Symbolab Calculator

Symbolab Calculator

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2014-05-21
  • Current Version: 5.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 77.58 MB
  • Developer: Symbolab
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
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Your private math tutor, solves any math problem with steps! Integrals, Derivatives, Equations, Limits and much more. (Steps require a subscription.) Symbolab Math Solver is composed of over a hundred of Symbolab most powerful calculators: Integral Calculator Derivative Calculator Limit calculator Equation Calculator Inequality Calculator Trigonometry Calculator Matrix Calculator Functions Calculator Series Calculator ODE Calculator Laplace Transform Calculator Download the app to experience the full set of Symbolab calculators. Symbolab Math Solver solves any math problem including Pre- Algebra, Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Trigonometry, Functions, Matrix, Vectors, Geometry and Statistics. Symbolab solves any problem for free. In order to view step-by-step solutions, you can subscribe weekly ($0.99), monthly ($2.49), or yearly ($14.99). • Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase
 • Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period
 • Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal
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  • It is perfect

    By U don't need it
    If you don't want to pay try doing the equation if u know the steps but then check it with the calculator. I was solving an equation and then i was at the last step so i decided to see i there is any equations calculator and then i found this amazing app you should definetly try it if you are at school or u need a equation calculator. Hope that this review helped u!
  • Absolutely Terrible

    By Luigi344
    I paid the .99 cents charged for this app hoping I could get some help with proofs. Well it turns out that I still didn’t even unlock the problem even after paying the fee to get it. Waste of money and a terrible app. Scumbags
  • Quality

    By Myles726
    Helps a lot and even better with a subscription
  • Perfect for college

    By 3;(654;;)))
    I just read a one star review that said “You can’t expect me to pay for something so basic.” First of all kid, there is absolutely nothing basic about this app. If you’re going to use it so solve simple algebra, then sure, find something free. However, this app is amazing when it comes to really complicated stuff. I’ve been a pro user of the website for a year and just decided to try out the app (up until now I’ve had no reason to use the app as the website version works flawlessly). I’m in calculus 2 and this app takes all of my questions in stride and is really able to teach me what is going on in the solution.
  • What a scam

    By Christopher McGuigan
    Unless unless you want to pay then 0.99 cents to solve a problem... way better free calculators on google.
  • Great app for advanced math

    By daniellewise
    I am currently in my last semester of pre-engineering and I am taking a differential equations course. I learn the material inside and out, I’ve aced my first two tests, but when I try to to the online hw assigned every week I just can’t do it. This solves so much for me that I can’t find on chegg because I am not going to waste my time on problems I won’t be tested on that my teacher didn’t come up with in the first place, a system did. This app has been so helpful and I pay monthly so that if I actually need help with a difficult problem I can see step for step (since only the easy solutions are given) and teach myself when I’m at home.
  • Eh

    By Mwallis9950
    Does an effective job, but constantly crashes on my iPhone XR
  • So happy to find this app

    By Not_Joel2
    Sure you have to pay but all I really want/need are answers. I know how to do the stuff but there are just some questions that stump me. But I finally found this app and it is almost to good to be true. This can do many things and now I don’t have to pay like $100 for a scientific calculator
  • Git gud

    By niggamelon
    Now that I have your attention, this app is possibly the greatest math tool this world has ever seen. There’s not much it can’t do, it’ll tell you if something is undefined or if you wrote something wrong, AND its adorably organized by sub topics. I bought the full version instantly after trying it out, as this app will not only aid with homework, studying, etc. by spitting out an answer, but it will TEACH YOU HOW TO DO THE MATH WITH DETAILED STEPS!!! ESSENTIAL FOR EXAMS! Don’t listen to the lil wankers that give this a bad review, they just can’t math. Get the app.
  • Fantastic at a Fabulous Price!

    I love this app! I’m a math teacher and I encourage my students to use this app. If they are working on homework and need to check an answer or need help. I love that the steps are hidden. It helps us math teachers figure out who REALLY knows it!! The price is a bargain. There are other apps out there that literally charge $80 a year for the same function. I agree with the other reviewers there is nothing to whine about! Be thankful!
  • Purposely making your website not work

    By Fbhbdhhghfg
    Making your website redirect you to download the app and then charging people to use the features that are free in a browser is actually disgusting
  • Sub par

    By Coolpersonpepeo
    I don’t know what to type in to solve! It’s much easier using it on the website cause when you search it up and press the link it’s already there telling me what to punch in. This app got me through summer school. I’d love to know how to use the app. Help?
  • Bad Camera scan

    By Matgreen
    The camera scan is really bad compared to other apps.
  • Must have for students

    By jessrichards12
    I bought the subscription and I’m so impressed with the step by step solutions. Much better value than chegg.
  • Steps cost money

    By BurgermeisterM
    I can’t do my homework :(
  • Not paying for that!!! Used a different app.

