Things 3

Things 3

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2017-05-18
  • Current Version: 3.8.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 92.85 MB
  • Developer: Cultured Code GmbH & Co. KG
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 11 168


*** APPLE DESIGN AWARD WINNER 2017 *** Meet the all-new Things! A complete rethinking of the original, award-winning task manager – with a perfect balance between simplicity and power, incredible new features, delightful interactions, and a timeless new design. HERE'S HOW THINGS WORKS If you're new to Things, this is the basic workflow: 1. Collect Your Thoughts Get things off your mind quickly with Things’ action extension – it lets you create to-dos from other apps. Or just talk to Siri on any device (“Remind me to...”) and import from Reminders. 2. Get Organized Create a project for each of your goals, then add the steps to reach them. For clarity, add structure with headings. Then group your projects by areas of responsibility, such as “Family”, “Work”, or “Health”. Review these regularly to stay on top of things. 3. Plan Your Time See your calendar events alongside your to-dos and plan your time effectively. Create repeating to-dos for things you do every few days, weeks, or months – Things will remind you on the right day. 4. Make the Most of Your Day Every morning, grab a coffee and prepare your list for “Today”: review previously planned to-dos and make quick decisions on what to tackle. Pick some more steps from your projects and then get going. The Today list is the only place you’ll need to look for the rest of the day. 5. Customize Your Workflow Use tags to categorize your to-dos or add context. For example, tag places like “Office” or “Home”, or tag all your “Errands”, or everything you’re working on with “Kate”. You can easily find everything you’ve tagged via filtering or search. HERE'S WHY WE THINK YOU'LL LOVE THINGS 1. It stays out of your way. As you start using Things, you’ll quickly notice how seamlessly all the features fit together to give you an uncluttered, focused experience. There are no unnecessary frills. No pointless gimmicks or useless controls. In fact, you’ll hardly notice the app – it’s just you and your to-dos. 2. Everything revolves around your to-dos. In Things, each of your to-dos are special. In a list, they simply show a checkbox and the title of your to-do. But when you open them, they extend into a beautiful white piece of paper that’s ready to hold your thoughts. Additional details (checklists, tags, reminders, deadline) are nicely tucked away in the corner until you need them. 3. It’s got a touch of magic. Things removes friction in magical ways. Take the new Magic Plus Button that lets you insert to-dos at any place in a list – simply via drag and drop. Or the ease at which you can multi-select and operate on many to-dos at once. Or the natural language date parser: just type “tomorrow”, “in 4 days", or “next Wednesday", and it will jump to all the right conclusions. 4. It’s got all the power of iOS. Things is fully integrated with all the latest iOS technologies: Apple Watch, Calendars, Siri & Reminders, Today Widget, Quick Actions, Action Extension, Handoff, and Notifications. 5. And much more... Everyone's got their favorite feature, it's impossible to list them all. See what our users love about Things – visit our website at: WHAT’S NEW? This is a truly incredible update, with dozens of powerful new features. See the “What’s New” section below for a full list. THINGS FOR ALL YOUR DEVICES Get Things for Mac and iPad to enjoy the full power of Things across your devices (sold separately). The apps all stay updated via Things Cloud – the push sync service that we custom-built for Things. QUESTIONS? If you have any questions, or run into any trouble – please contact us. We provide world-class, professional support for Things, and we’ll be glad to help you.



  • Please include calendar times and amazing

    By pthero2016!
    Calendar expanded plz. It makes it tough when you can’t see the whole title or the start/stop times. I have to open a separate calendar for it to work.
  • It’s ok

    By fgjjjgtfhjjg
    For a $10 paid out I thought there’d be a lot more got regular notebooks in my phone for free they’re doing the same thing this does nothing that special then any other app is doing it for free
  • Great app; terrible double dipping

    By Blake Boseman
    Fantastic to-do list with a ton of features that anybody who is in need of remaining productive can really utilize. I love the user interface and how easy it is to create new areas, projects, and lists. However, keep in mind that purchasing this app does not net you the iPad version. No, you’ll have to drop $19.99 before taxes to get that benefit. I find that absolutely ridiculous and greedy on the developer’s part when essentially all they’re doing is blowing up app to fit the screen size. So unless you have disposable income, you’ll need to have money saved up to take advantage of that benefit or deal with a zoomed in iPhone app on your iPad.
  • Good from far, far from good

