Fudget: Budget Planner Tracker

Fudget: Budget Planner Tracker

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2014-07-27
  • Current Version: 1.8.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 35.04 MB
  • Developer: Danny Connell
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 4 535


Join over 1 million people using Fudget - the easiest to use & highest rated (4.8/5) budget app on the store! Download now and save money! *** Recently featured on the Fox 5 Atlanta TV station *** "Fudget takes the stress out of managing your money" — Engadget "Tally expenses for a business trip...or keep track of how much you're spending in real-time on vacation" — Fox 5 Atlanta (TV) "Good for tracking short-term budgets for the holidays, vacation or for tracking work expenses." — Forbes “Fudget's less-is-more approach is a Zen-like take on managing your money...” — TUAW.com CUSTOMER REVIEWS: “Great budget tool! The best tool I have found in the App Store. Hands down” ***** — Mr_clutch43, USA “Best budget app out there! No ads and simple interface equals perfect for what it is supposed to do! Well done creators!!! 5/5” ***** — Ondey101, New Zealand “FINALLY, a simple app for budgeting. I'm a young gal, and every other app went way too much into detail for me about financial stuff I didn't even know anything about. If you are looking for an app to just lay out what you make and what you need to pay, this is for you.” ***** — Kristaaaaaaaaa, Canada “The best! I've used several budget planners from the App Store and this little beauty is the best of the lot. Simple in design and very easy to use - absolutely perfect. Thank you” ***** — Wolfsbane71, UK FEATURES: - Much simpler than other apps - see people's reviews! - Create simple lists of incomings & expenses - keep track of the balance - Learn the interface in seconds - One-tap adding & editing - Tap star on an income or expense to repeat it on future budgets - No time constraints - use it monthly, weekly or however you like - Drag to reorder items - Mark an expense/income item as "paid" - optionally view the balance of only your Paid items - Choice of currency symbols (or choose your own) - Passcode lock & login - Touch ID login - secure your app and data with your fingerprint - Universal app - install on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad PRO FEATURES (require in-app purchase); - Dropbox Save & Restore - easily share your budgets with yourself across your devices or even with a loved one. Save your data securely to Dropbox and restore later to any device - Themes - choose from 8 beautiful color schemes - Calculator - quickly calculate values (addition, subtraction, multiplication & division) and insert into your budget - Export CSV - export any budget to a .csv file and open in your spreadsheet software - Remove ads



  • Review

    By FadyG27
    Great app
  • Super useful!

    By Nick of SoCal
    I'd been using Every Dollar but for some reason the developers wouldn't include the option to show the date. So I started looking for something else and found Fudget. It can be so simple and that's what I want in budgeting. Simple & useful!
  • Really Enjoy

    By Healthy Eater 85
    I give this app 4 1/2 stars. I enjoy the app because it allows me to monitor my expenses as they happen and allows me to stay on track. I would like to copy and paste multiple entries of the same item within a budget. Thank you 😀
  • lifesaver !!!

    By imhonesthonestly
    the baby made me do it.
  • Perfect

    By Iam Theone Whoknocks
    Fantastic app for balancing your budget week-to-week! 👍🏻
  • The best budgeting app!

    By CBC808
    I love it
  • Lori KOT

    By Lori KOT
    I love this application I enter in a budget it helps me track my spending and it is very user friendly. Thank you
  • Simple and easy to use.

    By MAS1719
    Effective financial tracker.
  • Easy to use!

    By Lilredannie1
    Best app I’ve found for helping me to visualize my budget!
  • What it does, it does VERY well

    By Squirrel whispers
    But if you are looking for an APP to create your budgets, and post your actuals by month, this is not it. THE GOOD. Fudget does help you create budgets, presentation, appearance and functionality are excellent. WHERE IT FELL SHORT without providing the tool for easily viewing which line items you went over/under, you unfortunately find yourself going back to Excel while you continue your search.
  • So simple!

