EveryDollar Easy Budgeting App

EveryDollar Easy Budgeting App

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2015-02-28
  • Current Version: 2.12.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 58.12 MB
  • Developer: The Lampo Group Incorporated
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 4 772


Start saving with the fast and easy personal budget planner and expense tracker app, EveryDollar! EveryDollar follows the zero-based budget approach recommended by Dave Ramsey, a top personal money-management expert. Create daily and monthly budgets and track your expenses to manage and save money. Millions are already using EveryDollar to budget and track their spending, beat debt and build their wealth. Start now and find the right way to budget your money! As a bonus, all new users receive a free trial of EveryDollar Plus, the premium version of EveryDollar. You can connect directly to your bank with EveryDollar Plus, making expense tracking all the easier! Simply go to EveryDollar Plus in the main menu and upgrade right away! Key Free Features: Personal Budget Planner ** Create a fully customizable daily or monthly budget in minutes. ** Access your budget planner through the app or desktop browser. ** Adjust or reset your budget throughout the month, keeping up with the changes in your life. ** Keep your personal account secure by signing in with TouchID. Expense Tracker ** Track spending as it happens by the second. ** Split expenses across multiple budget items. ** Set reminders to keep track of your transactions and spending. ** See what you’ve spent and what remains each month. Connect With Service and Savings Experts ** Get to know our a huge array of real estate, insurance and tax professionals through our Endorsed Local Providers program ** No third-party advertisements that get in the way of learning. Exclusive EveryDollar Plus Features: ** Connect to your bank to track your transactions through EveryDollar ** View your account balance within the app. ** Priority and call-back support. Eliminate debt and put more into your savings each month with EveryDollar: the personal budget planner and expense tracker app. Download now and start seeing results! EveryDollar Plus subscriptions are optional and available via auto-renewing subscriptions. EveryDollar Plus subscriptions are billed at a monthly rate of $9.99 after a two-week free trial. Payments will be charged to your iTunes account after confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your subscription can be managed in your iTunes Account Settings after purchase. Subscriptions cannot be cancelled for the current active period. Privacy Policy: https://everydollar.com/privacy Terms of Use: https://everydollar.com/terms



  • Consistently

    By Kim Umber
    I am thankful for this app as it consistently keeps me thinking about where my money is going.
  • So far so good

    By Tckjr
    New user. Like it a lot so far! Drag and drop feature is nice.
  • Would be great if it worked consistently...

    By PuzzleDiva
    I think the app itself is great! You can easily set a budget and add/delete as necessary. My issues is that I have only had the app 7 days and 2 out of those 7 days there has been an error message and it will not allow me to open my account/budget. It has been down for the entire day, not just a few minutes or even hours for maintenance. What good is a budget if you can’t see it?!? 👎🏾
  • Great Tool!

    I’ve used several of these types of apps and far & away recommend The EveryDollar app. It’s a great tool to accompany your Total Money Makeover.
  • The app is terrible

    By LJBW2013
    Ever since the holidays, the app seems to forget that I’ve assigned all my transactions that link all my bank accounts. I clear all transactions and then I go in the next day and suddenly I have 73!!!! 99.9% of them have already been assigned previously so now I’m cross referencing to make sure I’m not missing something. The app isn’t advanced enough to notice you’ve already assigned that exact item for that exact date, vendor, and amount. You guys have got to fix this. This makes me hate budgeting. I try to go on the website on my computer to do it instead but that’s hit or miss sometimes, too. So frustrating.
  • Love every dollar

    By raplover411
    Love this app and the plus version is worth it!
  • Just a little tweak

    By Bolt0101
    I use this app daily and find it streamlined & very easy to use and would recommend it. After capturing 1 year of data i wish the developer would let you run a spreadsheet to average your monthly use of items. I believe capturing historical data is the key to my way of understanding my budget.
  • About to stop my subscription

    By Rennir
    I’m paying for the $10/month subscription fee so that the app will automatically track my spending for me. This way, I can avoid the hassle of entering all of my monthly expenses manually. However, I recently got an Uber Visa card and for some reason, the app either does not let me connect to my Barclays account, or connects me briefly and then disconnects me. I now can’t track all of my expenses automatically, which is the reason I was willing to pay $10 per month in the first place. Please fix your integration with Barclays US!
  • Quite useful

    By Brfww8
    Invaluable tool for keeping track of what money is actually mine and not just owed to the credit card company LOL
  • Big money saver!

