JSwipe - #1 Jewish Dating App

JSwipe - #1 Jewish Dating App

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2014-04-15
  • Current Version: 6.2.7
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 66.57 MB
  • Developer: Smooch Labs
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 3 012


Shalom! Welcome to JSwipe - the #1 Jewish dating app with over 1 million users worldwide. Swipe right, match, and message with local Jewish singles in your area for free. We make Jewish dating simple: swipe right if you like the profile, swipe left if you don't. When you both swipe right, Mazel tov! It's a match. Match and chat with Jewish singles and find the perfect match that your bubbie would be proud of. JSwipe is the #1 Jewish dating app to help single people meet and connect. Keep it kosher and upgrade to JSwipe's paid subscription with premium features including: • 5 Super Swipes per day: Send emojis and let that that special someone they are more than just your average right swipe. • 1 Swipe Note per day: Increase your chance of matching with a personalized note. • Boost: Be shown 2x as often and let the algorithm do its work! More views = more matches! • Most Eligible: Get access to a list of the most popular profiles on JSwipe! • Explore: Browse profiles slightly outside your search filters - you never know who you will find! • Passport: Swipe anywhere in the world by changing your swipe location. • Optimize Photos: Run data on all your photos to see which one is getting you a match most frequently. • Liked Me: Jump right into chatting with people who have already liked your profile. • Read Receipts: Know when your messages have been delivered and read. Don't Jewish you could meet someone? Download JSwipe and meet your match today! Terms of service: https://jswipeapp.com/privacy-policy Privacy Policy: https://jswipeapp.com/terms-of-service



  • Charged my card for years even after I cancelled

    By SarahSteinerBell
    Jswipe has been charging my Apple Pay for years under a different name even though I cancelled immediately after signing up. And I have no way of reaching anyone in the company to file a complaint
  • Great to be back on JSwipe after a break.

    By #notdoingagain
    Keep up the good work
  • Facebook still required

    By grezd
    Unbelievable... it’s 2019 and these clowns still haven’t realized that not everyone wants to maintain a Facebook account for various reasons.
  • No option to not have Facebook?

    By Airborne101SE
    There are millions of people (including Jews) who have walked away from Facebook and can’t use your app because it requires a Facebook account. Isn’t this kind of a huge, glaring oversight limiting your user base? Why yes, yes it is.
  • Can’t make account

    By Deanofadmissions
    Has had login issues for weeks. The login using Facebook button totally glitches. Please fix
  • New user registration without a Facebook account

    By Shosh102
    Many new users no longer have Facebook accounts, however this now excludes them from using an app like this. Most other dating apps such as bumble and tinder offer sign-ups via email or phone number, excluding Facebook. Please consider enabling the ability to create a new user profile without a Facebook login like many other apps already offer.
  • Please add some required fields

    By Meli55a!
    I come across many profiles that are virtually blank. One thing I like about other dating apps is they have some standard questions that get posted to the profile. For instance Height Do you have children Do you want children Type of relationship (ie, dating, long term, etc) Height (oh did I mention that twice!?!?!) lol that’s a big one This sight more so than others there is a lot of matching that ends in zero communication. Not sure why 🤷‍♀️
  • Most eligibly (geographically not gonna happen)

    By Rachinc112614
    What’s the point of paying for this service to see the “most eligible” bachelors, when every single one of them are at least 300 miles away? Why won’t they show you the most eligible bachelors in your area?
  • Major login issues

    By open ambush
    Won’t sign in
  • App Glitch Won’t Let You Log In

    By Ignacio_Coronel_Villareal
    J Swipe currently has a glitch that won’t let you log in through the Facebook app. No update has been made to remedy this situation.
  • Don’t purchase

    By hopeful822
    Please don’t purchase in my experience 95% fake profiles, scammers.
  • Only for Facebook users

    By Davbensouss
    You can’t use it if you don’t have a Facebook account. Very surprising to restrain people to use an app.
  • No Way To Use Without Facebook

    By Zane Hellmann
    Recently deleted my Facebook account and now I cannot use the app. Would love to be able to register an account without the need to connect it to my other social media...
  • Doesn’t let me log in

    By Ea122
    I just updated the app hoping it would get better, now it won’t even let me log into my account
  • Bs

