Psychic Txt - Live Readings

Psychic Txt - Live Readings

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  • Release Date: 2015-01-28
  • Current Version: 16.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Developer: Activepackets
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.3 or later.
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Get a Free Psychic Reading! Psychic Txt introduces a brand-new type of palm reading, where you get psychic and horoscope readings right in the palm of your hand! With Psychic Txt, you’ll be connected with your own personal spiritual guide for advice on your love life, job and future. Our psychics specialize in everything, whether you want to talk to a palm reader, an expert on tarot cards, or even a medium. Psychic Txt also lets you check your own personal horoscope for your astrology sign. Using a zodiac calculator, we can determine your sign and show you what your future has in store with both our psychics’ advice and our free weekly astrology horoscopes. Our horoscopes give you insights into your future love life, job opportunities and personal relationships. See what the stars have in store for you. The Psychic Txt tutorial shows you just how easy it is to get answers to any life questions you have - the first question is always free! Simply tell our psychics your gender and birthday and you’ll get guidance from real psychic experts. From testing compatibility to seeking financial advice, our psychics will have an answer for you! Download Psychic Txt today! See your future with Psychic Txt’s features: PSYCHIC READINGS * Get advice on your love life, job and your future in general with psychic or tarot card readings * Ask questions anywhere and anytime you need guidance or * Your first question is always FREE PROFESSIONAL PSYCHICS * Speak with over 50 different psychics for readings and wisdom tailored to your current situation * Our psychics are real, handpicked professionals who are always available any time you have a question or need advice * Psychics have a wide range of specialties - from tarot reading to clairvoyance to relationship and compatibility advice, our psychics can do it all! ZODIAC SIGN READER * Free horoscope readings show you what’s in your future according to the Zodiac * Our readings provide insights for all astrology signs * See into your future with new free horoscopes every week * Test compatibility with friends or partners Are you uncertain of where life is taking you? Do you need advice? Have you wondered what your future, love life, job or relationships hold for you? Psychic Txt can be your guide for the present and the future. With Psychic Txt you can have access to a palm reader, psychic, medium, clairvoyant, and spiritual advisor right in the palm of your hand! Download today and experience a different type of palm reader! __________________________ See what our users think! 5/5 "You need to get it looking for love and maybe for your soul mate there are some experienced psychic you should be talking too. If you are a skeptic try it out and wonderful things will unfold in your life and every day events." 5/5 "Excellent app... She told me to stop waiting for him to call back and live my life, just what I needed to hear" 5/5 "Amazing Truly amazing did not have to say anything. she was right on the spot really happy I made the choice of having a solution about my love matter. Definitely will be calling her in near future Thanks !!" For questions or comments about the future telling and guidance app Psychic Txt, please contact us at: For more information about the Psychic Txt app, visit our website at



  • Disappointed!!!

    By Ronni32
    Waits over 14 hours for a reading from psychic Ken and it showed him being online the whole time for him to only refund my credits! Really??? It’s not the fact that I was credited, I waited that really long time expecting a reading. This app is getting more and more disappointing and pathetic like the psychics **UPDATE** Also new psychic Sonny hasn’t or the developers of the app hasn’t posted my review, lol. He couldn’t give a direct yes or no answer so I wasted my credits
  • My favs and Go TO

    By Donna raynes

    By iamsix3
    I have used MANY psychics and psychic apps on apple and this is a COMPLETE ripoff. First be warned that the app only post the POSITIVE reviews for the psychics on the app not the NEGATIVE reviews and if the do, only a few. In other words they make sure all their psychics ratings are high. Me and my friends left many bad ratings and wrote reviews and the site never posted them. One psychic I used was listed to have a text response time of 3 hours and it took 14 hours for replies. One said 1 hour and it took 4 hours after the psychic went offline after 2 hours. I wrote customer service for a credit so I could contact another psychic then all of a sudden I get a reply from the “offline” psychic and funny enough the outcome of what I asked about was negative. The other psychics from the site told me the opposite of this psychic. Lastly, I watched the video of one psychic that spoke English very well and decided to text with her. When she replied, you could tell she could barely speak or write English. Trust me this app is a scam DO NOT USE! APPLE NEEDS TO INVESTIGATIVE THIS APP AND HELP PROTECT THEIR LOYAL CUSTOMERS!
  • Awful, tell them to respond

    By Loverboy178
    I ordered some credits still haven’t received anything then I wrote the support team and no response from them so I just want a refund
  • Love it!

