NordVPN: VPN Fast & Unlimited

NordVPN: VPN Fast & Unlimited

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2014-12-09
  • Current Version: 4.4.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 129.79 MB
  • Developer: Tefinkom & CO S.A.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 39 935


Enjoy safe and private Internet access with the world’s most advanced VPN. With NordVPN app for iPhone and iPad you can privately surf the Web and secure your Wi-Fi connections against various cyber threats. Sign up for your free trial now. Read on for more! PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY Open the app and pick one of our 5000+ remote servers that are located in 60 countries. STAY SECURE NO MATTER WHAT With the NordVPN app on, all your Internet traffic is strongly encrypted and extremely difficult to decipher. What is more - we don’t keep any logs of your activity. JUST TAP AND RUN Click the activation button to turn your protection on and off. To select a server, simply click on the map or browse the country list. TAKE US FOR A TEST DRIVE Still not sure? NordVPN offers a 7-day free trial on all subscription plans, so you have nothing to lose. YOU MAY ALSO LIKE THESE FEATURES: - Unlimited VPN traffic - Friendly 24/7 support - Automatic Kill Switch - Connect up to 6 devices under one account - Military-grade encryption protocols (IKEv2/IPsec) Ready to go? Try NordVPN for free now. Automatic Renewal • NordVPN is a paid service so you’ll need a subscription to get started. The 12-month subscription plan costs $83.99. • The payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. • The subscription renews automatically unless the auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current billing period. • Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of your selected subscription. • Your subscriptions can be managed and auto-renewal can be turned off by going to your App Store Account Settings. • You are welcome to read NordVPN Terms of Service and Privacy Policy here:



  • Want it Get it Have it

    By !Timmehhhh!
    Just do it. The Russians are coming.
  • NordVPN

    By 32+6
    Excellent product
  • Constantly disconnects

    By AustinAlright
    Disconnects on Chromebook and iPhone. Especially tricky to get to work on Chromebook requiring the need to turn wifi/vpn off and then back on again.
  • TYT Sent Me

    By HelloPhotoKitty
    I’ve heard about Nord VPN for a couple of years on the main show on TYT. I decided to start live streaming content but worried about my location and information being vulnerable. Then I heard Ana mention the condom for your internet :D and I was reminded the solution for my concerns! Been working great so far. Very pleased.
  • Crap

    By kingheemar
    It log me out everytime, and sometimes when I try to make use of it keep telling me USER AUTHENTICATION FAILED. I’ll be lucky if I’m able to connect to a location without any of this two issues, please fix this it’s really important Logging me out completely and USER AUTHENTICATION FAILED even when I finally get to login back Fix it
  • Great

    By timetrapper274
    Nord vpn is cheap and a really good vpn it even works with Netflix and if you want to watch the Big Bang theory on United Kingdom VPN
  • Terrible

    By xbhxhzbzbxx
    This is the only vpn service out here that doesn’t connect....I’ve reinstalled it in many different ways and this app does not connect no matter what I do...complete scam and a waste of money
  • Please don’t purchase

    By mckcck
    This vpn is useless and the every node is unavailable , you can’t even require for refund .I recommend you to use express vpn
  • Buggy

    By FZ_IT
    Wish I could rate this app higher than one star. But until it stops requiring you to log out and back in almost every day I can’t. The app basically hangs itself and requires either a logout or a phone restart to reconnect.
  • Bad

    By 超级坏小子
    Can’t connect to the server and didn’t even give a reason.
  • Cost subscription

    By shane37484
    Why can’t you do a lower subscription not everybody can afford the yearly subscription
  • Domics

    By Overwatch nurd
    Thanks domics
  • Useless in China

    By Honest Oliver
    They put so much money into marketing but they can't make this VPN work in China. Should rename it from NordVPN to NoVPN to reflect the reality of this crappy app.
  • I was skeptical

    By Mayham13
    Alright in all honesty I tried to avoid trying or using NordVPN because of its popularity! I thought I was fine and content using other VPN’s like “something” Vanish, Express “***”, or CyberGhoul, boy was I wrong oh man was I wrong! The specialty servers are probably one of the finer points let me explain to those that haven’t used NordVPN yet! Most VPN’s are exactly that a VPN some have more servers than others which I thought was the only selling point for their VPN it makes sense right the more servers the better the product! Well Nord has a ton of servers an amount rival to that of the other VPN’s I’ve tried, but what sets them apart is their specialty servers as I was saying! Now one of the servers isn’t quite available on the iOS platform quite yet I’m sure someday It will be, hopefully? NordVPN on the android platform has a server that allows you to browse onion sites, no more using shady difficult to find browsers just to go on the dark web now you can do it through the safety of the VPN. In addition to that you can get your own private IP they offer A double VPN, P2P VPN and an obfuscated VPN All of which are completely safe and do exactly what they say they’re going to do. If you don’t believe me well then check them out yourself they have a free trial version and it’s worth checkingout you will be happy because if I was in then you will too! Thank you so much for reading this I do not work for the company it truly is a real review and if safety or VPN is what you need while you’re online then this VPN is definitely one to look at!
  • Never had a problem on any of my devices

