Babbel – Learn Languages

Babbel – Learn Languages

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2014-06-11
  • Current Version: 20.25.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 196.62 MB
  • Developer: Lesson Nine GmbH
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
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Learn Spanish, French, Italian, German, and many more languages with Babbel. Developed by a team of language learning experts, Babbel has helped millions of people speak a new language with confidence. THE BABBEL METHOD Here’s what makes Babbel more effective than any other language learning app: 1. Confidence — Our goal is to get you speaking from your very first lesson. And our elegantly designed courses give you the confidence to get there. We teach you how to engage in practical, everyday conversations, making it easier for you to have authentic experiences in your new language. 2. Comprehension — Our lessons immerse you in relevant culture and real-life conversations. We want you to really take in the language, not just memorize useless phrases. And we provide helpful hints in English (or your native language) to make your new language more relatable. 3. Retention — We know you’re busy. That’s why our lessons are short but sweet: about 10-15 minutes, and designed to send your new language straight to long-term memory. We regularly refresh your memory with our dynamic review sessions, which target areas where you need improvement most. Finally, we make sure you really grasp what you’re learning by bringing it back later in a new context. FEATURES • 14 languages to choose from • 10-15 minute, bite-sized lessons that fit conveniently into your schedule • Lessons covering a wide range of useful topics, from travel to business (and more!) • Speech recognition technology to keep your pronunciation on point • Courses at a variety of skill levels, making Babbel ideal for both beginners and more advanced learners • Our robust Review Manager helps you retain new vocabulary • Learning progress that’s synchronized across all your devices, so you can easily pick up right where you left off LANGUAGES Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Polish, English, Indonesian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian WORKS FOR YOUR GOALS After just one month, you will be able to speak confidently about practical topics, such as: • Transportation • Shopping • Directions • Making friends and socializing • Dining And much more! WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT BABBEL “Babbel is one of the stalwarts of the online language-learning sphere.” -The Next Web “Babbel’s lessons, unlike Duolingo’s, first focus on building basic conversational skills.” -The Economist “Babbel exceeds expectations, delivering high-quality, self-paced courses in 13 languages.” -PC Magazine *Named 2016’s “most innovative company in education” by Fast Company* *The World’s Highest Grossing Language Learning App* PLEASE NOTE You will need a subscription in order to get access to the full learning materials for one language. Each subscription will be automatically renewed unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current payment period. Your iTunes account will be automatically charged at the same price for renewal within the 24-hour period prior to the end of the current payment period unless you change your subscription preferences in your iTunes Account Settings. When a subscription is canceled, access to the app’s courses and features will expire at the end of the current payment period. You'll get access to all courses for the following durations: 1 month 3 months 6 months 12 months Privacy policy: Terms of use: GET IN TOUCH : Any ideas, comments or feedback? Then we’d love to hear it! Email us at YOU CAN ALSO... ...visit us at us on Facebook: us on Youtube: …follow us on Twitter or on Instagram: Team Babbel



  • Spanish

    By franklandrr
    French Done!Now Spanish and flying right along!This is fabulous!!cct
  • A bit harsh

    By mom that draws
    Its a sincere Challenge for me to stay motivated with this app. I do have 3 children,who i was hoping to get interested with me. It is only one way to learn and it's like worksheets from school. No games, no option to just listen to the language through songs or podcasts, just a kind of gruel. I wish i could see the people speaking. So much is lost when you have to figure it out by listening. I have set reminders and when i have free time, I'm not wanting to go to this app. It's not fun. When you have to talk back, you have to sound EXACTLY like the person talking, pitch and all. It will not accept a close version, my voice. I want this to be my fun side interest, as language usually is for me, i have the inclination, this app just isn't very engaging. But the deals keep me in for now.
  • Not good at all...

    By /\/\/\ ALP /\/\/\
    If you use a link to enroll for a discounted subscription, it may credit the payment to the first account that is registered using the link even if a second account made the payment. If you make the account first and then try to apply the discount credit, it just won’t let you even if you are a first time customer. You will have to make a new account to benefit from the discount. Part of the business model is to sell cheap subscription that renews at an exorbitant rate on a future date when you won’t remember to cancel. Overall, a problematic app and no customer service. I had trouble accessing content I had already paid for and they did I not respond to my questions. Babbel is an almost-scam. Rosetta Stone is simply better.
  • Too much spelling

    By Sorah6995
    Just when I need a bit of confidence to learn how to remember and speak words, Bebnel wants me to spell these words in German. It throws me off and I lose confidence and then feel like this is not a program for me. Or worse; I feel like I just cannot learn the language at all! I won’t give up but I may change to a different program
  • Teri

    By Reptileking123
    I got so excited i thought i could finally learn spanish then it turn out i need to pay money
  • Great after you get on.

