Quick Hit Slots – Spin to Win!

Quick Hit Slots – Spin to Win!

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2015-09-18
  • Current Version: v2.4.37
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 174.33 MB
  • Developer: Appchi Media Ltd
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 28 527


Quick Hit Slots™ is THE #1 casino game! CRAVING the suspense of Vegas slots games? Quick Hit’s casino games bring the best of Bally slot machines to YOU! Play, spin, win! Hit the JACKPOT, feel the RUSH! SO simple, SO FUN! Indulge in 777-heaven… **Discover the Best of Vegas Slots - ONLINE!** EVERYONE loves the intrigue of Las Vegas casinos… Everyone loves the craziness of the casino floor - the suspense of poker games, roulette wheels clicking away, card dealers yelling ‘BlackJack!’… But you know you love the slot machines most! “QUICK HITS’ video slots are just like the slots of Vegas – who’d think they could put that feeling in an online slots game??! Bravo for creating such amazing slot games!” “[QUICK HIT] has taken the online casino to a new level, with classic slots games to play again and again, full of thrills and action!” THAT’s why Quick Hit Slots™ brings you the most popular casino games – the best of the Bally slot machines, the ‘cream’ of the casino ‘crop’ – so you can feel the Vegas excitement wherever you may be! Favorite slots games like Quick Hit Platinum™, Playboy Slots, Cash Spin™, Mayan Treasures™ and Havana Cubana™ are now on mobile. Play Quick Hit now to access slot machines & loads of slots games, all in one spot. Save the trip to Vegas – the best slots games are right here! **Slots with Fabulous Features!** PLAY to WIN! Hit Blazing 777s, Wild Jackpots and the Quick Hit multiplier! -Discover the thrill of spinning the U-Spin bonus wheel -Win BIG! Up to 50x your bet in the Money Bags Bonus games -Get spoiled with amazing Coin Bonuses -Share coins between friends online -Boost your cash payout with each mini game SPIN your way to the Jackpot today with Quick Hit Slots™ & the Bally Slot Machine games you love! The games are intended for an adult audience (Aged 21 or older). The games do not offer “real money gambling” or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at “real money gambling.”



  • Do not purchase coins

    By Chel9092
    Besides the fact that the game jumps, skips, and freezes my biggest issue is that customer service expects you to video tape when something goes wrong and prove that their game can malfunction! If you don’t know when it will happen what are you supposed to do ? Video tape it every time you play it?? I wouldn’t care honestly if I didn’t purchase coins as well, but I did it because I enjoyed playing. I’ve spin the wheel and it says that I win coins but no coins are given ... I send a comment and get emails saying prove it. Ridiculous since I have purchased a lot on this game. Bottom line, don’t do it!
  • No rewards and game freezes

    By James0987654321
    Love how the jewel for the crown freezes on your screen. Also how you don’t get the crown bonuses because the game freezes when you finally get it. Also the daily bonus keeps resetting back to day one even when I play multiple days in a row. Keep your money for a REAL slot machine. Don’t give these idiots one cent.
  • Been playing this slot for years

    By Cin3385
    I have paid so much money to watch the slots spin, they take and take , you will get nothing back. It’s fun and the best slot app I have ever found, but what are you paying for? Good question. So disappointing.
  • Slots are to tight!

    By Mizzou84
    I used to play this game all the time! Anymore I prefer to play others. The slot payouts seem to be tighter then they used to, plus the game is glitching now. Quick hits are some of my favorite slots to play even in casinos! I’m hoping something changes soon or I may end up deleting this game.
  • Love this game

    By Teresa 56
    This is the best game. Just wish the slots weren’t so tight.
  • Scam

    By saratoga360
    Spent a couple thousand over the last four months but slots are no longer paying like they were. They offer you special price for coin purchase but when you try to purchase, app tells you to contact support. Game goes down on free spins numerous times. Customer service does not have the ability to help with these issues. Too many problems to keep spending time & money!! Don’t waste your money. Rating 4.5 has to be wrong. Look at the reviews.
  • Great Game

    By baldmeg
    Love the variety of slots and the payouts are competitive but fair.
  • Odds worse than casino, big bonus causes errors and cancel the payout