    By Ertmama
    Now that I can manage my budget immediately, I know where my money is going.It’s easy to keep track of through this app. Thanks to every dollar I was able to save $4000 last year and also have money set aside for Christmas and gifts.
  • Easy and empowering

    By bigI24
    Makes budgeting so much easier and give you the power to make the right decision
  • Suggestion for improvement

    By AceTN
    Does the Every Dollar Plus App or the regular Every Dollar App allow you to distinguish emergency expenses in the regular budget or create an emergency expenses budget from your regular budget?
  • Best Budget Tool

    By totalterrell
    I love this App it keeps me on budget better then anything else I have tried. Definitely worth the price for the monthly subscription. 5 stars!!!
  • Wish it had a bi weekly budget option

    By Sammmmmmx3
    It’s alright. But it’s hard to do a monthly budget while working retail. Hours change every week and you’re never sure what you’ll get. If there was a bi weekly option I could put in what I made for those two weeks and budget accordingly.
  • Awesome App

    By yurpeowirhxns
    Watch the Youtube videos on how to use the app. It is awesome and really powerful if you put in the time.
  • Best Budgeting App

    By Njnickjackson
    This app is the best budgeting app I’ve ever used. I’m never switching. Very intuitive, and it follows financial principles that I am in agreement with. Love this app!
  • Love this App! Planning the work and working the plan.

    By ZachWOD
    This is the easiest Budgeting software to use, it has been worth it to purchase the EveryDollar Plus which connects with my bank accounts. Although it’s counter intuitive to add another payment, this one has paid off! Can’t wait to get rid of my student loans.
  • No iPad compatibility.

    By CJRAY78
    The app is good. But how in the world are you going to create a data entry app that isn’t iPad compatible? Please please make it more iPad friendly!!!!
  • Great Budgeting App!

    By Cronkin' iTunes
    We have been using EveryDollar for a couple of years now and it has worked great for our family. It is really easy to use and makes keeping track of your expenses really easy. The only real issue I have is setting up/using the “fund” feature. It does not make a lot of sense to me. I’ve never been able to make it work they way I think it should. An additional feature I wish the app had was being able to see a year overview and reports feature. That would be great for setting your yearly financial goals. Overall, great app. Love it.
  • Budget and Focus!

    By Geñio
    Easy to use. Easy to track. Not easy if one does track their receipts and spending!
  • Recommend to anyone

    By PianoGuy31
    I would recommend this app to anyone. It’s the ONLY way to budget well in a digital format.
  • Finally a complete budgeting and tracking tool!

    By 2754Forbill👊🏼
    Finally!!!... a budget and spending App that is both easy to use AND complete! I must have used a dozen other apps and desktop software. Why has it take until 2019 for a company to get this right?!! Well, no matter the reason, this App I highly recommend. Don’t even waste your time on other personal budgeting and spending apps. Granted, there is likely no perfect app for anything, for everyone, but this App sure hits 98% of my sweet spot❣️
  • Love It

    By Jdsouthernbelle
    I love this app and actually use it all the time. Replaced two other apps with this one. Great all around budget and transaction tracking app. The only thing is I wish they would enhance the app to be more like the desktop version where you can see your remaining balances on the debt snowball.
  • Budget app works better than I deserve

    By dominique the donkey
  • Compared a few. This is the best.

    By RUniza
    Compared my banks app, Mint, YNAB. I used to do it myself but typos would throw the budget off (obviously). The subscription to Plus is a must for households... probably not necessary for singles with uncomplicated spending.
  • Too basic

    By jesseandsarah
    We used the free version of this app for about 6 months and the paid version for a year. I was frustrated that the paid version didn’t allow any reporting features to look at aggregate expenses as we prepared our taxes (we are self employed). Ended up preparing a spreadsheet and duplicating lots of effort to accomplish that. I also don’t like that there is no forecast of monthly income and outflow, since none of the planned expenses or income have dates attached. I have used other apps that offer these features and realized they are ones I can’t live without. I found this app to be too basic for the subscription cost. Did not renew our subscription.
  • Needs to transfer bank information faster

    By jetturner73
    I wish the information from my connected bank account was live- my mortgage payment was made on the 1st... I was not able to post it until today as it had not showed up in Every Dollar until today the 4th. Also make it easier to make a nickname... I’m about to try a third time and I hope this one hasn’t been already taken. I pay for this program, please make data live, otherwise I do not see the value of the extra expense.
  • Amazing!

