Smart Receipts

Smart Receipts

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2014-08-18
  • Current Version: 1.14.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 75.40 MB
  • Developer: Smart Receipts LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 2 750


Turn your phone into a receipt scanner, mileage tracker, and expense report generator with Smart Receipts! Save time on expenses to get back to what matters. SMART RECEIPTS IS PERFECT FOR BOTH INDIVIDUALS AND BUSINESSES! With fully customizable PDF, CSV, and ZIP reports, you can create professional reports for both your personal finance tracking and your employer’s needs. Smart Receipts allows you to select from over 20 different default data types (including dates, price, tax, receipt categories, comments, payment methods, etc.) to help you generate the perfect report, saving you hours of time doing expenses and getting you back to things you actually care about. TIRED OF SPENDING HOURS SCANNING RECEIPTS? Join over 500,000 users, who save hours each week using Smart Receipts to manage their expenses and generate expense reports. Smart Receipts was designed by a traveling consultant, so it is built for both efficiency and flexibility. TRUSTED & SECURE Smart Receipts is an open source, so you can be trust that your expense data remains yours and won't be secretly sold to third-party advertisers. FEATURES: • Create expense report "folders" to categorize your receipts • Take receipt photos with your camera's phone • Import existing pictures on your device • Import PDF receipts • Save receipt price, tax, and currency • Tag receipt names, categories, payment method, comments, and other metadata • Create/edit/delete all receipt categories • Track distance traveled for mileage reimbursement • Automatic exchange rate processing • Smart prediction based on past receipts • Generate PDF, CSV, & ZIP reports • Fully customizable report output • Automatic backup support via Google Drive • OCR support for receipt scans COMING SOON: • Graphical breakdowns of spending per category • Any many more... LICENSE: Smart Receipts is open-source and licensed under the AGPL ( This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Affero General Public License for more details.



  • Ahhhmazingly super easy!

    By Perfectionist at its Finest
    This is great for when you travel for work. It’s very easy to use, and keeps you really organized without having to keep up with receipts! My favorite app on my phone at this moment!
  • By far the best!

    By emilkara
    If you travel and you need to keep track of receipts, this is by far the best app. I’ve tried a few, to me this one has it all. Not only that, but it gets regular updates and developer actually listens and responds to comments. Definitely one of the most valued productivity apps on my phone.
  • Almost perfect

    By Cowboy92Brew
    Works great for tracking receipts and categorizing expenses immediately. Offers the ability to run multiple expense reports at once so I am able to track my receipts for consumables in one report and each depreciation schedule in separate reports. This makes tax season a breeze. The only issue is this year I had a large amount of receipts into the app and when the report was exported the pictures of the receipts were pixelated from the size being dropped. The app needs to have to ability to save the receipt photos at their full pixel value and then have the ability to export the reports by either logging into an online drive or send the report to the iCloud. This would allow you to receive your full report on your computer where you need it without losing the picture value of your receipts by having to send them report in an email with limited space.
  • 10 cents per scan

    By Ascegan
    Requires email/password to work. Does nothing unless you subscribe for $0.10 per scan. I’m deleting this
  • App doesn’t work

    By Jason & Beth
    This app doesn’t work. There’s no support. Their website doesn’t work. Can’t create a login to complete my account so I can use the app. How do I get this resolves or refunded?
  • I don’t like it, can i got my money back ? Only pass 5 minutes

    By I luv angry bird :D
    Not what i was looking for
  • Stores data on the device

    By KLCotten
    The fact that the data is stored on the device, instead of a cloud makes it a total loser in my option. If I am going to scan all my receipts, I want to know they are safe in a cloud and available to me from any device. There is also the matter of using device storage space to keep receipts.
  • App will not email correctly

    By cooglerc
    The app when I was in android worked great. Now that I’m on iPhone every time I generate a pdf table and try to send in email. It takes 8 hours before the email will send. I’m done with this app, I need for my work expenses but this is just ridiculous.
  • Great Tool

    By Dp175
    I have been very pleased with this product as it gives me a fast reliable way to capture my receipts and submit my expenses to corporate.
  • Disappointed

