• Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2014-10-17
  • Current Version: 1.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 25.05 MB
  • Developer: Ketchapp
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 5 645


Make the circle jump and avoid hitting the line! How far can you go?




    By FearAintInThisHouse
    I downloaded the app a couple day’s ago, and no matter what I do the game doesn’t fit on my screen. I have an iPhone XS and the game doesn’t fit on me screen, it is up to the left, none of the buttons work, and I can’t play it. Please please pleeeeeaaaaasssse fix this! I have played it on my friends phone before and I love it, but I was very disappointed when it didn’t work.
  • Please update

    By Really?!?!?!?!?!
    I’ve loved this game since I had it on my 5s/6s days. I’ve recently remembered this game and downloaded it again on my X, but sadly I can’t play because it doesn’t align to the screen correctly. I’d provide a pic if I could but reviews don't allow pics :( Can you please update this game❤️
  • I used to love this game

    By Cameron Haskins
    I used to love this game and I deleted it. Now about a year later I wanna play it again and theres this glitch where it’s zoomed in to the bottom left of the screen which makes it almost impossible to play. I tried deleting it and reinstalling it and it still doesn’t work. I am on IOS by the way
  • it’s broken

    By The one who loved it
    I’m not sure if somethings wrong with it on my phone but the whole game is up in the side corner and broken it won’t let me play it and there’s no way for me to fix it and I used to play this game all the time
  • WHY

    By ajhfiebdncndk
    Why is my game in the top corner I can’t play!!!! It’s not letting me see the game so I keep dying so please fix this or I’m deleting the game.
  • good game but bad glitch

    By keandraaaaaaaaa
    for some reason that I cannot fathom the entire screen is up and right of where it's supposed to be. is anyone else having this glitch?
  • Glitch?

    I loved this game. But after redownloading it the entire game is off centered and I can’t even play the challenges because it doesn’t show it on my screen
  • Doesn’t work in the iPhone X

    By vinivanrat
    Circle has been one of my favorite games but ever since I got my new iPhone X half of the screen is gone
  • It’s glitching

    By oiayoiayoivay
    for some reason, whenever I play the game is off center. And when I die,I can’t press anything so I have to swipe out. I tried restarting my phone and deleting the game. but it didn’t work.
  • Doesn’t fit my screen properly???

    By Nessthedino
    Great game, I had it couple years ago, tried downloading it now and it won’t fit my phone screen properly.
  • Imma be fr fr blunt.

    By yomammasunbitch
    Okok so like I rlly wanted to play this nostalgic game again from my childhood but the screen is wack asf... like how can I play??!!! Like the screen is zoomed in by a 💯
  • I lost all progress

    By Alfhsinetiwn
    I used to play this game a while back and I bought it again. It’s really fun! I had almost competed all challenges and was at the 300 cost range for circles when the game restarted. I lost all progress, The button that lets me pay for no ads isn’t working because I already payed for no ads, yet the ads are back. Every time I press anything it crashes!
  • Glitch?

    By hailey_is_short
    The whole game is really off center like I can’t see the track coming in front of me. When the challenges pop up, you can only read half of it because the rest is cut off. Very aggravating because this game is pretty fun.
  • It doesn’t work

    By Rierie0323
    I have the I phone x and the game will only pop up on part of my screen. I can’t choose a new circle, check on challenges, use the race levels or anything on that side because it’s completely cut off😭😭😭
  • SiZing is completely wrong for 6.5" screen

    By oafie3
    Not functional on my iPhone XS Max.
  • fix your bug problems

    By briiiiii22
    your game is all kinds of messed up. 70% of the screen is gone and i have to close out the whole app in order to play the next game. yall need to fix it asap.
  • Bruh

    By Blake03040102
    Dude I have been playing this game for a while then now half of the game screen has moved up! What the heck happened?
  • Love the game but glitch is making it unplayable

    By Jassky
    Addictive game, but recently the screen has shifted very much up and two the right so none of the buttons work
  • The ads...

    By smp44love
    Love the game. It’s super addicting. But the ads ... oh my. There’s sooo so so so many. I don’t think I’ve ever played a game with so many ads.
  • Addictive, but annoying

    By hpecw2006
    This game is very addictive and fun but the challenges can be annoying when it comes to diamonds and the quantity needed to pass the challenge. Sure, the method of including challenges in your fame is a good way to keep me playing g and hooked on the game, but when they involve diamonds, they are faulty and inaccurate. For example, a challenge will say “break 25 diamonds total” and I will have broken at least 30 and the progress bar will tell me I have only broken 9. Another example of this is when it tells me to break a certain number in one game, for example 2, and it will take 10 or more until I can pass the challenge. I like the game, and the other challenges are fine, but the ones involving diamonds are inaccurate and annoying. However, I do like the color changing background when you pass a certain amount of points, and the hardcore mode, I just wish the challenge bug will be fixed seeing as I enjoy the game, but I’d enjoy it a lot more with this error mended.
  • Too much luck in this game

    By MasterJay1
    I like games that use your skills in gaming. Unfortunately this game is too much luck. You can play for hours and hours trying to get to a certain level and then very next turn beat your high score. I like to play games that I can actually get better at over time. I kept at this game for several days to see how much skill there is but unfortunately not enough.
  • I like it a lot! Suggestion?

    By Privatera
    I really do like this game, the ads can be bothersome but not unbearable in my experience. However I would really like to see maybe some customization with the different rings such as a different color background or graphics specific to a certain ring. It might be a fun addition!
  • Cheated

    By rainbow mcalice
    I spun my daily wheel and it landed on 99 but u gave me 25 I would like my diamonds I won

    By Xx_FaZeAlex_xX
    BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ugh

    By gtdgjjvd
    i really loved this game but when i got to 1000 diamonds, it restarted the whole game. like are you serious?
  • Been playing this game for three years. It’s the best on the AppStore.

