Expenses OK - expenses tracker

Expenses OK - expenses tracker

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2014-11-03
  • Current Version: 3.1.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 13.20 MB
  • Developer: Mobion
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 702


Expenses OK - the fastest way to track your expenses. The features of the app: - expenses - the handy widget - subcategories - pie diagram - synchronisation - password - Face ID and Touch ID - export to CSV - backups



  • I’m lovin it

    By Rdc1961
    It’s helped me track my New Years resolution. Saving money.
  • Simple and easy to use, just what I need

    By linda 231990
    I just need a simple app that can record and categorize my expenses. This does it all, user friendly and beautiful interface!
  • Like the simplicity of the app but...

    By Namitche
    The app is easy to use and I like the design but could use some enhancements. 1) I don’t like the category names they have and there is no way to edit them. You can add your own categories but if you make a mistake or change your mind like I did there is no way to delete the category. To me this is a must have if you want to track expenses. Also they need more 2). Would love to be able to upload a receipt so I don’t have to input it but that’s a nice to have.
  • Easy!

    By TaurusBrat
    Easy to use. Easy to customize. Hopefully this will help me cut down on wasteful spending!
  • Pet food and Vet

    By Rivermesquite
    Really like the app by would like a category for pet cost. It could combine both food or Vet cost but it would be a great option.
  • Simple and Direct

    By ZM Corp.
    Direct simple tracker nothing fancy complicated routine.
  • Their other app “Income Ok” is the same app

    By Nisaac10
    Can someone explain to me the difference between this app and their other app called “Income Ok”. I bought this one first but realized for the same price the other one has more options...
  • Would be perfect

    By hakanoguz
    I like this app a lot. It would be a perfect app if the user could be able to take a picture of the receipt and save it locally or cloud service such as google drive. Dear developer, please add this functionality to your app. Then I could give your app 5 star...
  • Cool

    By Nexuskiller
    I like it.
  • Income tracking in a different app!

    By huangbinapple
    When I know I should pay extra 1 dollar to get the income tracking app, I decide I should give this 1 star!
  • Love it!

    By AppleBuddy22
    This is such a great app to organize all the different categories of expenses! Thank you!!
  • Easy

    By w'cia
    Easy to keep track of spending. And sometimes frightening. I would like a “return” category to automatically subtract for items returned.
  • The only app can keep me record my expense🧡

    By zebra2828
    Great app! Easy enough to do quick record, have extra icon and color options for me to add Categories! I failed to record expense many times, but this app make things so much easier!
  • Too bad

    By Anony...17
    It cannot link credit cards accounts neither other accounts
  • Great app, easy to use

    By PhotogAndrea
    This app is super helpful for keeping track of my expenses, easy to use and visually appealing. Suggestions- It would be great if the “Notes” section for each purchase were on the same page as where you enter the price and item, right below, to minimize clicks back and forth. Also, I’d love to see a simple delete “x” logo to the right of each item purchased, instead of having to click on the item first and then on remove. Basically, more options right on the front screen, fewer clicks. Thanks for a wonderful app!
  • Perfect

    By cgcg222
    I think this may be the best app I’ve ever downloaded. The simple, clean design is perfection. Does exactly what I want it to...and nothing else. Which I LOVE.
  • No budget functions...

    By mxl56001
    Cannot track or create own categories and cannot allot monthly amounts to each category.
  • Perfect!!!

    By realviraj
    My hunt for the expense tracker ends here!!! but please update the app and how the data are storing in cloud ? is there any way I can synchronize or create a backup ?
  • Easy to use

    By Clu Br
    I’ve downloaded this app and instantly like it as it is so easy to use.
  • Simple and easy to use!

    By klein220
    If you’re looking for an easy to use app to track your spending this is definitely the app for you. I was pretty happy to discover it. I give it 4 stars only because Of my own personal preferences with UI.
  • Great app!

    By Mauthcl
    Allows me to keep track of my main expenses without any hassle
  • The best app ever!

    By Lalettan
    Might be my first review for 5-6 years. What an app!! Changed my life, exactly what I’ve been wanting to note my expenses. So easy to use and even easier to look at the graph and see where my money is going in a month; helps me cut down on all the extra money I’ve been wasting on food, booze etc. Please keep it simple and beautiful as it is right now, 5+ stars for this one. Not once have my 9@ cents been more worthy
  • Very honest app

    By ZenDoLove
    Wow is it shocking to see my spending habits. Lol This app makes it so very easy to use. I love it.
  • Elie F

    By EliefA
    Great app simple and use on many device
  • Really JUST expenses

    By Fsst
    It looked like this was a sort of check book keeping app, but it really only tracks the expenses you log. It’s $.99 for something you can put into your notes.
  • Great free app for personal expenses

    By PPM11111
    This is a great app that I’ve ever seen. No ads. Simple UI and free at all.
  • Love it, but how do I import data to a new device?