    By Mark language learner
    Could not get on after registration but waited a few hours, changed password and everything is great now. Customer service was right there to get everything working smoothly. Program really works.
  • Great language learning so far

    By B-thapa
    I am still in the begining please to meet you section . Its interactive . Love it time killer to when you are bored
  • Babble

    By 7864327890
    It’s frustrating having to type. I think it’s more fun to learn to speak
  • Too quick

    By EvReeNykNaiMizTaykN
    Does not allow me to repeat the phrases being heard and goes to quickly. Difficult to learn.
  • Would prefer Latin American Spanish

    By Gr8mess
    First time being introduced to vosotros and the c sounding like a th.
  • Very engaging

    By PShermis
    The Babbel system is very intuitive and easy to use. I’m enjoying learning a new language and the format is interesting, almost fun!
  • Best Language App

    By LaiKilic
    I’ve tried many language apps from Duo Lingo to Rosetta Stone and so on. I have not found any to be as successful and easy as Babbel. Babbel also has the languages that I need. If you stay committed and consistent you will become multi lingual in no time. I LOVE THIS APP!
  • More Languages

    By GrayFrost496
    I haven’t began to use this app to I am giving it a three star. Some languages on my bucket list is Japanese, Spanish and maybe more, depending on what I want to learn. I love to learn and here different languages but one thing that I wish this app had, is more languages to learn. I am currently learning Japanese and it hasn’t been easy. I couldn’t help but notice Japanese wasn’t on the language list. Please consider adding more languages.
  • Just started

    By panilesia
    Good repetition! I need it!
  • Me encanta

    By djbigboy86
    Muchas gracias por ayudarnos a aprender hotros idiomas
  • Great!

    By TLKadich
    This app is awesome! I really feel I’m learning. It makes you think and teaches you pronunciation, writing and reading! Really happy with it! Worth every penny!
  • Like it

    By Sparkycontrols
    Going good so far. Lessons aren’t too long. Simple yet profound teaching methods.
  • Offers are different depending on payment method

    By Ahmedraed
    I’ve received an offer through email to get a free 6 months if I purchase a 6 months subscription through the website. Why can’t I get the same offer on the mobile app and pay through iTunes? Also, I have contacted support in two or more email with no avail.
  • Si me gusta pero es difícil aprender inglés

    By Fireguy69204
    Si me gusta pero se me ase difícil aprender
  • Ms Elena Dias

    By El Dias
    This is fun but it could be even better if the program listened to my pronunciations and spoke them more clearly if mine were off.
  • Very good

    By anasilferbla
    Good Job
  • Love!

    By Enchanted Pen
    Love Babbel! I am really enjoying learning and how they teach and ease you into it. Especially when just beginning.
  • Where are please and thank you?????

    By bvsuhbcdhkm
    I am preparing for a vacation in Russia. I am NOT a backpacker and my arrangements have been booked for months. I would have appreciated more of the courtesies of “please”, “thank you”, “I would like to order” etc. than, how do I get to the hostel? I am through almost 20 lessons and have yet to come across “thank you”.
  • Download

    By srdrova
    App is amazing super easy to learn Spanish
  • NOT for Mexican Spanish!

    By Gsagv
    After researching and then spending $49, I found that Babbel focuses on Castilian Spanish (Spain) NOT Latin American like Mexico. And refunds are not given....
  • Babbel

    By patypatin
    Este curso no debió ser impartido por personas de origen asiático ya que muchísimas veces no se puede captar totalmente las frases que dictan para escribirlas y eso es debido al acento que tienen todos los asiáticos, si no fuera por eso yo recomendaría Babbel a otras personas.
  • Bought it for Spanish it’s only European Spanish not Latin American

    By Happy2B1001
    Title says it all. It’s annoying and frustrating to use it. The grammar is just different enough to annoy the hell out of me. Just two conjugation forms, but it’s enough. Vosotros vs ustedes. :( A huge oversight given that 640 million people live in Latin America versus 47 million in Spain. Even if you subtract Brasil it is still a 10:1 ratio. Guys what the heck?!
  • Subscriptions of course.

    By thmysciran
    The only good language app is duolingo - because instead of subscriptions all you have to deal with are ads. And even then, the cost of going ad-free is much cheaper than any app’s subscriptions. The mechanics are pretty much the same anyways, although duolingo might be better, because they’re working on bringing back their chatbot and have flash cards.
  • Spanish for beginners

    By Smack2019
    I haven’t taken Spanish since I was in high school and this is moving me along at a decent pace that I can handle. So far it’s great and I’ve signed up for 6 months.😁
  • Learning a lot

    By shaikuch
    I’ve tryed a couple ways as in cds for the car, books and I’ve learned more in the lessons w/ Babbel and only on lesson 4. Thank u Babbel.
  • My first teach me a language app!

