Parental Control & Kid Tracker

Parental Control & Kid Tracker

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2015-02-05
  • Current Version: 5.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 77.40 MB
  • Developer: Eturi Corp.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.3 or later.
  • Rating Count: 29 311


OurPact is a breakthrough screen time parental control app, app blocker, website blocker, GPS locator, kid tracker and family locator that enables parents to manage their family's screen time and locate family members. Use OurPact Parental Control, App Blocker, GPS & Family Locator for complete family management: • App Blocker - Block internet and block apps at-a-touch • Geofencing with Places - parents can create GPS geofences around specific locations and receive real-time alerts when their kids leave and arrive at home, school or any set zone • Schedules - Schedule screen time throughout the day or week • App Rules - Block specific apps • Kid Tracker - Track your kid's location using Family Locator and Places • Screen Time Allowance - Set daily screen time limits for your kids • App List - Discover what apps are on your child's device • Block Texting - Use OurPact parental control to block access to texting apps • Block/Allow Websites - prevent access to specific websites for safe internet browsing • New App Alerts – receive alerts when new apps are installed on your child’s device • Find My Family - OurPact's Family Locator allows parents to locate any family member using geolocation • Find My iPhone & iPad - OurPact's Family Locator also lets parents locate all of their individual devices paired to their parent account in case of lost or stolen items. • Porn Blocker - Block all adult content on your child's iOS device OurPact gives you the power to block apps like social media and games while also allowing you to track your kids. Our parental control and family locator solution allows parents to foster healthy habits and manage their child's screen time using screen time allowance, blocking specific apps, blocking texts, and scheduling daily screen time according to a child's daily routine. OurPact also gives parents the ability to discover what apps are installed on their child's devices using App Lists and their children's whereabouts with Family Locator. OurPact is a complete kid tracker and parental control solution that gives parents control over screen time and the peace of mind, knowing their children's location at any moment. OurPact's app blocker, kid tracker, and screen time management platform is perfect for any family. By pairing your family's iPads, iPhones, iPods or other device platforms to OurPact parental control, you have the power to manage your entire family's screen time & device locations from one powerful application. Recommendations: • Use OurPact' app blocker and parental control solution to reinforce spoken or written agreements with your child regarding screen time limits and device use. • Set daily screen time allowance and teach your children how to budget their screen time effectively. • Use OurPact parental control to block social media or games with a single touch, while leaving apps that help your children learn and grow. • Find my family or locate lost or stolen items using Family Locator • Set one-time or recurring schedules for your child to manage screen time on-the-go. OurPact parental control and family locator was designed with the family in mind as an effective, guidance-based screen time management solution. OurPact offers a Plus and Premium monthly auto-renewing subscriptions charged to your iTunes account. Try one free for 1 week. You will be billed monthly within 24 hours of the end of the current billing period. You may cancel billing or turn off auto-renewal of your OurPact subscriptions at any time by going to the user's Account Settings. To avoid being billed for an additional period, subscriptions must be canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. For more information visit If you have any questions or need technical support, do not hesitate to reach us via email:



  • Good app BUT kids can take it out from their phones

    By d-gaby
    This app is really good. I even paid the premium $ but is a huge problem my son take the app out from his apple phone. If he can do that this app is useless. No for me.
  • Lack of Our pact Jr makes this app worthless

    By Kleexxx
    Lack of Our pact Jr makes this app worthless
  • Best app ever!

    By Gemanamakeup
    We can’t always have 24/7 our eyes on our childs devices. But this app allows me to have all the control I need. From the days , within certain tikes and how much time they can use their device. And if the kiddos get grounded all it takes is one button to block their time and they can not use is until I say or or if they get extra time . You can also do that from one click. The $4.99 a month is so worth to to get all the features !
  • Same function as built in “Screen Time” on IOS

    By Billybobthorton2
    I saw nothing different with this app than what you already get on an IOS (iPhone) built in SCREEN TIME settings.
  • .-.

    By DinoNuggetPhantoms
    I’m a kid so you know what I’m thinking.
  • Useless without OurPact Jr.

