Google Sheets

Google Sheets

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2014-04-30
  • Current Version: 1.2019.40202
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 236.05 MB
  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 628 158


Create, edit, and collaborate with others on spreadsheets from your iPod, iPhone, or iPad with the free Google Sheets app. With Google Sheets you can: * Create new spreadsheets or edit any that were created on the web or on another device * Share spreadsheets and work together with others in the same spreadsheet at the same time * Get stuff done anytime -- even without an internet connection * Format cells, enter/sort data, view charts, insert formulas, use find/replace, and more * Never worry about losing your work -- everything is automatically saved as you type * Open, edit, and save Excel files



  • Keeps crashing

    By SK.101
    I keep having to reopen it repeatedly.
  • Google sheets? More like google sh¡ts

    By User111121
    Because thats what it is
  • Love Google Sheets

    By nick59bk
    Hate the latest iOS update with stupid Shortcuts feature. Since then, Google Sheets has been very unstable, it is force closed most times when I turn iPad screen off or switch to any programs, sometimes even when I am using Sheets.
  • Love it hahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahhaha:(

    By muahahahahhaah
    It’s so amazing!! Ahahah Ahahah Ahahah heheheh heeeheee haha haha heheheh hehehe ahahahahahhahwhwhwhwhwhwhhh muahahahah heheheh ha! :( Ahahah!
  • It had some flaws

    By huhb7h
    It has some flaws but I honestly do in enjoy using it. It works well for multiple things
  • Seems that when I view a spreadsheet it will not open

    By QualityDan
    If one is in google docs and try to open the spreadsheet it sends me to open this app. When I do it does not open the spreadsheet.
  • Thanks

    By KHOAdragons
    Good app
  • Cool but where is the menu

    By veebeehomenow
    I d
  • Lack of iPadOS support is frustrating

    By KevinKSJ
    Google Sheets still does not support split view on the iPad. Now with iPadOS, I expect it to support multiple windows, but it does not. This is very frustrating! Other than lack of multi-tasking support, the app works well.
  • Fixed income

    By jmy81
    I am a 57 year old man and have been disabled since 2008 and am on an income which is less than half of what I was making at the plant where I worked, didn’t get check for 2 years, lost one of my vehicles, went thru savings and still had to beg for food, almost lost my house and 6 acres, worked with loan company and kept it. My wife is also disabled, I cannot spend money I don’t have , I’m an ole country boy in Tennessee and I had pride up until all money was gone and eating canned corn only for supper and had to swallow my pride and beg for food, so don’t lecture me about a budget, you’re eating lobsters, steaks and shrimp, drinking wine and I’m eating wild rabbits, squirrels and white tail deer.
  • Latest update causing crashes on waking phone

    By marcotaco71
    iPhone 7 on latest IOS. The latest update is causing me to have to reopen the sheet I was working in most times when washing my phone. Used in a gym setting tracking sets, weight, etc... so frequent usage with frequent waking.
  • Freaking Love It

    By Archer of Nor
    I’m a bar manager and I use Google Sheets almost daily. I use it to do all of my liquor and beer orders (color coded, and some really nifty conditional formatting too). It makes all of my reps very happy with how organized it is! I also use it to do inventory on 3 bars and a huge storage area, profit margin sheets, employee phone lists etc... it’s incredibly useful to be able to pull up any information I need, immediately, on my phone. I used to do everything on Excel; printing all the pages out, writing all the counts down, going back into Excel to enter all the counts... Sheets let’s me do everything on my phone or iPad and autosums as I go. Not only does Sheets keep me nice and organized, it also makes orders and inventory go SO much faster.