    By Sapphira Adira
    I am learning Spanish for my career and for family and friends. This app is amazing! It feels good using this app, because as it teaches me to speak another language, it’s allowing me to also learn how to read and write in that language too. Another great part about this app, is it doesn’t pressure me to buy an upgrade part of the app, nor limit me to what I can learn if I Choose not to! The developers of this app have done an amazing job, thank you so much!
  • Good, but hoping for AI and UX improvements

    By brushing_up
    Through 16 lessons at this point, and overall enjoying Babbel. I formerly used Duolingo, which seemed too vocabulary based. I'm happy I switched to Babbel for building conversational experience. I appreciate the tooltips differentiating European/Spain Spanish and Latin American words. Those are helpful distinctions I didn't get in three years of in-person classes. Also, I appreciate the variation of native speaking voices. It's helpful to hear varying genders, vocal tone/pitch, correct emphasis and pronunciations. My criticisms regarding the app and the experience follow: 1) There's zero forgiveness for slight misspellings/typos. A flag /warning before counting it against the user would be nice. We're learning here. 2) The matching games/exercises have a confusing UX. It's unclear where to drag and drop and the color selections are all gray, which is not helpful in guiding users through the exercise. 3) While I realise Babbel isn't aiming to gamify language learning, it could benefit from incentivizing users somehow. This could be as simple as congratulating or tracking your progress or improvements. It's very boring to see the simple fact I've completed x/100 lessons. Make it a little fun, and I will be more likely to renew my subscription. Without these improvements, I'm likely to head back to Duolingo.
  • Yes! Download!

    By AdriTheBiggestHPFanInHistory
    This app is really well formatted. I am quickly learning French!!! I am a beginner and I am already loving the app! It is so fun and interesting to learn other languages. 5 stars for Babbel!!!
  • Just writing to make the pop up go away

    By Smithosity
    Stop the pop ups
  • Helpful

    By im a random human being
    My family and I are going on a trip to Italy and need to know some basics. We are using this for the 2 weeks we have until the trip, and it proves itself very useful so far.
  • Ok and enjoying it

    By GrizzlyYoder
    I find myself learning some of the language pretty quickly but as you progress they seem to focus heavily on the writing not the actual speaking of the language. Maybe i still need to progress to get too that part.
  • Quite Good

    By Bernie's Girl
    Going to to Germany on a three week trip. Spent a summer there 50 years ago, so I wanted to refresh my conversational German. This is great for short lessons on my computer and my phone. But I’d like a lot more time speaking and less typing and spelling. Also they seem to require two payments: one for my computer and one for my phone. Seems excessive. All that said it seems like a manageable program. Thanks!
  • Not interactive enough

    By asakfirbxicnwheud
    I’m looking for an app that focuses on conversation and an app that interacts with me via speaking as much as possible. This app does a minimal amount of this.
  • Great way to sharpen those language skills!

    By DackJaniels88
    This app has been great in my experience so far. I’ve been able to learn a lot in the few lessons I’ve taken due to the great teaching model. One feature request would be to add the correct pronunciation in writing along with the audio. I’m sure this would help many people get the pronunciation right the first time. Also, within the review section it would be great to add all the conjugations for the irregular verbs we learn.
  • More languages

    By Jen loves this app
    I couldn’t find Korean.
  • Babbel scrabble.

    By Lv2Glf
    Next to impossible to make setting adjustments after initial setup. Currently frustrating me.
  • Unsatisfied customer

    By Mick1371217
    I usually don’t write reviews but feel I must warn. I purchased this app in June. A three month subscription. Unable to download the lessons. I provided proof of purchase to Babbel. The issue is still unresolved with little response from Babbel.
  • Really.

    By caitlyn🤪
    It says you can speak many languages but you can only learn 13. There’s a language that’s not on here along with many more! I hope you can add more languages soon, then I’ll give it more stars.
  • Perfect way to learn or review a new language

    By jshcho
    It’s simple , quick and effective ! Love it
  • Babel helps

    By NursePlayer
    Reading, writing, listening, and speaking is helping me learn Spanish!
  • Feedback

    By yougottoknow
    I could not get this to work on my computer. It just froze so I had to use my phone. Sometimes it isn’t clear what I should do.
  • Babbel

    By drika rolim
    Perfect! Very good
  • The Spanish Course

    By The Revved Rex
    I can’t determine how to take of the Castilian accent and have the Latin American accent which is why I signed up. Please help me
  • Can’t go back

    By le lapin rouge
    I don’t like not being able to review at least the previous entry in a lesson. For instance if a lesson has 20 practices and I’m on #14, why can’t there be a back button to review #13? It’s very frustrating. I also hope that you can ad a button to hear the words at a slower pace. For instance, Duolingo has two buttons: one with a regular speed and the other one is for a slower speed for when we can’t understand what is being said. Thanks