Google Calendar: Time Planner

Google Calendar: Time Planner

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2015-03-10
  • Current Version: 2.122.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 171.30 MB
  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 96 026


Get organized on the go with the Google Calendar app. View and edit, even on the go Sync your schedule across platforms and devices, so you’re never without it Toggle from day, week, and month view so you always know what’s next Update events in real time, with no broken links or outdated information Sync events automatically from Gmail See upcoming events from your email without lifting a finger Have all the important info handy when you need it RSVP to event invitations right from your inbox Plan for your goals with repeat scheduling Set goals that matter to you—and reach them Create reminders for time-sensitive tasks See your goals and reminders right alongside your daily schedule Make scheduling easy with smart suggestions Save time by seeing when your team is available to meet Quickly schedule meetings with suggested guests, titles and times Add convenient rooms for you and your teammates, no matter what office they sit in Part of G Suite: Google’s intelligent apps for business Connect and collaborate with your team, using one suite—Gmail, Drive, Docs and more Use Google’s AI to bring data insights to every employee Join more than 4M paying businesses who trust G Suite to power their organization Google Calendar is integrated with Apple Health to track your workouts and mark Goals as done automatically.



  • Almost...

    By awakenwp
    Two things about this calendar keep it from being my favorite... the lack of a full month calendar view (complete with visibility of the events added, not just dots with a list below)... and the fact that the app doesn’t show the day’s date. I would manage with the dot/list version of the month calendar if, when I looked at my phone and saw the app it gave me a quick reference of the days date, like the iphone calendar does. Incidentally, that single stand-out feature is the ONLY thing I like about the iPhone calendar... The full calendar view offered by TinyCalendar has me using theirs, for now, but I would prefer to use google calendar for the ease of sharing calendars right through the app, rather than having to do so via browser...
  • No Vertical Scrolling

    By I could think of a nickname
    I you want to see the last week of a month and the first week of the next for have to switch back and forth. It’s a simple change but one that become quite frustrating when it’s not available and makes me use Apple calendar every time. Please fix this Google and do just send it to an associate’s email to be lost forever.
  • Must-Have Best App ever

    By aghakakajahaha
    Recently I had checked google calendar and realized I had a meeting with my boss. I had totally forgotten about the meeting and made it on time thanks to google calendar. Google calendar is great to use because it has everything in one app. Google calendar allows you to add events, tasks, reminders, and even goals. Tasks are events that you plan on doing. Reminders are things that you want to remind yourself. Goals are things that you want to achieve like exercise. The cool thing is that you can share your events with other people so they know, For example if you’re having a party you can share the event with the party guests and you can add a note with the things people should bring. I promise you, google calendar is the best calendar ever.
  • Add dark mode support?

    By Danielle Pan
    Please add dark mode support in-app and on the widget! Also please add the widget back!!!
  • Constantly crashes

    By Enw89
    Latest update makes app crash any time I change anything on my calendar. Sometimes it won’t even load anything before crashing.
  • Dark mode missing?

    By alexniiii
  • Need larger fonts

    By Joy 129
    The Google Calendar fonts did not become large when I increased my iPhone XR’s font size in the Accessibility setting. There doesn’t seem to be a way to increase the font size within the calendar app. I rely on my phone calendar. I will have to find another calendar app so I don’t need reading glasses every time I want to see my calendar.
  • Please make a dark mode!

    By maretmcelreath
    Love this app!
  • Great but...

    By jrae-78
    This calendar app is excellent, but that being said how can an excellent calendar not be available on the iwatch? This needs to be updated so calendar syncs with the Apple Watch. Also, change the app icon. The date/day number needs to show on the icon. If those two things happen it’d be the best calendar out there!
  • Change the icon to have today’s date!

