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Course Hero | Homework Help

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2014-10-28
  • Current Version: 1.9.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 58.29 MB
  • Developer: Course Hero, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 14 934


Course Hero | Get Homework Help with Course Notes, Flashcards, and Study Guides. Study smarter with the largest online library of course notes, flashcards, study guides, and homework help—available 24/7. Better grades guaranteed! Unlock the exact course notes, study guides, and test prep you need from more than 10 million students and educators at 16,000 schools. Get step-by-step help from expert tutors anytime, anywhere. Create flashcards to master the course material and share with your friends! Master Your Classes™ Earn better grades when you study with millions of course notes, flashcards, study guides, test prep, and more from students and educators at 16,000 schools for the 2017-2018 school year. Search for your school and course or get help from study resources at other schools. Once we learn about the subjects you’re studying and courses you’re following, we’ll even send notifications when we have new and helpful resources. Homework Help Need personalized homework help? Find answers to your questions with homework help from expert tutors who are available online 24/7. Message back and forth until you understand the material and get to the answers you need. Quality answers or your money back! Flashcards Flashcards are a simple yet effective way to learn new material and retain knowledge. Create flashcards or find existing flashcard sets to help you master material before your exams. Share flashcards with your friends and classmates for an effective and collaborative study experience. Your Study Library Save class notes, Q&As, flashcards, and more to your library to stay organized this year. Your library is organized by course and is accessible via the app and via the Course Hero site for free in your browser so you can always find what you’re looking for. Never misplace your study materials again! TL;DR - With the Course Hero iPhone App you can: -Maximize your study time and earn better grades! -Study millions of course-specific documents: course notes, flashcards, and study guides. -Get fast and detailed homework help from online tutors 24/7. -Find existing flashcards or create your own to share with friends. -Study right away or save materials to your library to read later. -Have easy offline access to resources you’ve previously viewed via the app. -Get notifications for new resources—based on your previous searches. People without a Premier subscription will still be able to search, save, and view previews of more than 10 million course-specific documents: course notes, study guides, and Q&As. And they’ll be able to get homework help from Course Hero tutors and utilize all flashcard features. For full access to Course Hero’s high-quality study documents, users must upgrade to a Premier membership. Premier Subscription Options: Monthly - $38.99 billed every month Quarterly - $54.99 billed every 3 months Annual - $109.99 billed every 12 months For Customer Support, please visit We’re happy to help! Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: Please Note: Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions renew automatically unless canceled more than 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. You may manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal by visiting Account Settings in iTunes, but you cannot cancel an existing subscription before it ends.



  • can’t even login

    By Follow"TEAM1100"OnSoundCloud
    no matter what i do this app will not let me login
  • Help

    By yungredtube
    Can’t see the answer to my question.... I’ve been ask to pay more when I’ve already purchased a plan
  • Do not get this

    By Fuhandle
    This is aweful! Do NOT waste money
  • No Help

    By NO NO. O
    Once you pay for the subscription you’ll have to pay extra to actually get some help. Not worth the money time or aggravation.
  • Very Helpful!

    By MBA all the way
    I would not have survived without Course Hero! I actually feel like I am learning.
  • Waste of money

    By ~claire?bear~
    Biggest waste of $39.95 I ever spent
  • Not valuable

    By Bleuiiis
    I thought this app would be a nice supplement to my quizlet study app, but it’s not user friendly, more expensive that it should be for VERY LITTLE helpful info. It might work for some, but not for me. I will not be buying again. :(
  • Bull

    By Marty party365
    This app is NOT worth your money at all. Don’t pay for it because it is way too expensive and does not even have the resources you need
  • Critical review

    By zebdiah
    The first thing that I didn’t find helpful was how the documents ( most) were entirely copied from other sources. The next issue that I had was getting connected to the online tutors and actually getting a help. Overall It is a very disappointing app and I didn’t find it helpful in anyway whatsoever. Basically just a waste of money.
  • Came here for flash cards left $120 poorer

