Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release

Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release

  • Category: Shopping
  • Release Date: 2015-02-12
  • Current Version: 4.9.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 123.07 MB
  • Developer: Nike, Inc
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 472 042


YOUR ULTIMATE SNEAKER SOURCE Explore, buy and unlock the best of Nike sneakers. SNKRS provides insider access to the latest launches, hottest events and exclusive releases that Nike has to offer. GET THE STORY Learn about the inspiration and heritage behind your favorite pairs, the untold tales from top athletes and the style secrets from the SNKRS community. STAY A STEP AHEAD See what’s dropping next and set notifications for the pairs you want most. UNLOCK EXCLUSIVE EVENTS AND RELEASES Get access to the most coveted drops and one-of-a-kind experiences. RESERVE AT NEARBY STORES Secure your pair in SNKRS and pick it up at your nearest retailer for a seamless launch day experience.



  • After 3 years I finally hit an ow shoe for retail 😁

    By Spectacular_Yasss
    This is beyond em
  • Trash

    By JBreak7
    This app is trash now. Can’t even buy the new releases anymore.

    I don’t know where to start with this app it’s basically just a decision on Nike’s end if they want to let you purchase the shoes or not I miss the old Nike where I could add product to cart & buy now you can go through the whole buying process then if Nike see’s you fit you can buy a pair so it’s totally up to Nike if they want to sell you the product or not hell I think they already got the accounts that can purchase each release pre selected that’s why some get exclusive access to make sure that person gets them
  • No wins

    By Mrbdash1
    The bots are killing us
  • Less of a commerce app and more of a marketing machine

    By Young718
    This app is horrible. It’s basically just a Nike advertisement. It will constantly ring off notifications for different shoes you can never purchase. I don’t understand the point. I’ve had the app 2 years now and haven’t gotten one pair. Deleted. Would not recommend.
  • Zero Stars

    By klynepar
    If i can actually put no stars at all! Useless app for people who wants to buy shoes. You can never GET ANY SHOES like off-white, some of the Jordans, and the likes. Even if you are literally trying to choose a size or pay in less than 1 minute of the release, YOU WILL NEVER GET IT! Hate the app!!!!
  • Terrible app.

    By Rezile1
    I can never get any of the drops. They sell out in milliseconds and we don’t stand a chance.
  • Whole app is a L

    By jay25335784
    Had this app since 2016 and have yet to get anything nice. I try to get some shoes and it says pending for 10 minutes and then it will say SOLD OUT. Nike really needs to get their stuff together with this app and actually allow people to buy shoes and not have them waiting in line for 10 minutes just for it to say SOLD OUT
  • Taking L’s

    By Elenoss
    Make the sneakers more available!
  • Great App

    By SSW Yum
    I never thought I would secure a pair of off whites, but because of the app’s Face ID and quick checkout I was able to. I love Nike SNKRS.
  • Unfair release days

    By Dlepley01
    When the true fans that have been buying from SNKRS since the beginning never gets exclusive access. Have had it say I GOT EM on OW x Jordan 1 Carolina Blue & Jordan 1 TS high and then told it didn’t confirm order. Bots got all stock on today’s release but I get a $300 hoodie for a consolation prize since it was a surprise restock so bots were not ready. Wow thanks Nike for changing you app right after you could finally buy something manually
  • The bots ruined this app

    By a Nat Turner Lick
    This app has been ruined for SNKR lovers who use it to not stand in lines. Now bots have taken this app over so no one ever gets lucky in drawings for new releases. Fix it
  • Amazing App

    By SwishCash
    My Main Source of Kicks
  • Got the off whites

    By Haynes1983
    Great d
  • nike

    By joemamagggggg
    fix the bots
  • Great functionally all around

    By Jdjsvhir
    Thank you for the opportunities!
  • My first time got em

    By ?:67.?
    This was my first time winning I been taking L’s did years!!! I’m so excited for this shoe!! Thanks a Million!!
  • Trash

    By kadeemwa
    Been a member since 2016 and was only able to snag 9 shoes off this app non of them heat. Everything sells out in 2min and is virtually impossible to compete with bots to buy something.This app is pointless n will only anger you.
  • Nike app

    By Cpiss
    Nice easy way to buy sneakers

    By mayweatherNuT
    Terrible app. Hit buy on direct time sneakers drop, and they're sold out two minutes later
  • The dedicated always win!

