The League: Intelligent Dating

The League: Intelligent Dating

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2014-07-15
  • Current Version: 2.8.10
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 97.43 MB
  • Developer: The League App, Inc
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 17 644


Want to date someone who shares your drive? And maybe you'd like to meet someone attractive who looks good in black-and-white photos, courteous enough to use proper punctuation, and flexible enough to fit into your way-too-restrictive schedule? While your mother may call you picky, we call you self-aware. It’s happy hour, so go get ’em.' We’ll do the vetting so you can do the petting. League users now have the option of becoming members by purchasing several subscription options. Membership offers extra perks, customization, more prospects and invites to exclusive events. Depending on what term you choose, your Membership will last for 1 month, 6 months, or 12 months, and automatically renew at those intervals from the point of purchase onward. If you wish to cancel your membership before it renews, you must do so at least 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at the confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and will be renewed at the same price the next term. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to your Account Settings after purchase. See terms and conditions at and our privacy policy



  • A big waste of time.

    By Brihellman
    This is just a big waste of time period. I wasn’t expecting much when I downloaded it but was even more disappointed. It has you wait months to be “accepted” making it seem like it’s a big deal when really they are just hoping you’re get inpatient and buy a membership so that you’ll be accepted into the “league” faster. Even after waiting the full time, you actually get nothing out of being accepted. I used it for a good few months and never got any matches, not even one. I consider my preferences to be pretty open too as I basically just had it set to men between the ages 21-30 with at least some education. They only “picked” (which I really doubt they even did) 3 men per day that were suppose to fit your preferences and there wasn’t a way to go in and look through all the members yourself. Meanwhile the whole time I just kept getting a messages almost everyday from my “concierge” which constantly prompted buying the membership. Why would I pay $400 a year when I can’t even get anything good for free?! Not to mention there was an option to turn off this concierge messages, which I did, but still kept getting them and notifications about them. To top it all off, there is no option I can find to delete your account, only a deactivate option meaning they still keep all your data which I have an issue with. In summary, this app is a waste of time (most likely money too if you’re dumb enough to spend it on it). It doesn’t help you in the dating game at all and honestly you’ll have better luck swiping on something like tinder and just being honest in your bio and with your matches about what you’re looking for. It may be a hit or miss but at least you actually get matches and can talk to people and I’ve met some pretty good people on tinder before-which I can honestly say I have ever met anyone on here.
  • You’ll Never Meet Anyone

    By Swimchick0808
    Honestly this process is too slow, and it seems like people get sick of this app and then just never check it. The model is bad where you only get three choices a day, and well everyone else is getting three choices a day. So it takes a long time to even match. The people are generally quality, but it’s the same audience as hinge/bumble
  • Selling exclusivity?

    By Bryce81189
    I’ve read a number of reviews for this app. I am currently one and a half months in on the “waitlist”. Many of the reviews consider this app a scam, with the goal being “make people wait long enough and they will cave” by purchasing a subscription. That very well may be true. The rhetoric behind the waitlist seems to be an increase in quality matches and superior matching algorithms. That also may be true. Unfortunately, a disconnect exists because, simply stated, you truly cannot experience the app and its abilities without first paying for it. There are a plethora of other dating apps that have clout and reliably proven numbers/matching power to choose from. So from the outside looking in, it’s pretty easy to understand the idea that this app intends to sell exclusivity. Wether or not that’s just a byproduct of “hand picking” or “personal vetting”, I probably will never know. Bumble and Hinge may be more your style if waiting anywhere from a week to many months isn’t what you’re after. Also, the in-app “concierge” seems to be automated to continually create intrigue in purchasing a subscription rather than you continuing on the waitlist. All of my attempts to speak with this “person” (5 times) have been met with silence, which makes seeing all of the public personal responses to ratings of the app an odd sight. You can access a group chat style waiting room (think AOL chatrooms) to talk with others who are waiting. It is no surprise that the majority in there are simply complaining about the wait. The rating above is arbitrary and if I get drafted at some point I may change my rating to reflect my experience then. Just my 2 cents.
  • Money seeking

