PocketGuard: Money & Budgeting

PocketGuard: Money & Budgeting

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2015-01-07
  • Current Version: 3.19.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 125.07 MB
  • Developer: PocketGuard, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 4 588


With all of your financial accounts in one place, PocketGuard helps you stay on top of your finance and make better financial decisions. KNOW WHERE YOU STAND • Easily sync all of your personal finance accounts in one place: bank accounts, credit cards, loans, savings, and investments • Track your net worth change over time KNOW HOW MUCH IS IN YOUR POCKET • Know how much you can safely spend, once your bills and savings are planned for • Stick to you daily, weekly and monthly budgets to reach your financial goals HAVE A SIMPLE FINANCIAL PLAN • Your budget is built automatically, based on your spending and earning patterns • Track your income • Track bills and recurring subscriptions • Set and reach your saving goals • Create spending limits LOWER YOUR BILLS • Take 5 minutes to lower you monthly recurring bills without leaving the app. Just tap "Lower your bills" from the Overview section to see the full list of services you could pay less for. If your bills are not there, probably you already got the best deal. GET INSIGHTS INTO YOUR SPENDING HABITS • Transactions automatically categorized into "pockets" show you where your money goes at a glance • Compare your current month's spending to your average • Know if you’re going to save or overspend with the "Net income" RECEIVE ALERTS AND REMINDERS • Never miss a credit card bill or loan payment • Get alerted to bank fees and unwanted charges SECURITY IS OUR #1 PRIORITY • We use bank-level 256-bit SSL to protect your sensitive information • We establish a read-only connection to your bank, so nobody, not even you, can move money from your account using PocketGuard • Your data is also protected with Touch ID and a 4-digit PIN that only you know, so, even if your mobile device is lost or stolen nobody can access your data NOTE: PocketGuard currently connects only to the US and Canadian financial institutions. We always welcome your feedback. If you have questions, need help, want to share your idea or requesting new features, please drop us a line at hello@pocketguard.com --- Also available from PocketGuard: POCKETGUARD PLUS - Track every dollar, plan better, do more with your money. • Track the cash you spend or receive • Plan for bills you pay in cash • Know how much cash is in your pocket $3.99 monthly, $34.99 annually --- Price may vary by location. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel the subscription once activated. Manage your subscriptions in Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited if you purchase a different subscription plan (example: switch from trial to annual subscription). --- Privacy Policy: https://pocketguard.com/privacy/ Terms of Use: https://pocketguard.com/terms/



  • Not the best

    By 4jasonw
    It doesn’t work with all institutions. Do not get the yearly subscription until you verify this works for you as they keep it if you cancel. Not cool.
  • Fatal flaw

    By Concerned Critic 33
    Unfortunately, this App has a fatal flaw that limits its use. The app inputs data from your credit card and you subsequently categorize your purchases into budgets. What this app fails to do it save your categories. Credit card companies frequently update and when this happens you lose all of your information. Months of work categorizing your purchases is lost. Therefore, this app doesn’t work! I even purchased the full subscription.
  • A few suggestions for the devs

    By slimpunk
    I’m loving this app so far. It’s really helping me get a handle on where my money is going, and the ability to set categories for transactions is INVALUABLE. I have a few requests for how to make the app even better: - Let me see my net worth for all months, not just the last three - The option to graph specific categories. For example: how have my Gas & Fuel costs changed over time? - Two-factor identification for the website. It’s puzzling why the app can use FaceID for security, but the actual website only requires your email and password. Please let us add an extra layer of security to protect our information.
  • Potentia

    By Pabbyman
    App has solid potential to provide value but when so many transactions are displaying incorrectly it just make the app worthless to a user.
  • Wish it worked

    By Djfuejsivushejfjsbwvucush
    I love this app and it is exactly what I want but I spend so much time sorting things into categories and adding hash tags and comments but a day or two later, it all reverts back to what it was before.
  • A more modern and streamlined version of Intuit’s Mint

    By Slamlethal
    Mint by Intuit is a great app and service that I use from time to time. PocketGuard adds more banks and financial institutions and all around feels less buggy than Mint. Highly recommended.
  • Can’t skip linking bank account

    By WH-8
    Couldn’t check the app without linking my bank account!
  • Great for finances

    By eastbayvisions
    Great app. Only feedback is to remove the Venmo syncing feature since Venmo changed its terms, so you can’t connect the two platforms
  • Amazing App!