    By Cswans10
    I’ve read some of these negative reviews and I have to say idk what you guys are talking about. Yes you should do your research but this is one of the best VPN services because they are not located in the U.S. The only questionable thing I could say about the vpn is i am not positive it works over cellular connection. I’ve never had my real location shown on any of my devices except over cellular and only when I am on google. No account logged in either.
  • Smh

    By ajdkskckc
    Used to be great, now keeps crashing and doesn’t function properly. Makes it a headache dealing with it. And I paid a full year🤦🏽‍♂️
  • Internet restrictions

    By 鱼儿爱小猪
    Unable to establish connections while in China.
  • Good service

    By @outwest
    They have come a long way. Connect is very fast and I don’t notice any slow down although I haven’t done a speed test. Also, it stays connected until I disconnect, as opposed to a year ago when it disconnected when it wanted. Good service now.
  • Can not use in China now

    By yuncuing
    I can’t use it more than 15 days and I don’t know why,
  • Known Bug Drops 5 Star App to 1 Star

    By PuzzledInTexas
    I have been using VPNs on my personal devices for years. I switched from a competitor VPN a year ago because of a few traits, but the primary feature that I wanted was the internet kill switch. Unfortunately, there is a known bug in both the desktop & iOS apps which render this relatively useless. For some reason - both versions of the app randomly requests your password. On the iOS app, you can hit “cancel” & the app connects. Not so on the desktop app (Windows 10). On the desktop version, canceling doesn’t work. The app needs to connect to the internet to verify your password you cannot do if you have the internet kill switch enabled. Also, you cannot change the app settings to disable the kill switch without accessing the internet. So you get caught in a do loop. The help desk rep was very helpful. He said it’s a known issue, but was unable to provide an ETA on an update. The fix is to uninstall the app, reboot, & reinstall the app which isn’t a fix - it’s a clunky workaround (at best). Of course, you could simply disable the kill switch between sessions, but it’s hard to remember to do that & then leaves you exposed if you forget to enable it. And it defeats one of the best features of the VPN - seamless & automatic internet security. Until recently, I would have given this app 5 stars. I’d love to recommend NordVPN, but until this bug is resolved, I would not recommend it as it doesn’t work as advertised across all devices. I truly hope this is resolved expeditiously as I sincerely like & appreciate NordVPN. As soon as it is resolved, I’d be happy update my rating & review. **** Update June 14, 2019 The issue with Windows 10 still exists. I’m stuck in a loop where I cannot log onto the app because access to the internet is prevented because of kill switch setting is set to “always”, but I cannot log onto the app to turn off the kill switch. I do not understand why you cannot launch the application to change kill switch settings when you do not have access to the internet.
  • Subscription choices?

    By prunch
    Created an account within the app and it’s telling me to choose a subscription. The only choice it’s giving me is a yearly option for $84. I’d rather get a one month to see if the service fits my needs over the next 30 days than find it doesn’t and throw away $84.
  • Works Great

    By Rafael GV.
    I have been using this while traveling in Spain and it has performed wonderfully. I have had no issues at all.
  • Waist of money

    By .-..-..-..---..-.-
    Nord vpn does not work consistently you never know when it is going to connect or not and more often then not it will not connect. When it does connect it will be after half an hour of trying to connect to different servers this vpn is a rip off and it’s not worth the trouble.
  • I like it but ...

    By Hater from the stars
    For me Nord VPN is one of the best VPN services out there and is effective for daily use, but sometimes I get logged out for no reason and then i can’t log back in. I tried closing the application and opening the application back again with no avail and I also restarted my phone deleted the app and reinstalled it (several times) but when ever I try to log back in I can’t is there a way to fix this? if yes please tell me
  • No more targeted advertisements!

    By xR self
    I purchased NordVPN for 3 years. Quick servers, no more D!#% targeted advertisements! Would purchase again, would recommend to anyone who does not like their information being forfeited every time you visit a website.
  • An Unreliable App

    By Maxfun lol
    Though we made a “kill switch” and “connect on demand”, Nord keeps logging us off exposing our IP to various websites we’re using. We’re subscribed for 12 months but it only worked fine for 2 months. We gave our honest reviews but they deleted them here. So we have to give our reviews repeatedly. Months have passed but Nord has not fixed this recurring IP issue. Please Apple store, we are counting on you to keep reviews honest. Stop deleting them for Nord. Thank you.
  • Can’t use

    By ribbit1018
    The app doesn’t work and takes my money anyway. Be careful.
  • Doesn’t Work

    By Ag econ dude
    Seriously? You charge like $12 a month and I still can’t connect overseas? Nord no longer works on my laptop either. I just want to look at memes. But I can’t look at memes because Reddit is banned. Nord doesn’t want me to laugh at Dank memes.
  • Didn’t work in China

    By maosucks
    We payed good money for this and it didn’t work in China you wanna know what’s funny Betternet a free vpn worked better than a payed vpn.
  • Schöner app für Internet Verbindung

    By yeyar
    Perfekt. Schnell und einfach.
  • Great App

    By Brighytmane
    Very Reliable and Trustworthy
  • Excellent!

