The Inner Circle – Fine Dating

The Inner Circle – Fine Dating

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2014-04-11
  • Current Version: 3.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 65.21 MB
  • Developer: Circle Imperium B.V.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.1 or later.
  • Rating Count: 5 707


The Inner Circle is a unique selective dating app, matching you with vibrant like-minded singles, and hosting members-only events around the world. You’ll find your match at The Inner Circle, where dating is done right. * A selective dating community for like-minded people * Quality matches over quantity * Exclusive member events across the world To ensure you only meet members that meet your standards, we carefully screen each new registration. Once approved, you’ll make authentic connections with members via our unique app. The Inner Circle was specifically designed to unite dynamic professionals in an equally dynamic way, with features including travel functionality, favorite date spots, and secret matches. We bring you from online to offline, through our exclusive parties organized all around the world. So far we’ve matched thousands of satisfied singles, and the proof is in the stories behind the stats. We have been sent the happiest ‘how we met’ tales, stories of long-term relationships, and baby-cards that adorn our office walls. We focus on the people behind the pixels - so you can too. WHAT THE PRESS WROTE ABOUT THE INNER CIRCLE MASHABLE: “the ultimate dating dream: a place filled with top-notch single people.” ESQUIRE: “The Inner Circle is the best all-rounder out there with the highest quantity of people you'd actually like to meet “ BUSTLE: “Their main mission is for their members to respect fellow members. Yes, please”. Welcome to The Inner Circle! ------ The Inner Circle is free to download and use, and that will never change for our main features. If you want to use all the features, you can subscribe for Full Membership Current subscription price starts at USD 11.99/month. The prices may vary per country and are subject to change without notice. Prices are clearly displayed in the app. Payment will be charged to your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew itself, unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can switch off the auto-renewal any time after the purchase by going to your settings in the iTunes Store. If you don’t choose to subscribe for a Full Membership, you can simply continue using and enjoying The Inner Circle for free. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions:



  • Recharging with authorization

    By Pie2x2
    I have had trouble with this company as I cannot get in touch with them via phone . They have charged me every month since May without my authorization and have have used it once 9 months ago. Steer clear from this App ! Scam! Con! No star but they made me to send!
  • Scam & waste of time

    By A_K_2019
    It is impossible to figure out how to cancel, and they keep charging you. I don’t think most of these people are real.
  • Doesn’t offer anything new & charges more

    By RaeRaeRiley
    This app was wildly disappointing. They think that because people are “impressive” on LinkedIn they are somehow superior humans? It’s wildly expensive and The interface offers nothing new. It’s all been done before. A number of my friends have also been set up on several occasions for H1 visas!? Is this your idea of matchmaking?! SCAMMERS!
  • Killer App

    By Sgelman21300
    App is easy to use and the support e-mail peeps respond like lightening of you need anything.
  • Kinda messed up

    By open ambush
    ...that you need to either buy membership or refer friends to view or send messages.
  • Connection issue

    By Jerkosa
    App would not work unless I turn off WiFi and get on my data. It’s annoying. Also the winks are idiotic if you’re not a paid user. I used to pay but cancelled because it didn’t help much.
  • Something different

    By lebta87
    Seeing actual potential in these guys. Makes it easy to communicate . Easy to use app
  • It’s been over a month

    By comet142
    I haven’t been able to use the app since I registered over a month ago because I still haven’t been approved. How am I supposed to know if it’s worth paying for if I can use the app??? Pointless download
  • The app is solid

    By lilybythevalley
    The app’s functionalities are good overall- fast performance and easy to engage in.
  • Expensive

    By Trink10
    More expensive than Match with 10% of the people.
  • Wait list

    By random joe medic
    Been on the wait list for almost a year... Still waiting. Just tried to email the company and got a reply saying the admin email is for the newsletter only and will not be read or responded to by the company... DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!
  • My dissatisfaction

    By kaohsbss
    Very few people on inner circle in my location and they hardly respond
  • Great people

    By lancedanglish
    Legitimately some interesting and beautiful people on here who seem to have real jobs. Just got on it but seems great.
  • Originality

    By crsanga
    I like the way this apps work and specially the way to see trips and events with other people to network!
  • Doesn’t seem legit

    By Sigma.12
    I signed up and waited over two months for my profile to be approved so I could use it. Nothing ever happened and ended up deleting it.
  • BS