    By JenRL5
    Best app to keep track of your expenses and have a way better clear image of where your money goes!
  • Helpful

    By Paultimlin
    I’ve just started using this helpful app. Quick and easy to use.
  • Thank you for the app

    By ydydyc
    Thank you
  • New user

    By Mary P. Kentucky
    Just really started using this. So far I like it, wish I could delete line items though. Maybe there is a way, just a new user yet. But all in all it does what I want it to do
  • JCYJR36

    By JCYJR36
    Great app! Thank you.
  • Can’t upgrade

    By YoYoSher
    I have tried many, MANY times to buy the full thing, but it keeps taking me to an Apple Login & then does nothing forever. There’s that swirling bar, but nothing else. Ever.
  • Awesome!

    By SRLA Mom
    It’s approachable not intimidating the orange is a soft color that allows me to not feel bad of the situation I’m in however it’s help me to bring my credit within a month up within a month 11% .. It’s still low but I’m more optimistic now that I’ve been able to use this program thank youthank you
  • Review

    By Faith Mcdougald
    Great app
  • Nice and simple

    By rdmontana
    A very nice and simple way to keep control of your budget.
  • Helps me stay on track!

    By ari_mommaof3
    This app has become my best tool for my budget plans. I am able to name my budgets and enter all my purchases. I use this as my “cash envelope system” by creating a budget for groceries, gas, entertainment etc. Def. recommend!
  • Love it!

    By jennijenjenn
    This is my favorite budgeting app! Very easy to use.
  • Great app!

    By Gbee34
    Love how easy it is to use and convenient!!!
  • Handy

    By kpmacky5
    I use this app every month for a very tight budget and I love it, very easy to set up, helps keep everything in line and I can see clearly where my money is going, only wish I have is that when you make a change in the order for the bills in a month, that it would update the rest of the months also, but other then that this app has been Great Thank You for making something so useful and yet easy to use.
  • Organize

    By lyndsieast
    Love the ability to organize my budget
  • Simple and sweet

    By edfinityjeff
    I love that Fudget is so easy to use it makes managing my money easier to do.
  • Still learning it, but So far So Good!!!

    By khosmernewleaf
    Just starting to play around with the free version and it seems pretty straight forward so far. I needed somewhere besides random scraps and backs of envelopes to track my bills and stay on top of due dates while seeing where it was all going...lol This seems to be a great start and like keeping your own checkbook register, (anybody remember those?);-) I like that it lets me see what my TRULY AVAILABLE BALANCE is so I can avoid those nasty bank fees! 😝 (ie funds not already committed elsewhere via bill pay or pending automatic payments, or that not yet cashed Birthday check to the Grandkids, etc.) If you enable the “Show Running Balances” feature, you can put in “expected future income” and “planned future payments” to get an idea of what you will be working with out of that next pay period and be better able to plan accordingly. *Just remember to put everything IN ORDER of the DATE it WILL BE Qadeposited or sent out (just drag the item into place and it’s related amounts and totals will follow and recalculate!) Then be sure you use the resulting Running Balance for the last CURRENT/ Actual transactions for today. (After the last current entries, but before any estimated future paychecks or bills.) NOT the Balance showing at the bottom of the page. Or I suppose you could do a new budget for each pay period and just make the first entry the “carryover balance” from the last one. Hmmm! To each their own, I guess. I gave it 4 ⭐️ ‘s because I’d like to see a few other options. But maybe I will figure out how to get it to work as is. I kinda like that it isn’t linked directly to my bank accounts. And it’s great for playing around with how much can I afford to send to whom and readjusting when my income fluctuates, or something unexpected comes up. It might be nice to have a few other column options, for things like Credit Cards, Loans, and other larger chunks that I want to chip away at over time: Total Balance Due / Minimum Payment / Due Date / Date Paid / Amount Paid Budgeted Amount vs Actual Payment Remaining Balance / Interest Added / Paid Maybe for folks who itemize deductions for their taxes there could be more specifically targeted choices. But for a simple, easy to use app, this is working fine for me!
  • Easy!

    By mylomonkey
    Just recently downloaded & haven’t looked at all the features it offers but what I have found and used, I love it!
  • Awesomeness

    By music_monsta
    Great App!! Layout is simpler than others but still meets everything I need for my budget needs! thanks
  • Great App

    By lor.leen
    I’ve been using Fudget for a bit now and I gotta say...it’s easy to, it’s clear and simple just how I like it!
  • Perfect for money balancing

    By Tommy Vongdara
    It’s made super easy for calculating what you have and what your spending
  • Thank you

    By Dollhousrs2016
    Thank you so much for creating this. It has helped my anxiety level relax a bit. I’m always worrying about my money and this helps me see it more clearly. Thank you thank you thank you
  • I love it

    By cinthia baez
    I love it!!!!
  • Fudget.

