Hoop Stars

Hoop Stars

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-08-16
  • Current Version: 1.5.7
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 287.48 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 60 352


You have never played sport like this before! Feel the fun of true “reverse” basketball dribbling. Challenge the world and collect all the trophies!



  • Great game

    By downgrede
    I love hoop stars i just got it today and it is so addictive i think everyone should agent his app it’s a great way to pass the time and the concept of this game is fun. 5 stars this game is so fun
  • Black Screen

    By Minky831
    This game is pretty fun! I’m not gonna lie but there is one problem every time that I exit a game or something it just goes to a black screen so I have to go out of the app and back in
  • ??

    By snicsig08
    I’m not sure what’s wrong with the app, usually works just fine and have always thoroughly enjoyed playing this game it’s challenging and doesn’t steal your money like every other app nowadays. But.... out of nowhere every time I play a round and the Ad plays just fine (of course) I click out of the Ad and then just a black screen and I can’t do anything else besides completely closing the app and restarting it up again each time so that’s pretty darn frustrating. Please fix this and I would love to continue to play..

    By Hunter Gulledge
    I would rather eat myself than play another minute of this.
  • Tete

    By cbxhxj cc'd ydhxhxhc
  • Too Easy, Too Many Ads, No Multiplayer

    By HalfwayCrusader
    This game is way too easy and doesn’t get any harder (or different in any way) as you progress. Also, you have to watch an ad - often a long one - after each round, and each round is only ~30 seconds. The main mechanic of this game is fun, but it would only be fun with multiplayer, which doesn’t exist. As an aside, you can optionally change the control scheme to be one-finger only, which makes it so you can’t choose what direction you go, which is much worse. It’s hilarious. The AI seems to be bound by this control scheme.
  • So fun ❤️

    By Emily-Mia
    It’s fun and I really enjoy playing and beating others but tbh it’s getting boring winning all the time I mean it only takes me about 9 seconds to beat a competitor it’s starting to get boring so if u could add a difficulty mode it would be great or a online people too 💙 thanks
  • i 💖 my dad

    By naraisha
    this game is not fun bc when ever i stop i try to let the bot win But it's like makeing it easier i want it to be hard not too much fun
  • bad game

    By Puppy The Kitten
    this is way too easy, and if you look closely the bots go in the same exact pattern. would be better if it was harder
  • Fun, but..

    By stealthy24
    Love this game but it keeps glitching out
  • I didn’t mean to 1 star

    By qwyntonion
    Great game 5 stars sorry I pressed the wrong one.
  • Addicting.

    By jakwagun
    Love the game and play a couple of hours a day. The Matchington Mansion ad is the most annoying one yet though. Please give us a break from that pigeon toed, screaming chic. Haha. Maybe the fire will get her.
  • I have a name for the game

    By Hobbs83
    Hip hop hoop is that a good name
  • Too many bugs zero stars

    By hi-5-your face
    Black out screen, poor controls repetitive ads and most are highly inappropriate for kids filled with adult situations. It seems like the game and I’ve played it awhile they kick you out and cyber bully you if you do well.
  • Ad Issues

    By kingarthur128
    I like the game. However more often than not, the game will show a black screen after every ad, and I have to close the game out and reopen it to play again. Please fix this
  • Few things missing

    By meli837905
    Most importantly, I’d like to be able to buy out of all the ads that play after every single game - too many and it gets annoying. Second, I originally got this game thinking it would give me the option to play with people I know - like I could friend someone and play. And lastly, someone mentioned a leaderboard and a way to keep track of progress - they are right it sounds super fun!
  • Hoop start

    By Milly20201
    Esta bueno el juego pero cuando hay anuncios estos tumban el juego y no se puede continuar jugando. Se tarde mucho tiempo en subir nuevamente.
  • Addictive Yet Too Easy

    By Jamal R 1990
    This is a great time killer game but it’s so easy that after a while it feels a little unfulfilling when you win. I literally NEVER lost in this game yet. This game has looooads of potential as a competitive game if you enable a mode where you aren’t facings computers (they’re computers right?) and also create more game modes. Someone mentioned a co-op. That would be supercool! Right now I play it to kill time...I would love to be playing it for excitement as well but it’s just not competitive enough for me.
  • So so

    This is a fun game but lots of glitches, basically after every match and after the ad the screen goes black so I have to close the app completely and reopen it. Also you’re not actually playing against real people, it’s a computer.
  • Sorry but...