    By paulsamoa
    App is a horrible platform
  • Utter waste of time

    By DORI3262
    1. As soon as I joined, I heard from a clear scammer right off the bat. He had appalling grammar and his background lies fell apart within three messages (he claimed to be a physician in the US, but didn’t know that that requires an MD rather than a PhD. There is no way their “vetting” is as fabulous as they claim. 2. They let me join and then told me there are almost no prospects in my area because it’s a tiny city. 3. Their idea of a Valentine’s Day promotion was a montage of the most “eligible people” on their site as though it were a sweepstakes - all under 35, and their idea of LGBT “eligibility” apparently only applies to white males.
  • Fun

    By karmakimmy
    I’ve only been a member for less than a week yet it’s app, interface and maneuverability has me feeling safe, inclusive and valued. Even if I don’t find a match - the service has made this adventure fun🙋‍♀️
  • Pretty glitchy app

    By sjc7777
    This concept is so great! Could be just me but I find the app to have tons of glitches. There are days in a row where matches don’t even show up so I think they just have some bugs to work out but I’m confident they will get there. Maybe it’s just the free version though but was wanting to try that before subscribing (which I’m not going to pay for given the issues)!
  • Accepted and still no luck.

    By DeviDevine
    I have been through the process of “selection” as you could call it. I was accepted after about a week. I get three match options daily and though I try not to be too picky, the men either don’t match with me, or don’t reply if we do match. One person had a conversation with me. He asked me on a date, then just stopped talking all together. Since then, no luck. Maybe it’s just not that popular in upstate NY? Either way this experience seems more like a ego boost than anything.
  • For models only

    By KrissyL105
    This site is too expensive and the wait is ridiculous if you choose to forgo the membership fees upward of $300 per year - the so called “waitlist” is the red velvet rope at that club you just wanna get into to enjoy but the bouncers make you feel bad about yourself because they’re only allowing “the hot ones” in first so you think if you get in, than you’re worthy. I just got an email to a link with the “top most valentine worthy” members. Barf. They all look like Instagram models and they are. No one down to earth. I’ll skip the “elite” waitlist and go elsewhere. And so should you, because you’re better than that.
  • Literally the worst

    By Alyssa2k
    I was on the waitlist for 2 days... Good start. Seems like quality guys. Right on! But then??? Nobody responds. I have matched with 95% of the people I like and heard from about 10%. Trying to get more than one response? That drops to about 2%. It's horrible. They are trying to do too much. Focus on dating developers!!! We doing need forums and groups and friends lol
  • Give so much info then you wait ...forever

    By tbtbtb2018
    Wish I knew how the app is. I’ve been waiting a few weeks and I haven’t moved much. About to give up on this app since it takes so long for you to get off the waitlist. It’s insane. I’ve gotten a few friend requests from the waitlist, but other than that the chat is quiet. Someone also pointed out that the waitlist chat room only has about 5k people, yet the waitlist says 40k... it’s fishy.
  • Buggy and faulty app

    By bdbzzhbebhz
    Logs me out all the time, also tells me I have matches ready, then when I click into the app, there are no matches. Not worth struggling through a mediocre UX/UI
  • Scam

    By LoJiJo
    It is not active in all cities enough to justify annual subscriptions. I ran out of matches in 2 weeks. The concierge admit to me they are not set up in all cites to have enough matches. Thankfully he told me how to contact Apple for refund. I was refunded. Save yourself the hassle and stress. Do not pay for a subscription.
  • Great for Professionals

    By Mari K. 3859
    Nice that there's a dating app where my professional credentials and education are valued, and you're able to meet real people who care about the same things.
  • Waste of Time

    By StellaLuna7
    If you’re looking to re-visit all the people you rejected on other dating sites, look no further. They’re all here. With no recognizable matching algorithm, The League will match you with people you have nothing in common with, not respond to your inquiries, spam you with useless dating advice, and provide ample opportunity to waste your time in the equivalent of chat rooms full of vapid people. Good luck out there!
  • Good prospects

