• Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2015-07-10
  • Current Version: 6.8.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 79.19 MB
  • Developer: FIXD Automotive Inc
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.4 or later.
  • Rating Count: 3 851


FIXD translates your car problems into simple understandable terms. Whenever you run into a problem, FIXD will give you the severity of the issue and the consequences of continued driving. FIXD also reminds you when your car needs maintenance to help extend the life of your vehicle. New feature: Call a Mechanic! Need additional help diagnosing an issue? Call our hotline for help from a certified mechanic! Get an unbiased 2nd opinion before over-paying at the repair shop. (In-App-Purchase Charged to your iTunes account after free trial expires, auto-renewing (renew price same as original purchase) 24h prior to expiry, managed in iTunes account settings, renewals must be canceled 24h before end of period. Unused free-trial period forfeit upon purchase.)



  • Does not work

    By Skottyb0i
    Waste of money. Can not even connect to the app.
  • So far so good but,

    When will the update be ready to clear ALL dashboard warning lights as this was promised mid-2018?
  • Bad customer experience. No functionality outside of their proprietary app

    By sqmeyer
    The app has an easy to understand interface and the codes are given in easy to understand language. However for more complicated vehicles it just isn't up to the task and a more advanced tool may be needed to diagnose the problem. This is where my chief complaint comes in. In a competitive field where an excellent OBD2 scanner is one third the price of the Fixd hardware, it makes no sense to lock their scanner to the app. If their hardware had functionality outside of their app (which they must intentionally limit) this would be a 5 star program (possibly deducting half a star on price). I understand locking the app to their unique hardware as you have to pay for development somehow and the app is free. But intentionally limiting which apps your customers can use with your hardware is a terrible way to do business.
  • Worked a little then not at all

    By Mlm063
    Biggest issue was every time I restarted car I’d have to run app again. Stop for gas re-run app. Recently they keep doing updates and app has not worked for weeks. New update still doesn’t work. Over and over. At this point calling it a waste of money.
  • Inconsistent and unreliable.

    By 0ld$@lt
    Often get a “no internet connection error”. Yet, here I am...leaving a review.
  • Junk

    By TBoy53
    My check engine light came on and fixd couldn’t detect it. Wish I didn’t waste my money.
  • Kinda works

    By Taco boy€
    I’m not sure if it’s my car or the device but it will not communicate with my 2012 Chevy Malibu. I’ve tried reading my car quite a few times but I receive the same error. It’s connected perfectly to my sisters Nissan Rogue but refuses to work for my car. Help.
  • Does it’s job

    By thejper
    I’ve had FIXD for more than a as advertised and easy to work with by a non techie person.....can’t ask for more...
  • Disappointed

    By JoeyGooch
    This app only identifies — it has never once successfully cleared a fault. It has a block that says, “Clear Engine Light” but it never once cleared the light.
  • It does not clear the Engine light

    By agksoft
    It does not clear engine light
  • Real weird. Cut power

    By bretter66
    Cut power to my entire dash and reset while driving6 times then pulled it out and ran fine.. defective one bigtime!!!!
  • Never used it....

    By MrMuñuz
    I received it as a gift and I will be passing it forward or having them return guys need to much info for it to be used....for that I’ll just use my Actron or bring it into a local part thanks but no thanks...✌🏽👎🏽
  • Almost there, but ...

    By DOrtizphoto
    In log mode when attempting to enter a dollar amount for work done, it always defaults to zero and doesn’t allow you to edit it. Regardless if you choose DYI or Mechanic. Service intervals are at 60k and I’m sure my oil requires more frequent change intervals. Unfortunately I returned the sensor. However, I’m actively monitoring their software for improvements and will consider buying the sensor again once these issues have been addressed.
  • Great app they slash bugs - that is great!