    By 12345678987654321Zee
    Giving everyone a shot
  • SNKRS app is disappointing

    By Keep us!!!
    Tried copping 10+ releases from this app and I am yet to have any luck with it. I feel like I’m just wasting my time waking up anticipating a release just to be put in a line for an hour only to be told I didn’t get the shoe. I’d rather pay a little extra for the show and know I got it from another app like StockX or something SNKRS has disappointed me far too many times
  • Don’t win

    By Armed Forces Member
    I don’t win anything. Bless this service member for once.
  • Only Casuals

    By FrankieZ06
    Works fine for anything Not exclusive. Took 3 L’s in the span of 2 days University 12’s the SB’s and the Off whites. Even ordering the second it drops you get put on the pending list only to not get what you ordered literally in less then a minute span when the sneaker drops. Complete trash they need to get ahold of those instant order bots people have so that this app is what it’s supposed to be. Order manually you will never win. If I could give the app 0 stars I would but I’m forced to put at least 1. If you love false hope or looking like a clown, look no further. This is the app for you!!!
  • Sneaker App is Trash

    By que1228
    They don’t even deserve a half star. People need to realize that Nike is in bed with the sellers. They will release a couple thousands pairs for hundreds more f thousands wanting to couple. The bulk is given to resellers so they can increase them r profits. Only way to hurt them is in the pockets. Stop buying resell and stop patronizing the regular stores. Tell me how you go to sold out in one second? Deleted my sneakers account today! I’m done with them.
  • Kingwater review

    By capefear212
  • Terrible and fake

    This app will NOT let me you get the most recent drop. Don’t waste your time! Between the bots and the tech difficulties on the app it’s a sneaker heads worsts nightmare.
  • Sad

    By markenzy122347
    All the apps good for is look at the shoes smh no way shoes sell out in a minute
  • Terrible

    By nandhiwns
    BOTS are really kicking this app’s ass.
  • 👎🏾

    By sjose1800
    App looks cool but every time I try to buy shoes on the release date the app always crashes or when it doesn’t crash it load for like 5-10 minutes and then says “sorry this item is sold out in your size”
  • This app is actual joke.

    By yerrrrgleb
    Guys at nike! I hope you can see this, You guys need to fix your app, it’s actually ridiculously hard to get a shoes. Its just doesn’t make any sense. Last time i’ve won anything on snkrs was first sacai blazers and it was snkrs pass. Since then i’ve never got neither snkrs pass or win a draw.
  • Less than 30 second out of stock

    By La_Chana
    I feel like this app is a scam. There is no way possible that an order I placed in less than 30 seconds sells out that fast. This has happened to me multiple times and is getting very old. Please, tell me where I can have a robot order my shoes so I can stop waisting my time trying to purchase through your app.
  • Could be better

    By Zboltax
    I’ve entered over 40 drawings on the Nike SNKRS app, in 40 drawings and 15 months on the app, I have won only 1 pair of shoes. Amidst all of these losses, I see people who use bots and online reservation hackers receive Atleast 10 pairs per release. This isn’t right, I believe that this app has contributed heavily into the resale market. I will not discredit the resale market, but the people who actually want to wear the shoes are being screwed over. I don’t know how to combat this, but the sneaker world has gone through extreme changes as “flipping” sneakers became the common goal instead of “style”.
  • Horrible App

    By Kou J.
    I have tried over and over to get sneakers and I was only successful once. I love sneakers but it is basically impossible to get shoes on this app. Nike need to find a system to get rid of the bots. This is horrible. I miss the good days when I could get sneakers for retail. I HATE this app!!!!
  • Bots run this app

