Be My Eyes – Helping the blind

Be My Eyes – Helping the blind

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2014-09-24
  • Current Version: 3.1.19
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 155.88 MB
  • Developer: Be My Eyes
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 3 925


Small acts of kindness with global impact! • Dubai Expo 2020 Global Innovator • Winner of GOV Design Awards 2018 - Digital Experience • Winner of Tech4Good Awards 2018 - AbilityNet Accessibility Award Lend your sight to blind and low vision people through a live video connection, or receive assistance through the global network of volunteers. Be My Eyes connects blind and low vision users with sighted volunteers or company representatives who can assist them with a range of tasks. Blind and low vision users can request help from a sighted volunteer, who is notified on their phone. As soon as the first volunteer accepts the request for help, a live audio-video connection is established between the two parties. Through the blind or low vision user’s rear-facing camera, the volunteer can see the item or subject the user needs assistance with and provide the visual description he or she needs. As a blind or low vision user, you can request assistance through Be My Eyes at any time of the day, from anywhere in the world, in more than 180 languages. Be My Eyes connects you to a sighted volunteer who speaks your language and can help you with anything from simple tasks, like checking expiry dates, to more complicated situations, like navigation or finding a lost item. With the Specialized Help feature, you can receive help directly from our partner companies if you have issues or questions regarding their specific products or services. Just tap the Specialized Help option and choose a company from the menu to call through Be My Eyes. You will be directly connected to a company representative through a live video connection. As a sighted volunteer, you’ll receive a notification when a blind or low vision user requires some assistance. The first volunteer to answer the request will be connected to the blind or low vision user, so don’t worry if you’re not able to answer the call, another volunteer will step in instead. Be My Eyes only takes a few minutes of your time, making it easy to fit into any schedule and make a real difference in another person’s day. - Live audio-video connection between the two parties - 90 % of calls answered within 30 seconds - Add the languages you speak in settings



  • Sighted Review

    By Wow, Ethan Keep it up
    Although calls are few and far between, it’s great to see an app that has millions able to assist the low vision and blind people of the world! When calls come, I know that if I can’t answer it immediately, there are thousands the receive the same alert.
  • The beauty of this app

    By therealdmfd
    This app is incredible I’ve only got one call in about a month but I love it, the idea behind this is amazing I’m honored to be apart of this movement!
  • Volunteer since 2014

    By spaad221
    The best APP I ever used
  • No calls, but would love to help!

    By MiataZoom
    Think this is a great idea, but never get called. I'm sure there are more volunteers than those needing service but would love to help out.
  • Helping App

    By Nepal gaming community
    Great App! Especially if you are willing to help the people in society
  • HumbledSoul

    By HumbledSoulOfMine
    I think this app is something marvelous Genius I applaud thee
  • Hate to complaint

    By KanyeJay
    I hate to complaint but I download this app the day it come out, ever sense I have maybe revive only hand full of calls but ever sense in the last year this app has been wasting space in my phone, if I knew this was going to be the case I would of had volunteer in my church more soon. Smh
  • Awesome app!!

    By Awesome_Nurse
    This is a must have! We have to help one another and this app allows us to do just that! This is an awesome app that everyone should have!
  • Amazing

    By Cuuugal
    Such an amazing app! There should be more apps like these.
  • Revolutionary!!!

    By Mouraaa
    At first I didn’t get any calls. I thought it was a good idea but I didn’t get to try it so that kinda bummed me out. Today I got my first call! It was absolutely amazing. I simply chose an outfit for the kind man. However, it made really happy. It made my day! Also, the connection was flawless and I also generally like the design of the app! This should be the future! It is revolutionary!!!
  • Missing Sign in with Apple

    By CorrectOpinionMan
    5 stars after this app implements Sign in with Apple!
  • Wonderful tool

    By Cadillac_8
    I am a “helper”, and so far I’ve gotten two calls to help others! I just enjoy it, period! What a wonderful tool for the blind who need help with tasks that most of us take for granted!
  • التميز والرقي والتحضر والإبداع

    By كفيف يتحدى المستحيل
    اشكركم بكل اللغات ومن أعماق القلب
  • T-ril

    By t-ril
    Wonderful service
  • Small suggestion

    By cactuscat
    I love the app and have been able to help one person so far but, I would really like to have the option to change the alert sound. The sound now is not loud enough to be heard when I’m in public. Please think about adding that option. Thanks
  • This app is genius!

    By dsfrank66
    Such a small thing for me to take a minute out of my day to answer a call from a blind person. you are helping someone with something that seems trivial to us but bc they’re blind, they need the help. If i miss a call, i feel solace to know someone else had gotten it.
  • Schedule availability

    By personpersonpersonpersonperson
    It would be helpful to allow volunteers to enter their availability to receive calls.
  • Sara

    By saragacha12690
    Omg I downloaded this and the first thing I do on it is help an old lady pick out her dress for a date and I’m still dying she was so happy!!!!
  • Wonderful.