    By NV_oz
    Great VPN: worldwide traveler and this has been my go-to VPN for accessibility, security, reliability and speed. Good options all around with additional profile options for OpenVPN if needed. Customer service has also been accessible when needed. ONLY complaint that prevents me from giving it a fifth star is that you don’t know what city you are connected through without digging...would like to see server numbers listed after a city display.
  • Nord vpn

    By parawada
    Excellent service thank you!
  • A disappointment

    By kihlgdnmp
    I’ve been with NordVPN for more than a year now, and unfortunately I have a 3 years contract with them. Because it hasn’t been easy at all, actually at times it has been a torture and insecure! First it was the slow connection that I tried to get use to it, and then it was the impossibility of connecting to certain websites, including my bank, where the secure connection was vital! However, many times I had to simply disconnect the VPN in order to access my bank website. The issue with customer service is another problem, it take at least 24 hours for them to reply. And when they do, they first ask questions in regard to my laptop and other basic info that they should have in their system. So it basically takes between 3 to 6 days to get the feedback you needed urgently. In 2 occasions they sent me a list of server numbers, which would help me accessing my bank website. So I add those to my favorite lists, however, the company keeps removing them and connecting me instead to their own chosen servers. I wonder why they put the favorite list there to begin with. The most frustrating thing I am currently facing, is that the VPN gets disconnected in middle of my work, especially when I am away from my laptop even for only 3 minutes. And then keep asking me for my email address and password, without accepting either of them, so I have to go NordVPN website and sign into my account. At the same time, it also keep asking for my keychain password saying: neagent wants wants to access key “NordVPN” in your keychain. But again, when I enter my key chain password, nothing happens and the dialog box keeps coming back again and again. It is truly nerve-racking experience and a total waste of time, energy and... So basically I have to disconnect the VPN in order to get some work done. It is unfortunate, that none of the people who have rated and reviewed NordVPN, tell you about these problems.
  • Scam

    Says 7 day free trial then it charges $84 for year long subscription. I canceled on day one and you still charged me the $84 for the subscription...even though it says in the details if you cancel before the trial is up there will be no charge.
  • Not free :(

    By parhamQ
    It IS the best VPN but i wish it had a free section with just a few servers
  • Need to set up IKEV2 manually

    By Manife5t
    Does not work in China!! You can’t change protocol within the app and can only set up IKEV2 connection manually.
  • Repeated requirement to create an account!

    By AlbGuzzy
    I have about had it with this product!
  • It's ok

    By AuthenticAce
    Doesn't always auto connect/ sometimes I have to open the app and manually connect but otherwise it's fine
  • I like it

    By 段刃都C8udnSw8
    This software is very useful. it’s great.
  • It is not useful in china if you using Ios/android.

    By aisayuri
    This vpn in China can be use Obfuscated servers. But it can’t connect when you using Ios/android version. So you only can connect when you using Pc.
  • Love the app

    By Guillermo Bonilla
    Works great. Secure and fast. No complaints. Keep up the good work
  • Easy to use

    By Josh1284
    Incredibly easy to sign up and use. Connects fast, stays connected, no DNS or IP leak, and almost no appreciable slowing of download speed under normal use.
  • Waste of my money

    By E.S.D.
    Can’t connect to the internet anytime , iPhone XR, I connect to the VPN. What is the point of a VPN if every time you ‘connect’ you get NO internet. WONDERFUL!! I am so sick of getting ripped of. What a flipping scam. 1 star is too much. Can I give a 1/4 star??
  • Great

    Perfect vpn Thanks
  • Dope service

    By Dale1337
    I am loving it so far! I have NordVPN on 5 devices. Still trying to figure out where I’m going place the 6th 😬.
  • Awesome

    By NewYorkthunder77
    Awesome VPN , the best one so far , have it on my laptop as well ! Keep it up ! And continue to ad things !
  • Good value and good product.

    By BGnATC
    I feel like NordVPN provides a good product for the price they ask. It really struggles with slow WiFi but works pretty well over cellular and most other WiFi’s (I understand that this is a common complaint with VPN - there’s a lot of overhead). I use it a lot at the gym on the public WiFi there, and the Notification Center widget comes and handy to quickly connect and disconnect. The app is intuitive and makes it easy to choose my preferred servers. I feel like I get what I’m paying for and I’m quite happy; I have only one complaint: each time the app updates I am forced to re-enter my login credentials and to approve a new VPN profile. I assume it has something to do with how iOS handles VPNs; it’s a minor inconvenience but I would like to enter my login credentials less frequently.
  • It’s good

    By The other Fionan
    Not bad except when I lose all internet connectivity and have to turn it off to access. This is even though the VPN sigil in the corner says the VPN is off. One time I had to uninstall and reinstall it.