JSwipe - #1 Jewish Dating App

JSwipe - #1 Jewish Dating App

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2014-04-15
  • Current Version: 6.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 67.15 MB
  • Developer: Smooch Labs
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 2 737


Shalom! Welcome to JSwipe - the #1 Jewish dating app with over 1 million users worldwide. Swipe right, match, and message with local Jewish singles in your area for free. We make Jewish dating simple: swipe right if you like the profile, swipe left if you don't. When you both swipe right, Mazel tov! It's a match. Match and chat with Jewish singles and find the perfect match that your bubbie would be proud of. JSwipe is the #1 Jewish dating app to help single people meet and connect. Keep it kosher and upgrade to JSwipe's paid subscription with premium features including: • 5 Super Swipes per day: Send emojis and let that that special someone they are more than just your average right swipe. • 1 Swipe Note per day: Increase your chance of matching with a personalized note. • Boost: Be shown 2x as often and let the algorithm do its work! More views = more matches! • Most Eligible: Get access to a list of the most popular profiles on JSwipe! • Explore: Browse profiles slightly outside your search filters - you never know who you will find! • Passport: Swipe anywhere in the world by changing your swipe location. • Optimize Photos: Run data on all your photos to see which one is getting you a match most frequently. • Liked Me: Jump right into chatting with people who have already liked your profile. • Read Receipts: Know when your messages have been delivered and read. Don't Jewish you could meet someone? Download JSwipe and meet your match today! Terms of service: https://jswipeapp.com/privacy-policy Privacy Policy: https://jswipeapp.com/terms-of-service



  • Needs update!

    By aznnie
    Why has there not been an update in 3 months, it’s supper hard to navigate and I have to exit out of the app frequently to get where I want to go in the app.
  • Pretty Brutal...

    By Chpopipipopishi
    First of all... it’s pretty clear the app has not been updated to fit the last 2 models of iPhone. I have an XR and profiles get cut off, buttons are cut off as well in the top portion of the screen. Usability is not great. And, there are just so few people on the app it seems despite having an unreasonably wide mile range. I’ve downloaded it a few times over the last couple of years and it’s usually deleted within a few days because there are no people. And because there are no people, the ones that do have it never check the app because... there are no people. (I live in the Bay Area, not exactly a desert of dating app users or Jewish single people)
  • Crap

    By Mo77rocks
    The app itself runs well. Doesn’t glitch. The bad: regardless of how many matches I get no one responds or messages. What’s the point of this? I see the same profiles sometimes. Even someone I’ve matched with in the past. I just don’t get it. I’m frustrated. I’ve been paying for first class but it doesn’t help.
  • Full of glitches

    By disappointed user #12345
    I’ve had this app on and off for about 4 years. What I find to be the most annoying is that if you delete the app and then reinstall it later (say, you started dating someone but it didn’t work out at the end), it will show you same users you have seen before. In fact, JSwipe will show you same users you have already swiped on, had conversations with, and (yes!) went on dates. Somehow, once the match expires or whatever period passes for those profiles you passed on, they will be back in your circulation. I see the profiles of same men I was shown ~ a month ago. And I repeatedly see profiles of men I had met on jswipe previously and, we chatted and went on dates. I understand you haven’t made any major product changes in years. What I don’t get is ... how difficult is to mark matches or mismatches in your db so they don’t have to repeat? I live in NYC, which has more Jews than all of Israel. Are you telling me I’ve seen all profiles you have?😂 This is so annoying and is a complete user turn off. I’ve reached out to customer service about it and they have confirmed that they circulate users you have been previously shown🤦🏻‍♀️. Other issues that happen, like when a message you already read still shows up as unread (even if you restart the app and your phone)...customer service recommends uninstalling and reinstalling. Really? No thank you, I do not want to see another 2,000 profiles I’ve already seen in the past. Colossal waste of users’ time and zero interest of listening to the users for their feedback.
  • Ok

    By aaaaaalrighty
  • Disappointing

    By jellow239826
    Was excited to use this app since its hard finding people in my community. BUT, you only have a shot at finding someone if you pay for a subscription. Theres very limited access if you don't. I think thats unfair, having to pay just to get a larger peek at someones profile.
  • I don’t think the notifications work.

