Feeld: For Couples & Singles

Feeld: For Couples & Singles

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2014-06-29
  • Current Version: 5.2.5
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 34.48 MB
  • Developer: Feeld Ltd
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 10 669


Dating for humans. Feeld is a space where you can explore your desires and find your people. Match & meet curious & kinky couples & singles and experience what you really desire. Gay. Lesbian. Straight. Human. Designed for humans, however they see themselves. Come as you are. Private Be open, not exposed. Explore your desires in a safe & private space. Match & Meet Whether looking for hookups, a fling or a relationship, date whatever your pace. The Threesome App? It is up to you. We offer the option to pair profiles with a partner, a lover or a curious friend and explore Feeld as a couple. OPEN TO COUPLES & SINGLES Date solo or invite your partner to browse Feeld as a couple. Meet curious & open-minded humans for a fling, a threesome, a relationship, or anything in-between. MATCH & CHAT Come together — Chat with singles, couples or create group chats for more. Desires come with time — No need to Like or Dislike someone to browse through all profiles now. Always know who likes you — Future Connections* lets you view anyone who’s Liked you. You decide if you want to engage. Private profile — Hide your profile from Discover & interact with existing connections only. PRIVATE & SAFE No real names needed — Use an imaginary name. Stay safe and private — Make your account invisible to your Facebook friends*. Send permanent or disappearing photos in chat. Curious, open-minded, verified. All humans on Feeld are Facebook-verified. Download Feeld now to discover and explore your real desires. Chat with and meet real people in a judgement-free zone. Open to all genders and sexual identities, Feeld an inclusive space where everyone can be honest with themselves while being responsible towards others. *Majestic Membership feature. Discover our Majestic Membership for iOS and experience Feeld to the fullest. ______ You must be at least 18 years of age to access and use Feeld. The app is free to download and use. Additional features are available when you join the Majestic Membership, an optional paid subscription service that funds the app’s development. The Majestic Membership is available for £14,99/month a month or at a discounted 3-month rate of £29.98 upfront (equal to *£9.99* per month). Subscriptions must be managed by the members and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the member's Account Settings after purchase. Members can test the Majestic Membership with a free 7-day trial. The 7-day trial begins when a member signs up for the subscription through their iTunes account. The subscription will be charged on the 7th day unless the member cancels 24 hours before the 7-day trial ends. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when the member purchases a subscription. To cancel the Membership, members must cancel directly through their iTunes account. Cancellations begin at the end of the current subscription period. All purchases are billed to the payment method that you designate when you sign up for an Apple ID as part of your iTunes account and will appear as Feeld on your iTunes statement. All personal data is handled under the Terms and Conditions of Feeld Privacy Policy. More details can be found here: https://feeld.co/privacy. Terms and Conditions can be found here: https://feeld.co/terms



  • Don’t waste your time

    By JoshySquashy236
    The app is ran by feminist dykes who hate single males and are one cat away from being alone the rest of there lives. Seriously, it’s literally all overweight non attractive women (and I’m in Los Angeles) and fake profiles. Customer service has the skill set of a 3rd grader just learning arithmetic and they can’t even justify there policy within the app. (Read it, it’s pathetic)
  • Wish I could give 0 stars

    By BattleFriends
    The app is archaic and difficult to use. Often it opens and says I have no connection, despite my phone being connected to WiFi. Messages come in at random times, as opposed to real time, causing confusion in chat threads. And when typing messages, there’s an initial delay that causes the first word to be repeated in text several times. Most of all, there are no options to connect with social media apps other than Facebook. Facebook is also becoming obsolete, so many users don’t have FB accounts, making sign-up impossible. Come on, Feeld, get it together.
  • Wish I could use this app

    By *charliedee*
    I don’t have a FB account, and neither does my partner. You’ve gotta have a better way, dude. LAME.
  • Glitchy

    By Baswilliam
    The app is pretty terribly designed and often will crash on you. Whoever the developers are—they need to work on making the app reliable before pushing their paid content on you. They’ve already lost a substantial part of my community because we’ve found better less glitchy ways to connect and communicate.
  • Lol Facebook?

