• Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date: 2014-10-25
  • Current Version: 6.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 234.21 MB
  • Developer: McDonald's USA
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 319 389


This App is going to change the way you experience McDonald’s®. Just tap “install” to receive exclusive McDonald’s coupons, offers and more! It’s as simple as that! Bring the App to a nearby participating McDonald’s and redeem your meal deal. Mobile Order & Pay Pick a McDonald’s deal, and then pick up your meal at participating McDonald’s. Mobile Order and Pay lets you create your next McDonald’s® order in just a few taps and swipes. With Curbside, Counter and Drive Thru Pickup available, you can enjoy your McDonald’s meal quickly! Exclusive Deals and App Offers Enjoy App-exclusive offers and food deals that are as delicious as your meal. Save Your Favorites Customize & save your favorite foods to reorder with ease. Restaurant Locator Where are you going when McNuggets® call your name? Open the map and find McDonald’s store hours and a location near you! Download the McDonald’s App and register today to get more out of your meals at McDonald’s! Must be 13+. Data rates may apply. Prices and participation may vary. Offers available only at participating restaurants. Check for Terms and Conditions and more information. ©2019 McDonald’s



  • Terrible

    By codi_S
    I really wanted to log on and get the deals on the app. But every time it just says that there is an error with the app. I deleted it 5 times and kept trying to log in and nothing. I really wish the app was fixed that would be nice. So fix it like soon,
  • Terrible

    By Chupas12
    Why does you app keep playing games
  • Can’t sign in

    By Chacka Cacka 74
    Since they updated the app I can’t get any offers since I can’t log in. It’s a shame but I don’t know if it’s a bug , but I use WiFi and data and it won’t let me
  • Won’t let me log in

    By ZombieScooby
    Can’t log in or create new account.
  • Payment doesn’t go through or Multiple charges!!!

    By ElEller
    Every time I make a purchase through the app and get to the store it tells me my payment can’t be processed and to go inside. Today, my payment wouldn’t go through at all and kept telling me try a different payment. I tried Apple Pay using 2 different credit cards and I tried my 2 debit cards, each only once. I get to the store, same story go inside. I go inside use my credit card and everything is fine. Then I check my one checking account and I see 2 charges for 43.12 and 1 charge for 42.07 which is the amount I paid for in the store. And then I have one charge to my credit card! Luckily I had enough money to cover the 120 something dollar charge this app took out. Don’t bother using this app!
  • McBogus

    By Ballers.Opinion
    So I got a response from the developer. I guess I completely misunderstood the app and it’s purpose. Sorry for that Ronald McDonald. I guess you’re supposed to order on the app, your credit card gets charged but they don’t actually start prepping your order until you are physically at the restaurant. Got it! How about a suggestion Ronald McDonald. How about you give us the option to 🅰️) keep as is and don’t work on the order until the customer arrives. (Some people like their food fresh & hot, I get it) or 🅱️) start working on the order as soon as it is ordered on the app, that way we can time it with the understanding it may not be hot and fresh. Some of us don’t mind if it’s a little cold. Hell put a disclaimer. The Starbucks, Jimmy John’s countless other apps work the latter way. Thank you for hearing me out I hesitated forever to use the pre-order feature. Because I feared I’d use it and I’d show up and my order wasn’t going to be ready. Finally I decided to give it a shot, RELUNCTANTLY. Low and behold, I show up and guess what my order is not ready. The employees showed less than zero urgency to get my order out. What’s the point? I assume the feature was created to streamline the process and save the customer time at the same time. Am I wrong? Somebody tell me if I am. It was slow in the dining room, in fact nobody was in line. Only me. I see several of drive-thru orders being processed and yet the lad who took my confirmation number when I walked in, just non-chalantly kept talking to another employee. No urgency of “Man this guy ordered on the app, and his order is not ready. Maybe I better expedite this for him”. Nope none of that. After about 8 mins I left without my food and minus $9 in my bank account. 😞
  • Hasn’t been working for the last month

    By aa ace
    Doesn’t work says critical error please restart up I have deleted and re-downloaded it and still hasn’t work
  • Trash

