The League: Intelligent Dating

The League: Intelligent Dating

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2014-07-15
  • Current Version: 2.8.22
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 98.65 MB
  • Developer: The League App, Inc
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 19 633


Want to date someone who shares your drive? And maybe you'd like to meet someone attractive who looks good in black-and-white photos, courteous enough to use proper punctuation, and flexible enough to fit into your way-too-restrictive schedule? While your mother may call you picky, we call you self-aware. It’s happy hour, so go get ’em.' We’ll do the vetting so you can do the petting. League users now have the option of becoming members by purchasing several subscription options. Membership offers extra perks, customization, more prospects and invites to exclusive events. Depending on what term you choose, your Membership will last for 1 month, 6 months, or 12 months, and automatically renew at those intervals from the point of purchase onward. If you wish to cancel your membership before it renews, you must do so at least 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at the confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and will be renewed at the same price the next term. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to your Account Settings after purchase. See terms and conditions at and our privacy policy



  • Different than the rest

    By skithing
    Agree that this site is not a hook up site, a relief to those of us that remember when hooking up just meant going out for an activity with a girl or guy and no sexual connotation. I have been on the site for about a month, my one complaint thus far is that very few of the matches are remotely close to me, vast majority are over 2 hrs away. The other observation is that many of the chat rooms are dated threads from months ago. It would be great if The League initiated some chat on these sites and helped plan so activities and sent out blasts to members so we could meet socially in groups and did not have to plan it ourselves. I’m sure members would appreciate that and it would add value to the site.
  • Clearly not for users outside of a major city

    By pg415
    5 matches a day.. Just doesn't seem enough for what I'm paying
  • Not worth the money

    By JBB0377
    I became a member and paid for the service. There were only 10 potential matches within my geography before I was being sent guys who were hours away and not within the scope of what I was looking for. After inquiring with the concierge, I was informed that my preferences were too tight for their services to provide more matches. My advice is to not lower your standards based on a business model.
  • Great concept but very few men

    By Valleygirllawyer
    I am going to assume that this app is much better in major cities... but I'm outside of one and the matches are never good. I'm 6'1 the dudes are under 5'8" and live no where near me. I have many single friends and if you pay for the app then it's a whole different sori. You will have a bunch more matches I've been told.
  • I’m out $250

    By Lifeinbeta
    This app seemed different the rest. I had high hopes of meeting like minded professionals so I paid the hefty subscription. Despite my preference settings, my matches consist of men from other states and countries, 10-15 years out of my preferred age range and some days, I get no matches at all. I thought I was doing something wrong but the very nice support guy explained that they don’t have enough people my age (50) to match me with and it’s just not an ideal app for my demographic. Ok fair enough. So refund my money and I’ll be on my way. Except they don’t. So make sure you are “of the demographic” (whatever that is, they don’t say anything about this up front) before you pay for this app. And don’t expect a lot in return.
  • Expensive and Elitist

    By Kenzie5280
    In my frustration of dating circa 2019 I Googled, “best dating apps for serious prospects” and came across The League. The app’s overall layout is similar to Hinge in that you upload six photos and fill out some basic preferences and bio all while hoping you’re going to have a shot at meeting someone with similar goals/expectations. Unfortunately, once in the app you are bombarded with expensive options that you either pay upfront for or are forced to deal with being number 22,000 on a waitlist. Am not going to spend $199 to $400 for an app I’m unable to trial-run or experience beforehand....
  • LinkedIn Account

    By MTT6089
    I don’t think it is extremely wrong that you don’t get accepted if you don’t have a LinkedIn account. There are many businesses reasons why you can’t have one. That isn’t a way hard working people should be judged!!!
  • It’s not all that

    By msSpellman
    They are desperately trying to seem “exclusive” same old same old 🤦🏾‍♀️
  • Don’t waste your time