    By kilkwik
    Nice to have a limited set of prospects instead of endless swiping. Everyone is actually pretty responsive.
  • Good Concept

    By mubb12337
    Most of the people you match with are real and somewhat active on the app. Good job..
  • Tech glitch, calculated my match rate is lower than 0.3%

    By Likehotwire
    Unless if you are a girl desperate for some hedge fund, elitist dudes, this is not the right app for you. I am stupid this app is based on elitism that I dont believe in but I realized I cant cancel my membership, too late...I think there is some glitch that I got matched with 0 people for almost 3 months even I swiped yes everybody everyday. I am an attractive professional and have had successful high quality dates on OKC and Bumble. I felt so weird so I emailed their support because I dont believe that for the 90 day period, for the 450 people that matched to me, I am not matchable to any of them. You know what, after I wrote my email, the customer service got back to me like bla bla bla and I started to get some matches regularly. If I did not email them, I would have paid $300 and got matched with 0 people for 12 months, that means, I am unmatchable for 5* 365 men, my rate of being matched would be 0.005%, that’s way lower than getting admitted to both Stanford and Harvard at the same time.
  • Ridiculous waitlist

    By nicole1357
    This app has a completely unrealistic waitlist to even use the service. At this point I’m pretty sure it would take me 6 months to be accepted. I assume they do this so you’ll pay, but it’s a turn off and is going to kill this app.
  • Not in this life

    By lmkjjjio
    I read other reviews and didn’t want to believe them so I downloaded it anyway. I saw the charges and said to myself, “Not in this life.” After reading, “the fine print” as they call it, it was obvious that the developers have little confidence in their own app. If you are going to charge people $99-$300, at least act like it’s worth it. Its a scam, I saved myself and so should you.
  • 2019 - time to start dating

    By maceyymac
    Very excited to start using this app - I’ve heard a ton of great things from friends of friends!
  • The League is the new Fyre Festival

    By League Scam
    This app is a SCAM!!! for idiots who think if you pay a load of money you are getting something high end. I was one of those idiots and totally fell for it to the tune of $400 (which I was pressured into paying so that I would be approved). This app claims to vet applicants and only allow successful and elite members. I was on it for a month and I was only ever sent people who were fast food employees or still in college ... many of which were not even 21 ... that’s over 14 years younger than me. I want To be CLEAR. There is nothing wrong with being a fast food employee or still in college ... however there is an issue with an app pretending they are going to match you with a someone extremely successful in their work and then sending suggestions for a 19 year old chipotle worker. Also, just an FYI, I only ever received messages from my “concierge” who never bothered to reply to my questions. However, this concierge (supposedly a Harvard grad) sent me lengthy and ridiculous messages that were pages long and filled with emojis every other word. I wish I could screen shot them and post them here. Show me an elite eligible Harvard grad who would write an email to a customer with emojis in it. It doesn’t exist. STEER CLEAR!! You could literally have better luck finding the sorts of people that are on this app in your local grocery store or on your local college campus. This app is not truthful about what it does and the owner (probably Billy McFarland) is clearly sitting back and just banking on fooling people into thinking this will be something good. If this app is not owned by Billy, it is certainly owned by someone who should very quickly be his cell mate. SCAM!
  • I've seen 1 hot girl in 3 months

    By RealJamskillet
    Stopped using. Not impressed.
  • Preferences Broken for Premium Membership

    By Torioriori93
    I bought the $199 quarterly membership and was disappointed to find the people in my “Batches” were not at all in my criteria. I have education and distance based criteria selected. For “Highly Selective”, I was being shown non-college grads. I had a 10 mile radius for distance and was shown matches that were 90 miles away. The concierge was not helpful in rectifying the situation.
  • A good idea with slow and mischievous results

    By IanM2001
    Hello! Let me begin by saying that this app has a good idea set in place. It’s “waiting list” is used to filter out more casual dating accounts. However the real reason of this is to more or less make you pay to use the app, it’s a ridiculous sum. It’s literally thousands of people and it seems that it takes months to get filtered through. Yes I get that it takes a while but the real reason that the waiting list is even there is to make you pay. Im not interested in that, it’s a shady tactic.
  • Seems like a trick