    By Douug1054
    Can’t even register this app is dumb asf
  • Downloaded and removed today and 6 months ago

    By cardi x
    App is very slow. If you turn on notifications too much spam,
  • Doesn’t work iPhone 11 Pro

    By GTRlyfe
    Won’t let me register no matter what I do, restart the app, delete and reinstall try to register with google option then just the regular email option....nothing works, uninstalling
  • App not working

    By Jolie Blon
    This is my first problem with this app, keeps telling me not connected to internet but other apps are working fine.
  • Horrible

    By Potterhead1008
    Constantly freezes. Also makes ordering 10x longer and you can only use 1 deal at a time. Useless.
  • I love McDonald’s , just not this one

    By superubermom
    Over 40 minutes to get a deluxe breakfast - one meal . No apologizes . Horrible service
  • Terrible App

    By whitemanllavez
    By far the worst app of any restaurant. The app hardly works, always glitches, and won’t even let you add payment methods. You would think a big company like McDonalds would want to develop a good app like chipotle, Taco Bell, or really anyone else. The fact that this app is so bad is the reason I no longer eat at McD’s. A lot easier to order from another restaurant who actually has a functioning app...
  • This app is hot garbage

    By Zimatx
    The user registration process is broken for all sources as is the password recovery feature. ‘Sorry that didn’t work.’ Which would be fine except it makes you reauthenticate after every update.
  • Pretty BAD

    By kroehm1972
    This app is horrible! It might be a different story for you guys, but I can’t even get it to let me register!!! Every time I try it tells me I have no internet connection and to close the app and try again. Clearly I have internet access.... not worth it in my book...
  • Cannot remove payment method

    By prayhard87
    I love this app, I use it all the time until my cards expiration date expired. Now I cannot remove the payment method from my profile and I can’t use the card anymore. Please update this app to allow the removal of payment methods!
  • Granny Glo

    By Grany Glo
  • Used to love this app

    By DebbiePasadena
    I used this app a couple of times a week for the deals that are offered. Just this week my app won’t show me any deals. It says there aren’t any in my area. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app, chosen various store locations, and nothing changes. I know there are deals; I see them when I look at my friends’ apps. Help!
  • Apparently Promotions Aren’t For Everyone

    By Panda2287
    The McDonald’s at 60 Home St Huntington, IN refuses to honor the promotions that are on the app and treated me very unprofessionally by making me wait close to 15 minutes before rudely saying there’s no way my owner will let us give you that much food for that price. I know McDonald’s are franchises but don’t they have to abide by the promotions set forth by the company? Can’t use this app where I live, what’s the point in having it?
  • Deals

    By Dawney3
    Great deals and fun games!
  • Can’t connect

    By Twinsound
    App doesn’t even connect. Worthless
  • McCafe booo

    By synsupreme
    Why can’t you add creamer to the coffee? They ask you at the drive through but not on the app.
  • worst app

    By craxysubaru
    every time i try logging in, it always says its experiencing problems. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!
  • Uuugh!!!! (0stars!! )

    By Hermes the messenger
    Stupid fkn app won't fucjinget me log in!!!
  • Lame

    By ajbg90
    Its pretty lame trying to order something when you cant know what you are ordering, as the only thing i see are number combinations, what am i supposed to do, decipher them?
  • Awful deals

    By jsmith111880
    The deals are very much a joke. 20 percent off a Quarter Pounder or Big Mac. Buy one Quarter Pounder or Big Mac and get one for $1. You do realize people like other menu items, right? I'm uninstalling the app since 4 out of the 8 offers revolve around the purchase of a QP or Big Mac. It's time for your marketing department to actual provide options and offer deals that the consumer wants. Not offering deals to push out product because, and I'm assuming, you have an abundance of product about to expire.
  • Useful information

    By sjdkfmf
    Would be useful if the app pointed out you need to bring the device used to place the order BEFORE you hit purchase.
  • Horrible App

    By M.Baca
    This app hardly ever works. Every time I start the app it prompts me to log in to view anything and it never recognizes my log in. IF and when it works. It does not let me submit orders. If it submits an order I’ve had many instances of the restaurant not receiving the order! Very poorly designed! Being the size that McDonalds is, you would think they’d have, at least, a decent application on the market being that many companies are moving toward online ordering. One star for the app and also one star for the customer service given at the restaurants when inquiring about mobile order issues!
  • Did McDonald’s in Ames change owners?

