Forcefield for Parent Device

Forcefield for Parent Device

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2015-11-10
  • Current Version: 1.8.3
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 72.85 MB
  • Developer: Forcefield
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 382


Looking to monitor your kids’ phone without spyware? Forcefield helps you keep kids safe and connected on their devices without resorting to spyware. Forcefield is a collaborative tool that lets parents stay connected to their children’s online activity while respecting kids’ privacy. No text, email or phone monitoring. Forcefield is a parental control app designed to teach kids and teens how to self-regulate their online behavior with easy-to-use tools for both parents and kids. Forcefield for Child Device works with Forcefield for Parent Device, allowing parents to create screen-time limits and controls to protect children’s sleep, studies and family time. Forcefield also helps prevent access and exposure to mature and inappropriate content. When children browse the Internet with Forcefield for Child Device, parents can block access to specific sites, lock in SafeSearch and YouTube Restricted Mode, and give kids access to age-appropriate websites. + App Sleeper (Multiple Daily Schedules Now Available!) Remotely sleep apps on your kids' mobile devices on demand, or sleep them on a schedule. Create multiple app sleeper sessions per day to protect sleep, school work and any other time your child needs digital downtime. + App Report See all apps on your kids' mobile devices; receive alerts when new apps are installed. + Family Finder Geo-locate your child on a continually updated map; receive directions to their current location. (iPhones only.) + Browsing Controls Use blocking to protect your kids from objectionable content. Lock in SafeSearch and YouTube Restricted Mode to help ensure safe browsing; block access to specific websites. + Activity Report See all websites your kids visit from multiple devices in the Forcefield browser. + Curated library Give your kids access to over 400 curated premium websites and app recommendations, including some of the very best math and science apps as well as top websites for reading, writing and research. Forcefield offers a 30-DAY NO-RISK FREE TRIAL with access to all features. After the risk-free trial, Forcefield is $11.99 per month for one child and two parents. Each additional child is $3 per month. Parents can register unlimited devices per child without additional charges. Payment will be charged to iTunes account after the free trial. - Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Please contact if you are experiencing any issues. Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:



  • Tech issues

    By amy1540
    The app hasn’t been accurate. It says my kid’s apps are on when they aren’t and vice versa. It takes me 10 minutes of rebooting and turning everything off and then on again and even then it doesn’t always work. I use the app sleeper on a schedule usually. If I try to make changes to the schedule (because of holidays) I have to delete every one for all 5 days and start over with scheduling for it to work. I consistently get a poor connection notification when I make changes which says it is my slow WiFi but no other person is using my WiFi but me at the time. I have also received a server error notification or or it will tell me my kid’s phone is unreachable when they are sitting right beside me with the phone on. We try rebooting both phones which sometimes works but certainly not always. So frustrating because this was supposed to help me think less about their apps. I haven’t been charged yet but will cancel my trial because of tech issues.
  • No response

    By chrismoho
    We have had force field for a while now and recently the connection has been terrible and I have not been able to use it to turn apps on and off anymore. I have contacted the support email and have not received any response. I cannot even sign into my account at this point to stop the subscription. When I put my email address in to reset the password it notifies me that I am not able to do that at this time. I don’t know what’s going on and I would like to cancel the subscription but I have no way to do so at this point
  • Charging me for months after deleting the app

    By riselin999
    I have deactivated my account, switched my card,deleted the app and contacted the app developers and I am still getting charged
  • Help

    By Keatkeatsmom
    I can’t add a birthday and it has no space for one on the screen
  • Can't log in

    By Vennié
    Sitting here trying to figure out how to log into the parent site. It shouldn't be this hard!!!!!!! Ugh now you wasn't me to rate when I can't even use it!!!!😤
  • trial ended already

    By MloopsS
    i have been using this app, but i got a 1 week free triall and after 1 day it said my trial ended and i had to pay please fix.
  • Serious Billing Issues

