• Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2014-02-21
  • Current Version: 2.13
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 7.50 MB
  • Developer: Florian Schimanke
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 10 161


*** COMPATIBLE WITH WORD, EXCEL AND POWERPOINT FOR IOS *** With AnyFont it is finally possible to install any additional font in TrueTypeFont- (.ttf), OpenTypeFont- (.otf) or TrueType Collection- (.ttc) format on your iPhone or iPad. These fonts can then be used throughout the system in other apps like Word, PowerPoint, Pages, Keynote and many more. No more unexpectedly replaced fonts in presentations because the iPhone or iPad does not know them. The perfect solution for everybody who creates presentations on a Mac or PC to show them on their iPad. Extremely easy to use. An extensive FAQ and an introductory tutorial help you to understand the app. Check out this video tutorial: Features: - Add new fonts as .ttf, .ttc or .otf file using iTunes file sharing or the „Open in…“ dialog from other apps like Mail or Dropbox - Add single fonts or multiple fonts as a ZIP- or TTC-file - Install single fonts or multiple fonts at once - Preview your fonts in AnyFont’s storage - Access from within AnyFont - Optional bundle of 1,000+ fonts (In-App Purchase) - Complete list of all installed fonts on the device - Support for 3D Touch Working with: - Word, Excel and PowerPoint - Numbers, Keynote and Pages - Office Suite Pro - Office²HD - and many other apps! AnyFont website: Tutorial Video: NOTE: It is not possible to change the system-font on your device with AnyFont. With AnyFont you can install additional fonts on your device which can then be used by other apps which make use of the device's font book. NOTE II: Some fonts using Cyrillic or Asian characters may not be supported by this way of installing fonts due to their size. The maximum size of a configuration profile for a font is 20 MB. NOTE III: You don't have to purchase the optional font bundle to use AnyFont. You can always add your own fonts to install them on your device.



  • 1.99

    By Dawnjames
    Where is what I purchased for 1.99? And what if I don’t want that and I just want the original app and the font? I just purchased it so I can download it for my Cricut since I’m on my phone more than my Mac. Thank you!
  • It absolutely does the job

    By Gpvillamil
    I have been trying to see if I can use an iPad Pro as a travel computer, and one of the key missing pieces was being able to use company fonts in Keynote and Powerpoint. AnyFont did the job. The house fonts are all from Adobe and Google, and they worked perfectly. The mechanism for doing this is a bit weird, but it is well explained in the app. If you keep your fonts in Dropbox or similar, the process will be easier if you use the Files app on iPhone or iPad. One thing: If you put all your fonts in a .zip file, you can add them all in one shot, and only add one security profile. Once I figured this out I set up all the fonts in a matter of minutes.
  • No instructions to use app

    By Johnnyfountain
    Terrible app. It is very unclear how to use app and doesn’t seem responsive for mobile devices. I want my money back. I would pay to have this app taken out of the app store.
  • Well...

    By Izzy Horse Lover 4 Life
    So it looks great but I can’t use any of the fonts, it won’t let me do it at all
  • Бесполезно

    By Helen 82
    Вообще не понятно для чего нужно приложение! Жадность поменять шрифт на своём телефоне сделала своё дело) Разработчики очень замудрено пишут о приложении. На самом деле СИСТЕМНЫЙ ШРИФТ НЕ МЕНЯЕТ ни в телефоне, ни в приложениях, нигде, что ты используешь ежедневно! 3 доллара на развитие компании - может все же прийдут к изменению системного шрифта и таких лохов как я наградят бесплатным приложением! P.S. Кто напишет, что использует Microsoft Office в телефоне - усомнюсь!!! ДЛЯ ТЕЛЕФОНА БЕСПОЛЕЗНАЯ ПРОГА!!! Очень расстроили.
  • Doesn’t work

    By Bdrc41714
    I’ve purchased the fonts and for some reason it doesn’t let me use it
  • App doesn’t work!

    By TSully13
    I want a refund! App doesn’t work at all!
  • Can’t find or use fonts

    By aday611
    Thanks for nothing!
  • Fonts

    By S RODZ
    To complicated and have yet to use any fonts. It should automatically install on my device when I purchase
  • i’m confused please answer

    By tiana5456333
    so i try to install the font then it says “profile not signed” what does that mean and how do i sign it so i can get the font?
  • What did I pay for?

    By Look So Real Reborns
    You pay for the app then you have to purchase font bundles.
  • It’s a scam!

    By Careeeeennn
    Don’t fall for this!! I paid the amount and it didn’t even let me use the already installed fonts! No preview no nothing! Then is wants you to pay more for a bundle. Which according to their YouTube comments does not work either!!!
  • Looks ok

    By Gotti smith
    I couldn’t find out how to use the fonts, if anyone could help me with that that would be great
  • Terrible App

    By KCJ1222
  • Terrible

    By sweetbabbooo
    App doesn’t work. I want my $1.99 back!
  • Don’t spend your money

    By ggxfhkkkkjfdg
    Doesn’t work
  • Angry Customer

    By Trvpped_Out93
    Ive purchased this app expecting it to Work but as I went into the Pages app, Notes ect. As instructed none of the installed Fonts work nor were they any place to find them. I am very displeased as you see and feel as Though a Refund is Deserved but I doubt that Happens. I will never support this Developer again
  • Works on iPad Pro

