Elevate - Brain Training

Elevate - Brain Training

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2014-05-22
  • Current Version: 5.9.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 312.61 MB
  • Developer: Elevate, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 151 954


Elevate was selected by Apple as App of the Year! Elevate is a brain training program designed to improve focus, speaking abilities, processing speed, memory, math skills, and more. Each person is provided with a personalized training program that adjusts over time to maximize results. The more you train with Elevate, the more you’ll improve critical cognitive skills that are proven to boost productivity, earning power, and self-confidence. Users who train at least 3 times per week have reported dramatic gains and increased confidence. FEATURES • 35+ games for critical cognitive skills like focus, memory, processing, math, precision, and comprehension • Detailed performance tracking • Personalized daily workouts that include the skills you need most • Adaptive difficulty progression to ensure your experience is challenging • Workout calendar to help you track your streaks and stay motivated • Play 4 additional mini-games and review your performance on your Apple Watch with Elevate Dash • And more! IN THE NEWS Apple App of the Year CNET “Elevate comes out ahead” in the battle of the brain training apps. Washington Post Elevate is a “cognitive pick-me-up” with games that are “good for mental breaks throughout the workday.” RESEARCH BEHIND ELEVATE Elevate's games are designed in collaboration with experts in neuroscience and cognitive learning and are based on extensive scientific research. Elevate’s brain training algorithms further focus the learning experience by drawing from research in memory studies to develop a personalized training program for each user. ELEVATE SUBSCRIPTION TERMS Elevate offers a 14-day free trial as well as a basic free version. To access the free version, tap the X in the upper left-hand corner after you sign up for an account. If you choose to subscribe, you will be charged a yearly subscription fee according to your country. The subscription fee will be shown in the app before you complete the payment. Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of each subscription term, unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the term. Subscription renewals cost the same as the original subscription, and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. You may manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal at any time after purchase by going to your iTunes Account Settings. Refunds will not be given for any unused portion of the term. For additional information, please read our Terms of Service (https://www.elevateapp.com/terms) and Privacy Policy (https://www.elevateapp.com/privacy).



  • Amazing!

    By __chosen0ne
    I use this app daily, I have for the last 2 years and it's made so much improvement in my life! Wish I could give it 10 stars!!
  • Pricey

    By Colleeni2
    I don’t know how the app works. I signed up, I took the testing, put in all my information, and then found out it was $39. a year and didn’t see a free version available. I just deleted it.
  • $40 app!!!

    By Rmchhay
    I wish apps would be more upfront about their costs. This app is $40/year, but doesn't list cost doesn't anywhere in the description. They offer a 2-week free trial if you are interested, but personally I would rather not pay for a subscription (vs. a one-time payment).
  • Great game

    By randygottlieb
    Love the idea of expanding my brain power! I am worried about loosing it as I get older and I hope this helps
  • Elevate

    By Ulises0419
    Don’t workout just your body. Your brain needs it too! Love this app!
  • I like it.

    By shai11$12
    Something productive to do. Wish I had more specific math goals. I need help with medical math.
  • Skills

    By Plots aware
    I like the game because it helps me realize what I need to work on. I went to college to so I'm working my memory in a good way!

    By heidhehshehe
    Absolutely Incredible!!! I use it everyday to build my mind. It makes you smarter, and it’s only a low cost of $7 a month.
  • Great app

    By fr0ncisco
    I loved the free trial for this app. The games are engaging and insightful. If you get answers wrong it will tell you how to improve your skills. The app is also really well designed. It always runs very smoothly, without buffering or freezing. I highly recommend it to people who need a mental boost or something to break away from the mindless scrolling we’re all prone to with our smart phones. I would definitely be buying this app if it were in my budget.
  • Great Way to Spend Ten Minutes

    By shsnno kelly
    I am very happy with this quick and easy way to challenge my brain - fun too. I recommend the app for anyone looking for a little change from typical brain training.
  • $40 a year

    By MD3214
    $40 a year. ‘nuff said.
  • Need more than 1 subscription option

    By Johnny B10225
    Not sure I’ll sign up for pro since the only option is to pay for a full year up front. At the very least they should offer a 14 day free trial after which users accounts reset to free (and lose pro features) unless they sign up and pay for pro. I’m not a fan of trials that automatically bill you (especially for a full year) unless you remember to go into your subscriptions and turn it off 24 hours in advance. Me, and a lot of other people, have too much going on in life to keep up with all these subscriptions. Just seems shady when it doesn’t need to be. Stand by your product if it’s good.
  • Too short