    By coolgraham
    I’ve been playing this game on and off for five years you never win ever. You can never raise your bet I just leaves you feeling bad all the time again over 300 times in a row I never even won a single bit more than its original value. Save yourself the money and go to a real casino where it’s regulated by law. It seems they turn down the wins so you will automatically buy points. Yes you can have a bad day where you can lose but when you really ever never ahead ever something is wrong and can lose 300 times Plus in a row multiple times can have it on the lowest bed and lose millions sometimes wrong. Play a game that will not make you feel defeated at the end Just lost millions, figured it out 250 times in a row I received either half the amount of the be or zero. I realize that slot machines work on an algorithm. But the payout should be closer to 95% because this is it real gambling this is supposed to be for pleasure for entertainment. But losing after 250 times in a row I realized that they can totally turn down the odds that it favors them 100%. Sure it would be nice if it ever worked that way for me. I will say one thing is they are exactly like they are in the casinos even the pay out. Why? It’s not like I’m going to win any money if I hit the jackpot most likely I will give it all back within a couple days. The risk reward is equal to real money, why? It shouldn’t be that way when it’s for fun only with no monetary gains, cause what do I get out of it? But if I hit the jackpot in a casino I go home with a giant check. Just increase your bet, your guaranteed to lose every time. Tried to gain multiple times increased my bed and lost 30+ times in a row. This game is not fun it’s torture. You never win This is a free game that is played with tokens and the minimum tokens you can buy is 8 million for 4.99. I just lost 3 million points at 40,000 a spin In less than 10 minutes. I have spent a lot of time in casinos as a professional gambler. It seems the odds that they are giving you are either at or below the worst paying machines like in a casino. This is crazy this is tokens and it’s supposed to be entertainment. So what am I going to get if I spend five dollars for 8 million in points in the end if I want to play a couple hours or a few times a week, maybe by the slim chance at the same odds as winning the Powerball will I ever hit the grand prize. Very ridiculous I rather keep my money in my pocket and take it to a real casino if the odds are the same. (at least there are some regulation with the algorithm in fairness ) Because if I ever hit the big one I’m getting nothing but points after spending large amounts of money on this program. Gambling payouts are ridiculous if the only thing you’re ever going to win is a tokens. I’d rather play the same games online with real money because at least I’ll win something if I’m lucky. They should’ve adjust the algorithm that there’s a higher pay back then the same odds or below a similar game that’s in the casino. I would never want to be a highroller with maximum bets at a game that pays only tokens because I’m sure they’re laughing all the way to the bank. Plus I wouldn’t be so aggravated if I just send the money and call it a day then losing over and over again knowing in the long run you’re getting it anyway. Not one time did I win a bet more than two times the value of my bet except for one time I did win about a half 1 million points I got a message that my bet was refunded and I lost the winnings. It seems that they are reading it that you never win. And if you do get a big pay out the computer says it’s an error I just refund your bet. Not once did I ever see that happen in the casino. Imagine if I could take my bet back if I lost? Who’s playing fair here? This is the second time I’ve tried this app and after I finish this sentence it’s going to be in the delete file. You would be better off saying please just give us all your money and go away!!!
  • Quick Hit Slots

    By Pia61614
    I agree with others, it does freeze up quite often. And once again it did not give me my winnings of over 200,000 points. This is not the only time it had happened. May be time for an update or for ME to find another game.
  • Rip off don’t pay for this

    By gamblingproblemz
    You win some and you lose some. Except for I never been over 10million in coins. Every time I get up to 5 million coins it seems like I start to lose alll of it! I love the graphics and game play but just not enough wins to make me confident to spend real money the security isn’t really there. Be cautious of your spins and stay stingy. Don’t think you will keep winning.
  • 3rd World rip off

    By Begodix
    Like the other reviews say this game takes the fun out of playing with pretend money. Oh well.. I'll be going to a warm bed with running water in my house while the dust balls that are running this game live with 70 other family members in a New Delhi tent. Live and learn
  • Waste of time

    By Ash817b
    This game has potential to be fun, but you get terrible daily and hourly bonuses. I literally waited four days collecting bonuses, a total of around $400,000, and was able to play for all of two minutes. It’s unfortunate that a game with great graphics and great slots is such a waste of time.
  • Quick hits

    By deelynfraz
    Great games but slots are VERY tight. Kinda takes the fun out of it
  • Friend gifts are missing and customer support is worthless

    By Brl84
    Reached out to customer support due to my friends gifts are missing in the app and they said we will forward this to our tech support team to look into it week went by and I reach back out to see if there has been any solutions to the fix nothing back. So trying to play on the free bonus spins is like two spins and done. I really enjoyed playing before the loss of my gift because it kept me playing but not worth the download or energy to try anymore. Their are other games that actually do what they say. Time to up your game Quickhits ! 🤬
  • Not worth playing

    By Not a lot pay
    This games is made to just take ALl your coins so you will buy more. I will not buy any. It's amazing that you NEVER get anything coins. You will never hit big numbers. You will never have fun because it's very frustrating to lose All your coins. Please don't rate this game if I can rate zero I would. Your games are meant to take coins so some other player will purchase coins. I’m not for sure. This game is so rigged. You can actually see spin being stopped suddenly. What a game that cheats the player CHEAT It’s so obvious that you’ll not playing fair with this game. It is so rigged it’s ashamed. It’s amazing my coin balance is always less after I played the game and closed game. Hope you’ll not trying to take coins I earned also. I’m sure you’ll may be up to that too. Cheat cheat cheat cheat!!!!! You can watch wheel slow down in front of your eyes to not hit anything. My goodness you’re wrong for that. It’s just a game not supposed to be cheating!!!!!
  • It’s fun but...