    By cjmiml
    I downloaded the app expecting at least SOME free content, but that would have been too easy. So I paid the year subscription which is really just paying for 30 unlocks...which if you want an additional 30 is $70...I have yet to find anything but actual answers to tests (so still making my own flash cards) or other people’s essays and answers. It’s not anything advertised for the free app and even after you pay for it you still don’t get full access or maybe not even what you’re looking for. I canceled my subscription within minutes and emailed within a half hour asking for a refund. I didn’t use any unlocks as none of the content offered matched what I was looking for, I have yet to hear back. If you want free flash cards use quizlet. They have premium options too that I haven’t explored, but if I wanted to it’s significantly cheaper. So far I’m getting better help for free from a different app. If you’re a college student you’re better off spending your money on an actual tutor, or food.
  • Really great resource will recommend

    By Danaai71
    Really great resource will recommend

    By Snapchat Updates
    They don’t tell you before you spend a bunch of money on a subscription that YOU WILL STILL BE RESTRICTED. Remember those little notifications before you sign up that say subscribe to unlock, yeah well we still get those as paid subscribers. We are give less than 50 unlocks a month and have to pay AGAIN for more if we want them. Outrageous that they did not make this clear pre-purchase. Would be a helpful app if it wasn’t run by scammers.
  • Not a Great App

    By Kallenlalker99
    Besides being far too overpriced for the amount of material you’re allowed, it’s not a great app for phones. Especially because you’re unable to edit your profile or cancel your prescription from the app, and instead get redirected to the search engine app that prevent you from closing out pop ups. The point of an app is to allow access and ease of use that you can get on your cell phone rather than a laptop or public computer.
  • A waste of time

    By DED52
    I have never been able to pull up information as I am studying for exams or doing my homework. Awful!!!!!
  • Not viewing the doc at all

    By Joula33
    Not allowing you to View part of the doc before unlocking it
  • Frustrated!

    By Bwayne1269
    Not at all what I expected. Not very helpful. Cancelling my membership!
  • Scam

    By T3DEEP
  • Account

    By sarahagra
    I had paid for a 12 month subscription 3-4 months ago. And now suddenly I have nothing. And have to buy a subscription again? So 100$ got me 3-4 months of use. And now I’m scammed out of 100$ Thanks.
  • Great site for College students

    By Lex n lyric mommy
    This site usually has useful material and up to date material for a multitude of degree programs
  • Bad bad bad customer services

    By ydrvega
    I trying to reach out with the customer service department. They never replied me by email. I emailed then more that 4th time in a period of one week. I never downloaded or use the app. They promote a monthly payment of 9.99 and they charged you for 119. I am try to get a refund but no body answers my email. Your customer service is socks this is my terrible experience ever. People do not use this app. At this point they will never refund me the money.

    I was charged without notice. This is pure nonsense.
  • Helpful

    By Smitty0717
    Helps out tremendously
  • Not worth it!

    By Sunmoonstar11
    I really don’t have the time to jump through the blocking hoops. At least I want to explore the full potential for the app free for one week before I decide to pay subscription. Just delete your account here and use Quizlet for free and without blocking walls and steps! CourseHero, Enjoy the exam crusher document I uploaded for free!
  • I thought I was going to pay 19.99 every 3 months

    By 1_Gigi
    Wow! Don’t waste your money. They can’t even pay you back even if you cancel it. You have to use it until your three month is over. I don’t even have to use it for three month. Before I purchase this.... they said you can’t stop it at any time..... to pay. They should refund people 😒
  • APP will not work

    By rosalvap
    Purchased for 3mo 54.99 and app does not work or load!!!! Waste of money do not install
  • Don’t waste your time

    By helnftlw rn
    Absolute crap Asked a question through the tutoring service gave me the wrong answer and didn’t help any further or explain how to solve the problem or how they got their answer
  • Thankful student

    By Rg17114
    Thankful to have a service like this available to help me thru school. Thanks
  • No preview