    By Duxunited
    I get the feeling they inflate the waitlist numbers and try to convince you to spend money, while pretending to be an app that can be used for free. The concierge acts like a bot, sending you messages about how awesome it will be once inside the app and how it’s soooo worth it to spend money on it. The positive reviews here feel like plants by the company. Everything around this app just seems sketchy, with a nice aesthetic design
  • Extremely expensive, no control over your profile

    By jakush
    $66/month for a short term? You’ve got to be kidding me. Also the app is buggy and doesn’t let you edit a lot of (sometimes wrong) info they pull in from the social media accounts they force you to link. You have limited control over how you present yourself to others. Not to mention the users on it seem to have enormous egos...
  • Gotta be honest...

    By WLF289
    I’m really disappointed. I was on the waitlist under the league was available in my city since last March, almost a year ago. In the beginning it seemed like it was going to be good. I only have the basic membership and don’t pay to be a member but for the past week or so, I’ve been getting batches of guys that are obviously outside of my preferences or distance which they suggested me to have. Some examples: 1. I’m a y’all lady who wears heels. I don’t expect someone foot taller than me but I don’t want to feel like a Amazon woman so I base height preference off that. Almost every time I get someone below the height that would make me feel feminine. 2. There is maybe one or two ethnicities I didn’t check, as it’s not my preference which is ok. But a profile in my batch is wasted on what they know from my preferences I will not match with. 3. I frequently, very frequently get profiles in my batch of guys outside my preferred age range, which is like a ten year age window, and out of my distance, which is over 60 miles which they recommended, like a few hours into another state. 4. The one that really really bothers me is that I trust this app as it claims to get and confirm people’s Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, etc. But it seems they don’t check whether a guy is obviously married as is apparent on his Facebook profile I found. Or don’t vet not find it strange that a guy poses with the same girl in every single photo, making it obvious something is going on where either he or both want a third person. 5. When I told my concierge, he first said he would check into it to but I guess was told to tell me that they don’t discriminate by what kind of relationship(s) people want. I don’t care what those people want, that’s not my issue. My issue or issues are that if I answered that I am single and I honestly want a single man especially a non married one, I expect the guy to not be married. This one really really really bothers me. If we are on waitlists because profiles are being reviewed, and I have selected single why I am getting matched with someone who has a wife and two kids which I found myself. I feel like I can’t trust this app anymore than the others and my concierge’s answer that they aren’t going to discriminate against people who want open relationships when I clearly am not ok with that, tells me that not only am I going to continue to get batches of one, two, or even three guys that don’t match my preferences, which are pretty broad, it also tells me they don’t don’t separate or filter into separate categories men who are secretly dating behind their wives backs or men who are openly advertising him and his lady friend...meaning I will have to vet every single person myself. I get three guys a day. And most of them are wasted.
  • More for less

    By Sha Sha 71
    This app / service is terrible. They try to act like it’s so exclusive, and it’s not. They milk you for a lot of money yet you only get 5 options a day. And, good luck getting a response from a match. Terrible, terrible, terrible. Avoid!!
  • Servers “popping”?

    By Etann1012
    Really sick of opening the app for happy hour and getting an error message saying to check back later because your “servers are popping” 🙄
  • Going nowhere...

    By Wcollinstx
    I’ve been waiting for about 4 MONTHS...nothing...I’m still in the holding room. They have offered me a discount to join - which would get me in there fast. Idk if there are actual people on there, why would I pay? I’ve decided to wait it out to see what happens. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • My 40 mile radius includes Europe and the East Coast

    By Too old in San Francisco
    I went into this with an open mind, however, after six months, I don’t feel this service is any different from any other online dating app. My last straw was when I started getting “matches” outside of my forty mile Greater London, Las Vegas and Georgetown. The concierge’s excuse was that there are no matches in my area in my age group. He recommended changing the education level of my preferences. He then told me that most people would rather travel to meet a good match than settle for someone in their area. Then, I asked for a refund and was told that Apple handles the refunds and The League is a third party....You get it. I’m now stuck with this for another six months.
  • Super boring app, full of bugs