    By Nateswife
    It’s not good. You should do a corporate check up on both restaurants in Ames, Iowa. Used to be great.
  • Very Basic

    By flyer8817
    You should be able to store gift cards, reload gift cards and pay through the app using a scanner.
  • Can’t Login

    By RobbyM
    Can’t login can’t use the app! An absolutely worthless app!
  • Zero stars

    By Meemeekuso
    I am very disappointed with this app, and I didn’t even sign up for it yet. I tried to several times as I tried and it kept on saying that I have to check my internet connection or re down load the app which I did several times. I wanted to use it because I had a big order to put in. But it’s become such a hassle. We love your French fries the best, but not worth the hassle. If I could give this app zero stars I would.
  • Doesn’t save any time

    By RebeccaW1984
    The app wouldn’t let me place and pay for the order until I checked into the restaurant. I wanted to have the food ready when I arrived. If I wanted to order when I arrived, I would just talk to a human.
  • No Sign In with Apple

    By roosto
    It would be nice use this order to ahead, but they do not support a huge feature in iOS 13 👎
  • Can’t order happy meals

    I haven’t been able to order happy meals on the app now for about 6 months. I have updated quite frequently but it still doesn’t work.
  • Hacked

    By Oxana Bee
    This app is extremely unsecured so be careful. Do not leave your credit card information saved! Mine got hacked and someone made three separate orders within an hour in a state I’ve never even been to. The only reason I caught this early was because I check my email often and saw the “thanks for your mobile order” message.
  • Deals

    By caddy bustin
    Barely have any real good deals
  • Fix the app

    By Hj022
    This app broken to the point where I can't log into EITHER facebook or gmail, nor can I register using any other email. Please fix this asap
  • Can’t order from two menus

    By DLMorgan
    At the same time
  • It’s great when it works!!

    By Mackn8ez
    I’m a heavy coffee drinker. I probably drink to much, in fact. But I like to use the coffee points on the app, so after your 5th purchase you get a free coffee. Well, I’ve noticed lately that I have not been getting credit for all of my points. It’s not a huge deal but if you are watching your points and hoping to get a free coffee every 5 purchases then it might be.
  • Doesn’t work

    By Brianwcoffey
    Can’t order without an account. Can’t create account keeps saying that there might be an internet issue. There’s not. Tried with account by email, by Facebook, and by Google.
  • App doesn’t work

    By RPBuZz
    I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times in attempts to fix multiple bugs but the app still doesn’t work. Deals category is empty 100% of the time, and last night I tried to do a mobile order and was left waiting in the mobile order parking for 15 minutes then when I finally went through the drive through I was told the app sent my order, but not my payment and I’d need to pay again. Just use the drive through and save yourself a headache with the app.
  • Stupid

    By Janoswardiannmmm
    Kind of dumb you have to sign up just open the app and look on the menu
  • Unable to sign in whatsoever

    By Sirjandrade
    Since the last update , have been unable to sign in at all. Facebook and Google login are cancelled and trying to login regularly just says technical difficulties. I have been locked out for quite some time now and deleting and re-downloading the app has not solved the issue. I can’t even look at any deals as i can’t even login at all. Until this gets fixed then i will stand with my 1 star rating.
  • Online ordering

    By Rotothero
    I placed an order online. I get to the line, tell them my code, and get to the window only to hear certain Items I wanted weren’t available. Frustrated I get home and my chicken(buttermilk crispy, and chicken nuggets) was old and dry!! 🤬 3350 S. Military highway Chesapeake va
  • Ridiculous

    By kxkxodi i
    App does not work
  • Good luck if you forget your password

    By XtrmMidi
    I haven’t been able to recover credentials or register a different email address. “We are sorry that didn’t work. Check your internet connection.” Everything else is working
  • Fix it

    By LaShae81
    Keeps telling me to check internet connection and won’t let me complete sign up