    By SMKartiat
    UPDATE: That’s right, there is a new update to GOOGLE sheets. It’s now “Compatible” with iPad iOS/13. What’s really cool about the new iOS update is that Safari is the actual desktop version (no more mobile version). This means that it should allow me to access the online version of google sheets, right? Wrong. Because Google forces you to go to the app version EVERY TIME! You know what’s not in the Sheets update? The desktop version! If iOS can support a desktop version of Safari then Google can make a Google Sheets that is the full version on iOS. Even Tim Cook has stated; “iPad Pro and this new iOS for iPad is so iPad can replace Laptops.” Get it together, GOOGLE! ____________________________________________________________ I am an iPad Pro user. I love this tablet. I use this thing for video, graphic design and music production (I make music videos for events). What I can create on the Pro is just unbelievable! Thanks to great developers like Korg, Affinity, Lumafusion, the folks over at Procreate, every aspect of my creative life I used to depend on my PC for, has been replaced. In fact Affinity design and photo, and Stagelight music production are the same exact software as their desktop counterparts. Lumafusion is FinalCut Pro back on iPad. That’s how good these apps are. But you know what has not been replaced? One stupid little thing that has become the most frustrating part of moving from PC to iPad Pro? Well the one star says it all. GOOGLE SHEETS. Actually EVERYTHING GOOGLE has been the biggest problem. But lets start with SHEETS because that is the one application I get hired for the most in event management. I don’t really want to belittle the programming skills of Google developers but lets be real; y’all are not making software apps that handles 6 layers of 4k video and Hi end audio; Korg, Stagelight and Lumafusion does that. Sheets is zeros, ones, letters, some grid lines, fonts and some colors. That’s like one percent of what Affinity Designer deals with. Yet you guys can’t seem to give iOS users the full desktop experience most your user-base is used to in an iPad Pro? Are you serious? Something as simple as adding coma delimitated to an email list cos you know, you can’t just straight copy your email list from Sheets to Gmail, so I need to format a split cell to accomplish this. Oh but wait, the Data menu I need to make this happen is not in Google Sheets for iOS. Why is that? I am doing my best to hold back the abusive language that’s mounting in my brain over how regressive and illogical this really is. Honestly Google programmers, the days of hiding behind “iPads are just not powerful enough” are long over. That excuse is gone. LONG GONE. Please update all of your Google apps to match your desktop versions. Seriously, just do it.
  • Not iOS 13 Compatible

    By Applelights
    Says updated for iOS 13 but still not showing iOS 13s dark mode.
  • Love it!

    By Siouxstr2
    I use the sheets app for almost everything from reminders to grocery & to do lists. It’s truly a lifesaver! No more trying to keep track of sticky notes & losing lists.
  • Sheets is helpful

    By can't spell 1985
    I like Google sheets, I think Excel is easier to use but Sheets is still very good for functions, budgets etc. I also like that I can access via the net more easily than Excel.
  • Sheets Helps Increase Efficiency

    By my sheet sheet
    Because I can get access to my work product 24x7 no matter if on my office PC, traveling and using my IPad, or out to lunch using my iPhone, I’m totally in charge having full access to every file and case data. It’s the best!
  • Trick to updating

    By AnthChac
    There must be some trick to having the sheet on your phone update as you edit the sheet on your laptop. I verified that cellular data is turned on for Google Sheets, so it isn’t that. I’m not sure where to look next. I’m sure I’ll find direction with a lite Googling.
  • Pres

    By JM6122
    Great I can see what is going on with my store.
  • Loving it

    By Trying to get skinny.....
    Easy to use on any device. Always backed up. Can share simply.
  • Steer clear!

    By chaz696969x
    On an iPhone this app is useless! All help for the product is based on the PC version. Trying to open a simple CSV file, even if you have it on Google Drive, is impossible! But what clinched it for me was that once you create a file there seems to be no way to ever delete it. It’s a shame you can’t give this zero stars because that’s what it deserves!
  • Hey google fix yourself

    By Crunch36
    Hey google fix the google sheets thing. I already think that it’s stupid that I have to get the app just to edit anything on my phone. But at least let me open the document on my account! I can see the google sheet that I want to edit but when I tap on it nothing shows up! Fix yourself already or don’t make me get the app in the first place!
  • I love it

    By Kericar
    Love having access to these docs on every device I go to. It has supplanted word for me for my personal documents because I can access them anywhere!
  • I Do Not Trust Sheets

    By jeighcee
    After months of tracking and recording my weight, I opened Sheets this morning to find that I needed to log in. Did that and found only one day of weigh-in available! And, this was not the first time. I began anew thinking I had made a fatal error. Not true! This program has some type of bug that causes it to fail now and then!
  • Love this

    By blondienj2nc
    What a great way to share work schedules at our rescue.
  • Still no good pivot table functionality

    By Julio18646
    No decent pivot funcionality to be a good business alternative to Microsoft

    By HaydenALEO
    An excellent tool for managing group efforts within projects.
  • Glad I found this!

