Gummy Drop! – A Match 3 Game

Gummy Drop! – A Match 3 Game

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2014-09-08
  • Current Version: 3.21.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 155.83 MB
  • Developer: Big Fish Games, Inc
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 107 213


Over 40 million people are already playing the ultimate puzzle matching game with thousands of unique & challenging levels! Looking for an addictively sweet match 3 game? Gummy Drop! is the MOST exciting puzzle adventure on mobile today! Dash through the puzzles alone or challenge friends to see who can get the highest score. Match three or more gummies of the same color and earn unique boosts with special matching combinations. Collect quest pieces to help local heroes around the world rebuild famous landmarks. But match carefully – it’s not so easy when you have limited moves or have to race against the clock! Use your skills at solving puzzle games to help you beat levels and explore colorful cities around the globe. No more popping bubbles, blasting blocks, crushing candies, or matching jewels. Squish the gummies and enjoy this fun and free puzzle game. LET’S GO GUMMY! ® “Gummy Drop succeeds not only by being clever and entertaining, but by offering a tremendous amount of free fun.” – Gamezebo “… the thing that sets Gummy Drop! apart from other games in its category includes the unique story approach, which makes use of the world map, and a subset of challenges that include unlocking bonus objects and items through successful play.” – AppGamer “It’s engaging, attractive, and fun to play.” – Pixelkin Unique Boosts & Features • Tired of the same cookie cutter puzzle games? Gummy Drop! features unique game boards, quests and more • Crush levels and blast gummies with special bonuses like Shovel, Lightening, Earthquake and more • Huge rewards & bonuses! Score in-game items just for playing Special Events & Bonus Boards • Solve Daily Events & collect resources and rewards • Play seasonal and limited-time puzzles to collect special passport stamps • STAY TUNED More levels, power-ups, features, gameplay and new surprises are on the way! Travel the World • Travel to any city, anytime! Earn travel vouchers to unlock the city of your choice • Explore the world and travel to exotic locales. From Sydney to Tokyo, New York to Paris, Dubai to Kathmandu, cities on every continent are yours to explore. • Collect colorful photo stamps for your passport when you solve challenging match 3 puzzles 10,000+ levels • Challenge yourself with over 10,000 exciting levels across dozens of exotic cities – MORE levels than any other match 3 game! • Solve side levels in quests to help local heroes complete their tasks • Manage resources, and build ports to move resources between cities to help build landmarks and finish quests One of the juiciest puzzle games for free, Gummy Drop! is completely free to play but some optional in-game items will require payment. *REVIEWS* Better than Candy Crush (5 STARS) Love the way the game travels around the world. Finally a Straight Up Game Experience (5 STARS) This is an amazing game that is what it says - FREE. You can keep playing a challenging de-stressor without any bait and switch. Love It!!!!!!!! Fun game (5 STARS) This game starts easily and increases in difficulty as you get better. Fun to watch the cities grow as you add details. Can’t get enough of Gummy Drop! ? Visit our Headquarters, like us on Facebook of follow us on Twitter for sweet musings, matching tips, gummy stories, and tasty giveaways! Gummy Drop! Headquarters: Facebook: Search Gummy Drop Twitter: @GummyDrop *Note for updates - having trouble seeing your progress after an update? Try connecting with Facebook again and that should do the trick!*



  • Game

    By Joycecop1958
    This awesome!
  • Sloppy

    By FluffyEater
    This is the typical Match 3 game. Doesn’t have anything more special than any of the others. The graphics feel really plasticky, something I am not in favor of. This mainly is bland in gameplay like in most Match 3 games and the graphics are not really impressive. I wouldn’t recommend this.
  • Gummy drop

    By jjabber1
    FANTASTIC GAME! I’ve loved it for a few years now and play every evening.
  • Having fun with the gummies

    By Julie Ghoulie
    LOL this is the best game I ever played.
  • I’m

    By wonder. woman
    I’m really loveing this game it’s really great fun relaxing
  • Gummy drop

    By tita667788
    Rip off especially with free spins. Don't fall for what I did spend too much money for nothing in this game. Buy more spins and never get all my 3 spins. This game just is down right boring and never get your money worth
  • Game is stuck

    By qquueeE
    I enjoy the game as a retired person. Last night the game stuck. It will not move...choice of SERVER or DEVICE! I don’t understand.
  • The ONE

