Layout from Instagram

Layout from Instagram

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date: 2015-03-23
  • Current Version: 1.2.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 14.77 MB
  • Developer: Instagram, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 50 661


Create fun, one-of-a-kind layouts by remixing your own photos and sharing them with your friends. Choose photos from your camera roll—or use the built-in Photo Booth to take spur-of-the-moment shots—and instantly see them laid out in various combinations. Pick the layout you like best, then edit it to make it your own. Layout's smooth, intuitive process gives you complete creative control. Tap to mirror, flip or replace images, hold and drag to swap them, pinch to zoom in or out, or pull the handles to resize. You're the editor, so get creative—tell a story, show off an outfit or just splice, dice and change the look of your regular photos to convey a mood or theme. FEATURES * Re-mix up to 9 of your photos at a time to create fun, personalized layouts. * Use the Faces tab to quickly find photos with people in them. * Capture the moment in Photo Booth mode with quick, spontaneous shots. * Save your layouts to your camera roll and share them seamlessly to Instagram or other networks. * Easily see the last 30 photos you've selected in the Recents tab. * Pair your layouts with Instagram's filters and creative tools afterwards to make them stand out even more. * Download and start creating immediately. No signup or account required—and no clutter breaking up your flow.




    By jcharlt3
    Every time I try to swap out a photo for another when creating a collage, the app crashes. Without fail, this has been going on for at least a year and I have dealt with it because of the simplicity of the app, which is otherwise great. Can an update fix this issue please!!??
  • WoW

    By esie g.
    Oh mah gosh y'all this app is actually amazing!!!! I'm able to make awesome layouts of me and my friends or fall pictures in SECONDS!!!!!! SUCH A GOOD APP!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
  • Always come back 2 LAYOUT

    By tjaquest
    I downloaded Layout to use when I need the ability to get a little more creative with #'s of photos, #'s of angles in 1 photo, bringing together multiple types of images, i.e. cartoons + photos + written works, etcetera. Occasionally, I find myself using it very little, I decide to remove it, and blasè, blasè. However, NEVER HAVE I EVER FOUND A WAY TO GO WITHOUT IT. It's always re-added. Always. The app itself is great. I do wish I could lengthen one are withOUT it lengthening it's opposing side as well. It would be cool to have a 9 pic collage with the teensiest pic in center, and slooowly growing in size as I rotate out ↩️ or ↪️. ✔️
  • Best app

    By shirelisrael
    The best app I ever had and I spent so much time on it I love it so much it helps me with my photos a lot I suggest for everyone to get it
  • Qwwaaassswsswssqzsswd

    By shannon dior
  • It crashes

    By ghhhggbwuehwsbskw djdnd
    The layout options are nice but it crashes once you make mine your picture and think your done it turns off and take you back to the your homes screen.
  • Layout

    By highmynameismichael
    Very helpful and just straight out simple. #shitfuckgordaaayuuuum
  • Not happy

    By Davies joe
    I thought that this app was going to deliver what I wanted—a collage for my son’s 18th birthday. I selected the pictures I wanted and got a simple layout that I liked. However, it is not user-friendly, and even after selecting what I believed would be uploaded to FB, the result had duplicated the pictures on my post and it looked horrible. I am trying to delete the app, but it won’t disappear. I think that the app is a scam to gain access to my photos at the least, and my phone at the worst.
  • LOVE, LOVE , LOVE this App!

    By Kelli Ingle-Sutton
    This App is a must have! It lets you organize all your alike photos together however you want. I love all the different layouts!! Download TODAY!!💯
  • I use it Nonstop

    By wolfgarud
    I use this app every single day but unfortunately it crash every 2 minutes.
  • Pretty good

    By Jerry Burnett
    Nice app for layouts. Not a complete app but perfect for visuals. It’s free so I definitely recommend trying it. I use it several times & month & enjoy it.

    By Laura_Elizabeth_Rose
    Really simple, easy, and overall a great app. Yes, there are tons of other apps that do the same and more, but let’s just focus on this specific app sksksk.
  • ✌️✌️✌️✌️

    By selene.214
    This is such a great app it helped me post a lot of stuff together and separately and I got to post a lot of Bts and black pink stuff
  • It’s good to play with

    By greatscotty86
  • Keeps crashing

    By Lady Divine
    Nice until it crashed.. repeatedly
  • Awesome! 😎

    By ShersQ
    You know what’s great about this app? You can combine photos and actually show your progress at once! Whether it be beauty, fashion, health, sports and fitness events are fun too.. the layout app is at your finger tips easy to slide your pictures and progress together As you meet new challenges!
  • Great

    By dee👸
    Easy to use
  • Love this App

    By proud of our home home home!!
    It’s very inventive,creative and offers alot of cool options for any pic,any day. I’ll always use this from here on out ❤️
  • Simple to use! Great app!