    By paidontime
    This is the best app I’ve used for budgeting. I’m disabled and my brain function is not what it used to be. It took a few days to get it to work like I wanted but now I have an excellent record from paying on time. Thanks.
  • Basic Budget App but PERFECT

    By jpratt14
    This is exactly what I have been looking for for years! I have done my budget similarly on paper. I love that this is with me all the time. It’s very easy to understand and to use! Overall this is one of the smartest apps anyone could have on their device!
  • Fudget Review-KDJ

    By KDJ-5
    I enjoy Fudget for my budgeting needs. It allows me to track my expenses and understand what I have to save for family trips, school expenses, and possible ERs. Thank you!
  • Great App!

    By TheRealSauron
    This is a great app, especially for budgeting. I also use this app as a ledger, and it works very well for that to.
  • Adorable baby

    By Gffvh
    Convinced by developer’s adorable baby in pop-up to leave a review and follow up with buying the app to remove ads. I have used Mint in the past until last year when they combined sign-in with TurboTax and now I can’t access it. However Mint was not great with managing budgets and planning cash flow for the month. This Fudget app has been a simple way for me track income and expenses at a high level, i.e., not every transaction. And I can create simple separate budgets for specific projects.

    By Own Thais usher Faldo
    Easy to use; love how it has security by fingerprint or passcode for this specific app; keeps the running balance; etc. very easy to understand and edit as needed
  • Just what I was hoping for

    By Kami42
    very well made. a great app even without the pro version
  • Perfect for PayDay Calculations

    By Courtcheeks
    I was wishing there were a simple app like this that simply deducted expenses from my income and would tell me what I had left. The chart and percentages are a plus. If I could add any updates it would be do store due dates for bills into the app to be added when needed. Finally a keeper! Update: I love the idea of the “favorites” options, however, I don’t do my budgets monthly, but rather by pay which, for me, is bi-monthly. I would LOVE an option that allows me to have favorite lists like “Expenses for Beginning of Month Pay” or whatever I choose.
  • Great!

    By Dee_davis13
    Great! This app is a life saver, it helped me put my monthly spendings into perspective! Easy to use , I love the walk in tutorial
  • Easy and Helpful

    By winterfellprincess
    This app is a great way for our family to track our budgets and share with each other!
  • Simple. Functional. I love it

    By ZellyBuxA
    I usually write down my budget (old school ) but this is just as good,
  • best personal money app!

    By jneph57
    the best simple personal budget app out there. has changed my financial situation. i love the open format!
  • Great App

    By tzhill2006
    Great App to have
  • Yay!

    By kensWife16171822
    I absolutely love this app it’s so easy and self-explanatory I definitely needed something like this to have at my fingertips instead of writing on the calendar on the wall that I can’t take everywhere with me!
  • Best one I’ve tried...

    By glennokada
    Excellent job on this app! Super easy to use, very minimal learning curve. In fact, the curve is almost flat. The only thing I wish it would allow us to do is to utilize the device’s predictive text. Whether it be the supermarket, gas stations, coffee shops, etc, it would be nice to not have to fully type in all of these places. Other than that, this is THE best out there for this particular purpose!
  • Buena plataforma

    By SG. Vzla
    Excelente, simple y practica de usar. 100% recomendada.
  • Keeping Track

    By heatherbaby22
    I really like this app, and have been using it for almost 6 months..I have a lot of different bills and to be honest I forget about some of them, so when it comes time to pay on them, all I have to do is go into Fudget and look at each bill. This app allows you to add as many bills as you wish, as well as mark off the bills you pay as you go on. You can also do multiple months/weeks/days at a time and it’s such an easy click of the button, that it will transfer all reoccurring monthly bills to the next month/week/day. It has helped me keep track of everything and remember important bills and the amount needing to pay on that bill . I will continue to use this app and would definitely recommend this app (Fudget) to others looking for something just like this!