    By sgehdjf
    It’s way to easy
  • I love it but

    By lilith dark form
    Needs a no ads feature
  • Frequent crashes

    By palmilar
    I have an iPhone X and the game crashes out basically every time it prompts me to watch an ad.
  • ahhhhhhhh

    By A Confuzzled customer
    Soooo I’m not 12+, did not see that. I started playing and I soon realized it cursed. Atleast change the d word to dang and ban usernames like “~~~~~~ af”.
  • I love it

    By meehan
    I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!! GIT IT NOW I love it so much
  • Holy Ads

    By Big Pappa KMan
    Gameplay is bad. It’s got the IO game problem of playing bots, so there’s no real challenge. Score one, hang your ring on the ball, win. I’ve seen less egregious Ads on adult video sites. As every time you want to do something. Games like this shouldn’t exist. I’d say Apple should do something about this, but their Trillion US Donger evaluations keep them from being ethical. I’d rather back an inch into my dad to get out of my moms ham wallet than redownload this.
  • Great game except

    By SortableSoap375
    I’m not sure if you guys use bots or do player vs player matches, but if you use bots you’ve got to make them harder. They’re way too easy. I don’t mean to brag, but I haven’t lost a match since I downloaded the game, and the bots (?) barely score.
  • The best game

    By CohenDR85
    This game is really good but the ads it’s really fun
  • Great game

    By i hate nicknames lol
    I think this is a great game I’d recommend getting it
  • Jordan was not the first one in his second class

    By lujorju
    Best game ever
  • Really Good

    By Rxtgubivdygu
    It’s a nice app, it’s fun, somewhat challenging and addicting, and not too many ads. 😀
  • Are these real players or bots?

    By Elboris
    This game is fun but I keep winning its to easy that’s al, I got the say fun game recommend it anyways bye
  • Best game ever I can’t stop playing it

    By #32451
    It’s been 30 minutes since I started playing this game
  • It takes ur info

    By prestonkeithjones
    When I played the game a add popped up and I pressed cancel and the app closed I loaded back up and I showed me all my card info I had to delete the game because it purchased something a 9.99/30 day member ship
  • Great Game but...

    By TheRealHoopKing
    It’s been crashing lately but besides that I think there should be a record of how many wins and losses we have and some sound effects would be nice! Just saying.
  • Decent

    By cubic game
    70% of the time I am forced to watch adds.. then 30% of the time I actually get to play... the players r trash af it would be super fun if there were guilds and u can play with friends. If you could play against real ppl then it would be a rlly good game..
  • WAY to many ads

    By r_fronek
    Its a great game and very fun to play but the amount of ads is unreal. Its so annoying and makes me want to not play the game, and delete it all together. its really unnecessary and annoying.
  • Fun but....

    By M0chiink_
    Fun game but after I play one round/game the whole screen goes black and won’t go back to the normal screen.
  • Good, but..

    By GemKitten3
    So, I really like the simple concept and stuff, but.. I mean, surely there’s enough people who play this game to stop using bots? Don’t get me wrong, I like it, but I can play this game with no WiFi, so everybody is a bot. The bots are easy, and I usually play it when I’m at a place with no WiFi. I like it, but please stop using bots. Or, even better, there’s a no WiFi mode, where you compete against bots. That would make it SO much better in my opinion. :>
  • Love it!!

    By doggy.drawing_person
    I really like this game because it is fun and it is a nice game to play when you are bored. Maybe there could be a way to chat with the players or something for the future? You don't have to take my suggestion, I just think it might be a nice update. I love this game so I have it five stars. Thank you!
  • Awesome

    By LeeWeeeeezy
  • Glitchy

    By KatsGoodGirl
    I love this game. It’s just fun. However after some ads play you are treated to a blank screen. Restarting the game doesn’t clear it. It will usually start again after a few hours. Hopefully this will be fixed. The ad that causes this problem is a Tic Tok ad.
  • Too easy

    By ndnsisowooisj
    The game itself isn’t that bad but all the challenges are extremely easy and when playing the regular game the opponents never score. I rarely ever play this anymore because I have no where to progress. There needs to be harder levels/challenges.
  • Hey sisters

    By Me hehehehe!
    Hoop Stars is a great game! But there is only one problem. They have a little to much adds but not like other games. Another problem is that, your only playing with bots. That's to easy. I know bots can be hard sometimes, but in this game they are not hard at all! Okay, now I saw an ad of it and it said you would get smarter. I believed it, I bought it and I won the first time i played a round! So I could tell it's a bot. But overall I think it's a great game, it should have a leaderboard but I don't mind that. But I like the challenges and all of that. But you should buy this game.
  • fine

    By pheenu bug
    okay but it’s not very fun but it’s pretty good 🙃 but to easy but all it is it’s too easy so plz make it harder plz so it’s okay 👌🏻 🙂😊👍🏻
  • Fun

    By Brad Perala
    . . .
  • Bad game

    By awsometaste
    Don’t play
  • Awesome

    By MishibooLee
    Overall it is a good game
  • Great game but WAYYYY too many ads

    By Kollin Knack
    I LOVE this game! It’s super addicting and a great game buttttt... it has too many ads. Every single time you play a match it gives you an ad!!!! Super annoying when listening to music at the same time but then an ad pops up and pauses the music. There’s not even an ad-free button! I’d pay the $4 or whatever to get ad free but there is no option. If you don’t mind the ads it’s a great game but otherwise it may not be for you.
  • ❤️

    By Alex lamka
    All I could say is that I love this game