    By lacutep
    This app prides itself on being exclusive but it’s just like any other app. Most of the guys on here you can find on bumble. There’s both white collar and blue collar workers. Hardly diverse in terms of ethnic backgrounds (even the league team isn’t diverse, idk if they even know what the word really means) so expect to get majority of your batches looking the same. I’m assuming the app just doesn’t have the interest from different backgrounds or the staff doesn’t know how to gauge their interest. I live in a major city FYI. Looking at their staff, I’m not at all surprised. They should try to market this to upper class people, especially to upper class minorities to get them to join but they probably don’t care or even know how. On top of this, their algorithm is a joke. I feel like you have more control on getting who you actually want off of other apps. Also, they show new batches at 5pm which means a ton of people are on causing the app to slow down. After 30 minutes I still had issues connecting. Even tried their “troubleshooting” tips but my connection isn’t the problem, it’s the amount of users they have on at time same time. Be careful if you purchase tickets to see more batches. There have been instances where they took my tickets and didn’t show me new matches... basically taking my money. Don’t even bother spending any money on this app. Do not be fooled. The league is trash.
  • Scam

    By ninjakatbax
    The workflow of the app is to constantly juice you for more money. They do not have the clientele to charge these fees. I live in Dallas and has minimal local options. The app is buggy and will throw errors often.
  • Do you have time to wait?

    By That South African Chick
    If you’re willing to be number 134.789 and move up a number each day in the line without signing up as a member then go ahead and use this app.
  • Ineffective money trap

    By jc333$
    As someone who has been single for a few years now, I have tried the gamut of dating apps and this one is hands down the least effective. I understand the concept of the waiting list... you need to PAY to use this app properly. I’m fine with that, I’m happy to pay money for a service that works! However, now that I have paid $300 for a subscription, I realize I have completely wasted my money. The algorithm is supposed to bring you “quality” matches, yet the preference settings are wildly generic. For the 5 matches I get a day, none of them are remotely my type let alone attractive to me. In the 5 months of being on this app, I have only matched with about 5 people (and one of them is a friend and we laughed about it how bad this app is). I haven’t gone on a single date- messages with matches either never happen or if I message first it’s crickets. I think this is because people are not actually using this app once they tire of logging in to see 5 uninteresting matches per day. When I first joined, I would log in every day, check matches and hope for something interesting. After a while got bored and started “hearting” people I’m not interested in just to see if there’s a match. Also, noticed that I’m seeing repeats of the same people I’ve “x-ed” already in my new batches. Once you purchase a subscription to the app, you basically have to purchase “tickets” to facilitate talking to your prospective matches by getting yourself into their batch quicker. As if $300 wasn’t enough. For the record, I’m a successful professional and I’m not hideous. I get lots of action on other apps, but had high hopes for an app that claims to be a service for “successful relationship reminded professionals”. Quality over quantity? More like forced scarcity to encourage you to pay more money. Save your money until someone else does this idea better. Until then I’ll just be meeting new people through Tinder.
  • Worst ever

    By cutemingfd
    No one lives in my city The ones they send me are worse than the ones on Tinder etc I paid $200 Refund!
  • Disappointing if you live in philly area

    By 123 DM
    I live outside Philadelphia. There are VERY few matches for 40 year olds on the league in the Philadelphia area. The VAST majority of possible matches sent to me live in New York. Looks like this would be great if you lived in NY.
  • Just use Tinder

    By Mastamarc
    Set preference and the app doesn’t show you potentials that meet those preferences. You get maybe 3 folks to swipe on per day with no ability to undo if you accidentally swipe the wrong way. I met 1 person—we hit it off. But the same person was on tinder. Lol. Larger selection of folks to chose from.
  • Where’s the product development?