    By Jewell913
    Worthless app without all of the functionality that is promised in the iOS version. Save your money.
  • Garbage and impossible

    By Stcyhnt
    I used the basics of this app and it was fine and then I wanted more management so I upgraded and that’s where it became awful. The OurPact Jr would not install on any devices and was tremendously frustrating. After 2 hours I still cannot pair anything and in turn it also screwed up my own phone. Total waste of time!
  • Take your money and run

    By bryngy3552
    I have asked repeatedly to cancel my subscription. I’m talking every month for the last 6 months and oddly they can’t find my information and I was literally just charged again!!!
  • iPhone X

    By lost goode
    My daughter got an iPhone X for Christmas, So needed to re-download the app on her phone. Long story short, We had to cancel our subscription due to it not being compatible for me to block certain apps on my phone since her phone was now an iPhone X. Loved the app, but was told I needed to downgrade my subscription, but didn’t want to, as I went with OurPact because I could block certain apps when I wanted to.
  • Not so good

    By Lllez
    My child figured out how to override the App. I sent an email to support, asking for any suggestions and there weren’t any. I eventually discontinued the premium subscription in December, however my child’s phone settings remain blocked by ourpact and I can’t open “parent access” in my child’s phone settings because my email is no longer recognized as a parent account. I’ve emailed ourpact many (at least 5) explaining this issue, requesting assistance. I get an automated response saying someone will respond shortly, but no one ever responds, let alone help resolve the issue involving their product. A bit frustrating. However, I did speak with iTunes recently and consequently received reimbursement for the 3 months we had service. I highly recommend asking for reimbursement if you are unhappy with this App or their customer service. Response to you: The whole point of my review was that ourpact support has NOT responded or offered any solutions, after numerous emails from me, until now. I hope your suggestion works. But you are VERY delinquent in responding and this has cost me a lot of time. At least I got my subscription $ reimbursed and hopefully the hostage situation of ourpact app over my kid’s phone will be over soon.
  • You don’t always get what you pay for

    By Broker720
    Paid for a Premium subscription that is supposed to include OutPact Jr and guess what? No OurPact Jr app for iOS and they don’t know if or when they’ll have it available. So I paid for premium services that they can’t deliver on. Of course because of “Apple” I can’t get a refund from the developer
  • App scrambling

    By linlin681
    The app does exactly what I was wanting it to do as far as them not having access to their phones at bedtime, and I would give it 5 stars if it did not scramble my kids’ apps on their phones. This definitely is something that needs to be fixed for iOS phones. I will probably cancel my subscription because I’m not using it because it messes up the organization of the kids phones every time their access is blocked.
  • Needs one more thing!

    By mlevine20
    I was an early adopter of this app and always speak highly of it to other parents. I love that I can customize schedules (bed time, school, vacation, etc). I only use the basic (free) version and absolutely love it! This app turns a smartphone into a basic phone. Texts and calls only. My only complaint/concern is that the device management can be removed from the child’s phone without a passcode. Not sure if this is user error, Apple error or developer error. There should be some safe guard to prevent my child from removing this from their phone. I don’t get alerts when my child removes it. I find out when one of the other children asks for the apps to be turned on while in school. Then I see the notification. The strange thing is when I pair the phone I get a push notification that the phone is now paired!
  • Don’t Download!

    By Mdog601
    This app works great until you want to take it off after you realize these capabilities are now free from Apple. Had to completely restore the iPad! It was a terrible experience and the customer service takes days to respond! Don’t bother and risk restoring your device!
  • هااام

    By mone.07
    نتمنى من القائمين على هذا البرنامج الرائع أن يكون باللغه العربيه كاملاا حتى يسهل استخدامه. وبكم الاشتراك الشهري في البرنامج
  • Not compatible with iOS and difficult to cancel

    By Sabrin124
    Can someone please help me cancel my account? The program would be great and I’m happy to amend this review if you would be please cancel my account.
  • Easy initially, no child monitor

    By Tonya T-H
    Maybe I’m missing something somewhere, but there is no app or way for the child to monitor their time so that they can limit/regulate themselves. It was easy to set up but then for premium features you have to connect to a computer and it’s a little more involved
  • I wish it worked

    By DisneyAmy
    I am very tech savvy, and this app so far will not install on my kids phones. I can not set it up. Support does not help. They just offer to downgrade my service. I want this app because of the premium features, I just wish it worked / or that support actually would help resolve issues instead of just telling you to not use the features you are paying for.
  • Terrible

    By hrsjgxjsissj
    Obviously I’m writing a bad review because I’m a victim of this great/terrible program. Lucky I am smart enough that it no longer affects me
  • Not compatible

    By Kma parent
    I’d rate more but it’s not compatible with all IOS my daughter has iPhone SE and when I try to pair it’s not compatible defeats purpose of app
  • Hiccups

    By Golden Golfer 12345
    It works great with the premium membership, however it just started to have hiccups like it when I access the app on my phone (parent) it sometimes thinks I don’t have the premium membership and takes several minutes to recognize that I do. Plus ever day I get several emails welcoming me to OutPact and Important Notice. It is annoying! Fix it!!
  • OurPact Jr