    By Big Muscle Otter
    This app is the most inactive app ever. All the profiles were either so old that ppl stop going on the app or they were completely fake accounts. Don’t bather. The app developers are scammers and don’t deserve your attention. They are fakes. This app is full of fake accounts.
  • Membership isn't worth the waste of time and effort

    By Jmtorresnj
    There is nothing I like less than wasting my time. And that makes Inner Circle not liked at all. After almost two years, I've recommended Inner Circle to a few friends of mine, but it was NOT because I recommend this app. It was only to be able to read and respond to messages I had from other members. I didn't care if they were potentially going to have success, because I sure wasn't and wasn't enjoying the misery the app put me through just to even use the app at all. After I had no ability to log into my account, because they are so bad with allowing members to even have that ability, I still had a full membership that they didn't even let me use because of their Toxic policies on memberships. If you only have access to a mobile device and not a computer, do not use this app. Not all of us sit at a computer all day. If they remove your mobile device access, for any stupid reason, like they did to me for over 8 months, and you still have full memberships, you're completely screwed and don't bother trying to get those memberships back, whether you paid for them or recommended friends. They won't care and they will screw you, just like they screwed me. I don't recommend this app.
  • Total crap

    By Ftwkie1701
    Been waiting for about 3 months to ‘be approved’ unless I want to spam my friends and get them to sign up
  • Crap

    By Fracturep00p
    This app makes you think you’re sifting through the weirdos, but it actually only let’s you browse based on major metropolitan areas. For instance, i live in orange county and it makes me choose los angeles as my location, even though that’s 40 miles away / 1.5 hrs. Also, they make you sign up for a full membership (paid) or sign up two friends to view messages. No real perceivable value in this app in contrast to the others out there that let you use them for free.
  • Don’t bother

    By bobs_77
    Stick to Bumble. This app is a waste of time. It is hard to navigate. Needs serious improvement.
  • Heard good things

    By bks91
    Was tired of the standard apps so registered after seeing an Instagram ad. Easy to use and has some good features. Worth the Download
  • Why I have to wait this long to get on the app

    By Tyranym98
    Why I have to wait this long to get on here btw and then you have to paid to chat with everyone 😑😑
  • Unsure

    By soso blessings
    Been on the waiting list for over 2 yrs... not sure why I still have this app
  • Never accepted

    By VasilikiVho
    Lol you guys never accepted me. Which made me a little offended but ok 🤣
  • They keep charging after you cancel

    By organized5
    Do not do this app. They’ve been charging me for over a year after I cancelled. Going to have to close my bank account!
  • Low profile candidates

    By Katrina 22
    I signed up to this app based on some articles claiming that this app only subscribes good looking and successful people. I don’t find anyone good looking here at all nor I find a lot of people to be successful either. On top of that, I hardly see people engaging in conversation. This app is not what you claimed it to be and I regret paying an annual subscription fee here.
  • Great app

    By Riekje97
    Easy to use and chat functions work well. Don’t like the plating aspect or the viewing aspect though
  • Seems to be different

    By Novemberrain119
    I kept seeing ads for this app, and decided to download it. The process to complete a profile didn’t take a long time, but I liked the simplicity of the questions you’re asked to fill out. Looking forward to seeing if it will yield any results!
  • Feels like a scam

    By Omfash
    I paid the fee on the grounds that there is a 3 day free trial as stated in their terms of service. There are not enough users on the app, and many people who don’t live in my city are contacting me (also no events in my city, I live in Los Angeles). I was hoping to cancel and get a refund but this app refers me to Apple and Apple refers me back to the app. Felt a bit scammed, now I’m out $40 for an app I don’t care to use.
  • This app is a joke

    By scam asf
    This app is an absolute joke. They’re frauds and won’t approve your account unless you invite people. Why the hell would I want to invite anyone? What’s the point in showing people I’m using a dating app? This is so stupid. They won’t approve your account unless you do so then when you get going bots will message you and then you will have to have a “premium” account to see those messages. Nothing but a money grab and a scam.
  • Can’t even get started!

    By RadMountain
    Tried several times to upload a photo of me which clearly shows my face on other apps. Keeps cutting my head off when I upload and won’t let me continue. So, I can’t even get started!
  • Bull crap

    By loaner... simple as that
    This is some bull crap.. if you have no single friend to invite.. or anyone looking like yourself.. they will just keep reviewing you.. so you never get to use it. So there for.. you are left with nothing but ... judgment.. because out of all your friends your single, not looking for a one night stand, a FWB or what ever else there is.. you left with another app.. and nothing else.. so .. if your a group of single friends who can help you get into this.. then it’s your app to troll people who are looking for another trolls looking for .. the same crap.. in stead.. of people who are looking for real connection.
  • Great App

    By qwaszxcdertgfvb
    I like this app, it is very active, you can find a lot in it. I am enjoying it, so you should
  • Sad sad..

