Invasion: Modern Empire

Invasion: Modern Empire

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2015-02-26
  • Current Version: 1.38.80
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 705.20 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 6 345


Selected by Facebook as one of BEST MOBILE GAMES Invasion: Modern Empire is an online war-themed MMO game that challenges you to conquer and battle your way to world domination in the midst of a global apocalypse. Prepare yourself for stunning 3D graphics and exhilarating, real-time MMO battles! Join the fight online and partner with a clan to spread your influence.Join the fight and find out now! Invasion: Modern Empire Features: Visceral real-time strategy combat meets MMORPG mechanics • Clash with enemies as your army sweeps across the world • In Invasion, you are the commander! Guide your army in real time • Incredible 3D graphics and MMO combat will give you a whole new perspective on war, as each tank and soldier obeys your every command Clash with enemies to expand your clan’s territory and earn resources! • Train a vast army and battle for territory across a stunning 3D world map! • Invade enemy territory and win wars to expand your empire! • Acquire resources by defeating enemies and claiming their empire as your own Use advanced war strategy to collect intel and seize the upper hand • Collect intelligence on your enemies in this futuristic shadow war, and launch devastating strikes against your opponent’s weak spot! • Lead your army from a real-time panoramic map to get the upper hand! Join and alliance and conquer crucial "monuments" in online games! • Make your alliance the star of the military world. Clash in massive online wars to gain the upper hand. • Forge strategic alliances to defeat your rivals, and experience the constant surprise of online real-time combat! • Fight in huge Monument Wars against powerful alliances around globe! Winners will become kings in this online battlefield Cinematic 3D presentation and action-packed military battles • Construct a formidable military empire and watch as you crush enemies in 3D • Build and train a range of elite modern war forces, from tanks to cannons to gunships • Unlock powerful hi-tech military units with research. Battle enemies from land to air with tanks, soldiers and more Take up arms in the post-apocalyptic warzone of the year 2020!! Governments have fallen and cities have been reduced to ash, as rival armies clash for domination in the chaotic new age. Only you and your star units can conquer the world’s greatest monuments, build the strongest army, and rebuild this once-great world. The Invasion has begun! One-month subscription The length of the subscription is a 30-day period and the price is $9.99. The subscription will provide players the perks specifically as buffs in game below: 1. Gathering speed +10%, 2. Unit production speed +10% 3. Unit load +10% 4. Construction speed +10% Check & for the privacy policy and term of use. Note: 1. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. 2. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. 3. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal. 4. Subscriptions may be managed by players and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the player's Account Settings after purchase.



  • Money Trapping

    By Aziz9971
    I have been playing this game for over 2 years, and It is all about how to steal your money. There is no way to build and fight without purchasing diamonds which are the currency in the game.
  • Sad if valid

    By JD Real
    Has anyone really spent thousands of US dollars on one of these “games” as some reviews claim? Even an incredibly wealthy person would have to realize how insane that is... right??
  • So devolper read this!

    By fnaf fun halo gamer
    So your just a biased stupid money hogging app for chinese people to get better stuff? What’s the point in that when you could actually make people happy instead of mad. While reading the comments it said that you help chinese players hack? Which game helps people hack? And games are not supposed to be biased. If I made a game where only boys get good stuff or where different races get different stuff but a certainty color gets to hack and all that cheat. I don’t think much players will play and get much hate. And your getting so much hate in these comments. Even the worse games don’t have this. It’s trash! I just downloaded the game to say this. You should reconsider your chinese fetish and drop it and make the game race or language fetish also. I’ll probably try the game if you fix it.
  • Its all about the money.

    By Blas426
    This is my second review I’ve written for this game. My 1st review I gave 5 stars; the game was fun and strategy was majority of the necessities. I’m quitting Invasion today. I’ve invested around $3,000 into the game and I’m considered a medium spender. This game is great for heavy spenders. Those that spend the maximum amounts run the game. Monthly updates add more attributes involving more costly investments. Unless players spend the maximum amounts to become the predators, they will become the prey. Overall the game can be fun meeting other players and team work is eminent due to the game type. For my second review- I’m giving this game 1 star.
  • Pay to win time waster.

