• Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date: 2014-10-25
  • Current Version: 6.3.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 317.58 MB
  • Developer: McDonald's USA
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 342 292


This App is going to change the way you experience McDonald’s®. Just tap “install” to receive exclusive McDonald’s coupons, offers and more! It’s as simple as that! Bring the App to a nearby participating McDonald’s and redeem your meal deal. Mobile Order & Pay Pick a McDonald’s deal, and then pick up your meal at participating McDonald’s. Mobile Order and Pay lets you create your next McDonald’s® order in just a few taps and swipes. With Curbside, Counter and Drive Thru Pickup available, you can enjoy your McDonald’s meal quickly! Exclusive Deals and App Offers Enjoy App-exclusive offers and food deals that are as delicious as your meal. McDelivery Order McDelivery through the app and get your food delivered to your door. Save Your Favorites Customize & save your favorite foods to reorder with ease. Restaurant Locator Where are you going when McNuggets® call your name? Open the map and find McDonald’s store hours and a location near you! Download the McDonald’s App and register today to get more out of your meals at McDonald’s! Must be 13+. Data rates may apply. Prices and participation may vary. Offers available only at participating restaurants. Check for Terms and Conditions and more information. ©2019 McDonald’s



  • Fix this feature

    By mickeydeezadmz
    It’s bs I can’t pay with cash only with card.
  • I have yet to been able to use this app.

    By RobertO239
    I always get an issue when trying to sign up. It always says technical difficulties. The face book app sign up says please log in with existing account
  • Wish I could give this a negative review. K

    By Kris maize
    First of all, the pickup application is totally flawed. It requires the users phone to physically be at the McDonald’s for the order to be picked up. Why might this create a problem you ask? Because I just ordered food for my girlfriend and I then they wouldn’t let her pick it up because my phone wasn’t there. SOLUTION: Just issue a long rand phrase that can be screenshotted or one of those little readable codes. So often many people order from McDonald’s at once and don’t want to have to Venmo/Cashapp each other after. There needs to be an alternative way to pick up your order without your phone being there.
  • Sometimes frustrating

    By ABoyFlying
    When the app works properly it is helpful and convenient. However, it is more often frustrating. Sometimes I’ve selected to use a deal then get a message saying I have to wait close to an hour to use it. It falsely tells me I’ve already used it. Not good.
  • Can’t login

    By Matthew whitt
    I have made a new account and used a different iPhone and iPad and still can’t login gets stuck on the frys jumping said said
  • Can’t add payment

    By cajunwill
    Always unable to change payment or add a card
  • Deals will not work

    By AshleyG5147
    I use to love this McDonald’s app. But ever since I got a new phone will not show Deals. I have Deleted and reset app twice still wont work!
  • Login problems

    By MairaElizabet
    I’ve had so many logging in problems. I’ve had to reset my password about as many times as I try to use the app! I go and make a new account it says my account has been registered, I start following the steps for “forgot password” finally I’m done with that and then I get a message your email already has an account, go sign in. And my dumb self listens and I try to sign in, and go figure I get the your email hasn’t been registered message again. I’m literally just going back and forth. -_-! Not using
  • Review

    By themisteryshopper2020
    Two times I went to the McDonald’s and the two times discount codes didn’t work. Also employees didn’t try to help me get the discount using the numbered code... I Guess I’ll keep going BK till this issue get fixed
  • App is inferior

    By Just Leep Swimming 2018
    I deal with a lot of different sellers of products in apps and this is by far the most disappointing! At first when the app came out I dismissed it as a newly released concept and bugs would need to be figured out. By THIS time it should be up and running extremely smooth. I just tried for the last hour to login to my account and all it did was load. It has taken long periods of time before, but this was not okay! I ended up ordering, paying, and leaving with food while it was still loading. Got all the way home...still loading. I just exited it cuz there’s no point. The objective is to REDUCE wait times, not increase them. Mission failed!
  • Great app

    By Love phrases
    Love app but hate the mobile pay feature
  • I’m loving it!

