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  • Release Date: 2015-02-25
  • Current Version: 3.24.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
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  • Developer: Raya App Inc
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
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Raya is a private, membership-based network where members can connect for dating, networking, or to find new friends. Accepted members will have the option to purchase 1 or 6 month, auto-renewing memberships. --- Accepted users will have full functionality of the entire service, and will choose one of the following auto-renew subscription memberships: 1 month membership for $7.99 6 month membership for $29.99 Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current 1 or 6 month periods. Auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's iTunes Account Settings after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable. At any time an application status can change from "waitlisted" to accepted. For more, please see our terms and privacy policies: https://www.rayatheapp.com/privacy https://www.rayatheapp.com/terms



  • Superficial social gold diggers

    By SpeedyClackClackClackClackClackston
    Unless you have invested in your social following, you won’t get in. It doesn’t matter if you are white or black, male or female, good looking and a millionaire - if you don’t do social media because you are too busy changing the world for good; these people don’t care. They prefer broke models with 200K followers who think they are “celebrities” and want everything for free vs. someone with 200 followers who’s worked hard and sold multiple companies. Go load 50K fake followers onto your account and you’ll get accepted the next day... bunch of social media gold diggers who can’t comprehend basic asset management and think the sun rises and sets on their butthole.
  • Meh

    By NYCdigs
    The concept is great however you swiped through the same small poo of people everyday. You’re also limited how many you can swipe. If I swipe no to someone than I don’t want them to keep coming up in my pool or people. I feel like there is no one on this thing since I keep seeing the same 30 people over and over again. I had one date out the however many months on there. Not really worth it.
  • Solid 4

    By Little Mermaid 818
    Traditional dating apps don’t work for me. I’ve even seen 3 separate guys I met on the others ones for a few dates to find they didn’t even have cars (hey, no scrubs much?). I kept running into people that felt either threatened by my success or were aggressively trying to take advantage of it. I feel safe in this space. I also find with my crazy hours/touring schedule, I could really only end up with someone who is equally busy and career driven. This app filters out the static. To me, it doesn’t matter if they only show people in my city because myself and (I’m assuming) most other people on the app travel so often that it doesn’t really matter. It’s fun and I’m having great conversations. It was frustrating being waitlisted for 4-5 months when all my friends were on it but it was worth it in my opinion. I don’t really want it to be accessible because then it doesn’t serve the same purpose. Honestly, being a “celebrity” completely takes away your ability to get in on the dating app fun and this has been so fun for my REALLY famous friends to do what everyone else is doing. Great app concept. Yes it’s kind of elitist but isn’t that *sort of* the point? App could use some updates though cause it’s really slow and glitches a lot.
  • Essential

    By Only Essential Apps
    I have been on waitlist for over a year Ridiculous
  • Waste of Time

    By ExpressoLove24
    Successful entrepreneur and well networked. Im also a former collegiate All-American athlete. I've been on the waitlist for 6 months. In that time period I can't even count how many people I've met through all other dating apps and networking forums. Pointless to wait. Good luck to all.

    By Joshua Lee Young
    I purchased several months as a package. My account was banned without explaining any violation. THEN did not refund my subscription with several months pre-paid.
  • For spoiled, classist narcissists

    By reweiveReviewer
    I give it one extra star for the clever idea, trick a bunch of self-centered spoiled rich kid narcissists, I mean “influencers” and similar types of people, to waste their money and time on this elitist app. I think they should charge more since those types can afford it but obviously they want to also trick the (often poorer) wannabes as well. Most of us want nothing to do with those types of people though so there’s no reason to bother with this app. Most of these 4/5 star reviews are probably fake, sort by Recent and it’s mostly negative reviews.
  • Kept charging while my account was in pending mode

    By rayaisfake
    My account was in pending mode while I was being charged $7.99 a month. My profile eventually got approved but I was still being charged for an account that wasn’t active.
  • Musical slideshow?

    By Cant Draw nothing
    Would be much more enjoyable if you didn’t have to wait for a musical slideshow to load. What is this, MySpace?
  • New updated deleted convos and matches

    By cimino521
    The latest update deleted all of my convos and matches from the past month. If this gets resolved I’ll change my rating but until then I’m not sure why I’m paying for an app where something like this would happen.
  • No One uses this app

    By Viaxo
    I got a referral code from a friend and an enrolled. When I paid $29.99 for 6 months I expected to have a high caliber social app but what I quickly realized is no one is on it. I repeatedly got an error message that there was no one in my area and to check back again. This lead me to become disgruntled and wanting my money back. I emailed with a Josh at Raya that refused to give me back my money. I don’t use this app because it does not work. 6 months later, they charged me again. Don’t be fooled by the private membership, no one is on it.
  • Met some great people

    By SoultoSqueeze
    Raya gives me an opportunity to expand beyond my circle. Much more qualified pool than any other dating app.
  • Classism at its Worst