    By Lynlisa
    I thought this app would be helpful for me. But to see HOW to do the problem you have to pay?! No thanks! I just downloaded another app that gave details on how to solve the problem. I can find the answer easy online, but needed help to solve.
  • A subscription? No thanks..

    By Anshkfkrbebjskdbdbskksveb
    I would be COMPLETELY ok with this app if it just costed .99 to buy ONCE. Heck, I would even pay 2.99 for this app. But really? A subscription? That is stupid and a huge turn off for many people. Sure it will give you an answer but it won’t show the steps to get there. Guess I will be using this calculator only on the computer since it’s free there.
  • Trick

    By 6666666666Rachel
    I found a trick to access the site on your phone. Copy the link I just sent Then tell safari to request the desktop site It will redirect you to download the app but go to the search bar and paste the link and hit go
  • You should not have to pay for math help

    By Marc20202
    I’ve used the computer website for a while, until the website told me to download the mobile app. Alright, fair enough. I download it and start typing in questions, only to find out I need to pay for step by step instructions, that is free on the computer site, might I add. This just goes to show that great services are ruined by greed. I’m fine with ads, I’ll take any ad over having a pay wall for basic math assistance. You cannot expect me to pay for something so basic, so necessary. Until they change their business approach, this gets 1 Star from me.
  • Interface hard to use

    By Jeanne Sprout
    I’m using it on an iPad, and found it very hard to you. I prefer the desktop version, but when browsing on an iPad you have to download it. I found the app less helpful than the actual website.
  • I have a MacBook

    By Elonmuskwannabe
    Okay... sooooo, I’m trying to use my iPad for my homework, and I have to pay to use the same features I can get on my MacBook Pro for free? This is obnoxious. First world problems, but still. This is an absolute scam. Don’t give them a dime. Congrats Symbolab, you are officially the biggest pain in the neck of the evening!
  • This great

    By hyp_nos
    Paid only a small fee of like $2 for six months and I am so grateful to have found this. Currently in college and struggling with math this app has helped me with homework by actually showing me how to do the problems. I’m currently in a class that requires to do the work online so I basically paid for a class that I’m essentially teaching myself but thanks to this app my stress has eased and my grades are improving.
  • Forced to use this app

    By NoMore42
    The developer is forcing me to use this app instead of their website when using an iPad. There is NO REASON WHY THE WEBSITE WOULD NOT WORK!!!!
  • Awesome

    By nike#12
    Can do any math problem it’s just awesome
  • Wish I could rate it zero stars

    By Fish lover 2514
    This app is garbage. If you want slightly better results use the web browser version. But if you want actual results use Mathway! Hey Symbolab, maybe there’s a reason you have so many 1 Star results huh? 🖕🏻
  • Great App, price is definitely worth it

    By Trish212804444
    I am absolutely appalled reading these reviews. This app is amazing - I cannot believe how powerful it is and how many things it can do. And the price is very tiny considering how much a nice scientific calculator costs. There are a lot of whiny entitled people hiding here in the review section that expect an amazing tool for free. I can’t even wrap my head around how ridiculous that is. Ignore the stupid one star reviews from people whining that they have to pay $.99. It is not a scam; this app is phenomenal. 20 years ago when I was originally in college I would have paid a fortune for something that could do what this little app can do. But I guess that’s what you get with the world full of self entitled whiny millennials.
  • College Student

    By TheAppReviewer2019
    This app saved me throughout college. If I didn't solve my problem correctly or I didn't know where I went wrong symbolab was here to help. On countless homeworks it has helped me to get 100%. Bless up on this sacred app.
  • Don’t get this app

    By my name is rapmonster from Bts
    I used you to cheat on my pert and I failed I GOT A 92. Your answers aren’t reliable
  • Why do I have to pay for this?