    By youreblockingbadreviews
    Garbage. Totally swamped with phishing scammers. There seems to be nobody trying to screen them and I see no mechanism for reporting them so that they get removed. I get lots of messages from women on the other side of the country and when I write back despite the geographic problem, I quickly discover that I am chatting with either a bot or someone who is working through a pre-written script regardless of what I say. Comical but definitely makes this app useless.
  • Very disappointed

    By the land of fakes
    Several experiences with fake profiles. There are also men on the site pretending to be Jewish. Of Jswipe asks for level of observance then there must be a requirement to weed out the gamers. Off the site.
  • Great App

    By lost in thyme
    The only reason I didn’t give Jswipe a five star is because it can never find anyone within a 250 mile radius of where I live, but that is not necessarily the apps fault. There are not any users in my area. I’m in the country 😒
  • Too expensive

    By Melinum15
  • Waste of money

    By Astr018
    70$ to garbage
  • Awful

    By This app is is blow
    Says location turned off but does not allow me to change setting.
  • Garbage

    By Mikethevet
    Put in a location and distance and... no girls around you! Really? I live in philly and there are ZERO available matches? And getting back to the main page is difficult. If I click on a picture, just take me to the profile. Why do I need to click twice?? Unless the app suddenly finds girls around me, there is no way I am paying. Try to make your app more functional and get more exposure so people actually use it... <>
  • Can’t use. Too glitchy.

    By LAju18
    Will not open using my facebook app.
  • FB Oauth doesn’t work

    By bromoseltzer
    Can’t get into the app.
  • Buggy

    By Vulgar demos
    Super buggy, even on latest iPhone and iOS. Badges won’t go away no matter what I do. Matches disappearing and appearing. Overall a very poor experience even though I paid for vip. Going the way of jdate in terms of user experience.
  • Location isn’t updated

    By Danielcben
    I travel a lot, and I noticed that whenever I come back to my home city and hit “explore” I still see profiles from other cities i visited, even weeks later. I think my profile also shows up to people in these cities because that’s where I get most of my matches. I’ve paid money for the app so this is a terrible cx. I tried changing my location manually but it didn’t help, and I don’t want to appear as if I’m swiping out of my location. Please fix ASAP!
  • Scammers Central

    By Wildwimgs56
    I live in Texas and am way over 50. The only men I see on this site are living overseas. They are not honest about who they are or what they want. That includes their pictures as well. It is not worth the money I paid to be on this site.
  • Add “shomer shabbat” to preferences

    By Liner Notes Fanatic
    A “Shomer shabbat” option would be a welcome, less vague addition to identification and filter preferences.
  • Linking to wrong Facebook profile

    By notswipingright
    It keeps bringing up the wrong Facebook profile and won’t let me change it. It’s listing a profile I haven’t used in years and there’s no way to log out and sync to the correct one. Please fix!!
  • Still can't create an account

    By eacohen23
    Plenty of other dating apps allow for users to create an account through email or phone number. NOT THIS ONE! You can only use this app if you have a Facebook account. I refuse to use Facebook for many reasons, so because of my lack of an account, I'm blocked from using this app. If you want to meet Jewish people, use another dating app that allows filtering by religion.
  • Good app. Could use work.

    By sk1985abc
    The app is easy to use. Plenty of lovely women. The only problem is that there no sound when you are alerted. Makes chatting difficult.
  • Total downfall, app gone to hell

    By Kcjfh
    When you live in the jerusamecca of Jewish singles (NYC) and the app doesn’t render any profiles after you swipe through 5 people, you know you’ve got a monster problem at hand. No customer support, left messages highlighting problems. The app used to be totally reliable for being able to connect with other singles and now it doesn’t even pull up other people (not even talking about matching, just pulling up other profiles). Something has changed and this app has fallen off a cliff. Used to be at least reliable in high Jewish-populous areas and now it really doesn’t even work in New York?!?
  • I can’t open app it’s frozen

    By Phyldanigabi427
  • Kept charging me after I cancelled my subscription.

    By JonnyPeppers1
    I cancelled my subscription for this app in December and deleted the app off my phone and just saw that they’d still been charging me for 3-4 months since. Skeepy! Be careful about. I had to use iTunes support to cancel the sub. Also as an aside when I was last using the app it kept showing me the same people in my area even after I’d swiped left.
  • Emails go unanswered

    By Hitt gjjf
    I have emailed them for 2 weeks & no response. What does one have to say to get attention to not be charged for next month.. there is no turn off auto payment in settings in my JSwipe.. please get it correct & not to charge me for next month. Thank you.
  • Facebook only?