    By matrix52
    Not the app for our family - limited logs with no detailed URL. Now onto the “Serious Billing Issues.” We signed up for the 30-day trial, agreeing to pay $94.99 for the year. We were billed $144.99, TWICE instead! On top of that, we received another charge of $17.99 on our credit card, making Forcefield $307.97 richer. I’ve called and left messages, reached out through their Facebook Messenger page, sent an email, and now am resorting to the iTunes App Store Review. I can’t even use the “My Account” feature in Forcefield’s Dashboard to cancel my account because every time I do, I get the message; “Oops, that didn’t work :(. Please try this page again or go back home. If you receive this error again, we will be notified and do our best to fix it ASAP.” It hasn’t worked even once in the last 30 days. I also need the four-digit code to remove the device management software off of my son’s iPad. I hope that this is all one BIG misunderstanding and that it is all resolved entirely and soon!
  • No good

    By LAYIV
    I’ve left two messages and an email, no one is getting back to me regarding the issues we are having. I awake the apps and nothing happens on my daughters phone, all the apps have disappeared and I can’t get them back, I erased this app and now can’t reinstall it. And when it was working correctly, it didn't turn the apps off and on coordinating with the proper times. I need to be contacted to fix my daughters phone please......
  • Absolutely Useless!!!

    By Loup688
    This app is trash! Paid for it for months, worked 50/50. When we finally went to uninstall the app, it restricted all apps on my child’s phone! Now she can’t see any of her apps or download new ones, and Forcefield isn’t even install on her phone! The app is buggy and doesn’t work, and when it does work, it’s sluggish and slow. Would not recommend, just use restrictions built into IOS.
  • Frustrating!

    By 123applebottom
    I subscribed and now I cannot move past the subscription page. I’ve deleted the app and downloaded it again... I’ve rebooted my phone and nothing! I downloaded the kids version on my sons phone and I cannot finish setting up until I can finish downloading on mine! They have 24 hours to fix this issue before I delete and cancel my subscription.
  • Unsubscribe yet still get charged

    By Naomi Iskandar
    I have unsubscribed the apps for 5 months and disputed the charges yet I still get charged until today. I need to get my money back
  • Great at first...

    By Jnpcline
    Worked great the first few months of having it. Was able to control the sleeper app on the program and then suddenly the sleeper app doesn’t work. Not even from our laptop. It can never sync with my daughters phone even if we are both on WiFi and setting the phone together! So frustrating!
  • Still charged after deleting

    By MusicBringsLife
    I signed up for the free trial but never used it. I deleted the app but did not delete the account. I was finally able to find the contact info to delete it and was refunded for the charges. That was my fault, I accept that. HOWEVER after months of no charges, I just checked my bank statement to find I am being charged again. I want this app to be GONE, and I can’t find instructions on how to do so.
  • This is the best of all

    By Gordon.719
    I have used this app, Forcefield for months and never had any trouble. After you visit it on Itunes and download the program, you simply register and you are good to go.
  • Couldn’t be happier

    By ShawRae0
    I downloaded the trial version and have been fully satisfied with it. Forcefield works better than others out there. I would definitely recommend to you.
  • The best choice

    By Nagative Secone
    Forcefield is the best monitoring app and it’s available for free. I use it for a couple of months and have no complaints. App works fast and smoothly. I think I will go for paid subscription.
  • Like it more than any other apps

    By WarOfAgas
    My go-to for website-company reviews. I can always find enough credible reviews that give me factual information, positive or negative, and it's helped me greatly in my choice.
  • Good as what people say

    By mr.zenda
    I love how the customer service is reacting to the problems and how quickly they try to solve it. Big applause for your support staff!
  • Totally fond of it

    By Ruckerback
    Forcefield has helped me fix the problems I have been having with my computer and so far I satisfied with all Forcefield has done as well as being very courteous to me
  • Love everything of it

    By zudu shouten
    This app is incredible. I use it all the time to access my device at home from work. Never had issues. It's fast and reliable. They also provide really good apps for android and iphone. Highly recommend.
  • So wonderful to get it

    By hangupdown
    In a word, superb. Went out of their way to assist with ensuring that my App was submitted to the Apple Store, couldn't have managed the process without the support. Five Star Service all the way Guys. Thank you again.
  • I’m so glad to use this app

    By kawaii096
    Something created is just suitable for adults and of course children should not be allow to access to those. This app always works out and I am really pleased.
  • Ultimate choice for me

    By Kfresh.Opa
    Children should not be exposed to bad content in the internet and parents need to control that. using this one is a good way to make sure bad things will not affect children
  • In one word, GREAT

    By jyulyunk
    A very nice App with good and fast support. I will stay with them! I am very happy with its service & support! Always friendly and trying to help. I’m trying around but I think it solved my problem
  • It’s interesting to use it