    By _sjcg
    This is the first app that supports my bank, a bank that most apps similar to PocketGuard doesn't support. It connects effortlessly despite the few issues I've had recently but was resolved quickly. Quickly reads my transactions, calculates my remaining funds and just is a great app overall. Great work guys!
  • Can only do repeat paycheck amount

    By Joeyroo95
    In order to add a one time payment (common for people who get different amounts with every check, that is, those with part-time or service jobs with inconsistent and unpredictable hours) you have to pay for the PLUS version of this app. Pocketguard has failed its mission in that it does not help the working people who are strapped for cash and in most need of a simple budgeting app. In other words, if you are struggling with financial instability, pocketguard wants you to pay THEM for it. Way to go
  • Easiest and best app for tracking your finances

    By Roxanne_26
    I don’t ever write app reviews but this app has changed my life. It is EXACTLY what I have been looking for. It helps me stay on top of my spending and the best part is that it can tell me at a glance if I have $ I can spend today (or this week) and how much. Since starting to use this app, my husband and I have finally been able to start putting away money.
  • Perfect

    By Zkingjamesz
    Everything I needed, very easy
  • Still missing important basics

    By Agr3.14
    It’s 2019 and still top budgeting apps have silly design. PocketGuard doesn’t allow subcategories or the ability to edit the category of a pending transaction, meaning I have to return days later to edit categories of expenses ... what? Mint still blows too. There is a huge opportunity for someone to come blow these guys out of the water with a quality budgeting app that links to bank accounts. Please please someone come through on this!
  • Great except...

    By Katfayj
    I think it is a great assistant with finances; however I have had repeated issues with duplicate transactions and missing income. Each time I reach out Support always fixes the issues but it keeps happening. I hope they can figure out a permanent fix. Thanks.
  • A need for type A Personalities

    By NayaAvrie
    I have so much control over how I structure my budget. The app has a plethora of automated features as well. I switched from Mint and I am pleased. Been using for 3 months.
  • Waiting on pending items

    By dasai2456
    Ive been waiting for 3 days for my pending items to clearin Pocket guard so I can categorize them. Ive paid for the PLUS and nothing has changed. Help! I love this app but this is not an issue that will help my budgeting
  • Love the app but why it loads so slow?

    By slipper913
    Is the server somewhere else? I don’t know. So far I really like all the features of this app and it really helped me understand my monthly spend. But the problem is every time even the smallest adjustment like change one item to a different category take about 2-5 seconds load. And the in app mail like reminders also takes long time to dismiss. It wasn’t a problem at beginning but since I’ve using this app more often, aka everyday, the loading time seems really annoying. I thought it’s a membership thing so I made the subscription but it’s the same loading speed. It kinna worries me to think if the server of this app is somewhere outside US? If so does that mean my banking information may be at risk?
  • Overall excellent

    By RozzieV
    Many useful features. Would be a 5-star if there weren’t duplicates that have to be manually adjusted.
  • Annoyed

    By Zoomergal
    I’m getting annoyed at the fact that pocket guard wasn’t compatible with my bank, which was totally fine, but I deleted my account and I still get charged monthly! I would love for it to stop! I went through all the right portals to delete my account but they’re still charging me 🙄 4 dollars adds up, if you’re not using something!
  • So Far Superb!