    By Nima89
    The app wont let you see the preview it always says can’t download
  • Unbelievably

    By julie_moh
    They took my money and nothing is opening for me , besides no one is ansymy Emails.
  • Pay vs upload docs

    By charlene suel
    I feel if you pay for this info you should not have to do anything else to see the information. So why should we pay?
  • Perfect

    By saeid2000
  • Horrible

    By Dogstar
    This app it horrible. First of all they rip you off, when you subscribe, it tells you that the monthly charge is $9 dollars and something cents. Ok, I can handle that and my course is about 5 months long. But then they kill you by charging you a full year. Charging your account $100 bucks!!! So, then I tried to upload a question... I get a message 2 days later, we can’t answer your question. SO LAME! I want my money back! Oh yeah, I wrote 3 emails complaining and I haven’t heard back. 🤯
  • Omg

    By sylviehenry
    This app start piss me off to subscribe it’s hard ugh
  • It’s so great and awesome to use💖💖💖

    By julieeee barajassss
    It’s so useful I’m so in love
  • I love course hero

    By bery good i love it
    It helps me better understood my homework thanks to the explanation of the The tutors
  • Goid

    By ash1684
    Very detailed and on topic
  • So helpful

    By adebroco
    So glad to hear about coursehero
  • Not very good

    By emtpjt
    Can’t find any info I need
  • Tutor is bad

    By ricklumbra
    Tutor cancel my questions.
  • Terrible Scam

    By Pizzadudegut
    I started this program on my windows computer for convenience and then downloaded this app. The message that says your documents will take around an hour to upload is false. I’ve had mine in nor 12 hours and for 12 hours I’ve had 3 out of my 50 assignments uploaded. Those 3 were successfully upload within 10 minutes and since then no progress has been made. I put my trust in this program because I saw the exact document I needed and now I’m not going to get it in time for class. I could’ve done the assignment easy, but I trusted this program to work. Wrong mistake and now I’m going to fail my ASL class. Also, the developer responds to every review with the exact same message, and then once you email their customer support, they don’t email back. Waist of your time. Just do your homework and don’t put your grades on the line with trusting this garbage company that enjoys stealing ridiculous amounts of money from students.
  • Rip Off

    By Cotton/Tuna
    They took my money out of my account$129 and I’m not able o use this!! I can’t find a customer service number to get my money back and I can’t use it. SONT SIGN UP!!! It’s a scam/ripoff
  • Terrible. Don’t waste your $

    By 123AaaaaaaaaAaAAAAAaa
    I got this to help study for AP. But after paying and being able to see the whole site. Everything was crappy. Material is under the wrong subjects, you have a limited number of unlocks, and you have to unlock a document to see its even worth using so if you don’t use it you wasted an unlock. This site is very unorganized. Over priced and falsely advertised. I thought I was gonna get an amazing app to help study but I was severely let down. Most material is half finished since random people can submit work and that work is what you study off of. STUPID APP DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!
  • Terrible website

    By @@@"@@
    No provided information when you unlock It’s a scam.
  • Paid membership scam?

    By Grrrrrrrrr11
    I paid for a year in full but still had limited unlocks. Why bother paying?!
  • It’s good but not descriptive

    By madpeaches
    Told me I was paying 9/10 dollars a month then end up taking 109 dollars I like my money back
  • RN

    By conniepachicano
    Very helpful resource. Lots of good material. Easy locate and print material. Has many nursing courses available for access.
  • This doesn’t work

    By rco224
    Good luck getting any useful information
  • Course Hero is a must!

    By MissMaryWhite
    I was spending so all my time studying but my exam scores kept getting lower and lower that I was freaking out. Course Hero kept popping up online and I decided to give it a try. I got an A on my exam and was so excited! I’ve been using it ever since to help me prepare and have been continually getting an A on Exams, it seriously is my Hero. Thanks Course Hero!
  • Good

    By Kendall_dev
    Great resource