    By fu6k you
    I have to pay to unlock the steps? I can’t access the website on mobile? That’s fair, I guess I’ll just get the app. Oh look it costs money to look at the steps that are free on the desktop version... Make it an option to get the app, you’re purposely deceiving people that wouldn’t know anything otherwise.
  • Is not working as expected

    By Spinniker
    I was trying this app because my calculus teacher recommended it to me, at the beginning I was very happy because I was able to scan the exercises from the paperwork so I decided to go further and bought a monthly subscription, but after that the app stop scanning so it is completely useless now, I already cancelled my subscription and I am just waiting for the pending subscription month to end to uninstall the app, in the meantime I will look for another better option instead of Symbolab
  • Photomath

    By ShadowKat5
    Photomath is better and won’t just forget what you put, everything this app has photomath also has just better
  • Camera Reading = Bad, Lack do Steps = Worse

    By Saikomen
    The camera image reading is absolutely terrible, it took it 2 minutes to get process the image and then it gave me a completely random equation. Also, when I plugged in the equation afterwards, it gave me the answer WITHOUT the steps. Apparently you need to pay $1 more for the steps. I’m disappointed with the app and false hope given by them saying we get steps.
  • Hands Down The Best Algebra App

    By NumbaOneMA2009
    5 stars for this app. It not only solves it for you but it shows you step by step how it solved it. This calculator has so many awesome capabilities! Definitely recommended!
  • Carried Me in Math

    By Tabasco420
    Though you have to pay to see the steps on the mobile version I feel like that it is worth the money. If you feel like that’s too much you can always use the online version with ads.
  • Please Stop

    By mehhhho3o
    They keep taking money out of my account when I deleted the app, it’s completely unfair don’t do it.
  • Sure, but

    By MattHarb
    I’ve loved the desktop version of Symbolab, but the app kinda. . . Let’s just say it makes me mad. First off, inputting equation isn’t very intuitive, and say if I want to make an equation a fraction, I would have to delete the entire thing to accomplish this. Not to mention that the desktop version gives the steps for free. But on top of that, Symbolab doesn’t even let you use their website version on iPhone. They redirect you to an “install the app” page. Why do you hate us Symbolab?
  • Great app

    By Dhdhhshdh
    This app is underrated. Helped me out a ton with my calculus course. Does a great job explaining steps. Can be clearer though.
  • Worst Interface

    By A-Kid--At---School
    This is literally the worst interface an app could possibly have. I am using a full size iPad, and I still have troubles hitting the buttons for putting in each equation, and I have very small fingers!!! Please, for the love of everything good, make a pull up form the bottom keyboard, or have a whole separate screen to put in your equation, not the tiny little corner!
  • Doesn’t not solve every math problem

    By Jsudbes738
    Does not solve “any math problem” I’ve been having trouble on combining radicals and there isn’t even an option for that.
  • Completely worth it!

    By Edmond Dontez
    Really hesitated to pay for steps, but this makes learning new concepts a breeze!! I would pay
  • Don’t do it!

    By ikern16
    You have to pay to get steps and then there is no way to cancel your subscription! A lot better options out there.
  • Best ever

    By 55 in iron pen
    Other than the fact that you have to pay (only $1 per week) its the best math app ever. Helped me so much
  • .

    By localwasps
    actually the worst, i was trying to use the website and it made me download the app which works terribly. so annoying and doesn’t even work, wouldnt recommend to anyone.
  • Tried to check an answer and got some formula

    By superman from undertale
    I wanted to check an answer on my homework so I plugged it in. It didn’t offer me the estimate answer and instead gave me a ton of stuff that was way more advanced than the stage I’m at. An imaginary number was involved. I’m in intro to algebra 2, I’m not even smart enough to understand the problem to begin with let alone understand these complicated answers
  • Bad

    By twoplustwoequalsfish
    Compared to the browser version it’s honestly just terrible. Has like half the functionality of the browser version. And while on mobile it forces me to use the app which is a worse product in every way.
  • Great

    By Naty M
  • Offended and upset

    By Idgafaasnnbss
    They won’t let me cancel my freaking subscription
  • Terrible

    By Fv¢kTH!sApp
    Ads are everywhere. Doesn’t even correctly show you slope intercept graphs. Do not download.
  • Love it

    By Fayaz11222
    Wonderful app for math