    By 12346786886787666
    Worst sign up process ever. They say “be open, not exposed” but then want to use Facebook as the only way to sign up which has been exposed for numerous hacks and data breaches. Would give 0 stars if I could.
  • Glitchy as hell!

    By >butterbean<
    I cannot wait to edit this review to 4 stars, since that’s what I think Feeld is capable of. But Jesus, work out your technical problems! Too glitchy for an app with an audience of this size. I’m enjoying so much about the app otherwise, but if I can’t get it to even start, kinda ruins the experience.
  • Tech breaks. Be gentle. 😡😡

    By B. Alzerhuge
    Poorly developed tech breaks and I’m kinda tired of being told to be gentle as you “work on it.” No other app has nearly the amount of problems Thrinder/Feeld has ALWAYS had. Get it together, people!!
  • In need of improvements

    By 3Potts&Pans3
    There are a bit of things to like about the app but the negatives outweigh the positives. This app is very polyamorous friendly which is fantastic but it feels like it’s still in very early development. Hopefully they have proper settings and edits so that it’s more optimal and user friendly. Pros: Simple overlay, find people you won’t find on OkCupid Cons: Buggy, settings/edits won’t stick sometimes, no list to show who you’ve liked(so unless you immediately started a convo, you ant go back and start one), connected specifically through Facebook, and a bit more. I like Feeld, but I would recommend OkCupid more just because it’s better developed and more user friendly.
  • Bad update

    By Klwkb
    I can’t even ‘get started’ because every time I try to connect with Facebook there’s an error... it’s tried multiple times and on multiple days. Seriously?
  • Keep getting my rejects

    I keep getting the same people I reject over and over and over. I don’t like this app.
  • Facebook as the only signup option means I’ll never sign up

    By Greg P.
    I don’t have one, I don’t want one, I will not sign up for one. Please implement any other option for login
  • Facebook log in broken, endless loop

    By ZoomZoomtoMoon
    Can’t sign up. Signs in with facebook but then it just brings me back to the same start screen with no way to progress. I made sure both apps are up to date but it still does work. What a pain.
  • Good crowd, decent features, buggy as all get out

    By Joelworsham
    I love everything about the app except how buggy it is. Nearly every time I switch to the app, I get “connection issues” and “session expired”, and it takes me to the welcome screen to setup a new account... Once I close and reopen the app, it works fine. iPhone 6s, latest iOS
  • Horrible user experience

    By haveyoumetjeff
    How this app passed system testing much less used testing is beyond me. App constantly crashes , signs you out , connection issues like i don’t have a network connection. Literally every time using the app.
  • Buggy as hell, useless outside of major cities

    By voidcubbe
    App constantly crashes and resets itself. CONSTANTLY. Have to re login almost every time I open the app. Which also means I have to reset the app settings and search settings every time. Which is completely not worth the hassle because it doesn’t work unless you live in NYC or SF or are willing to travel long distances to meet matches.
  • Whaaa?!?

    By 317Irish
    Went off the site, as it only left me 3 choices, none of which were close (& I live in Atlanta!) , so decided a break was needed. Returned a few months later & found it not only MORE difficult to log in each time, but often would just churn & churn & not open at all. Interesting that it says in the front that you can see all your “likes”, but yet that is ONLY if you pay. I’m fine w/that but don’t tell me it’s free then! And why exactly would I pay for it if I can’t log in??
  • Waste of time

    By Asianrose83
    Recently downloaded but no responses from the other so-called members. I’m assuming that they were bots. Don’t even waste your time installing this. My husband and I linked our profiles & still nothing. If I could give a 0, I would. Horrible!
  • Requires facebook.

    By annabazoo
    Requires you to link to your facebook account, so it’s a no-go for people who don’t use facebook. Pretty disappointed.
  • Persistent Bug: Session Expired

    By Sivx76
    The program keeps logging out every time I click on a push notification or I view a new message. It has me resign into Facebook each time and often, it loads indefinitely until I manually quit the app. Even reloading it, it doesn’t always work. I have to keep uninstalling the app and reinstalling it to continue a conversation and respond to a message. Bug started 2-3 days ago and it’s been happening everytime I get a new message.
  • It does nothing but crash

    By D212581
    Just updated the newest version. It can’t do anything but crash. I’ve had to re-sign in over a dozen times today. It wasn’t great to begin with, now it’s almost unusable.
  • Vast improvement