    By ThaLizardKing
    Love this budgeting tool!
  • Great App

    By AK@k@AD
    This is a great app to get your budget right. I use it all the time. I can use it on my phone without a problem.
  • Money Grab

    By Jimswat
    You can do this all on your own, don’t get sucked in to this subscription nonsense. What a load of crap, the religious bs and take your money. Avoid at all costs.
  • Good concept, CS cannot problem solve

    By Samurai Waffles
    The idea of the app is why I gave it one star. However, when I attempted to sign up for a trial, I kept on getting errors. I contacted their customer service, which stated that I had signed up for a trial last year under a different email. They found this by searching my name in their database (hopefully no one in the world has the same name as you). After going back and forth that iTunes was showing that I was in the trial and they were saying I wasn’t (sending screen shots) I decided that their inability to problem solve an issue like this could be a precedent to future issues, I requested that both accounts to be deleted and have moved back over to YNAB.
  • Finally!

    By permitwriter
    I’ve been doing a budget since FPU years ago but have never gotten it right...until now! Praise God! EveryDollar finally makes sense to me!
  • Transactions syncing does not work

    By KH0805
    Syncing of bank transactions does not work. I have the plus version and am still waiting on my transactions to sync for this year. The app is still showing that last thing I paid for was on December 31st. Sheesh. I love Dave’s plan but I’m not spending that much less. Please fix this issue.
  • Don’t waste your time

    By MissTeeLeff
    I signed up and verified my email but couldn’t even sign in! Got an error message that said to let support know but no link or info to contact support-this much hassle from the start doesn’t look good for the app!
  • Great Product

    By Jlooneyluna2
    Easy to use, simple, and neat. Great app
  • Connection Problems

    By MindyLou123
    I want to love this app because I love the layout better than any budget app I’ve used. But almost every day it has a “temporary connection problem” with my bank and won’t load transactions. I have contacted support multiple times and no one has been able to tell me what the problem is. It usually resolves itself the next day or later in the day but I don’t have time to check constantly to see if it’s working now. I love everything else so much that I may just go back to the free version and log transactions manually but I wouldn’t pay for premium again.
  • Budgeting Made Super Simple

    By Saved for Him
    This is the first budgeting software we’ve used that “just works” for both my wife and me!
  • Great budget app

    By Daves1975
    I have been using the app over a year. It works great in keeping track of your spending. I highly recommend this app.
  • Love it!!!

    By Mr.B 06
    This is the easiest and complete budget app ever. My wife and I love it!!!
  • So easy

    By ColoSpgs
    I have been using this app for the last few years and I love how easy it is to keep on top of our budget. I totally recommend this app for everyone who wants to gain a greater control over life.
  • Best ever

    By Studying Hard
    I replaced Quicken with EveryDollar. It has saved me an incredible amount of time, and made it possible to keep up with my budget in real time. Thank you!
  • Works horribly

    By lcsimms
    We love this app, but it works so inconsistently. About half of the time it won’t connect to our bank account and then we have to disconnect everything and wait a week or more for it to reconnect. We’ve emailed the team and they literally told us to do those steps repeatedly. Not helpful. We follow Dave’s Ramsey’s baby steps and really wish this app worked better. Now we are off to find a better working app.
  • AMEX?

    Can you please add support for American Express linking?
  • Great app!!!

    By DJ Cease Fire
    This app is awesome. My wife and I use it to stay on the same page when it comes to our budget.
  • Lots of errors

    By raiderwoody
    Every month I have to reset my financial institutions info. When I drag and drop daily transactions, they somehow show back up in the ones that need to be allocated. So I drag them over again and it double counts the transactions, thus throwing off my budget. This app/site has lots of potential, but it feels like it’s not getting the technical support it truly needs. I’m done with it
  • It's good to start

    By Lazydog38
    I continually have a problem with my main checking account not syncing. This causes transactions to be missed which messes up the budget. My other accounts do fine so I think it’s a specific banks issue. Because of this I’m debating on changing to a diff budget system.
  • Easy to use

    By Kijosmi
    The app is very easy to use and mobile. It is also easy to make edits. Not a big deal, but I would like to see a calculator within the app in a future release. I use the free Every Dollar version.
  • Awesome plan but horrible app

    By Colestang135
    I use the plan and app on my Android and computer. Highly recommend everyone do this. But the app for iPad is bad. Better off going to the website on iPad or computer or just use android app.
  • Add More Options

    By Ember's Mom
    I pay several of my bills bi-weekly on the days I get paid. It would be awesome to have the ability to set my budget up in this way without having to manually break it out.