Feeld: For Couples & Singles

Feeld: For Couples & Singles

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2014-06-29
  • Current Version: 5.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 31.84 MB
  • Developer: Feeld Ltd
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 9 263


Dating for humans. Feeld is a space where you can explore your desires and find your people. Match & meet curious & kinky couples & singles and experience what you really desire. Gay. Lesbian. Straight. Human. Designed for humans, however they see themselves. Come as you are. Private Be open, not exposed. Explore your desires in a safe & private space. Match & Meet Whether looking for hookups, a fling or a relationship, date whatever your pace. The Threesome App? It is up to you. We offer the option to pair profiles with a partner, a lover or a curious friend and explore Feeld as a couple. OPEN TO COUPLES & SINGLES Date solo or invite your partner to browse Feeld as a couple. Meet curious & open-minded humans for a fling, a threesome, a relationship, or anything in-between. MATCH & CHAT Come together — Chat with singles, couples or create group chats for more. Desires come with time — No need to Like or Dislike someone to browse through all profiles now. Always know who likes you — Future Connections* lets you view anyone who’s Liked you. You decide if you want to engage. Private profile — Hide your profile from Discover & interact with existing connections only. PRIVATE & SAFE No real names needed — Use an imaginary name. Stay safe and private — Make your account invisible to your Facebook friends*. Send permanent or disappearing photos in chat. Curious, open-minded, verified. All humans on Feeld are Facebook-verified. Download Feeld now to discover and explore your real desires. Chat with and meet real people in a judgement-free zone. Open to all genders and sexual identities, Feeld an inclusive space where everyone can be honest with themselves while being responsible towards others. *Majestic Membership feature. Discover our Majestic Membership for iOS and experience Feeld to the fullest. ______ You must be at least 18 years of age to access and use Feeld. The app is free to download and use. Additional features are available when you join the Majestic Membership, an optional paid subscription service that funds the app’s development. The Majestic Membership is available for £14,99/month a month or at a discounted 3-month rate of £29.98 upfront (equal to *£9.99* per month). Subscriptions must be managed by the members and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the member's Account Settings after purchase. Members can test the Majestic Membership with a free 7-day trial. The 7-day trial begins when a member signs up for the subscription through their iTunes account. The subscription will be charged on the 7th day unless the member cancels 24 hours before the 7-day trial ends. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when the member purchases a subscription. To cancel the Membership, members must cancel directly through their iTunes account. Cancellations begin at the end of the current subscription period. All purchases are billed to the payment method that you designate when you sign up for an Apple ID as part of your iTunes account and will appear as Feeld on your iTunes statement. All personal data is handled under the Terms and Conditions of Feeld Privacy Policy. More details can be found here: https://feeld.co/privacy. Terms and Conditions can be found here: https://feeld.co/terms



  • So much for anonymous

    By Big-Papa!
    Only option is the login through Facebook? I don’t use Facebook, Facebook is dying and there’s nothing anonymous about using Facebook to verify users. Fail
  • FB to sign in?

    By D Corbit P
  • Face book only source for photos :/

    By dolo3453
    Would be awesome if we could upload from a camera roll and opposed to only taking from photos from face book. Some of us don’t use face book and would probably not upload the same photos as we would in this app
  • Was great...but tied to FB... No thanks

    By JHM55
    The app was well done, enjoyed it while we used it - met some good people. But we recently deleted our FB profiles - just got tired of the social media nonsense and Fscebook’s reputation is going straight down the toilet. So when you get rid of your FB account, apparently you also get rid of your Feeld account. So, I guess no more Feeld for us, which is unfortunate because we did like it.
  • Why use Facebook?

    By gigi_533
    I deleted my FB account a couple of years ago and will definitely not create another FB account just to be able to register on here. This app should have a direct option to register/ sign in by phone number as well.
  • Crap site

    By retodd321
    Forcing Facebook is like forcing Christianity... anything associated with such guises will fail!
  • expensive

    By the tallguy
    Don’t see need for subscription if their isn’t anyone close by
  • I can’t log on to the app?

    By cottagecheez
    The app can’t connect to facebook, i get an error message that “this feature isn’t available” and i have no idea what the issue is and i don’t know how to connect to the developers for help outside of the app—that i can’t log on to (i can log on to facebook just fine outside of feeld). I’d like like it more if it ran smoother. I never really know if my messages sent or not, and it has issues connecting to my phone for sending pictures. The upside is that they were extremely helpful when a user got disrespectful. Oh, yeah, lots of straight men on there, a bit of a sausage fest.
  • Feels like a beta version

    By balzeot
  • Broken

    By Yourmom69smy4ss
    Can’t even log in now. This app needs ANOTHER complete overhaul since they changed from 3ender. Uninstalling until this is fixed (everything not just the login issue today)
  • Robbed by the app

    By PaulD858585
    I tried repeatedly to order the $15.99 for one month but it would give me some weird error. Of course the 3 month price worked flawlessly. Obviously that’s not a random mistake, basically used technology to mug me.
  • No Facebook = no account?

