Feeld: For Couples & Singles

Feeld: For Couples & Singles

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2014-06-29
  • Current Version: 5.1.6
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 51.25 MB
  • Developer: Feeld Ltd
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 8 189


Dating for humans. Feeld is a space where you can explore your desires and find your people. Match & meet curious & kinky couples & singles and experience what you really desire. Gay. Lesbian. Straight. Human. Designed for humans, however they see themselves. Come as you are. Private Be open, not exposed. Explore your desires in a safe & private space. Match & Meet Whether looking for hookups, a fling or a relationship, date whatever your pace. The Threesome App? It is up to you. We offer the option to pair profiles with a partner, a lover or a curious friend and explore Feeld as a couple. OPEN TO COUPLES & SINGLES Date solo or invite your partner to browse Feeld as a couple. Meet curious & open-minded humans for a fling, a threesome, a relationship, or anything in-between. MATCH & CHAT Come together — Chat with singles, couples or create group chats for more. Desires come with time — No need to Like or Dislike someone to browse through all profiles now. Always know who likes you — Future Connections* lets you view anyone who’s Liked you. You decide if you want to engage. Private profile — Hide your profile from Discover & interact with existing connections only. PRIVATE & SAFE No real names needed — Use an imaginary name. Stay safe and private — Make your account invisible to your Facebook friends*. Send permanent or disappearing photos in chat. Curious, open-minded, verified. All humans on Feeld are Facebook-verified. Download Feeld now to discover and explore your real desires. Chat with and meet real people in a judgement-free zone. Open to all genders and sexual identities, Feeld an inclusive space where everyone can be honest with themselves while being responsible towards others. *Majestic Membership feature. Discover our Majestic Membership for iOS and experience Feeld to the fullest. ______ You must be at least 18 years of age to access and use Feeld. The app is free to download and use. Additional features are available when you join the Majestic Membership, an optional paid subscription service that funds the app’s development. The Majestic Membership is available for £14,99/month a month or at a discounted 3-month rate of £29.98 upfront (equal to *£9.99* per month). Subscriptions must be managed by the members and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the member's Account Settings after purchase. Members can test the Majestic Membership with a free 7-day trial. The 7-day trial begins when a member signs up for the subscription through their iTunes account. The subscription will be charged on the 7th day unless the member cancels 24 hours before the 7-day trial ends. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when the member purchases a subscription. To cancel the Membership, members must cancel directly through their iTunes account. Cancellations begin at the end of the current subscription period. All purchases are billed to the payment method that you designate when you sign up for an Apple ID as part of your iTunes account and will appear as Feeld on your iTunes statement. All personal data is handled under the Terms and Conditions of Feeld Privacy Policy. More details can be found here: https://feeld.co/privacy. Terms and Conditions can be found here: https://feeld.co/terms



  • Facebook login only...nope

    By Pandaiman
    Facebook is one of the worst possible websites for security and privacy. I’m not about to login to anything using Facebook.
  • It worked!

    By Miriam Arellano
    Not only did we find an awesome like-minded individual to have safe adult fun with, but we also found an incredible lifelong friendship. This person we met is actually going to be a bridesmaid in our wedding next year! The app was a little glitchy (lingering message notifications even when all messages were read), but we are so happy that Feeld gave us the opportunity to connect with this person. Thank you Feeld!
  • Hey

    By organicanalog
    Nice. Not a lot of People on it tho. Slow going.
  • I got blocked

    By Alexa53dubai
    You only took three days to be blocked. I dint Break any rules, I didn’t post any nudity, I didn’t solicit it anything. And on the 3rd day I log in and I got the message that my account got blocked... usually I don’t care. But I paid my $ and I get blocked???? Just because I am a trans woman?
  • Absolutely unacceptable!!

    By mkm134
    I didn’t even have the opportunity to use the app because right after downloading the only option to set up an account is to link it with your Facebook account. I was upset because I use that for work so I edited what it could use to just my photos and email. It told me I couldn’t set up an account unless I also gave it access to my friends list which is a deal breaker. In what world does an app like this think I want it to be able to contact my friends. Shameful!!
  • I just open it

    By Rmwaly
  • Nobody home

    By Jeff 1987
    I really gotta stop bothering with these apps. They just don’t work outside urban areas. I might get to see only one profile show up in a day! Granted, I have just three of the many search possibilities selected, but I am set at a 16 year age range with 40 mi radius. Got one match since I started try this on an off a while ago, and never got a response. Can’t even say I’m being shallow, because few, well, one other ever liked my profile (never paid to see who). So yeah, nobody’s home ...