    By Elsa10027
    I really feel that paying a membership or a la carte services is a waste of money and time. Good marketing! Good interfaces! But in reality, you need to pay way more than just a membership to enjoy this app and see results. Profiles selection is good, but match process is super long except if you pay extra. Group chats are not interesting.... and the 5pm sharp daily batch is never available on time. (Available between 6pm and 10pm usually) But of course, as a client, if you pay, you can access a batch of profiles straight! 🙄😄 I do not recommend this app.
  • Terrible app

    By cjtruesy
    The app is a simple cash grab. You are bothered daily to pay for a membership by there odd chat bot that I think they want you to interpret as a real person? It’s not. I tried to up my chances of moving up on their OUTRAGEOUS waitlist by add more interests my my profile and I warn from around 10,000-11,000 to 12,000-13,000 on the waitlist. I made my profile better... and I got put in the back of the line. If this app wants to be a pay-to-use kind of app, cool, do that. Stop pretending like you’re a free app and if you “wait long enough” you’ll make it on the ridiculous waitlist when you have no intention to allow free users to use your app. It’s scummy. And I’m sure to spread the bad word to anyone who asks about it. EDIT: So below is a response from the devs on my original review above. First off, being well educated, career driven, and established does not classify someone as looking for “the real thing. You could have all those things and want a one night stand or none of them and want a long term “real thing”. So again, the waitlist is unnecessary and I still personally see it as a cash gate. Secondly, I will not be reporting to the FAKE Concierge that was appointed to me because I’ve already deleted your app. On top of trying to act like this isn’t a pay-to-progress app, your are now claiming that a the obvious robot support messenger is real. Again, stop lying about what you are. If you are for pay-to-play, say it. If the concierge is a robot, admit it. Lying is just going to get you less users then if you told the truth in the first place. 1 start STILL remains
  • Been awesome, buggy now

    By RemoveAgate
    Had an awesome time on this app for about a year. Unfortunately for the past week the app has only shown profiles from people in the UK, and I live in the US, so it’s basically useless if they don’t adjust their algorithm.
  • Waste of time and money

    By CryssDD
    Don’t waste your time or money on the app. It always glitches. I have to open and close it to see my matches. When I do see my matches they are about 75% outside of my preferences! They live in different states and are 5-10 years younger. How hard is it to match me with a 30-35 year old?? I have also received matches that say we have matched but they go directly to expired. They want me to pay to rematch with them! The concierge takes forever to respond!! This app puts off that they are exclusive and least the other apps actually work without glitches!
  • Terrible user experience

    By Hhall826
    This app user experience is terrible. Everyone I log on to see matches I have to close out the app to restart it just to see matches, and sometimes it takes a few times. Even my friends who are on it say the same thing so it’s not just my phone or app. Now I’m not even getting matches in my age range or location distance and being served people who live several hours away and are five years younger. Too many bugs for me. It’s also a joke how much they push paying for the app and buying more tickets but their user interface is so spotty I don’t know how anyone would pay for it.
  • Only if you’re under 50

    By applecustomer1234xyz
    If you are 50 or older this app is a ghost town There’s nobody in California Lots of people in Manhattan
  • Not enough investment in backend

    By Joe897897
    This app has never worked for me first try. It is not good for a company that has loads of competition cannot handle/balance the load of more users.
  • Constantly overloaded servers

    By Anox24
    Servers are overloaded every day, all I get are error messages telling me to “check back in a minute” but it never works. Waist of time.
  • Very Disappointing