    By TheRealBonmeister
    My life and that of my family runs on a series of Google Calendars, six separate calendars to be exact. I purchased this app for just under $10 in the hope that it would give me one place where I could integrate all my calendars, create "to-do" lists and keep it all organized and running in real time. Well I'm disappointed. 1) While this app has a nice clean format, it's not intuitive when it comes to adding or removing calendars. WHY do I have to go into Settings to add or remove a calendar? AND why is Settings inconveniently located at the very bottom of my screen so Im scrolling for days? 2) It has difficulty pulling in multiple Google Calendars from my phone. I have 6 calendars and this app will allow me to view 2. 3) SLOW to refresh and reflect changes made in my Google calendar. If I have an appointment that I've deleted or rescheduled on my Google calendar now I expect to be able to make the change and hit a refresh button of some kind so the changes are updated in "Things". Nope. No refresh button ansnI will not see that change reflected in "Things" until the following day. Bottom line: needs more work.
  • Amazing

    This app was clearly built by a team that understands how to get things done.
  • Total waste

    By antred18
    Don't fall for this app. It is just marketing.
  • Price to value off applications

    By the average cosumer 123
    I believe the app is useful however for $10.00, not useful enough. It’s a painful to navigate through the app and add new things to the “to-do list” honestly this is just a dollar app sold for 10.00. If your thinking about using this app I would save your money. Like I said it’s not terrible but for the price it can be a lot better. Kind of disappointed... but it can be useful just not as much as other paid reviews may say.
  • Missing “priority” ranking

    By Kleinias
    Things is great but the one feature I really miss is the ability to rank tasks by priorities/order of importance.

    By Büschel
    I used the app „informant“ for years because they offered a integration of calender events in a task manager. But they have become greedy and changed to a subscription model with $25 a year. Compared to „informant“ and other task managers things 3 has a very simple but also very efficient user interface. Example: Instead of assigning priorities to tasks, things offers the possibility to drag tasks into the desired order e.g. according to importance. I ask the developer to keep this simplicity because sometimes are less possibilities more! But I’d like to propose some additional modifications: 1. Assign tasks to „evening“ should be possible for all days 2. Integrate the possibility to enter calendar events 3. Add the possibility to use different colors for tasks 4. Reminders should be possible for all future tasks on the desired date and time
  • Great app

    By Jprietto
    This app is great I would like a time tracker in it showing how our day was used but this app is easy to use and just great!! I hope That he maintains this app forever
  • What a waste

    By eriqesque
    Wasted $10 bucks on this doesn’t no more than the calendar and reminders already on the iPhone. Also Apple says item not eligible for refund. Thanks for nothing.
  • Best to do app out there

    By Bkollus
    I have tried many many to do apps and none of them come even close to this app. This is the perfect to do app. This app is great for people who want to have a good to do list its easy and functional and you can do so many different things with this app I would highly recommend it to anybody who is looking for a do app that really works and makes your tasks easier
  • Knocked it out of the park

    By chicago_musicfan
    I was a long-time Asana devotee for my GTD-inspired productivity system. But Things 3 is even more elegant and has several killer features: dedicated Mac app with keyboard shortcuts, Reminders and Calendar integration, easy tagging/searching. Well worth the price and learning curve.
  • So great

    By iamjacksconscience
    I live and die by Things. Great for implementing GTD.
  • Life Changing

    By Kobecue
    It’s only been about three days since I downloaded Things and it has literally changed my life. As a father of three kids, a multi-business owner, employee, life can sometimes get overwhelming. Things helps me to organize all the key parts of my life. My stress and anxiety levels have decreased 1000% because I know fully well this app will remind me of important tasks. It also helps me to be in control of my life which brings more confidence. Thank you! David Lee
  • Game changer for to do lists

    By Cat young
    I love making to do lists and this has been a massive upgrade to trying to track them all in notes on my phone. It’s a great app, easy to use and well organized. I’d love to get the desktop version as well but $50 is absurd for a todo list app (make that $60 in combination with the iPhone version).
  • Blown away

    By ColHamster
    I was worried about the cost, but 30 seconds in and this app is worth every. Cent.
  • Best Task-Manager ever! 🔥

    By arkirill
    Drastically changed my life! Go forth, guy! Thanks a lot! Have it on my Mac and iPhone - 👌🏽
  • Great app

    By Lbrew81
    Beautiful app. Looks like crap in landscape mode though.
  • Rip off!

