Skillshare - Online Learning

Skillshare - Online Learning

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2014-12-02
  • Current Version: 5.0.9
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 72.29 MB
  • Developer: Skillshare, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 5 156


Spark your curiosity, creativity, and career with Skillshare! Join our community of 7 million lifelong learners, and unlock the styles and strategies today’s creators need to know. Explore more than 28,000 online classes in exciting creative areas like drawing, watercolor, calligraphy, photography, graphic design, illustration, hand lettering, icon design, pattern design, and more. Learn to use popular creative tools, such as Procreate, Illustrator, and Photoshop. And, you can level up your career with classes in entrepreneurship, social media marketing, productivity, and more. Bite-sized lessons help you learn at your own pace, on your schedule. Plus, classes include projects to help you learn by doing. Expand your creative skills, go freelance, or discover what drives you with thousands of classes to fuel your creativity and career. * Download the app to watch hundreds of free classes. * Start your free trial of Skillshare Premium to access our full library of premium, subscription-only classes. * As a member of Skillshare Premium, you can take as many classes as you want. * Download classes to watch while offline (on your commute, travels, and more!) Questions? Suggestions? Feel free to email us at TERMS After your 30 day trial of Skillshare Premium, payment will automatically be charged to your iTunes Account. Your monthly or annual subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Your subscription and auto-renewal settings are managed via your iTunes Account Settings. For further information please refer to our privacy policy ( and terms of use (



  • Love being able to learn on the go

    By modnana2
    I signed up for Skillshare via the website and then downloaded the app so I could learn what I’d like any time, anywhere. Although not as robust and fully featured as the desktop site, I’m pretty happy with the app itself. I do agree that if I could sort classes I’ve saved by topic, it would really be helpful. When the new IPadOS is available publicly, Safari will be a full fledged desktop class browser so it will be really nice to access those features you can only access right now via the desktop site, i.e. class downloads, etc. In the meantime, I love the variety of classes available on Skillshare and feel the instructors do a great job with their content. Nicely done!
  • App isn’t great

    By Thasjaaa
    I absolutely LOVE Skillshare itself! Great classes, lots of subjects... everything is great but the app! You can’t categorize your classes with the app, the app is slower in my opinion and now all the app does is continue to crash! Fix you app.. I bet more people would join!
  • Love it!

    By Szyrod
    I got Skillshare almost a year ago. I have watched hours of videos that have improved my skills as a designer, photographer and creative in general. Great place that brings professionals insights from years experience. Thank you Skillshare!
  • Needs a lot of improvement

    By SloshWerks
    It is nice having this app available for iPad and Apple TV, however, it really lacks features that should be basic. There is no search function. It does not show all classes you have saved. You cannot remove classes via the app. It does not have the option to autoplay the next video in the class, which is annoying when some video chapters are only a minute or two in length. You are constantly tied to your remote to start the next video. That is probably my biggest problem with the app. But, I also want to have access to all of the classes and Lists that I set up on the website, which the app does not provide. So, I am relegated to streaming from Safari on my iPad and mirroring it to the Apple TV.
  • Won’t let me download

    By harbor freight boos
    I want to be able to look at some of the courses and I can’t download the app without having money in my account.
  • I want access to class materials

    By Meerrrt
    The app is very intuitive and provides users with a good on-the-go experience. Still, even though all lessons are available, you can’t access any student projects or class materials (PDFs, etc) from it. I strongly recommend enabling this section on mobile apps too since nowadays there are a lot of e-readers and apps for viewing PDFs (no need to download on phone, but it’d be great if we’d be able to view). Great work so far! Thanks!
  • This is a scam

    By JBNormalcy
    YouTube had more videos, and much better content. Good luck figuring out how to cancel the subscription. They hide it, and use every trick in the book to keep you as a paying member. Very disappointed in this, in every way.
  • Saved me from a mid life crisis burnout!

    By Jenny Beeeee
    I found Skillshare when I was stressed, bored, and exhausted from being a working mom in a high stress job. Skillshare has allowed me to spend some quality “me” time developing my illustrating skills after the kids go to bed. I can take a 10 minute class, 90 minute class, whatever I feel up to at that moment. Over the past few months, I’ve watched my skill improve and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every minute.
  • They over drafted my account

    By angry at skillshare
    I thought I had canceled my account back before the trial ended but now I’m been charged 99 Dollars which overdrafted my account so now my balance is -171 Don’t get this
  • Who needs College!!??

    By Laizsa_mehn
    This is honestly the greatest app ever. Very helpful! I love it. I’m learning so much skills and tips. Saves time from going to college for a degree. 😂 lol.
  • Great but could easily be better

    By smellymanhobo
    One of my favorite apps and absolutely worth the subscription. However, they way my saved classes and watched classes is organized is a bit sloppy and not very user friendly. Going back to find exactly where I was in a class is always a bit annoying.
  • Constant freezing

    By Everyone everybody forever
    It’s kind of a nightmare if you like to pause or go back in a video. I like to take notes so I go back 10 sec or scrub back and it freezes almost every time. The app itself freezes completely except for the audio. It happens so often that I have to give up on this app until it’s fixed :(
  • Awesome tool!