    By Ana_yumi
    I really love that I can control my child’s screen time without a subscription. That being said, I downloaded the OurPact Jr to my child’s iphone months ago but because she didn’t receive the phone until Christmas as a gift I never tried to complete the premium set up until the other day. Come to find out that I can no longer set it up because of some app issue with iTunes (don’t really know). So that was a waste of time.
  • Like it but expensive

    I liked this app it’s really useful but very expensive after trailer !!
  • Could be great with some alterations

    By 09'jbdhdhdhdhsjs
    Don’t like that it is all or nothing. No way to enable emergency calls, etc. also....very limited without monthly subscription
  • Still no Our Pact Jr. for iOS devices?

    By Ivydee
    I purchased the premium membership months ago, only to be disappointed that certain features won’t work with Apple phones (allowances). It appeared that it was a known issue they were working on, and I assumed it would be something fixed relatively quickly. It’s been months now without a fix or update. In addition, the program still scrambles all my daughters apps every time I block/grant her phone. This means we can’t even bother trying to organize them as they’ll just get scrambled again, on a daily basis. So really, the only thing the app does do right now is work in the schedule, and allow me to turn access off and on. I’m not sure that’s really worth the premium subscription at this time.
  • Good, but not perfect........

    By Bt2112
    It worked perfectly till one day, our daughter turned off her WiFi of her iPhone, suddenly, she could see everything even if we blocked her phone with the app, it doesn’t work any more if the WiFi is turned off, but she is not able to text.
  • Reverts to Grant when supposed to be blocked

    By paytonplace1
    When it works, it’s great. But it is so unstable to pay $7/month. Also, my kids keep finding loopholes. There are a lot of steps when setting up. But the app is unstable. I’ve had 3 devices suddenly stop functioning - all in different ways - so I never know when to trust that it is working correctly. Customer service only tells me to delete & try again. Bleh!
  • It’s great

    By art32Q
    Very good, excellent, it’s possible to go back soon, thanks.
  • I hate this app

    By fambuck
    This app has ruined so many kids lives. I am a kid that gets good grades and does not do bad stuff but I still get mine blocked. Plus, I am not on my phone a lot either!! It causes so many arguments between my family. ( how to disable it, you can go into your setting and search profile and it will disable it for you)
  • Good... until they found the hacks

    By queenisabeth
    This app worked great at first! We were so happy with the control it was giving us as parents to control our two daughters screen times. Of course, they weren’t overjoyed at the concept of their parents controlling nearly everything that happens on their phone, but hey! What can ya do? So yes, this app worked great. Until one day when my girls found a way to text. When everything was blocked. They could open the camera, which we left unblocked at all times for their sakes, press the send button on a picture, say who they’re gonna send it to, and then erase the picture and send a normal message. When we blocked the camera, they found another way through notes. Just press that little send arrow and you can send a message to anyone! We blocked notes. They found another way. Phone. Go to the voicemails and press that send button, erase the voicemail, send a normal text. We are deleting OurPact because there are so many hacks, hacks that we can’t get around. Maybe once you work through these hacks we will get it back.
  • Have to buy it

    By mrsclh2017
    Have to buy one of the packages to do anything
  • Most Life-Destroying App to Ever Come Through The App Store

    By 😭🖤🔥😭🖤🔥😭🖤🔥
    Parents, do you love your kids? If the answer is yes, I do not suggest you get this app for your child. It is a totally unreasonable and unfair form of cruelty. This enables parents to shut off kids’ phones, and while that may seem like the golden ticket for parents, it is a living nightmare for kids. Have you ever had late night homework, late night reading, needed to check your grades or the weather, or respond to a text, but you can’t because your phone has been shut off? Yes, I have been through all of those situations. They are not pleasant. Even worse, the app taunts you about it. Even when your phone is shut off, the texts you receive will pop up on the screen, but you can’t respond to them. Then if your phone is locked, basically the only app that is on is the Our Pact Junior, and a message pops up in it saying, “You will have free time tomorrow.” I mean, how much more cruel can you get? I’m hoping this low review will discourage others from installing this horrible app, and I’m wishing upon my lucky star that the developers will wipe this app into oblivion. Sincerely, Rebecca Cetton
  • Not Working

    By Kristi720
    I installed this a few months ago and paid for the premium version. After the painful install process I found out that the necessarily companion app “Our Pact Jr.” isn’t currently available because of some sort of issue. I’ve been waiting and waiting and have heard nothing about getting this fixed. Bye!
  • Not easy to cancel!