    By deevaz123
    The line at the McDonalds by my job is always long! Now with the app I can bypass the line and I save so much time! It’s a great feeling!
  • I like the look but need to work on

    By travenature1
    Like new look. You added something annoying remove the suggestion function unless the item is free than I don’t care about the suggested items so remove that function😡😡😡😡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6/14/19-1/23/20 update same
  • Pointless

    By Lovhkmfsybnnn
    Couldn’t even have my husband pick up the food. He had the code and everything they wouldn’t even make the order. I called the place talked to the manager told him my husband was there but I ordered from my phone. Still wouldn’t help us.
  • Worst app ever.

    By Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    Wants me to login using social media. Says it has no record of my social media account. Won’t let me sign up using social media or email. Just about as frustrating as an app could possibly be. Way to work out all the bugs guys!
  • Use it all the time to save money

    By johntuhs
    It’s a nice to have something where you could quickly save a few bucks.
  • Useless

    By Bobldenny2
    If you’re in an area without WiFi you’re out of luck.
  • Nice app

    By MinersWon
    Easy to use
  • Best of the best.

    By Fil Ordonio
    It’s all good to know that Mickie D has always have a deal.
  • It disappointing

    By Lily.pad.
    I had a account It was working fine, then... it logged me out. I tried logging in and it said i did not have a account so I thought “I’ll just make another one” nope! When i want to make a new it recognizes i have one When i try logging in, it tells me I don’t have a account, to make one!
  • Fast and Efficient

    By Sauveh
    I work right across the street from a a McDonalds location and using the mobile app is really handy when going on a 5 minute break to grab my in-store pick up!
  • Mobile order

    By romeroerick
    It’s a hit or miss, they usually don’t call out order number or have it as take out even though placed order as dine in.
  • Worst app ever

    By really hate app
    No other restaurant has you take ur phone with u. The fact that I can’t send my friend to pick up my food because they don’t have my phone with them is beyond stupid. As long as I give them the code that should be enough. DONT GET THIS APP
  • Doesn’t work well at all

    By Divinusf
    I travel across the United States for work and half the time it won’t even load a menu for the closest McDonald’s. The deals are mediocre at best compared to your competitors and when there is a great deal, guess what? That item isn’t currently available on the menu because the menu doesn’t exist for that location. I’m guessing maybe some franchises aren’t participating with the mobile app but it really makes me wish there were less McDonald’s around and more of something else.
  • Don’t use the App

    I installed this app and configured Apple Pay . Today my details got compromised and lost $50 . It’s not secure and please don’t use it .
  • What’s the point

    By 5au1
    Just installed this app expecting not to wait just pick up and go. The point is no waiting regardless I waited longer I could’ve gone through the line faster and I would’ve been the fourth car. However I didn’t get my order after all cars were gone. So this app is inefficient so far I figure it would be great if the drive thru was backed up but the whole we will start your order as soon as you check in doesn’t work for me. I would recommend making the order as soon as you receive it and then giving it the customer as soon as he checks in. I mean it’s already paid for so your not losing any money.
  • Scam

    By AMHK319
    Used once... ripped off once. What a waste of time and money. Used Apple Pay in the app but then when I got to the location it sent me inside (the point was to NOT leave my car) and then they say my payment didn’t go through so I pay with my card inside and yet I get charged through Apple Pay??? You’re a big company, you should be able to get it together so people aren’t charged twice for the same order. And no one seems to want to give me a refund. And the rude employees in store are absolutely no help and no nothing about what to do with any app issues.
  • Fish sandwich

    By suellen warren
    I might give 1.00 for a fish sandwich .... that’s all it is worth !!!!
  • Garbage app

    By iwbzhalsowbd
    Since updates on IPhone, app has decided not to function. Try to look at previous orders- have to sign in. Works after many tries. Want to look at Deals? Sign in again and try many times. Giving up on it!
  • Nothing works, and noone care

    By K.'s Mom
    In my application all the location of McDonald’s closed. I contacted Customer Service they couldn’t do anything. Went to local shop also. Can’t use deals because they will show I have deals but don’t show the code. Tried everything. ......
  • Orders always wrong

    By Gdyuxyxghz
    This may be my last visit as the last 3 orders have been wrong and food was stale and cold
  • Gary Kirkwood