    By Mkgoyez
    The ONLY game I play! Challenging all the time, but I’m addicted and play it every day....multiple tmes😳😬😊 The above review two years ago. Today’s review, still the only game I’m playing but for how long is questionable...freezes and doesn’t always calculates correctly. Still play this game every chance I get, but sadly I am deleting it, so so sad, but I have no choice! I can not get passed a level and have not been able to figure out how to remedy this block. I literally haven’t any options. I am writing this review just so the developers can learn from my experience, should they actually read the reviews! Goodby😞☹️
  • Love it

    By Fancique
    It fun and addicting!
  • Slow game

    By Jd8393
    There is pretty much a whole intro befit each level and not much to the game.
  • Question review

    By ToyaC.
    This is a good game to play.
  • Gummy drop

    By Devine Dr. M.
    I was addicted to the game until recently. The option for an extra life or extra spin produces an ad that cannot be gotten rid of without a reboot. There is no point in clicking for these perks as it will lock up the game with no chance of the prize. The frequent ‘upgrades’ are usually just a pain rather than anything helpful. Recently I played on my phone instead of my tablet. It was not synced and now when I play on the tablet I get a notification that I must either update on the tablet or use the other devise until an update is available. This flashes after every game, when collecting each and every resource, when sending resources from each city and when I switch to different cities. The only way to avoid it is to turn off the WIFY. All in all way too annoying. Thank you King Games for helping me kick the Gummy Drop habit.
  • Gummy drop

    By Superbsu
    I’ve been playing this for years. Your Venice #79 is impossible and has infuriated me so much!!!
  • Stall

    By slap*$
    Keeping freezing up when you elect to watch a video. Bubble which pops up and I can’t go back to gummy drop😡
  • Fun...but

    By BarbL123
    This is a fun game and I’m clear to Tahiti, which is great. But, the newest “commercial” makes you play the game to move it along. I have waited up to three minutes and have had to re-load the game to get it to go away. Very annoying! Don’t even know the game they’re advertising, don’t care. Just make it stop. All I know is it’s by King.
  • Daily Rewards

    By Melbombzzz
    I love this game. I’ve been playing since it started. But it’s constantly setting me back to day one for the daily reward meanwhile I’m on ticket number 405. I play everyday so I don’t understand how I keep getting set back to day one. It’s frustrating
  • Gummy drop review

    By Diggydimdum
    This is the best game ever!!!!!!!!
  • Video sticks

    By fish stuck
    When you watch a video for an extra life the video sticks and won’t let you back to the game.
  • Rip off

    By MomofT&J*
    Crashes! Lost all the coins I paid for ($4.99) & all of the “boost” tools purchases & collected. I requested a refund & was referred to Apple. Apple then referred me back to developer. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR $!
  • Not getting rewards when you finish the level

    By eidnac
    I am sick and tired of having to play a level a few times to get what I earned. Even when I complete a level within the allotted turns and score more then the level requires you don’t give the particular icon (purple man, etc) to earn coins, bricks, etc. I have to go back and play it again at a much higher amount of money to go forward. This is a complete rip off..
  • Gummy Drop

    By JamyhaRhodes
    This is the best game
  • Money grab

    By Bedevere13
    Limited lives unless you pay or wait and levels that are too hard unless you pay make this game clearly about grabbing money and not making the best experience for you. Another modern game designed to earn as much money as possible. Try something else.
  • No thanks

    By Dodge1137
    Kinda dumb. It shows me the best move too soon. Let me play on my own
  • DJC Nice Game Like

    By DJC68
    Gummy was excellent DJC
  • Newest update

    By BeJayKay
    I installed the newest Update and my New Years Cruise disappeared. Where did it go?
  • New Year's 5 day

    By Hiltontiger
    You gave us 5 days to play in the New Year's massacre & i play this game every single day.. It came up y'day (Dec 28) & went to cont to play levels today & you took it down already? WOW, NOT HAPPY.!
  • What Happened

    By Greezyman
    Played 14 levels of New Years Party, when I returned to game, it all disappeared.
  • used to be great game

    By Diane17
    used to love this game but in last 6 months can’t get anywhere unless hemorrhage coins and boosts . ready to delete the game . plus was one level away from finishing the new years eve thing yesterday and it disappeared. only showed up for half a day and went back to finish it and was gone! only going to give it a couple more cities and if doesn’t get better will delete it! plus you charge way too many coins for the helping hands.
  • Great game but

    By Tarheel2344
    Love this game. I’ve been playing for years. However tonight as I logged in there was a New Year level and boom it disappeared. What is up with that?
  • Gummy drop

    By greatcook84
    I have a great time playing. Just wish less time after you use all lives.
  • What the hell?