    By Oatster42
    Deceptive business practices, run from this rip off company! This is incompatible with older versions. Forces a $50 upgrade and doesn’t have a path to return to the old version. I’ll be contesting this charge. Immoral business practices. On OSX it showed that I had the latest version, until I upgraded the iPhone app. Then it wanted a $50 upgrade. For an app that only gets occasional use after a couple years, it’s not worth it. So sad.
  • The best app to get things done

    By Mr. Doomsbuster
    I was a pile of disorganized mess with so many things on my mind that I was stressed all the time. This app has helped me gain a view into my life and get organized so it can have stress free productivity. I use it all the time.
  • Very Dissatisfied

    By Danny4652
    $9.99 for an app that won’t allow you to modify events within it.
  • Beautiful, slow

    By Tristan Berger
    This app is functional, beautiful, and better thought-out than almost any other. The task list strategy it’s built around feels like the realization of my many half-baked ideas about how a todo app should work. And this is an unusually slow app. Even on an iPhone X there’s a half-second delay before everything. Jotting something down takes a second or two longer than it could. Interaction is constantly interrupted by brief waits.
  • Hyper Productivity

    By Trey Demas
    This app is amazing. There are many features in the app that puts this app above others. I use this app for homework, upcoming tests for school, home chores, reminders, and more. You can organize stuff in this app so efficiently and clean. It’s definitely worth the ten dollars you pay, and soon I’ll be getting the iPad app.
  • Fantastic App and I have a suggestion

    By هه ريم حسن محمد
    Thank you for your incredible app it's worth this price. And I have a suggestion for you to make a habbit tracker app if you can. Thank you
  • It’s great but...

    By Ziriko Ruige
    The app design is beautiful and the features are all functional and easy to use. I don’t like the app icon though. This is an easy fix though. Please add other options for the App icon, either other designs or color schemes
  • Disappointed

    By JHawkFan123
    I bought the iPhone version of Things 3. I loved the design of the app. I went to install it on my iPad Pro, and found I had to pay another $30. This is a very basic app, and all other cheaper to-do apps on the App Store come with iPhone and iPhone support in the same app. As I was thinking about buying the iPad version of the app, I went into the comments and saw there are no location based reminders. These are mobile devices that we take with us, and location based reminders is a foundation level todo app feature. I can’t believe it doesn’t have it. I use location based todos all the time. Looks like I won’t be using this app. I wasted $10 for an app I’ll never use.
  • Game Changer

    By Xpectation
    This app was recommended and has lived up to its recommendation. Excellent tool for productivity and staying on target with tasks. Minor learning curve but one should take advantage of the tutorials provided, as it will speed up your adaptation to the app and it's many capabilities. It's a must have.
  • So darn close

    By Eddiemoto
    Features missing... 1. Can share or assign a task to someone else. It would be nice to give my wife a task an know when it is completed. 2. A web based version. While at work, it would be much better to work from a browser than my iPhone. 3. I love adding items from my watch but then they go into the inbox. Gone and can’t see it until I go to my phone. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Is there any logic at all to anytime?
  • I’ve tried them all, GREATEST task app available

    By Customer A
    I don’t write reviews and I’ve tried Microsoft to-do, Wunderlist, ToDo, etc. and they all fell short. Things 3 is in a total class if it’s own!!!! The UX is next level and if you are and iPhone and Apple Watch user you’ll literally fall over when you use it. How is this now the highest rated and most talked about app!?!?! So, appreciative of the incredible effort that went into this UX masterpiece. Wow. Thanks, Justin
  • Software doesn’t work and no support is provided

    By highhopes21
    Not impressed. The watch app doesn’t open or opens only for 1 second and then goes blank.
  • Enjoying this app, thank you.

