Essentials of Fire Fighting 6th Edition Exam Prep Plus

Essentials of Fire Fighting 6th Edition Exam Prep Plus

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2014-03-01
  • Current Version: 1.6
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 13.08 MB
  • Developer: IFSTA
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 420


Prepare for your certification exams while on the go! Exam Prep Plus is a portable, interactive version of our print Exam Prep product and contains 1,497 questions. Create a custom exam by choosing any of the 24 chapters covered in the Essentials of Fire Fighting 6th Edition Manual. Exam Prep Plus tracks and records your progress allowing you to review your exams and study your weaknesses. In addition, your missed questions are automatically added to your study deck. With its easy-to-use interface and flexible navigation, you're sure to find it a wonderful addition to your collection of study tools. This app covers the following topics: 1. Orientation and Fire Service History 2. Firefighter Safety and Health 3. Fire Department Communcations 4. Building Construction 5. Fire Behavior 6. Firefighter Personal Protective Equipment 7. Portable Fire Extinguishers 8. Ropes, Webbing, and Knots 9. Structural Search, Victim Removal, and Firefighter Survival 10. Scene Lighting, Rescue Tools, Vehicle Extrication, and Technical Rescue 11. Forcible Entry 12. Ground Ladders 13. Tactical Ventilation 14. Water Supply 15. Fire Hose 16. Fire Stream 17. Fire Control 18. Loss Control 19. Fire Origin and Cause 20. Fire Protection Systems 21. Fire and Life Safety Initiatives 22. Emergency Medical Care for Fire Department First Responders 23. Hazards, Behavior, and Identification of Haz Mat/WMD 24. Mitigating Haz Mat/WMD



  • Not as much help as expected.

    By Jfoti47l
    Only saw maybe 3 questions that where on the actual test. Quizlet is way more helpful and it was free.
  • Reflects the state test!

    By productoftheeighties
    Excellent study guide. Many questions seemingly worded exactly as the state certification exam questions I was given. Many others covered the general material on my test. If you read the book, this is the only study guide you need, IMO.
  • Great App

    By Tonykylo
    Would suggest putting Pro Board type questions in a separate section of the app for states and academies that required Pro Board certifications. Passed with flying colors thanks to this app!!!
  • Awesome

    By lockFire718
    This has been a great tool for me to use. For my fire exams. Been a lot of help with my test anxiety as well so much more confident in my test taking abilities now
  • Room for improvement

    By polson6
    Definitely a solid app. Very helpful. It would be nice to have multiple test for each chapter though for the price.
  • Confusing

    By jdi0412
    Took the Ifsta hazmat and FF1 tests. Questions totally different and made me overthink stuff in the test. One of the worst investments in my life. Do not buy. Quizlet is probably more accurate and more helpful.
  • I expect more for what I paid

    By real user not promoter
    For $15 at the very least it could save my progress. If I answer 30 questions and then leave my phone and go to another app it’ll erase all of my progress! I will say the questions are close to what they ask on the test.
  • Great

    By Amoreno16
    Very helpful and very accurate, I highly recommend this. And I don’t do that very often.
  • Best study guide

    By kingfresh21
    Best study guide out there. Don’t bother with anything else.
  • Don’t buy

    By Benzie52
    Just took my firefighter 1 test today. I passed but not of the questions were from this app.
  • Waste of time and money!

    By volunter fd
    This app is very good for knowledge of firefighting.I must of taken 30 tests on it and got mostly 80’s and 90’s for test grades. I just took the SCFD test , went in positive and left not feeling so good!! The app helped about 10% for the test. Very disappointing when the SCFD advertised it on there web pages and in the textbook. A big waste of time and money!!!!!!!! I do not recommend buying this app if you wish to take the 2018 SCFD test.
  • This App Rocks

    By Guns and gear
    Very easy to use, practice tests are very helpful. Great app.
  • Great study resources

    By Embart15
    This app is great for when it comes to studying. It allows you to select what chapters you need to study from, whether fire fighter 1 or 2. Provides either immediate feedback or at the end and saves your incorrect answers in an area for you to review and revisit.
  • Get it

    By truthful truckie
    If you are in the academy or taking your HMA,HMO,FF1,FF2 get his app it will benefit you more then you know!
  • Very helpful

    By SLuftig
    I found the this app to be a great help in reviewing the chapter contents. There were certain concepts that I thought I understood, but the app showed me that I had to study a bit more on these.
  • Ff/Paramedic

    By Sam/ff328
    Great app very useful
  • Just wrong

    By Big poppa t town
    Used as just a study guide an found so many of the answers to questions WRONG. Just study the book. Regret spending money on this app. Not a good app.