    By Karina Belen
    I feel so blessed to have found Christine! She had truly helped me through some very difficult times, she gave me hope.
  • Love

    By Ms.Swaggy
    Jasmine has gave me some good answers about this one girl that I want back in my life
  • Diane

    By Velbum
    I have received readings and guidance from Diane and she has helped me along my journey very grateful❤️
  • good advisors/app... BUT..

    the advisors are great and i like the app but there’s just not enough advisors, it’s pretty much the same advisors every time i get on.. the other apps have a BUNCH of advisors to pick from, but this one only has like 6 that are online, AT THE MOST.. please hire more advisors and it’ll be a 5 star from me!
  • Affordable, Convenient & Easy

    By Candy Nurse-Rotunda
    It took me awhile to find advisors that were the right fit. But I am so pleased with the service. Mario, Christine, Joseph & Jane have gone above and beyond to help me with detailed answers to my questions. The advisors on here really care and help as much as they can. 5 Stars for me 😊👍
  • Great app love who i connected with

    By Maryy Jaee
    I’ve been an emotional roller coaster being pregnant and going through A LOT of drama. I honestly don’t think i would’ve gotten through it as well as i did without my go to psychic Nancy. She has been a god send. She has kept me level headed and strong and she’s even kept up with my pregnancy showing she cares. I know i can get on her nerves by second guessing at times but she hasn’t steered me wrong before. Her time frames of things are always on point for me. I’ve been connected with her for almost 2 years now. I highly recommend her.
  • Sujata

    By NiecyMarz(;
    My favorite advisor is Sujata. I was a little bit skeptical before I contacted her but she’s been so accurate so far and so right on the money. I love this app and I won’t stop using it 😍
  • Psychic

    By JewKev
    Gina is one of the most amazing psychic I have ever had in my lifetime I don’t know what I do without her she is amazing psychic advisor ♥️♥️♥️
  • Great experience

    By B23075
    This app has allowed me to find an advisor that I most connect with. They have gave me insight and information about the future that has came true!! Great experience and whenever I am confused on something, I connect with my favorite advisor for the next steps to take.
  • Love the app

    By asfghjfvgvdvh
    I like the advisor Rhonda. She gives great insight on situations.
  • READ

    By hggm1219
    Bridgette is by far the best advisor on this app. She’s scary accurate and has always been in tune to any problems I’ve had! She’s kind and compassionate. She is my go to on this app. If you want the truth she’s the person you need to speak to.
  • Love this App!

    By sweet_marie87
    Well anytime, I need to talk to someone, I go to this app psychic text because I get a lot good answers back and most of them are true if you have faith and have the patience! Deff worth looking into!
  • Psychic txt

    By ashleebellamarie1
    I’ve been using this app for years now, and the one adviser that I really connect with is Nancy. I’ve also been going to Nancy for a few years now as well. She’s been super spot on.
  • great app!

    By Unicorn lalal
    i don’t usually trust apps like this but let me tell you—this app is amazing and very accurate. whenever i have a question about a situation in my life i know i can rely on the psychics on here to help me.
  • Quick and True Answers

    By shigib69
    Dora gives you quick and understandable answers to your questions. She is my favorite and she has been correct 99% of the time.
  • Unbelievable!

    By Nicole Eliz🌺🌹
    My mom is a psychic (she doesn't work for a company) so I can easily determine who's good and who's not. Like anywhere else, you'll encounter psychics who you don't click with but these people are the real deal! Make sure you provide enough information and are clear. My absolute favorite reader is Polla. I have also tried David and Amber and they both have been helpful beyond belief. Out of all the apps I have tried, this is the best.
  • Fantastic!!

    By CoolCatAutumn
    Always spot on! And great advice on the future ahead!
  • Great

    By DjfromtheO
    Best App
  • If you have any questions or concerns this is the app where you will get them answered!

    By Ara_9393
    I’ve been using this app for two years and I’ve been using the same Psychic since I started Ginger she is very truthful and the things she tell me actually happens exactly how she say it will.........when ever something is bothering me and I need answers to a situation I message her and she gives me an honest answer I have yet to be disappointed. Keep doing what you’re doing Ginger I thank you and I’m greatly appreciative of all your help over the pass two years.
  • I love this app!

    By ohhgeetaylor
    I use this app probably way more than I should, but I love it. It has been very instrumental in a lot of things going on in my life. My very favorite advisor is NANCY! And I must say DIANE is a close second... they are my go to girls 😍😊 if Nancy isn’t online I will go to Diane. I recently spoke with Christine and liked her a lot too. I’m so happy this app exists and that these ladies were brought into my life. user ID: 347959
  • Love this app!

    By Tiggytiggy1998
    This is one of my favorite apps to use whenever i feel i need guidance through alot of things in life , love , career, etc . I use this app alot of the time and prices are very reasonable! Love it so much and my favorite advisor would have to be hands down nacy! She is always so caring and sympathetic towards my situation! I never feel judged at all :)
  • Psychic txt rating

    By kikijjvefhjjvjefucuiwejciew
    I love this psychic txt app it’s the best and all the psychics that I’ve came in contact with are all accurate I recommend them 100% My favorite psychics are Sonia, tonya, Jane, Monica vineeta Sri, Amber jenn, ashley, Maria, Anita , Shawn, Nancy, tommy, jace, Samantha, David , Shawn .P, Joseph and Gina Thank you to all of you wonderful psychics thank for taking the time out to really understand and responding on a timely manner with accurate insight. Thank you again from Carla.S
  • Awesome Advice

    By Tamara R C
    Shawn P. Gives excellent and accurate advice. Everything that he predicted has come true. Great app!!!
  • Psychic Text - I recommend Nancy!