    By HerculesGin
    I have just used this app for the first time, it is easy with friendly customer care people. I would like to invite other business minded people to try this you will never go wrong..
  • So wonderful

    By grinfador
    They have great support. The chat support could be improved but on a call the guys were really really great. Patient enough to listen to everything you have to ask and prompt and to the point with their response. Great Support!
  • An interesting app

    By Direct 8
    One of the best app that i have worked with!! Thanks you guys! we are really looking for some apps for a long time. Till we fund this peace of haven, so easy, so smart!  Amazing!!!!
  • It’s worth downloading it

    By saulgobins
    I know it is not good when I always control all online activities of my children, but it is the only way to know that what websites they access to.
  • It is an awesome app

    By Unranse
    For me, this is one of the best monitoring apps that I have ever used. Parents should have it to keep their children safe from bad exposure.
  • Awesome application

    By gregrnicesu
    Much helpful for busy parents like us. We have little time to take care of my children and we want to make sure that they will use the internet too much.
  • 5 stars app, very good experience

    By JWICA
    Thank you so much for creating this app. through the app, I can easily control all online history of my son and control everything well.
  • Prompt and efficient

    By Rostrarx
    Busy parents should use the app. It will help you to track all online activities of your children as well as make sure that they will not visit dark websites.
  • Thanks for all

    By Nocture Creeat
    Support is readily available, useful, and the wait times for an agent are minimal. This one always has useful tips!
  • The best app

    Thumbs up for quick response to customer issues and fast solutions. Complaints are taken seriously and the support/technical team is on hand to resolve. I am impressed.
  • Awesome features

    By Racap Tor Tao
    We've been a customer with it since last year and were supported throughout the process of designing and uploading our free app. We are a not-for-profit society so we really had to keep costs down and the techs were great support for us.
  • Good customer service and user friendly

    By halfofflame_vsi
    Said exact answer which I was asked & expecting. Stick to the point. Nice experience. Conversation was short, quick but he resolved my issues in 5 to 7 mins
  • Excellent and fast support!!

    By Prides_Tropper
    I had a small problem and support team was willing to assist me and resolved my problem and thereby assuring future business. Keeping up the good work.
  • Overall positive experience

    By Whatman9381551
    I could not waste anytime in putting my cash. The service is good and far better than most expensive App. The assistance from the support center is excellent. Keeping the good work going.
  • Wonderful I have to say

    By LibBARGuma
    For myself, It is one of the best company which works with the customer's step by step to the project is complete and you are satisfied.
  • It’s the best choice for me

    By madshudata
    I am really satisfied with the app, especially their customer service. The team is very helpful and I got my problem solved!
  • Great app for everyone

    By futimaria_z445
    Children are allowed to access to websites which have no bad content and should be controlled away from bad websites. This app helped me much.
  • Wonderful app I think that

    By GrauFor_You
    I had a question and called customer service during my order. They answered quickly and were able to help. All customers need service like that.
  • Why don’t you give it a try?

    By RingCook!!S
    They answered all my questions and helped me step by step on the issues I faced. Since a few weeks ago when I got that program I´ve been treated very well.
  • No complaint

    By sOOOODeppppp
    The technical support is supportive and very detailed. I had a small issue with one of my and tech support responded very fast and fixed the issue within a few minutes. I admired that while they fixed one issue, they provided assistance and advice on other features
  • I have nothing but wonderful words

    By M_Dony_Tome
    I was very satisfied with my service. They were very nice and responsive to all my inquiries. I would recommend this service to all my friends.
  • This is the best of all

    By Furturoioooz
    I have been using Forcefield for a year now and any problems or issues have always been dealt with promptly and efficiently. I have no word but awesome.
  • You should try it as well

    By rICKYManSayYes
    I was overall satisfied with the service I received. The customer services was incredible, it took care my concerns helped me to resolved that problem.
  • Really perfect for you

    By Iourna4180114
    Great team effort. Everyone was very helpful and patience throughout the process. I have recommended Forcefield to several of my friends and co-workers. Glad I used Forcefield.
  • One of the best apps

    By Mr.Donkizumain
    I really appreciate Forcefield for this great services and your team work is also very Great. They are always present for helping customers and giving the fast services and they are very kind and respectable.