    By Zbity
    Best App I recommend it - it has a teaching side for those who do not know the meanings. This is good. Message for developers please just keep up with the bugs and most important- keep up with the iso and manufacturers updates as we know in this electronic age — will be the biggest task - so it will not go obsolete. Water it daily like a houseplant and keep it nourished and this app will stay on the top.
  • Good

    By XJFGH
    Honestly didn’t expect much from this my car came with one and I modify all my cars I own and I have a code reader but it is actually very convenient when you have to clear stupid codes and also differentiate serious issues from a stupid code that was thrown so overall happy with it
  • Not happy

    By encojonao
    1st 2 weeks it worked great picking up all the problems with my car now it says that the FIXD is not supported don’t know if it’s my cellphone or the box that’s not supported also tells me some crap about not having data connection to switch to WiFi we’ll have done it vice versa tried it with WiFi and also the data won’t even connect with my Bluetooth it tells me it’s not supported and I know for some reason the developer is going to respond to me it’s not there fault it don’t need Bluetooth or data bla bla bla so I guess that was $50 dollars burned thanks fixd because it did not fixd nothing plus I’m more mad that I have to give it 1 star to be Able to post this review
  • Bluetooth pairing problem

    By BlindSniper 671
    I always seem to have pairing issues with my FIXD OBD II reader on my vehicles, my 2014 Mitsubishi Lancer ES and my 2003 Nissan 350Z. I constantly have to keep trying to pair my vehicle to the reader about 5 to 10 times in many different ways like erasing my vehicles and pairing them again before it can finally pick up my vehicle. But then after I browse around the interface and something brings me to my internet browser and I go back to the FIXD app, I have to pair my vehicle again and it’s becoming an irritating big issue now. Please fix this issue ASAP, this is an awesome device but this problem is going to bring it down because connection with the vehicle to my phone is the main purpose for this device. But it’s not doing its job properly. I’m going to have to give this a rating of 2 out of 5. Until this problem is solved permanently then I’ll bring it back to a 5 out of 5
  • Check engine light on

    By Desvls
    Repaired in :15 seconds and cleared check engine light!!!! Great tool well worth the purchase!
  • When you have questions FIXD Has answers.

    By NodrogRecips
    It’s nice to know when something goes wrong it’s a confirmation let your mechanic get it right! warnings of problems that may be little ones at first Alerts you so you can get them fixed before they become a big problem.
  • Good for price

    By carlosmats
    Easy to use. Really helpful if you're looking to learn more about your car and do repairs yourself. Much better than relying on mechanics.
  • Very nice!

    By taggartmj71
    So far it is a very nice tool to help me navigate our cars! It is nice to know what is going on with your car and how to fix it! Thanks
  • Worth it

    By Jamey McElveen
    If you like doing work yourself and saving $$ this product is well worth it to you. I have 4 now.
  • Welcome to 2018 and beyond

    By Rand Fixd
    This is just great-in a DIY society you don’t have to freak out over a light coming on in your car-find the problem and get it fixd move on!
  • Check engine light on

    By trail bkazer
    I just installed the FIXD app and followed directions. OMG it diagnosed the problem and told me the exact plug that was misfiring. Auto Zone’s read out didn’t give me the exact plug but left it up to me to find it by trial and error. This product also allowed me to clear the check engine light. I’m a believer thank you FIXD Great product.
  • Saving Me Time Saving Me Money

    By 2ocens1
    I took my car into check engine light , was told that they had to replaced a cracked carbon filter in the emissions system. parts and Labor $220. I fired up my little FIXD gadget which Inficated fir me to check a couple of things. One of them being the Gas filler Cap which was not properly tightened down. Cost me ZERO, took me 2 minutes to register and solve the problem. I’m Loving this. RRose Florida
  • FIXD

    By vmoncrief
    Awesome App, saves me time and money, easy to use and simplifies things a lot!
  • Review

    By Traceym1976
    This is awesome idea thanks Guys 😊😊😊
  • A couple of things

    By kickass dewd
    Although I’m sure you might have a reason for this, it would be nice to have the phone remember your username or email so you don’t have to type it every time. Thing number two, it should ask for which car before you do a scan. I might’ve missed it but if it doesn’t, it would make it more intuitive. All in all, this little thing is pretty awesome
  • Awesome product

    By ahostmark
    Best invention ever, best investment I’ve ever bought every home should have one thank you I love this FIXD being a women or man needs one
  • It’s working well now

    By Kalbrek009
    Had issues originally when first got my iPhone X,(wasn’t connecting through Bluetooth) but after a couple updates & getting a newer car, it works great now
  • Knowledge

