Indian Railway Train Enquiry

Indian Railway Train Enquiry

  • Category: Travel
  • Release Date: 2014-06-22
  • Current Version: 5.2.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 67.80 MB
  • Developer: SmartApps India
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 548


Your one stop app for all your Indian Railway and IRCTC enquiry needs with the most elegant, thoughtful and easy-to-use UI. Here is list of some of the app features : - Find information on trains running between any 2 stations including fare and real-time seat availability info. - Get PNR status, receive automatic status updates and travel reminders. - Set an alarm for your destination station - Get trains schedules, coaches, pantry, catering and platform information. - Express book tickets - Set alarm for destination station - Get accurate live train status - Order food on your journey - Get all the latest Indian Railways news …and a lot more! Please download the app today and we promise you won't be disappointed! We would love to hear your feedback! Disclaimer : This Indian Railway PNR & IRCTC Info app is privately maintained and does not have any official connection or affiliation whatsoever to Indian Railways, IRCTC and related organizations. All content available in this app is for general information purpose and is intended for personal non-commercial use only. You are encouraged to re-verify the information from official sources.



  • App is not good

    By mjbwjsh
    Too many advertisements keep blocking the screen. If something goes wrong in transaction, need to start again Not very user friendly
  • Logging in

    By Yoga Narasimha
    Dear Sir, I have registered to use your app for booking tickets. However, I am unsuccessful so far as everytime it doesn’t recognise my user id or password. I wanted to change the password by ‘forgot password’ method but the OTP to change the password never comes. Hope this review brings me solution. Regards Yoga
  • User unfriendly

    By annnnndisb
    Takes a long time how to figure out how to use this app

    By RandeepB
    Most useless APP ever used for booking of any type of tickets. Not at all user friendly.
  • Worse app ever

    By salkara
    It takes lot of time and sometimes we misses the ticket coz of the lag
  • Not dependable

    By maniyadan
    This app is not dependable and not useful when we really need something.
  • Lot to improve

    By Vidya54346
    You should enable users to login directly and book tickets instead of directing users to the site. We can use safari or chrome to do that, why bother downloading your app?
  • Not good enough

    By A.Ayinikkatt
    Most of the options are not working, cannot book the ticket or get any live status of the train or get any PNR status..
  • Very difficult to book/cancel the ticket

    By SunilKumar Mandadi
    The ads are so much confusing to book the ticket. By mistake if I click on the ad, it navigates me to a different place. It’s really annoying. I found it very difficult to book the ticket.
  • Useless app and difficult to use

    By s18007
    I made a booking on Gatimaan Express for a morning evening trip. I was charged 4885*2 promptly. Later I got the ticket with a lot of cryptic abrreviations like RWL, CWL etc etc. Somehow later I found out that the morning tickets 2 were confirmed and 1 wasntt. At the last moment it got confirmed and even the TT had a tough time finding the 3rd seat on the train. Evening train, they cancelled my booking about 45 minutes before the train was to take off from Agra. Post that they had the odacity to charge me 500/- rupees for cancellation for something that they cancelled on me. The train was great but the app and the interface - horrible. Next time I travel by train I will only use an agent. It is sad to use an agent in this day and age but unfortunately IRCTC leaves you with no option. BTW I still haven't even received my refund.
  • Horrible travel in trains

    By Manu Raj Kammila
    No proper cleaning in bath rooms no one will give responsibility for this horrible way in traveling in trains, let the officials travel in sleeper coaches then they know the journey in travel in trains
  • M D P. Rao

    By Mukkavilli Dharma Prakasa Rao
    Very nice
  • Works fine but is clunky

    By Mohan M
    It does the job and I’m glad it does. But some things are clunky and not well done. If I want to book a journey from station A to stationB, I would of course want to see if there is availability. If I checked availability and then want to book it, the app does give me the choice to “book tickets” but it takes me back and has me re enter to everything. This is bad UI design. The and the ads displayed do not look neat. The apple save to wallet feature does not work. It worked once and then stopped working. So, a decent app that does its job but not done as well as it can be.
  • Total crap

    By ZuViper
    All the other reviews are fake imo it is the worst app I’ve ever seen it is totally unstable, Disha pops up every time evwn if if you close it it still gets activated basically you cannot do anything on this crap. Cannot even enter the destination. Totally as expected from Indian Govt.🤮🤮
  • Useless New IRCTC APP

    By Mahen77
    You just can’t book ticket through this app. You can’t login to irctc app using this app. This means, the app is useless.
  • get good developer who know how to keep in simple and easy to use

    By pk100001
    This app is most irritating does allow to book a ticket remove non sense disha help pop up make it simple and easy to book a ticket rather than focussing on advertisement learn lesson from IRTC connect app for android
  • Not user friendly