    By toratoratori
    I never get notified when I have a match or a message. I love the concept of this app, but how are you supposed to communicate when you don’t know you’re receiving communication? 🤔
  • I found the love of my life and we got married

    By J. Milkha Singh
    Through this glorious app I found my person, and we are married now and living the good life! These dating apps can be exhausting. My humble advice..look inside and ask yourself what you honestly need and then you will know exactly what and who you are looking for - good luck out there!
  • Fun App

    By Babykrys90
    Never had any issues and matched with some pretty great guys so far. I’d recommend this to any Jewish young professionals looking for something serious.
  • App is useless

    By izzydaman
    I’m trying to look for someone, but it’s just a game of swiping right or left. No one responds nor anyone of your preference is matched. I’m going to delete this account. Pathetic!
  • 😭help I really loved this app

    By heihhei
    I tried to download again couple of times but won’t let me log in :(((
  • M B

    By MLKS29
    J swipe is awesome it’s the most democratic way to date. On other dating platforms someone who is divorced with kids might be stigmatized and limited to only meeting a small niche of singles but on J swipe there is the opportunity for someone who is divorced with kids to meet a wider scope of people and yes I have very poor grammar this is also something that does not stigmatize me on Jswipe.
  • Great app

    By Sweetgirlxoxo93
    This is a great app been on this app for quite a while now and have met some potential matches. The only thing i would suggest is being able to have more access to the amount of distance you’re searching in. Right now the min distance is 5 miles
  • JSWIPE is BROKEN, with dreadful "customer service"

    By Chillio22
    1/9/19- TERRIBLE customer service. They answer one question, their suggestion doesn't work, and when you email them back, no one responds. Everyone on this App team should be fired. Buggy app and horrible customer service follow-up. Can't edit profile essay anymore, and they say it's the phone's fault. What a joke. UPDATE- 10/30/18: This buggy app has only gotten worse. Now, I get notifications of Matches and some of those Matches never show up in my Matches folder! JSWIPE's tech support is truly dreadful also. I emailed them about the issue and they claimed it was fixed and that they saw I was chatting to the two people I had matched with hours ago!! I have absolutely no idea what they were looking at but it's impossible to chat with someone if you can't see their profile at all!! Then, a rep emailed me back and told me to "wait a few minutes" for the matches to appear. Keep in mind, this is now 15 hours since I received notifications of those matches. I think we're past the "waiting a few minutes" stage. CLUELESS reps. I updated the app software version as well and it didn't fix the issue either. Also, the app continues NOT to remember whether you swipe left or right, cause a minute later, the same profile choice often comes up again! Sometimes it comes up the next day again. I have to laugh, cause I've swiped NO on the same profile 21 days in a row. At one point, the same profile came up twice in 30 seconds. Has happened constantly, with many repeating profile choices...it gets to be pretty hilarious. Great idea for an app to help us MOT's....TERRIBLE execution and even more TERRIBLE, AWFUL tech "support".

    By SlotoSUCKSD1CK
    You can’t use this unless you have Facebook. Facebook is garbage, and so is this.
  • Ok, but beware of rematches!

    By Aks229
    I’ve used this app a little for the last few years with moderate success. Usually it performed adequately. However, I would rematch with people I previously matched with, but then reject. Even after I’d reject a person, they’d still show up in my queue and the conversation would exist, as if nothing happened! I don’t ask for much, but this needs to stop ASAP. Rejected matched should REMAIN rejected. I shouldn’t have to see them again or get rematched with them!
  • Doesn't work - took my money, logged me out

    By appuser739438
    I tried a paid subscription. After a few days, the app spontaneously logged me out and wouldn't let me log back in - it kept sending me through a loop of prompts and then crashing. I even deleted the app (which it said deleted all my data - bye bye matches and conversations...which were the entire point of the app), and downloaded it again, only to encounter the same problems. They took my money (and they're expensive for a dating app) wasted my time and didn't provide a working app. During my brief access to the app, the design/user interface was pretty poor, too.
  • Distance is a joke

    By saramp12345
    About 60% of the people that I’m shown don’t even live in the same state as me (sometimes not even in the same country). My radius is set at 10miles. This shouldn’t be happening
  • The UI and UX are abysmal compared to the competition.

