PocketGuard: Money & Budgeting

PocketGuard: Money & Budgeting

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2015-01-07
  • Current Version: 3.13
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 92.45 MB
  • Developer: PocketGuard, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 3 456


With all of your financial accounts in one place, PocketGuard helps you stay on top of your finance and make better financial decisions. KNOW WHERE YOU STAND • Easily sync all of your personal finance accounts in one place: bank accounts, credit cards, loans, savings, and investments • Track your net worth change over time KNOW HOW MUCH IS IN YOUR POCKET • Know how much you can safely spend, once your bills and savings are planned for • Stick to you daily, weekly and monthly budgets to reach your financial goals HAVE A SIMPLE FINANCIAL PLAN • Your budget is built automatically, based on your spending and earning patterns • Track your income • Track bills and recurring subscriptions • Set and reach your saving goals • Create spending limits LOWER YOUR BILLS • Take 5 minutes to lower you monthly recurring bills without leaving the app. Just tap "Lower your bills" from the Overview section to see the full list of services you could pay less for. If your bills are not there, probably you already got the best deal. GET INSIGHTS INTO YOUR SPENDING HABITS • Transactions automatically categorized into "pockets" show you where your money goes at a glance • Compare your current month's spending to your average • Know if you’re going to save or overspend with the "Net income" RECEIVE ALERTS AND REMINDERS • Never miss a credit card bill or loan payment • Get alerted to bank fees and unwanted charges SECURITY IS OUR #1 PRIORITY • We use bank-level 256-bit SSL to protect your sensitive information • We establish a read-only connection to your bank, so nobody, not even you, can move money from your account using PocketGuard • Your data is also protected with Touch ID and a 4-digit PIN that only you know, so, even if your mobile device is lost or stolen nobody can access your data NOTE: PocketGuard currently connects only to the US and Canadian financial institutions. We always welcome your feedback. If you have questions, need help, want to share your idea or requesting new features, please drop us a line at hello@pocketguard.com --- Also available from PocketGuard: POCKETGUARD PLUS - Track every dollar, plan better, do more with your money. • Track the cash you spend or receive • Plan for bills you pay in cash • Know how much cash is in your pocket $3.99 monthly, $34.99 annually --- Price may vary by location. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel the subscription once activated. Manage your subscriptions in Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited if you purchase a different subscription plan (example: switch from trial to annual subscription). --- Privacy Policy: https://pocketguard.com/privacy/ Terms of Use: https://pocketguard.com/terms/



  • So far so good

    By ShWn777
    I would like to be able to go back and add multiple checks. My checks are different every week because I work in a restaurant. Other then that, every this is great and easy to use.
  • Good but is missing some key elements

    By Jcbrcu
    I like the concept of PocketGuard, but there are a few elements missing to really make it good- being able to split transactions into different categories (not all my grocery store trips are just for groceries), constant bank connecting issues, and you need to upgrade to categorize certain things (gas, coffee shops, etc). I also noticed I only got push notifications AFTER opening the app- that kinda defeats the purpose of saying “hey you’re close to your budget on ____ don’t overspend”. I do like that I could connect my main bank and see each account within in it including all of my different shares assigned to that account (checking, savings, trip savings, savings for Christmas, car loan, etc) and decide which to see every log in. The app is very esthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. I did google a few things to figure it how to do it.
  • Great but needs a few more features

    By Ebony738
    This is a great app and I love it. But it does still need some work. The most important things I would like to see is updating purchases faster. It take a while for the app to update my purchases. And also the savings feature needs to have a bit more.
  • Good app

    By sairajgallo
    I use it all the time to track my budget and what has been spent
  • Terrible

    By Western Alumni
    After reading positive reviews, I decided to give this app a try. Although I wasn’t comfortable sharing my bank account login information, I followed the prompts. Once that was done, I realized how clunky the app is to navigate. It wasn’t intuitive for me. Then, after deciding to discard it, I couldn’t find a way to close the account after removing my bank interface. It would not let me move past the “add bank account” step to make sure my login info was removed.
  • Love it but could add some improved comparison features

    By _nicolemf_
    App is super easy to track spending, but some improved features could include more month to month comparisons and year-to-date spending on each category (maybe this is in the plus version?). Free version has met my needs though. Awesome app!
  • Just ok

    By Muffstic
    It's ok, but I don't use it much for a specific reason. Maybe I'm the only one, but it takes 5 minutes to load every time I open the app.
  • Bit of glitch--one savings account I have is counted as negative...how do I change?