    By Mail2nagraj
    The app is not user friendly, the corner chatbot keeps interfering while using the app. Login is also cumbersome. Totally useless app. There are many IT service providers, pls outsource to them, they will do a good job.
  • Ungovernable

    By pumpy n
    Indian railways is a joke in its performance, quality, safety, customer service compared to the rest of the world. It is unimprovable to meet better standards. Many reasons for this and it can take ages to debate but bottom line is we are greedy backward, illetrate literate people with no civil sense of respect, polite, cleanliness and honesty. Railways represent the true image of India. God bless my country
  • Very poorly designed app

    By SSGGVKB217
    One of the most annoying and user unfriendly app. Not at all intuitive. No way to check your reservations if made outside of the mobile app. Looks like the app quality is in line with the quality of service.
  • The Idea of this APP is great

    By JimyJam
    But a fail in my opinion! I have been trying to book tickets for days!!! I have sent a bug report as well as an email and have gotten no response. Really aggravating as our trip depends on this train for this portion. I really hope I can find a way around this app and make reservations another way!
  • No user login

    By Pbraju
    I am not sure who designs app for Govt, but he makes sure everyone wastes enough time scrambling and scratching their heads for obvious things. Simple login screen is missing.
  • Awesome app for Indian Railways

    By Kandimalla
    Awesome app for using on iPhone and everything update. Easy to use and simple. Every thing is streamlined properly.
  • Fake app.

    By HoustoniUser
    Not the official app
  • Easily check PNR Status

    By Mithun77
    Could easily check PNR status but booking tickets will take you to IRCTC website which loads within the app - that is not usable. It’s easier to browse to irctc website directly.
  • Not reliable on live updates

    By Plnarayan
    The app live status function is buggy and keeps switching between yet to start and gives status sometime. I paid to be ad free and regret my decision 🙄
  • Credit Card Information

    By Enjoy Baby
    Good App but after providing all information it took to the IRCTC website for booking my ticket. Also not sure where is the Credit Card information stored (which was asked by the App). So not sure how secure it is.
  • ixigo is better

    By imckumar
    Annoying ad after every 1-2 click. ixigo has more rich features than this
  • Good job guys

    By Menik214
    I love it the way you have taken care of the little things like destination alarm.
  • five star...👌👌

    By Doesn't work in background
    Simple n cool app... all info available.. running good no crashing ...👌👌
  • Very Good App

    By Sanand Vellayil
    The app is very nice and user friendly. Nice lay out and navigation.
  • Karnavati Express.

    By Girish55
    It comfortable. Coach is clean. Ticket checker check tickets.Ticket checker is cooperative and helpful. No lights in toilet in coach number D8. Thank you all Railway employees & ministry. Girish N Dalwadi.
  • Review

    By narsim7
    Very nicely done. It has everything in one one app. I have already downloaded and keep using it to check my PNR status from time to time Great job by Indian railways
  • $4.99 charge - watch out

    By Rakesh Mathew
    This app charges $4.99 - not sure for what, they say advertisement removal but who care about ads.. not worth spending $4.99 plus tax total of $5.33 for an app.
  • User friendly

    By edmond.shabo
    Great app and easy to use! Even for a foreign national:)
  • I love it..

    By Abhi sharma_India
    Very very useful and very easy to use for the same..I suggested to everyone for the same.. All the very best for future updates..
  • Good App!!

    By Chand847
    Nice work...
  • Great app

    By Shivaboulder
    I like the interface, it's fast and works well. Makes looking for tickets easy!
  • Very good and nice app to use.

    By Rak_uae
    Good App. Thanks to Indian Railways for making booking, cancellation etc easier for people. You will get everything in one place. Good one to download and use it.
  • Terrific app

    By GSBusDev
    Everything you need in one place.
  • Good app

    By NilimaLisaYogee
    Great app
  • App info.

    By ytboy1980
    Decent moderate one, you will not be disappointed.
  • unable to restore purchase

    By tinme2
    unable to restore purchase
  • venugopalanv

    By venugopalanv
  • Compliment

    By iShinsha
    It's a very much useful application thanks the developer
  • Joseph

    By Jose, CA
    Great app to book tickets and check pnr status
  • Great app

    By bala prudhvi
    Good for Indian railway
  • 5star to unlock theme

    By 123344_sdd-fggc
    Firstly stop this nonsense like "rate us five star to unlock all theme". Thats playing cheap, begging for five star. The adds are annoying! Seriously, REALLY ANNOYING!!! They keep moving from one place to another. I hope they could stop that. And please improve UI. Other than these above things its a great app!!!
  • Useful and nice app

    By Harishhere
    Nice app and very useful. Still missing some functionality but overall very nice.
  • Great and Handy

    By Amin Amrelia