    By Mobeenyc
    Ever since they sold to Jdate there hasn't been any innovation at all. The app is riddled with bugs and to add to it all the CS is subpar. Sadly leaving after years of being a user.
  • excludes lgbt

    By yourboi007
    No option for any lgbt. I understand it’s a religious app but hot jewish boys are for everyone.
  • Not intuitive

    By Lakecas
    I can not even figure out how to swipe yes or no. Want my money back!
  • Update

    By Mirny28
    The App would not let me update on my phone, just on my iPad. How do I delete and reinstall?
  • Not opening

    By smoke's mon
    I upgraded the site and it will not open
  • Terrible

    By self esteem bernie
    This site ruins your self esteem.
  • It works!!

    By DSJ26
    I was seriously dating for 10 years until I got on jswipe and within a year found my spouse. I know at times you want to give up but keep trying. You are one swipe away from finding the one.
  • Good when it came out, money hungry when hit success

    By PeymaNshamen
    Not user friendly at all since 2 updates ago... money hungry fools:/ ill come on this once a week now as it has lost my interest.
  • Can’t even create an account

    By Sandras13
    Would love to tell you more about this app, except the only option to creating an account is predicated on you having to use FB to do it. Sorry, but I don’t have FB & don’t think a dating app needs one these days to create a decent matching algorithm. Other dating apps allow users to create profiles without FB with significant success (*AHEM*... Tinder). Too bad. Figure it out, JSwipe developers!
  • Same old people

    By ClassicsRox
    Same old people on here for years. This app must have no new users, pretty pathetic. I’m in a well populated area too. Who needs it.
  • Steadily getting worse

    By tobsterman
    In agreement with another review I just read: the developers have made the app extremely annoying to use, as the only way to exit out of a persons profile is to reach up and tap a tiny “x” in the corner of the screen which is glitchy and difficult to press. In the past, you were able to just swipe in a certain direction and it would go back to the main page of the app where you could continue swiping. The app is no longer user-friendly. I reached out to Jswipe and mentioned this a couple months ago and I have seen at least three updates go by with no fix to this issue. Additionally, I no longer see mutual friends under a person’s profile, which used to be a nice feature on the older versions. (Also, they now make you pay to undo the last immediate swipe.) Not such a fan anymore 👎
  • Waiting for it to come out of alpha

    By Black Scarab
    This app has issues. Tried chatting with their people on Facebook and always excuses. Constantly seeing the same local people. JSwipe would have me believe these people must be deleting and recreating their multi year outdated profiles and yet somehow it remembers what picture I viewed last. The interface is horrible with icons moving so a good button on one screen is bad on another and easy to make mistakes. It locks up and freezes. Accessing your messages is sometimes a challenge as the button doesn’t register instead bringing you into the profile you are currently swiping on. Distance limits don’t seem to matter everyone seems to show about 31miles from me no matter how many states or counties away they are. I was told they must be visiting my area yet I have matched with a couple people from the opposite side of the USA who have never been within a thousand miles from my home. The constant upwelling gets annoying too. Was given extra super likes at one point and they magically disappeared shortly after. Support said I obviously must have used them. Then again they give you one a day and hen you use it the counter doesn’t usually go down. I do hear the experience is worse on android but I am scared to think how. I can say using the iPhone app on an iPad is horrible too. Everything is sized for the longer iPhone screen so nothing looks right so don’t even both, instead use the smaller iPhone.
  • Could be so much better

    By Yossarian212
    Such limited functionality and why are you only allowed 1 match per day. It makes people not want to come back and check in
  • Can’t go back once in a chat

    By Ari B-Z
    The app is pretty good, but on my iPhone XR the button to go back once in a chat is covered by my phone’s clock, making it impossible to go back without quitting the app and restarting.
  • Met my boyfriend here

    By Mglazier94
    And he’s the best guy I ever could have imagined. Thanks for putting him in my life!
  • Enjoy this app