    By Gary SA
    Lovin’ it
  • Horrible

    By Chris Lestina
    App crashes all the time on my iPhone 6 then couple weeks ago got iphone11 and it crashes on that to
  • App doesnt work. Wont sign in or creat account

    By Kommadant
    “Technical Difficulties” im sure the app is fine for those that can use it. Doesn't work for me
  • C+

    By LoopySalsa
    My success rate using this app is about 70-30. 70% of the time it works ok. The other 30% however, the app doesn’t acknowledge that I’m at the location and the employees can’t see that I placed an order. Then, they look at me like I’ve done something wrong!
  • Daily deals

    By KayJ88
    Every timeI try to use a daily deal on my mobile order it says they’re not available this time of day
  • Location Services Doesn’t Work

    By xCarrieex
    I used to love using this app buts it’s lost all of its convenience for me; even with location services enabled to be always on, it doesn’t register when I’m at the restaurant. This has happened three times in a row at different locations. The last time, it finally said I was there, I checked in, and the restaurant said there was nothing there. The app reloaded, and it was back or saying I wasn’t there yet, when I was sitting in the parking lot. I also don’t understand having the option to manually say that you’re at the restaurant and it gives you the code, if the order doesn’t go into the system until you check in. So if the app doesn’t work, you’re secreted and the restaurant can do nothing except go, “sorry, it’s not here.” It’s stupid.
  • Not the best account security

    By sefferboy
    My account got hacked and someone ordered 100 bucks worth of food across the country. Found out later that it was because of the app and not because someone got my card information since I had my card linked to my account. Not a bad app but I don’t recommend linking your card to your account.
  • Why Can’t I figure out how to check out??

    By Cheetah09
    Selecting items is no problem...spent five minutes figuring out how to place the order. It should be blatantly obvious. Poor design.
  • Pointless

    By Theomar817
    This app is pointless. They will make the food once you’re on site. I downloaded this app so I can order and pick up when I get there. I might as well walk in and order since I still have to wait for my food. Wish there was a way to over ride this so my order can be ready as I pick up. This is important for me because I am not supposed to leave work but when I get surprised double shifts I sneak off n get lunch and cannot be gone for long periods of time.
  • Use to work good

    By Sokanon
    Now I can’t ever get it to stay logged in and can’t view deals so I can decide what to order before arriving. Can’t place order cause it won’t keep me logged in. I’m using Facebook to log in so it’s not like my info is wrong. Very frustrating. Use to work great!!
  • It’s ok

    By tbstep
    The app use to offer better deals and sometimes to many rules a Apply
  • McDinalds has gone downhill 😠😞

    By Ydiva
    Food is always COLD or microwaved . Horrible service at Monroe and Detroit St location. I will NEVER visit that location or front and main st location. Absolutely Terrible!!!!!!!!!!
  • Didn’t Work

    By nicknamenicknamesaretakenagh
    Tried to order on the app but the store never received my order. Got charged for all the food and they were out of 3 of the things I ordered. My first time using the app and very disappointing.
  • Very convenient!

    By Manny in NYC
    I use this app a lot!
  • This app needs help

    By derekthebest12
    When I was making an account I put my email it say it’s wrong I put it correct way I double check my email it was correct. I deleted the app so McDonald’s fix this issue please thank you
  • The apps use more them once

    By what name do u like
    I will like to get more of my apps but u could only get one thing why but i like it
  • Other people’s germs in my food bag!

    By love-Sin
    I went thru the mobile app, the McDonald’s employee gave the wrong car the our food while I was parked at the correct number then the McDonald’s employee was notified that the other car was given the incorrect food and that they began to eat it and the McDonald’s took the tampered bags and proceeded to give the tampered bag to me, I refused to receive the eaten food, the employee was only willing switched the fries.
  • Waste of time!

    By Northernrebl
    Previous versions of the app allowed you to avoid the lines, order and have it ready when you arrived. Those days are no longer. You have to be at the restaurant to send the order from the app. Gone are the days of ordering ahead and avoiding the wait. The app is supposed to be convenient, quicker, etc. Why waste time ordering from the app and sitting in your car or inside for 10 minutes while they prepare it. Not saving you time at all. You are just as likely to spend equal time in the line.