    By rocky123458
    I have way more than 10 receipts to scan, and it automatically charged me. I’d like a refund as this is not the right app for me... please and thank you
  • Masked writing expense reports very easy

    By 1eb
    See title! I never miss a receipt because I capture the pic instantly. Also the report that is generated is helpful and all in one document making it very easy to send in one email with very few attachments. I really love it 😊
  • Very Good Organization App

    By 1BWBaer
    I’m happy to have found a way to photo copy my receipts as a back up but I wish there was an easier way to organize the dates better since I prefer to log my activity by months. (Ex. 1/12/17, 2/5/17)
  • Life’s Simplest Expense Reporting

    By #LifeHacks
    Love this app. Makes expense reporting so much simpler. I used to cut, paste, scan receipts and spent countless hours organizing and submitting at the end of the week. Now I take a picture when I’m done eating and organize on the fly. Must have for road warriors.
  • Yes, I love it!

    By Dannyd9
    I checked out many different apps and none of them worked easily. But when I found this one, it fit my busy life and had more features than I ever dreamed. I love it! Thanks.
  • Great App Great Support

    By Houdini225
    The app is extremely easy to use and the longer you use it the easier it gets because it starts to learn your patterns. Also support is super quick.
  • Ok app

    By Maggie375
    I need to scan my receipts and there is no example to show how to do that I thought a camera would open up it’s not opening up and I feel like I just wasted 499 for something that I may not be able to use. Help!!!
  • Would like to share

    By Pote05
    I love the app, but I use it on my IPhone. Would love to share to IPad to edit or just see on bigger screen.
  • Great tool

    By SEP74
    Works well for trip capture of expenses
  • Great App!

    By JJS7119
    This app is really helpful and easy to use. I did have to contact support for an issue on my side. Bill was absolutely amazing and helped me tremendously. He went above and beyond to help me with my issue!!!!! Thank you again!
  • SmartReceipts

    By Rudolph2
    Simple and targeted app that keeps the goal of recording receipts in mind. The drawback for my personal use is that the records can only be captured by one person, at this time, so recording receipts is a more cumbersome for a central family record. I am glad to have found this app.
  • Can’t import file to iPhone

    By carlokedar
    I recently switched from android to iPhone and I can’t import the file from google drive to the app on my iPhone. The app is great by the way but I need to be able to import info...
  • Love this app

    By Boo hag
    I love it, and the person who processes my expense reports really loves it!
  • Used to love this app

    By Balloonman 59
    With the latest updates it no longer allows for editing or viewing details. I can retake the picture or veiw it. It was better before. All in all I like it but I once loved it.
  • Barber

    By Great Recorder
    Love It
  • Issues with app

    By Bloucky_123
    Unable to add more then one picture. I have a tip receipt and an itemized receipt.
  • PDF functionality

    By DONWE3
    Wish you guys would add a feature to use a PDF for the receipt. Hotels, rental cars, airlines...all have PDFs. Has to be a way...
  • Easy

    By littlelucyg
    Quick and easy. Great way to save and organize receipts. Glad I have it
  • Very good, overall

    By Oh Jeeperz!
    For me, this app needs one improvement to be a 5 star—the ability to edit an entry. If that ability is currently available, I can’t find it, so it should be easier to find. Otherwise, I think this is a great app.
  • Nice but limited

    By nzplatt
    It’s easy to use but you are stuck with the limited number of categories they creat
  • Almost Amazing

    By asfx15
    This app is great! Specially for my business. It helps you keep track of all your receipts and allows you to log all of your expenses. The best part it allows you to turn in for your company's taxes on a spreadsheet for easy calculations when doing write offs. The only problem I have with this app is that it doesn't allow you title the receipt the way you need to. But still an awesome app!!!!!
  • Love this Expense App

    By Pandapowers17
    This expense tracking app saves me hours of time and frustration putting together paperwork and submitting expense reports to my company. It has turned into a very quick and easy app that allows me 10 minutes to complete my weekly expense report. Love it.
  • Great