    By Best sauce
    I’m not going to lie, in order to get in you need to be successful and be well known enough, not particularly famous but renowned. You’d think that with this elitism entry barrier that the app wouldn’t be reduced to pretty high school swiping and meaningless vain connections? I guess maybe get this app and get waitlisted for five years so you can meet a moderately successful DJ from New Zealand, but otherwise come back down to earth and meet people like a normal human being instead of stroking your ego with this app
  • Absolute trash

    By Antonio Lievano
    Forget follower count. I have 3.7m and verified. I rather DM girls on IG then apply with 3 referrals to get waitlisted. It’s honestly racial profiling in my opinion. Only made for white in the “scene” crowd. The people in this app have no pull in real life. High school repeat.
  • Classist and corny

    By kengyt
    Bro this app is slow as hell, but even the shoddy interface can’t mask the preposterous pretext.......... they’re probably gonna kick me off for writing this... considering how (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻ they get when you take a frekkin screenshot
  • Scamming the influencers. Scammers the wannabees. Don’t fall for it!

    By Yourbadrobot
    Sadly this is a scam app. Not many members. Charging for perceived privilege.
  • Waited a year. “For love”

    By tinder OG
    I was waitlisted for a year. I’m a pretty well connected dancer/model. Got a new gig, met a hot chick already on there. Got a referral and my approval was almost instant. Now I’ve been on swiping. I believe the “celebrities” are paid pawns. They showed me a handful of them in my first set of swiping. After that it’s Instagram boys, tech boys, photographer boys.. Seeing a huge lack of ethnicities, everything is pretty bland up in there.. I understand it’s a private society, I like that. So they can’t just advertise to minority groups with high Instagram followers. But I’m sure there’s another way. Mix it up you guys! I’m paid up so I plan to keep using. I pray it proves me wrong and I get married like that one girl (“baby in three days” did you see that review? lol) good luck ladies! Try to get a referral.
  • Why do I have to have Instagram?

    By MBKmused
    Couldn’t finish registering without giving an Instagram handle. I don’t use it and I don’t want one. I just want to sign up for the app. Moving onto the next one, I guess?
  • Disappointed

    By 1a40
    Well I heard about this app from a friend. I’ve been on the waitlist for a while (like years). I work in the entertainment industry and dating is hard when you work 16-17 hours a day. So I thought I would try this app but I’ve never even got accepted. I have over 40k followers on Instagram as well. Maybe you guys don’t like mixed black people. Just say that so I don’t waste time trying to sign up.
  • Wait time

    By timboslice008
    I really like the process of confirmation. It does take awhile but it really does keep people with bad intentions away. I’ve been on the waitlist for a nice chunk of time. Im being patient. :)
  • Not really a community for artists

    By Aabrosen
    If it really was it would clearly see from our instagram that we are really part of our industry. They only want Instagram which tells me they are only looking for your following count rather than your work. Hence they only want insta famous people. You’ll just sit on the wait list for years.
  • Married - Thanks, Raya!

    By NakedSage
    I was on Raya for all of 72 hours and I met my now husband through it. Baby due in a couple of days. Had to sift through a bunch of celebs and model boys to find him but hey, hard work swiping pays off! Keep your heart open, folks! It’s all possible. ♥️
  • App

    By Fan girl 2k16
    Why such a wait list when you have been approved to join the app. Patience is the key. A person should not have to wait months and months to find us the app to find love.
  • Pretentious

    By suckitraya
    Not worth the effort
  • LGBTQ Folk are limited

    By awill716
    I suppose because the app is so “exclusive” it makes the LGBT pool even smaller. None of the women the app shows me are even in the city I live in, and mostly not even in the country. Can’t do much with someone in Germany.
  • Annoying

    By whatever, annoying
    My sister is a member on this app and they denied me. What a joke
  • The 24 hour limit is too strict

    By PeterDobey
    I was given a thoughtful gift by a close friend on Christmas. A raya referral code. On that same day a great tragedy occurred in my life. I missed the 24 hour time limit given to sign up. This seems a bit inhumane to me. Life does occur. And I am actually in favor of raya ethos otherwise. I hope they can rethink this in order to allow the actually elitist for a reason endeavor of raya to be human and fair, in so far as life is never fare but at least humane.
  • Not worth the money...Hinge is a way better app

    By Yelkayam
    I’m so sick of this app. It’s costs a bundle and then somehow I get logged out and can’t log back in. Customer service is non responsive. This app is hype. Go check out Hinge...I find it was friendlier and it’s free
  • This seat’s taken.

    By callitwhatitis
    If you want to remember what it’s like to feel the shallow rejection of high school wondering why you didn’t make it into the group of mean girls, then you should “apply.” Only to find that if you do actually get in, the only thing measuring creativity and professionalism is the ability to appear cooler than your craft, unless your craft is spending your daddy’s money in Bali while managing to angle your subtle bikini body and fresh cut French bangs while pursuing a moderate influencer modeling career. The fact that it measures “creativity” based on another app’s social count in ratio with hotness or celebrity association without even asking for a website or profession is telling that this is basically a “hot or not” instafame app that reflects all the feelings of classism for those wondering on the waitlist. It is an excuse for perpetuating elitism culture and selection without substance.
  • Glitchy!!

