Toshl Finance - Best Budget

Toshl Finance - Best Budget

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2015-12-17
  • Current Version: 3.2.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 61.66 MB
  • Developer: Toshl Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.1 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 311


Track all your credit cards, bank accounts and cash in one place. Toshl Finance helps more than 2 million people keep track of their personal finances. Know your finances. Have fun! "Of all the apps for monitoring spending, one of the hardest to beat is Toshl Finance.” - New York Times "Now I know where my money is disappearing to, thanks to Toshl...” - BBC Winner of The Europa award for Best Commerce, Finance or Payments Startup Easy data entry - automatically connect over 12 000 different bank accounts, credit cards or financial services in the United States and around the world. Available connection include; Chase, Bank of America (BofA), Capital One, Charles Schwab (SCHW), Citi, HSBCnet, PNC, SunTrust, TD Bank, US Bank, Wells Fargo, PayPal, Wealthfront, Betterment, Coinbase, Bitstamp and others. - quick & easy manual expense entry in only 4 taps. Tip calculator included. - use any currency. Almost 200 currencies with always fresh exchange rates are supported, including 30 cryptocurrencies. - add rich data to entries: multiple tags, financial account, location, description, repeats, bill reminders with notifications, photos. Photos are great for keeping receipts, warranty info and expense reporting. - import data from your online bank files (CSV, Excel, QIF, QFX, OFX etc.) in the web app Useful graphs - big picture overview of how your money flows each month - how much you have left to spend this month while maintaining your budget goals - pie charts, bubble graphs, expense locations map Budgets - budgets for all expenses or filtered by categories, tags or accounts - budget for any time period - optional rollover to the next budget period - notifications warn you when you approach your budget limits Sync with multiple mobile devices - use on an unlimited number of devices, on multiple mobile platforms - your data automatically syncs to all devices and the web app - automatic backup, data is safe even if you lose your device Syncs with the web app - open on your laptop, desktop computer or tablet and use Toshl in comfort on a large screen - automatically synced with mobile app - extensive data visualisations with month-over-month comparisons and filtering by category, tag, location Toshl Pro & Toshl Medici You can use most Toshl Finance features for free forever. We offer 2 subscription plans which unlock more advanced features. Free - 2 financial accounts, 2 budgets Pro - unlimited financial accounts, unlimited budgets, save receipt photos with expenses, repeat expenses, set bill reminders, unlock with fingerprint - $2.99/month or $19.99/year Medici - automatically import data from your US or Canadian bank, credit card or other financial service. Also includes all Toshl Pro features. $4.99/month or $39.99/year Your payment will be charged to your iTunes Account. If you are eligible for a trial period, the payment will be charged when the trial period has ended. If you have already used the trial period, it will be charged once you confirm your purchase here. Your iTunes account will be charged again when your subscription automatically renews at the end of your current subscription period unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can manage or turn off auto-renew in your Apple ID Account Settings any time after purchase. Privacy policy Terms of Service



  • Great APP!!

    By lbos41
    Great way to track expenses and stay on budget. I LOVE this APP. I have been a PRO subscriber for over 3 years.
  • New User

    By bsjfjfnef
    I just downloaded the app but I am really confused as to how to set a reoccurring income or expense? Also when you add an income the only option is cash even though my account is linked which doesn’t make much sense to me. I bought the monthly subscription so if I’m paying I should be able to set reoccurring income and expenses I would think
  • Awesome App.

    By San Felipe 2
    Would rate 5 stars if I could link to my account and it track my expenses vs me having to remember to input manually everyday. I could then go in and just add those items for which I paid cash.
  • Easy to use!