    By Saill8
    Truly wonderful app for receipt tracking
  • App shuts down when trying to backup

    By SeeLaHSee
    This needs to be fixed. Otherwise, five stars.
  • Awesome Organizational Tool

    By Throbin323
    What an easy way to keep all of your expense receipts in one place. Highly recommended!!!
  • An Extremely Nice App

    By Joe Keigh
    After trying about 20 different apps from Scanning Only Apps to Scanning Expense Apps. This Does what most people would need and does it extremely well. It may not have auto character recognition like some of the Very Pricey Options. However, it is very easy to use and you don't need to have a WiFi or Data connection until you are ready to send your report. Which makes it very fast to use and enter receipts!! The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because it doesn't have the ability to crop the images taken of a receipt, so that the receipt looks clean and sharp. It would be a welcomed addition. Otherwise, the App is AWESOME in my opinion!
  • This is How It's Supposed to Be Done

    By BassManNV
    Amazing platform with super easy navigation. Tons of flexibility to do what you need to.
  • The App I needed!!!

    By Jose A-M 99999
    Great app. Just what I needed. This app is easy to use and reliable. I use it to cut down on work time while expense reporting on business trips. I especially like that its reports are customizable. I make them look like my company's so it is one less thing i have to post-process. I tested many apps. Almost a year ago I found SmartReceipts and never looked back.
  • Awesome

    By TJ3in1
    Despite occasional bug, this is a really great app that has made my expense reporting a breeze. Two thumbs up!
  • Great application

    By Adman2174
    Works like a charm!
  • Confusing

    By lesliew508
    Why take a picture if I have to manually put everything in? No category for "supplies". I uninstalled
  • Love it

    By ryanebiggs
    This application reduces the time I spend doing expenses every week. And it allows me to throw away all those unwanted receipts!
  • Great app

    By kss110
    App is awesome! Great why to keep track of my receipts and not have to worry about losing them and categorizing them.

    By 2RobertC
    I don't write reviews but I couldn't help myself after evaluating SmartReceipts. It is SMART, SIMPLE, and everything you need without the bells and whistles to get in your way.
  • Full-powered and easy to use

    By PandaPromblez
    Smart Receipts is an excellent app that allows me to easily create clean expense reports to turn into my employer, to keep of tax deductible expenses and to track expenses to send to my landlord. And best of all, it's free.
  • Helpful, but needs improvement

    By Casigg10
    This app is definitely helpful, but the are some things that would make it a lot more user friendly. 1. You cannot edit an entry once (name/description/or $ amount) 2. The only way to change the order of entries is to move one line at a time, and you cannot change the default to start your report from start date, or end date (it automatically lists entries end date to start date)
  • Not what you think

    By Lady 7
    I give it 3 stars since it has potential for the business person who may travel for their business. But if you plan to use this app to keep track of everyday expenses look elsewhere. You cannot enter multiples of the same store, i.e. Publix, Lowes, ect. The app merges the two transactions both date and expense, and you wont be able to differentiate the transactions later or the dates. It doesn't merge receipts either, just keeps the most recent image of a receipt taken.
  • Can't export info so not helpful

    By CSDmom
    Once I figured out how to use the app (not super "user friendly") things were going fine. Although you cannot edit an individual entry, still was committed to using. But now I can no longer export the data. I contacted them, but never heard back and still cannot export and it has been about 6 weeks and still cannot export. I'm done!
  • Confusing at the start

    By NonaDW
    I have had the App for 2 weeks now on my droid phone, and there is absolutely no guidance system for new users, nor does the App contain a "help" option. I went online to look for help. I am not a business person. I am a housewife trying to make smart decisions for my family. All I wanted to do is delete the mistakes I made while figuring this thing out, but even the small issues aren't addresses. To delete or edit one needs to long touch the item. Would that small bit of information to difficult to share. We're it not for the lack of an useful help section I would give the App 4 stars.
  • Can't enter date correctly.

    By Ja-kid
    The App was a great value, until it suddenly stop allowing me recently, to put the day of the week in. Now it will only let me put the Month and year, which makes it now useless. If only for that, I would have given it 5 stars.