    By CJ90sKid
    I downloaded this app after hearing about it on the show Insecure. I know that sounds lame, but I’ve been extremely frustrated with the quality of guys that I’ve either matched with or been shown on the other dating apps like Tinder or Bumble. I put my best effort into making a great profile on the League and feel like I am the total package. When I say I’m a “total package,” it’s not to seem arrogant or ridiculous...I really feel like I’m a high quality, well-rounded individual and haven’t found anyone equally driven or accomplished on other apps. Well, when I was finally approved for this app, I was immediately shown a guy who I'd gone out with months ago who basically assaulted me. I immediately reported him and told the concierge. It took nearly a week to hear back about that concern, and I felt like I was just brushed aside. I get that they are busy, but that was a serious concern. I felt they should have paid more attention to that upsetting instance, but they didn’t really seem to care and just said it would be handled how they saw fit and wouldn’t tell me if he’d be removed from the app or not (even though they boast a strong anti-assault front). Furthermore, the quality guys I’m being shown (if I’m even getting any profiles shown to me with how glitchy the app is) are poorer than the ones I’d get on Hinge, Bumble, or even Tinder. I have to force close and restart the app at least 2x before daily matches will show. It’s honestly laughable how crappy the profiles I’ve been shown so far are. I honestly am unsure how long my time on this app will last with how poor my experience has been so far with the customer service and the matches I’m being shown. To say I’m disappointed is a supreme understatement.
  • I hate this app

    By LC@87
    Half the time I can’t even get it to load properly (and the stupid “our servers are poppin” message just makes it more obnoxious), and then it shows me people in London (I’m in Pittsburgh, and definitely do not have my location filter set that wide). Even if I was seeing a higher quality in options (I’m not), I still wouldn’t get many matches because the app itself is a roadblock. Nice concept but in reality it’s no better than anything else.
  • Worthless

    By j_m308
    Don’t buy this, it’s a waste of your money. With very open preference setting, I’m given profiles to view from people that are hundreds of miles away from me. The company does not have enough participants to give you 5 local choices a day. When I complained and asked for a refund since the league was unable to provide the service it promised, I was told no refunds.
  • Not worth the extra money

    By Mary in Austin
    My experience had been that there aren’t as many people using this app as they’d like you to believe. They have bogus “wait lines” for new users. They sell you on being able to really refine your search for matches, then when you set those parameters around what you’re looking for you find very few matches. When I messaged the app saying I was disappointed in being sent matches that were so far out of my parameters (both by age and geographically), the response I got was that I should loosen my parameters. That tells me that they’re selling a set of users that doesn’t exist.
  • Wanna be top tier? Support Non-binary folks.

    By Unarmed1628
    Without supporting enbys you are throwing out an entire demographic. Its not that hard to add. Maybe 1 sprint for your back end and front end teams each and you’re good.
  • Not very impressed so far

    By MsStancil
    I really liked the idea of a more “exclusive” dating app. But ... The League hasn’t really impressed me at all. I’ve been on the app for a few months now and have only received 3 matches, none of which could or we’re interested in conversation. The concierge sends a lot of generic seeming messages that have me feeling like it’s probably a robot . I’m not even sure what his role is . I think there are some good ideas in the app. Like the community events and interests pages . It’s also pretty easy to use. But I don’t really think it’s a better experience than any of the other swiping apps. At least you get more opportunities for mundane conversations on those . I’m open to statistics proving me wrong though. I’d love to here some success stories from other people using this app and finding something closer to love . Or at least finding a date :)
  • Waitlist

    By Butters7
    I’ve had this app for 3 weeks now. I have yet to get off the “waitlist” to even see what the app is about. Initially my placement on the waitlist was at 66,000+, after the 1st week I was at 56,000+, after the 2nd week I was at 54,000+, and today (3 weeks later) I am now back at 66,000+? Seems legit. No thanks. I like to at least test drive a site before I fork over money. This business model needs remodeling.
  • Glitch and they refuse to refund

    By Altandra
    Beware if you have a glitch that deletes your account then they will not refund you and force you to go through Apple to refund. I paid for a new account and they refused to refund the account they auto synced and destroyed. Instead I’m going through my bank to do a chargeback. Horrible business practice when it’s their software issue.
  • Don’t bother

    By ane904
    Don’t even bother. No one writes or responds. Worthless app