    By Vpride11
    I have been a long time user of Toshl and have been using it since their previous app before this new one. I was surprised I never wrote a review. I love how customizable budgeting and labeling is. The design of the app is easy and intuitive. While not as powerful as the other budgeting apps, you feel like they are growing to become a great app. They are very receptive to feedback and even keep you updated about how your feedback made a difference. I do recommend purchasing their membership program, and if you buy a three-year membership, you can choose between getting a shirt or socks for free! I wear the socks a lot to work. I recommend this to anyone. I’d love to see if they can automate interest gains for a savings account. Keep up the good work, and I can’t wait to see how far the app goes!
  • Excellent app

    By dfblanco
    Great features to keep your finance on track
  • Great for currency exchange. Weird branding

    By Singer Got Soul
    Just downloaded this app mere seconds ago so will update my review as I use it. The only thing that already throws me off is the weird one-eyed pirate bat guy & the ‘Medici’ level. Comes across like some weird illuminati witchcraft b.s. & I don’t like it. Doesn’t produce a sense of trust in your brand & when it comes to handing you the digital keys to my finances - trust is important. Just saying I don’t want the Medicis or that weird bat thing handling my money. But because after a lot of research it seems like you guys are the only app that can handle expats/multi currency ppl so I’m stuck with pirate bat for the time being. Get better branding please.
  • Not working

    By Whole Foods
    I had an account with Toshl years ago. Wanted to try it again. App would only let me sign in with either Facebook or google. Neither of which I wanted to use. Wanted to create an account just using my email, but this wasn’t accepted. When I broke down and used Facebook there were very old numbers in my account. I tried to delete the numbers or the accounts but the app wouldn’t allow that either. I must say I am very disappointed!
  • Expenses from bank account show delayed

    By ClaytenBigzby
    According to Toshl, I haven’t spent any money in 5 days which are 5 days of inaccuracy. I was interested in this app because it appeared to make budgeting easier, but there’s nothing easy about trying to remember what you bought at Walmart a week ago.
  • Finally Found the One...

    By Koneko215
    Been searching for awhile trying to find an app that fits my way of thinking for me and my partner to use and Toshl is it. I was pretty surprised to see how few reviews there are so I figure I’ll give it one more. Envelope style budgets are pretty close to what I wanted but all the things you have to do filling and transferring the money drives me crazy. With Toshl I have a budget that shows how much I can spend for a category and rolls over to the next month if I don’t use it. It keeps everything clean and organized for budgets that aren’t a set monthly amount too, like skin care that I buy every 3-4 months and use slowly over time. The overall style of the app is above average too. It’s smooth and looks nice compared to some of even the top rated budget apps. Best of all the pricing isn’t as bad as some of the other budget apps I’ve considered using. If you’re making a budget why in the world would you pay 5+ dollars a month for an app that’s supposed to help you look at and cut out all those little money leaks? I wouldn’t unless I was already sure how much it would help in making the process easier. The only downside if you’re using it in a relationship is that you use the same account, which means you have to make a way to separate the things each person spends on. The customizable categories and tags makes this pretty easy, but the overall feel is better on other apps aimed more at couples. — Examples of how I use Toshl. My monthly spending budget is set to add $90 every month and the total rolls over to the next month. I label the category as “My Spending” and the Tag as whatever type of item I purchased. When I want to make a large purchase I can see how much I currently have in My Spending and can tell how many months until I can afford it. For my skin care budget I have it add $120 every four months ($30 a month). This way I can make one large order for almost everything I need during a sale and save extra. If I need extra moisturizer or something there’s usually a bit laying around for small purchases.
  • Finally!

    By Amir.Shokohi
    I have used different finance apps and I can tell you that this is what you want. The pro version is really worthy. Any plan to have an iPad version?
  • Great app! Best for world citizens!

    By KrumlovQueen
    Can’t say enuf about this software! If your home is more than one country, it is THE financial software to get!! Impressed with flexibility and “smartness”, and developers support! Keep it up, Toshl!!
  • Heaven sent.

    I love this app and website so much. The interface is beautiful and simple, and it makes you genuinely want to manage your finances on a day to day basis. I have failed with Mint and other platforms so many times, especially with all the assumptions they force upon you to even get started (“complete” your profile with mortgage, assets, credit score, blah blah). It is so light yet powerful and is already making me feel more confident in my spending and saving. Also the best part is that is supports sooo many global currencies, so I can currently track my expenses in JMD which is a huge blessing. 10/10 for sure.
  • Toshl Medici

    By ArthurNisly
    I opted for the Medici alternative. I am glad that I did. By linking my bank accounts it automatically imports the exact bank information and all I need to do is enter the appropriate budgeting category. I am still new with Toshl Medici but I can tell that we are a good fit.
  • Very good