    Definitely one of the best picture layout app!!
  • Too hard to use

    By Dacatster
    Not sure what they did. It used to easy to upload pics and edit them. Now it is impossible
  • Keeps crashing

    By Lina_Ann
    If I could a layout and then go back to try others or add other photos the whole app crashes.
  • Easy implementation!

    By RHonda Koplin
    This senior citizen hit the ground running with this app!
  • Layout (the best)

    By Volleyball🏐lover😜
    Layout is awesome is takes my photos and makes them better. Layout makes it to where I can take my photos and put them together to remember all of the great times I've had without having to waste my storage in folders. 👍layout is the best.
  • Helps me compare photos

    By cecefoster
    Love this app, it is especially helpful to compare past and present photos.
  • Amazing App

    By 2161570669
    This app is amazing! I downloaded many apps and this has been the best one.
  • I love using layout

    By Rosalinda Wind turbine
    If I have more than one Picture that I would like to show together Layout awesome for that. Or any other time I could use it I would.It is awesome.
  • The best

    By the best app ever❤️💯♥️
    I love this app so much it is so fun and really easy to use and you can send it any were and it’s free no paying I suggest everyone gets this app it has really helped me 💯👍🏽❤️🤩
  • Love it

    By jaciyeo
    It’s a free service app to help me look better in IG. I am pretty happy with it so far as I am slow at learning how to use any app. This was easier app to learn to navigate. Now is there a hashtag free IG app?
  • Crashes constantly

    By annette_x3
    Limited square area
  • This app is amazing!

    By xgigixgixtififycti
    I love this app so much!!! I can fit so much of my photography into one photo! This app is so convenient, and helpful, I think everyone should give it a try! 💕
  • Definitely recommend!

    By Tiyl3r
    It lets you use a good amount of photos for one layout. It shows a lot of options for the templates and it’s perfect for Instagram. 100% recommend
  • Nice App

    By Posadauribe
    Good job
  • K.I.S.S.

    By GrazianoJ
    This does everything I need. “So Simple A Caveman Could Do It”. There is a saying that is so true...”Keep It Simple Stupid”. I highly recommend to anyone.
  • Partlow 87

    By partlow87
    Sooo enjoying this app sooo wonderful
  • Closes unexpectedly

    By bh_mackenzie
    Every time I have tried to use this app in the last year it closes out unexpectedly and loses anything I’m working on. Super annoying!
  • Icon’t believe it

    By Earbudsman
    The app icon is a picture of the very layout I wanted to use yet it isn’t one of the choices🤔
  • Perfect

    By Dumazzi
    This app is perfect just please fix it from crashing 🙏. Where is the update to fix the crashing? I can reproduce it at will. Simply select your 3 photos and then select the layout to the far right and BAM going back in the second time works perfect. It is like it may be a memory clipboard issue perhaps. Oh please FIX it. i use this tool constantly and get really irritated when i am creating a new post. Thank you for a wonderful app.
  • Perfect

    By Duhboz
    So easy to use for everyone! Love it
  • I like that it is fun when I didn’t have this I was empty

    By jjjjyykyyjuiiy
    Love you
  • Lots of fun

    By Hamtiash
    Lovin’ Layout! Numerous layout variations to choose from, and its helpful to be able to resize your photos for each to your liking. Easy to use, save or send your finished work. Also like the choice of using borders or not, unlike the last app I was using.
  • It’s alright, not bad

    By AngRose30
    Not bad. Pretty much a basic layout application. Instagram referred me to download it
  • Good app

    By Ja Wad78
    Actually it's a good app to bring to many photos in one frame. And thanks for making it free 👍
  • Fabulous - Use it !!

    By nastorga-
    Great Application. Easy to use. Amazing.
  • Keeps crashing

    By helenebaby91
    I tried to test out different layouts, but if I try more than 5, the app quits and I have to start all over
  • Good app for..

    By DBleezie
    Instagram 🤷‍♂️
  • It crashes constantly

    By myxka
    This app crashes 99% of the time and usually before I can finish a layout idk why I still have it installed
  • Awsome but can

    By jamkinmecrazy72
    Fix the old layots
  • Simply Amazing

    By Md gurl
    My first time using any photo app and this one is by far the easiest & fun app to use very clear n precise quick to use. Absolutely amazing👌🏾 Thank you🤗to whomever has created this app, great job😍.
  • This app is so easy

    By ugvgbfy ugvgbyvgvg
    This app is so easy all you have to do is click 5 buttons and then post it