    By dsisdes
    People are generally nice on this app, have met a few. The downside is you only have 20 chats back and forth u less you pay - which is good and bad. Good that you don’t have to keep talking back and forth but bad that you have a limit.
  • Needs improvement

    By potebtialappuser7273
    When you try to type your profile from an iPhone se you are unable to see anything you are typing. The keyboard covers the entire profile field. Probably why so many profiles are blank.
  • Awful experience

    By amaze1967
    Mistakenly signed up for First Class which then goes on to show you women who live nowhere near me. A lot of good that does. They don’t even make that clear before you sign up, so they took my money and I’m left with profiles from 800 miles away from me. I also experienced very very few women in my area on this app. Pure waste of time as far as I’m concerned. Customer Service leaves a lot to be desired too. Avoid!!
  • Major issue

    By App reviewer 222
    I recently deleted my account and signed up for a new one. It asks my gender which is male but it shows me males instead of Females. I emailed them and they deny this issue exists even though it exists for another one of my friends. They claim I selected I want to see men. But it never asked. I deleted and recreated the account several times to make sure. Terrible customer service
  • App is Full of Flaws

    By Jay Fl 431
    For Starters, the filters do not work well. Distance, religious preference, etc. do not work well. Then when I go to explore view, people that were not originally showing up in match view suddenly appear. For the paying customers (messages), there is no way of knowing if someone is an active user. You can basically pay for and send a number of messages and the recipient may not even be active. Need to have some sort of verification before soliciting purchase of messages that may be going nowhere.
  • Super fun

    By Tribilin22
    Been using the app & it’s such a Meshugas!! Mazeltov everyone! Great people ofcourse we’re all Jews! lol
  • I can’t login

    By acohen2401
    It is saying that I have a problem connecting with my Facebook and I’m receiving a message saying “unhandled error” seems poorly managed.
  • Wrong age group

    By mazel 18
    I am a 73 year old female and am on the specialized profiles. You are sending me men only in their 60s . Please send me profiles of men in their 70s.
  • Lee11348

    By leejoon78193
    1) most people are using this app for marriage but it is made in the exact opposite 2) needs to be more efficient 3) they should require that people post their job more detail about the religion level culture etc. just the photo is not enough for app that’s been so widely used for marriage. Jewish people believe in getting married I understand it there ‏ Trying to make it something easy like how tinder is. But this is not an app for hooking up this is an app that many wants to find their future spouse on. So this app should focus on making it easier for that to happen and they simply have not invested any thought in that therefore it is very frustrating up and most users will delete it after a month or two. I hope I can see better update and for the builders of this app to realize that if you create a Jewish app for dating it should be geared more towards marriage That way they will be a lot more successful
  • Distance needs to be fixed

    By mountain40
    Distance needs to be fixed. Even if I set the distance real low, it shows profiles from very far away (not even in the same state or country).
  • What happened?

    By wegger
    The recent jdate update messed up the whole app. And the lack of connection to facebook makes this app a lot less helpful (i.e. seeing mutual friends and mutually “liked” pages and groups)
  • Latest update seems to have fixed bugs

    By Car J
    The latest update seems to have fixed the bugs plaguing my iPhone 6s. As with most dating apps, you have a mixed bag of men but the ability to search worldwide certainly helps.
  • Used to love this app

    By aen029
    Two main issues with the new design that are probably easy to fix - when you tapped on someone to see their profile, you used to be able to tap on the picture again and it would go back to swiping view. Now you need to click the X in the left hand corner which requires to be using both hands when using the app. Very annoying and not user friendly! Also, I have seen many people I know on the app yet it shows that we have zero mutual friends. I have tried deleting and redownloading the app and that doesn’t work. I enjoyed seeing my mutual friends.
  • Gender Gliche!

    By psternmsw
    The gender preference function has malfunctioned!!! I’m a guy looking for a nice woman. Why am I getting photos of guys even when I set the function for photos of the ladies? I’m not attracted to the guys!!!
  • Update

    By Ronnie212
    It's a great opportunity but deff needs an update, always freezes and need to close the app and open it again
  • Bad communication

    By Mantisrider
    This app blocked me with no reason or explanation. Tried emailing them and got no response.