    By Robert the Reviewer
    The games I’ve played thus far are fun and do seem to provide varied challenges ensuring more brain practice. However - the games are each played in 60 second intervals. It’s pretty outrageous. There is definitely no support for the proposition that one minute increments are a preferred length for learning / training the brain. How about 5 minutes? At least give people the option. For me, I would’ve been ready to pay for the year if they had this choice, but at 60 seconds each, it’s just inadequate. And yes, one could just repeat the game 5 times, but it’s not the same.
  • Misleading app cost

    By trish9889
    In the App Store the app does not reference its cost. Once it installs and you enter personal info (name, age and email) and take an assessment, a window pops up that I have to pay a annual fee or the 14day trial. Disappointed the creators were not upfront prior to customers downloading from the App Store. Thank you.
  • Great tools 🧰

    By Keeping my brain young & sharp
    I’m enjoying the games & it’s helped me w/better clarity & focus. I feel like I’m learning about how I’m processing information & what areas I need to focus on to keep my brain sharp.
  • Password reset

    I’m trying to reset my password but it won’t send me the email. I also know that it’s the correct email address because I’ve only ever had one personal email. I can’t login without a password reset bc I deleted the app due to storage problems.
  • Very good, payment issues

    By SpaceDarius
    Everything about the app and what is has to offer is practical, efficient, and effective aside from the only one method of payment. Despite the benefits that do come from using this app, I can’t personally say I’m comfortable with only being able to drop the annual sum of $40 on this app, instead having the choice to pay the $3.33 monthly fee. Other than that, the entire app is great and I recommend it for anyone and everyone.
  • Challenging and fun!

    By AllysonB
    Elevate gives me refresher courses on information I learned years ago, but presents it in a way that is exciting and fun!
  • Liars cheaters and thieves!!!!

    By frmtheheart
    Change the filter to most critical and read those reviews.
  • Good but Boring

    By dogma5
    This app gets very tedious after a while because it keeps repeating the same training exercises. For ex-I am on highest levels in many training sessions but I not only get the same challenges but the exact same challenges! I have contacted company but never gotten a response. Update-3 months later and still getting the same challenges.
  • Just Awesome!!

    By C. Estrella
    I have ADHD and this game helps me a lot with my concentration and comprehension which is the reason for getting it. I am beyond satisfied!
  • Totally Worth It

    By nanayabusiness
    Truly enjoy this app. Definitely see the results when completed regularly. Worth the upgrade $$
  • Thanks.

    By Mike Miller28
    Keep it up boys. Europe is where the brain lyes.
  • Cancel

    By parslii
    The instructions to cancel are misleading. There was. No warning about the subscription in the description. For a new load user it is impossible to cancel
  • Elevate rating

    By LasK13
    Helpful but still needs to match games by age from easy to hard
  • Rip off

    By ehamm2012
    They will charge you after your trial with no notification, no instructions on how to cancel, and it’s for the whole year. Now I’m being charged for an app that I thought I canceled and has already been deleted off my phone. Thanks for stealing my 45 dollars.
  • Great app, Just doesn’t tell you how to do anything

    By fixyashitnigga
    Especially when it comes to math problems this app doesn’t tell you how to do the problems, you just guess. Maybe that’s how they wanted it to be so you could try and figure it out on your own but at least give some examples.
  • $39.99 Subscription fee !

    By Lady w/ Sharp Sticks
    I didn’t agree to get billed $39.99 for a subscription. When I first dl this app I was busy with Christmas. I just started using it. Then my husband sees where they billed us $39.99. I’ve seen other subscription services and free trials. I had no idea I was using any services which required payment. I don’t typically use them. Never more than $1.99/ month or so. I would’ve thought that I’d need to use thumb print to okay this but I guess I need to check my settings. Be careful !
  • Messed up

    By YourMom84
    This app makes you take a test and register a logon before making you pay for it. No part of this is free, and now I’m upset that I was tricked. Shame on you, Apple
  • Love it

    By Antucco
    Sharpening my skills. Improving in different areas that I didn’t realize I needed help with.
  • 😏

    By cactd
    This is a good game
  • GAmes

    By Gizmo7877
    I am almost eighty it helps me keep my mind sharp. Can’t afford to unlock you major games. But I have enjoyment with the daily, l don’t get them all yet.
  • Elevate