    By UrbanPeace
    Thank you for this awesome app 😁. Would it be possible in the future to add the option to snooze for a day as well? Thanks in advance.
  • My day ends at 3:00 am

    By SBM1235
    Since my day ends at 3:00 am, there should be a way to group my tasks such that 9:00am to 3:00 am is my "Today".
  • The Best!

    By —Tyke—
    Hands down this is the best app I’ve ever had. Clean and simple but very powerful when it comes to organizing everything in my life.
  • Watch app doesn’t sync

    By humpdaddy74
    Tried resetting sync with my iPhone and uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it doesn’t show any of my data in the Watch app. And this was the feature I wanted MOST from the app. So disappointed.
  • Most effective organizer I have used

    By Rod Jeff
    My days can be very hectic. Things has brought an organizational tool that is very effective in helping me stay on track
  • Useful

    By VHoenecke
    My favorite to-do lists app! Very handy and well organized. It is quickly replacing my bullet journal.
  • Great app. Dark mode very colorful

    By Salll
    Wonderful app that is almost perfect. Dark mode is okay lay but the colors are way too bright. Needs a way to turn off the daily reminder about new tasks, because I have eyes to see there are new tasks, and a way to delay subsequent repeating tasks if you fail to check one off in time.
  • Better than OmniFocus

    By Carl in Oakland
    More of a wish list then a review. • Can we adjust the font size? • Can we have project by project review similar to OF? Other than those things this app is perfect.
  • Please add a Windows or web client

    By jbond024
    I realize this is a huge ask but we’d happily pay for access.
  • Crashes too often now

    By 1PT8T
    Today tried to add a task with a deadline and each time I select the date it would crash. Try again and same thing happens. I have to force quit the app and launch again. Love the app but these crashes are becoming a nuisance and beginning to impede my productivity rather than help improve it. 12/19 Update: App still crashes like crazy! Every time I try and create a task and add a DUE DATE it just quits. Try again same thing. Force quit and try - same. Hate to have to delete the app and reinstall but apparently this bug is not addressed in the update rolled out two days ago...
  • Utterly amazing

    By Cathrob
    I have so many apps like this and this is the ONLY ONE worth putting all your stuff into and committing to. Bravo!!!!
  • Dark mode looks awesome!

    By xpablocx
    Long time user of Things here. Just wanted to say that the dark mode addition is 👌🏻.
  • Astounding

    By spacecrafter3d
    This is the most beautifully designed app I’ve ever seen. And the way it manages scheduling tasks vs deadlines seems to be exactly what I’ve been looking for in a task management app.
  • Love it!

    By lls1997
    This has made my organizational dreams of a life time come true. Every thing I’ve tried to do with paper, calendars, and other apps (that haven’t quite worked) are all streamlined in this app. The best $10 I’ve spent.
  • I’m a convert! + !!!DARK MODE!!!

    By Alex - El
    After spending the last year trying many task managers I’ve finally settled on Things 3 for the foreseeable future. I was holding off trying it out because there was no dark mode (a non-negotiable feature for me) and now that they’ve added it, Things 3 has blown me away with it’s combination of powerful features and simple UI. All of the gestures became intuitive almost immediately. It’s simple enough for anyone new to task managers yet powerful enough for most power users. The people who make this app have a keen understanding of design and have made something really special.
  • Location based reminders

    By kessragnell
    Pros: Beautiful UI. Functional organization system. Cons: No location reminders. Sync with proprietary service instead of iCloud.
  • Much improved over previous versions

    By Ryanide
    I really like the built in tutorial. You can see that the developer has put a lot of time and effort into the development and has made it very functional and intuitive. Love it.
  • My MOST important app! 💯

    By Hv1806
    This app is so essential for me, as I’m a college student who has a lot of assignments and sometimes forgets things. It lets me organize everything into categories and the UI is beautiful. Also thank you for a dark mode!! I just have one big suggestion which I would find extremely useful: please allow for us to upload images onto the tasks/projects. And also I would love if there was custom ringtones!