    By Chos3nseed
    I needed an app to help budget and keep track of my finances that was more effective and efficient than Mint. I did some research and PocketGuard really stood out to me. So far I am very impressed and am thankful I came across this app!
  • Awesome app and very easy to use

    By yessy7101979
    I needed help managing my cash flow and increasing my savings. This app allows you to micro manage each expense. It helps visualize how you are using your money. Now I am making better choices and aren’t always regretting impulse buys!! I love would recommend it to everyone!
  • Please add a way to split transactions!! :)

    By Dylan Alb
    My wife and I just started using this app and it has been great so far, it’s just missing one thing... the ability to split transactions. We often go to target or places like it where we get some groceries, some personal fun stuff, and maybe even clothes. It would be really nice not to have to check out multiple times but to split everything in app! Other than that PocketGuard has been our favorite budgeting app so far!
  • Helpful but could be better

    By KCP2013
    I don’t feel you should have to pay monthly to truest track your investments. A one time fee should be plenty.
  • Great so far

    By tinoburgers
    Very thorough data acquisition from all my cards, banks, direct bills. Keeps my spending in the forefront- hope security is robust or this could be a great hack access.
  • Major Glitch

    By Redhead468
    So, I have tried multiple budget apps and Bill pay apps, none of which really have every option I require. However, I have been willing to try apps that are available to see if I can get them to work for me. PocketGuard worked fine at first, but has developed a glitch. I paid a bill that shows up on my bank account as 10 separate charges because it’s 10 separate medical accounts. PocketGuard keeps adding duplicate entries. At one point, there were 54 duplicate entries for the same date and the same amount, and I could not delete the entries so I ended up selecting “don’t count” to hide them. Each day, more duplicate entries keep appearing. I have deleted the app, and I’m back to square one.
  • Was good, too glitchy now

    By ItalianGamer34
    App stopped working a little while ago. Transactions missed, doesn’t update anymore. Too bad
  • User Friendly

    By SpoonBrother2
    I recently got this and I’ve heard great things. So far it’s super easy to use!
  • Stopped working three weeks ago

    By RachaelF73
    This app worked pretty well for about a year, but about three weeks ago it simply stopped updating my main bank accounts. I contacted support, and the result of that is why there’s a two star rating here. I got an email back saying “The error is on our aggregator’s side; we’ll let you know when it’s fixed.” After that, crickets. For weeks. It’s completely useless if it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do and update your transactions. So I’m about to delete it and replace it with something simpler.
  • Happily surprised

    By bshofner82
    I’m a skeptic. But this has actually pleasantly surprised me. It works amazing well. Even better than the Dave Ramsey one because it’s free!
  • Has potential

    By trish1568
    This could be a great app if it would stay updated. Unfortunately, it can’t seem to find my internet connection. It constantly tells me that I’m not connected, so it doesn’t update my accounts as it should (daily) and doesn’t allow me to make entries or changes until it decides I’m connected. (It says I’m not connected rn, as I post this review.)
  • Great app!

    By Fersere
    Best budgeting app. Very helpful how it shows you how much you can spend daily to stay within your budget.
  • Great but...

    By NYmike700
    After about a week, I couldn’t reconnect my checking account and the app basically became useless. Granted I have a lesser known bank for my checking, but it initially connected only stop working a week later. I would still recommend this app though.
  • Didn’t work

    By cbrynt
    It won’t sync with Simmons Bank and support tried to help but were not able to resolve the problem.
  • So far I like it

    By Mulysa82
    ** update: still using, still like, still lags. If the app was real time it would be the perfect app for me. I will update this review in a few months. The only criticism I have is that the app isn’t real time for the most part with my bank. There is a lag. If this was fixed that would be amazing.
  • Slick but needs more features.

    By AlejandroDeGreat
    I really like this app and how its designed. However it would be cool if you could create your own categories for the pie charts. I love the hashtag feature and the visuals.
  • HSBC not working

    By Dghrael
    Although i love this app, im wondering when will it provide a fix for connecting to HSBC personal internet banking. Hsbc requires birthday date in addition to username and password. Any info on when this would be added to pocket guard?
  • Fabulous!!