    By Hotshot646
    This is the MOST TERRIBLE app for purchasing sneakers. You basically have 0% chance of getting any top sneakers you really want. App is overtaken by bots with any high value release.
  • Made for bots not Fairness

    By Callesthequant
    Been on this app for a while. Can say Nike has failed to give their customers the same opportunities that other customers have. Better off getting a bot or buying it from a reseller if you want your shoes. Nike app has failed to create equality within customers. This can make customers feel so left out that they switch to other brands. The majority of raffles are won by resellers or programmers causing Nike’s raffle ,on the app, to be flawed and a waste of time cause you’ll never win. Rather go throw my money at the LV store or some high end designer since Nike has failed me and many other customers
  • Love this app

    By Lowedown2425
    This app is ok if it’s something that isn’t a big release if it is a big release you can forget about it cause you are not getting it because all of the bot buyers buy everything before you even get to check out they need to fix that so other people have a chance to get shoes
  • Thank you

    By eazyyb78897
    Thank you
  • I’m sick of the bots

    By beek bill
    I’m really getting sick of being able to put my card information in and then getting kicked out of line I haven’t been able to buy certain releases since 2018 like you have to be kidding me
  • Waste of time

    By Yeezy for life
    You will never WIN! The app is made for you to buy the crappy shoes no one wants. All the exclusive sneakers are reserved for the bots. The sneakers will sell out im secs. Dont waste your time. Ill ne supporting another brand from now on!

    By cxchase
    I woke up super early to buy the latest drop just to have this app glitch and tell me there was something wrong with my billing information even though it made me check and it was 100% correct. Would have gotten them if it wasn’t for their mess up!!!
  • Trashy app

    By Hakeem OG
    It’s weird how you hype up drops but we can’t get em when it drops. Been trying to get exclusive drops for over 3 years without luck! Not one time!! Tell me the purpose of this app if I can’t get a good shoe through it? Might as well get raid of the goddam app smh.
  • Designed To Fail

    By lernboys
    The Nike SNKRS App is a setup designed to fail for manual users and create more hype and markup value for shoes that are actually sought after. It’s nobody’s place, especially children to be manipulated by the resell marketplace. The stock of a hype sneaker is already either back doored to resell shops or allowed to be botted by someone claiming “this is my career💯🔥🙏🏻” “I nEeD tHiS tO mAkE a LiVinG” “dOnT bE sAlTy” It makes me embarrassed to wear anything associated with your brand or swoosh. Dismissed
  • Hard to win

    By rootswar
    I trying mani times and the app don’t let me W , the reality is low abt sneakers and ppl really want them , ppl work hard for some nice shoes and they deserve good sometimes , no one wants to pay extra crazy prices for shoes.thats all I can say , thanks
  • Terrible app service

    By hitler an john stamos
    I wake up early for no reason because even if I put my spot in place or order my shoes. I DON’T GET THEM ALL THEY DO IS SELL OUT IMMEDIATELY WHEN IM LITERALLY THE FIRST PERSON ON!!!
  • Don’t waste your time

    By @freetay.k
    If you don’t have a bot for this app then for get about it

    By Lady Light$kin
    the SNKRS app needs to do a much better job of weeding out bots that secure shoes for resellers who put them on the market at a higher rate. Brands like Telfar do it and have sold out—even in real time during drops, there should be no reason Nike can’t do the same.
  • Horrible App

    By ladapril
    This is one of the worst apps it continues to hand the shoes to bots and leave everybody else hanging. Please do something about the bots buying up all the merchandise!
  • Useless App

    By Swavey 13
    This app seriously needs to think about adding more steps to purchase exclusive items, because people are out here using bots and hardly anyone gets the shoes. I’ve tried to get at least 8 exclusive releases and haven’t been successful on any of them. This app is useless.