    By Chinaturtle8
    This app is so cool and I wish I would’ve learned about it sooner!
  • Truly Inspiring

    By AnnieJ79
    As an multiple medium artist and YouTuber, I’m incredible grateful for Skillshare and the inspiration it brings. You can select classes by searching your medium (I.e. watercolor, oil painting, etc.) or you can find some of your favorite YouTube artists that have classes themselves. I’ve been wanting to improve and learn my skills, so this is absolutely perfect for me. I hope to develop my own classes on skillshare as well.
  • Love skillshare

    By Mrs. Lisa 1
    Its been only a few days and i love this app. Ive been trying to learn how to edit videos I've watched youtube videos in the past and couldn't understand how to edit them, I even ask family members and it was difficult for me but the experience is amazing and i can learn in my own time at my own terms and i can revisit my clases as many time as i want. Love love love skillshare
  • Latest update splits the spot

    By Scruffi
    Just earlier today the Skillshare app was driving me slightly crazy not being able to split screen. By chance I happened to glance at the app updates and pow, an update that finally(!) solves this very thing. You just made this app ten times more useful.
  • 🤔

    By Michamichi
    I have a transaction dispute, I want to resolve.
  • Handy app

    By Crizzy2
    So far I like the app, though I have only been using it for about a week. I wish I could access all the class resources from the app instead of logging in on my web browser.
  • I’m blown away!

    By Ldybgsrme
    So many great tutorial videos! The videos are easy to follow along with and so informative!
  • Peonies

    By The wingless angel…
    I love her class have to stop it often in order to catch up. she goes a little bit too fast, but she is a wonderful teacher and adorable I don’t know how to work this very well. I’m looking for the place to thumbs up and can’t find it. but anyway thank you for offering this I like it very much. ......When she suggest a color, not everyone Has all the colors. When she says indigo blue, she should give an alternative like dark blue or green blue or something. Not everyone has indigo blue. Thanks for the great class. LindaFenner
  • Great

    By gs9elijah
    This is a good platform
  • Skillshare Offers So Many Opportunities!

    By DolciNonni
    This program is a perfect way to practice, learn and grow.
  • They will fool you, don't download this app

    By Hammdiz
    Don't download this app, they will fool you to get your money. they said one month free, but then they charged me !!!
  • I wish I got this sooner

    By FeatherMyth
    I’ve been seeing sponsored bits for Skillshare on youtube for years now and finally decided to take the plunge. I really wish I jumped in sooner. So far, I’ve greatly enjoyed the classes, especially the illustrative techniques. Even though I’m very familiar with all sorts of art theory, sometimes just watching someone’s process and technique is really informative. When I’m not learning something new, I’m being inspired by the incredible artists. So far, my only gripe is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to add reviews from the app, and when I go to edit my profile there isn’t an option to upload a photo, so I’m stuck on the default blank head. But, I realize that this could totally be user error so I’m not knocking off any stars. Overall, I really like the app. It’s easy to search for classes, save videos, etc. I find the quality of the classes to be very high and some are on par with the topics that were covered in the art college I went to. The three classes I’ve watched so far are clearly taught by professionals. When my trial runs out, I’ll happily pay the subscription fee.
  • App Review, not Service

    By Unspecific
    The SkillShare service is really good and has lots of great content. I think it is worth the fee. The app on the other hand seems like it is in a beta state. Some of the UI does not work. Very few features vs the website. The one good thing about the app is the ability to watch content offline.
  • Misplaced priorities

    By Just Good Sense
    Skillshare is a great source of information, but their Apple apps suuuuck. And the latest update improves watching via Chromecast, complete with an exclamation point! Yay? Why am I supposed to be excited by Chromecast? I’m not on a Chromebook (is that even what they’re called? I can’t even be bothered to look). There was an okay Apple TV app that used to work sometimes, but it fell apart and I was told via a Support chat that development on it was re-prioritized or something. This iOS update with improved Chrome support seems like middle finger to me personally. Hey, maybe a coder at Skillshare could look for a place online to watch videos on iOS app development!
  • Not as good as the desktop version.

    By ok but is this name taken
    Searching for classes seems to be a lot harder on the app. I recommend using the desktop version to find what you’re looking for, save it, and then access from mobile.
  • Still needs help even after the last update

    By Create something today
    I love Skillshare but very frustrated with the app. Every video stops playing and then starts up again with the audio only with a black screen, even after this last update. So frustrated and I paid for a whole year already. The app used to not do this.
  • My Skillshare review!

    By ndk2019
    What a great opportunity to learn from extremely talented designers and the like. I recommend this to anyone who is looking to continue there education.
  • Does it even work for anyone?