    By Louielouiza
    Thanks for building this community but please fix your app? Never encountered this many glitches on a dating app before....
  • Access Denied

    By Burt1994
    Why does this app want so much of my Facebook information? It’s creepy and unnecessary. Didn’t even finish signing up, deleted the app when it wouldn’t let me keep my photos private.
  • Dead

    By GojiraTX
    Maybe I’m just impatient or maybe this app isn’t as popular as I’ve been led to believe, but there’s just no one on here, at least in West Texas. I’m hoping things improve, but without ticking every single gender search option and praying for someone to show up that is actually what I’m looking for, I’m quickly losing hope. At least the app design is nice. Like the minimalist look. Edit: yea there’s just nobody here at all where I live.
  • Need Facebook

    By TK0712
    Wish developers would stop requiring Facebook. They are not a company any of us can trust.
  • Awesome App

    By justjai84
    I love the concept of this app. Completely yourself and match with like minded others as well. But, man, the messaging is really buggy. Nothing like having a great conversation and messages start to not send or if you leave the app and come back, it gives no connection error message. I'm constantly force close and ooening it back up of I leave the app. But, overall, great conversation with great people.
  • Facebook bad

    By Yikitty-Yak McYakker
    Feeld requires a facebook account, which is bad because facebook is a bad company who I don’t want to support
  • Facebook authentication only.

    By briancrink
    What a joke. Did not even try the app because the dev’s require the company that looks personal data to login. No thanks.
  • Local area

    By Txemt
    I’ve had an issue with distance on this app. There have been some people I’ve found on the app who live within 20 miles of me, which isn’t a bad distance to travel, yet when I’m asking to them or checking out their IG or some other social media outlet, they live in NYC. I’m in S Florida, NYC isn’t 20 miles from me. Idk if people are lying on where they live (really can’t be, because Miami is not a preset city in the app), or if there may be a bug in the system.
  • No alternative ways to sign up

    By curiousxxhak
    I don’t have Facebook so how do I sign up?
  • No Facebook

    By fresh_dyl26
    I don’t hate Facebook, I just don’t have one anymore because it was a distraction. You should add verification through Instagram as well. Otherwise sounds like an excellent idea, let me know if you fix this.
  • Facebook mandatory 😕

    By Targetindicator0
    I would be interested in checking out what this app has to offer but unfortunately not only is it mandatory to have a Facebook account, but you also must give this app several questionable and invasive permissions as to what it can scrape from your profile. Given the past few years of near constant data breaches along with reckless & inappropriate use of users private data by Facebook I find it mind boggling this app would tie all of its functionality to requiring a user to submit to these hostile policy’s. If I could rate it less than 1 I certainly would !!
  • Great for sex-positive non-conformers

    By ImperfectTommy
    I’m polyamorous as is my partner. This is the first app that lets me link our profiles. It has a great set of genders for all the wonderfully different folk. However, my partner and I have a unicorn, but we can’t link her in, so for the lucky few in triads and quads, it gets awkward.
  • Requires Facebook

    By fivekan
    Required a Facebook account, which is absurd. Plus the privacy policy is horrendous. Also this app is made by a non-US company so they aren’t bound by the US laws, which means they can do whatever they want with their users information with little to no recourse. Stay away from this app.
  • Tech is so glitchy!

    By Chefjenjen
    The premise of Feeld is very progressive and most members are way more honest about what they’re looking for than Tinder, Bumble, Match etc. I have met more ppl than I expected and it literally has changed my life. I estimate that In 3-5 years it will be mainstream. The reason why they only get three stars is Bc not only is their app so consistently glitchy, but Bc it’s taken them so long to fix all of the glitches. I’ve been on it for a year and the progress has been so ridiculously slow. And the glitches are the most basic things, like photos being cropped, and matches getting lost. It’s extremely frustrating.
  • Fake profiles

    By yosher4u
    No one is real, people match and send one msg and never respond. Seems like its all too convenient that some one like u but wont msg u..... happens with all the matches, dont waste your money. Its fake
  • Must use Facebook to sign up???

    By mickey kriza
    Are you &$/@!?&$ kidding me???
  • Solid app but...

    By kinky male
    Sometimes it won’t detect new users automatically. Sometimes when I’ve down sized my boundaries, new users show up.
  • Crappy not functioning app

    By RudiMitDemKontrabass
    Hardly ever works. Permanent technical problems! Members are shady. Seems like gays are hiding behind single female profiles. Be cautious when using (if it ever does)
  • Have to go through Facebook.

    By bigdicht
    You have to login through Facebook. Can only use Facebook pictures. No thanks.
  • thumbs up

    By orlandoha
    over all pretty great
  • It works, and it’s fun!