    By Mateomane
  • Latest version crashes on launch

    By DarthPaghius
    I’ve been using this for three years now and it’s been satisfactory for the most part. The ability to see the expenses grouped by tag (other than just by category) would be useful as not all tags may belong to just one category. Latest update crashes on launch every time. iPhone 7 on iOS 11.4.
  • Good, but android version interface much better

    By Ted0901276
    Why is the interface so poor compared to the android version? Android version you can see item tags on the expense graphs and the budget history just has simple things like red bars on the part of the graph where you’ve gone over budget in previous months.
  • Okayish

    By busta525
    The app is fairly good. Easy to understand but there are too much small bugs that destroy the experience The bank connection keeps accumulating “new” entries that have been there for weeks, and when you try to sort them out you get a nice error Managing your data with the app is not as efficient as doing it through the website The app also lacks flexibility when you try to manage your tags and other stuffs especially the dates (you cannot have a budgeted date and an actual credit/debit date, my previous app had it) I used the medici upgrade for couple of months now to get the bank connection, but it doesn’t offer much more than i was expecting. It is great for tracking but you cannot do anything else but tagging the records. There’s no functionality which takes advantages of that. It might come in the future but for now the bank connection is not good
  • Great app + change request

    By minimyc
    Could you please change the numeric keyboard layout, make it look like a calculator: 7 8 9 4 5 6 1 2 3 This would be really user friendly. Thanks!
  • Great app!

    By Elandestoy
    Love it!
  • Best

    By Theomiello8
    Honestly. Best budgeting available. I've been using since the first version. But it needs an apple watch all now and the planning feature to be integrated into the mobile app.
  • A Bit of a Waste

    By conorjmurphy
    I like the way the app works, but unfortunately, the dimensions are wrong for iPhone 8. The list of budgets overlap obscuring their titles. I stupidly bought the paid version because I used this app before on a previous phone and loved it. I hate this version; it’s mostly useless if you can’t see your list of budgets.
  • Ronal

    By nudix23
    Excelente aplicación
  • This App for kids only

    By Sam330o
    Too many bugs and errors, even you will not be able to delete your account.
  • Great and useful app

    All it needs is a calendar to help visual when you spent the most money. That will help take advantage of the other awesome features toshl has to offer. I definitely recommend toshl!!
  • Great app

    By Dat B De
    Great app and it keeps you on track if you just swipe your card and go. Gives you a minute to think about what you are buying.
  • Good app

    By Shadydevil
    Its easy
  • Maturing fast

    By The Bustos
    They just keep on rolling out new features. This app has been perfect for my wife and I to budget with paychecks rolling in every two weeks between 5 accounts. I’ve been running Toshl parallel with mint for quite a while and I get a more accurate read on how much money we really have to spend based on the repeating expenses / riverflow view. I’m even able to track my debt. Toshl is a budgeting framework that can be customized to meet your personal financial nuances.
  • Accounts entry

    By miamimedstudent
    It won’t let me place an amount in accounts. I create a custom account, let’s say with name of checking. Then I place the dollar amount manually that’s in the account, it shows up as my account balance as it should. Then I click the top right check mark to save it and it exits back to the general account menu with no change. I’ve tried everything. Even setting up a fake savings account, transferring money into the checking so as to have a positive dollar amount, and then deleting the fake account. Again it goes back to 0. ARRRRGG. I paid 20 bucks for the pro version and can’t even do the simplest thing.
  • Very good app

    By Lm m
    It takes time to discover the beauty of this app. I've been using it for a long time. Love it.
  • Great!

