Parental Control App - Kidslox

Parental Control App - Kidslox

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2014-09-23
  • Current Version: 3.11.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 94.48 MB
  • Developer: Kidslox Trading Ltd
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.3 or later.
  • Rating Count: 10 524


Kidslox parental control app is the perfect way to manage your family’s screen time. Our parental controls let you block apps, block internet and filter web content with ease. One account is all you need to add as many iPhones, iPads, iPods and other mobile devices as you have in your family. Prioritise your family time now by taking a moment to place daily limits on your child’s screen time. Parental control has never been so easy. Kidslox allows you to: • Disable disruptive apps individually • Set daily screen time limits • Use Schedules for device free homework time, dinnertime, bedtime and family time • Switch between unrestricted ‘Parent mode’, custom ‘Child mode’ and fully restricted ‘Lockdown mode’ at the touch of a button • Set one off periods in Child or Lockdown Mode using the Kidslox timer • Stop your clever kids from changing the restrictions with a unique Kidslox PIN • Filter pornography and other adult content to give your child a safe browser experience • Block internet access Cross-platform coverage to keep your child or teen safe: As the first multi-platform parental controls, Kidslox gives you remote control over iPhones from other devices or vice-versa. You can also control your devices using the Mac and PC companion apps available for free on our site or using our web app ( via any desktop or mobile web browser. Lockdown and Child modes put you in control: • Block Instagram, block Facebook, block Snapchat and other social networks • Block Safari to block internet access, block in-app purchases • Block Minecraft, block Clash of Clans, block Pokémon Go and other games • Block pornography, block gambling, block violence and other inappropriate web content (over 4 million sites blocked & you can add to the list) Recommended by ITV This Morning Parenting Expert Sue Atkins Sarah Ockwell-Smith, Mother of four, Parenting Expert and bestselling author of six parenting books - & - Amber Mac, Canadian TV personality and technology commentator, who calls Kidslox “a beautifully designed cross-platform service that enables parents to set screen time boundaries” To use Kidslox you will need to download the app onto each device you wish to control. One paid account allows you to control up to 10 devices. Earn over 2 months of free Premium by recommending Kidslox to friends. Kidslox contains no advertisements. Kidslox offers a 14 day free trial when you sign up. After that, you could use our basic version for free or get a monthly auto-renewing subscription for just $3.99 to gain unlimited access to all our great features (or $19.99 / 6 months or $39.99 / 1 year). We also offer a 'Lifetime Subscription' which gives you unlimited access to our features for a one off payment of $79.99 Help and Support: Once you have downloaded Kidslox you will find all the help and online support you need from inside the app under our Help section. Kidslox requires an internet connection to operate Subscription and payment are made via your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase and subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Otherwise the account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Cancellation of the current subscription is not allowed during the active subscription period. 'Lifetime subscription' does not auto-renew but gives ongoing access to Premium features for a one-off payment. Find copies of our terms and conditions here: and privacy policy here: Finally, if a device has already been set up with an education or business MDM profile (Mobile Device Management) then you will not be able to add Kidslox unless you remove the original profile.



  • My phone keeps glitching because of the app

    By neja0309
    The only reason I giving this a one star because mom got this app and then deleted it but suddenly all my apps disappeared and this app just popped back up one my phone. When I signed it says my phone is on lock down but my mother did not put it on lockdown.
  • Why this app is bad

    By zoe mccarthy
    This app is horrible and I think it ruins the minds of kids. I think this app should be taken down!!!! I hate this app so much bc I want time on my phone! What’s the point of having a phone if ur dumb parent turns it off all the time?! Who’s with me!!! Take this app down! I’m suing..
  • It’s really bad app

    By norris trapzilla
    It’s a really bad app nothing is ever on time
  • I hate diss

    By Dart master58
    This is the worst app I have seen in my live and in the history of Apps, it is crap, To the creator of this app: 👺👺👹👹👺👺👹👹👿👿👿👿👿💩💩💩💩💩🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮😡😡😡🥵🥵🥵🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
  • Great app with one serious flaw

    By conorjennings
    I’ve used Kidslox as a paid service for nearly a year now and wanted to share my experience and why I’ve chosen to stop using it. The sole reason is that the Kidslox app blocks location tracking on my kid’s phones when they are on cell network only. It works fine when they are on WiFi. I’ve contacted the company several times and reported these issues yet no resolution has been made. I’ve used Kidslox on 4 different devices since both my kids upgraded phones mid year. They had iPhone 6s, 8s and more recently Xr. We’ve tried it in multiple locations. Sometimes it works but most times it only show “offline” or “no location available” when both kids are in “child mode” on their devices. Anyways I was hoping Kidslox could have fixed it. In fact they even reported they couldn’t recreate this bug? My wife (iPhone 8plus) couldn’t track them either. So I uninstalled the app on all family devices and straight away I was able to see location of my kids again whenever they’re away using the iOS native ‘find my phone” or “find my friends” apps. Everything else with Kidslox worked fine but the location glitch is our reason for cancelling this service as it is a serious flaw for parents who want to keep track of kids outside the house. Hope this feedback helps. I’d sign up again if this bug is actually fixed this time. Thank you
  • Not straightforward

    By the drrrrragonnnnnn world star
    I cannot find where to set up as shown in the images. Not straightforward.
  • Works Great!