    By Cjg4523
    Nancy is a great advisor. She is always on point and is super supportive. I have been speaking with her for a long time now and she never disappoints. She is thoughtful, caring and her messages are prompt. She responds back within an hour. Nancy is the best!
  • Cynthia is always a good choice, lots of good choices

    By keepitrealsteph
    I’ve used other psychic apps but this one has always had honest psychics who tell it like it is, they don’t sugar coat, don’t tell you what you wanna hear but what is really happening in your relationship, your life. Customer support also is always there which I appreciate!😊
  • Isabel

    By isabelsauce
    Psychic txt is absolutely wonderful . My personal favorite advisor is Tonya simply for the fact that she’s very sweet, profound and has great insights to her readings. She’s very knowledgeable and knows what she is doing and always gives the real truth . She’s lovely
  • I love advisor Bridgette!

    By WhatWhat222
    Bridgette is so informative and amazing and honest. I love how she can really see beyond details and give me more information than I had asked for but with full honesty as well :) She is by far my most favorite. I love her the most!
  • Best Advisor

    By movielover07
    Kim is my favorite advisor. She is my favorite advisor because she’s accurate and provides a lot of information. Will definitely be back!
  • Amazing

    By yadave
    I have been using this app (psychic text) for a few years now and I have consulted their advisors repeatedly during some of the most difficult and trying periods of my life. Not only have they been accurate about how I felt but what they predicted came true every single time. It’s because I believe whole heartedly that they pick readers who are truly gifted in this craft and skill and can read ur energy VERY well. I stopped using my local psychic because of this app because the advisors on here were more accurate and the convenience of being able to message them was hands downs a better experience overall. I’ve recommended the app to all my friends. I hope you love it as much as I have 🖤
  • 5 star rating

    By Barilari
    Psychic Nancy is the best she is so accurate and sweet. Doesn’t tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear. She makes a lot of sense and is on point.
  • Straight to the point Answers

    By Dash0088
    I had the please with speaking with Hazel. She gave me straight to the point Answers and was able to answer all of my questions. And everything she told me was very accurate. Will talk to her again soon. ID: 364943
  • Lee

    By leesuz
    Love Nancy and Cynthia great reading thank u 🙏❤️
  • Love it!

    By Blahlblahahrhhhebd
    Nancy is one of my go to advisors. I’ve been coming to her for about over a year in regards to the same situation and she’s never changed the prediction and is always so sweet and patient with me, I’ll always ask for her advice.
  • Enjoy the app

    By Nata70047
    I really enjoy the app. The conversation is private and I can alway go back to re read or listen to my readings. Nancy and April are my favorite. Their readings are accurate and alway so polite.
  • Bring Barbara Back

    By Neenee softly
    My favorite advisor was Barbara, she was awesome and wish she would come back. Amber is also one of my favorites.
  • My favorite app

    By Giddh
    I have been using Psychic Text for over a year. I love asking questions and I get so excited when my answers come back. Makes me not feel so alone and puts my mind to rest. Adeema when available is my favorite and always tells me the truth even if it’s not what I want to here. I have seen this app go through some changes. I love the new features and will continue to look to this app for insight. <3
  • Tonya

    By Anaiahf
    never disappointed with the answers I get. Tonya is always 100% accurate and is completely honest. love it!
  • Love

    By Rekela
    Love Ashley!!! She is just awesome and so is Ajay!!
  • Help a lot

    By piukat889
    Thanks for cynthia for help me a lot and very accurated
  • I love this app

    By flowers5399
    It’s feels good to be speaking with people about anything on how you’re feeling or going through.. it’s just helps me because I get closure from what I’m feeling. Gives me peace. Knowing what I’m worried about is fine.. everything will come together..
  • Ginger is 5 stars

    By Wow, so accurate!
    I have been working with Ginger for two years now and she has never been wrong. She has never judged me and has always been straight forward. I would recommend this site to anyone.
  • Amber is awesome!

    By ambie112
    I have been talking to Amber about some stuff I’ve been going through with a friend and she was spot on with so many details about them (personally) and I hadn’t even given any of that information when I had asked the question. It’s only been a few days so I still have to see if it unfolds like she has said, but I still believe she is good considering she talks like she knows my friend who she obviously doesn’t. It has put me a little at ease to with the situation which has been awesome. She’s kind, understanding, and takes her time to get her reading, but not too long. I definitely recommend Amber!
  • Enjoy this app

    By juju1271
    I enjoy this app. I get to connect with one or more readers and if one doesn’t feel a connection I can find another that I feel a connection too. I feel My connection is Strong Desiree. But if there is a day I feel like I connected with her I can choose from someone else.
  • Great Pyschics ❤️

    By D.Ez40
    I’ve asked multiple pyschics about my situation and they’ve basically said the same thing which gives me hope ! I love Amber ❤️ she’s one of my favorites
  • Precise

    By vfaiella
    I had a very good experience with 3 readers from this app. Definitely will use theirs services again. The reading was very helpful, clear and precise. If you are in need of guidance and want a vision of your future , you will not get disappointment.