    By BLITS202
    Impossible to keep up with people spending thousands of $$$, cheaters, and Chinese players who get stuff cheaper
  • Invasion

    By StudForYou
    Great game :) Uses to much DATA now!
  • Biased game and developers

    By From wrong country
    Rebel prizes diff ● Chat glitches ● March glitch ● Balloon glitch ● Shield popping glitch ● Abnormal purchase error ● Muting glitch ● Prizes from comps not paying out properly and customer support won't manually pay them out It's not a even playing field depending on what country you live in. It's different for everyone. Chinese get way cheaper packs and different events, and much more. AND NEW CONTINENT SPEAKER THE WORST IDEA EVER
  • Great game easy break downs

    By isaaccuny
    Great game that should be out there more and more
  • Do Not Download

    By derap79
    This game is nothing but a money grab. Unlike some games that are still playable and enjoyable without spending, this is not. You will either have to shell out thousands of dollars or find joy in constantly losing to like playing this game. Save your time and dollars and play something else.
  • Spend 8,000 US$ , and found out Chinese can get what I have with 10% of what I spend

    By mason2333
    This game is build for Chinese milking foreigners . The game gives Chinese players better packages , cheaper , they help each other hack diamonds , and game . After spending 8,000 US$ on this game and I am VIP 14 , I lost 300,000 soldiers on a Chinese hack and the customer service wouldn’t even return the units . Even to high paying customers . Very racist creators , and racist atmosphere gaming . A foreigner can spend 1000$ and be zeroed in 1 second all is gone . Because they control almost all regions , have the most billion power players , they always seem to get all the game prizes magically . While the rest of us have to keep spending 100$ a package 100 times just to get top 3 . Apple needs to check this game .
  • Jb

    By Jbdarep
    Love the graphics
  • Tap Gods

    By miketo2
    I have played for 3 plus years have multiple vip 10 accounts throughout the vast map and I’ll say this. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻there are ways to beat the big money players if you can play. I’m An American rift god
  • Stay away

    By O g crypt
    They have major issues and remove the content you purchase and refuse to refund. The new update makes it impossible for you to play without spending thousands of dollars a month. Do your research and read the reviews you will understand this is a pay to play game despite the false claims that it is a free game.
  • Don’t bother

    By chiefy_44
    Played the game for too long, money money money is all T4F is bothered about, unless your vip14 or above they don’t care about you, so if you like being ripped a new one and having your credit card maxd or you bank account looking unhealthy don’t even think about downloading this game, Facebook rates this a 4+ star game I rate it a -5 after the latest upgrade, give the average working man a chance T4F or I can see your game dying slowly around you. CHIEFY zone 95
  • Money Grab

    By Qpog
    No different then any other game like this. If you don’t spend a ridiculous amount of money then you do nothing but get smashed.
  • Bunch of Chinese Garbage!

    By ShidoOtone500
    So I was attempting to log into my Zone 1 account but I find out that Tap deleted it with all my purchases! A waste of time, energy, and money! Stay away from Tap4Fun just like I’m doing FOREVER! I’m hoping they go down soon...
  • Tap doesn’t help

    By Soring Eagle11
    Tap only worries about how much money they get . Game has so many glitches now . When something happens Tap comes back system says no glitches. Game has turned in one sided if seen and talked to Chinese players that get zero or have issues from glitches and Tap gives units back to them by doubling their units.
  • It’s all about your money.

    By Weregoyle
    In the beginning it was a good game. Then the developers got greedy. If you do not dump $20k(yes $20 thousand US dollars) you will only be food for those that have spent money. And if you think you will only spend some money your wasting your time. The officers you need to be a fighter costs $2-3 thousand dollars each. And there are 7 of them. And 2 officers(the most needed) cost double. Then they have you purchase medals for those officers and guess what, it’s $2-3k more dollars. All said and done. In the 3 years I’ve been playing. I have spent $20k(unfortunately) and still can not join the big fights. So.. you only want to play and not fight? Well you can buy a shield. But if for some reason your shield fails. The developers will not compensate. Even if you have proof(through screen shots) they will not. I honestly would suggest you find another game created by any other company other than tap 4 fun. Even tho I have spent WAY TO MUCH on this game. I am walking away. Just read through the reviews. If it’s a 1 star. You will see the same problems being addressed. If it’s a 5 star. It’s from the developers to keep people coming to the game to grow their bank accounts. Do not download.
  • Total Oriental Bias

    By ffhsendhe
    This game is NOT for non oriental people. I have played for a while and spent a lot of money here. The oriental players have formed a unity that should not be possible if the game was set up fairly. You are put in a zone that you have to grow, which cost a lot of money. But lately the Chinese and Japanese players have been able to contact each other and build an unbeatable alliance that has been destroying all non oriental players to the point that it is NO POSSIBILITY of fair warfare. If the creators do not change the parameters of this game I suggest any non oriental player go elsewhere. Update to follow.
  • Run!!

    By a129543
    Pay to win! It’s extremely fun and addicting but fast paced and if you get outpaced you will stay behind if you don’t buy.
  • Crash

    By ocrazy125
    crashes all the time and heats the device in a minute!
  • This game is a TRAP!!!