    By FightSmartTrav
    This app has gotten me laid in a number of threesomes... it gets the job done!
  • You need Facebook to use this app

    By epicfaillll
    I, like many of my friends, have deactivated Facebook. Would be great if there were some other way to verify my identity with just FB messenger (which remains active).
  • Tech needs some work

    By MPP3604Pete
    PROS: Real people who are open and honest about who they are and what they’re looking for. I’ve met some great people in New York and Chicago. CONS: Tech needs work. That one notification bubble that won’t go away; frequently logging out; messages that seem to go nowhere and you can’t tell if it sent or not. I feel like maybe I don’t have room to complain because I didn’t pay for the “Majestic” - but there’s and issue. Why would I? See who liked me? If I’ve already swiped every profile in my area, then that means people who liked me are (a) farther than I want to travel or (b) not my cup of tea. Hide my profile from social media friends? Seems like the pay wall is mostly for cheaters. Fix your revenue -> do another funding (or sell yourself) -> improve your tech.
  • Requires FB...

    By Sabinical
    But FB is evil. This is honestly pretty offensive. Immediately deleted the app.
  • Facebook Problems

    By Islesfan51
    I get that they use Facebook as a way to verify people are real, however some people don’t use facebook and that’s becoming more and more common now amongst younger people. I wish there was a way to either use Twitter or Instagram or just another whole way around it. I can’t use the app because of it. I “don’t meet the requirements”.
  • Facebook required

    By Boobies33
    Would love to use this app but they limit it to people who have Facebook. Would be so much better if they didn’t force you to be part of the most toxic social media platform out there.
  • Facebook registration only

    By Essay Ess
    Considering recent events with Cambridge Analytica, and other assorted behind closed doors goings-on and ongoing privacy concerns in general, it would behoove the devs to work on (or speed up release of...) an alternative registration method. I want to give this app a try, but like a few other apps who aren't yet being flexible and "getting with the times", Facebook-only registration is a barrier to entry I will not cross.
  • Complications

    By Rik8pac
    Why do you have to use Facebook photos Or a Facebook account? That’s total crap. Also literally inspires the opposite of openness Facebook is usually a fassad, especially to anyone with the intent to use this app. If this were a dating game, you lost for these reasons.
  • Can’t install

    By sddgjk
    Every time I try and install it says there’s a problem after linking FB. Unable to install
  • Still doesn’t work

    By Whatever654
    Lots of crashes, messages don’t go through, notifications for incoming messages don’t appear, distance filter is totally broken. Current update doesn’t even open- just shows a progress wheel spinning and spinning and spinning.
  • Needy

    By dealwithit84
    Asks after every swipe if you like the app. What?! Really?! Someone is in need of approval
  • Requires Facebook Account, Not Stated

    By Dillon @ Proton
    Using this app requires a Facebook account. I do not use that service and I don’t want to. If an app requires another service, like Facebook, that should be advertised or stated upfront.
  • Unsatisfied

    By agurabana
    Not being able to upload pics from my phone and still having to link the app to my Facebook profile is disheartening. I don’t have a bunch of kinky photos pre uploaded to Facebook. Only someone crazy would have a repository of pics on their public Facebook page.
  • Not logging in w/FB

    By rybostud
    Would love to try this, but will not until I can create login outside of social media accounts. Hopefully soon!
  • Suspect

    By Mikeydoc
    In order to creat a account you need the app to access your Facebook information. However it doesn’t allow you to sin in with your Facebook account so the app doesn’t even work lol
  • Require a non secure app (Facebook) to sign up

    By Chasing21
    Just what you want in an app. Forced sign up via facebook then a monthly subscription to hide it from your contacts. Jut what you want all your family to know about.
  • Annoyed

    By gshddjjdjdjf
    Why isn't the fact that you have to use Facebook to create an account at the very top of the description.
  • No way to sign up without Facebook

    By rivox1
    I got rid of my Facebook account and for this app that means I can’t sign up.
  • Notification Badge Won’t Go Away

    By Mosesfrnchtoast
    This was an issue brought up MONTHS ago and was part of one of those polls you take. It was number one when I placed my vote. Regardless, how is it that after SEVERAL updates the notification badge won’t go away still? Very annoying.
  • Feeld

    By Allen Bowser
    I really like this app
  • Things seem glitchy

    By InfamousTAJ
    It sure if it’s me or not but every person we match with seems to just read our messages and never reply. Not sure if they are bots or what but why would people just match just to read “hi how are you today” then disconnect. Also my wife has had 1 notification for about a month now and had deleted the app multiple times but it never goes away. Idk if anyone on this app is real so I’d have to say if your not in a place like NYC you might not get much traffic on this app.
  • Facebook login only , really?

    By Arsenmk
    After all the privacy issues with FB, companies and people should not use FB anymore. Allow non facebook accounts otherwise you are not a true dating app.