    By angela.emer
    I thought it was pretty ridiculous that having FB was a requirement with no other way to create an account/confirm identity. I don’t know any person my age that still uses Facebook, including myself. I’m not reactivating an account just for this app 😂
  • Facebook required?

    By travlcas1
    For real. Fb? A requirement in an app like this? So much for privacy, it doesn’t matter how many promises your or Fb’s disclaimers make there is no trust there, nor should there be. Deal Breaker.
  • Facebook only option for photos? Seriously?

    By Fakename69420
    Same complaint as everyone else, why on earth would an app that is described as “discrete” have the only option for photo upload be a selection of your public Facebook profile pictures. Also, it’s a bit silly that if you run out of people to like (not a ton of people on this app) then it suggests you should “change your settings to have more luck” yes, I’ll just adjust my sexual preferences real quick lol. Anyways; fix the FB thing if you can
  • Get rid of FB only registration

    By raechuk
    I downloaded the app hoping it would be different from all the other garbage, but you need a Facebook to even create an account. No Facebook? Try a different app.
  • It’s ok

    By Andyalvarezs
    Good app but way too many glitches
  • Inaccessible

    By LucieKing
    I tried to link this to one of my alternative accounts because I wasn’t comfortable with it being attached to my work/family account and it then stated that I did not ‘meet its requirements’ and now it won’t even let me try to connect to a different account outside of the one I originally tried. I was excited to give this a shot since I had heard some good things about it, but now I’m just disappointed with its interface and accessibility.
  • Want to use the app without Facebook

    By maq0007
    Give me no phone number(sms) or email login..then i will use this app again
  • Facebook tho??

    By Kayllakay
    Okay I understand why you’d like to use social media on an app like this (confirming identity and whatnot), but to not have any other options outside of facebook?? I don’t really know anyone who’s 18+ that uses Facebook besides my older family members, which is exactly why I deleted mine. So if I wanted to use this app I’d have to make a Facebook account that I wouldn’t even use, thus making them confirm my identity through my phone number, aka it’s freaking pointless for someone who doesn’t have a Facebook to go through the registration. Truly annoying because this seems to be an app that would have had many influential impacts and hopefully modify the way we think of love, yet it’s being limited by the need of an outdated platform. I would give zero stars if I could because I wish the registration process was worked on A LOT more. Let me know when you drop the need for social media and we’ll chat ;)
  • Requires Facebook account

    By Anotherdoink
    Requires you sign up with a Facebook account. If you don’t have one, no way to sign up. What a stupid requirement for any application.
  • Only for Facebook users

    By Karthikbathal
    So I have to have a Facebook to use it? That’s lame. Why not over social media sites?
  • Good idea

    By JandEnola70115
    The app is a good idea, but the messaging is horrible. It keeps logging us out and now it’s saying we have nudity in our pictures, which we don’t, and we can’t use the app anymore.
  • Worst app I’ve ever used

    By Ludwigsmom
    The list of glitches goes on and on and on and on. I literally have never experienced so many glitches in a single app. It’s HORRIBLE. They say no Kik profiles allowed likely because so many people leave the app ASAP for Kik. I haven’t been on long and everyone complains about it. Why two stars? Because the concept is great. Team, get funding, hire top notch engineers and save yourselves.
  • Facebook users only???

    By Brb861277482
    Tried to sign up but couldn’t due to not having a Facebook account. Not everyone has or wants a social media account
  • Poorly built, but very fun

    By wolffoxrabbitgrass
    The app serves its purpose and I’ve had some luck meeting people on it, but it crashes, leaves ghost notifications, and is overall VERY glitchy. Bums me out because if it worked better I would use it more. But it’s not worth money to pay for something that doesn’t work :/
  • Fix bugs

    By Justeasyasabc
    Fix the glitches. App crashes every time I open it
  • Smdh

    By Targetindicator0
    The fact this app requires you to not only have a Facebook account but then to also give them permission to access all your Facebook data should send off alarms to anyone who cares at all about their privacy. On top of that the app is so glitchy it’s mostly unusable. There are much better alternatives that don’t require you selling your soul to Facebook.
  • Cannot use this app

    By a pole looking for a hole
    I really wish there were other options for sign up. I cannot use this app because I do not have a fb account. I will not get a face book as a result I cannot use this app. Thanks guys!
  • I don’t want couples.