    By Annarosita
    I started using this app for my son that was used in the phone all night and tired for school the next day and now I have put a schedule and he has no choice but to go to bed. Worth trying for the first month and then when you see how it works and then is worth getting the last time packet.
  • No internet connection

    By Cybrjedi
    Internet connection is spotty at best with their VPN. Every app on all three of the devices were constantly “trying to connect”. I even tried it on my phone and had the same results. I tried on wifi and over cellular network with the same results. I use ProtonVPN on my personal phone and never had the same issues as with this app. As soon as I deleted their devices from the app their connection was restored. It would be a great app with being able to control and monitor the devices, but it makes the devices practically unusable.
  • Lots of issues

    By Aircooled-6
    The app worked well at first. Then, when I began to add time past the schedule I ran into issues. The app now doesn’t seem to follow the set start and end schedules. It would be scheduled to be on, but my children would be asking me to turn it on. This was before the timer had said that they had used any of their alloyed time. Then, I found that my son could use his iPhone 7 even though I had it “turned off”. Finally, my son taught my daughter how to erase the app from her iPad. Now, I will have to reinstall although, if they can come back and erase it, that would be a moot action.
  • Several issues

    By tween twins
    Downloaded this app to 3 devices: 2 kid’s phones and mine to monitor. At first it worked ok but in a few days, it stopped working properly- The area the permission was given from my phone was locked in theirs. Some days the set use time went beyond the limit, other days it has already reached the limit as soon as the phone was turned on. This is rather frustrating. I’m in search of a better functioning app.
  • Good, could be better

    By Yavuzc123
    App does what it says, apart from the limitations of IOS. If you want your icons to stay organized, be aware; they may be reshuffled. I had technical issues but support team was very reactive and solved the issue in couple days. Only thing I did not like is I cannot set the usage to 0 minutes, it automatically becomes No Limit. So you must give kids at least 5 minutes of play time. This is also not for teens as they can easily uninstall it from Profile Manager.
  • Good but not great

    By 1 Countryg
    This app is really good for blocking websites and apps that your kids should not be accessing. But it does nothing for call tracking text messaging or GPS location those three items would be the icing on the cake!
  • Overall: useful but need work

    By Carlos ghhj
    Issues: when I blocked camera, actually started working Trouble blocking certain apps like WhatsApp, Big one! Notifications setting got all changed !
  • Would be perfect with a few tweaks.

    By ajmto5
    Very useful app but needs more control over specific apps. Some labeled “educational” are really children’s entertainment and I’d like the ability to lock them during school hours. I’ve emailed kidslox with my requests (as they suggest ) and never heard back.
  • 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

    By 2357812(?;;
    The app is awful and it would lock me out of my phone and then once I got back onto my phone it deleted Safari and I can’t get it back on my phone

    By Emoji lover❤️💗💕💖💞💚💜💙💛
    Got this app and a day later stuff started to happen where my apps would just not be there! Then the whole day my apps would not be there so I deleted the app and then the next day the app was BACK on my phone and my apps were still gone.
  • Great app but……

    By health care pros
    Love the way the app is able to lock the phone down at certain times. My main concern is the app doesn’t allow tracking information. This would be key do to travel time my child has on a bus route and walking distance. Overall great app.
  • Very difficult with poorly written instructions

    By casey a b
    I work for a software company selling educational technology for a living, and after multiple attempts could not install this application on even one of my children’s mobile devices. The installation instructions are severely lacking, either not sufficiently explaining critical steps in the process, or referring to things that don’t actually take place.
  • They leave critical steps out in their installation instructions