    By Prodigy7627
    Don’t download this game it’s a trap, once your in and start spending money you won’t want to leave!!! This is a game that favors Chinese players, I am a VIP 12 meaning I have spent A LOT of money on it and because I am an American player and not Chinese I get cheated!!!!! ITunes and Google are partly to blame because they let these Chinese developers do this to us!! I beg you please do not download or play this game, do not fall into the trap PLEASE!!!!!
  • Was Fun. Not so much now.

    By facetown
    Game started out as a true war game. I started playing about 3 years ago and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, it’s really just become a money grab by the company. Algorithms are tweaked constantly to benefit what tp4f is selling at the moment. It’s a shame really as they have something special here. Need to listen to the long time players and make changes to their business strategy. Hope they do.

    By mpalnik
    This game is made by a Chinese company and is pay to play while at the same time 100% designed to favor Chinese players. Packs are cheaper for Chinese and if you become too competitive with them they will simply ban you from playing essentially stealing all of the money you have invested in the game. I have seen this happen to numerous people. There have to be better and more fair games out there. Stay away. You have been warned.

    By Mahmoud.m85
    There's a problem in this update, the game wont open with me and with another guys I know them from another countries, fix it please 😕
  • False Advertisement

    By Commander dinklepuss
    Saw an ad for this game on Facebook and it showed it as a cool looking first person shooter. Low and behold it’s just another one of those BS tap for action games. Would never recommend this horrible game to anyone.
  • Love it, BUT

    By Awesome Nick9638
    I love this game, but the only reason I didn’t give a 5-Star rating is because it doesn’t have cloud-save. I pretty much completed the game on my other device, but it didn’t save to cloud and now I’m starting over. Other then that, absolutely amazing.
  • Trust the negative feedback

    By 69 Gambit
    I have been playing this game for many years now and thru out this entire time it’s all about the money in Taps pockets. There are only 2 ways and 2 ways only to get a head in this game! 1st donate your hard earned paychecks by buying pack after pack and spending thousands of dollars which still does NOT guarantee you’ll get the prizes you want or #2 be a Chinese player. I say this because I have spoken to so many Chinese players and after comparing their packs to ours they get better packs than the rest also if there is an issue with the game and they need compensated from Tap they almost every time get what they want. I have been zeroed before because my 3day shield dropped after 30hrs and Tap didn’t do a single thing. This is nothing more than a couple key strokes to get my troops back and costs them zero to do it but NO I’m only a VIP10 and apparently that’s still not good enough. Back to the spending where unless you drop a few thousand on the game you will NEVER get the officers or the perks needed to compete with the pocket warriors. Tap could at least give the nonspenders or limited spenders a way to achieve some of the red officers. Game is a little fun but unless your one of the 2 players I described you’ll NEVER make it in the game unless your only wanting to be a farmer.
  • Killed me

    By Squads lotto
    A new update came out my phone was a iPhone and won't let me back on so but that's not it I spend 1000'S of dollars on game and tap let me down so I quit game start spending in real life thank u Tap for showing me your a jack rip off I got. Zored in ZVZ the game was working untill it was time for ZVZ go to think
  • The Developers have no ideas

    By BBatZTL
    Three years of playing and the developers no longer have any idea what their players want in the game. Constant updates that are just changing things for the sake of change. These new features have sapped the fun out of this game. Longtime players are quitting in droves. How in the heck can these developers turn a war game into a mass farming extravaganza? Not fun anymore-not at all.
  • Can’t download new update.

    By Chris21225
    I dont have WiFi. I refuse to pay for WiFi. Therefore I am deleting game. Have fun y’all.
  • Game keeps crashing

    By Andys Muzik
    Game has been crashing with new updates
  • Not worth your time or money

    By Longhogger
    I’ve played this game for over 3 yrs. and everything bad you have heard is true. So many glitches and updates that don’t help or fix the game. These developers are so greedy to get your money and give you nothing in return. Could of been a great game. But greed got in there way. Stay away.
  • Worse event ever

    By Docfate13
    The new 4 day event is horrible. Basically it’s four days of shields unless your a big spender or old zone. The concept is great. Should be no base attacks or gathering attacks unless it’s that event. I understand it’s a war game but it’s a game and you need rules.
  • Don’t do it!