    By Cheko186
    You know that knowledge is power and when it comes to your car this device helps make it easier to know what type of problems your car might or is encountering.
  • Necessary

    By MamawMurray
    Being single and having FIXD takes a huge load off my mind. I feel safer so bought one for my two daughters and they love FIXD as well. THANKS for an amazing product!
  • Love

    By Adaven2011
    I used this device to make sure my mechanics were telling me the truth. Low and behold, they were. So, that you FIXD!
  • FIXD

    By BobSkb
    This is a great device. It was inexpensive and is easy to use. Great addition for anybody’s tool box. I leave mine plugged in all the time.
  • Fixd

    By Mad dog butch
    awesome 👍🏾
  • Loved this app!

    By Jmrjudee
    AWESOME! Such a fast response! Thank you for fixing the situation. My dashboard light was on and since I have no mechanical experience I like to have a heads up before I go to mechanic. Looks like it’s just general maintenance this time… I can deal with that. Thank you guys! PREVIOUSLY: The app will not except my email and password on my iPhone… Which I know are correct because I can sign in on my desktop. Unfortunately, if I can’t connect to my iPhone I can’t use the gadget in my car to do the diagnosis. I have a request submitted to help me solve this issue… If we can I will change my rating to five stars.
  • OBD on steroids

    By Uncle Jid
    This little gadget is awesome! I have OBD readers that cost 3 times as much that are now where near the cool factor of having so much information wirelessly sent to my phone, so cool, so easy to use, I love this thing…gadget of the YEAR!!
  • I can’t believe my eyes

    By cokerocean
    It worked and I saved a lot of money
  • Good except it doesn’t detect all issues

    By Bizemp
    We had the airbag light on and FIXD did not detect this, according to customer service FIXD does not detect manufacturer related issues.
  • Great app, great diags

    By Overlourde
    Works perfectly as intended, the gages are a nice bonus. I’d love to be able to have some more advanced stuff in future releases like a boost gage, air/fuel mix, things like that. An awesome product for pulling codes from your car and keeping track of service intervals and expendables.
  • This version does not recognize my 2 saved sensors.

    By JimFitzgerald
    One more new version and my sensors are still ignored. I have 2 saved sensors, but this newest release does not recognize them. The app says other sensors are found, and asks to add, or to ignore. Please fix. Previous statement I know when running Condition the app checks for car in use and will change displayed car to actual car or ask to choose if more than one sensor detected. Thank you, this is a good feature. Wear items apparently does not and put the voltage value for my Chevy in my Altima’s recording. Can you have your app verify across the board like Condition does? Thank you, Jim F
  • Diesel

    By dimainga
    Not working on my Ram Promaster diesel. Other gas engines vehicles fine
  • Men

    By ccincy
    Well, as titled “Men”? I work with all men and they seem to think women know nothing about mechanics, oh yes, I am a woman! I am experiencing issues with my work van. The issues were mentioned and I was sort of “laughed off”. Thank you FIXD! I ran the analysis on the van and all issues showed up and explained exactly the issues, location of issues, danger, and even mechanics list!! Well, there is no question now that problems exist!
  • Prius 08

    By prius 08
    Works as described
  • Easy peasy

    By Car dolt
    I am a complete car dolt and when the engine light came on I installed the FIXD I had given my husband for Christmas, and it told me immediately what is wrong! now I know what to tell the mechanic when I go in! Love it!
  • Everyone’s Tool Box

    By Lokvelli
    I bought 2 of these and the first time I used it, it was all love at first use! Plus it allows you to order parts! Great Device.
  • My new favorite tool

    By Dnk6688
    I am a mechanic and my scan tool is not this complete with the code description. Usually you get a code and you have to elsewhere to read about it.
  • Great product

    By jamesharveyelliott
    Plug it in Bam. Problem located! Easy as that! Thank you.
  • Since update - no longer works.

    By Bellagana
    I have a very fussy Saab and this was working great until the update. Check engine light came on and now this app no longer connects to the sensor. I tried two different sensors. I’m an IT person so I know how to troubleshoot. This no longer works. - update - thank you to the Dev for a response. However with it no longer working as of 9-10 months ago I stopped using it.