    By 3Br00t4l5U
    User experience is better than it was when I first downloaded it back in August 2018. Lack of a user base makes it hard to see results though
  • Keeps breaking -terrible IT support; very glitchy

    By unhappy user 1111111
    I installed the app, paid the fees, and used it for a few weeks, and then one day it would not work. It made me “begin” again by connecting with Facebook, and then said that I did “not fulfill our registration requirements.” So it stopped working and I cannot get it to work or even find a support number to call. Prior to all this, their were many times when it had connection issues, despite excellent WiFi connection in my home.
  • Wasted my time

    By AlbatrossMcD81
    Has me log in with FB but then tells me I don’t meet requirements. No explanation. No alternative options. No customer support line.
  • Feeld- The Crasher

    By Mgarci92
    So I have been using this app for about 6 months. On both an iPhone 6 and now an iPhone 7. The only reason this app gets two stars is because I have met a couple cool people from it. Other than that this app is horrible!!! It CRASHES EVERY TIME I OPEN IT. I have never seen a more poorly coded app. Very very often other app users ask to switch to another form of communication because their app is constantly crashing as well.
  • Essentially nonfunctional, FB-only pics

    By Phant_X
    So buggy, it’s sad. Can’t even open the app anymore. before, it wouldn’t let me upload non FB pics OR FB pics.
  • The app is so buggy it’s borderline useless

    By Pantydrpr1
    First 2 days i couldn’t upload a picture from device or Facebook. Then when i could. The app logged me out and keeps cycling me back to the age confirmation page. I like the idea of this platform but the app itself is poorly executed.
  • Super buggy/ tons of spam

    By dropframe7n7
    Every time I open the app are usually get a disconnection error, or a prompt saying that there is no network. I’d say about 80% of the people I see on the app have no profile filled out and if I match with a profiless person they will ask me to join Brillic. I’ve only met a few people off the app and they have had chemical imbalances. Not a great app at all. Now I can’t even log in; and it’s complete deleted my profile.
  • Totally F'd recently

    By BooyaShakah
    Product management team continues to do nothing and the app is slowly breaking ... noticeably so as of late.
  • ALWAYS connection issues

    By Lrandall19
    Great in theory but you can’t be on the app for more than 30 seconds before there is a connection issue. Constantly.
  • Glitchy app

    By DiscouragedCustomer
    Always having glitches, and having to reset the app numerous times before finally just giving up and using a different app
  • Fix the Bugs/Pestering

    By Nathaniel Geiser
    1. Stop asking every 30 seconds about authorizing Facebook. ESPECIALLY, if I just approved the authorization. 2. Fixed the method to uploading photos, there’s no way to do that, because of the broken Facebook bs. 3. Some people don’t want to connect their Facebook, don’t make it mandatory to do anything.
  • So promising. So disappointing.

    By cg76er
    This app could be great but the functionality is terrible. I’ve been a user for almost a year and despite numerous updates it is still buggy and almost unusable. Get it together, Feeld.
  • It works, when it works

    By Apple User - D
    First things first - Thanks to Feeld I have been able to meet with multiple couples and the occasional single woman, which all ended up as great experiences. The main issue is messaging which is spotty at best, and as of lately (May 2019) I’m unable to get the app to load for more than 30 seconds before it goes to an orange screen and states “connection lost”. For what it’s worth, most of the people you encounter here are also on Tinder and Bumble, but by matching through this medium it takes away the guessing game of whether or not everyone is on the same page. Also, if you’re unsuccessful at meeting people it’s probably a reflection of your language and approach - yes it is a “hookup” app, but people should always be treated respectfully
  • Meh

    By AlexRedd33
    The Facebook tie-in is problematic for posting pic, etc. I have a suspicion that they are requiring it to mine data and resell it down the road. I can't post pictures from my private iPhone pictures because of my privacy settings on a Facebook? Nonsense. I can't manually change my location (if I'm traveling somewhere)? Nonsense. Apps from 10 years ago have no such issues. So.....yes, they're mining data.
  • So glitchy

    By Allusernamearetaken
    This app constantly freezes and disconnects but it wasn’t as bad before... now it freezes and disconnects after 10 seconds wth
  • Glitch glitch glitchity glitch

    By Kadhibo
    I’ve had this app from back in the day when i think it was called thrinder. And for the entire lifespan of this app it has been a nightmare of a glitchfest. We, the users of Feeld, love the concept but hate the app. Uploading photos is a nightmare. Even though the app boasts we can do it from our camera roll, it never works. And uploading from Facebook rarely works too. The chat part is super slow and glitchy. It crashes frequently and freaks out when reception is low. Feeld!! How are you all lagging so far behind every other social app out there? Catch up already before someone else shows up and makes you obsolete.