    By Bookworm826
    I just finished the New Years special! When I finished level 20 the game kicked me out! I got NOTHING! I spent power ups and gold coins to complete and got NOTHING! Doesn’t seem like it was so special. By the way do the developers ever read the reviews?
  • Keeps glitching and I lose what I should have won

    By Kanast
    I love this game but I’m super tired of it randomly shutting down, particularly when I’m about to collect a big win and then it shows I completed the level but doesn’t register the win. Tired of giving it my money to keep losing.
  • Excrement!

    By Rvnsc
    Cannot win. Takes ages to even advance.
  • Would have put 5 stars except my app crashed

    By wgiehebdofMJGhejebdb
    Used to love this game and I played it all the time, but one day it just crashed and no matter how many times I updated it I could never get it to open again. Was putting of deleting the app bc I didn’t want to lose all my data as I had gotten VERY far in the game, but I deleted and I’m going to see if I can re-download and get it to open again. Guess I have to restart all over again 😭😥
  • Fairly typical match 3 game

    By Caver451
    I’ve played a few months now, and just deleted the game, as it has become more frustrating than fun lately. It’s fairly standard stuff. Paywalls to grind through, daily log in bonuses that aren’t very good, levels which can be really easy or insanely hard depending on the whims of the random number generator, and ultimately an endless slog. Some of the level design is fairly clever, but the fun often turns to frustration when the random number generator doesn’t go your way. But don’t worry, victory is only a premium power up away! To its credit, you’ll probably never run out of cities to “explore” or levels to complete, unless you’re into spending hundreds of real dollars on power ups. Worth a try, but don’t expect a completely unique experience.
  • Important

    By Dylan Tran aka Nicster v
    This is so easy Make Ads For this game who Created this game
  • Gummy drop

    By Leaya Kebede
    I didn’t get the car
  • Omg

    By legendanthony
    Best game on earth
  • Fun, but fight the greed (don’t make in-game purchases)!

    By DiannaN
    This game is addictive. A good way to relax. However, things in the game require coins and you never get rewarded enough coin to come close to all you could buy. So that is THEIR way to get you to pay for digital coin. But still, you’ve now just dropped your hard earned money to get hardly anything! I’ve done this in other games (like cooking fever) and got to feel like a socialite with cash to burn. But because there is NO such incentive in this game, I will never spend a penny on this game!
  • Candy crush rip off

    By manga artist wannabe
    Nothing else to say
  • Travel jar

    By GretchenAnn2015
    Overall, I enjoy playing this game. Recently, however, I made the mistake of purchasing the travel jar. I have never purchased anything for a game prior to this occasion. My card was charged $3.17, but the 600 coins from the jar were never credited to my game. Lesson learned. I’m glad it was only a few dollars, but the experience has soured me to an otherwise fun game.
  • Gummy drop

    By Karigar
    Instead of adding new impossible to reach cities why don’t you make it easier to move on Very frustrating at times when you only have three times to make it through
  • Robbed

    By MyDamDirector
    For the second time, the game has reset my “coins” from 600+ to 100 and sent me back to day one in the progress setting. Stupid game.
  • Christmas level

    By GrammyKof4
    This years holiday level is impossible. Too much to do in too few moves.
  • Gummy Drop

    By Tie Peak
    I love the game but I think you should give more lives than 3. You can go through them quickly.
  • Taking the game back

    By drtkinl
    Three times I’ve won games and they take back , saying that the game has to be replayed .. that’s not fair, and it always be those timer games
  • Terrible

    By Scbucki
    All developers want is money - too few lives, timed levels are ridiculous, have to spend too many coins to win so few, have to spend too many dollars to buy building materials - why not coins?, boosts as rewards would be nice but then they wouldn’t get money — GREEDY!! Used to like game.
  • Fix the errors.

    By Jpuzzled
    The game keeps sending me back to “day 1.” The first time it happened I was close to day 90. It just happened again and I was almost at day 180. Very annoying. Also, stop the pop-up words on levels that are timed.
  • Great game but a few issues

    By ipadgamer83
    When playing offline, the game tells you it will such up with the game once you get back online. Nope. Does not do that. So if you beat a level off line, you.l have to replay them. Really not cool.