    By MommaFoxxen
    It’s definitely an addicting game. Fun to play for a few minutes here and there but I’ve noticed that when you first start playing, you get some big wins and then as you run out of money you win less. They want you to buy credits to play, which I get.. they have to make somehow but it definitely feels rigged so that you can’t play for very long without running out again. After all is said and done, I’ll keep it and just play a few spins here and there 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • Great game

    By marvel fan 4444
    Love it
  • Yawn City

    By !Richard69
    I had no problem deleting this game. Started with 3,000,000 credits and was gone in 10 minutes so I had no desire to purchase more. This is a boring game.
  • Take Xanax before playing

    By Muttndal
    The games are the best. Payouts are the worst. You really have no way of earning coins other than about 200k per day unless you’re unemployed or retired and can collect every 2 hours. Some of us have jobs. On the bonus wheel, you land on 1 million and you get 100k. You have to spin about 250-300 times to get a bonus that pays out 1/16th of what you just played to get the bonus. I’m up to level 141 in 5 years. It took me 5 years to collect 160 million coins. Down to 77 million today. When coins are gone, so is this game. Could be the best game out there. Thankful I have never spent real money on this or any other games. When the games pay out, I’ll pay out. Have fun.
  • Game freezes

    By jsyurick
    Quick hit cannot open Freeze
  • Bonus wheel bonus player 5444590

    By Sandyd5656
    I spun the bonus wheel, hit 1,300,000, but never received the money. Please give me my money. Also, winning a bonus in a game that has a multiplier, well the multiplier did not work. Thank you.
  • Not fun anymore.

    By Nocmded
    So sad.
  • Bet Max button is in a bad spot

    By What's up!?
    I like this game, but the bet max button is in a horrible spot. I bet 36 million on one spin because my finger was off a little bit. I wish they would change it. Maybe it’s done on purpose. Who knows.
  • Review

    By chanp2
    Awesome thank you
  • Slots

    By ddettlinger@ yahoo.com
    I Have the same problem about not getting my credit so I have, Sean away from those that do that if that happens I go to another casino thank you
  • Rating

    By sexunita
    I love this game it’s my favorite one of all only complaint is bonuses don’t come often enough
  • Fun games

    By Tstrngwmn1
    Love the games they are fun
  • Love This!

    By Stace77777
    Games are just like real casino. You win some you lose some but I feel like you win more than you lose!
  • Could be better

    By Flenna
    Love these slots but you NEVER get enough coins to keep you playing. The only way I play for a while is if I just keep collecting my bonuses and not play till I get a lot of coins up. It’s very disappointing because there are so many good slots on here. You need to give higher bonuses and something like more coins or extra bonus for collecting your bonus every day. Plus the payouts aren’t very good most of the time. Also half of free spins wins nothing and it’s hard to get a bonus round inside a game. Loosen up these games so we will want to play.
  • Slots

    By Mema7gks
    Fun game to pass the time,but payouts too far and in between. Hard to hit,and you really don't get very much even if you do hit something. Would never buy coins,I'll just play untill coins run out,then move on to another slot app. Sad because I really enjoy the quick hit slot,but you can't win.
  • Games

    By dudley2scoot
    Keeps me busy.Dudley2scoot
  • Margarittaville

    By LA^U TUPE
    Love spinning and listening to the song......
  • Good thing real casinos don’t do this

    By ASLa/k/adiana
    They got me to download this by offering Dragon Spin but I can’t play Dragon Spin until I reach level 677. No real casino I have ever walked into makes me play some lame game for level upon level before I can move to the next machine. I walk in and play any slot machine that is available. I have my favorites and if they’re not available, I go home. I downloaded this, saw I had a choice of 2 lame slots and I immediately deleted it. Didn’t even play my free coins. If I don’t enjoy the graphics, there’s no point in playing. Consider me headed home.
  • Rewards

    By dolphinsuns
    I really like this game but how does someone get the rewards they win?
  • Fun fun

    By Colebeer0916
    I love this game!!!
  • Like the games but

    By harleyhawgleg
    Like the games but the pay backs are few and far.
  • Blazing 7’s

    By trohaze
    My game will not open. It is one of your games through SG. I love that game more than the quick hits. Last time it was fixed right away which was much appreciated.
  • Love this game

    By flaquib
    Love this game, but need more free comps. I run out of chips too fast.
  • It’s nice

    By kenh24
    One of the better slot games
  • Addictive but fun

    By Mmboutwest
    Wins like real casino machine
  • Fun

    By bbushey1208
    Fun fun fun and very addicting
  • Fun so far

    By Kister
    Lots of casino favorites
  • Good game

    By Kalei Boy
    I love it!!!
  • Merlin’s Legacy

    By Texas mee maw
    I love that game! There was another one similar to it a week or so ago but you took it off. Please add more like these and don’t take them off.
  • Good game

    By Good12799
    Fantastic game
  • Bonus rounds

    By PIC2441
    A million dollar in coins and not one bonus round
  • I didn’t get any money

    By HotHarleyGurl
    Every time It’d day I win it won’t let me get anything, just like every other game I’ve played. I never asked my name or phone number address, how they supposed to send me any money. If it just keeps spinning, it said 30 free spins. I did, where’s the money I’d won.? Didn’t give me anything.
  • Excellent

    By Dans4
    Great fun
  • Best online slots

    By GreeneSoil
    I love this game, the real life graphics and the number of slots I can choose from. The cost of play is very reasonable compared to other online slots. I wish the payouts were better-but...