    By GraceLS
    I have a new iPad Pro and it works perfectly. If you’re having problems try watching the ScreenCastsOnline video. I love this app! I can finally use the handwriting font I bought years ago.
  • No longer working

    By andrewdsimpson
    Ok, I used to love this app, but it suddenly stopped working. I can open the app and install fonts just fine, but the fonts are nowhere to be found. I’ve tried Word, Pages, and other apps and my fonts aren’t there.
  • Not IPad Pro Friendly

    By Boober1111
    Every time I try to use this app on my iPad Pro it causes all kinds of issues! I just downloaded fonts and now I can’t search online. It also won’t allow me to delete the app. This is third chance I’ve given this app and will be the last. I have to reset my iPad to factory settings again. Thanks AnyFont!
  • Support went above and beyond

    By St.John McCloskey
    It’s an app that just does what it says on the tin. As an added bonus, their customer support is excellent; I had an issue they could have just blamed on Microsoft for the weird way Office on iOS handles fonts, but instead they did some troubleshooting that I couldn’t have done myself and solved my issue.
  • I bought the app. I bought the bundle. I got nothing.

    By Getme3000
    It doesn’t work at all.
  • Love it

    By Megajab
    This app works great for downloading fonts to use with cricut design space 🥰
  • Great App for my crafting

    By Ginak49
    I use this app with my cutting machine to produce signs, cards, and t-shirts.
  • A necessary iPad App

    By Jon in China
    The best way to add fonts to iOS devises. When AnyFont is installed on a device: Open iTunes, plug in device, click device icon in iTunes, click File Sharing, click AnyFont, drag the fonts into window. Exit iTunes, open AnyFont on device. Tap font name, tap font icon, tap install, put in passcode for device, tap instal,tap instal. If you have more fonts to instal, tap open in browser. Close AnyFont Open Pages, Keynote, or Numbers, tap typed item, select “Style Brush” select font, tap update. All occurrences of that style in that document will change to new the font! Great!
  • Doesn’t work too

    By Aaegon Targaryen
    Don’t pay for this poor app
  • 0 / 5 stars

    By rsmer0294
    If I were able to rate this app according to its true utility, I would give it a 0/5, without hesitation. Waste of money - do NOT recommend.
  • Smh

    By Lil darkchild5
    It don’t work.........paid three dollars for something that doesn’t work
  • Awesome

    By MzNeNeBaby
    I am a cricut user so this allows me to create and design from my phone. The upgrade is so worth it.
  • Love it

    By mostly satisfied!
    So happy I can add fonts to my iPad....that was one dilemma I was having with buyers remorse. PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!!! Best $2 spent!
  • Very little help or explanation! Useless!

    By muso123
    Trying to figure out how to use this app I just paid for! Very little information or assist explaining how to actually use this for an IPad, what’s given as to how to install does not work. Annoying
  • VerY MISLEADING! Google before purchase.

    This app is misleading and not useful unless your a computer geek that knows coding. Download character map. It’s much easier and user friendly. This is NOT a copy & paste kind of app. Very difficult to get fonts and after purchase of this app you can’t use any fonts unless you purchase fonts from the website !? SCAM
  • Fraud

    By stefanyefalco
    You will pay and there is NO FONT USE !
  • Simple to use.

    By jctanus
    Simple to use. Love having more fonts without another keyboard
  • ??

    By Bderdos
    I can’t actually access or use any of the fonts that are supposedly “already installed”. Not sure what this app is good for or how it’s supposed to work.
  • Does not work

    By Rplas123
    App does not work. I just payed $1.99 and does nothing and keeps shutting down. I re-open the app and shuts down every time. I am not sure if it’s a glidge but I am very frustrated that I cannot start my project.
  • Priceless

    By Autism mom333
    Completely changed my Cricut game!
  • Doesn’t work, it won’t even open

    By sadlydisappointed777
    I want my money back. The app won’t even open and the app support link doesn’t work. Worst experience I’ve ever had.

    By rosiexxxxx xxxx
    Wasted $2 on this when it’s not an actual keyboard added into your phone. That’s what I was hoping it was. It was a hard process downloading fonts to the actual app. Don’t waste your money on this.
  • 👍🏽

    By Efrainb
    Mirindaj! Kio simple mirinda invento.
  • How

    By NannieJ64
    This app did not help me at all!
  • Total Ripoff

    By Akemenn
    You pay $1.99 and get NO access to any new fonts. You have to buy the fonts on the open market. Total ripoff!! Let’s go Apple why are you allowing this crap in the store.
  • No fonts in app.

    By poohbayuh
    This purchase is useless to me. I need the fonts it contains but there is no access to them, just a display of font names.. love wasting my money.
  • Needs iCloud Support

    By Cinnamon.Pop.Tart
    Like the app. Does great for installing new fonts. My only complaint is that I need it to work across all of my iOS devices. I have used other FREE apps that do this and this paid app I have to upload the fonts individually on each device. Kind of frustrating :/
  • Not worth purchasing

    By 19_sparrow
    You have to install your own fonts and pay for the installation separately and for each form that isn’t preset on this app

    By Toothfairydanielle
    So thankful I have this app!
  • Not worth it

    By MegB134
    I tried to change the font and it does not allow me to change it. Not with the purchase.
  • Helpful app

    By EnloeNurse
    Appreciate relatively easy way to add fonts to my iPad. My only challenge is finding the new fonts after opening in app.
  • doesn’t work

    By gmphorseriding
    Does not allow me to download anything, this also makes fonts a lot harder than they need to be.