• Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2015-07-10
  • Current Version: 6.10.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 100.42 MB
  • Developer: FIXD Automotive Inc
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.4 or later.
  • Rating Count: 4 300


FIXD translates your car problems into simple understandable terms. Whenever you run into a problem, FIXD will give you the severity of the issue and the consequences of continued driving. FIXD also reminds you when your car needs maintenance to help extend the life of your vehicle. New feature: FIXD Premium! Need additional help diagnosing an issue? Call our hotline for help from a certified mechanic! Also includes: Emissions Pre-Check, Issue Forecast, Issue frequency, and more! Subscriptions to FIXD Premium are available for $12.99/month, or $59.99/year (save 65%!) FIXD Premium is an In-App-Purchase Charged to your iTunes account after your free trial expires, auto-renewing (renew price same as original purchase) 24h prior to expiry, managed in iTunes account settings, renewals must be canceled 24h before end of period. Unused free-trial period forfeit upon purchase.



  • It’s great!

    By YvetteKriz
    I cannot say how much I appreciate app. Being a woman, you never know if a mechanic is honest or not!! I was able to take my car in and know if I was going to be told the truth or not.
  • FIX IT

    By LW404IN
    FIX it best game in TOWN..!!
  • Awesome

    By prodigym4
    This app is very reliable and will save you a lot of money in getting to the route of the problem.
  • Constantly disconnects

    By TheMan-
    I mostly use this app for the live gauges and every version that I have used, has the same problem. It constantly disconnects. In my short 15 minute drive to work, the live gauges will disconnect at least twice (if not more). Please, for the love of god, fix this issue!
  • Motimishali

    By motimishali
    Always perfect Amazing
  • Delete any gauge lights !

    By Vkudohcs
    Everything is every good on the app and all but can u make it where u can delete any lights on that gauges that are on like example the airbags I can’t find anything on that app that can make me delete it , it just keeps flashing on and off but the best part is clearing the check engine light .
  • Great item

    By Franchi61
    If it could pick up electric problem would be totally awesome
  • Great!!!

    By PhuckEwe69
    I am so happy with my FIXD. One of my car lights came up and I started to panic and thought the worst. My FIXD told me exactly what it was. I went to a mechanic and he was like, Oh no it can be so many things and I will need X amount of hours checking. Once I whipped out my printed out email from FIXD, his demeanor and story changed. Oh yeah, this girl is equipped and has FIXD on her side. Can’t trick this chick!
  • Most helpful

    By Mpaltoona
    Having the device saves time and money
  • Great info

    By RichardKArnold
    It has provided sufficient data to be handed to service dept at Ford repair to resolve my issues.
  • Hello

    By Tangelwood
    Always the correct codes 🙃
  • Best thing I ever owned!!

    By stdavidb
    Thanks for making this gadget It’s part of my family!! No more getting rip off 👍🏿
  • Best assurance ever

    By nanisharon
    This is like having a little mechanic in your car 24/7. Even shows when there is low voltage and my passenger door wasn’t shut all the way so it was starting to drain my battery. Great peace of mind in a little white box.
  • Pleased 1

    By I Surrender
    It keeps me abreast of the essential things needed to be done on my car.
  • Does what it is supposed to

    By Cadyshak
    On way to Florida from New England and the engine light came on. Normally when I get an engine light come on, I would get nervous and try to find a mechanic not knowing what the issue was. Pulled over and checked the diagnostic via the FIXD app. Gave me the code, explained the issue, told me it was not a serious issue that needed immediate attention. I was able to clear the code so I didn’t have to see it. If the problem still exists, the light will come on again. And it did after a while. But now I was not worried about it. When I bring the car in to get it checked out, I will be able to provide the mechanic with more information if the engine light is not on.
  • Super Star

    By jackleroy I am
    So simple, awesome to use and no problems.
  • Cool

    By Fluffie09
    Everyone that has a car needs this device!!
  • Excellent

    By APFfan
    I would advise anyone with a vehicle to get this device. When it diagnoses a problem it can be trusted whereas a mechanic can’t always be
  • Reassuring

    By retired09
    It’s nice to have reassurance when the check engine light comes on. Now I know exactly what the problem is and what steps I need to take to fix it! I appreciate knowing if I need to get into the shop immediately, or if I can work the repairs into my budget!
  • Since I bought this...

    By Rocas001
    I had problems with my van and truck before I bought this and since I have wow what a different view of things and payments, I’m glad I bought this now I don’t have to worry about over Pat or false inspections of my vehicle to include cost of workmanship.
  • Thank you

    By Gusmos54
    You are making life easy for us to detect any problem that our cars may have. By using your product, we can just go to our Mecanic and request exactly what needs to be fixed... Many thanks again Gustavo
  • Great product

    By Ronnz2
    Love fixit worth ever dollar.
  • It’s good

    By jjjjjjjjjgfgvshxhbbgujdjdjixj
    Well for the most part it’s cool and a good tool. I bought two devices and I like to have it. But y’all don’t know the email support don’t work and you have to buy more tools for it and pay advance person for them to tell you what google can tell you.
  • Great app

    By randlessecurity
    This is a great app I can check and see what needs work before I take my vehicle to the shop
  • Not impressed

    By markeemarkey
    These guys/gals release an update on a near daily basis. Don't you folks do any testing? When I actually used the app, it didn't really tell me what was wrong with my truck Update 03-16-19 I checked my truck for codes with FIXD connector last night and it said it had none. This morning I bring my truck in to my mechanic for an inspection and he said it had a code, so it won't pass inspection. If I could rate this zero stars I would.
  • Excellent!!