    By Senpai In Diego
    Yet I am constantly liked and bothered by couples using one account. Can there be like a filter for this or something?? I’m not someone’s toy!
  • Lame

    By Clams Maloney
    Was super excited to try this app out, told my SO to download it too, probably would have been happy to be a paying member... except you have to have a Facebook to join? Hard pass. Have you people not seen the news lately? Facebook is literally trash, and some of us deleted that privacy nightmare a long time ago. Limiting your potential userbase like this is insanely idiotic.
  • No Facebook

    By 65c4834ae
    I would really love to use this app but I refuse to join facebook, and there is no other login option. Pretty lame, but good for facebook.
  • Facebook album

    By laneyrose
    I terminated my account when I realized it would only allow facebook photos? Why can’t I upload photos from my phone!? Super obnoxious. 😑
  • Refuse to issue refund

    By Noworries25
    They make it go into auto renew without making it very obvious to the person just wanting to try the free trial. Very dishonest practice. I would like a refund and they won’t do it.
  • Facebook login only...nope

    By Pandaiman
    Facebook is one of the worst possible websites for security and privacy. I’m not about to login to anything using Facebook.
  • It worked!

    By Miriam Arellano
    Not only did we find an awesome like-minded individual to have safe adult fun with, but we also found an incredible lifelong friendship. This person we met is actually going to be a bridesmaid in our wedding next year! The app was a little glitchy (lingering message notifications even when all messages were read), but we are so happy that Feeld gave us the opportunity to connect with this person. Thank you Feeld!
  • Hey

    By organicanalog
    Nice. Not a lot of People on it tho. Slow going.
  • I got blocked

    By Alexa53dubai
    You only took three days to be blocked. I dint Break any rules, I didn’t post any nudity, I didn’t solicit it anything. And on the 3rd day I log in and I got the message that my account got blocked... usually I don’t care. But I paid my $ and I get blocked???? Just because I am a trans woman?
  • Absolutely unacceptable!!

    By mkm134
    I didn’t even have the opportunity to use the app because right after downloading the only option to set up an account is to link it with your Facebook account. I was upset because I use that for work so I edited what it could use to just my photos and email. It told me I couldn’t set up an account unless I also gave it access to my friends list which is a deal breaker. In what world does an app like this think I want it to be able to contact my friends. Shameful!!
  • I just open it

    By Rmwaly
  • Nobody home

    By Jeff 1987
    I really gotta stop bothering with these apps. They just don’t work outside urban areas. I might get to see only one profile show up in a day! Granted, I have just three of the many search possibilities selected, but I am set at a 16 year age range with 40 mi radius. Got one match since I started try this on an off a while ago, and never got a response. Can’t even say I’m being shallow, because few, well, one other ever liked my profile (never paid to see who). So yeah, nobody’s home ...

    By Louielouiza
    Thanks for building this community but please fix your app? Never encountered this many glitches on a dating app before....
  • Access Denied

    By Burt1994
    Why does this app want so much of my Facebook information? It’s creepy and unnecessary. Didn’t even finish signing up, deleted the app when it wouldn’t let me keep my photos private.
  • Dead

    By GojiraTX
    Maybe I’m just impatient or maybe this app isn’t as popular as I’ve been led to believe, but there’s just no one on here, at least in West Texas. I’m hoping things improve, but without ticking every single gender search option and praying for someone to show up that is actually what I’m looking for, I’m quickly losing hope. At least the app design is nice. Like the minimalist look. Edit: yea there’s just nobody here at all where I live.
  • Need Facebook

    By TK0712
    Wish developers would stop requiring Facebook. They are not a company any of us can trust.
  • Awesome App

    By justjai84
    I love the concept of this app. Completely yourself and match with like minded others as well. But, man, the messaging is really buggy. Nothing like having a great conversation and messages start to not send or if you leave the app and come back, it gives no connection error message. I'm constantly force close and ooening it back up of I leave the app. But, overall, great conversation with great people.
  • Facebook bad

    By Yikitty-Yak McYakker
    Feeld requires a facebook account, which is bad because facebook is a bad company who I don’t want to support
  • Facebook authentication only.

    By briancrink
    What a joke. Did not even try the app because the dev’s require the company that looks personal data to login. No thanks.
  • Local area

    By Txemt
    I’ve had an issue with distance on this app. There have been some people I’ve found on the app who live within 20 miles of me, which isn’t a bad distance to travel, yet when I’m asking to them or checking out their IG or some other social media outlet, they live in NYC. I’m in S Florida, NYC isn’t 20 miles from me. Idk if people are lying on where they live (really can’t be, because Miami is not a preset city in the app), or if there may be a bug in the system.
  • No alternative ways to sign up

    By curiousxxhak
    I don’t have Facebook so how do I sign up?