    By qwerty009162
  • Newest update helps A LOT

    By Eggs McGee Three
    My number one problem with pocket guard was that I’d have to manually check and calculate for upcoming bills — well, no more! Now it factors that into my daily budget, making it immensely more trustworthy and accurate. Thank you, dev team! This is a huge feature for me.
  • Excellent app for budgeting - needs weekly budget option

    By jrcrimmings
    Overall this app is the best I have found to budget and monitor spending in one account. Unlike others it does a really great job tagging things to the appropriate category, and even when it doesn’t it’s easy to fix. I love the spending limits feature but **wish there was a weekly option as well!** When you get paid bi-weekly monthly budgets are very difficult to plan because paychecks never hit on the same dates. The ability to monitor weekly spending and stay in my budgeting limits would be a game changer and I would definitely pay for a pro account if that was an option.
  • Be Aware

    By Active online shopper
    Like the concept but be aware of the hidden objectives for three party options. Example, Billshark. You will constantly get a pop up to help lower your bills but they don’t notify you of the 40%. They also pull all information from PocketGuard so be careful of linking your accounts.
  • Great App, Great Customer Service

    There are a lot of money management apps out there, and I have tried many of them. I find the user interface on PocketGuard the friendliest, and the customer service is fantastic. Very open to new suggestions and implementing them. I think this app has great potential moving forward. Highly recommend!
  • Aggregation error message

    By anishia e
    New to the app try linking my online bank and keep saying aggregation error message and it make me mad cause I like the app concept
  • Extremely buggy

    By Bcollet
    Not sure how this is so highly rated. Definitely well designed from an aesthetic perspective but every day I log in and get wildly different "in my pocket" figures. One day it will be -$700 and the next is up to $500 with no change in my spending or pay. It often suddenly forgets my bills, adds new ones I didn't request and forgets that I have upcoming income.
  • Terrible app

    By Allons 7
    It worked well for the first 24 hours and then wouldn’t update my linked accounts. Received responses from Pocket Guard but they were unable to do anything to fix the problems. Now I keep receiving emails from Pocket Guard and Apple when I have repeatedly asked them to stop messaging me.
  • Crashing since day 1

    By K_fil
    Was looking for a user-friendly budget tracking app and PocketGuard seems like a good fit. Unfortunately since installment day the app keeps crashing: accounts won’t stay linked, app is requesting access by itself (my Venmo keeps sending authorization codes) and when you start the app it freezes on “Loading” and doesn’t move forward. Good potential but definitely needs more work.
  • Doesn’t work with some banks/financial sites

    By Smith S. Smith
    HSBC personal banking is broken, and so is PayPal if you use 2FA (which you absolutely should).
  • Awesome app simply awesome

    By InGodsHands#365
  • convoluted

    By jadr80
    an overly complex app full of useless and confusing features. is it really so hard to make a simple budgeting app? i don’t want to exceed $100 a week on dining out. so make a “dining out” category and subtract from it every time i make a dining out purchase. can’t seem to find an app that operates on this very simple concept. perhaps it’s too simple. app developers can’t seem to stop themselves from gilding the lily. sometimes less is more.
  • Not all Transactions are displayed

    By Nvp777
    Not all transactions are pulled in and transactions disappear giving false spending information.
  • Does not perform

    By V.I.King
    PocketGuard does not perform as advertised, being unable to link to certain banks. After many emails and over a week with tech support, has become clear that they have no intention of correcting the issue. There are many similar apps available - spend your time/money on one that works.
  • Like a buddy to keep track of spending— buddy can’t do math

    By marioincandenza
    The idea is really good— capture regular spending (bills) and regular income (paycheck) and keep a running tally indicating progress toward saving. But the math is wrong! FAIL.
  • Great App.

    By Nulltrix Inc.
    This app helped me to understand and have a better vision on my spending and saving plans
  • Slow to update pending transactions

    By Reptileskin124
    This is an app with great in terms of features, but is slow to pick up pending transactions. There is limited use for me when I still have to check the bank’s app for an updated pending balance. I can’t quite justify a monthly subscription when other free apps can provide an accurate daily balance across accounts
  • Good and easy to use, forecasting would be nice addition

    By Whitney Evans
    So far it has been a very helpful app, even with just the free version. The one thing I wish they included was the option to set different goals for future months in advance.
  • So far I like it

    By Mulysa82
    I will update this review in a few months. The only criticism I have is that the app isn’t real time for the most part with my bank. There is a lag. If this was fixed that would be amazing.
  • Like the app, but 1 issue

    By Joshin12
    I like the app but i wanted to report an issue and get the app team’s attention. App crashes every time i try to access my spending limits.
  • Good Budgeting App

    By Bootlegged
    I needed an app that would allow me to setup budget categories and monitor my spending (based on accounts I linked to it). It does that and it does it fairly well. I do have to constantly go in everyday to update the category for which it falls in, but I’m just very particular in how I want my expenditures categorized. I may try using the hashtag feature to simplify things. I also like how it notifies you when you get close to hitting your limits. Moreover it’s all free! There’s a paid version to unlock more features, but for me those aren’t necessary. The only downside I’ve noticed is that it doesn’t update or show your expenditures in real time. Meaning, I usually have to wait 2-3 days before an expense is posted which can be frustrating when needing to know where you stand at any given moment in terms of your budget... which is sort of the purpose of the app right?
  • Too much for subscription

