfect solution and I stick to it even better than cash. The one improvement i wish it had was automatic quick deposits for each envelope on a weekly, every other week or monthly basis
  • Envelopes

    By U'm Addicted to Numbers
    I love this app. This version shows you how your money is split into each envelope, without having to look at each envelope. Thanks for adding this!!
  • Good Start 😊

    By Idn86i
    Love the Envelope 2 app and its simplistic functions. I got really excited when this app got released and had lots of high hopes (I'll send a feedback email separate). Well it is a good start, but with a price tag of $5 this app could amp up a few more things beside the new look and passcode. Other features like quick deposit is a nice touch but oddly this app feels like it's missing something. Whenever I open Envelope 2 I feel really happy seeing my envelopes but when I open Envelope it feels very mechanical...like the app is missing a heart-sounds weird I know.