    By Jdbebzh73
    Change the icon
  • It works great, but it needs an improvement

    By astronautfrommars
    The app is working like it supposed to do. I can setup the important dates. The only issue I have is that, I wish the Google Task could be integrated or sync with the calendar. Thank you
  • No iwatch app

    By traveler 920
    I use google calendar for everything but there is no iwatch app. This needs to be done to make the app a total package.
  • Enjoying Time Management

    By triathlance
    Google calendar keeps my stress down as the organization of the time commitment becomes easier.
  • Doesn't load anymore

    By RB0817
    For the past couple weeks I have been unable to load Google Calendar without it crashing. I am on an iPhone 11 with iOs 13.2.3 installed.
  • No travel time feature

    By Kamarti
    The main reason I can’t use this app is that it doesn’t allow you to add travel time and see that on your schedule. A single-schedule person with few appointments might not really need that feature, but as someone who has appointments and gig work and other inconsistent scheduling, I need it. I need to see what time I should leave, and how much time I have between appointments. What I do like: It’s great that you can color-code, either for different family members or for different types of commitments/appointments. I also like to have everything google. It’s just the one missing feature that keeps me from relying on—or using at all—this app :(
  • Best Calendar Period

    By markbyrn
    As Apple would say, it just works
  • APP Icon is a FAIL

    By TheMomx3
    Why doesn’t the icon say today’s date like every other calendar app??? DUH!
  • Something is broken

    By Perezidente1
    The app continually shuts down as it’s opening. Some days won’t open at all. Such a shame I did love this app previously.
  • Buggy

    By woobcacapoopio
    For the past month, every time I make a one day appointment Google Calendar makes it a multiple day appointment. When I try to fix I get an error message. Now worse than useless.
  • Night Time Mode Please 🌙

    By jaztheripper
    I'm a big fan of Google products and this calendar app is no exception! Only thing that would be a nice option is night time/ dark mode.
  • Feature Request

    By joshrkrich0
    I always loved using Google calendar but I wanted to request a new feature be added. When users add events to a shared calendar, push notifications be sent to the other users of that shared calendar (ie Family shared calendars).
  • Dark mode seriously still not supported

    By ajthejuice
    Unreal that this day in age Google can’t update their app in a timely manner to support modern OS systems.
  • An everyday necessity

    By chiluby
    I love this app so much. It helps me organize my entire life and even syncs across platforms. I only wish the app showed Google tasks like the desktop version does
  • Almost Perfect

    By EverbareHonor
    Business calendars require 2 features that are left out. These features are in the desktop version of this calendar. 1: Guest permissions, team members sometimes need to edit and co-own the event, especially in reoccurring meetings. 2: Silent RSVP Management, I should be allowed to accept or decline without sending the owner or guests an alert. There are many bells and whistles on the desktop calendar and I wish there was an Advanced or More tab to help power users who need these items.
  • No themes 😔

    By Jr.1993
    I really don’t like the theme color of the google app. There is no dark mode for the calendar or any other layout options. You would think for iPhone users there would be more options for design than its counterparts...but nope. What a shame.
  • Love the organization

    By 😍🐥😄
    I love this app and I love how organized you can stay with it I already owned like six panels but I’m just obsessed with staying organized even though if you look at my room it’s not that organized but if you like staying organized this is totally for you
  • Functions well but the event input is not ideal

    By jshawsworld
    Works well at synching with Apple calendar and website version, but really hate the UX of entering an event: you’d have to scroll to the date and press “+”; there has been so many times that I entered an event on the wrong date because of the scrolling and its auto-adjusting of the date, and didn’t realize it until afterwards, sometimes when it was too late. Apple Calendar’s way of entering event is much less error prone where you select the date first from calendar view so the date won’t be wrong. I’m going back to using Apple Calendar, since it syncs with the website Google Calendar too.
  • One inexplicable flaw, otherwise great

    By Starkee01
    I would love to replace the native Calendar app with this one, but I can’t because of one stupid drawback. The home screen icon for this app is perpetually stuck on 31! You ought to be able to check today’s date by glancing at the calendar app icon, without actually opening the app. iOS Calendar does this, but until the google app follows suit I have to keep both of them. TL; DR: Dear google, please fix the icon for this app so that it displays the current date, rather than being indefinitely stuck on the 31st!
  • Best calendar out there

    By Ikewashere
    I would like to request more colors for events if possible.
  • No dark mode