    By Lani.zuniga96
    Best budgeting app out there! 100% worth the $20 a year.
  • Beautiful app

    By Meegziepew
    This is the best budgeting app I've seen yet! Absolutely worth $20 a year. You just won't find the same ease of use from any of the free ones out there. This app could easily help many save you way over $20 in a year, so the cost is very reasonable.
  • Mobile app version doesn’t show items we entered

    By TVon1
    We entered expenses and revenue items on the mobile version, and they don’t even appear on the mobile version! We’ve tried multiple times to refresh (making sure we were on WiFi), but none of the entries show up. Couldn’t even tell that we’d entered them until we looked on the web version, and there they were. This app is useless for us, since we need to keep track of the expenses on our mobile devices. Will be deleting it. :( We did make sure there were no expenses filtered out and that no time periods were filtered out (shows all expenses, all times). Still, the mobile app on both our phones does not show the entered expenses.
  • Excelente

    By Pacobc
    Solo le agregaría un botón para hacer las transferencias entre cuentas más fácil.
  • Great app

    By LilJuKu
    I really love this app. It helps me get a grip on my spending and be realistic about the money I actual have! Hard to remember to always input my purchases, but I guess that's part of the discipline of the whole thing. It taken me a couple years of disciplining.
  • Fantástico

    By mongas51
    Es mi termómetro de finanzas!! Lo uso todo el tiempo
  • After two years, still happy with everything

    By bkkjoe
    Simple to use and smart enough to cover your entire household. Sadly does not have a good solution to incorporate work expenses although you can creat a tag. But it will be seen as expense and income rather then advance and reimbursement (maybe something for the future) Also wish I could tag an individual to I can assign cost like wife/kids to see who spend it .
  • Been a user for donkey years

    By ZakirJaafar
    Love the app. I have been a user early days of Toshl app. Solves my issue of understanding where the pennies went.
  • Excelent!

    By Juaneltoro
  • Great app!

    By judychenama
    Especially love that I can change currency per item -- a feature that I hadn't been able to find in other apps. Essential since I spend the the year across at least two different currencies. Interface is simple and straightforward. Really gets the job done.
  • Force Close error

    By rezzoIO
    Since some days ago If I tried to add a new expense the app force close. Great app, sadly useless if I can't add new entries.
  • Muy buena

    By Akolatroniik
  • Great app

    By Verena1235746
    Great app, have been using it for years with my hubby to track expenditures
  • Makes Tracking Cash Easy

    By fclarkejr
    Love how this easily helps us track our cash expenditures where we don't have a receipt.
  • Using it from last 3 years

    By mahiva447
    Only app..I'm paying for!! Since, I need this app for my personal finance maintainace!!
  • Amazing

    By Mangible
    We have been using TOSHL for 3 years now. Love how we can set budgets and track our spending. we have saved so much money because of this app. We like how it doesn't auto fill like other apps - we have to actually put in every penny and be fully aware of where every penny goes. We can pull excel reports to see how our spending has changed or what not over the past 3 years. Well worth the $20 yearly fee!!
  • Best budgeting app for nomads

    By Sistershirk
    My husband and I live abroad and travel often. This software is the best I've seen for multiple currencies and travel. It has excellent graphs and easy to use interfaces. We have been fighting our various budget software in the past to make our bank accounts in different countries work together, but Toshl makes it all a breeze! Thank you so much to the developers for making a software that just works well! Finally budgeting isn't a hassle.
  • Not a fan of V2.0.13 =(

    By Nilethestrat
    If you're thinking about updating to V2.0.13, DON'T. Last night I downloaded that version and I'm regretting it. The changes to the interface make everything much bigger, which means fewer things are visible on screen. I have an iPhone SE and I feel like I'm looking at a tablet app that wasn't resized. For example, in the budget screen, I used to be able to see almost all 10 of my budgets at once. Now, I can see three, max. There's a 1/4" of dead space in between each budget line and a ton of dead space in the budget line itself. On top of that, the order of my budgets got completely mixed around so I'm scrolling all over the place trying to figure out how much money I have left. I do like that they added the bar that compares the remaining money in the budget with the time remaining in the budget. This was previously only viewable if you tapped into the budget. In the expenses screen, there's more dead space (again, about a 1/4") and now it shows the notes from each expense. The notes section is interesting, though I would rather have the option to toggle it off because it's just adding clutter at the moment. I've used Toshl for about two years because it was the fastest app I'd found for inputting expenses and viewing budgets. This update is the first that's really been terrible, and I hope that they fix it soon.
  • Best app

    By Nrkhouja
    Easy to use Crossplatform
  • So far so great

    By Lucasmzv
    Very practical. The graphics are cool.