    Heard about this app from a FF who graduated just before my recruit class. This app is extremely helpful for a study source to make sure you are prepared for questions from the fine print in the book. Simple and easy. Once we studied a chapter in class, I would kick back in the recliner and just take the practice tests to prepare. Highly recommend
  • Works AWESOME

    By WFRMedic
    Great product! Helps a lot. Take the time each day and guaranteed to pass! Only thing that could make it better is if there could be a NFPA reference number
  • Awesome prep app

    By Mouse fisher 1
    This app helped me complete Fire academy! It's very useful. I know I'll be using it again for future classes!
  • Great test prep

    By Cameron Layer
    This app is awesome for test prep. While my Dept's questions are worded differently, the app is spot on for getting me ready. Being able to review my missed questions by the page it's on is so helpful. Maybe adding a section about what NFPA standards are what only, would also help. Keep adding the new questions!
  • Love it

    By mrquabbin
    This app is very helpful I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Review

    By Jvcastle
    Over all a good app. The setup for choosing quizzes could be better. Like, a simple number pad to choose the number of questions on a custom quiz rather than having to cycle through the slot machine-style number selector each and every time would help. More randomization of questions when taking repeated quizzes on the same material.
  • Awesome!

    By Orange Pride
    This app is great for testing what you've comprehended from your chapters
  • Awesome study guide

    By AEGUY63
    The essentials study guide is awesome. It helped me successfully pass my IFSAC Firefighter One exam. Great question bank and overall definitely worth the price paid.
  • Great study guide

    By Cletterman80
    These are only good as a study guide. Those of you thinking these questions will be on a test don't buy this. Have never seen a single question on any of the tests I have taken. ( just got done with HMA,HMO, FF1, and FF2). Read the book then use these as a ref to help prepare for the test. This app helped me know what I knew and what I needed to study. Thankfully it gives you the page number associated with the book so that you can go back and read that section again. There is also a website called quizlet that is really helpful and it's free. Good luck!!
  • Mom

    By Mom455
    This was a nicely formatted tool,messy to use. I only wish the questions were relevant for the written test. I was extremely disappointed to discover after weeks of practice with consistent scores in the 90's, that this was not helpful, I should have simply not attended classes or purchased this guide and made a guess at the test anyway. Spend your money wisely.....THIS WAS A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY
  • Great App

    By D-B-1-3
    This app helped me get ready when I was testing for a department and while in the academy!
  • Does what it says it does

    By Yonkersfugitive
    Self explanatory. Does it's job.
  • Good stuff

    By K20em2
    This app has helped me a lot through my fire academy and I recommended it to my classmates and anyone I meet struggling with the test, I made a 94 on my first exam and a 100 on my quiz, I couldn't have got those scores without it
  • Great Help!!! Worth the $$$

    By Eli.04.04
    This app has help me out a lot. Takes a ton of stress off me when it comes to test time because I am able to take practice test and then review which questions I missed!
  • Fantastic Aid

    By Shadowhawk84
    Simple and we'll designed. Each question has the page number with it for reference. It is simply a great app.
  • Great help

    By HockeyFreak7291
    This app has helped me so much when it came to studying the material. It has saved my life when it comes to exams
  • Great

    By APTJRR123
  • Good stuff

    By Pito Javier
    Very helpful!
  • Get it!

    By Summitfever1990
    I used this app for my state FF1 and FF2 tests and several questions were almost identical. This is a great study tool.
  • It's good

    By Procrastination!
    Simple goodness.
  • Worth every penny

    By Miked451
    Used this app to study for all my written tests in rookie school this last year. Thanks to this app and hard work by me of course I was able to finish at the top of my class. I highly recommend this app to study for you chapter and final written tests.
  • Great app!

    By Crazyace07
    Great app! Very helpful!
  • Great

    By #lovethisshow
    Great app
  • Great study tool

    By quikbuilt
    This app is a great addition to the workbook! Highly recommended!
  • Amazing

    By Matt19761234adcd@
    The last study app a had from a different company sucked hard. It's good to know that some thought went in to this app! Thanks guys!
  • Great app

    By NickSkeffer22
    Love this app, makes it very easy to study anywhere. Highlights where you need some work.
  • Very Helpful

    By Fitzy02
    This app is very helpful in studying for exam!!! Thank you very much!!
  • Great app for studying

    By Cmonty102
    Love it
  • Great app

    By Zharv
    If you're on the fence just buy it
  • Buy it. Worth it.

    By DoggieCard
    Great for study. Only reason it's 4/5 is because it exits your session if you close your phone for a while, making it harder to study while at work.
  • Worth the $$$

    By mayerfan20
    This is a very helpful study tool as you're going through the book and the workbook! You can customize how many questions you can be tested at a time! Also gives you the pages of the material that you're being tested on so you can refer back! This is a no nonsense and effect app!
  • Thanks for making this app!

    By thecolouramber
    So glad for this app! Makes studying a breeze