    By X_glitchy_apps
    Constantly freezing, profiles never play, have to click two-three-Times- then never loads.
  • No good

    By firemedic1977
    This apps wants you to add your Facebook then add Instagram. To verify who you are. Which is fine then they want your cell number. Which is also fine. But will not approve unless on the last step you add a current member. Seems to be a fishing app to me. Want all passwords to accounts!
  • Scam

    By tom82venice
    Save your money.
  • Data Grab

    By Average Jane
    Contact list grab.
  • Garbage

    By Y35HA
    So I’ve been on the waitlist for 2 years, but I know 3 non industry friends who got on almost immediately bc they knew someone at Raya? Complete trash.
  • Waitlist for over a year

    By ururowneufo
    I have several friends on the app yet still on the waitlist for over a year this is lame
  • Just does not work properly

    By shananameistaken
    Can’t go back to review info before it submits, confirmation texts don’t get sent. Overall a very buggy app with limited customer service support. I’m sure it’s a cool app, but the front end issues make it unusable
  • They never actually take you off the waitlist

    By Lolasoso
    The app selection process is extremely bias and only selects a very obvious aesthetic of brooklynite hipsters. It’s actually ridiculous.
  • Doesn’t meet expectations

    By PrinceWilliamGB
    Great concept and design, but the apps basic functionalities need significant work. The app needs to actually do what you expect it to do. Nothing ever loads! 80% of my time on the app is watching the screen load. I’ve been trying to change my song for a month, and all I end up staring at is that awful loading screen. And when, by some miracle, things do load, they get jumbled up. There’s something wrong with the algorithm that populates your “feed”. Once you reject a person, they pop up over and over again days/weeks later. And it isn’t location based. If I’m based in NYC, why is half of my feed people in Sweden. This isn’t a service issue. I have world class WiFi and full bars of LTE phone service, as well as an iPhone X with the latest iOS. These are backend issues that need solving. @Raya Dev Team. Again, the design and concept is great- but the technology needs serious work.
  • Alex

    By Someone_333
    After the recent update my most recent conversation with the person I’ve matched just disappeared. Same with a few other matches and I know for a fact we’ve matched just a few days ago so it can’t be that they have expired. Fix it please.
  • Help me out

    By Giselle Crawford
    I don’t know anyone on Raya so how do I get a referral I just say the app while watching a movie series name Billions So how do I get in as I don’t know who to get a referral from
  • Can’t use it

    By Mango Salad
    Yo Raya I cant get past adding a song during registration. The app keeps exiting once I press done. Updated latest version still no good.
  • feels good to talk to ppl w similar interests

    By Stefania418
    finally feel like i can talk to ppl who live a similar lifestyle with similar interests as me.
  • Yes Raya yes

    By Alice2528
    You know how sometimes you’d just like to be invited to a cool dinner party and maybe sit next to a stranger that your friend invited too, and that stranger happens to be really cool and cute.. well that’s Raya...But, the dinner never ends and every guest is just as great as the next. Thanks Raya
  • Disappointing and lame

    By StarvinMarvin3.0
    Really confusing and not a whole lot of return on investment. Lots of issues with it. — I’ve updated my profile, but a pic I deleted is still there and won’t go away. —I can’t customize my search, so I’m seeing guys who don’t live in my city. —I can’t use location services unless I allow the app to track my location all the time. Then, even when I gave that a go, it didn’t allow me to look at more profiles, rather, it just showed me active users in different areas of the city —how do you actually match with people? If I heart a guy, is there a chance we will match like the other dating apps, or is it just going into the ether? —what exactly am I paying for? I can only see about 20 guys (MAX) a day, and a bunch of them don’t even live in my city. I can’t customize my search by profession, music, height, location, language—anything. If I want to reach out to someone I have to pay extra, and there’s no way to look at photos without going through their cheesy slideshow. Will NOT be renewing my subscription.
  • Got waitlisted with a friend pass

    By DJ Jonathan922
    Isn’t the whole point of a friend pass to be a good referral? Have a ridiculous amount of friends on raya. Have great recommendations, as well as in the industry. Why did I get waitlisted?
  • Could someone refer me please

    By Msmarie123
  • Meh

    By Jamieson Mundy
    Updated review to - Meh. It’s buggy still but it is what it is!
  • Raya

    By Savillion
    Kinda different and fun
  • Paid my membership and app keeps crashing

    By Mad customerrrr
    I’ve tried to complete my profile about 5 times after re-downloading the app numerous times. Every time I pick my photos and get to the “pick music” portion, the app crashes. What’s the point of having paid for the membership if I can't use it?