    By TimeisNow2019
    I tried The League 2 years ago for a period of time and am on it again. There is seemingly little product development in that period of time to make it easier to meet people in real life. That’s the goal, everything else prior to that point is a giant waste of time. The League has 2 major deficiencies in that regard: 1. Not collecting enough user info to match users based on shared interests 2. Not limiting matches to a specific number. Limit users to 5 matches and stop their daily feed at that point. This eliminates the ‘grass is greener’ effect and makes them more serious/focused about who they match with, which should lead to more messaging and ultimately meets. They can expire matches to get their feed started again, but each expire will hurt their league score. Anything to get the match-to-meet ratio higher for their members. That ratio is very low for me, my friends and a lot of other members based on the reviews. Again League Product dev team: It’s all a giant waste of time if meets don’t happen and free time is something your targeted user base doesn’t have much of to begin with.
  • The worst dating app I've ever tried

    By atomicpunk927
    After four months I've had three matches, two of whom, we're flaky, in that no conversation occurred. The third, who would talk, said she was an anarchist. They have such a small pool in Atlanta that they send me matches from Indiana, Louisiana, Florida, North Carolina, etc. I rarely get anything local. Even more rare is someone attractive to see. Steer clear of this app because you can't get your money back.
  • Waste of time and money

    By JJenniferFl
    After hearing about the concept of the League, I was excited to try it. The idea of a dating app that had a screening process and a better algorithm was promising. So I applied and was put on a long waiting list (more than 25,000) others for the Boston area. After about a month of micro movements up the list, I decided to pay the fee to join. For the first three days, I received matches from the Greater Boston area. After that, they were all from New York! When I inquired why, they said that there weren’t matches that matched my criteria in my area! What? You have a waiting list of 25k+ and you exhausted my criteria for the Boston market in three days? They suggested changing my criteria to a greater distance, lower height, or higher age for my matches. FYI, I requested men who were between five years younger and six years older than me, I requested 5’11” or taller because I am tall, and a 40 mile radius because I actually want to spend time with the person I meet. Needless to say, I am extremely disappointed with this app and company.
  • App has a bug

    By Qbn333
    I tried to log into LinkedIn and it became a loop.
  • Can’t login

    By ztwofour
    Stuck in a login loop. I enter my LinkedIn account, it’s logs me in, and brings me back to the login over and over.
  • Must be a scam for data

    By Kris24Morris
    They never let you into the dating app unless you pay for a membership, site unseen.
  • Scam in the Chicago Market

    By Mindola
    Sold as the dating app that’s so popular and so exclusive, its got a waiting list. NOT TRUE! FALSE ADVERTISING! OVER PROMISE SEVERLY UNDER DELIVER! They did not even have enough men in the Chicago market to pitch me 5 guys a day. When I inquired, I was told that the Chicago market was underdeveloped and to broaden my search criteria. Even after broadening the age range and geographical distance, I was still pitched guys from Toronto, Minneapolis, Ohio and other geographically undesirable locations outside of my preferences. When I asked for a refund, I was told The League doesn’t give refunds, despite them admitting the Chicago market is underdeveloped, and I could request a refund from Apple. When I went to Apple, I was told, “No.” Do not waste the money on this app. It’s a total joke and The League should be ashamed for how they do business.
  • Garbage

    By 1800-inurbooty
    Total garbage. Absolute garbage. I repeat... This app is garbage! Don't bother replying! And yes... You may call me "1800inyourbooty" total disrespect there but I can take it. Clowns.
  • Disappointed with lack of detail

    By KKenLaCasa
    While The League offers up fewer matches that are higher quality, what it doesn’t give is enough space to learn much about the people you are shown. Yes, you can see gainful employment, yet there is nothing that tells me much about them intrinsically. The groups listing is a nice feature, but it merely shows that we both may like beer and dogs. I need to see more self-submitted info about WHO the person is and what they want to truly make this more than a hit or miss dating app based on rather shallow data values.
  • Ridiculous

    By alexx_628
    I joined this app back in December, waiting to get off the waitlist. Within the last 4 months, I’ve only moved up about 2,000 out of 100,000+. The wait is ridiculous, and so are the prices for something that I’m not even guaranteed whether I’ll be able to use once I pay for it. It’s too bad because the advertising of the app seemed great at first.
  • Not free