    By silly fish girl
    I had been tracking my expenses the old fashioned way. So glad someone sent me the link to this because my life got so much easier. Could be a little easier to find what I’m looking for on the homepage but overall a great find.
  • Sheets to track sales numbers

    By tony the tiger at KW
    My boss sent out a spreadsheet to help track our numbers in excel. I usually use Google because it goes with my Drive and email and I’m really starting to like the family of apps. I’m given a productivity worksheet that’s already set up so tracking in my apps is easy. More importantly, it can be shared amongst my team. It works. I only do simple calculations
  • Great App

    By WindDancer4
    Perfect for me. I use this to keep care of my bills, expenses, etc.h
  • Login

    By bbeer
    I just wanted to sign up for a volunteer slot. Sign in shouldn’t be necessary. Why does google care?
  • Horrible

    By Ctatsey111
    Glitchy and slow
  • Link

    By xterra22
    Friend shared the link and does not open on my end.
  • Sheets

    By tonyd1129
    Not easy to use like excel
  • Good but could be better

    By The Docmonte
    I have used sheets for business. It has some good traits and some items that excel has that this does not. It takes some getting used to if you are familiar with excel. I enjoy it most because of Google Drive.
  • Dịch vụ tốt

    By thehungxd
    Very good,
  • Very convenient and mobile data

    By ocyeoh
    Both platforms, window computer and mobile phone(iPhone and google)can easily assess the data. Be able to make changes easily and updated immediately. And when assessing from another platform data is updated already. Very convenient especially for me as a frequent traveler. Thanks for having provide me with such a great app and it’s free. Keep it up. Regards YEOH Oonchye Kuala Lumpur & New York
  • Great

    A great app for general use.
  • Crashes immediately when I open my sheet

    By Ghartman17022
    This app used to be ok, but now it crashes as soon as I open my sheet.
  • Help!

    By ron9977
    My friends who do not have a Google account are having difficulty opening one easily. More than one has reported this to me. I am starting an application in Sheets and unless they already have an account it’s not going well. What did I do wrong in setting this up? Otherwise I like the process so far. Ron
  • Unable to use paste special

    By kaililoufasa
    I use a lot of functions in managing my data and it is important to be able to cut and paste the results. Previously,I have seen this on Android but it does not exist on iPhone. It causes extra work and means I cannot share instantly. Looking for other options. Possibly no longer gsheets. Good in most other ways.
  • Awesome

    By Jonnyappleseedfromchitown
    I love that I have access to them anywhere and it’s Free!
  • Crap

    By kb2938
    The app constantly shuts down or is blank. It is so frustrating!!!
  • This is dock

    By tails mater
  • Needs Improvement!

    By PadOS User
    The App (and this goes for all of the Google Drive-connected Apps) needs to offer the ability to open multiple sheets at the same time! Especially with new PadOS multitasking features, the App should be better about letting users view two separate google sheets side by side on their iPad as is the case with other devices!
  • Awesome!

    By Tink8996
    I love that I don’t need Microsoft office on my computer or phone to be able to create spread sheets or write! It is wonderful!
  • My sheets

    By freedome T
    I don’t understand, lost All, mathematics, formulaic. Blocked All, on google email BLOCKED me on NOT paying you? Had strokes 5X living, without lost all⁉️😭 . Early, days agonizing sent to FB on page all gone. Math end 0? 115 end? Lost remember at 19? Keep all mental.
  • Crashes constantly

    By AxylCross
    I keep experiencing crashes each time I try to view any spreadsheets. Its really inconvenient.
  • Good Application

    By moneymaker106
    Review what?