    By MathildaWaltz
    When installing kidslox they mention the fact that the program automatically moves the location of apps on your iPhone screen. But they tell you that you can get around this bug by installing The Icon Fixer app. OK so I follow the directions. In the first dialog box it says it is about to install the fixit app and click install or done and you’re done. That all makes sense and then another dialogue box comes up it says unable to download app. And then weirdly it says click install or done and you’re done could not be loaded at this time. I hit retry and the same thing comes up and I was getting kind of punchy by this point and went through the install again and then the second box comes up and I sped read it and since it does say click install or done and you’re done I thought it was installed. Silly me! So turns out you are not supposed to choose either of the options. Instead at that point you are supposed to Power off your phone and turn it back on again. They do not tell us that in the directions at the time of install. I found this out later on their blog. This means because I did not officially install this Icon fixer app all of my icons moved around. I spent awhile and put them all back in the place. I then read their blog and found out this unmentioned bit of information. I uninstalled kidslox and reinstalled the program and got the app lock using the turning off of the phone bit. Since you probably haven’t installed this yet there are different modes for lockdown time. Icons that you don’t want your kid to have during child mode disappear in child mode. I hadn’t set up what supposed to be locked in child mode yet because I’ve spent so much time dealing with the app issue. Therefore all of the apps were still present in child mode and I hadn’t even realize the apps would disappear. So everything looks normal to me and then whilst in child mode I got a new app. Lo and behold when it went back to parent mode all of my apps had been moved around. I put them back in place and then read more into apps moving around in kidslox and found out that you can’t move or re-order any Apps whilst in child or lockdown mode. Thanks so much for telling us while we were installing the app. By this time I was pretty fed up with this app and so I uninstalled it the usual way of making all of the apps jiggle and then I pressed the x on the icon to make it disappear. It went away. I then put all of my apps back in their proper location. Well, about eight hours later I came to notice that the majority of my apps had disappeared. This is because I was in lockdown mode on kidslox Because the program had not been uninstalled.Turns out that the normal way to rid this app is not how it is removed. It’s set up that way so the kids can’t erase the hated app that they really don’t want to have in our life. You have to go into settings to actually remove it. So guess what? All of my 150-ish apps were once again rearranged. I would say before installing it carefully read their blog and spend a bit of time finding out what you are actually installing. What a ridiculous waste of time. They really should mention their stupid blog at the beginning of the app install.
  • Great app but I have a glitch

    By Sleepyassasin
    Love the app! I have it on my kids phones and it works great. I like the idea of being able to set limits to keep them from being on the phone all day. But i found a glitch, at night when the phones are in the lockdown mode they are using time off of their limits for the next day. I know the phones aren’t being used because they gave them to me to keep over night and they weren’t touched. All apps were closed prior to going to bed so its not an app running in the background. This is frustrating because I wonder how much it does this during the normal day when they aren’t on it? The next option it to turn the phone off but that doesn’t help during an emergency. Hopefully the builders can look at this and see if they can find a fix.
  • Needs an update

    By mmod516
    I’ve been using Kidslox for some time now and until recently loved it. I have a paid subscription so I have access to all it has to offer. For the last several months it has been a mess. It is saying the phone was used when it wasn’t, it is messing with the internet connection and certain apps/websites such as amazon don’t work at all (I’ve checked and Kidslox is the issue). They haven’t had an update in months and desperately need one.
  • Worst app ever

    By CHRIS128573749264
    This thing is crap. My mom got it for me because I’m addicted to YouTube. When we tried to delete it for road trips it DID NOT WORK! Never get this app! You can’t delete it.
  • Be VERY aware!!!

    By mom23blessings
    While I originally gave this app a 5 star rating, I have since changed my mind and would tell you that although this app APPEARS to offer great control over your kids ipads(and it truly does) the power, security and privacy you relinquish is unbelievable!!! At first I was excited that this app appeared to offer an excellent way for me to control and monitor my children’s iPads, I was horribly mistaken. Not only do you release control of each and every iPad to the app and ultimately the people behind the app you relinquish much of your security and privacy also. They can gain access to EVERY system on your iPad including data like your iCloud, FaceTime and messages. I had this actually happen to my parental control iPad and had to take it to a Verizon store where it took us well over an hour to figure out it was this sneaky app that was the culprit and had to delete and restore my iPad as a new iPad so that it couldn’t reload on it!!! Am so angry that I just had renewed for another 6 months also🤬🤬🤬. Now I’m stuck without a good alternative and trying to figure out if sensitive credit and financial info was accessed and trying to reset eversingle password I had. Not to mention if you want to remove it COMPLETELY, you HAVE to message them. Just removing the icon like most apps does NOT work!!!
  • Doesn’t work

    By OC Wolf
    Basically it doesn’t work. And after implementing Lock Down mode, it MESSED UP ALL THE ICONS. Destroyed all folders and my kids are crying My kids could still use YouTube, and other apps even after blocking it. Then it dropped WiFi and upon a reboot nothing was set to maintain the settings. Huge disappointment.
  • Worst app ever

    By maxdeener
    It deleted my App Store and I can’t get it back!!!!!!
  • The worst parental app

    By bighbn nnnb
    This is a horrible app it keeps coming on my daughters phone after I delete on my phone and her phone if this doesn’t work in 2 weeks you are getting sued.
  • Don’t download this app...