    By Sara17373939
    I have played this game for three years and I have invested thousands of dollars. It was a great game until the developers started favoring the Chinese players making their game pacs cheaper with more goodies. If I am to remain competitive I need to spend thousands more to stay on a basic level with the Chinese players. Also the developer changes the rules and events at random without proper notice to protect yourself. There are constant game glitches and freezes that allow other players to destroy your troops and Tap4fun always blames the player,not their platform. Don’t download unless you are running on a Chinese server.
  • Best

    By Pedrammn
    Best game with the worst support team
  • True story

    By DaKriminal
    The game is fun but if u bind it u wont be able to log in from another phone so if you lose ur phone or get a new one then game over for you...also it’s a money sucker you spend crazy amounts of time building and once you get hit by a bigger player....then back to pretty much square 1....rebuilding process starts which will take you another few months to get close to where u’s saddening that you lose so much and can’t get back unless you spend the money again
  • War

    By Treat wonka
    Great game and awesome graphics

    By K. Sheila
    Hi tap4fun! This game is look nice! Some bug and the app keep crashing and need to fix it soon. One more I want to see more people or army walk and work around in the base it would be great 👍!! Hope you create them in base and out. Hope Animations happens !! Later update, Thank you!
  • Sick of getting kicked out of game

    By NWK zone 124
  • This App is full of Sexual predators

    By Sexual predators, Shut it down
    I’ve been playing this app for a few months and I’ve seen players acting out sex stories in Zone chat. XXX rated pictures posted by players in guild chat. This game is NOT for children or young adults. It is for mentally challenged deviants and predators. Full on bullying of player upon player as well as full on manipulation of the servers to decide the outcome of Wars. Not a very good app at all. Zone 398 for you perverts. You should like it there. I’ve reported this all to the administrators of the game to no avail. This server should be shut down.
  • Report someone

    By C J 1234
    How can I report someone that have over 20 Account in one Zone ? Or maybe it’s legal to have more than one account and also they’re abusing other players. Please help
  • A fun game, but don’t expect genuine support anymore.

    By Craig C Chapman
    I started playing Invasion in October of 2013 and love playing with the group of guys in my zone. The game has always had freeze/crash issues and up until recently, t4f had always made good about compensating players for losses resulting from such developments. Not any longer. The game now freezes or crashes dozens of times per week, especially during ZvZ, and their support staff always (as if on script) blame “an unstable network” or the device you’re playing on; fallacious assertions since the issues happen on all devices and all networks. That, and game play has become stale with reductions in event prizes, and zones filled with players who only want to play dead and trap offensive players. Bottom line: be prepared to either spend a ton of cash, or invest a lot of time to become competitive, and don’t expect their support staff to be particularly supportive.
  • Worst Flipping Game EVER!!! 😡

    By RealtimeAwesome
    DONT DOWNLOAD THIS GARBAGE. 🗑 Reasons why. 📝 1.) Lack of actual game play 🎮 2.) focused more on spending than actual 💵strategy. 3.) Best strategy in the game 👎🏻 (Server hoping) is now impossible with a time limit on how soon a guild can hop 4.) it takes 700 years 😴 (sarcasm, but it does take a long time) to do anything in the game, Train troops, upgrade buildings, claim land for your guild. 5.) Game Devs DONT GIVE A CRAP 🤑 about what happens to you or the game. People have lost accounts they spent money on and the devs have done nothing.
  • Can’t open

    By norconster
    I’ve gotten pretty far in the game and everything was going well, then when I try to open the app again to get ready for extreme defense, it won’t let me in I can’t play any more! Help!!!!
  • Quit As of June 2018

    By Marzvic
    Having played the game for over a year I expected the issues and glitches to eventually be resolved. This is not the case. Nearly every week the game sends emails stating “sorry for the glitch or issue, you will be compensated and the issue will be resolved within (insert numerous days). The latest update is flipping HORRIBLE which led me to finally quit the game. Their is now a blazing trumpet that other players in other areas (having nothing to do with the area you play, your zone) can take control of a zone chat which in essence messes up zone communication when fighting or communicating. It’s a HOT FREAKING MESS!!!!!!! It detracts from the game and makes fighting harder because other people from groups and zones having nothing to do with your zone l hijack communications/in game chat. This is just one issue albeit a big one. I’d recommend moving on to another game, the Chinese players have cheaper options to purchase boosts and their are game bots that essentially make you irrelevant as you try and progress. It saddens me to write this review as I’ve never been so frustrated at a game such as this.
  • Racist

    By TÎÎP
    This is a Chinese racist game! If you aren't from China support will not help! I submitted a problem written in Chinese and they were more than helpful! I sent the same problem in English and they wouldn't help!
  • Recovery

    By empire00000
    How can I recover my account in 155? I had created it with my google account when I had my android phone but I switched to an iPhone and I’m still using the same good account I was signed in on my Android phone. I downloaded the game on my iPhone and I thought I would quickly gain access to my account in 155 since im signed in to the same google account on my iPhone that I had on my old android phone. Any help plz
  • Arabe Cannabis

    By Arabe Cannabis