    By Slobutshur
    I heard about Elevate by a patient on Patients Like Me website. I am thankful that Elevate is just what I need to help me to focus in words and numbers and help with age-related cognitive loss.
  • Good one

    By Retired thinker
    This app is not a waste of time like so many others.
  • Terrible developers

    By SakoB33
    This app will charge you $39 without giving you a notice before charging. Be careful this app is made to take your money without notifying you.... Worst developer style to take peoples money without their approval. You don’t even get a notification saying you will be charged at this date. Its just crazy how App Store lets this kind of apps in the App Store. Remove this kind of stupid apps that charge people without notifying them.. 👎👎👎👎👎 Crooks.....
  • Poor user account design

    By EveFrost
    The app itself is alright. It’s nothing spectacular, but what is awful is their account settings page. During the free trial, I tried to find a way to cancel the subscription, but the obvious link (the account status portion of the profile page) is not a link. Instead, the ‘Manage Subscription’ information is found under Help. I should not have to go to Help to manage my subscription. Now, I’ve a year subscription for an app I don’t want.
  • Elevating my mind everyday 😏

    By curlyhairedfxck
    I love this app! I try to play everyday but I forget a lot of the times, lol. I would buy this game but it’s $40 per year. I would buy once but not yearly, that’s why I only gave 4 stars
  • Ratings

    By janeverm
    Sometimes my rating at the end of a game won’t match at all with my performance. I do like the variety of skills I can practice
  • Great so far

    By Gord2005
    I’m an adult over 50 and have felt for years that I needed to brush up with vocabulary and basic math skills. Elevate has been great so far. I just started using it regularly. All the learning is done from my phone and each lesson only takes a few minutes here and there out of one’s day.
  • Best of the best

    By sjdjones
    Awesome! My favorite brain training game. Has.helped me grow and get better at all skills involving brain function. Math, vocabulary and reactionTime. All good. Highly recommended
  • Great way to start the work day!

    By El_Hornado
    I use Elevate to clear my head before I start each day at work.
  • Quite frustrating

    By sakashrama
    I missed by 24 hours the deadline to cancel and am now torn between using this frustrating app for another year just because I paid for it and there are no refunds, or calling it a lesson learned and walking away. I have been convinced by other apps that their designers sincerely want to make the experience good for users, and they show it by making it easy to give feedback and point out errors or problems within the app. Elevate requires you to email, and as often the thing you would like to point out disappears as quickly as it happens, there is no good way to be able to correct the problems. Elevate asks questions that have more than one right answer, usually word definitions or pronunciations, and if you don’t choose the one they intend, you are considered wrong. Trying to email them gets a defensive response that acknowledges nothing. I got this for myself for my birthday last year. I am ranked in the upper 90’s in most categories, but the exercise has become repetitive and frustrating. To a degree, the fault is mine. I should have paid closer attention to the details of canceling. I did not realize it had to be 24 hours before the renewal date. If you get frustrated by this app, do yourself a favor and cancel immediately. You will still be charged for the whole year, but you won’t miss your exit.
  • Tried the 30 day free stopped my sub same day charged me anyway scam

    By Grappleberries
    I wrote and canceled the same day they said all I needed to do was stop the subscription, I did and still charged what a scam! If i could post an image I would show the cancellation the same day!
  • Your first test has fake results

    By derekderekderekd
    You give a random score for the first test. Now I don’t want to try your games. It’s sad, I was excited for the “editor’s choice,” and “Apple award winning” games.
  • Food for the mind!

    By sammysuse
    Elevate challenges me every day. I feel like I get smarter every time I use this app. Definitely worth the premium membership!
  • Refreshing

    By ndagle
    I love the games in the this program. I’ve tried other apps and they all focused on visual memorization. This is a polished app with great visuals and it explains why answers aren’t correct as well as adding new content and providing training material.
  • Great mind exercise!

    By Luvs Great Deals
    Learning the correct English!
  • Misleading

    By Siiiiiigh
    I got really excited to try this “free” app. I’ve been looking for an app like this and it seems great. I also don’t mind paying for an app. However, what I do not like is not charging me upfront, and instead using an automatic renewal program that I have to remember to cancel at a later date. So yeah, that’s my review, also I guessed on all the math questions and got an advanced score. I wish that had happened during my college algebra exam.
  • Good for the non-gamer

    By Ferrell42
    I spend very little time on my phone and saw this game as an opportunity to brush up on my basic knowledge while waiting at the DMV. The games are very interactive and all different. It starts you at a low level and adapts to your comprehension. I’m enjoying it!