    By Dkb in GA
    Purchased the device a while ago; then truck started running really ragged, bucking sometimes. Fix'd told me exactly which cylinders were misfiring!
  • FIXD cost

    By Hiflier360
    It was very disappointing to learn after installing the unit, that for it to function as expected. An annual subscription was required, at an substantial amount
  • FIXD

    By cockpitluver
    Easy to use with quick, easy to understand diagnostics. Would recommend it for everyone who has a diagnostic port. It will definitely pay for itself!
  • FIXD

    By 2shockas
    Great app!! Saved me a lot of money on all my cars to date!!!! Thanks
  • Rawhide Senior

    By Rawhide Senior
    Awesome way to keep track of your vehicle! Pinpoint what may be wrong or needs attention!
  • Dash lights.

    By Goonie27
    This device shows no “errors”, yet I have a few dash lights on. TPS and air bag. The app provides no way to clear them with a 1999 Ford Explorer or a 2007 Toyota Camry hybrid. I would have returned this if I hadn’t had been out of the Amazon return window.
  • Jr spenc

    By jrspenc
    Very helpful
  • Amazing device

    By Krebit monster
    My transmission recently dropped. Moments prior to it dropping, I pulled it into a repair shop on the road I was on as my engine was struggling. My FIXD app warmed me on my phone that I was in trouble. It identified the problem and that it was severe. I told the mechanic the work numbers that were on display on my app. He said it was my transmission and that it most likely will need to be replaced. Just to rule out any possibility that the problem may have been something else, I had the mechanic check my engine and transmission. The FIXD app and device was unfortunately accurate. So, I have a new vehicle and am writing this review as I register my new vehicle to the FIXD app and device. It has been a great and reasonably priced investment. 👍
  • Awesome

    By wla111
    It has saved me hundreds of dollars on repairs
  • So far...

    By MrPink2014
    I haven’t really had a chance to get the full experience but so far I am happy with it.
  • Works great but....

    By woodworker1974
    The app works very well for helping diagnose issues and helping to keep up with maintenance. However, I drive a lot at night and one issue I have is the module will flash constantly until I open the app. After I open the app it stops for about 10-15 mins then starts again. It does this even if I run a scan. This is VERY distracting and makes me think something could be wrong. I feel this needs to be addressed.
  • Love ❤️My FIXD

    By PrettyPeeBk
    Loving Fixed I Brought Two And Still Recommending FIXD 💯💯
  • The Best!

    By momseock2018
    I’m a single Mom and drive a 2004 Prius. I don’t have time to keep running to the mechanic to figure out what I. Fact is actually wrong with my car and pay money for diagnosing it. This is so easy to install and use. No brainer! And it pays for itself on first use. Nice Ap!
  • Great app

    By ph1nn
    But can you guys calm down with these constant insignificant updates?
  • Almost a perfect 5. Almost ...

    By DOrtizphoto
    I use this on a 2014 BMW X1 xDrive 28i. The service intervals are fixed (no pun intended), at 30k intervals. BMW recommends oil changes every 10k miles among other things (e.g. Spark Plugs, Air Filter, etc.) Aside from that, the product works as intended. Just wish they’d list the correct service intervals for my car.
  • Review

    By fishi03
    Amazing gadget and very handy will definitely recommend
  • IPad Air 2

    By Rick6981
    I have both an Apple iPhone 6S and a Apple iPad Air 2. If I setup the app on my iPhone it won’t work my iPad. If I setup the app on my iPad it won’t work on my iPhone. What gives? The app should work on either one... Period!!!
  • Needs Fahrenheit

    By Gnomer222
    Good app but needs Fahrenheit in engine monitoring. Also Gallons in addition to Liters. Better connectivity reliability.
  • Won’t clear the light

    By Amwriter08
    It was a cheaper option that still had Bluetooth and cheaper than going to the mechanic. It reads the code and gives probable causes and how to fix it, but it will not clear the check engine light even though that is said to be a function and it’s listed in options after viewing the report.
  • Totally disgusting, Don’t get fooled by reading these paid reviews.

    By Thakur158
    I have a FIXD OBD-II scanner and trust me I haven't seen anything more crappy than this in my life. Till this morning it was showing me one constant Major problem with Error code C2124: Unkown Issue. I did run several scans and then I decided to take my vehicle to the dealership and ask them what's going on there. So first of all they denied to take a look since there are no lights turned on the dashboard and after I insisted on that since I was still seeing this issue. They agreed to run there diagnosis and they found no issues or error on their system and I ended up paying a fees 120$ for their diagnosis fees because there was no issue. I came back home and i was still seeing the same issue so I decided to reconfigure the scanner, I deleted the sensor and vehicle from my profile and added it again and now when I run the scan it shows me no issues find. this freaking device has costed me 120$ for no issues ? First I bought the device to save money but looks like eventually l am going to pay more and more for making the mistake of buying this sh*t. It wasn't even giving me the options to delete the problems it detected there so I can make sure it is appearing again because when I was running the scan every time, I don't think it was even doing anything rather throwing me same error code which Idk where came into system. I am throwing this crap out of my car right away, Can not take any more pain with this.
  • Awesome

    By B's truck
  • Work in progress

    By seannydeez
    Overall it’s great, but does have its issues. I’ve had it for over a year now and it worked flawlessly until one of the many updates. I contacted customer service and they did everything but blame the software. After one of the latest updates it now seems to work as it’s supposed to again. I’d love to see integration with google maps. The hudway navigation is terrible. I understand it’s used for the optional heads up display but maybe have an option to choose your navigation preference. Mileage log would be a nice feature too
  • Wow!! Fixed 2 engine light problems

    By cando with fixd
    So excited. Was able to take the code then found you tubes that showed me how to do the repairs. So easy saved Hundreds of $$$
  • Does not work

    By Skottyb0i
    Waste of money. Can not even connect to the app.