    By iannyy
    Help please !
  • Clumsy app

    By Dr. Biene
    Ok to enter data, but category management is awful.
  • Terrible

    By sashashasash
    Looks like it hasn’t been updated in years.
  • Great app

    By Maleak Dawkins
    Good way to track expenses
  • Love it!!

    By Jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjii
    Love it!!
  • Excellent application

    By Yssa71
    Excellent app, i can tract all my finances. Thanks to the one who created this. You must try!

    By MN Chivette
    You guys. I’m not a high-power CEO or an investment banker: I don’t need an app with a live feed of stock market numbers, or anything to do with some guy named Dow Jones, or interest percentage calculators, or charts and projections and line graphs that give me flashbacks of high school math class and parabolas and X’s and Y’s. I’m a 30-year-old girl in a one bedroom apartment. I work at a desk Monday-Friday and on the weekends I stay in bed drinking beer and eating potato chips while binge watching all 12 seasons of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia for the ninth time. This app is pure perfection. It’s made for normal people!! All I want to do is keep track of how much I spent on McDonald’s last month and know that I can put about $2.74 of gas in my tank until payday. I had nearly given up hope, ready to resort to making a chart with a Sharpie and a ruler on a piece of printer paper, when EXPENSES OK saved my life. Enter the dollar amount—that’s it. I feel like a toddler that’s excited about pushing big buttons with numbers on them!! And although I would’ve been perfectly content with the app’s simple format regardless, they went a step further by adding pictures!!! How did they know?? Heck yeah I want to push buttons with a little purple car, or a green piggy bank, or a yellow cheeseburger, or a blue kitty!! EXPENSES OK is the adult equivalent of a toy phone with big bright buttons and colorful pictures and I’m drooling! (Don’t even get me started on the drop-down widget!!! What kind of magic is that?!) Thank you App Makers, please don’t change!!!!
  • Very cool App

    By Touraj70
    Nice! Good job 👍👍👍👍👍
  • The Perfect Balance

    By C.M.Haddock
    Love this, it’s a perfect balance of recording spending and showing in a simple and beautiful display. The great add-on feature that’s included is the notes where one can break down the context and even itemize items like a grocery store trip. Ability to add categories allows for versatile customization. Great job in keeping it simple, balanced and providing what’s needed and keeping out what’s not necessary. One ask: the ability to add an image of receipts. There are many reasons for this, but can save time in certain situations. Not a deal breaker, just for how I’d use it there value, maybe for others. :)
  • Very simple and efficient

    By tagam14
    An excellent and quick way to keep organized
  • Easy to Use

    By shadowhill
    This app is very easy to learn, use and enter your data to. Keeping track of your budget helps manage your money. We spend it quicker than we realize. A penny saved is a penny earned, as Ben said.
  • Easy to use

    By LBSH111
    Great simple interface to enter spending as it happens! Love the graphs and customizable categories. Wish it allowed tracking by week as we work on a weekly budget for spending that is not tied to an bill/invoice.
  • Expense

    By medalan
    Good app
  • Payment method

    By Fvdinelli
    Love the app, but you should add a method of payment so we could see how much we spend in each card or money...
  • Simple and good

    By _filipan
    It is the best so far. Very simple and clear. It would be good if I can add a photo of bills to notes. That is one thing I am missing.
  • Excellent program you must to have

    By Kevinz777
  • Expenses OK

    By Striving M
    Love this app! Makes it so easy to track and manage expenses.
  • Simple to use

    By jwvjcoop
    Great little app to help track travel expenses
  • It's easy and fast- and that means you'll actually use it

    By Julian666677890654
    I downloaded this app to track my expenses while I'm away at college. I've tried other budgeting apps before but I've ended up abandoning them all for one reason- it takes too long to input a purchase, which leads me to procrastinating adding it, which leads to not adding it at all. I'm not exaggerating when I say it takes less than a second to input a purchase into this app. 5 Stars.
  • Need improvement

    By azkilani
    I have been using this app for a while and i like it. But please include the option to show the total monthly spending in the widget, it will be great to track always how much is spent in total instead of having to open the app every time and click many clicks to reach the total
  • Sleek and Focused

    By JohnBrianKim
    Excellent tool in becoming more conscious of your finances.
  • Good to use, but needs more icon

    By Xing06
    It's easy and friendly to use. However, I think it needs more catalog icon for expenditures.
  • Way to basic

    By kennyjr28
    Not enough categories, way to basic. I would not buy it again . Sorry