    By troubledallas
    Basically you have to pay. They have a waitlist but me and a friend are the same number on the waitlist. My number hasn’t hardly moved in two weeks. So at this rate I can have a profile in about 5 years.
  • Underwhelming

    By Waldooooo0oo
    Long delay to get accepted. 4 people a day. All old and little compatibility. Hinge is much better
  • Professional Way Of Dating

    By BBCtvbz
    You couldn’t ask for any better dating app, it’s a bang for your buck; I’d prefer getting the “owner” subscription package, you’ll fall in love with the algorithm & how it adapts to your likes & dislikes! Best dating app hands down, no creeps, real peeps & all professionals.
  • Disappointing

    By Drkillr
    My review keeps getting blocked/not posted, probably because its too long. So this one will be brief. 6 months, 200 dollars, 2 matches, 0 dates. Those are numbers that cannot justify any amount of time or energy spent on this app. The League tries to keep its pool of potentials small and “exclusive” but all that means is once you run out of people in your preferences, you’re screwed. Because the only response from League is “widen your preferences!” Preferences are there for a reason; do you really think people set filters on who they want to date just for fun? Extremely disappointing experience with this app, will never be coming back.
  • Buggy

    By NashvilleNicole
    While trying to fill out a profile, the interests section keeps freezing or is uneditable once you hit save. It’s so aggravating that I am giving up filling it out for now and waiting submit my profile hoping it will rectify itself somehow. I’ve also tried reordering my photos but that, too, keeps freezing. I’ve checked WiFi and signals but now it’s been hours, which is discouraging. Please fix and update as this initial experience is so cumbersome I’m about to give up on the process (very unlike me), but it’s the opposite of efficient.
  • False advertising

    By 9363(2)493026
    I would give it 0 stars if I could. All the options are factory workers, truck drivers and servers. Most pictures are of sports, scenery or are inappropriate. They don’t “vet” anyone. They will let anyone join that pays. I have way better matches on all other apps. What a COMPLETE waste of $. Stick with hinge, the maybe 5 not terrible guys I saw on here were already on my hinge weeks- months before. Such a SCAM!
  • Glitches Galore

    By houston legal
    If you want to see who likes you, you have to buy a batch. Well, I bought two batches and never got to see that tab. The last batch I bought didn’t even load into my queue. Concierge never responded to my lament. So no tickets, and no gain. Nice idea. Follow through shaky.
  • Terrible, scammy.

    By Drethelin
    If you’re someone with more money than sense, you can try this app. It shows you people no better than tinder or okcupid, but with less information. It shows you 5 matches a day, and charges you to look at more people. The app is also unreliable and glitchy and often things won’t load if you click on them. On the third day of having this app, it showed me no one new, even if I used the “tickets” they charge you to see more people. It has a ton of extra “features” it tried to charge you money for and constantly lists the “value” they are in dollars, but they’re worthless if they don’t do anything. The only benefit over a standard dating app is their filtering system does at least seem to keep out spam. One thing you’ll notice is most of the good reviews have only recently gotten the app and even though they say it looks good they haven’t actually gotten anything out of it. I shelled out money for this thing so you don’t have to.
  • Complete scam...

    By gjftsyt
    Gave it one star to be able to review... it’s a COMPLETE scam. Met no one, matches are over seas, just a joke. As an example, on other sites I’ll match with 15 to 20 people a month. This thing can’t even send me five matches a day including they are almost all 1200 miles to overseas away. A joke.
  • WASTE of money. Total scam.