    By Insprucker
    I have received two video calls from the blind in 2018. Identified a pill, helped read someone’s thermostat and show which buttons to push to bring the heat on.
  • Love it

    By VanitysLoved
    I rarely get calls but when I do I’m so excited to help. This app is a blessing and I enjoy it!
  • An amazing app

    By astrovan jesus
    Truly a wonderful and beautiful way to help & connect with people.
  • Amazing app!

    By kAfffffy
    I answered my first call today and it was such an amazing experience! IF YOU ARE NOT SIGNED UP, YOU NEED TO BE! You could help someone!
  • Love it!

    By Financiallyfreein2016
    Love this idea, such a blessing on both sides.
  • Service made easy!

    By JessicaBryan.
    Such a great app. There is no pressure to answer a call if you are busy or can’t answer. When you do it is easy and convenient for both parties. It’s a great way to help out with very little effort!
  • Amazing

    By justinforevaevaeva
  • Pericolosa!

    By eri.84203
    Non si sa mai chi c’è al di là del telefono!!! Ti chiamano anche persino vedenti, gruppi di ragazzi ignoranti che trovano divertimento nell’importunare chi risponde alle chiamate! Dovete gestire questa App in modo migliore!
  • Never got a call

    By @caroediem
    I never got a call
  • 👌🏻👋🏻

    By 19arslan99
  • Need to use it to rate better

    By DutchAtx
    I had high hopes when I learned of the app. Still think it’s an awesome concept but after signing up in July, I’ve yet to receive a call. I’d love to help, and would love to receive a call & update the rating but I guess until I do I have to leave at 1 bc I’m still not sure it really works.
  • Feels great to be helpful!

    By FinaToo
    Great app!
  • Outstanding App

    By Dirty birdie 68
    Received my first call today! What a blast to help someone out....
  • Amazing

    By Elibya
    The best app! It’s a blessing to have eyes and to help those who aren’t able to see well or to see at all. My first call humbled me.
  • Thank you

    By Lauandrealights
    Thank you for letting us help other ones to see the world. I am truly honored to be a volunteer.
  • Really helpful

    By soodyknight9
    I was watching YouTube one day I got this ad I so far have only gotten one call but it’s nice to know that there are close to 4 million people that are willing to spare a few minutes to help someone other then themselves. If you like to help, this is the app for you!!
  • Good but not at the same time

    By Cookie lover over 9000
    I downloaded this app over a month ago and I haven't gotten a call yet. That is what I mean by it is good but not good for what it is supposed to be
  • Digital community of Service & Love

    By Sebnesd
    I’m not technically savvy Yet this App is so simple and user friendly To be of service aiding others with Big & little daily tasks, is a Gift to all involved. “Sometimes the greatest contribution we can make is to allow others to contribute to us” I weep with joy when I read the stories This is the kind of world ( Community) I hope to age into. Cooperation vs competition
  • App is a joy, makes it easy to lend a helping hand!

    By AnotherRegularGuy
    Be My Eyes makes it easy to lend a helping hand to others! What a joy to spend just a few moments to offer assistance that can really make another person’s day!
  • Helping

    By Tigger360360
    I love helping people see!
  • Rice

    By GSBrox
    I helped a nice lady cook rice! It was a really touching experience!
  • Awesome app

    By I awesomeness
    So far I have only received a few calls but I’m always happy to drop everything I’m doing to help out 100%. These guys are improving lives.
  • amazing app, just not fit for me

    By wixnzy
    this app is truly amazing and has a great purpose, but it gives me too much anxiety to function. a very nice man asked me to translate a password for him to get into some sort of program, and he did everything he should have and could have done. i just get too afraid and anxious to be able to properly help, i think i get scared because i know subconsciously that these people can’t help they’re blind and struggle so much because of it and that thought is too much for me to bear. if i could go back i would’ve helped him out better because he deserved so much more than me, and for anyone who has that type of anxiety towards these situations please don’t download it because someone who can help will happily do the job for you, it’s okay to not be able to help out sometimes, just remember that :)
  • Happy to help!

    By themissbliss
    This app is so fantastic and I am so happy to be able to be of service to the blind users of this app. My father and grandfather have both passed and had degenerative eye diseases that rendered them blind so this is especially dear to my heart. I have only received one call but it was so heart warming and this is just a genius way to help people all over the world. I hope to get many many more calls! Thank you.
  • Feel Good feelings

    By morg60
    It is so humbling to help those in need. I enjoy learning what country and states they are calling from.
  • Fantastic App

    By Usual hamza
    I’ve gotten the opportunity to help three people with this app after only having it for 6 months. Absolutely love it.
  • Perfect app

    By salih mena
    Perfect app
  • Good

    By EdgyPuppetNoodle
    Although i havent gotten the chance to help someone, its cool.
  • Amazing

    By Ampelus
    App works great!
  • my second call!!

    By neph_u
    this app is AMAZING!! i just finished my second call and was able to help a blind person across the country with a very simple task of using their microwave. this app is really using tech to help the blind community. GET THIS APP!!
  • Got my first Call Today

    By Highwyman
    After signing up 7 weeks ago, I got my first call today. It made my day. Helped a gentleman identify a DVD he was looking for. Loved being able to help.