    By okayillreview
    This app doesn’t have all apps accessible to blocking. You can send a request in but it’s about as good as getting a manufacturer warranty on a tv 🤷‍♂️ If you uninstall this app, be prepared for it to still interrupt whatever you’re doing at certain times. You have to log out first before deleting or this zombie app will come back alive and show up on your phone. Also, it can take a long time to sometimes switch between adult and kid mode after this zombie app comes back alive; and the note will blame it on your WiFi when it’s clearly an application code error. So if you’re doing something important be prepared to wait to switch it back.
  • Free trail

    By kidslox123456789876543210!
    It will not let me cancel my free trail
  • no

    By sabrina_teague
    my mom used to have this on my phone & no.
  • Overall good app so far

    By Lindac86
    So far so good... love being able to block bad websites and social media apps

    By Just Another Default Username.
    I saw an add about an app called “app block” (it wears supposed to be a joke app) I searched in it but I couldn’t find it the I saw “kisdlox” and downloaded it. Then I set up a timer for how long it will be locked then I realized my apps were gone then I figures out this app did it. Then i set no limit. Then I realized my apps weren’t in the spots I put it in!!!!!!! I have something called “My Favorite Apps” and they weren’t there!!! And that took a LONG time to setup. I tried deleting it but it was still there. So I had this annoying app till now.
  • So far, ok

    By cjlibolt
    I like the concept of this app but I wish it allowed you to block specific apps but allow others. Most notably, I allow my daughter to listen to music pretty much anytime but everything else is limited to 1.5 hours a day. I need to be able to allow her extra time for music without allowing games or other activities. Or maybe have an option to “always allow” certain apps.
  • Messes Up Phone

    By Jay'Niecia
    I Deleted The App But It Won’t Go Away.It Deleted All Of My Apps Then When They Come Back They’re Out Of Order🤬.
  • Bugs

    By anpnymouse
    There are certain bugs that actually allow a user to use it more, and it doesn’t work, I would recommend to not try it unless you just want to see the poor results it has caused. Password changes, and a whole lot to my son’s phone.
  • Very Disappointed!!!!

    By Jimothy Weavdaddy
    Dad got on here thought it was a good idea(btw i’m 15) now my phone barely works

    By Fun imagination Girl 🤪
    Ok so since I thought the app was free I downloaded it and made a account.Right after I made a account it hit me with a free trial page and since my email was linked to it now I better not have to pay. Make it free Please.
  • Terrible App

    By Gene2207
    Ok I'm going straight to the point after I deleted the app it was still connected to VPN and stopping the internet flow. The settings to disconnect from Kidzlox were hidden and were hard to delete.
  • I love this app

    By Ijacksennnn
    Such a safe and helpful app. It helps to keep your family safe from bad stuff on the internet. Thank you for making this app. It helped me control my sisters life and scare her not to do anything stupid on the internet.
  • Removed icons from my phone

    By Wishapplehadagoodcallblocker
    Yes known issue but also unable to download icon fixer would not recommend for iOS. Maybe it works better on Android platform.
  • As a kid...

    By Blocky football
    As a kid I hate this app it malfunctions and never does what it is suppose to do sorry but I hate it
  • Worthless for iPad

    By ssgtguy
    This only blocks a few apps on an iPad, making it useless. Waste of time and money.
  • Didn’t work

    By Mrs2q37Lashes
    Messed up my whole phone
  • Amazing

    By tutuiet
    It’s amazing!!!
  • My Son Unlocked the App

    By Smurf5526
    At first I thought this app was amazing, but now I don't know how he does, he can unlock it, i know he does not have the code, but he is able to unlock it. I need to find a new app
  • Love it

    By kakesnhonie
    I have had a few issues but the techs call me back ASAP and it’s was something I had to learn. So read everything. Technology and me aren’t friends, kidslox has bridged this gap.
  • Nope

    By oy me
    I installed it. Set it up to control my kids device. Went to block two apps. It says apps were locked but when I went to my kids phone nothing was blocked. It seems to be only good for turning off all functions or keeping it all going. Not good
  • Deleted all my folders

    By Gding
    I set this up today, played with this different features, and I was ready to love this app right before I gave my child her first phone. I check my phone later and it’s in lockdown mode. I kinda freak out since all my apps disappeared. No worries. Type my pin and all the apps come back...outside of folders, completely disorganized. Never going to download this app again and erasing everything it had me download previously.
  • Kidslox

    By Jim Buesgens
    Terrible app
  • Pretty good app

    By Loghan, age 11
    I love it a lot-and I’m a child! It makes me feel more responsible, and happy that my mom won’t physically take my phone and go through it because even if I have nothing to hide, I feel it’s a privacy thing. The only thing I don’t like is that you have to download a separate app to put all your apps back where they were, because 1)I’m running out of storage, and 2) it refuses to download anyway so I have to manually put all my apps back where they were every day.