    By Find xvgs
    I use this app across all my devices and it works well for my needs, but why in the world is there no dark mode option??
  • Settings Menu Keeps Crashing

    By Brity89
    Love this app. I’ve had it for years. Lately, though, the settings menu keep crashing on the app and I’m unable to change my calendar settings
  • Recent versions broke basic functionality

    By rfp1918
    I don't normally write reviews here, but recent versions have been totally busted for me... Gcal doesn't remember state from my last session and blocks for ten seconds before showing me my schedule. New meetings take 10+ seconds to appear. App crashes sometimes immediately on open. It's a mess!!! Please revert, Google! This app was unremarkable but totally fine for years... "First, do no harm!!!"
  • Erased everything in one second

    By <3Sakura<3
    I have been using Google Calender for years and never had any issues. Although, this morning.. I hop on the app and it literally pops up “critical error detected.” I wasn’t sure what that meant but when I looked at my calendar again.. I quickly found out. My entire freakin work schedule is gone and any important reminders I had are also gone. So, with a one second error my whole life just disappeared. Lol I’m absolutely livid. I’ve never had any issues with this app before and I’ve been using it for many many years. So, needless to say I’m uninstalling it and getting something else that hopefully isn’t gonna do this bs to me.
  • Problem

    By Wickedlily18
    I tried to sync my work Calendar and it didn’t sync correctly. Tried to delete the Calendar and start again and it wouldn’t do it. Tried to find help and there are no customer service lines. Literally followed every article on the Help Center, absolutely no help. Extremely disappointed
  • Dark mode

    By callmeihor
    Please make a dark mode. It’s everywhere now. Easier to look at. Also less battery
  • When is dark mode coming?

    By Dgr581
    Dark mode
  • Stop Adding Events from Gmail Automatically

    By Pmooney310
    This new update adds events from gmail automatically even though I have that feature turned off. Even worse, I can’t delete the events (the edit button doesn’t exist in those events for some reason). And worst of all, it’s creating events from emails that don’t actually have events, so I have a bunch of items on my calendar that don’t exist.
  • Needs a couple of things.

    By across_mountains
    Great app, but could stand to be improved. 1. Search parameter is essentially useless. Used to go back (or) if you wanted find an entry. Now goes back maybe a few months. 2. Needs Dark Mode option. 3. Should have option to not have to always choose a background color. Would be nice to have white default for Day Mode and Black default for Night Mode, with ability to choose a color back ground only when you want to.
  • It’s okay

    By KaceyVChen
    Some of my reminders have deleted on it’s own even though I remember saving the reminder and overall it’s super weird but everything else is great.
  • Great

    By AWiZZLE5
    Super easy and useful calendar. I use it on my laptop quite a bit. The syncing is awesome. However, it’s so plain. Google apps are typically like this and offer very little options in the settings. I’d like to have a list view, like the apple calendar has. That view is just a nice option to have. Please look into offering more options so we can tailor it more to our style.
  • Please add “To-Do List” feature

    By MimiG16
    The app is pretty good and organized. My suggestions would be to have to do list feature for everyday and it carries onto the next day. Also I like when my monthly calendar swipes up and down like the Apple one, not side to side
  • No dark mode?!?

    By kennedy767
    Great app but is brutal to look at after I’ve enabled dark mode in every other app on my phone.
  • Spam

    By Monowono
    What happened? I have spam events that I cannot delete even though I followed the directions. This is not ok! Please fix this because I rely on this calendar.
  • Wish there was an Apple Watch app

    By MarkStruczewski
    Love this app. The only thing missing in an app for the Apple Watch.
  • Good, bad

    By Susanm012
    Relatively easy to use All data disappeared and could not get back
  • Great app

    By Love making lists
    I like this a lot better than the calendar that comes with the phone. I only took off a star because I wish the date on the app picture was updated to represent the actual date each day.
  • Good App!

    By jm456
    I like it: it works well. I don't seem to have many issues. I like this app. This app helps me. This app serves my needs.
  • Best calendar app ever

    By DaFluff21
    Literally the beat calendar ever
  • Great app

    By Aimeno97
    Very cool app but I wish there was a dark mode