    By san2110
    I’m getting a lot of matches on this app which is great right? Well it’s only great if you could talk with them! I am rarely able to send messages add pictures or do the basic functionality on this app because “Tech breaks” or “Seems like your connection is playing hard to get” all of this happens when i have PERFECT signal from my device every other app works fine! This app would at the VERY least be a 4/5 if it could fix the tech issues! I’ll assume that this is too much to ask for and delete the app if this isn’t addressed soon!
  • Needs work

    By Porcelain245
    App could use work... like being able to search other cities to plan dates in advance of travel (other than just core cities). Also can’t see people once you like them until they like you back. But classy people and good profiles.
  • Sign up?

    By jq196918
    How do I sign up if I don’t have a Facebook? I’m 18 but because I did t have a Facebook it won’t let me in. I created an account on Facebook and it still doesn’t work
  • Nice idea but app is terrible

    By Meg2901048572
    App crashes constantly, slow, not many people on it.
  • Swiping Simulator

    By bribeksbdonsk
    You can apparently swipe for weeks w/out matching, fine. You can match and then type for weeks w/out meeting in person. You can set a meet up with someone for coffee, drinks, lunch w/e then wait to be stood up bc they were just playing games or worse, making you spend time and money traveling to meet them on purpose haha. App is fine if your kink is typing forever.
  • Sign Up

    By Kaitenshiru
    You have to have a Facebook account to use this app... I refuse to have a fb account, so I can’t use this app at all. It’s sad, but there you have it.
  • Facebook only option for account?

    By mewsick_lover
    Facebook is the only way to create an account? Really? Too bad, this app looked promising.
  • How stupid is that

    By Henrik24/7
    Only for Facebook slaves 🙄
  • Great concept, needs enhancements

    By dnc78
    Aside from the random glitches, the app could be greatly improved with the following enhancements that would allow for advanced functionality: 1) if linked with a partner, both partners should be able to access and chat with matches. I have 900+ likes and over 100 matches on my end with my partner only having 50 or so, and it would be better if we both could see the matches so I’m not the one having to do all of the matching and communications. 2) if I remove a possible person from my queue of possible people, that person should not show up under my likes for who has liked me. I already said no to them, I don’t need to see them there, especially when I need to sort through 900+ 3) better filtering. I like that Hinge allows you to filter on specific “dealbreakers,” whether that be religion, political views, kids, etc. this would be great to help sort through preferences in terms of what people are looking for.
  • Glitchy

    By Arkylious
    It really works to meet people and enter this lifestyle of alternate dating but, it continually glitches, lost bios, lost messages, buttons not working, I find myself restarting the app often. But other than that this is really one of the best apps for this
  • Messaging is terrible and so is support

    By hhhhjjjjhhhhjjjjll
    Messaging, the foundation of the app, is terrible. glitchy, messages remain in "sent" and never make it to the other person. To top it off, they suspended you if you post 3rd party messengers in your profile. Great concept, poor execution.
  • Be very careful

    By Alvie KT
    Be very careful while using the trial period. Even if you canceled the subscription it charged my account. I’m not sure why it did that but if it happens again I will have to get a different debit card because it appears Apple justifies them charging even after cancellation of the subscription. Other than that the app is very limited with how many users have an premium account which is very disappointing because you can’t contact anyone since no one wants to pay for an app that has hardly any users in your area. The idea is a good one but the execution and the numbers of users is flawed for you to pay nearly $20 a month.
  • Who still uses Facebook?

    By dgkfdhvti
    Warning this app requires you have a Facebook. I don’t have one so apparently I can’t use this app. I’ll be going elsewhere.