    By jdjoster
    It’s easy to upgrade but not easy to cancel. I cannot find cancel subscription anywhere on my account.
  • Kill me

    By fägatron
    This app a mf hoe
  • Rearranges all the icons

    By Tj80799
    Everytime my child's phone is granted access all the icons are rearranged and folders deleted. So yeah this is a no go for me.
  • Ugh

    By Keller-Lewis
    I already have the worst family ever because my dad died when I was four and now I have a step-dad. This app is literally the worst thing ever it has torn my family apart and made me and my sister both hate our parents. I used to have a fantastic relationship with my mom and then they download OurPact and took complete control over our lives. I hate it I hate it I HATE IT!!! This literally gave my parents complete control over everything I do. Now I feel like I’m not even a real person. When I was four I had more freedom then I do now and now I’m eleven! This literally ruined mine and my sisters lives. Just do us all a favor and shut down the app. Please. I’m not just a kid that doesn’t know anything I have enough sense to know what’s happening. MY PARENTS HAVE COMPLETE CONTROL OVER MY LIFE!!!!
  • Very Frustrating!

    By WC2550
    Keeps scrambling my daughter’s apps, and OurPact Jr is not available for download. It also appears to have removed the ability for her to receive app notifications. Terrible!
  • More to Follow

    By emfrand11
    I just installed it so I'll have more to add later. My one BIG complaint is why do the Apps for my child's device have to be rearranged every time? He keeps things consolidated in folders so this is very much a pain to deal with. I'm the same way and even though I want restrictions on phone use. My OCD would make this frustrating. My son will deal with it for now. But I might be removing it to cause less OCD issues for him.
  • Not paying monthly fee

    By ZigZag4710
    I had real high hopes for this app because screentime doesn't work for my children's iPods (too old to update to ios12). The app itself looks great and seems functional. I never had a chance to truly test it out because once I got it setup on my device and one of my child's device learned that's all I can do. Unless I want to pay $8/month!!! That's a ridiculous amount to pay to have a screentime limit on my kids' iPods. I'll just continue telling them it's time to run then off. Disappointed
  • Semi-functional app

    By kaiser48
    I also signed up for this service just to find out that the necessary companion app, Ourpact Jr, isn’t available to install on the devices that you want to monitor. As a result this service has limited functionality. I feel that Ourpact is operating in bad faith by not making it clear up front that their service isn’t operating properly. And if you are told by their customer service that they are working on a resolution, good luck. It’s apparently been months since Apple pulled the Jr app and there appears to be no path to reinstatement. Save your money until things change.
  • Several features unavailable now

    By jle01
    Went through the process of installing everything on the phone and computer only to find out several features I chose this app for aren’t working right now on iPhones. I’ve seen that the Developer mentioned they’re looking into it but that was two months ago.

    By sdrawkcab emankcin ym si siht
    Other than that, it is almost perfect!
  • OurPact Jr no longer available

    By Appalled4
    We purchased the Premium package and after many attempts of downloading OurPact Jr. on our kids’ devices, we find out OurPact Jr. is no longer being offered through through Apple, making the benefits of Premium obsolete. The company did not proactively tell us this (while taking our money) and we only found out when emailing the Help center. Their response, in part, is as follows: “OurPact Jr. was recently removed from the iOS App Store. We are working towards a resolution with Apple, but we do want to be transparent that OurPact Jr. is required for the use of many Premium features on iOS (Screen Time Allowance, App Organizer, Web Filter, and Family Locator). At this time, it's unlikely OurPact Jr. will be available for installation any time in the immediate future.”
  • Not good with Samsung

    By Rockstarteach1
    Works good with our iPad but not with our Samsung cell phone.
  • The dumbest app I the world

    By O Stacks
    This app is stupid and dumb I hate it so much I would like to have control over my own life thank you very much
  • 01/01/2019

    By Webdev71
    Do not get this app!! Definitely don’t pay for any of it. There has been no update! You can’t even download the entire needed app to actually monitor your child’s online use! (OurPact Jr.). RIP OFF!!!
  • Output Jr. NOT coming back!

    By Hghappy53
    I just received confirmation from Ourpact support that Apple will not allow the companion app any longer. I've been using Kidslox but Apple is no longer allowing that developer to update their app either.
  • I hate it so much

    By 😍😘😘😘😘😍❤️❤️❤️
    I’m a kid my father is using OurPact against us me and my brother so plz shut down the app or make a update that we can take control over it without telling the parent plz