    By Zoe Speros
    I have searched around for the best app to help me track my spending habits, and this is the best by far. It does not require any manual input or scanning of receipts and is super simple to use and understand. This is probably the best and most straightforward app you can get to manage your money, and that includes the other apps you have to pay for!
  • Not flexible

    By penless in EauClaire
    The only thing good about this app was how easy it was to enter reoccurring bills. Everything thing else was to controlled by the app. No way to enter funds, or savings without a dedicated account. Deleted in an hour.
  • Game changer for me!

    By ..kayla..
    From what I can tell, this is the only app out there that is designed around the exact way I like to budget. It takes the month’s income and subtracts all your bills, subscriptions, recurring payments, things like that. So the money you have left over is what’s available to spend on food, gas, incidentals, fun stuff, etc, and the app keeps track of this number for you so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of it on your own. It’s exactly what I needed to help me stop unintentionally overspending! Very glad to have found this app. Thanks!
  • So far so good

    By ShWn777
    I would like to be able to go back and add multiple checks. My checks are different every week because I work in a restaurant. Other then that, every this is great and easy to use.
  • Good but is missing some key elements

    By Jcbrcu
    I like the concept of PocketGuard, but there are a few elements missing to really make it good- being able to split transactions into different categories (not all my grocery store trips are just for groceries), constant bank connecting issues, and you need to upgrade to categorize certain things (gas, coffee shops, etc). I also noticed I only got push notifications AFTER opening the app- that kinda defeats the purpose of saying “hey you’re close to your budget on ____ don’t overspend”. I do like that I could connect my main bank and see each account within in it including all of my different shares assigned to that account (checking, savings, trip savings, savings for Christmas, car loan, etc) and decide which to see every log in. The app is very esthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. I did google a few things to figure it how to do it.
  • Great but needs a few more features

    By Ebony738
    This is a great app and I love it. But it does still need some work. The most important things I would like to see is updating purchases faster. It take a while for the app to update my purchases. And also the savings feature needs to have a bit more.
  • Good app

    By sairajgallo
    I use it all the time to track my budget and what has been spent
  • Terrible

    By Western Alumni
    After reading positive reviews, I decided to give this app a try. Although I wasn’t comfortable sharing my bank account login information, I followed the prompts. Once that was done, I realized how clunky the app is to navigate. It wasn’t intuitive for me. Then, after deciding to discard it, I couldn’t find a way to close the account after removing my bank interface. It would not let me move past the “add bank account” step to make sure my login info was removed.
  • Love it but could add some improved comparison features

    By _nicolemf_
    App is super easy to track spending, but some improved features could include more month to month comparisons and year-to-date spending on each category (maybe this is in the plus version?). Free version has met my needs though. Awesome app!
  • Just ok

    By Muffstic
    It's ok, but I don't use it much for a specific reason. Maybe I'm the only one, but it takes 5 minutes to load every time I open the app.
  • Bit of glitch--one savings account I have is counted as negative...how do I change?

    By qwerty009162
  • Newest update helps A LOT

    By Eggs McGee Three
    My number one problem with pocket guard was that I’d have to manually check and calculate for upcoming bills — well, no more! Now it factors that into my daily budget, making it immensely more trustworthy and accurate. Thank you, dev team! This is a huge feature for me.
  • Excellent app for budgeting - needs weekly budget option

    By jrcrimmings
    Overall this app is the best I have found to budget and monitor spending in one account. Unlike others it does a really great job tagging things to the appropriate category, and even when it doesn’t it’s easy to fix. I love the spending limits feature but **wish there was a weekly option as well!** When you get paid bi-weekly monthly budgets are very difficult to plan because paychecks never hit on the same dates. The ability to monitor weekly spending and stay in my budgeting limits would be a game changer and I would definitely pay for a pro account if that was an option.