    By andrew kelly 19
    I feel that 3.99 a month is too much. I would pay 1.99 especially a budget app haha
  • PFM In Your Pocket

    By FoodDood1958
    Exceeds Quicken for putting it all together.
  • Lack of useful tools

    By boleek
    I don’t understand the positive reviews. It’s design is not clear and just is not useful whatsoever.
  • Lacking in stater

    By The Yung savage
    I’m just got the app yesterday by a friend it was work a ok until I sign back in with wonderful quality Internet and it alway that the request have time out on just how long to type in my information
  • App does not work

    By logibear64
    Times out and cannot create account
  • I had high hopes

    By ccohen55
    I love the user interface, the general functionality is great, easy to use, clean simple. But very frustrating that after a few months using the app, one morning all my charts were off, contacted support and they tried to remediate. Then it seemed things were going to workout but now their system is automatically recategorizing all my expenses and undoing the work of months. Obviously frustrated.
  • Best budgeting app by far

    By You are the worst Google
    I love their customer service / tech support. They really do work to make sure your accounts are available to add. This is definitely the best budgeting app out there that gives you a big picture view of your assets. I’ve used mint and a ton of other smaller budgeting apps but this blows the rest out of the water. Also visually it’s the easiest to look at and navigate.
  • Nice

    By Tony Anglero
    Love the app. Sleek and effortless to use. However I had to use my old financial institution as mine wasn’t listed, and the information provided to better understand this is nowhere to be found. Great app if able to use!
  • This would be an absolutely perfect app

    By itsMEsandi
    If there was a way to make a simple budget. This app would be great. Oh and If it was possible to link Apple Pay balance and or Cash app balance 😍.
  • Quicken No More

    By HParr03
    I happened to find PocketGuard one day as I was scanning the App Store and I am glad I did. The versatility of the app gives me an up to date status of where my money is/going at any given point in time. I bank at a small neighborhood bank (one that does not show up on other apps) and PocketGuard works with the bank! I was a Quicken guy for over 10 years but this app has changed my thinking. I am going to work with PocketGuard for awhile.
  • No iPad App?!

    By IfYouDontKnowNowYouDo
    Definitely has potential and I like how they do some heavy lifting on their side but also allows customization but no iPad app? I use my iPad a lot and would love to use it without compatibility zoom mode.... :/
  • Great idea but horrible execution

    By 👏👏💁💁
    The idea of this app is great being able to manage your money better, but lately it has been horrible. It doesn’t show all of the transactions in either of my accounts. It constantly deletes items marked as bills. Therefore not showing the correct amounts I’ve spent each month and not showing the correct amount I should budget. I had high hopes for this app but I am truly disappointed.
  • Very close to exactly what I need

    By StreetJesus
    The only thing I'd change about this app is the inability to change the due date of bills. Aside from this, I really like the simplicity of this app so far! I've abandoned Windows and Quicken and have been looking for an IOS app to manage my money. This is the best I have found.
  • Repeated Issues

    By Divergentdaydreams
    Overall this app is pretty decent. It has some ease of use issues, but after testing out numerous budgeting apps after Prosper was sunsetted I landed with this one. Great customer support, but unfortunately they have been unable to fix consistent problems with connecting to a couple different bank accounts. Obviously this is a big problem when trying to keep track of a budget. At this point I've been without all my account data for over a month and still no resolution in sight. Canceling my subscription and on the search for a more reliable app unfortunately. 😣
  • Exactly what I’ve been searching for

    By amy2876
    I am a long time user of Mint but I’ve been longing for a feature that tells me my daily and weekly spending allowance. PocketGuard is it. So easy to use and understand. Just enough budgeting without obsession. It’s perfect. I love it. I hope it never goes away.
  • Great App

    By Ihsan261
    last four years I tried many apps i never find any good app.today i find PocketGuard i never seen before like this app.
  • Screenshots Look Great, App is Funky

    By Josiah Sprague
    I really wanted to like this app based on the screenshots, but the experience was very clunky. I only connected one account, but the app couldn't even show accurate information about that account. It was showing bills as income and absurd negative numbers as my available cash. Couldn't make heads or tails of the information presented to me by this app!
  • Great organizational money app

    By sooieedogok
    I am enjoying the app I love having all my balance is in one place. I have learned though they’re not always completely updated so sometimes I think I have more money to shop with then I do. So perhaps it’ll get better as that goes on.
  • Love it

    By reman85
    The more I use it the better I like it. And anytime I have an issue Stan helps me out. Awesome customer service.
  • Love this App!!

    By DRushin
    I found money we were spending that I had missed with our old app. So easy to follow!
  • It’s awesome

    By justinschendel
    I’m so happy to have discovered this app after using Mint for a year. Fast and reliable app without too many ads. Have all the necessary info at a glance. I use the web version as well and I hope you will сomplete it with the rest of the features. That would be really stunning!