    By HorrorScreen
    I got SkillShare to watch tutorials on my iPad. Mission not accomplished. This app lags and never loads the video. Why would I want this? FIX THIS!
  • Love Skillshare, hate App

    By goddesseo
    Please fix the Apple TV app. It is awful.
  • Don’t download! The charge monthly automatically

    By Vaneblue
    I download the app, I watched a few minutes from one video and that’s it I forgot about it, it didn’t catch me I don’t know, and 3 months later checking my Credit cart statement I saw $15 charge in the last 3 months, I open the app and there is no a payment section of nothing, when I download the app in no moment they ask me in the screen for the subscription or the payment or plans, so they just do this with everybody who download the app and that’s it, be careful.
  • Videos should support airplay

    By DavidZCA
    Given the limited capability of the AppleTV version of the app, this version should support airplay. Screen mirroring isn’t as convenient. Plus new TVs will be supporting Airplay without AppleTV in the future.
  • Really love taking classes this way

    By aliciav24
    I really like the app because it allows you to pretty much learn anywhere. The only thing I don’t like, if I have to be picky is that you can’t see whatever downloads the instructor has attached to the class. You have to actually login to Skillshare from a computer. Other than that this has been awesome to use.
  • sign in issues

    By Firefall999
    It would be great if I could use this app on my Appletv, but there’s no option to sign in using my google credentials.
  • Skillshare Experience

    By kevanbronson
    This app has changed my life!! It is awesome. So much info out there ready for the learning. This makes it easy.
  • Gifted people sharing

    By Luvymel
    Appreciate these gifted people sharing their work techniques. I love the stepped approach to learning the skills. Wonderful APP brings all these different skills to one place.
  • I’m really enjoying it!

    By Fahappy
    Lots of great content and no technological issues!
  • Fun time

    By LappinK33
    This app is so much fun if your into web design and writing. Very easy to follow instructions overall I enjoy it
  • Being charged every month without access to premium

    By spartch
    I am super frustrated. I have been paying for a premium membership since January. I unfortunately haven’t had the time to use the app since I started my membership. So when I logged in the other day I wasn't aware I don’t actually have access to premium even though I’ve been paying for. I have apple receipts, a premium membership indication under “subscriptions” in my Apple ID, bank statements etc. to prove I have been paying. I contacted skillshare support about this issue. They have been super slow in their responses and have given me no resolution to this issue. I have waited nearly a week to hear back from them and still nothing. I am super frustrated and don’t understand how this could happen. Be careful!
  • How to i delete

    By ReyJ340
    How do i delete my account! It’s a good source of information i guess but it’s nothing i can learn from watching a YouTube video for free. I like the concept that you guys had but this isn’t ENOUGH for me to pay for. Thanks but no thanks!
  • App is a little buggy.

    By oddacity
    I’m a Skillshare subscriber and have used it on desktop, tablet, and mobile. The content is A+ and I would recommended a subscription to anyone interested in having a wide variety of fun and interesting classes at their fingertips. I’m giving 4 stars out of 5 because the app itself is a bit buggy and non-intuitive - buttons don’t always work, some button layouts are confusing. Particularly the “about” section in classes. Also the class project feature doesn’t work. It would be great if they could fix this and make it as full-featured as the desktop version.
  • School never done on any age

    By yai san fran
    Incredible application You can offline listening class same as YouTube, but not contaminate junk, idiot, fake video as it. Even Some class I expect to study is not live yet, but I believed we need to give them some more time to grown.
  • Content is is a bit limited

    By hi its me making a review
    I just want to preface this by saying I love the content and the classes from Skillshare. It’s great. I’m learning so much. However, when I use Skillshare‘s app, it is lacking. For example, I cannot see all of an instructor’s classes, only a handful. This is resolved by going to the website. I cannot leave reviews for classes I have completed. This is resolved by going to the website. I also wish I could create lists of courses that include more than two classes or the main list which has everything I saved.
  • Great app

    By ዘረአምላክ
    Very good app I learned so many things. The only thing missing is subtitles.
  • I canceled this a year ago, they kept charging me AND declined my refund.

    I cancelled Skillshare a YEAR AGO, but they still charged me. I checked my subscriptions in the Apple store and NONE showed up. It just kept showing up in my Apple receipts. Finally found it under the GERMAN store? And managed to cancel. I requested a refund and cancellation and they declined it immediately. They should take a skillshare class on customer service, because theirs is trash.
  • Nothing new

    By 1jacye
    Ridiculous. Nothing that you can’t get somewhere else for far cheaper. Lack of response for issues with app is not worth the amount of hassle and frustration.
  • The best of its kind

    By crucibelle
    I’ve tried almost all subscription based online learning communities and Skillshare is far superior to the others. The app is awesome and l am loving the newest update.
  • Instructor Treatment

    By Rob Gangsta
    Their treatment of their instructors is terrible. They have an automated system that closes accounts. I understand that automation is necessary but instructors then have to discovered an account has been closed then petition that this is a mistake rather than an automated message instructor that there might be something to review. They do a number of other things that make being an instructor on this platform nearly intolerable and leaving one feel devalued.