    By Private1!
    Do not waste your money. The app isn’t fully developed in my area. They do not tell you that and offer zero refunds. They do not take anything into account when reviewing profiles. It is no different than any other app other than It cost last way too much money and offers even less opportunity.
  • Pay to play

    By Ss637
    Even though my settings are wide open, I never get any matches. You definitely have to pay to beat their algorithms here
  • Basic Functions make this App pretty horrible

    By JBabs13
    I’ll keep this simple, paid $350, app keeps showing me profiles from 200 miles away from me, max distance games on my profile is 50 miles. In fact my entire batch was from around 200 miles away from me yesterday and it’s probably been similar for previous batches but I started spot checking all of my profiles yesterday finally.
  • Member for over 1 year 0 dates

    By pra jay
    Thought this dating app experience was going to be different but the only unique factor is the waiting list. Took 30 days to be approved for free membership and so glad I opted not to pay. Matches are mostly fake profiles “oil refining engineer” who “is away at sea for months at a time” seems to be the prevalent dating profile. The few (under 5) matches who actually connected with me were essentially illiterate scammers with fake profiles and when I sent screen shots of convos to concierge, it took weeks for a response which was ultimately a cop out about how they can’t verify paid members profiles. Absolutely no advantage to using this waste of time app as opposed to bumble or match.
  • Elitist bulls*it app

    By noappleno
    Firstly there is no one month option despite their advertising. It starts at 3 months. And the price is steep, before you've even tried it I might add, to clear their elitist bullsh*t waitlist and see the McDonald's employee you've always dreamed of. I'd be up for it, if I knew it was worth it, but I don't. The reviews online are not particularly complementary either. So it's a nope for me. Try again with another sucker.
  • App does not work

    By applecustomer1234xyz
    April 12, 2019 6:02 PM “try again. Our servers are popping“ More like “our profits are popping because we are too cheap to pay the meager amount it costs to rent a cloud space on Amazon, Google or Microsoft to serve a decent product“ It’s after 5 PM I click on the app I get an error message telling me “our servers are popping. Come back later“ I’m paying hundreds of dollars for this?
  • Has potential

    By Fastlane042
    Every single time I open the app I am greeted with “our servers are poppin check back in a few minutes”. And it’s been like this for years. It’s laughable they can’t build in app in 2019 that’s fast
  • Disappointing

    By rn4babies7
    My daily matches are never from my city. They are either in Manhattan or Virginia. There are plenty of successful singles in Philadelphia. I’ve changed my preferences to be more “inclusive” and less picky, have reset my city to Philadelphia numerous times, and still continue to get matches from outside my city radius.
  • Worst dating app ever

    By davedocsha
    It’s worst dating app ever I don’t get the concept of wait list and additionally I guess no one ever uses this app... stay away.!
  • Slow

    By …. .. . . . .. ...
    Instead of constantly making excuses that your ‘servers are popping,’ just upgrade them already? 4+ months of this
  • New update broken

    By rkohen
    Today’s update is broken and does not load the app. Just a spinning circle on the load screen. Do not update!
  • Totally worth the wait or fee.

    By Brandon WM
    I can’t remember how many dates that I’ve had with people that I wish provided more information before hand, that probably cost me about $150(dinner, activity, etc) per. Luckily I didn’t have to pay for this app. However, if I did it would be totally worth it being that it is only $200 and I have spent almost that much just on one date. The quality of people that you match with on here is much high and more comparable with you because of the intricate preferences. Not to mention they have a concierge which is a real person who helps you match with people. Amazing.
  • App Algorithm poor but quality people

    By Ghostbuster19
    The positive = I have found quality friendly people are on this site. Unfortunately too many times it sends me matches for people who live over a 100 miles from me and my preferences are set to less than 47. Fix thus please
  • Solicitation overload

    By Concerned User 3748826
    You are constantly bombarded with offers to buy things and it’s quite annoying.
  • don’t bother!

    By Back2BumbleChicago
    SO glad I didn’t pay! I got 5 friends to sign up with me. We all quit the app after 60 days. If I could compile a list of what I absolutely didn’t want, that was what was sent to me each day. Uneducated smokers from 2000 miles away. I thought it was a joke, then realized this was as good as it’s going to get. Don’t bother signing up.