    By Snorpet Trinket Smith-Towels
    I’ve been playing this game on and off for three years. There aren’t any like it. It’s great.
  • Wishing for more

    By Djskeneisdksns
    It took me years but little by little I played this game and beat each challenge and race and unlocked every circle. I wish there was a new update with more.
  • My favorite pass time

    By BreBshinoda
    I love this game, it’s so addictive and simple enough to play whenever. Recently I’ve had a lot of glitch and lag problems with it but I power through it because it’s just all around a good game. It’s not a pay to win (which is rare nowadays) and I have a lot of appreciation for that.
  • The ADD'S!!!😡

    By rubber ducky🐤🐥
    I agree with the other reviews about the adds. They are so annoying. Who ever made the app needs to tell the people who ask them to put up their adds that they can't . I'm sorry . Not trying to be one of those haters that bring people down. I love this game , so plz don't make me delete it. Have a great day or not the choice is your's have a great day😝😜🤗
  • It is hard

    By savage 38
    I don’t like it
  • Dumb pop up add

    By Ebhohn
    I was in the middle of a round and a pop up add “popped up” and made me die. Totally not fair!
  • Needs more challenges!

    By vdndghvegjccj
    Is this game not being updated anymore? It says new challenges coming soon but I see the last update was 2 years ago.
  • Challenge 17

    By lulu_8🤓🤪
    Game is great but challenge 17 isn’t working I did it so many times
  • Great but slow mo screws me up

    By EthanFox152712
    The slow mo screws me up real bad when I’m doing so good but over all great game it’s challenging and u have to focus so much.
  • Bad

    By SteelersLover76
    Worst game ever
  • amazing app but too many ads

    By hellokittygirl7373
    I recently downloaded this game and I am obsessed! But there are way too many ads but overall this game is addictive and I can’t seem to stop playing it wonderful circle patters and cool challenges and races give it a 5
  • Amazing Game

    By Golden_Rose
    I have been playing this game for a while now. It is very fun and addicting. You always want to complete challenges and unlock new circles. My only complaint is the ads in the middle of a game. Yet its only happened to me a few times but it can be very frustrating. Otherwise it’s a great game to play anytime!
  • Fun game, but pauses my music

    By RorschachsMask
    Even with the sound turned off this game still pauses whatever I’m listening to, be it Apple Music, Spotify, or Audible. Super frustrating! It isn’t even the ads either! I paid for no ads.
  • Ads galore

    By Mike masosky
    Too many ads. The game is ehh too but A for effort.
  • Yasss👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    By zgdjyrskugdkursyfxjd
    I love this game I’m absolutely addicted. I love the challenges and the cute circles great job on making this game but can you make levels cause that be awesome but over all I love it
  • Love it most of the time

    By What d'you want Liz?
    So basically this game is downright awesome, however I would suggest a few things to improve it. 1) most of the rings that you can unlock are just ugly. 2) it is SUPER easy to get diamonds, which I love, but stuff costs a lot. 3) you should be able to get a diamond of your right on top of it when you die 4) breaking diamonds is completely pointless, they should take it off the game. Also for the people who hate the ads, download ADBLOCK it blocks ads on almost every single app.

    By keyanna a muser
    It keeps making me LOOOOOOOOSSSSEEEEEEE
  • Race

    By Kesciley
    Very very fun game but I can’t beat level 30 on the race part it glitches and it’s not only my phone my brothers does this to please fix this. And the ads are crazy
  • The annoying problem

    By leodavidson03
    The game itself is creative and fantastic however, there is a terribly annoying problem. Now it may just be me but this has happened a few times throughout my circle career. THE GAME RESTARTS!! That’s right, I lose all of my unlocked circles (I had all of them) my high score of 107 is gone, and it says i’m on challenge number one!! Super annoying please fix this and give me back my stuff.
  • Adds aren’t a problem, the game is great!

    By puppy lver 809
    Ok, I see a lot of people complaining about the adds in this game. But they really aren’t a problem! If you play the game on air plane mode, there won’t be any adds to complain about! Now I think this game is such a great game! Now if you’ve read some of my other reviews on other ketchapp games, you’ll know that one of my favorite places to play these games is curled up in the bed so I can get sleepy. Another thing about this game is that it’s SOOOOOO addicting! I literally could sit and play this game all day! Basically all the games on my tablet are ketchapp games! I have games such as, fit inthe hole, zig zag, twist etc. So I think this game is awsome!
  • Good game but way way to many adds

    By foxlover262
    So I first got this game I thought it was great and super fun.(which it is) but then I started to get adds during the round they would just pop up and they were CONSTANT. Every time I played I couldn’t even enjoy the game because there r so many adds. I understand that’s who you make money but you need to make the adds way way less. Especially the word cookie one it comes out most of all and the it asks me to play a mini game!!! GRRRRRRRR! You need to fix this soon or I am deleting it. It was ok at first but not it just got GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!
  • Thats my opinion!

    By Alex:)😛
    The game has too many ads and is not fun in general. This is my opinion but i rate five stars because the game has good gameplay mechanics and addicting challenges that i would love to do. In general, its a good game, just not my style. It could use a few fixes with response times in terms of tapping and the ads need to be toned down, though still would not be a game i would enjoy.
  • Awful

    By Braydog911
    This games is very annoying and it has no meaning. All you do is tap a screen and there is SO MANY adds. It is the most boring eat games and he adds are terrible.
  • Love game dont hate it

    By sweethomealabama
    I love this game i dont understand why people hate it if you love it show that you love it dont hide it because dont be someone your not