    By Micshot
    Can’t sign up without a Facebook. I’m one of those that does not use Facebook.
  • Garbage people

    By Katie go
    Everyone is terrible because there is no chance of punishment.
  • Waist of time

    By dodiBH
    waste of time qpps
  • Swipe down bug

    By TheOfficialReview101
    Swipe down to close photos doesn’t work anymore for iPhone X. I contacted support which was a complete waists of my time. They only respond with generic responses. It is still there. Now you need to press the x in the top left corner to close the profile you are viewing. Please fix. Nope. It’s still not fixed as of March 18, 2019. Also the X in the corner is so small you have to click it in the exact middle or it doesn’t work. You should make the responsive area bigger. But pull down to close profile is better. It’s a natural iPhone feature. March 22, still not updated for iPhone X. Thanks for your note but just add pull down gesture to close the user profile. Then test it yourself.
  • Needs update!

    By aznnie
    Why has there not been an update in 3 months, it’s supper hard to navigate and I have to exit out of the app frequently to get where I want to go in the app.
  • Pretty Brutal...

    By Chpopipipopishi
    First of all... it’s pretty clear the app has not been updated to fit the last 2 models of iPhone. I have an XR and profiles get cut off, buttons are cut off as well in the top portion of the screen. Usability is not great. And, there are just so few people on the app it seems despite having an unreasonably wide mile range. I’ve downloaded it a few times over the last couple of years and it’s usually deleted within a few days because there are no people. And because there are no people, the ones that do have it never check the app because... there are no people. (I live in the Bay Area, not exactly a desert of dating app users or Jewish single people)
  • Full of glitches

    By disappointed user #12345
    I’ve had this app on and off for about 4 years. What I find to be the most annoying is that if you delete the app and then reinstall it later (say, you started dating someone but it didn’t work out at the end), it will show you same users you have seen before. In fact, JSwipe will show you same users you have already swiped on, had conversations with, and (yes!) went on dates. Somehow, once the match expires or whatever period passes for those profiles you passed on, they will be back in your circulation. I see the profiles of same men I was shown ~ a month ago. And I repeatedly see profiles of men I had met on jswipe previously and, we chatted and went on dates. I understand you haven’t made any major product changes in years. What I don’t get is ... how difficult is to mark matches or mismatches in your db so they don’t have to repeat? I live in NYC, which has more Jews than all of Israel. Are you telling me I’ve seen all profiles you have?😂 This is so annoying and is a complete user turn off. I’ve reached out to customer service about it and they have confirmed that they circulate users you have been previously shown🤦🏻‍♀️. Other issues that happen, like when a message you already read still shows up as unread (even if you restart the app and your phone)...customer service recommends uninstalling and reinstalling. Really? No thank you, I do not want to see another 2,000 profiles I’ve already seen in the past. Colossal waste of users’ time and zero interest of listening to the users for their feedback.
  • Ok

    By aaaaaalrighty
  • Disappointing

    By jellow239826
    Was excited to use this app since its hard finding people in my community. BUT, you only have a shot at finding someone if you pay for a subscription. Theres very limited access if you don't. I think thats unfair, having to pay just to get a larger peek at someones profile.
  • I don’t think the notifications work.

    By toratoratori
    I never get notified when I have a match or a message. I love the concept of this app, but how are you supposed to communicate when you don’t know you’re receiving communication? 🤔
  • I found the love of my life and we got married

    By J. Milkha Singh
    Through this glorious app I found my person, and we are married now and living the good life! These dating apps can be exhausting. My humble advice..look inside and ask yourself what you honestly need and then you will know exactly what and who you are looking for - good luck out there!
  • Fun App

    By Babykrys90
    Never had any issues and matched with some pretty great guys so far. I’d recommend this to any Jewish young professionals looking for something serious.
  • App is useless

    By izzydaman
    I’m trying to look for someone, but it’s just a game of swiping right or left. No one responds nor anyone of your preference is matched. I’m going to delete this account. Pathetic!
  • 😭help I really loved this app

    By heihhei
    I tried to download again couple of times but won’t let me log in :(((
  • M B

    By MLKS29
    J swipe is awesome it’s the most democratic way to date. On other dating platforms someone who is divorced with kids might be stigmatized and limited to only meeting a small niche of singles but on J swipe there is the opportunity for someone who is divorced with kids to meet a wider scope of people and yes I have very poor grammar this is also something that does not stigmatize me on Jswipe.