    By jcsanch2
    Enough sad.
  • As someone mentioned before...

    By CalitoBostonJen
    Melanin isn't wanted here. Studies state that POCs have difficulty using dating apps based on zero interest by users. So I tried for months, paid and nothing. So I'm out. 🤷🏾‍♀️
  • Little users & faraway evens.

    By wsKnit_PurlGirl
    This dating app is pathetic. I live in a major city and there are very, very few users, plus, the nearest city with evens, requires a plane ticket. Umm, you want me to spend even more money? I’m going back to OKC.
  • App is not worth it

    By Emjayy77
    I really wanted to try this app because a friend recommended it but honestly from the time of downloading it and having to wait to be approved plus not being able to read my messages it’s really ridiculous. On top of that having to refer friends to be able to read my messages it’s awkward.! Update: so this is the response I get “"Hi Emjayy77, the reason that we ask you to invite your friends (definitely no 'must'), is because we really like to create an 'inner circle' on our dating app of mutual friends an likeminded people. And besides, isn't it fun searching for the love of your life, together with your single friend!" No it’s not fun telling your friends you’re dating online, I go out with my friends on the weekends that’s good enough. On top of that I’m really annoyed because although I got accepted I cannot see my messages or likes or anything and my friend that recommended me said she was able to read messages and everything right away so what’s the deal! Plus there’s no cute guys and it always rotated through the same guys!! Ughh back to tinder!

    By arntyoudeadyet
    Talking about a completely useless app! First you have to be verified. Until you get verified you can’t use the app. Well I’ve been in cue for verification for over a month. They try to scam you and tell you to invite friends, and if you do you get verified faster. While in the verification process you can do anything. I want to delete my picture, but can’t. I want to delete my profile, but can’t. There is no customer support or to contact or email. This app is complete garbage. The developed should be fined for creating a bait and switch app. 🖕
  • Happy overall

    By ysuxkdficjdjdjsus
    Easy to communicate with members and the app is easy to navigate
  • Waste of time

    By catlover88888
    I would love to review this app but Ive been waiting over a month to get approved.
  • Don’t use - waste of time and money

    By RoLo171918
    This app is a scam. First, it charged me twice for the service in one month and said it was in their Terms and Conditions. Second, it matches you will people who don’t have a paid service and you can’t communicate with them. You can only communicate with people who have paid, but it doesn’t care to match you with those people.
  • Great App

    By annabres0804
    Great app, easy to use, quality people. Like a lot
  • So far so good

    By Lizdubzzzzzzzz
    Very new to the app, but so far the layout looks great, and the customer service is super helpful. Looking forward to interacting with it more.
  • Great app

    By Maxime Akd
    Good dating app. You can see people around you and also who is online. Very useful to connect with active users. I enjoy the community / selectivity part of the app. Thx
  • Lol

    By nothanksic
    If you think I’m going to pay for this you’re absolutely insane.
  • Still haven’t been able to join

    By AmarachiMUA
    I downloaded the app and signed up to be a member but was placed on the waitlist almost 9-10 months ago. Still haven’t been able to join.. No communication or update since...
  • No access to app

    By ContRHO
    I have been on the waiting list for almost a year. This is taking up space in my phone. Deleting it now
  • Don’t Bother

    By mcneelywv
    The League had me on their waiting list only a week. I’ve been on this one since June. They nag you to refer your friends in order to get approved. It’s a waste of space on your phone.
  • They are open to hear your thoughts and improvements

    By lu0108
    Give it a shot. Definitely, it’s a improvement in the app dating scene. I am very skeptical off dating apps, but I decided to surrender, it’s not just a trend, it’s our reality, we liking or not. As any new app, still room for improvement, growing and more diversity, but they created a good foundation. I am waiting on they add curvy to body description for example. Instead of complaining, let’s help they make a better app for all of us, or for the next that will be using it. I read complains about having to add two friends to have access to reading your messages, does anyone forget about those apps out there that you need to wait for matching to be able to talk? Or any social media that you recommend fort our friends and you don’t t get none in return? If we have to deal with dating apps, let’s help making a better one.